Panther Talk 9-10-18

Panther Talk
Monday, September 10th
Coach Ron Rivera, GM Marty hurney, and DT Kawann Short join Jim, Mick & Eugene for Panther Talk.

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The following is an exclusive presentation of the Carolina Panthers. Radio network yeah. Bob that was filled lives are off one and oh we came out fast. Both sides now it's time to go back to the boards watch this film get better be ready for a win and know how long would she and so Pete and Eugene Robinson appears to make Nixon we've. Painter talks live from the Panthers broadcast facility at Bank of America Stadium. There's. No doubt Dallas has a lot they've had a good football team for many years everything's big in Dallas they've got the star on the side of their helmets. Only in under they've had the triplets they've had Bob Lilly Tom Landry they've had Asarco familiar to. Calvin Hill out this. But yesterday in Bank of America Stadium they were all hat and no cattle. That is that if I thought. All hat no cattle there was the Carolina Panthers today against I think Phyllis a pretty good football team Dallas could be something that the end but yesterday. Offense defense special teams. There was no question who is the better team well especially defense in particular event that was what really carried the victory here and Arab militant all three phases contribute of course but the defense was he. Overarching story when you get six quarterback sacks. And then you get the big take away at the end when Mario has sort of strips stacking cap to mono on the take away there. That's that's huge because the pit of officers are the first refugee was moving pretty well yeah the Christian McCaffery fumbled a count toward the driver sort of flood the points for sure looked like there but they're moving ball second half that's a much at that either we bog down or Dell start figuring things out over the second half you know. I thought also that there are also opportunities that Dallas had the they missed on that there was a number of plays that their press got a crew of may so he's placement through the but at the receiver Steve at least three times. What mother before just so and so loved that was tubs that you know. Defensively he's able to scramble and do some things but you can. Know you gotta be the public authorities don't completely broke nobody cares about that in newness out of it. I thought we got stronger defensively I thought we just looked a little bit more powerful more down at all to supply. I mean that's all of six sex assault sex can we Essex sex since. Maybe Arizona maybe 2000. 150 succeeds like that a couple years. We're eight sex insult read it this was a really a dominant do you disrupt 18% on third down oh my goodness. If you're at if you're do you keep the number. You know really for convert on third down they don't have that many opportunities and the other end up doing was putting and it seemed like Ali would end up doing was putting near the Denton. Yesterday the others look at Cairo home together after the game Eugene and it was I should know this but we come to games so early. And then we we generally stay later. I mean what fans endure to be a part of this we we moved. One car length in and our intent that's a thought I should regard reviewed. If you have a beautiful out 34 parents and my point though is that I thought panther fans were tremendous I mean Dallas travels. The drug war and like I said earlier today they they have a lot of fans all over the the nascent but when the Panthers did something good yesterday appeared to Panthers yes and responding. It was celebrated I mean that was silly people still out tailgating. After the game is so I set my car and in the and a lot about 45 minutes waiting for the traffic to clear off there was still people having a party the DJ it was is down there. Blasted it to the white men and people still like Jim and they didn't wanna go home but we're not only like jamming they wondered if like I am actually did do actual exam is so. If you look at about what America an expert he goes unnoticed and it certainly I didn't I had to employ if you have a stack over here to go to Russia. But there were jamming and it was amazing to see because it was a lot of Carolina Panthers out there enjoy themselves because we grew when I guess for kind of spoiled because it. It was like an hour after the game. And then we stood in the lot for about another hour that's two hours after the game and then we got in the cars earlier amid all the fans around his or is hanging out like this is just every day. This is how you go to a game and hang out we're kind of used to have been not really really the seller about a parking is just that we have a little. My way of getting out that. Yeah there's some security order a guy gets well we walked out with Eugene so. Oh that's a connection that women ask when you're with the mayor of most densely on the left I don't know I don't know how to treat everybody is this lollipop kids. Also Lyle Padilla we only made it and thought if I mean all the matches are solid and tremendous. I mean he can only get home now I would I enjoyed being in the atmosphere and and it's still kind of glow we. And their warm feeling around panther nation but when how Long Will that last UG when