Panther Talk 8-21-17

Panther Talk
Monday, August 21st

Coach Rivera, GM Marty Hurney, and Linebacker Jeremy Cash join Mick, Eugene & Jim on tonights Panther Talk.


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Exclusive presentation of the Carolina Panthers. Woman Carolyn I'm tempted to reveal no. It's easy just curl up in the and then go away. They did they fought back they gave it you give it their best in the effort was outstanding so. There's a lot of things that we do we got to correct but. The same time I really appreciate the the effort and attitude which they played. And now how long would she and so Pete and Eugene Robinson here's Mick mix and we've. Hamsters talk live from a pantries broadcast facility at Bank of America Stadium. This season's fourth Panthers talked begins tonight with our top three reasons. Why Carolina panther pre season football is better then a total eclipse of the sun. Reason number three for you won't have to wait as long for the next iteration. Free the number two. It will last longer. And our top reason why pared their pre season football is better than a total eclipse of the sun Bruno. Again. You really want to you could look directly at Carolina and they're at the pre season football. Can we dwindles our version of Paul Shaffer. Thank you can have a future control at all that this you can do not need special lenses though although. For a time. On Saturday in Nashville. No sag game was about as easy on the eyes as a solar eclipse. This was a particularly in the first half my goodness from that first quarter was just at least what mistakes by the Carolina Panthers. Off the sample and then from a deep zero point really. You know Mary auto we've done football through and in Canada exactly what every one and older couples who edits. More than was running or pester ball you'll spotless. There's more like Armageddon the limit clips for the forget what it was seventeen nothing hole my friend a commodity turn the ball over in your first offensive play than U three and out and then you turn over on your fifth offensive bright. And that puts the defense and by Natalie field position wise Eugene but also that sudden change yet talk about being a defender work here on the bench you've just gone to the bench has twice again twice it was the first play it was like to state turnover was the first place you just on the sidelines. It's a million degrees out there yet as you put your helmet back and go back out on the field and at what happened was Derrick Henry and one of those ghost or seventeen yard touchdown on the first play. There's got to be difficult I would think as a defender. Is the worst thing you want to hear when it's been a long drive. I'm doing here deepest well it would what do we do each result hot got to outdo someone may be just though that's the worst thing that you want here because. Now you got to put out a Gatorade if you got generate for you look Leo a breather and get really. To go ahead and get back comfortable throughout and change your mindset any offices kimono for both those jacked up. And they got to do some extra little ball deep or do something exotic to go ahead and take a bit of sudden change so. I've never won it for some oil what do we think though we heard in the first quarter and that's not a good thing was are common theme that united some of them missed tackles. From a character standpoint in that game. First you tackle his ball won't want to and I do think the guys who want to no doubt about that this about angles and getting your body of position. And is also bugged him no blocks sometimes no blocks and got a little arm tackles that you gotta go ahead and do and Hillary anybody else corrupt or tackle. And another thing is not getting your body and my position and going lol what a big. Receiver tied in or all all big runner back. That is the worst thing you got to take what the team is that this aback because you don't decision just gets stiff arm to grow. Germany cast we just saw the film was a really good tackler and started to go low stiff bum out of the powerful by Hillary to get pushed underground disgust at high. On that insult death easily is collectible. I know this affects all NFL teams equally as time a year but the lack of being able to have tackling type practices. Does that hinder you this early. In the season or maybe techniques such as tackling is off because there are a lot of days where with the NF OP agreement to not tackling and Ivan where children present certain days. This is a function of the fact that there's really no more tour days there what you discussed certain percent Carly need tackling. You gotta be able to hone your skills and tackling is something that you gotta get used to. But we're not guys duct has got close their eyes are noted doom because of seeing guys do it. And so you got a good in the mindset of getting your body in position to make a tackle and go to what you do it is you do alive. You couldn't discipline a practice but is not the same. You gotta do it live as so and our part so we have live settings that's when he had the tackling drills and that's when