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Panther Talk
Monday, September 18th

Coach Ron Rivera, and Wide Receiver Russell Shepard join Mick, Jim & Eugene for Panther Talk.


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Following is an exclusive presentation of the Carolina Panthers. Woman Carolyn I'm tempted to reveal mental. Ago. Should go very proud of our guys for the way they played hard you know we may not play it Smart it was not pretty but they played hard we contributed to the very end. And we're fortunate to come out on top. And now along with the gym and so Pete and Eugene Robinson tears and make Nixon we've. Painter talks live from the red zone at Bank of America Stadium. If you wanted to demonstrate. Thank you guys Gracie you know full house is here in the analysts hope we got the thirteen year Robert Kirch group will demonstrate. Your comprehension of NFL football and how difficult it is to win any game. Then do not refer to a panther victory as an ugly win. Coaches will take two did not think he greeted the news just like nine a three and it is this a pretty as Sunday Christmas Day. So welcome to the show coach where we take away points from where your football team showed you gave to you and when number two of the season yesterday. Plaza said last night. You know we played hard and now for the big seemed depressing about it you know we we talk about trying to play physical try to do things the right way. And does sometimes it works out sometimes it doesn't. For the best thing about what happened was the into the game. You know we get the ball one last time we want an eight minute drive we answered their field goal but with a another field goal. And always in the defense on the two minute drill basically shut it down I mean it did this for all of those things that. By the end of the way it it should now for us doing the things that were capable of playing the way we're capable of and you know it again we we missed some opportunities so I'm not gonna market you discount that. Who we we probably should put 33 or four touchdowns in the war we did and we had a opportunity to do we missed those Koppel will get better at it and and and the thing that you know I still find promising us. To play well and stand Windiz is one thing to miss opportunities and so when there's another thing so you know I think things bode well forces we go forward. But we discussed or take care of business. That Julius Peppers says that he thinks this is the best defense he's ever been a part of you that you played on unbelievably great defense as you've coached great defense is as well I ask you to rank to put. About his comment would what you think about that and you could this be a very special year and defense candy if you know what I will say this to part of it is what happens with specialties in the office as well you know off. Right now we're where we're where we're not really turning the ball over we're controlling the clock and both games we've won the the time of possession. Tom now unfortunate both days we've put the amount of points a blue we cut up. But at that that this same respect you know he was always pay attention to your opponent give them kudos as well because they play hardest young and they're trying to win the game. Just it just as much as you are and coach I want to go and continue to because the thing that's so to Sutter with. Just leave matchup problem because if we look at the deepest of fraud. If you use is gusts and different type rotation and we saw Jews have a three technique. That's sometimes we saw come to K want sort. Stew of us who have put out Charles just a ticket with a different combination your guys able to do put all the different parts you have and of course with this really defense for a. Well for the most part really the the four defense tackle without take case don't pick a line to prevent. But our forehands all form a line of this defensive tackles so we can go in there with you know what we. Kind of call it NASCAR package really just means our fast pass rushers put often feel for those guys in there. And and you have a completely different group of guys now out of those four guys you can put any of those four in at the three technique in those four guys out outside as a white nine and they see you know you you've got some mid they've got to contend with on a different level while you're Julius on the left to do is have the right choices with three. You know you can have you can have you could have as we saw Charles Dawson as efforts to go chuck is a three could have Wes is a three. Time and if we filmed kinda salty we can go and take I take. Mario and moved him inside the ball stand up two point. And we could problematic coverage or we can rush so we have a lot of options in and that's what they've is created by having guys that have that kind of versatility. I hate to waste a question on this but I think it's necessary. To win fans here you refer to it. Defenders says zero technique three technique five techniques seven and nine. 22 what exactly do your first so that everyone can understand the football dial up from zero before. Those three people to tackle the lineups girls had up one is on the shoes the senator. Two is in the gap. Three is on the on the outside to the dark. Par fours and insights into the of the office to tackle