does the focus shifts to be greatly despised Atlanta Falcons. I'll invest their system already I mean I think is such an connect 85 wherever reverie. People are talking about. We're glad I got into work down today and there was a mock or what the focus Obama Brian white bamboo or we just got from has beaten. You know the Dallas Cowboys. They wanna know what's going all the Atlanta Falcons because it's such a rivalry game and typically we split 11. I think that I think is wanted to take the bull by the horns and I watched a game between Philadelphia and in Kelenna. Tell Leo Jones has some special but I think that we have this and Jay Berger and I think jays Burberry or. Oh drilling down on the subject on Ajax and did they gonna Dick or drug coverage and they're going to be stay with them I really believe that congress that we just played them well for whatever reason. They struggled and LS that a game their opener. Against Philadelphia they have some things to figure out in the red zone that they have that extra time in a Thursday game so gotta we can have to get ready for this one. And we're catching them in a really bad mood because they did not play well in every night game against Philadelphia sort of on the road going down there good news is it's Atlanta so very little traffic issues down there. It's an easy out. Out especially when there's a cat five hurricane ripped. Yeah bear down on the East Coast there should be no problem. Well that Fatah. Hung laughing amused not funny no blood I don't see something and it affects assault mean it affects. NFL teams and how you travel so who knows we'll see cancers may end up going on Friday. Busing there're there are options I did steal three water bottles from David going to refrigerator here in the video. No stock guys are on your own sort of risk themselves they not to go to go to the store with a common folk. Well it's good to see guys had seen in awhile that I got here quote somebody other personnel the third. The and then. Give it. We had to take a break almost a year pop culture reference and raise due to the hill world combat with coach are rare that a carry you guys know personally there's a great idea are we'll do that now much rather ordering now panther talk. On the Carolina Panthers radio network. These inventors talking. And dolphins Elliott try him right. If you show blitz they couldn't pressure for a guy. Listed down of the finest don't hold back pedals shuffles up pressure from behind gets another one before. How they did a nice job real particle size Carlos things that happen in football game really great combination of what's going on between our front four our front seven. How about Eric mixed up this call very well we rushed three at tiger rushed for we rushed five. 46 guys and they get when when you able to make some up beautiful objects such terrible cover people I think it all works together and that's and you know in the end product is. Do you get he gets actually get takeaways this is centered talk on the Carolina Panthers RealNetworks. Victory Monday Carolina head coach Ron Rivera atop the one note Carolina Panthers how's it feel to have beaten America's team back on something that's. Plus a good start first Micky you know then how important is that its debut album on the right foot. Feel it if listening in a good situation you turn next next week's opponent which is Atlanta. On the radio side we said several times we thought the crowd was really good Dallas travels well we understand that did you feel though the support from the fans from your sideline park almost certainly in and Europe's Lee right. Teams like that that do travel are always tough to play at home because some of their fans show up bomb but our rule of how our guys got after my love our fans drowned them out. Com an Indian woman when you have that kind of support it helps energize your football team. College football seems like that kind of game where you it's not so much what happens but what happens next to hum how do you like the way your team responded once Dallas made it a one possession game. You know is a great question magazine although the biggest thing that you always do look for as a coach is. How my guys handling adversity and and moderate like was it was the way the defense approached it. Here they came off so silent they're really upset with themselves they knew they had operatives to stop them didn't get it done. Arm but they went out with who were there with a man on you know they they came out the next series got after their quarterback forced to foreign out. Did the very next time their last possession they came out and our guys got after and of course we're finishing with a big sack fumble caused by. Because it caused by Mario and and kept to Rick recovered and and there's a great way to finish a game is is that when you have dear. You're your your defense make the plays that they do and your office can kneel it out. There was a joyous Noel no doubt the last a minute 45 a lot of fun because she not only coach your players were you coach your coaches did Eric Washington call a good game for you. He did make an and the biggest thing he did was he mixed it up a lot of righted things that we did you know at times he rush three rush for rush five B rush six. Bombs and played them we played