you made the most of it. And right now. You write this absence of it and because of that door and pre season I think harassing guys. As a going to seize them put. As the season progressed did you know. We'll talk to coach Rivera in the second and our broadcast roundtable tonight is brought to you by Geico. Fifteen minutes quarter an hour could save you 15% or more on your car insurance it may be. The tale of two coaches in other words mad coach after the game because he's. He yes his love it this bodily fluids run a little hot. Because of the turnovers which led the points but then he comes back and the staff breaks the tape down and will see in the aftermath of the game some of the good things Carolina Panthers did you know sometimes it's a familiar refrain from players and coaches I don't look at the tape first because when you're living it in real time ball well I mean we have the benefit. Because you know fans are broadcasters have seen replace so we've a lot of times seen the play more times than they ever will for sure in fact 23 times. But a fellow player was so I'm sure there is some amount of that where. And maybe by by some things are worse than you thought there might be some of the situations where somebody who's more out of position he's got more often. I think you gee maybe the biggest thing with some of the issues when they are cropping up is that this is consistency is that this on doesn't know what they're doing. For the mess up all the time it's good play bad play. You know and I think Tony three was an example that we talked about during the game the courage yeah he would make a good play. Then that I place fighting for a safety spot here so there are good moments and bad moments that would show up on tape. Analysts again those easily correct the ball moments and you write I like the duality that dichotomy coast has because you got to be able to do when your guys to jot a bit of a solo is so evenly heated battle. First court he's only guy he's only result in these ornaments auto correct and then at the end of practice amid in the game. He has the cops totally different demeanor where I bet you in the locker room. It was totally different and habitual in their meeting today it was like totally different. And so that's a really good thing that you have because you've got to play that'll psychological game because you can't beat somebody down. Cody all you go home PW appraisal ankle seemed a fine. Fine line of a praise and criticism is a very fine line in the Eagles football player. Voicing Eugene Robinson gyms are you my name's meg makes in this is rather talk tonight on the Carolina Panthers radio network so little with the list of positives. In that game once you get past the fighting spirit that. The Panthers demonstrated as a team to give back end down seventeen nothing to forge a tie. Would David Mayo be right balls at or near the top of that list fellows. Absolutely no tougher a divot burial place of sensational football in the absence of Lou complete a little look at the if you will. He was everywhere I mean he made the right calls and don't forget. You it he talked about personal integrity integrity. And gap integrity old pro before we talked about first. What that means he has to get those guys lined up left or right shift when he sees all the persist and he was flawless and we didn't he make a tackle so. Oppose them because guess what she solidified. Himself as being. These backup middle linebacker on his team went up. It's much he could actually win makes tackles this year get chance of Luke has AJ Klein wants fit in the Mets have anyplace because of ought to make ten tackles in the sample think it's okay equally. It's actually David Mayo because he did play well out there. And you talk about Jeremy cash sheets he's actually more often not played well there is a back a linebacker order for him to him later in the show as well but. Not just the starting three I think the line backing death. Is not a as big of a concern talent wise may be some might have thought going in that this does next layer village defenders are really good yeah agreed no doubt we'll chopping up a little more the guys here. Need to tell you nodded at panther football has brought you by pop and John you get your online order. Half off the regular price this season the day after the Panthers scored twenty or more points and it's easy. Tissues promo code Panthers twenty at Papa Johns dot com and you know how works. Better ingredients better pizza that's Papa John's. Coach Ron Rivera next this is rather talk on the Carolina Panthers radio network. There's new standards on. And golf McCaffery I get right to. Favourites like. Both practices on Wednesday thirst to a high energy high impact type proper practices in terms of you guys really got after the emotions that this ecology of the game of the practice I thought were outstanding I really do. And I think we got a lot did you guys do some really good things. Yeah and they gave us a chance at justice to come out today and and and practice here as I said my biggest disappointment was distraught in the first three series. Home