Panther Talk 11-14-17

Panther Talk
Tuesday, November 14th

Coach Rivera, and Defensive Lineman Vernon Butler join Mich, Eugene & Jim for Panther Talk.


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Follow it and there's an exclusive presentation of the Carolina Panthers. How would McCaffery posting to the left all alone. In the shotgun bounces on the ball this week. We'll come back drug problem. Left side ten foot distance of five foot just store. I think this is our. Best when his team all year I think he obviously. On offense they ran the ball auction rather than a million yards did a good job on off our defense for the most part of that big run good it was good going in the final win in favor of course. I know a long would she and so Pete and Eugene Robinson tears and make Nixon we've entered talk. Live from the red zone at Bank of America Stadium. Yes indeed the duty. Athens Carolina Panthers last night with the entire nation looking in and listening. Set franchise records in total yards in the game with 548. Third down conversions Carolina was eleven of fourteen out 79%. While the Panthers rushed for 294 and a half that's only five yards shy of Carolina's all time single game rushing record at the Panthers had 31 downs and third most in franchise history. And lastly Cam Newton is now five and one on Monday Night Football he's thrown fifteen Tug east and only four picks this he liked the bright light. See below what he loved this thing over to the cameras are already definitely bizarre but he was absolutely magnificent. We were talking market rating. As this the game going up like yeah a lot of beat it moved up from agreed to pay plus immediately. He'd play extremely well and don't forget though some brought balls that that. Gosh definitely caught that would even make those numbers. Outstanding images that would have to sort this guy right now. This planet at a high level and if he continues to play in mr. directory I'm telling you right now you better watch out. You better watch out he's got to go to Google docs to better not cry if I'll tell you lie. Campbell camera club that is comment. I should have let users southerner and you know it to your point to the fact that they've become over that adversely dropping a touchdown pass shepherd dropping two of its first three early in the game it sometime just stuff you had a hamstring in three out of rhythm they were able to just get right back in. After that make plays in all of those things disturb what they were doing. He's back to running of course. Ending plays on his own terms for the most part the guys came and on mercifully hard time about. Not how CNET 69 yard run they said meant the they would take their. This hype and a half Asa team enjoyed given a value Newton. But. With him running would it be accurate guys to say. That we are running quarterback it limits the coverage is that you see. It helps you win the arithmetic game opens up things for other people. And that's even the threat of the option forces opposing defense is to spend time working on you. Absolutely and we saw this on the touchdown. It was a test out with a baby McCaffrey of who loves. But it was the six men Boxee what they have the peppers came out and spread everyone out and it was six defenders in the box with just five office of Lyman. McCaffery the bacterial and also Kim so you've got something to get sick and you got that little that little option thing that we do. And because of that. Typically you don't account for the quarterback be an account gonna run the ball but in our system you better. But what is McCaffery he's taken so much attention everybody trying to focus on them that they leave the most papers got the bill. Alone and that's Cam Newton so we won that match up all day long because look. Well we it was prudent people out and in doing that little read ride given go if you put up her two to pretend. Do you went through the first six or seven games or other teams are just loading up the box 78 defenders of their own time and argue candidate your port to that he was feel McCaffrey was facing that. Isolated spy on him that your safety Becky quick linebacker you speak to have a get that we can't do two of those you go you one on cam and one McCaffery it's not basketball. We do what I wanna there's so you Panthers are identified those mismatches were those weak links are the other defense it. I get him Miami's. They're not the best team in the league but they're also not the worst team just from the team fighting for a playoff spot. And you had a franchise record for yards against a team that was forward to a couple weeks did that. And it because is is really good here that we just kind of next replica a little bit further with that little read write offs and don't forget he has a run pass off our appeal run pass option or every play so he's he's a young black pickup football and the what are punches as play right now. What the way he's catch the ball is and every now and can applaud not advocates who was body he's women's super duper high level. Who would've thought that home when Benjamin left there was like meant Benjamin he's gone what the demands caucus put up intelligent. Brooks is look like a super superstar. Last night so and I kept my adopted all of guy could play. And it could get paid extremely well to do jobs that the wells was gonna do you can't do it. Carpio is run pass option plays work like this the receivers run their routes the offensive line blocks a run. And then the quarterback beside these sites