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Panther Talk
Monday, August 13th
Coach Ron Rivera, General Manager Marty Hurney, and LB Jermaine Carter join Jim, Mick & Eugene for Panther Talk.

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The following is an exclusive presentation of the Carolina Panthers. That's when. It's radio network air. There's a problem. The battle which is down a little while touchdown. And I'm definitely going there look at things get better. Hurts for an hour. Gonna pick our local laws that would have picked I don't know getting hurt and now along with Jim and so Pete and Eugene Robinson here's Mick mix and we've. Hundreds off lives from a Panthers broadcast facility at Bank of America Stadium. So in the hours leading up. To the last practice this morning at camp Wofford and it's been hot. The players turn into little kids their faces pressed against the glass trying to appear in Toronto Rivera's mind 000 are we gonna get. To leave early should that coach is wrapped into on Halloween finish just bowl. But at the start of practice but. He gathers his team around. Says okay mode and Taylor mountain and on target. If you each of you catch a punt punted by Michael pole already you both catch it. Then would take three periods off oh the food and how little I would ever gave birth to. So mode goes first who makes the catch here right now Ponte made the catch came right to him just dug in against his big old bare chest. Now part of fronts oh no on tarred by this follows a little tired a little deeper so opposed excellent athlete great treaty tracked the ball. And he made the catch it that here you have three. Period do you have a thirty minute period and you would have thought that it was Mardi Gras you know had a field can you relate. Oh locker religion that voted those days worth particularly if the kicked the ball. And he can justify your Google you got a cup series off that was the lies in the particularly when it's hot up there's still. I'm watching them the video of the guys hit the ball might catch it got to get a judge because everybody. What's that. Freebie period and we wanna go in jail isn't that was outstanding. What a big deal virgin that's brutal dietary poke catches balls military tennis event that thought because the frame of the body vs Louisville football or Syria. I failed to Missouri hello well -- at three under for a says he caught the ball and then took a bite out of I'm I. We're no way he actually backed up or you could tell because the ball was coming down he was back and ilsley look at the put the ball and that he had a back athletic that's those athletic nest as an amateur public used for return of some at some point in time. Did these kinds of things Eugene in the zone helped breed. Team esprit decorum is great elicits great for early August mid August fodder looks very don't Panthers dot com the video does but does it help. Bringing guys together and away oh absolutely and this goes back to like high school you do things like that we've played basketball or Serbia to line up featured free throws in a few. Made them heroin got done there and have to run for if you missed them ever and ran but you. It's college followed by this stuff like that is fun because I would if he would've given them another chance like it was just going to be one chance only. Know everybody jokes as one chances and chances is reduced to catches below one carriages like to catch nobody picked office in the deepest of guide you so. I bitsy problem whose says let's flip a coin is something in SE has details there's that's how deals get us two out of three government dropped out that he was disappointed would you write it does Indira those two big Lyman Lipman really and obscuring. Office of lemon the deepest lemon you'll know must be in the guys. It is in gears in June the entire team the office of lying the deepest of life and everybody goes on a perfectly good this. That Dutch airport that's my god amateur remote nest my god because what. They got to applaud. And he doesn't come off for so it does a great job aren't very good psychologically adjust. Broadcast around table brought you by Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more on your car insurance mig dessert and junior. It's Ernie science behind the notion. That close teams. Perform better. We mean and teams they get along well absolutely you can big doorway absolutely not you can you can click you way to chip is some what is the most miserable season that you would ever have bickering and Michael. But that's a miserable when guys are at Oz and each other 22015. It was a season where. That locker room didn't wanna locker room and you didn't have the normal click this things that every rules taught it to everyone then and that's what you really want. You want to do the team that just the feel good and comfortable with the relief as Lyman around A office of dial by dispersal of special teams guy. If you love each other like that message that's a recipe for success it felt that way when I was at Green Bay Packers. This vote that way when evil and I'll put that led to him was always a ball Geist is generally well liked each other and had each other's back is so I think that is. A huge component to have