office here we return a ball over twice when when you can't do that not a gets a good football team not a good team it's got a lot of weapons and you because you're you again you're you're chasing them when you put yourself in the best position. Is he is kindred souls and semi blind adults farming Caroline damages radio network. Head coach of the Carolina Panthers Ron Rivera make makes in visiting with him off Patrick talk tonight talk quickly about. Saturday's game coach and some of the positives in your mind that you pull away from the Tennessee trip after study has some of that video. You don't essentially American and again you got to dive into the numbers to really understand this game but. Getting past three takeaways are in the two takeaways are committed in the first quarter we seldom played very solid football game there really some good things but. That you know then then what happened was the some of the play that we had on the office side gets overshadowed. Some things we did the frenzy gets overshadowed because again they go up seventy nothing because two takeaways that we we we create our that we gave up. But having said that as I looked at what we did office is very please you know we had driver 75. Nine DF 75 yards three scoring drives that were resulted in touchdowns over. Extended. Throughout the throughout the game and I just really felt that when you can do that you're consistent you're doing some consistent things. When we need to score we did declare yourself right back in the game to us. You know took to make a Tony for Tony farther I was really pleased with that. Com and then again going rescission making 2427. Thinking if over the took to make it 27 all. I was really pleased Lolita Fisher very did you see some offensive line play that please you guessed very much so make him again. You know I think the two takeaways that that we we committed. And really no way reflect what was going knowledge in office and line none and always a little ball we should enough. Returned an interception we had a guy open we just got to drop in an over the top a little better but. I think office of Ron has been outstanding throughout training camp and I'm excited about that. I think we just got to continue work are now some of these are rough edges that we have but I think our offense lines coming together very nicely. Further some tackling issues on the defensive side and if so coach are those fixable moving forward almost certain there were some issues mechanism probably the basic you know seizure wash of remembering her feet rely on as we return armed dark when you can't do that against a physical football team they're gonna break those tackles and a good few more yards so. Yeah we worked on obviously dark times during the the last couple of days of hearings are guys can understand you gotta bring your feeds him lunch can die he can't reach and grab you gotta be able to come and bring it. You know and and their news from protect make. Where you place your practice emphasis tomorrow. And where did you place it today getting ready for a quick turnaround for the Jacksonville trip ball for the most part Mick what we charted do the work load it on ourselves makes a crushes from the game. Can we focus in on the base the base office of the Jacksonville. It's today tomorrow will we don't because it is a quick turnaround we're gonna have to get into what Tim is a Friday practice Taurus and that is scored two situation football. How will work on our our for our first and second down I was see them going. Third down short yardage. Red zone goal line. And our back up and coming out offense the defense is as well so did you look folks will be situation for Jacksonville there was early in the week but do you have a feel yet for how you use some of your starters cam live grind will come to mind is guys that did not play in the Tennessee game. No honesty what we're gonna have to do more so than anything else. His this room taker you know a nice long look at how everybody's progress in terms of their recoveries. I see where they all are camp through the ball very well today I mean I talk proven he sees a little rusty felt like his timing was off late. Com but the ball was strong well they delivered a nice ball so he's looking stronger shard we just got to be Smart if he feels good tomorrow. Who increases throws CI feels on on Wednesday in the mobile base and off of that but. So far so good last question everybody who works with you appreciate how hard you work in and and how dedicated your of the craft. Everybody also appreciate that you're not totally tone deaf to things that go on outside the walls here Bank of America Stadium so that sit coach did you get outside did you look outside today. It's taken solar eclipse. There's a solar eclipse. No hype no I didn't actually Mick do you that that's just throw one right in the world in my meeting times. Hand them because what happened was we were gonna cracks afternoon but because the solar eclipse a little bit concerned that you know some organized by the stopped as somebody what does it say check it out. And before we know we