did it did did did this play its clever didn't exist when you play. You know I don't remember it being so Oprah knows the guys who used to run. And have those options were quarterbacks like. Not much had to put Ron Amadon. It Elway because there were critical of quarterbacks and also Allred coming up. But for the most part of the league. That wasn't. The case we always was spy John Elway. We always lose five of Ron Amadon because they were running quarterbacks from the past that point so copy auction and is incredibly. Affect the four runs because of our quarterback our quarterback is one of the best guys that you see. In the history. We don't see a guy 6566. To fifty lean muscle mass boat off of these yards out running to the suspect you don't see that and then. Heaven the academics behind him to know where the ball is supposed to go. I'm telling you know excited and Omar homer. But I'm telling you. Carolina kept Kim whom they look at muddy buddy fun right now. So you've been. Here since day one and it's just sort of in the panthers' DNA we're not like some other teams. Some teams don't seem to care about the players they they're just commodities in their to be bought sold and traded. That's not our way. You you care about that you did develop relationships with the people with whom you work. So with that said. How the field we think in the locker how did resonate with the guys in the coaching staff to see Jonathan Stewart shake off some of the skeletons of self doubt the might have been rattling around in his closet and play so William and. He's your franchise ultimately rusher can guide that you you judge what he's done based on the body of work that he's not been a fumble or his career got to let you down he's been a guy's won a lot of games for yourself I think you probably had a hard week and I US to about that afterwards our post game interview and option it was a difficult week with a public but the big thing is they still won the game those are more typically January when you lose the games of the but if you can help those troubles and still win it's not his biggest issue is gonna linger with you. And it healed up to it up mainly in public I mean it's heroic. Errors of effort and he was trying to get extra yards it was like he was lazy with the ball was paying attention in both those cases. He was fighting for extra yards it was good to see him get a 110 yards disclosed yesterday because we are getting runs in different ways with the jet sweeps of reverses in camp running it. But your line up in the I had them just run. But credit to off with a polite because they've not always been perfect every week because the offer to buy into one of the better jobs just head and and the toughest who sent on here. That there was some places and times we saw hall. To her right hand side left and he cut back because of the flocking. So exceptional. It was Lleyton Hewitt six all I can choose a little bit a previously artistic C and you make those plays that they get 56 I think Europe's. The worst Lee can say about it and if already back is that he'll get what you block. Jonathan Stewart gets more than you block. And you only get that if you give that effort and you wrestle and fight for more yards and sometimes when you do that. Ball security can become an issue all those that says this has not been. It will not be moving forward. Forward. Hope we all Wear those we have coach Rivera. The coach talked with him. Little bit after lunchtime it was after his or 1 o'clock press conference today say do this is further talk on Carolina Panthers radio. There is news and there's talk. Brought to find the Miller Lite one feared there's always room for more taste no more lines hold true strength of America. The official bank of the Carolina Panthers AT&T. Proud sponsor about Carolina Panthers AT&T. Entertainment your way. Accelerate talks we're allies delivered just his wife face guard what is left to. Fastballs inside of just 53 to 35 yard line. Lou keep doing. Exactly where he needed do. Receivers to the right McCaffery the pattern to the left didn't go live to. It's great catch it's. Now. Now it's gonna be how we come back off the spot I mean how we how focus we come back and that's going to be up to us as coaches and make sure gosh open. Your next week on Monday whenever you roll we're ready we're noble for him before we left office he is pictured told the semi blind adults former general and a news radio network. Further talk continues Mick mix in with the head coach of the Carolina Panthers Ron Rivera. At work early this morning after a late night last night coach had a had a chance to review the tape of your mind that I went over the golf. I did Mick got in real early. Had a bunch things Tuesday up in the byways but. Really had a chance to look at some of things kind of nit pick you know due to see where we need to get better. I know we did some good things less I but the most important thing is that we learn from the things that. That we did we also learn from things that we didn't do. What you want your team to learn from escape we'll just do the consistency of what it takes to win football games you know we did some really good things were consistent for the most part but we missed some opportunities. I the early on in the first quarter we missed some throws we drops and throws we missed some blocks. Defense they were very good was a third down some that we've been good all year for whatever reason we didn't play very well this time. Good football teams can overcome mistakes