these are talking about how you on a good defense of ends you start talking about a five to 67 and eight and and I. And those are from the tackle out. Fisher shorthand to sit. Describe where defenders are exactly position relative to the office to write and for the most part you're you're starting at the tight and it goes from a 6321415. She's been. So the six being over the tide in the three being over the you know strong guard. The one being on the weak side of the center and a car loving on the outside of the we tackle that it's like football I would Rio Colorado. I'll love it settles on the real what got a bit because football is such academic game in pivotal that you do to just live if you don't live a lot of what the purpose you know and those gaps or implicit. This always delighted that Recco. Just that for the most part you know whether you're shade or your three also dictates what responsibilities you have. We're make Russell Shepard through the route to treat later just yeah it's. That's a tough time on that how was it that shady McCoy something might do the best running back in the late February as a team able to hold him a nine yards on twelve carries but say this much he's he may be one of the most person probably process for doggone sure he's a good runner runs well inside and outside Gupta studio site turned a corner. He enough power to run up in side. He's great other backfield catching the ball so you know you pose a lot of problems far the biggest thing we have more some thing else was. We were disciplined a priority on our defense alliance an exceptional game. You know then and then preferring his victims are one or three played very wealthy because those guys got the push of penetration you need for the Americans are are are 65 ninths they said the agent very nicely and kept the ball contained and didn't allow that that stretch play you know good. Did payroll because stretch plain white stretcher and insight surgery now so insurance fraud. Yeah ideas to stretch the defense affront as big as she can't allow that running back with vision to make a cut whether he cuts back Corey hits it straight downhill. How we were able to keep that thing from stretching why we kept everything constricted their religion give me you're around. And there was 14 down that which you to talk about where every Mario Addison there's an incredible job. Of keeping that edge as July because applied to the ball we'll see McCoy. We'll have on that play you know we we had a sense in the liability five formations and just looking at you know one of things that they've done in the pre season that they rent fullback belly. And offer that they just hand the ball to fullback straight downhill through the belly of the offense well. Then they do what they called the flip play which is they write it down like you're gonna handoff to fullback to try to suck everybody inside the leaflet put out shady trying to get why well. Mario plate discipline got vertical and it is it's contained. And when the blog of flip to shady get nowhere to go moral force from the cutback of linebacker group pursuit two and and then and thus we don't stop the fourth down attempt to Richard Eric just don't rather talk tonight shows presented by McDonald's and commercials talk about that last play. It's been broken down all over the the country. By the last buffalo play on fourth down was supposed to happen there whose man. Was Jones you know this is essentially about the up play to and everybody talks about so they're lucky their lucky you know. Well are lucky as well we missed three touchdowns as well also you know. Didn't do it's just it's just the nature of the game it happens you know if he throws the ball lower should've and they score touched on the when he doesn't forward needs to be the ball's not cot. We want it's that's simple but what really should happen on that. At that point was change Bret Barry should discuss it continues to keep his stuff keep everything in front what happened was they ramble we call smashed seven combination. Corporal seventh the widest receiver Rana Javed curled up to get Jane to settle speed the quarterback was looking that direction changed thought he might be strong blow him. Then all of a sudden the seven came in behind James. James kept saying you like to shoot up the middle you know that he was quarterback couldn't enforce throat shallow if not he tried to throw that deep pass like he did. There's a good chance it could have been intercepts itself. You know again it's just one of those things are guys young guys have got to understand that some recent Friday is somebody's trying to get behind. Let's talk some offensive and Greg Olsen broke his own news yesterday about his broken foot two and as we know will be up for a period of time but you've got a veteran Ed Dickson you got some other components there there's other ways you can attack the office so just in general what's kind of tricky trying to absorb little possible so for awhile floor right now I was pretty pleased with us some things have Mike in the offense did you know they came out and then ran some more twelve personnel work. We could edit get Greg Olsen spot we brought Chris math hurts and and he played a spot. Not that we went we went thirteen personnel at Jumbo thirteen. Power thirteen Jumbo with that is if we keep both