have ten guys staring at the suns so we want take that chance and try to rearrange schedules. We have a few guys obviously do have the the glass is going to be one guess who the leader of that group is clearly. Sounds good check presumably would be there thanks for your time and good luck preparations as we. Appreciate America's always. Panther talk presented by McDonald's. They're good morning starts with the golden arches good breakfast at McDonald's scratch made bacon egg and cheese biscuit sandwich for just the dollar 69. That was such a jet today that the eclipse in Charlotte I know and other places. I guess that 2% makes a big difference having an idea percent but it was a selection show does that dim a cellular climbers. It was dimmer and dimmer. Shuffle blues that's good. Yeah those underwhelming. There was stunned if you're right if you went into South Carolina I'm sure it was cool but as far as Charlotte yeah I was in perpetuity I heard Nashville was was totally darkened street lights on and some other cities to appear fury in the band it was more spectacular. Yet you know what thing did happen is setting a dark room where I live instructor area and in the cricket started to come out and in droves can hear it all the cricket noise. I mean for you liberals want I guess I'll sit illicit love village Q what is a sure you heard crickets in ministry lights came home. And then when they're clips pass over who has gone down the street lights turned burn off your neighbor attends totally creepy it is his family bill whole world different you. Well registered themselves I don't know if you would ever give me they're. Tell the garden gate or give me the passcode don't and I would like to countries don't did he come here already a golf cart. For Chile and his business souped up golf cart to Bob Marley did it get there I did do some dumpster diving though and you all house was being bill I got some nice pieces of wood and this Alcatel and having a US our injury updates are brought you by north Carolina's urgent care centers we got Cornell other neat. Curtis Samuel got a hammy but getting better cal loves got an ankle Vernon dollar got a knee and Breton Burson has. A wing usually don't showed he's got a shoulder. He's two for two forgiveness this season games but he still he's still there upright shaken noble it's helped form because. The place you don't wanna get hurt I would imagine. Anywhere but it's right in front of the Tennessee bench area oh yeah problem castor sweat knowing you hover around they don't care about she's so we got a few minutes before. By the next segment so. Let's talk a little bit about this panther. Offensive unit where. We have not yet seen. Sounds like I'm making excuses and I don't mean to but. In fairness to the fans are on the scoreboard. Carolina does not have rank a Lille in that game cam Newton's not planned march Marcus Mario played. Tennessee had most of their front line cats so what did you guys see from the Penn talked about David mail on the what did you guys see from the panther vote that encouraged you. I think one the running game the running game was outstanding I thought the running backs. May really terrific Cust in the office of lying. They're good job of blocking when you have the worst that we've seen from our cameras are praying and also for McCaffery. Those roads are really. No force of and set up by the office supply all of that we're doing a great job and if this is iteration of all of the what we're gonna end up seeing from the Carolina Panthers. Then this is really welcome because. Given cam Newton's ability to throw the book and his ability to run the ball he doesn't have to do everything nine can really concentrate on being a true pocket quarterback. I'll allow what Joseph Webb has been doing and doing extremely well. The only big thing about it the drawback is just timing you gotta do it this time and tell us why is really imperative that he starts to. Get into the pre season mode because they used to control hopefully he'll play the star on the spurs again. That's remotely. Offensive line has been really good yes these games in fact the only quarterback who's basically been touched his is Gilbert compared Gilbert in the first two games. They've done it sources first unit. And David Tyler Larson fan what he's been doing filling local per Tallulah senator. They've been good and then the running game to me we talk about how well McCaffrey thank chairman artist they ran without those holes are they're creating there's no running room. Good either between tackle runs have been doing. So that that's very impressive but the pockets in there for DA and and for web. I think yeah I and I know it's against second thirteen guys Oakland Joseph Webb always plays great football in August so when he comes and or does raise asked to do you execute the office again not only. But he plays well but when he plays well then you get a good look at what other guys can do right to be storing it in the bleachers and into the ground you don't know what receivers to catch him. Anything else would Joseph Weber execute they offense well for