successful coaching is guys like each other. So which comes first the team gets along wins or winning creates teams getting along with the each other. Both winning crew exchanged it'll always joke that they don't want to others to before the break because along these same lines. Since the last time we had a parent or talk Carolina's gonna buffalo. Played a pre season game. Won the game. But before the game. Kelvin Benjamin and Cam Newton get together Thomas Davis is also in their get a piece of it. This has been tweeted tweeted blog FaceBook space time it's incredible and they stand. So in your guys' opinion who's got clean who's got clean hands who's got dirty hands who's got The Who got the better of that. Interchange in your estimation. Well I think nowadays Sosa made up that no one wins causes everything become so partisan that at some point to Buffalo Bill fans would opens they carry billion. And Carolina fans. But when I look at it just from a standpoint of limiting myself out of being just is look if what this. That was precipitated by so they can be said. There was not responded to buy something and oh Cam Newton because he say what is on the grow I would still gonna work that was his tour response. And didn't camp approached him to go in and talk to him. Men amend if you will. Com so I think from that standpoint. Kim do what you were so good supposed to do. The only thing I would say about that how could been handled this a little bit differently but let me just give football player a guy who likes both camps. And always will KB. Is I thought that may be either or either one of those guys could call each other because they both have each of the phone numbers and I both go to the well taken college of or aside and deal with that. From Nestor pushed that way and went ahead encounter it was an awkward and for the worse and we also. Was sought but we did hear it so we don't know what was said by either of the parties and gift from JB standpoint you're saying he wasn't really listening or paying attention anyways so. It did it resolve anything that is the way it ended it looked like so I think it's kind of like a non issue move on we don't play him in the regular season you know. Let's inching toward aging had though for the millennial reign. Collier on the phone. Call your little old school or I don't look at a landline and if Iraq miss I similar facts something like that yet. But the problem which you make I'll call you I would call beautiful save me you're dear friend calm over the district which emit you know I know hope that you call me. You know we just take a private time to work and I deal because it is needed before consult for public consumption too much is for public consumption up front. You me isn't exactly how good the how far you know message don't see is that the sailors who don't look don't give up all of the mafia. And make of sovereign hill and I thought. We don't take a short break come back with something that David Lincoln has planned it will be of interest to you all next. This is the Carolina Panthers radio network. I'll always remember your talk brawl do you find strength of America full crucial thing felt like Carolina parents. Is Pepsi Apple's usual soft drink partner of the Carolina Panthers achieve glory. That's overpaid probably the other side and Gary is right at the tennis for five of the world down at the two yard line. Handoff McCaffery ship game Florida head into the end zone touchdown Matthew thank. Survey the field was getting out of the receivers and ivory dropped it picked up off the ricochet by check top that I interception at the wanna. The biggest thing I'm concerned are Eric come away from being concerned loses in the first half was our third down conversion on both sides talk about defense and offense we missed some great opportunities to. Feels good to get off the field initially because they as they as a defense and that as an offense. We we miss up to sustain some drives a guy that was that was tough for you. You know what we've got to do the other draw and then didn't feel improve on those things you see what's your favorite if you lose you're wrong and correct dose. It is these temperatures taught almost Carolina Panthers radio network pre season game number one is in the books two straight home games in the cross hairs. Let's break down the buffalo game stores and I would head coach of the Carolina Panthers Ron Rivera joining us now want to had to talk coach what were your expectations. And what did you team give you. Well first of my expectation must win more so than anything else make I told our guys we can do when we come for practice kind. Secondly I was a little concerned we startled the slow on both sides of the ball. Once we shook the rough stuff we are that we played very was very pleased with that. Com I like the way that we've moved the ball on the job office aside these assumed we we've we've made some big plays a really you know we're we're shoes you know we. We we had an interception. We had a stuff we stopped at the two point play. And I didn't and we stopped a big fourth down in the red zone so just some good things on the defense side do we really plays have been though like the salt clever specialty himself. We we got through we