then Chris in the and we bring you meet Susan told Lou innocent Jumbo and lined him up as the wide tight and the blocking tight end. And and moment when on that eight minute drive just that we do we we and a thirteen package brought the guys in how we ransom powerful pop playing out of that. There we also played a lot level personnel. I was really just calls for at the play great spot so we move they'll sing those components around Mikey says I had had a pretty decent day cut a couple of balls. Top blocked well you know just Spacek played great spot pretty good self. I have a lot of confidence and I think get a little dew well this week Forrest I think Chris manners or get an opportunity to step up and we'll see over into with the rest of the roster from this point and what. Of course partly there's only one ball optical route to so you know when you look at KB it to be a targeted to the puts severe target how much you would target even though McCaffery. This is really. A really good problem have to got so many different weapons that you connect X. I coached all the besting his and then if you just look at the stats and count. We threw in nine different receivers I mean that's a very reminiscent to a couple years ago. When we got our most success the court about restoring a nine different guys ten different guys are very easily every week so again if we keep that going keep them rolling I think they'll be a pots because. You would you don't favor guys usually know refer them to roll down to work or trying to take away. Where is if you do start fearing guy the other guys haven't stepped up you can put yourself on top spot. And so he's you will know when they referred to personnel groupings so if one is the number of backs in the game the second numbers the number tight ends in the game. He had those two numbers up to track for five vacation number wide receivers in the game he carried a one. And our injury updates about the Blair brought us fifty Skype five ortho Carolina is urgent care centers. When time is of the essence do we do around here you trust your injury to the folks at ortho Carolina dot com slash urgent care ortho Carolina. You improved coach when Greg Olsen. Leaves the field. With an injury he doesn't leave your football team what kind of leadership voice do you expect him to continue to exercise with the guys move forward plowed. You know. The that's the one thing about Greg young lovers is his presence you know whether he is going to be on the field not if you have a presence in the locker in the Geisel really appreciate him being around as well. And I you know this is the before short pier two in you know it's one of those things if you. The time frame will be between six day weeks you know work. What we're trying to decide what what move we wanna make if we're gonna make roster moves we'll have an idea tomorrow we got some. Gossiping is going on that we're working on right now so once we get to that point we'll have a clear real clarity probably tomorrow afternoon. And Michael a lot of to a couple that's sort neck yesterday's to buy is gonna play excuse you know the active list yesterday but Tyler Larson looks like he played well. I guess my question view is you Ryan's a Pro Bowl player that is more than just those. Position they're setting protection and all that what house post I would do when he's got all that responsibility tugged it well you were here really did you know he's Smart young man he showed it to us last year when many played in place of a geno and Ryan you when they're both went down he stepped up. Finished the season of course they goes six games or seven games. Did a nice job and and then these Smart football player so. Here we we we we did miss rhyme though we didn't miss him as much if it. You're attendant for Tyler's ability to appoint so tied anti it was a little bit of work your fifth fifth fifth pinnacle grill is a ready this week. I know Tyler will be entirely through the work a little bit more work this week as we sort of refer. New Orleans he's. We'll cook when you have eight man front particularly they nightmare from the free weekly drop down the safety for your we. What does the mindset does the mice that change as far as you know can be hard to run the ball and now you have to go ahead impassable. Well you know its woes saying that that. That if you if you are rolling on all cylinders. Doesn't matter how many people live from the box you can go ahead grind it out and get as I said that was one thing is I really appreciated throughout our offenses and in the fourth quarter. We went on any minute drive many new we're trying to run the football. So they weren't a lot of ma'am boxer yeah we are still have a grind it out and hand hold up offering medicines. Kick the field also. Again I'd I think the thing that you look at is okay if they're gonna come down in the box. You on then and there is an opportunity guard play action or for group food action. Catcher in about position and create something downfield do you do it but the thing you got to be careful of this. The other guy didn't tell us from the bullets can and that's what things that you know we struggle with people who will be arrested it's couple things we do anticipate. We just to to a later in the game cop put the thing you would like to do is just it is approved it more and and and