what they need him to do when he comes in off the bench in his hands. Everybody loves McCaffery course and your rise Mayo went Cam Newton first got here. Some of those moments where you just think okay he's young but best player on the field that guy that got Jeffrey can be that guy while will see but. How could Alex armagh. Have that kind of control of his body with that Kurth. Dole looked put those the start making machinery and emotion too early but some guys can just ball some guys can just play football. And our mock. This is intriguing prospect. And you can play him anywhere on the field on offense or defense you played every position make college semi you could use him in a lot of different ways to really nice he's a very very good going on silent you know I think that we have now created a question of have a 53 because they're so personal not only as fullback you can UH backe confused and pensioners are your personal lives out there and you don't version eight wedge. You need to wedgie wedge busters on on team so that could be his son his sunny health. Must take two and Jim both talked to Jeremy cashed this a good interview won't stay tuned for so. Heather talk will continue but first these words up and down the lines of the Carolina Panthers radio network. 361. Real good shot. Yeah yeah quarterback sack back. After a mix mix and Jim silky and Eugene Robinson of Swiss tendered talks exclusively. Almost Carolina Panthers radio network. That was the second game and eroded Jeremy catch was idiotic quarterbacks Afghan today he is making a name for himself in your two last year you spent half a year. Essentially watching learning and practice squad and half the year on the roster player special teams over tackle football has a linebacker as well but he's and right now very good position to make this team as a backup linebacker talkative today at practice today about this his second camp but the Pampers and how that's going to. You know I'm doing all right I mean ultimately I just got to contain a club there and do better had alarm our role on this team and given contribute anyway I can't tell seamless. One of those ways we're seeing visible in the games is he got a sack Anita last two games and that's got Dugard fear as far as rhetoric out but I assume it definitely does but at the same time zone and pre season just have Tina get better every time I think on the field and limit the mistakes and an iris and says you're your second season with the organization now Hamachi users are being through this time you're not learning from scratches viewers a rookie last year. And his ally he's about I mentioned earlier Acela Tom Moore need to learn and offered nothing gonna improve my game to take it to the next level. You guys really show the depth of your linebacker position where Luke now planned in the game last week David Mayo steps against him tackles depth wise viewing of talks about the starting three but you guys have to have it about that the group as a whole and how you've been performing. Definitely I mean we didn't we honestly didn't come on him perform as we should have we this past game. And we just look for to get back out competing again how this amateurs against expands our horse. So for you to get kind near the end this this pre season so forth to feel good about where you sit right now in terms of your chances of making his final 53 this year. You know honestly it thanks possible making a 53 S and other complete mindset right now no listen to back them I'm ultimately is just going out there I'm from these practice and I think fifth and finally. This being the third pre season game what are you wanna get out of this game against Jacksonville in terms of what you guys do defensively as a whole. Play Smart get as many takeaways on defense in this come together and that I callous and make place. So at linebacker you got to equally Davis and Jack Thompson some of our talk about David male yes now we got Jeremy cash. You've had Jarrett nor spend Jacobs assemble them lower. Other that'll just a bunch of guys more than than you can even house so it's a it's going to be as a lot of competition there at the backside of what's to be linebacker don't. You makes access Jim Kessler may sex or adjourn Norris whose torso foremost. It resonates in the coach signal is because you have to make plays and you can having mental errors and I think cash has been really. Put notices put forward because and the first Christian game he had. You had enemy when he jumped off sides always deliberate premature and caught him on that deal. Get a slowest state slow speed down to make sure he can make the plays sometimes he's too fast and he guess a slowdown I think he's fine and at. They gage a slow himself down a bit. It's a credible group throughout the linebackers and I remember when Jerry Norris first got here. His first few practices at camp Wofford a year or two ago. Some of the coaches say and man I guess that Ascap promise and confront watches his evolution. The wait for Bullard to make that signature play. Concedes. You know he's a cut above on the pass Kumble on. This is he's one