a variety of coverage is back there he's several different techniques and and and Jim when you can do that you can mix it up possessed as Eric did. I think it has a little something to what you're trying to do as a defense. Sounds good while we're on the subject of defense of football listen a couple of names because captain Marlins seem like a story the pre season did he carry that into the season opening and he did make he does some good things and again he's got to continue to play that way got to continue to hone his skills. Fanned out worked parties did a nice job very pleased we got from you know as a whole I thought the secondary played very well I like to play of the young corner Don they came in and yeah played usability and and I think I know he's looks that was a result that I know he believes he can make a few more plays so I'm excited to see that. I Taj change Brad is very has responded very well there could camp he's come out and playing well right now. Tom captain is that we talked who's doing a great job but their bunker the safeties I thought all the guys ago option apply played well. You know I thought adams' thirst give us a good combination of veteran guys in there we saw you know we knew we had Colin Jones play the output place or just position. And I thought he did a great job when he came in. Tom. Did David Mayo play well yes he did dale was very physical forest. Commune mile played about twenty snaps but you know that's pretty much richer are gonna do as a as a Sam linebacker Jerome through lose your place so much nickel we have playing more nickel and anticipated. We'll go offense in just a second and Alice going over to special teams did you win the special teams battle yesterday. I thought we did you know the biggest thing may quit jurors look presented new yardage. You know and when we knew marriage fifteen yards apart return that means it's one less first down you gotta get on on offense or get closer to the it's it's as a goal line. And M when you're when you're holding them. As far as their return team is concerned that means he's just have to travel further which is which is very important so again that's a big part of again. Except for not hailing a snap that was about five feet wide him off of Seoul told his leg authorities give you what you wanna. I know Mike has a very good there are really do you know he putted very well here is some around 42 he netted about 425 or something might that was forced point six hang time I mean that was very productive SARS Connors got. Good directional punters well okay offensively what is your union give you in your estimation there. Well there's a really good things we just how we ran the ball efficiently and effectively knowing I know the quarterback was a leading rusher would not by munch. But he did have a couple dynamic explosive runs and he typically does try to make good decisions thrown the ball downfield. Com and and insular some really good Kostis Bob the receiving corps was it was was good it would they were very they do some things different. Tom the memory is seen I'm very pleased with where we go from bunch you know seeing a comic couple big catches that was really good. Tom running backs were were worthy storm we thought they would be. Thought again dom knew what we got from Christian war when we got from CJ is exactly over hoping to get. They build a more productivity couldn't put the ball lands a few more times Stark's armor do a nice job. As it the other tight inside you know and as as far as. Chris matters and Ian Thomas and I think union had a big catch as well so some really good things from from the receiving corps. I'll like oh we got from the office on Lima at times we had a couple blown. Covers protections stuff like that that we got to get better out. How was Karen a note around about our mock as you refer to him some as the tide then some as a running back. How how would you describe his contributions to your team. You know he's he's he's a do everything kind of kid for a Shiite blocs very well. He he's a good receiver out of the backfield. He's a good runner on the inside he's he gets those tough yards usual rich we saw down the Golan we scored a touchdown so. Again he's he's a first arcade this help on us. Two last questions for you and one is Roger Goodell the commissioner of the NFL was at the game danger your schedule allow you just to run into them and Altman anytime. Unfortunately not I mean. I'm going to commissioner does a nice job he handles a lot of things in this league no we decision share of is the line share of criticism but again at the end of the day his job is to make sure is this league is functioning and then he's been doing a good job about it. Lastly our Andrea base I wish I didn't have to ask you about injuries but my job requires an enemy territory you know at this point. Well right now Mikell way to get the results of the horizon Carlin Omar Moore until tomorrow morning but how little concern obviously for Greg and for Darryl and and and premier bird right now. I think Jameer being the release of a level of those concerns. But for the most further we came out of this pretty good but you never really get the sense of feel for our everybody is until Tuesday morning. Tom Matthews you know memorize after guys of those treatments