wanted. But there are some things we most certainly can improve on was that a pretty good football team to that you went up against. Well I think saw this money young and upcoming to examine this team is being billed as he's being built right wave of Brendan being charming Germany with two former pastors and I think they've got the right form and they got some good players. Those Oakland coaching cliches are everywhere in your line of work one is that you tend to make your biggest jump. From your first game to your second is that something that Ron Rivera beliefs and point out there's there's got to be there's going to be it is some big improvement. Henry the nice is because you know we us as a football team. To be competitive have to be at our best and then and then as I said there's some areas that we can improve on from our first into our second child looking forward to that. Did any of the injuries she suffered this is not necessitate a roster moves. Tom yes you know we had a couple injuries and you know we knew we had to bring unity yes a the other corner and we ran a no name house Carter. This was forty niners you know he's played at Stamford is this August Tom Carter who play in the league so he's got a good lineage and in these guys can help us. Are you concerned though that you've added a player that was not Smart enough to get into cal where you went even though he did go to that other school. Boy you gotta make me smile about she's you know I'm happy we got this young man visited us has some flashes in the Liggett. You know again I think what we do suit his talents at the top level. His. His ability to run I think will be very important to us. Price so camp Wofford now is in the rear view mirror how will you remember. Training camp 2018. The offer version. Well I think first and foremost as a football team from power America's we have three new coordinators. Given every phase of our football team on the office ago Norv Turner on the defense the we we we got Erica you know Eric wash has done a great job so far. And let's face Blackburn and and chase is really stepped into the position nice is so. It was kind of fun to watch those guys kind of interact with our team and become part of what we're trying to do as we go forward. And does to be pretty exciting this year. So old school is you got to practice and he could you play how weather games noose new age is you got to give him into the air conditioning keep their legs weren't as wrong or fall. Sorry if there's a way to keep him in the air conditioning if you get their legs I do as much as possible. Especially in terms of of our walk throughs and stuff like that because I miss hard to go outside every day when this and in and in in the nineties. And practice in pads and then run don't walk through this in the eighties arena debt that really does Wear on yeah. Com so any chance we give we use the you know we used to the indoor facility here at that offer we user they're big where. Jim do they have. And its you know this isn't as big field house and it's good size and memorably did there. To me this is a basketball court is there really is what is big enough to to do walks her. Plus pushing coach will tell you lose so this week now Miami home game where were you place your practice emphasis now there will be price in back of Bank of America Stadium. Well what we're gonna do obviously as you look players will be off Tuesday we'll come back Wednesday and and then pretty much what it is a little BR two BR Miami does. Today. Wofford you know just before we finished up we get three periods of up action against Miami. Carted up and then we'll pick it up while winds today. Get was another Carter practiced all Miami stuffer for for every phase of again. Always good to see you thanks for holds still for a second tolerate our questions and we'll run into this week on the practice field I'm sure. Appreciate them echo is good to talk about. Crew chief. In good spirits down their camp Wofford. How about that issue fellows. I think one of the things says it amuse you talked about the coordinators. Then I think this is such a valuation prior period for Kohl's saw. We're very in the quarters because you got freed. Three different perspectives that you don't have to bring. Wanted to sort of dispersal is something that you've already come accustomed to vote. Offensively is this new thing that's happened and then. It has to go ahead and work. That if we look at the percentage it was like 55%. To 45% racial past two run. Typically that racial split there's more running than passing it sets up the net we should be looking is that almost a no comment. We see. Some foreshadowing that wouldn't see much more passes. All whores are going to be more run is going to be it's gonna level out I think those questions are going to be as soon as we get through pre season. So that we know what norv Turner's DNA what is what is his fingerprint looks like on this team and moving forward in that evaluation period. Michael Rivera sort. And against small sample size first pre season game in buffalo but it was interesting things like McCaffrey to general lot but he ran between the tackles just what he did. And then CJ Anderson. Who by all accounts is something the starting running