of those guys that would they have benefited from being born. Having been born in the fifties with a yeah where they hit all the time at practice because that's really his thing right. No way and that's the thing is that. It is hard to do to fill out and watch and look at that is. Really when he gets on the proposal in the first game that first of pre season game he got a new game at the last fourth quarter would likely be three and a half minutes left on the on the clock. And so that tells me something. That of course is looking at two guys first the see what they can do everything from the mixed nuts commutes to see what it looks like. As a store pre season game because I don't think he got that much time also and other special teams against Texans so let's go merely that you see. What the coaches a sailor kissing based on if you place early plays or doesn't clearly it's. Hard William ninety players but try to get everybody playing time through the first game demeanor bird is an example a receiver gets four catches to touchdowns 98 yards. This we TL one look. Missouri a one target coming so it's it's difficult to get a look at everybody during the games. And Mick Mick the best of when you're that you've got to make the most of the time and there. Astride the only used glove on the ground elderly and agree male wants that more press there talk we've got Marty her any in this for life spotlight. Coming up next I formation process. Right five years. A touchdown there. Right so I. The best thing we did those who care about the second half our office of the football and drove down score points and then when you do that you know you begin to you by the fire and yourself. I'd give the ball back go back down to score another touchdown again give yourself a chance away and so. One thing I woke up what was the effort that these guys did it was easy to be an easy just curl up and oh wait they did they fought back they gave it you give it their best in the effort was outstanding news these pictures so. Semi blind adults former general and I'm embryos radio network. We always look forward to our visits with the general manager of the Carolina Panthers Marty for he joins us tonight. Carol panther talk Marty I guess our jobs require of us that we post mortem. The Tennessee game not just the game but the trip a little bit what do you think the Panthers got out of our time in tennis it. Think that trip was did we had really good two days of great work we. The titans. It's in game two organizations are very similar philosophically in nothing to to head coaches look at things similarly philosophically. It was hard work it was clean. Prom date if it was just real good as far as taking a trip like that when you go away is a team for four days to find a little bit of about your team as far as. You know your your makeup personally and I think we handled it everybody handled that the trip great to be in a way in and practice and it did it against a different team for two days. Fast forward to salary in obviously there are a lot of things we need to improve one's we've you know we've we've turned the ball over three tons of led 21 points 31 series drives on offense. And defensively if and we missed a lot of tackles special teams wise. Gave up some yardage below one special teams sparse field position goes by Nolan in the positive side think the offensive line played well. The way we fought back and we had some guys play well on defense and and you know there were positives are so this that type year you find things you need to improve on and work at it and that's what our guys do best and work hard every day and they get better. Are you looking like you're gonna have some very difficult decisions to make especially in the wide receiver at the linebackers the running back in the defensive back rooms kiss it was hard right now is stay at the the injury factor affects it so much because if given injury a position with a guy who. Obviously gonna keep in it isn't out. Long enough to it to not be on the roster now that's gonna affect maybe 12 other position number what Y six you have to keep the next person that person depositions so it's hard it's it's we wait we're gonna have a lot of tough decisions to make the depth here the competition here. They'd done a great job of bringing guys standing create competition and create condemned so it makes a hard but that's good from the half. On the TV side we talked record not talked a lot about David Mayo seem to be flatter I'm sure Jim and you Jean did the same on the radio side did his good game. Bear out when the tape was broken down I really didn't he played an excellent game in in Davis had an excellent camp he's just. He's he's a very good linebacker any in the end he's got all the skill set he can move Denise is going he's very instinctive and he played out of the game and had a heck of a week in Tennessee. Second straight road game for the Carolina Panthers this week even those the pre season Marty is that part of the art took to winning in the NFL to his team learning how to be good away from how did. Yeah I mean I think that's that's part of