and other respond to a so we'll get a better feel some. I'm early tomorrow. Boutique we can have a hang nail and it would be a medical emergency in the minds of many fans that love him how how's the 59 today. The nice pretty good little sore he played hard as ever. You know and he's a tough physical football player just describe the suit he's no reason refining young. We'll move hyper extension and for the most part he antimatter for. Fantastic finish thanks for your time great win good luck this week and prepare for laughs I appreciated me. Oh coach she's. Yeah Ronald Eugene Rivera. So tell me I need your help tell me if I did the right thing here's a situation. Around lunch time I'm walking through the lunchroom area downstairs where the players seat and it's nice that they allow staff to roll through on occasion and get a key sticker some creative in my case are. It ever. And there's Greg Olsen. And Cam Newton walks up and look Heatley walks up and cam system Olson. Would you find out how's the foot. And I was right there at it. But I kept Norwalk and I have my head down a careful walking in my wrong was that that's their world do I just happen to be walking through if I step profit. Bingo it yet Indo China Kazaa kind of want to 'cause its new information we're all enough. But I felt like has not MySpace to be in. Yes you do the right thing. It and he got you got street crew that the guys can you do your thing. Because now they know that that that big consortium to contrition would even information because now you're not eavesdropping notre. To listen only conversation that's not intended for you. So yes you're right we did the right thing by walker worked out there in the same thing to follow that locker room what the way to. You consider these cheese steaks and really. I believe I'm always cheese sticks my issue alone time. I did hear a little bit of it and I just want you to death after a lot of good out of commission goes about cheese sticks if you don't have the beat of. First person with information so it is not good event stood calls or anything like that owning. That's why they have a training staff that's what they have everything the doctors they have so they can go ahead and diagnose things correctly get MRIs and all of the things that you can move forward and and have a game plan. So I think you did absolutely the right thing and did you know and I'd dissolution meter but I also know everything person. Quickly assess and I don't ascribe to did you do the right thing. Good job do what none assay NSA yell also not did I did. If I thought too if I if I hear it and I know it now what do I do know I'm not mention I'm not the vehicle were not the vehicle are we get that information out so. Those kind of find what you want as a media there was a still position that it plays I guess is this obstacle to this and confess up note. That's one of the so c'mon is more of our favorites the tight ends coming off the field one time Friday as us and say excuse me is is starting considers good news. Also because twist my had a good fifth a fifth. Up next. KK sure don't ever talk continues on the Carolina Panthers radio network. Yeah isn't it entered talks on the Carolina Panthers radio network for. I hit the ball at the that the 351. For the ground up field 3540. It's the Dallas forty pulled away and ended down at the 35 of the cowboys. You know the thirty foot 45. Day. Take to McCaffery you could take itself now. A late touchdown. Camden home four yards away. We did a lot of good things but we just got to stay over there you know. That's what we're at our best those. Methodical long drought from Vernon evolved sort of broad. Keep your defense off balance and you saw flashes of that today and also you know real roles that we can't Rob Hart says she did live from this. Excited to have. Good team win today much needed and you know you may go and our mistakes from the move to next week. Back to make mix in Jim silky and Eugene Robinson with panther talk moment Carolina Panthers radio network what a great pleasure it is to stop about a locker of the great KK sure. Recuperating from the Dallas game hide your body feel young man. Until first game first legal sorbo. Just a victory Monday as it was a bizarre worker. It was a rough in the interior a lot of hard licks in delivered. Well yeah definitely man made it a good front men men and a good Baghdad. We desire the work together man. Again like has been. He would go to. In today's news grid project placate K I'll play good at all. Select a little plays out there enough. Couple missed assignments but overall I think I did this as a defense DT Kaz is a whole feel good about the the minus yardage plays she turned it. Yeah of course you know do we feel good about the Abu we also got a lot of mistakes that we need to you'll take care of this week's must feel today and go over some of the things that we we left out there on the field and try to be better mixing well what's so what's today like is there such a thing as a victory Monday for you guys. You know we still got to come to do and number. The morale is up and you can just see a lot of smiles and these guys' faces but I. You know bills of different Monday man you get to be so planet. You live look to be loud and quiet. We got a little nervous at all