really hit it from the beginning of again. So what's your on this one New Orleans coming as you said obviously play a twice a year very familiar with them but different style different type of teammate duo Drew Brees and at a quick pace of caromed off hunter very much so you know it's one of those things just because he is you know he has he has one of the prolific passers mostly at. Tim also in the hall of Famer has seen it we have to understand is that you know this deep business offering its history is really built around him. Tom you know I know they've got some components of the just most recently brought in Adrian Peterson but again this really is about groupies. You know about the numbers that he could put up ten and as you said the fast pace if he gets into his rhythm he starts or on the ball starts to make things happen downfield. I think you have to be aware of things you've got to be careful about it is it is their abilities to run it eventually self. Tom you know you can make them or keep them one dimensional get makes it a lot easier. Which I'm not speak for the rest the guys when I say this is some of our favorite time of the week we love talking ball witty chopper ended up talking about the nine to threes and sixes and clever personnel at 22 personnel with Jumbo whatnot. So thanks for what you do feel good luck this coming week. Appreciate America thank you can kind of coach Ron Rivera are just offensive talks are more apparent the talk from Bank of America Stadium next on the Carolina Panthers radio network can't be right. Knew he drove off to the ground crews. Now is. And do lots of fast McCaffery leaping grab unbelievable play came down with a third his head first down and for. Carolina bits of the 39 who snapped this plot thickens up any. Phil I'm disappointed myself put your hat report our overall team you know just it just to see you know how we've battled and his. Found ways to win the football game I wasn't pretty at all but yet you know this this whole thing is about the process trust me. Close vocal on it. And you know anytime minutes in this league that you can get oh win. He taken you were always so you know we're not going apologize for that you know we did I just have to know as a player and ending. You know personal challenge to myself that I have to be very and I will be bad news he is kindred souls. The player cut you just heard of course is can move the Panthers QB that comment or two he made was emblematic of how. He internalized a lot of that win yesterday in the things the Panthers could have done better Eugene you're part of NFL locker rooms for sixteen seasons. How does that resonate we view way camps seem to step into the breach and give credit to his teammates but accept a lot of criticism on himself. Typically from earlier when you have the leader of your team and he expressed we just expressed it makes you surely religion because now you realize that. Everybody. Everybody's accountable everybody's culpable for what they have to do it and do what the football to an edgy gonna do that echoed when Ewing in that locker room. It's themselves even more because now you want those guys a suss I'm accountable. I'm accountable and I know they were tuchman who's put a lot of points for the board and he says yeah. I'm the guy McConnell I'm accountable I need to do better and who better would've come from quarterback and when you have a quarterback doing that but you'll go to wal for the guy you go to wall trying to make extra play trying to make to. Mexico took diving bell on the road you go through all that stuff was so put camp to do it and say we said that cells that locker room Viktor. Nicely mic to his in Eugene is that. They're two and no way you can see cam didn't have a lot of offseason to do so what do you do to pre season passes. So you can expect is your body and a 100% gain speed games in effect count and beyond a percent sharp out there. So you do we saw some highlights jury did make the passes so he's he's making a lot of companies listed on some opportunities those will come around in time but it's nice that you could go to know. While your quarterback is kind of catching up with not much of an off season to work with. Here's what also wanna talk about you guys on our broadcast roundtable brought you by Geico where it's not just an ad it's the real deal. Spent fifteen minutes give my quarter hour talk to about your policies and you can save a lot of money like we did. At our house. Every office has blitz beater certain plays site reads yes aside adjustments hot read certain things that that will penalize a team for committing additional pass rushers to the pocket. To what degree were the struggles that seem to be in the panther O line attributable. To the Panthers not being a little more nimble act getting the ball out of their quickly to the right guy gets up. Look this I think that the Khamis talking about I think camp held a box a little bit too long pass they're certain times there and you need to get though. All down the field here is we saw some really good coverage some coverage sacks Suh. Because that's cam look he held on to the receiver to salute to loans that are got the ball over here when I timed the window and opportunities gone that's the things that he's a liberal because the ball could've come out a little bit quicker