like that this is not a game of perfection do you feel like your characters are developed in that kind of psychological reserve coach. I do and I think it's important that we understand just hum important it is for us to have to do these things and you know I think again deal this team is is is trending and Billy were training in the right direction did you give you game balls out to last night. I'm give much wherever I go through tonight or this afternoon have a chance me with a coach is either yet Horace or does the coaching staff around 3 o'clock this afternoon and we'll still go through the game we'll talk about the players of their performances. And then also coaches in terms of their recommendations for him balls we Jonathan Stewart be in the conversation do you think. Oh yeah most certainly most certainly. What does it mean to to Jonathan answer the football team coach to have him come back from some of the dark places. I'm sure he visited mentally after two fumbles in the Atlanta game. He most certainly did business a couple of dark places and it was tough on because he's very price full young man very competitive it. And he doesn't want you know them on finishing game on the note that he did. He came back. I yesterday ran hard. Showed his visit Cali showed his quickness and speed power and that's what we're looking for from Johnson's friend of play with that that that type of mentioned he gave it to us and it was outstanding. Snooki clay had a gaudy interception that turned the game around that he grade out pretty well from first quarter to fourth. He did make you did a lot of good things for sure on the game control the tempo for us on defense. Tom it again these are those guys that that's one of those true competitors that was not very happy with the way he. He played in generally in terms of the whole unit structure on third down again does Ronald sees it those guys are striving towards perfection. It's like you says laws they chase it will be okay. Talking around Rivera on panther talk tonight coach one of the things we love about is that you love football and kind of a historian you've played in in you follow the game. Has there been a quarterback that is playing quarterback. Like Cam Newton is. I don't think so I think the closest guy might be Michael Vick might maybe Randall Cunningham guys like that was tremendous out those schism. And great arms I mean here is that it's not like we have seen these types the quarterbacks but he is really special. How much this is he able to to to kind of galvanized this fancy him do with the crowd does he have the same effect be intoxicating effect on the team some Contra. Tom his energy level one is really high end -- effective. The guys she's confident and his struggles in that manner we can start fast and and then every game we play I think that that infectious you know attitude just kind of spreads very quickly. How do you plan to use your about a week now. Breast. I think the big Seymour and they make is for us a chance to evaluate. For the players it is about rest and recuperation. You know and and and then we will go through look at things that we feel we can get better at things that we're looking we're doing what talk about make sure doing more of it. Our injury updates are brought you by our friends at ortho Carolina what time is of the essence do what we do around here that's visit. The orthopedic health care professionals. At ortho Carolina you improve tied to come out of last night's game injury wise buying the biggest concern right now skirt Samuels I mean you know we have an opportunity it took to evaluate what she's had the MRI. The visit with the doctors this afternoon so we'll have a better feel. All right well so look ahead now to what remains for your football team he got to go to the New York Jets next the first of two an era when we UN staff start working on the jets game. They won't probably work on right now may come here we got a chance and took took to knock down all of our tape from last night. The next step for the coaches be ready for for practice come Monday. Saw him I'm I'm not surprised that they were given the media's talking about the jets all right that's coach runner affair we've been talking tumult at the talk tonight. Coach show any last words about from when you grade of the tape. It does anybody play well that may be to the naked I have might not have been visible. You know I thought as a unit knew you had to really look at what the office of Lyman did in terms of blocking and protecting. They're looking with a wide receivers did. Blocking as well not just route running not just catching the balls were blocking downfield. And then a couple of guys three guys actually that didn't get a lot of credit Alex Armas fullback and tight and did a great job forest. Calm during Chris matters get his opportunity as our as our second tight and you tied and she played very well. And again Ed Dickson Emmy which side catch a touchdown pass the thing people see is what he does for us in pass protection and run blocking as well when they're one play coach where Christian McCaffery through not one but two blocks to help spring a receiver down and their son yes that was on the on the quick throw to to fudge is on the audible by camp. On that on that what screen he got it out there and and Christian. Turn and shipped the first guy that went out and and sealed the other guy. Which sprung DeVon for the touchdown so McCaffrey's pretty good with and without the football all very much so. I'm not