back playing in the fourth quarter of a game like this again they're they're working out things some situational things. But it is interesting pinned in the running game since you went to the running game a little bit there the way they can handle that during the first pre season game. Then what do we even talked about is this offers a line going into this game was one of the places that we should note it is a good. Are they gonna do to protect Campbell I thought Taylor Moore did a really good job and they're right tackle I mean he's long he's a brave G strong. Com he did a very good job allowed him to go that step up kit was six for nine us. Let's not them into debt because of fraud is pretty good a buffalo and they kept those guys that day. And allow Kim to be a quarterback. Not a runner and quarterback and I thought cam delivered Campbell sixty some percent 66% thrown Iraq. I mean he's never been at that she she's just percent this early. Bush I can't remember him being met him this early guerrilla quarterbacks to have good Jesper is Ireland corporate rate was 96 points of the mix so I think this is if some look at a fumble turned on gore. Okay. I gossip and I'm emblem I'm cook I would guess right now. Does this seem like. A very important next several years for the franchise in that. Cam Newton transcendent athlete. Nearing or at the height of his mental and physical powers. So. It's hard to imagine him playing his entire career and not winning a championship or two. So is it incumbent upon our organization to do would it seems like we're trying to do which is surround this man with enough. So that they Carolina Panthers can breakthrough. Yeah I mean I think this year mean and it never went says they're gonna win now this team has built for a win now as this season mentality sometimes it's hard to have a three year plan in the NFL she is so it's my players come and go free agency. I think with a what you've got on the roster this year. It's a veteran crew and you've got some guys we know or their final years some that might be in the final year of employment are still playing at a high level. As to me ambulatory and made moves in the off season adding teams be discouraged her Verisign today. So the fastest team is probably coached in his years here on offense and on defense to me it feels like this is a team that. What I win now does that mean like let's win Chandler's win a Super Bowl kind of here's what it feels like to make. Yeah and I think so I think one of the things that we get them. Just Cam Newton oh and then maybe fairly or unfairly is there anyone assumed earlier why was in Carolina's. When you see someone who's physically. Gifted as she is and you know he's kind of like the prototypes PO what a quarterback moving forward in the national football. League will look like you would expect that got to go ahead and have a number of Super Bowls. Under his belt but let me just remind you what things is always been a team sport is never really predicated upon one person you know one person is important. It's not predicated upon one person this is a team sport. And any person on the offense or defense or special teams. Can you lose the game we go back to differ among them when we played them a buckles. After the after the shoot the ball in the first game. Don't forget we're get rays score and win the game and we missed a field goal for 52 yard Google or knows not criminals fought. But this whole. There's a whole administration is behind the scenes that everybody has to do their part of the job two was well it's not easy when supermodels. Please do what he said. Yes it's not these to a Super Bowl yeah I know what can we get unfairly said hey you may what did you brings the ball because it takes an entire team to do that. Yeah good point. OK and so. Talked to I was a two wanna do the elbow she'd do the injury get a disarmed and live like fair play you have to in this segment Damien Barmes unfortunately goes in the injured reserve off the buffalo game but they sign Alex Carter. I was a corner as opposed departures safety they also have orders Gunner accession protocol on other corner. And Andre Smith and hamstring injury the rookie seventh rounder and Arnold since it came so there's another Carter now that we got to keep straight. You talk hurting the already Carter he welcomed the pain and harder to talk to Jermaine Carter do that interviews over Germain Carter. Will be next win this high quality radio and television product continues this is Heather talk on the Carolina Panthers radio network. This isn't tempered talk on the Carolina Panthers RealNetworks. Do work out of the shotgun double play that information to receivers right back the under pressure immediately and day out egos he sat there as Bernard Butler did any news. Oh wrapped up quickly had dropped back there are two main part of the linebacker comes plus they drew to get the six foot five Allie Dixon repeatedly ground. Since I was. How does this tell our resume. We still got to play better let's talk about it no doubt June 3 down back. So mix mix and Jim silky and Eugene Robinson voice answered talk on the Carolina Panthers radio network. We heard Jermaine Carter in his first pre season game as a rookie get a quarterback sacked they