and now some of the alleviate note the pressure of that let's. Is McAfee government McCaffery I refuse gossip blocked the back that was coming off the edge or was it also released wolf kind of did Canon. Almost nothing in between. Wolf that as a national release thought I threw the ball up the McCaffrey told things will get cleaned up but this update what cam was talking all beyond. Just rolled steel pearls I think he's also talking about the fact that he held bought slow but they're too often. To his credit by the way too he also averted some sex or Hewlett all better writers like I don't know how he got out of work he's done that through the years he has a clear how he gets I got a released read I think where he should have been any other quarterback would have been sacked in the near our repent for Barbara to by the NFL's ticket exchange. The only official ticket exchange of the NFL's it's a simple. Give Ticketmaster verified tickets on the NFL's ticket exchange. Russell Shepard. He is fallen and we'll talk to him next this is further talk on the Carolina Panthers radio network. Is he entered talk. Carolyn and Pam. Hamsters are revealed no more direction I want you blind McDonald's get a sausage with Molson would beg for just a dollar 69 at mcdonalds today. In trouble sacked sixteen yard line war. Were fairly yard. Takes hits the flip flip side McCoy McCoy were. Get the looks like going back through the night before again this time though where they go along Taylor refuse to buy 271 back. Access. Guess we're back at this morning. That's what makes this game so fun is there's three phases and when one phases and isn't you know fine up to what they wanna do got a big step up and you know since I've been here we've had. Games were we played great all three phases in some games where we played poorly on defense and offense picks us up so. You know it's there's ebbs and flows every season and and those guys will be fine and I'm sure at some point this is the biggest of the. Back so Mick mix in June silky and Eugene Robinson Wyss standard talk amongst Carolina Panthers radio network. Even though the other teams in the NFC south are greatly despise. That's we're not immune to having our favorite players on those other teams and so sharp player guests tonight. Always admired the way he he went about his business what he is with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers yep we could pick out some most of the players on the team to prima port number ninety former pocket air former LSU tiger Russell Shepard. He says that it has. Its movement through the truth and you're saying when you're it's definitely you all did a radio show but it was like three people in the Booth or somewhere like that yeah I was there he put out ferrets so I've made another twelve Els on the radio so Dave I came here and I seen this like OK this is Simone root for Florida over the we don't normally do as we do this just because your company today. -- released we have snacks and everything American so Camden summit legitimacy. Episode put an emphasis on well as as as you were coming to this team what did you see in this team. To allow yourself to get on the same here. Tom. You know what we know what that the most important thing was just the physical style but you know Obama LSU tiger myself saw. You know coming gotten used to being with very dominant style of defense. I'm very physical style of offense Armey the number receiver I think going the most. Come under new ways when the football game has run the football and don't just opportunity Tom be a part of something special here and how to I think all those things. We've done the young receiver room would be taken out to contribute to us you know do some different things I think it just kind of made me think on this is listening to be him. You know let us down a nineteenth floor and knew I was going numb and I think that's. And I think this on television or anything for. Are you know it is a good route runner us on how important is that to to be an NFL wide receiver. You know let I think is that it is a very important thing on me haven't background all the government is doing different things what this run the full blown up. On tackling home. Vienna for the play inside and outside zone this is my lack of experience you know when the receiver position my aggressive being a quarterback. And high school it is doing a lot of different things in Tampa throughout the years. Unless he is something that council must have don't want to get better you come. Has become a better our run of being able to take that part of my game and elevated them I think that was a big part of. On behalf let's assess them last year when Vincent Jackson come window to injury immediately boost it gave him a contribute. So often Senator Obama yeah come up your most productive season Lester so when you come here. Your first regular season game at San Francisco goes for forty yard touchdown your first catch. The house says this is how special was that this picture appears what was the first touchdown of the season now what was your first offered to players such as far as I contributed. You know I didn't realize it was Malone. My first you know the first ozone season and tell you know my wife kind of came in the I can and house should do something that we should say great did you catch