just says a deep coy when he doesn't have it but as a blocker and that's what's impressive about him for the press about our young men when you watch imply you want Charlie. So unselfishly you know blocking and and trying to help about the runners. Final thing lets you go coach special teams a big part of the game you got Graham you know having a beautiful year same thing with Michael party won those two guys giving you in your estimation but for the most part really do like what they're doing for us like the way that bad. I'm Mike ponson and then pin positions the ball far defense. I guess is out of trouble. All of the consistent we have right now and Graham is very reminiscent of the toy fifteen season he had. That's that's very exciting. And then you know we can't forget JJ if if I don't mention him did you Billups but he's done a great job you know in this world sings while we don't mention JJ that's a good to have. He's as dependable as the law of physics and sometimes we take you for frantic coach thanks free time great win on Monday night and enjoy the bye week. I appreciated make and AM sorry to get a chance to come up and spend some time with you in in the crowd that always comes up but there. I really do appreciate what you guys do foreseen for the fans. Ron Rivera he meant that last part the he regretted it couldn't be with a solid person tonight. Coach at a charity event he says only casualty of the five week is that everyone knows his schedule. He hits so he gets enough to do puck all kind of make the world a better place tie for gays in the coach coaches internal compasses point it that way. Anyway. It's interesting guys the fun just touched down on that with screen. While apparently now in the aftermath of the game we learned that Cam Newton check to that. End. That's the play that Christian McCaffery through not one but two blocks on how the how the both of these. Things happen on the same play. You know I was a man he's. You know first of all it's just the academics. The Kim nor what play is needed our panel screen networks the backside. Was beautiful. But then to have McCaffery. First checked initial block buckled at. To spring over the spring it might my goodness. You would think that he's already and a super duper veteran who knows how to go in and get things done because that typically that doesn't happen. He was able to ricochet off and make two blocks from the play and then kind of go far blocked out filled this dummy and this guy is. Very very good and what we've seen is. We've seen this young men McCaffery. A star. And not the start is just a few that they don't have 2000 yards the most up he's doing those little things that make you really good that kind of goes unseen. But that makes you really good and makes a team good and he knows his role. I think it probably plays when he's not the the option and he's a detour that the defense has to account forever you're never gonna let him. Slip out into open though they sit back cover it was somebody soon enough plays where he's not even missing the ball. He's he's taken players Wear them and do that. And I thought is we ought to Tyler again reminded me of another thing was a Mets blew a left tackle that head of the game yesterday nearly kept the quarterback cleaned it all economic times was he down field. Blocking out some of these longer run to the shorter pass routes and get them to feel that may make him. Blocks general forget they have you know the dolphins have early explosive because of fraud everywhere comes to mind immediately why not just technical outside and and Ndamukong Suh. But you heard nothing from that because the forum. You heard nothing. That leaves office of I was just taken mix there was this that they're taken med school this what plus but wounds that put smiles and there if you don't win. Larson would now have been wrong came in the game the same thing happen it would have taken meg. No person and number consume all around the place so I was really. Impressed when I people at an office of truck. How well they play and they got to get a lot of. Credit because. Your quarterback does that 95 yards you're you're running back is about 110 yards you don't have to another five yards if those guys up front. I'm not doing a job they're not big cut off the snide if you would be really got got loose and I hope it's in the omen of good things come. Any reason not to be tremendously excited about where the Carolina Panthers are you're the tenth game when everything about it 23 years of football that was put. Most dominating offered support for our extra yardage or put out there it would have been for rusty they ran the ball one more times it's effectively. It was a most rushing yards and has hit a three V to theater right. Defensively and me at that point Miami just throw the ball around trying to play catch a blueprint laid out one long 66 yard play. But yet not all around that might have been about may be one of the top five dominating games in the history of campus football. An assistant a message through the National Football League don't forget because you've got New Orleans that donut thing Philadelphia's donut thing you've got to be able to keep pace as a nun they realize when you look on the screen a reason to look for rodent whose real until tonight you get this matchup let's get right happen. I have to look we are. Should be fun we'll have Vernon bowler on the State's 331 pounds of it it'll be next on the Carolina Panthers. Is muted talk on the Carolina Panthers Caribbean