don't special teams that make some tackles in the field to. Did get a helmet to helmet and it has throughout that but so we can talk about it afterwards as we talk here we Jermaine Carter about how he played in his first game in the pre season. Hi after a feel good but you know I'm never satisfied you know I also mean Margolis. So don't get better every week and also they wanna make it seems almost as wanna keep soma teammates that I can go out there Akron crystal ball. Describe the defensive play we had a quarterback sack give the family inside what happened on that play that allowed you to get to the quarterback. How low is it was a person from off the age you know and I came on the lot canola that it was. A mystery about a run him back you know I'm I'm guessing he's close to pick me up lives it was hot it was that rehab play action so. I don't know I don't play action and so last winter quarterback that I expected I expect the quarterback to keep the law and he's having to keep itself hasn't got the sack. Karzai Andre Smith had a hamster image has ability to guys being rookie draft picks linebackers kind of learning together at the same time plus are pretty cool you know go to guys they do a good job of helping us out alive you know but also ruin their he's he's Smart raffle he hasn't been good for YQ and I like Sam Smith from IQ so. We we we feed off each other you know and causes. Hope hope he get back healthy you know in town for fluorescent crazy and so. But he's he's pretty good player and allied say that I can be I'm pretty good fair and hopefully I mean better. I mentioned about the fact you contribute on special teams usually the biggest years and it obviously you wanna make this team is linebacker by a special teams whose initial part where you have to jump yes sir you know. Do all my college career all my coaches you know cause SO colder than they preach to us how important stresses scenes will be at the next though we know so. How was this doesn't seem series you know so I'm newcomer and it's a neat that will be my foot in the door you know so I say everything I do I do I duel Friday you know so. And when I'm out whenever I'm out down wanna give they give them all. What's it like learning from guys like Thomas Davis and loopy premise is one of the best linebacker rooms maybe because linebacker rooms and they had this is it's pretty cool you know system be. Just to be around guys like that who who would. Most likely won't be hall of fame you know you get this is an hour from those guys you know because in these that they do. On Sunday he knows just Watson and coming up here privacy of those guys you know it may not translate now you know you start to understand why why they why they are as good as they are. OK and tell you give us on your Maryland teammate DJ Moore obviously a very good in his first game two he had DJ he's he's a guy he he's always gonna surprise you know because he doesn't look like he's running fast. Or he doesn't like either on our black in. You know on actuality he he is so. You know he he's got hoses. Did you get the ball in his hands he's gonna make a play are rising your head coach campus via former NFL linebacker not Everett walks into a situation to see table extra attention to align backing group as a car's head coach coast. Jealousy is so you know he gives me a little tips and things you know like. Well we're to be lacks class would be necessary cover discern plays you know so I appreciate having him. And that's not only him Luke and TV in those guys you know assist system are from those guys to help my name growth. That is germane Carter panthers' fifth round draft choice linebacker out of Maryland course TJ more out of Merrill first round pick to Torrey Smith who's who's onboard this offseason as a free agent. He did get slight advantage going into that for a helmet to helmet hit Eugene we talked about as we did a radio broadcast Hampshire. Mick did a Mike Rucker and the town via television side to. But you know I will say pleasantly it wasn't a game that was filled would that. Penalty I thought being the first game there might be a lot of learning curve and a lot of fifteen yard penalties though wasn't something that was a big part of the get this first pre season. Dinners are remembered that play he was actually commercial right out of the backfield or. Oh going tours to sideline with a quarterback was engaged already making a tackle. There was actually a bringing the guy down. And he's come from behind to play any actually I think it was is that in have been back no not yet really puts his head in the back of him. That's the sudden jerseys that's right did definitely kudzu that player right they've done this guy's gonna have to learn how to change watching a replay of that on a multimillion are moved further radio oddly you very much Rick but this doesn't have to learn because. These are about to be tackled and you can tell that accord that was brought to bring him down. And that's when you've got to pull off it's no longer do you have the go ahead and comment and make that tackle you don't because we don't live did you happen this. You gotta go down in your head master Goodell to make it a tackle and a play. It has hit happen to be up in the head and