when no all of a sudden it you look like you had controlled the game and then all of a sudden it became one possession contest. And I always say lever is who we we never we never let those looking at whenever whenever I score was you know first have we didn't that they did who's doing the book down we noted. This good team in any unifying and message they did your thoughts are being. KK sure a parent or are you one of those guys care one that that sort of flips the switch and gets into that mad at the world warrior mentality parts of the game. And it's a must have been beaten in a line in the gonna took the slowest you have become a different person. And just had a focus their mindset of you know being a bit south there's so. You know. I can practice before anybody here that's what happens fans who try to do is be different in Malawi is off the field. Then once a game is over how long does it take before you recognize yourself as soon as KK short again because it's been an outcome and you eagle driven also knows what we welcome to those lies that you could just be. Sometimes you had a Arafat filling where. You know mentality is different so. I think every situation and MB every game is different and we get turned off. And when we start turning your mind towards Atlanta. After today left US am we did he not a mixes and mistakes out of school we did against Dallas in. Come back Wednesday until the sixth all right that sounds good. We'll leave it would be there for sure he's been a few minutes saying congratulations on the great job thank you Chris is a meal. So raise a good question. During the break what else this that big. Club moves that quickly as K just your real army or watching some of their delivery of a spectrum military was ever seen him play and gamer gonna practice or do training camp. I mean something that big moving without. Agility Helio running backs agility. In that frame and then explodes in the he has he's explosive I didn't out of like nine sacks yesterday to show and it's like looks unstoppable M one sex she walked. Downed that pressure from behind and he had to go get the oppressed got a disease and over to his right I mean he just a great job like that they are oh my goodness of Washington players it's a real time. We'll start Trump's book. What speedy hazardous I mean he's very he's very good and his. Government did he had a chat and have sex I mean people thought it was a fluke it's not a fluke pieces that Goodman. Told me lines got a chance to while premier group we have every group. Mario. What's so surprising where they were supposed to be like. A good defense of writers something it might be the best defense tomorrow at a so we'll see was really teed off about that you've because it looked decent were condemned respected his area Domtar pro has torment him in more immoral than a. How well Europe mirror I don't do a dog to get an answer the questions all he had going knows she knows how. What time it is. When we come back. Marty heard general manager a lot of Panthers that interview is next when this reasonably high quality radio product pick and rolls off. Fired everybody this is our team this is our house. Turn it loose trust your teammates keep pounding ready. Luke you know it's just a neighborhood flag football game playing great I got a little carried away no apology needed. I don't mind. You've got. I think they'll grab myself. We keep clear of the Carolina and and just like my team gets you more right here in the Carolina this is our home field and that she's dedicated to making a positive impact from. All across our two great days Sears Tower how. Carolina. At Seton and born in the Carolinas. This is the home in the Carolina. Around here Tuesday. But there's no matter what Jersey man quarterbacks on Saturday. On Sunday we ought cheers for the same blue Bank of America is proud to be the official bank of the Carolina pin and proud to support the quest to keep the tradition of greatness alive. Because when it's football season no celebration dances to excessive to express how we speak Bank of America and I are better. It went twenty team into the American corporation parent whose football is brought you by Papa John's all season long get Papa John's every day panthers' special that's too large two topping pizza for only eight volleys and 88 cents seats when you use code Panthers 888 better ingredients better pizza puppet just proud partner they Carolina Panthers. We knew school and you might as she. Because when it comes to choosing your next question the loyalty is. It's there. That's why Ford was America's best selling brand great offers a powerful force. Floor adventurous escape with a olden fort that the sport is at five Ford now dot com. We'll see your Carolina for you today. We seventeen telomeres at. Else in general and offenders get ready for game very with a powerful noise canceling technology hopefuls quite comfortable it's. Remorse and Colmes dot com slash printer is close. Feel official headphones a good Carolina Panthers. Roll each ball. My solution I heard each and every heart it's the connections name and. You know it's healing news room owners Carolinas healthcare system is nutrient help. Or is Tim Russert talk. Brought to you why she ordered seed North Carolina Ford dealer for a week offers almost