networks do. It's real we'll play clock to have the staff backs up a little bit throws to put just left side fun. Didn't. Really needed to. Knew the ball there. Long serving. Yards on fourth down the Panthers. You have the direct snap. We just want to come out in the cold so we'll you know we had a true day of preparation both had a great week of practice. But above all men when we come up with central bus ticket book club to a large book to follow it for. Early on that in this benefit for you but you know for us. Coming out each and every play and having them and tell them wanna maximize. Each and every opportunity to get. Back so Mick mix in gym so keep an. And Eugene Robinson west pandered talk all month Carolina Panthers radio network. This is the show figure it's better guest than Jimmy Fallon thank where did you find a 330. Pound man. That plays defensive tackle in the NFL and ran track in high school only on the fans talk states. It's amazing copy Italy beat Federer talked capitol thanks a lot deeper to tackle 92 at a Louisiana Tech Burnham butler's US. Memo. Further we are it's not a lot of defense so what's it like his defensive players especially that third quarter when the offense just takes over long scoring drive touchdown drive after another. Giving you guys a nice long rest you kind of sit back and watch football for awhile. Oh no we enjoy look bro wants to go for us both the revenge. Would assume we'll sort through it and camera or go to event. And do you guys actually deterrent to fans who luckily silo like. And seeing things that we just saw justice Stuart just couple cat to death can't come up with its own we viewed Clinton recited what suffers when you Rhode moved. Paraguay or shortly before 20 care builder. The crew was so. The difference between myself and friend codes have been bragging on you lately what would they have you done to it to get the coaching staff's attention and elevate the level you're game. You know just move and took a minute ago it's a Premier League two lead and go to a Baylor their proprietors. No just his wrist in the beginning. Last year you mr. period of time early with that high ankle sprain. To that kind of set you back in now do you feel like you've caught up in terms of maybe some of the things you do get you do on the field your rookie year. Are you up a familiar the cuts are better ways to reduce your whole your community. Well look she's. Neither male. Public and take us through what you do. We heard about three technique one technique what does that technique where you lined up an auto run form place what is your responsibilities so. It took three technique first noticed that through treatment hero. It's these truck roll record. Good golf ball tributes. Paratroop so how corners you have or your feet. Well because what's more important as a particular will be yet we'll go go go whoa you're called to retrieve Heros movie from loan true. You know the ball good and going to be quick vote. It is so we've we've been seeing star in the kicking yourself. Punched the tackle me and that the guards or orders and are a couple met when you got stretched place and they can all move in that same direction what are you guys trying to do. And you hold in the jet or you try to get penetration you know we're mirror. Oval Office so I do to us we actually remove zone so we want to do more program before it's free country go through so ago made the move could above. Vernon well our guest our culture is sort of celebrity obsessed. So you're on the field last night not. In the same plays because he's a defender but he got Ndamukong so it just so do you notice that are you fan that you talked to. To go home removed from his work well I do checks out to. Throw it we put him. Who's stronger you're healed all by the bar. Who's meters viewer email me your poor. Okay I'll who has a bigger contract with the I. Graphite village for twelve for those who don't know it was like the biggest titles like the biggest contract ever used to dissect it all was put together what does that what does that tell us the I don't know you do that I noticed the truth. So. The third Oliphant of life to good job against Jim Cameron Wake has some good players and even without a large in my power to about brick pit road comes and then elected job on those guys. We may have to do with the printers will go first have ever been so let go overturn term. The effort but Jim arsenals Fredricka. So where practice and as. Position wishes that. You have to play a double consume or any of the guys at the plain dumb consumer you know there are going crew's me so good so you would try to mimic him what he cut tries doing. And coaches and occur today and what would that be do you know you notice he's true flute and you've got blown motors gurus. Just read have. More with the burden Boller next from Bank of America Stadium stated. Some hundreds of England thanks to the cavern. Getting filthy 1540453035404550. We did the dolphin here. They can't do this legally legally. I know this bad news spreads write books drifts through those who is a good catch right side McCaffery held onto it for the. Touchdown aren't huge it's a great win for us good momentum builder and going seven entry into prize as always good and feels he's entered tall. Semi blind adults on the general Jim Jones radio network. Make it deserved junior. But the star of the show Vernon Butler can be big too long rough and tough defensive tackle Carolina Panthers soreness if I get this right Vernon. A north pike. High