neck area which doesn't matter anymore no good men you could be doing that if somebody's knees and you'll still get flight if you lead with your head like yeah. A little we can conclude after a week and a half for precision football is that. It's going to be OK the game's still looks like. Tackle football NFL football it's just those. Those really violent plays where everybody cringe as those are the ones looks like the competition committee trying to get out they gave them what. Nothing we can conclude is that how well job the coast Rivera has done that that's for infractions only one person they've seen the video is when you have the tide and the lies and offer my deepest line fullback linebackers and secondary all being watched to see who's gonna have an obstruction. And we had only one can only because American players off the practice field when they do dads are reminded them that will be a panel that we'll live soon and now we don't need to be careful with this off did a great job by coast Rivera and his staff. We have Marty Kearney with his post mortem on another first pre season game the roster move. The camp Wofford addition of training camp and that'll be next from Bank of America Stadium. And there's blood flow. This third exclusively on the Carolina Panthers radio met. Is the Miami Dolphins. Stick golf on the network is set for 730 here. It's intends you're talking. Myers writes I'd look at her coach Frazier and go live into the a touchdown you would you have put the ball any better than I think he's gonna hand it off CJ Anderson grumble about the middle which is down to the goal line touchdown. Rule over a little over five down on the goal line and the third touchdown no I don't hood out of the backfield of. They both came out for little sluggish at first but then they kind of settle in for both voters really nice process I mean I really showed. They're building is in court about so again you know the battle continues centered off continues on the Carolina scribners radio network. Got a lot to talk about tonight with the general manager of the Carolina Panthers Marty Kearney roster addition to training camp training camp tapering down. As we broke camp today and then also a first pre season game let's start there Marty what you think. Which are naked eye view and then when you broke down a tape of Carolina buffalo. Brother basically the same make as far as Friday after the game you felt we do a lot of good things and and we can't do a lot of things we need to improve on and that was the case when you went to tape I think it. What stands out is is offensively I think our offense line played pretty well does it is a group in the first unit played well against. You know buffalo defense lined the street town and so that was encouraging I think did. You know we made some plays and their skill positions as it did to wide receiver tine canyon and running back spots and I think to three quarterbacks played well so. We did some good things but obviously you know we we won get better with our run since then and we don't want teams to run ball against us they average four yards per carry against us. And then we got to stop those two big plays in the passing game but I. I mean that's just all come together has come together as a group defensively and special teams are probably played well before their tackling issues and if so are those fixable. Jamming I think first game I think there were there words several missed tackles and I think that's sort of first pre season game the nature that. Martin already aside we had Curtis Samuel post game show can numb seem like does he account himself well how'd that look. Like his performance did you know a really did mean you know I said. For Reyes mustered two I was amazed how fast Curtis came back from an ankle injury up to full speed in this quickness and he has really improved his hands over the last couple months and worked very hard at it in I think he showed that in practice and then in the pre season game the other night. I think our receivers were were you know had some really good things and PCs can separation he sees give them all out quickly. Mom I think that what we're doing offensively I think norv Turner's doing a great job and his staff so. You know there were enough bright spots on offense and and really the skill positions were one of the things that's and we felt best about. How the backup quarterbacks do. Good you know I think I think both started slow Garrett came in and their first series he started a little slow but. For a touchdown pass the most Frazier I mean that was that was. Really good pass and I think. He's just got to keep getting reps to see things quicker and it's favre's hands quicker. Terror are trying to keep me in a Norv Turner system I think TC stings and gets rid of the ball quickly picked up. Took a couple pretty good hits and got up in and continue playing so. I think all three quarterbacks they did some good things and then obviously that second offensive drive with cam and a first team offense was. Very encouraging so. Just so long ago meant so much to have to go wanna meet you want to emphasize the positives. But there are so many things we need to get better I can keep doing and that foundation. Marty Murray are just