Ford F 150 deals official truck of feet and Africa. Atrium helps do you social health care provider called for a general life. Is this is the care you too man. Centers quickly up to the line. In the ready position. It's just a horrible off our mall right in the middle. It's a touchdown just got three step drop. Flagged down for us got itself is taken down under the forty there's John Paul. Who. Before. Into the design first got ready for the shotgun snap George said. Middle of the their backs up. That is your ball. Kendra talk continues on the Carolina Panthers radio network. The epicenter of Patrick taught moved downstairs from the right Tony it's into the broadcasting studios. For the office of the Panthers general manager Marty Ernie what your schedule been like today a Marty and and is coming to work anymore funnel of victory Monday. It's October. Where did you win that consists. Now you know we we had some injuries to and so we're trying to work through its trainers what those injuries are and how long they're going to be in. If we have to make any moves in our pro personnel people. And myself we meet in the morning and we go through. The injury situation and the guys available out there and you just saw he's trying to see if there's there's some moves you connected to help get you better. Is there anything you feel comfortable saying at this point about the injury situation. While we're just obviously that two runs did the two major ones that it did. There's been most questions batter Greg didn't end there Ireland which is working through those Greg obviously bombed and didn't re injure the so it did did he had last year and he's the work and so hard and all the way through the offseason pre season so we're trying to find the accent make sure we know the extent of that. And then Darrow just. Late in the game meet. Defender was. Kind of thrown into his leg in this it was stuck in. That was. Wouldn't. Greg did the knee that he curtain training camp so we're working through those two things and trying to figure out the best thing to do with the with both of those. The cancers yesterday come out against Dallas and and get the lead to sixteen to nothing and then momentum look like it was swinging over to the cowboys' sideline for a few minutes. How do you feel about the way the Panthers responded during those key moments of the game. Why and we responded well and our defense played played a superb game and our offense really did a lot of good things. You know I think we've left some points on the board and it just shows you how does does the little things once we missed did did the extra point would the snap that. To went off one of our guards legs then you know that made it a two possession game at three possession Nieminen changed the whole. The whole character of the remaining fourth quarter because you know. When they score and now they go for too they make one possession game but we made plays big plays throughout the game and especially in those final minutes and Mario sack fumble in end captain recovered iced the game for us and bombed this was a good team we played especially very good defense team and we did the things that we came in and and wanted to do I think defensively we wanted to keep. Conseco Elliott and Mac Pro scout from getting to the perimeter and making plays and I think for the most part we did that. Our defense came up with a lot of huge plays and offensively. You know we made enough plays we moved the ball up and down we left some points on the board with a lot of turnover in the red zone there and and the missed extra point in there or couple other opportunities we felt like we had that we've got to put points on the board but I think there were a lot of positives on really in all three units. You rip my motto is gonna ask you if you thought that was a pretty good football team that the Panthers beat and then you address that was move on into QB one. How did Cam Newton play with the with the perspective of hindsight I think he played great I mean you know watch to take today and there's some some things that just you don't. No other quarterback can do in this league that he does and I think he set the tone early would those two big runs and he made really good decisions he made a lot of really good throws a couple of those throws to DeVon punches were right where they had to be and on the he's just. He he's a difference maker and he's deeply played extremely well yesterday. Everybody for all those percentage trackers he completed 65 plus percent of his passes. Men and made a lot of plays. Both with his feet and with his arm in. He's just he's just a difference maker. Heartless go to the game within the game then when the ball was thrown to four inches in some tight windows for completions. What's that where the ball on those players should have gone home where dad to go and yes it was he has he has done such a great job of the and make this pre snap reads and and go into the right spot this whole summer. He continued that yesterday and he. I thought he played exceptionally well and and I think our offense is just gonna get better and better as we go and end. You know we have the ability to spread the ball around and end. I think we're we're gonna continue to do that not saying did you saw US AI think that it. It