school summit in Mississippi and if so what was that experience like Korean men how how are you coach when you're young or vote. Oh sort of the a noted coastal road a little more closers good. They're good turner who hopes to pursue we've lost to her through sixteen and one season. Group media. Matthew Carroll was a rival non northern pike also has the most change. What field you're enrollment at Louisiana tech's I don't remember. I'll follow recruiting very famous seem like he kind of knew that's where you wanted to go is that accurate. The altered my view is very very. Doesn't rather have a beer or some sort of commute through there. A lot of iron to do it there do you have any other schools have after you try to kind of try to get to come to the school earlier this is true hero moves so there's. True workers and we'll paid off your first round pick and that's always felt like it your name called in the first round of the draft in June come true heroes it's too. Car to car I do. That's all right Gloria Diane Sawyer illegitimate. That's all right and it took us. We all votes out of the talk about this that Europe track happily listen so what did you what did you do attractiveness of the it. But a good view mirror each year removed Provo on your. But you are so fluid and biscuits. In the that this in the big mayor graceful about what Jacob I didn't. Sure this ball against Williams there's still an independent if you're quickly what I was forced to play besides football and that's. Elsewhere and offered basketball and pretty awful Baltimore junior because some sort of Cabrera sweeps over. Glad to Detroit Noah yes and no back let the others. Vernon back to the sort of the celebrity thing for a second because not Julius Peppers is a teammate of yours what were your first interactions with Jewish life. Oh my goodness drew Julio. A western minerals. Known him over posted. Who knows who you play for him he's cool get a million U. His real boom it just me so. What have you learned from it you know partly room you mean Google news through trade and McArthur Russian son bill. Give me assistance. Yeah. I didn't. Think you look below but I can tell us who did the attack was not do a lot of you guys do a lot of the dirty work that you don't get the glory position in. It has all at the dirty work for that explains things quite what that is because we see that this is. Did a lot of low which you don't live back to speed up but. The deep for the tackle we really don't know about what they do so what are you doing ought to pass play. You take it to guys three guys what what what happens. As the routine of just don't team come a love note to corporate jets got to do it. No repeat do individual awards for you don't change so. Somebody and do you do you enjoy that road toward Estes a part of what's called upon you to go to do yourself. Who do due to a religion. That's a tough lineup to crack two with a KK units star in front of you but do you guys give each other breaks during the game and obviously that depth is what makes that there's really no special right as a learn from it there. Activision Blizzard do your job market may have grown just broke once in the desert listened to their. Our program last year what are things that you you were very very fast and very. You know very fast and point of attack have you actually slowed down a little bit of a ticket. He fast when you need to be fast distance of one of what I mean is that a touch commute. It is up on replicas are too fast so what have you learned to go ahead it to really maximize what distressed play what does diet play to utilize his speech you. Well it was just. Over but do little or no jump ball. Judge's verdict that's what we're hopefully it is great to. Just above. Fascinating to talk a defense of wine with sort of well there's a play the game last night. The dolphins are fourth than a yard and they get there and hurry up so they're gonna go for it and the Panthers stunned were you on the field. Froehlich. I'll be so viewers to vote for it can communicate made is there anyway you can take credit for the flight and then you're not on the field how I wish her trip into a Soledad business silica Cape May what was KK dual what was his Simon who was his position it definitely was supposed to do those fools. Warrant or go to upload go to Georgia they're looking they're very true and as we do. In particular. It looked like Luke helped and that he came in Russia quickly I think too often too I've had a converge on him but spent up decay into the playwright Dario so broad. OK okay you go retrieve. Jamie get one vote. Local level located or how Smart is this defense for you talk weekly and Thomas Davis it happened these guys because not only talent they've just ability but. Just cerebral she's like they just no good position to applaud you talk about doing film study during the week purely for him much. He opens drew close. So all I can assure you know because we'll look forward even to a sort of good confusion how much you've been watching Thomas the same way you can ergo. Do say wait until. Took me right now growing lump sum of internal corporate for a beautiful. It's kind of that's amazing and restore order to separate the author of felony or you just talk about editor. And how much and how much are you guys talk and tour the play before the play happens when what goes on. No we don't consistency is loved nutrition for very low chicks review would golf Rudolph is going Richard Russell beaches units home. Toronto. There's room. Reduces