it is you know you have to win. You have to have to win your share games on the road it's very hard to do in this league and obviously you have to defend your own home turf first thing you have to have a winning record babe if not better at home but then. You really wanna go in and be able to add to play games. It at worst split in and obviously better. Or on the road and that's tough to do in this. Final question everybody knows you're grinder gym rat. Incredibly focused but did you peek outside or did you walk outside earlier this afternoon to see the eclipse. You know there was an eclipse I didn't until last week companies that today's somebody Joliet last week and you know Nashville are excited because that's when I guess that's the senator and it's going through. But. Hybrid really had no idea about it until next week in his body and mind sent out gets an excellent I have very ago. Three or 96 years from now sounds good appreciate Gloria thanks thanks. Funny guy. Good morning and she's very busy people. I'm sure officially no time for the jail I'm telling you they there of them they're the boys in there and although there and above what they really are especially this time a year now so we want to make. When you much rather have him discourse eloquently on the problems that will have figured out which wide receiver you're gonna make the roster then. You don't want him to knowledgeable about the. Yeah clips and has Kosher or your Lou to an articulated is that. He won't have practice drew the clips I guess with the good priesthood. Open this guy who wouldn't honor fertilizer earn a BCM Newton garage. Who right now. But one of these days to walk out of the building one night ago an asteroid hit the earth watch I had hit it but when did this happen pump up the hill. But I just above were living there really is. Colonel so let's talk about these wide receivers a little bit so you got clay you got Frazier you got bird you've got a lot of you know care security did not make the trip. I mean is it safe to conclude that say may be four of armor set. If the Panthers keep six. I would say so could be so and KBM and punches Russell Shepard. And Tony Curtis senators now get healthy enough to get on the field out there is going to be a fun player watch him as a second round pick he's got a lot of speed. So to me those first four sets its a matter of is it bird and person and do it would have. Bird person Graham. Frazier there's a lot of guys who named it pop up Garrett. And that's if you keep six or doesn't do you think this could be 85 and don't L clay don't forget clay he's doing -- Claes but again he's just not have the opportunity is in the games Hawaii and he's shown up at fan fest of some other moments where he's totally I really like him but it's not enough room Gorham and that's why when you're out there performing. You know only play for your team which audition for every of the team does what he performed so you've got to make the most time because sometimes. You'll get eclipse if you will just because they'll have referral. Does it ever occur to you is I know it you need Jean played in the league so this wouldn't apply to him as much but I'll look at say Trevor Graham. TJ Graham not program and think does anybody really realized who hasn't played in the league how good you have to be. How. How fantastically. Yes ten feet tall. And incredibly you have to be in order to get. Just this far in order to do even be out there in a uniform to have worked and how fast he is I mean he's been around the league for a couple years and can do special teams and you're right innocent guys like barely mentioned is could be utilized receiver that gets in there. As southern not qualified is just awesome response is that we'll build a big separation between a lot of these players as far as which what should stay. In which should go it's almost like they're. You know attorney here PGA tour card you know the difference really guys here are the ones who misses you know stroke virtue motive qualifier events does a great analogy about and they're just as good as used in a you're right opportunity a member of you know former life hidden tennis one night with a guy who at one time was the 500 francs. Men's singles player in the world crushing defeat the purpose. It's a joke at this crush she's incredibly you feel like you're out there are very Rafael Nadal at. Roger Federer serve anyhow incredible skill. And to the Panthers scouts and coaches credit they've assembled occurrence of some hard decisions will have to be made. Heather football brought you by NFL ticket exchange the only official ticket exchange in the league. You get your ticket master verified tickets with the NFL's ticket exchange. Jimmy Jam and I'll be back with more panther talk from the like Tony and institute a broadcasting studios next. This is the Carolina Panthers radio net. Talk continues on the Carolina testers radio network. On spectrum and on the Carolina Panthers radio network hits as they're talk Mickey gene and his. How do you guys see he's Andy Lee Michael whole party battle for the saw honors in the partnership. With