is certain things go a little different earlier in the game we might run the ball Morey did pay in those second and a sin. And I think we have the potential have a really good running game as well not only with Christian but. RCJ Anderson made a lot of good runs yesterday he's got great vision and neither that he's just got a knack for running the football also. And I think we can ever really balanced offense that you it came made. For the most part he made all of them on the current preached. They unmistakable voice of Marty turning off rather talk tonight even when Greg Olsen got her Marty it's still seemed as though there was a good deal to tide and people in the game. I did manner to play well and if so does that surprise you with notre. A pre season reps didn't surprise me me yes he played well and end you know he's been working extremely hard in. Came in the game as you say well an increase he's mentioned it. Chris Israelis he's such influence or our running game the way he blocks. And won't we're gonna see me we'd we'd like multi tight end sets and I think today. When gray went up there obviously had changed part of our game play and nor does a great job of adjusting the in game situations we did that. But we're still we're always gonna rely on multi tight end sets. Tom's going vow to be sensitive to your schedule will let you go but there were some luminaries here yesterday the commissioner of the NFL controversies heating your chance to see him but. The new president Tom Glick was sere course our our our new owner was milling around did you get a chance to pop novel little bit with some of these guys Marty I was and how not to draw yesterday in Baghdad. You know it was just great there does seem as it's ever get a win in this first the first game here and he had a big smoke sese after the game and so did I it was this was a good one for us this is I think this a good Dallas team and I think this. Especially defense way I think our offense line did her room for really good job against a really good front end. That's pretty get front seven and they had two good corners and one of them that's running backs in the way again I think we just we executed our game plan and all three sides and I think that was a fifth. So the bill although they'll Maury congratulations great job good to see it and Nolan until later in the week thanks thanks. Susan asked Marty about hobnobbing not realize he really. Doesn't hobnobbing is not a hard number that. He can hop Nadia please enough but if you wanna. His idea of pop not you probably be some way Angeles watch some film is that the guy who's going to be hobnobbing. The first seven or some upper Echelon executive meeting is Musab shopping if you was to run into them yet. But it was cool me the commission league in town for the game and a game had a bigness to it and a lot of people tuned in ratings. Did you guys see this step. Just ignored the radio meant so we don't really care about TV side as much we prefer lower. TV ratings and tireless leadership but like that put the ratings on the all the day games were up only the primetime game suffered a slight ratings dipped. A lot of good let's go through federal funding of football here on our game because we're later start we're watching that amazing Buccaneers New Orleans 4840 game. I you have the amazing Cleveland tied with this idea. All the drama we I was kind of ridiculous that brought out there it went overtime obviously we're always short time to attack on the doors of there are some really interesting things I thought yes and it'll come back by a Green Bay I mean that was really good right and Jacksonville and Miami are now in the fourth quarter. Yeah and I think it was the longest game since the merger while in 1907 is over seven hours how should. Jimmy so buffalo or. I'm yet there was with a play the titans was Miami in the titans are there goes a little auto loans and those guys are mean this lone game Neitzel he realized he would talk first days. No problem for him area you just get up a lot of hours or couple meals have been a few. They did do it to us from our prediction. True stimulus didn't really isn't very powerful it could irritate and talk and dolphins talk right now OK yeah what we're saying all right take a short break. Doesn't now command with more on going this is rather talk on the Carolina Panthers radio network. It's also continues on the Carolina testers radio network. Let's break it down. Slowey knows not out of the sample sizes very short one game regular season game what do we now know about what they Norv Turner coordinated offense is going to be like. And again we do see a little bit of of we saw things ahead triple option looks to its seven we saw. Still only Jerious right. Who may be the fans and pundits are talking about like a target is five times in this game. So is going to be what we thought in terms of lots of people touching the ball lots of innovative plays at times. And it's gonna still command the running game and cam not going to be held back from being together runs it but for the running attack in general. Com article Seymour CJ Anderson moved forward to isn't as good as McCaffrey was an exe Dick Eminem was a nice idea and a boost to the running game two's I can see that becoming. Again depending ending the