noise blown my phone up these after a kind of left us now a couple of Monaco but we've been stacked up like. Planes at O'Hare airport who were gonna get a want. One of these time actually Charles Johnson's phonies and and and Jews was talking to the other day and he said that he could easily see Vernon Eric Washington your defense of mind coach. A sending up the latter becoming the. Although burns lost to lend more business or in the gala event do you know we told them well. To later reduced Pritchard started over you barely know roots and play. When they will look to. Yes two are we got to take a break double text them back here the second half an announcement. More Vernon Butler next this is panther talk on the Carolina offensive radio network. Talk continues on the Carolina testers radio network. So cool part of color to give up so this time to be with all of assault at their talk tonight Carolina Panthers got it stolen on and then 723 with a five week foreign and how your body holding up then and what. Does the bye we mean in terms of being able to recharge your your body. So close over previews go do the same routine Novato Cotto. We are students and it's about China's strong there's probably uniforms are alive and vote I was Covert Covert Covert French review. We'll give clever idea for example how many snaps did you play yesterday which is typical of not for you and a game you know to -- love me like Tony to revoke Murray's group brokers. If those communities do very very here do this form of it. What does that rotation like so. Give us a rotation as you guys covered it will stay up that we see maybe Charles Johnson K okay. And star and then mark starts again so that what what happens after that and look at the rotation and one that rotates to happen is a third down at all. All of it ethical consumers what does that voter arts of our workers who have foreplay and sort through June if they can't remember it or. Folks who moved here do boom. Well like before please do so and it who's in net group for your rotation. Does need to load Kalu. Vote no provoke more tomorrow Horwitz. Another good through the best company moves you've got a pass rush moves. When do you decide which wanted to employ clavicle whom we know we're I'm only do. No work home to incorporates his word we're reviews news Romans will. If she's aggressive rather be home record through what my hand through these personal view Brisinger. Boris. Is it a little bit easier when you know we have a quarterback who's a veteran Mike Cutler that he's not gonna scramble like your quarterback has cam in terms of just taking at least one element out of what you think about the news you go through more. Only we Russian voters who sparking a and clips (%expletive) control. So you guys that you yourself your scouting owned color. What was the things that came oppose that you guys need to do because a bus the come up very very quickly so. What was some things that coach wants that it was so you guys we need to do. They and beat these successful. Though you know work out whose movement and those prayers then vote. Clarify a few million surf movie gets home from the balls I don't know. So it was also still mobile has got this Bada and off due to resume expert. When people approach you can as your famous your celebrity you got resources now. When people approach you whether wanna sell you as soon as close an automobile that wanna get with you for business deal some former fashion. How do you know who to trust we'll talk with hearted about that next. Talk continues on account on a bad news radio network. We'll maniacs my question fast that they do so. You Jane can get one there with orange color we just have a short period of time. So people wanna get with you Vernon that our society chemicals out great athletes in the different rules apply from the time you're young kids how to how to you know who to trust. Closed. Do you have been chosen we do other or it. Where do you come out what the book but not presume to ultimate reason for. Your source of the home room where that's always do what's. Get agent we'll miss you got somebody. And affairs. Oh. This has said that this team is kind of really turn around a little bit we'll also hurt. Looking somewhat different attitude on this team what does it look like in this locker to those like me you guys own trajectory like up ought to go ahead and go through the roof what does it feel like did you guys. Two is very who used to known for murder would be important work that I wanted to go to go to reporter. Kozo boosters are reduced you know. Won't have time to regroup and generally are displayed a piece of business record and it's going to be Muslim Africa this June don't know what it takes a man brought this. In his ribs I don't know if the jets game coming up next but it Joseph here's that the New Orleans David reflects to a 425. Games be able related it was a big game come up a couple weeks has there. So what at a time right. So gonna win the fight we first let's just that your hands on Drew Brees may have just to helped us locate some things are cuts and bruises. General consumer don't kill literally look you're definitely going to throw the automotive. An ailing king don't give part of valor big hair big. So in the Mississippi. Lot checks now Caroline can't appreciate Vernon continue to play well current management and I've been Bernard Butler for Jim Turkey for the rest of our group. This is Mick mix and you've who listening to cantor talked. There's radio network.