a parent or talk all the stories to our pregame and through the weeks leading up to the first pre season game was marquee signs. Good get off of an undersized but high motor how how deep play in his first pre season game for. She did OK he's you know he's gonna have to use his speed he's got to get the outside shoulder he's got to give the edge and he can set the edge in the run game. From there were some some things he has to improve on but I think it just like a lot of the young guys and especially right now and you know she didn't remaining came down to one half weeks and it's a start and get a little bit of a grind but it. He's got a skill set did it is hard to find so he's just gonna keep getting better and better he added a defensive back after the big game or this past weekend. We did Alex Carter we added. I'd DB a former third round pick out of Stanford. He's long he can play both safety and corner we got some guys nicked in that game and especially who gets next week in the secondary so. On main and we think we're anxious to see where Alex can do their position flexibility obviously helps and he always like the wind itself. Minis are very Smart player he's got football what a good football I Q so. You know we we just we'll see how he does what we just move when he guys healthy back there as well. The Stanford guys can take a little bit at least just a rumor anyway. The practice today everybody in a hurry to pack up and get home so Wofford now in the rear view mirror. How will you remember about training camp 2018 down here. I think it's been it's been a really good to only have weeks and this is a time where you know this game is about talent and skill says in the end playmakers. But it's also about mental attitude and being able to. Two or respond to adversity and fight through hard times so this is a very good time it can't tell us. Should judge that in our team could have been done in two and a half weeks it's hot you know we we went on the road into. And one came back. There is an extra day really between them the first pre season in the second pre season games so. I think you really wanna see what how you handle this mainly as a team life full grown training camp I think it was a really good camp I think six. Obviously the one downside would be the entry seem content Deron Williams Araskog groaned and so much guys we've we've lost life. The bright spot is something we came into the offseason mornings to improve student fees. Peak athletic ability unskilled positions on both sides of the ball and from what we've seen in two and a half weeks I think we've done and then. You know I think takes cam has had very good camp and I think again I mentioned that drove from school Glasgow positions on offense and I think defense is coming along and and I think we've improved some spots there tell why so. Dinner special teams has done a very good job on me three new coordinators and it's all come and start that comes together and I think it's it's been erected camp. Crawford was great it always is be fun to get around it. It goes well Marty thanks for your time before we catch up winning this week thanks thanks. Offered has been great and maybe moving forward side home is underrated. This feels good to be back clean city. So. Panther talk all season long list a little bit to shop talk here for okay Heather talk all season Long Will be in this format here so will be in the studio. So no red zone and shows this year. Okay replica for two weeks I think we might have enhanced opportunities to get richer various then maybe even more time with us. Maybe get a player to stop bile occasion and won't there be effective. Mirror that so radio and TV. Yes and what we are and dot com or guerrilla dot com. I don't know. Sure I just I just I just show it to you David are we. Do you go look at that but you say this but that usually are yes I was right for the people on who from our resolve fans who would come and watch others are radio show. Thank you thank you for all the no doubt work and thank you for all the people who made it possible and and they were just poured in there and it and and he loved every moment of that this and and maybe things may change what number it. Right now while also say thank you for its third for just really taken care of us because we enjoy their core fans share or girlfriends had a nation at definitions so. Proof elect is a slight annual budget but we really appreciate. Take a break dealer we can we talk more got to take a break. But usually give Dave a microphone and we were doing the show. Is accused of questions and that's a very light show at the that is our Levy can be in front people the red so we can get it again how far they've lengthened. Dorado is this is named after the like Tony and just do that under what studios. Which is where we're broadcasting from now we'll have more we Eugene is or can mean next this is rather talk on the Carolina Panthers radio network. Talk continues on what Carolina testers radio network. We got storm eroding camera we've got the normal boys in the shop David plankton. At the controls this is a big mix of Jim's O'Keefe and Eugene Robinson with you tonight on radio and TV. Where will the Panthers won a seat their biggest. Improvement from pre