game and the score I could see that becoming more stable and they are. And so what triggered a coast are surprised mixes up obviously less running with Kim Newton got to go in and say you're. You talked about America. Net not does that put this whole thing the bit about him now running and obviously coach turner was thinking the exact same when you were thinking because. I was surprised and so worth Dallas Cowboys because they didn't check the edges all the Cam Newton and Cam Newton. Victimize some and number of times so crucial dials the pick up some first I was Aniston has changed so. I was really surprised that we saw so much of Cam Newton running that EF 58 yards. Russian and that is a lot of yards I mean no co said that you know you don't want your guy. Doing that much but there was wards in the game and I thought they World War II runs up runs just seem to be. So superfluous when. And as you know your humble correspondent. Has always believed that. A quarterback is safer. When he's facing the defense. I put to the Newton is safer running then then the old saw. Running quarterback not me toward record. Number one Cam Newton is not just a good runner for QB good race for runner failure that's bigger than most of the people trying to tackle him but most notably he can see what's coming he can in the play on his own he can get out of bouncing can slide he's gotten better and all those areas we saw one play Horry basically shut it down five yards in browns a ticket into the garage essentially out of bounds and then the step farm where yes you just like goodness I've been so he's delivering the blow IMAP client so we ran the ball thirteen times I don't recall any of the runs where he took a big hit. At the conclusion of those places death deck I press got in the pocket getting hit by Mario Addis thank you want short sale and much more prepared to an export 'cause they couldn't see that didn't see it come and became good simple math. The quarterback camps to the back that's two people who can't block. The quarterback and the runner there. But when the quarterbacks running. You figure manage your man can be huge. So will apply the final touches to this banter talking a first we must take a short break. This is better talk come at you from Bank of America Stadium. Tell this story on the Carolina Panthers radio network and your friends mix. G your job and desert with few holes and we have about. 120 seconds left to Chase Blackburn. Here's the news special teams coordinator and offense and defense siphon off. So much of the attention that special teams are huge component of this game would you guys think about. Content there's onto not a. Like the punt return and I like to kick off I like how decisive. The runners where. The return man was a very special we're talking about America. DJ did get up filled minute cut and kept it moving. You can win a lot of games that you can get a lot of yards by being very decisive and it was refreshing. To see none of that lateral stuff Portugal north himself good job just like a dip in. Yeah some points Curtis Samuel you've got other options beyond what we saw in that game and injured teammate reported talk first about Michael pull RD in the punt game yesterday it was huge that field position game. And you know you got one of the top kickers in the league and Graham to know. If he wants his booted out of the hands and it's just a choice you can do it like every time but draws another shorter approach and have them maybe pinned down inside the 25 goes without. And it's so apropos because we have a special teams kept doing and Colin Jones is so it's just says that there is an emphasis on supposed to James I was always so discourse which is about 20%. Oh what you do with football game and I like we are Naspers achieved and I like the the cast of characters who are on that on the special teams. Got up forty truss segment also saw this pistol Monday night game tonight but there was only one helmet. There's only one targeting could only called week one you got to see that day and got ejected from the game their house that if she were a rule change yeah I thought it was I thought it was actually war. To achieve because the meaning he got hit in the face and I mean it and numb I was a little older quarterback too and he got hit hard. He could easily pulled off. So they didn't have to do it and and engine and had even though he was trying to make Jacko can easily put up because it was going to be an he was going down anyway so. I think just say good road rules trip guys from getting into one of. Olivia anomaly but they did say the pre sees a lot of people were saying they thought seek relief that the league was trying to call more in the pre season to really. Mixed in those games have been matter that impact known to know we're gonna call that real time. Thank them makes us a scary guy get out of here this weekend and other guys who do a good job. Death caught up a mop. Not a lot of fun for James O'Keefe for Eugene Robinson for the rest of our crew idealism. Byron Lendl all arrest this is Mick mix and you've been listening to pantanal RS an exclusive presentation of the Carolina Panthers you know national weather all week here will seek it and write the next week. There's radio. This is like Carolina Panthers radio network.