the how can go either way canal when you've got this a classic you've got that the veteran who's done a bit and the Pro Bowl and you vitamin last year. Their players healthy was very good to get injured later here in the party came and replaced him last year sensational responded well this camp and in these pre season games. Younger cheaper so that's kind of all which way you wanna go there both good as far as you know get him down and catch a special teams are holding a kicks and I kind of things so. Ability wise I mean it's it's it's definitely a won kind of towards the end of their career one at the beginning so it's almost. If it comes on just a pure economics and that the thing that choice is easy you go go party. Hang time both the guys have incredible winning time that a lot of guys get down to cover seems to get down there and to cover. But they're also opponents put the team and good position because you want to Miriam flip to fill and both of whom can flip the fail. So that's a really religious and now they're really is comes out to. What guys doing your team. And there's economics and I can see you easily go party but have not been released his results. It's also about directional plumbing hang times she. Distance is great but it's possible opponent too far so which one is the better directional Connor. Have a leg and his pillow below double there was one that was earlier priorities a left footed punter. And because it doubles to have a different rotation and closer just. Increasingly hard to you don't cast those puppies are tough this and I got to a ball that's been the opposite direction. You know I think that may have something to the myth actually Richard puppies were you so that I have a kind of funny thing. Do yourself catching puppies missile. Poll I mean it's it's different up all the Zedillo counter clockwise also left well enough to put a halt a foot puppy sudden death. So what about kicker Harrison bunker Graham you know. Hello I think experience of good now I think has been pretty even Steven from you know some of the hits and a civilian with you know you you've got a guy that's got you there is kick officer on return on the in the in there were some slumps last year by I think in part could have been due to the the constant change you had in the holders with a punters are all coming through from camp on. Tom but he spent draft choice I'm barker but it to me always would rather go with the experience is yes and what. Graham has brought was a year before the amazing season before last year I think there were other circumstances that played in the last year. Foot and you know nobody marries the book Mary's. But tour is that correct talker but Kirk. Very very good. Man does almost the same kind of line up as well certainly puts us they answer them and today in between the dollar price so that is really good don't think that's going to be the difference is money. I think money would meet debt. Economically because both guys a putt to keep asking these hard questions that they're doing pretty well also economically most of them I character is a question we have to answer it I. Could book my job I liken bill I think Google is the guy I would go to don't know if kick your well okay we'll have more of hot. Potato questions for you guys will continue I'm rather enjoying this so we'll continue on the other side of a break this is rather talk from Bank of America Stadium. Continues America. There's a radio network. They're very says is their right doses are quarterback league ready guys think that this process being retooled the fifth wheels off campus. Personalize this. You're really is our office alone in the plan I think. Exceptionally well and we do a lot of pulling of the guards. And because of that blue guard allows McCaffrey are spraying still it too good a big effort behind them and they've been doing a sensational job. Do you continue to per caucus now you ask him not to run. US with horrible this is a gun control of the coaches. Coach Shula government and it has been very little rewrite option evil Joseph Webb in the game I sought to welcome. And and into Davis is just so says the really good because now the evolution of the talked about of terror and is over to being much more of a running office. This is what we've been seeing couture Vera says to us and reiterated again at practice today and Sunday he said that's four yard run by Jonathan Stewart to your point. They wanna get back to what they were two years ago it came and physically runs the ball than it opens up a McCaffery the other weapons around him. Throw should be it should work throw shorter perhaps throw quicker. Yes a ball into the hands of some of these guys and let them breaks or yard run to throw the West Coast Oval Office than to bully him. These are guys like yell no doubt to all right for James O'Keefe for Eugene Robinson for the rest of our crew all the guys that she can't see and some of whom you can. This is meg makes insane and thanks for listening to pad their talk and we'll see you next week right here. From Bank of America Stadium has its. There's radio network.