season game number one to this coming week against Miami here Bank of America's state college hoops I got Myers already locked in there. I'm probably gonna steal your answer guys is also the same name pass defense was a problem against a team that's not really the greatest quarterback trio. Yeah I mean they had about 250 yards passing in the first half they admit this turnaround of the second half in all departments including third down and how a lot of other areas besides that but to pass defense Ellison's price to see how well Denver. It came out Nathan Peter man nine out of ten passing. Others tomorrow there will be those crazy expect AJ McCarron was very effective it has timeout without shallow toward the end Dutch shell was not bad serving his first game as a rookie they're so I'm sure and that would be on anybody's top two. List deserve pass defense. What my question Eugene is what was the what was the issue in the it was a secondary with a pass rusher what was going on as far as I. 'cause big debt bringing NASCAR words helps you defined it a thought in the secondary particulate of course what I thought that we struggle. I thought technique wise this. This couple Marlins is that not only on a post game show you say. You got and kind of know what the play and my job is it to she's guys up in your coverage what coverage you need to be doing and what technique and he's right because there was a play on what K okay KB. Coaches that test and on cable Seymour. Then Seymour and never moves his streak in almost like he stuck a month there's a third down situations third and fourth certified. In a few bills out or big plays off. Save us Seymour may get interception. But and said. He presses some. And now you can button is 66 guide to jump over to 6162. Guys. Did this it is easy play for the quarterback to make just just put up as a 5050 ball but you're played off that would have taken away all the tickets to ball and now. He gets to see the ball is a make a play on that as opposed to chasing. Those type of things have to get cleaned up moving forward because it was tough but times where. The receiver got this time both defensive backs Dante Jackson and also are gave us see more that can happen because in the secondary NASA's lastly. If you. Miss a play in the secondary. Typically there's a trust on his points you can miss supporter because a lot of these domestic and linebackers you can't miss its safety and corner did you do. Yeah personable. Does the Boise Eugene Robinson sixteen years patrolling NFL secondaries Jim took you to his right media Eugene left. This is panther talk that was some final thoughts. In just decide. Continues on the Carolina Panthers radio network. Fans turned out churned out camp offered to see there Carolina Panthers this season we'll begin with tremendous excitement. Dallas Cowboys can maneuver the season's regular season opener in the meantime three. More pre season games started with Miami. Our Friday night so Eugene gym at practice you can hear a lot because there's not the drum line in the practice and many times I hear. Better defenders coming up to make a tackle. And they'll either be saying in in in or the B saying out out out hollering it out what does that mean. So like the city little Italy could look to Israel and in an inhumane GS inside control that. They're running back or receiver and he's expected somebody on the outside to come and help and so we can squeeze play. He's let you know his position so that you don't go ahead and inadvertently get in his position uptick in the same insight control if you do that then we got two guys in the same position. This is a past when you say imminent. Do you tell him. Where the receivers going cellular alert moved quickly got a guy Eminem is coming towards you and now. You have to turn your head you can do that guy on the side so and in and out as a big thing. I desist order for the TV viewers refugees sitting backwards in his chair for no apparent reason hugging the back of us amateur equity what's your favorite no coaching the fifth then go a graduate comfortable a comfortable. We long ago learned that Eugene chief Robinson dances to the beat of a tune that no one else you're right about this in brilliant your chair was turned suddenly or whoever around the liberal radio school but I. They don't cook. We should all due out next week. No it is a lie and the Florida a minute and it out out out. NASA alone has that they do it in and out burger and oh as a communication and that communication is so important when you're make a tackle. And he did down there and yes and and and and the guys on the same side defender that's not solicit for that next time. Yeah he's in and out and out the ins and outs of football with Eugene. And there's a good show DiFelice appreciate Jeff good job plus form up and do it all against this week's show which sells good I three genes for this first stormy for Byron Wendell all the boys in the shot. This is make make since. You've been listening to pass their talk an exclusive presentation. Of the Carolina Panthers and the National Football League so we'll see you next week for more right here on the Carolina Panthers radio network. There's a great deal. This is like Carolina Panthers radio network.