it did. But obviously it was a great great experience very you know anytime you can score touchdowns in this lead. Meantime you can hit balls in this league I mean it is a very very you know my town from me can be overwhelming thing. Was I'm a guy who only go up my receiver. My first three news in this league Hayworth tackles today cases. So mom my accident on this catching the football and being named to contribute to dolphins for something that come I don't take for granted a very great disarm. Cannot think on me the last escort. That's just out against France thank you not to cut interest it and then go up. Yeah I know we were talking earlier in the last segment. There was talk about hot across India how do you alleviate that the first show publicity. What was so what what is hot rock was almost listen what does that mean and what do you guys trying to do when. Someone is missing you. Well you know lots of that it you know especially when you can we have you have athletic quarterback like Camden. You know obtain subject any way to stop this kind of man. So a lot Tom you know which we see a lot of you received a lives Tampa when I was typically bring pressure to bring people from everywhere but his safeties will this corners and candidates is that they just blitz blitzer has offense and on. Office of line you only have a certain Monica they can block you don't. They don't protect the quarterback is your other guys doing different things so you know omelet throughout the years they've came up they've come up with a term called hot rather. Because usually when you can have a receiver Roy tied in our running back. When they came this kind of break off their route and make it does give you know it's open and you know I hear you you know I don't suit. And just throughout the years you know there's been something that's really who's kind of been very important to this game. We've been such a pass happy to be put on with us you know off a lot Toms is as how we don't be able you know south. We have big plays and even though mom catches down to who was kind of sort of how Riley known figure San Fran air pressure. Coming off from my side and that's have to get over to the other side of the zone. And arms come like nobody was there. Best in nineteen Russell Shepard so let's take a short break we'll come back with the incomparable Russell Sheppard next. Home nephews who have. Jones also flew right. The drug war on fourth down. Slings it toward the end. It'd ten. Dave Johnson laid out for the ball that left four yard line of the Panthers are. It's. Doing where is the way it is hard to win and just doing wind us who have woman picks. It's a good win for. We've got to take this women Taylor. Vince he's injured so. Your humble host would you pick the third game he'd. And our player gets the star of the segment of the show Russell Shepard Staal Carolina storewide in our favor. Number one throughout the people what an awesome group. Photo but. Under him. On the cell at a show how I you can ask people to trust you you can tell them that your trust worthy but generally this has to be earned. Russell have you gone about earning the trust of your starting quarterback Cam Newton. You know I've. As you go to the season you go to a lot of some downs but the most important things he's got to come work every day. Me grow with him you know cam does amazes of just. Showing everybody in. You know allowing their bye to note that he believes in them and then them long as you come the work and he knows that you wanna. You gonna make this team a better team on who's gonna believe you meant I think millions. Come to this team I want to get his trust I want him believe me. But he makes it too though where he wants us to believe in him he wants us to trust him and I think that's one of the most underrated things about. Time with cam is on his leadership's in just his laser scope out to make you guys is to look better and make them believe in themselves. So take us into the receiver group we got to basically a young group. Before part of what that the cars tenure in the lead to right up there may be a clutches of the big guys. Couple rookies like as Samuel and to me over essentially a rookie as far as being not a regular squad. He yourself as well also cut Nixon that group into effect collection of players like we you guys all get together. You have as consummate I knew me you know last year as a temp files on your you know Vincent Jackson was oil because. My taco time corn on the would he was here for a little bit in common states are. And as several other guys Louis Murphy was in town very nice if we had run up the saw. You know I knew prior to me signed to this team. And those come with me with a woman who's extremely talented you know I go out and had a lot of young talent. But you know. I just knew that I continue to contribute in different ways in Nam you know even dive a car addiction lot of balls in this league got played a lot of games have been a lot of situations. Cannot do with a lot of different type receivers. From my kittens come up play with go to open a command scene you know the Jarvis managers have seen the Vincent Jackson. I might lose this offseason toe it. And I knew that this room they had down all the town in the world you're going on to a contributing to an upcoming helped guide remote. Some of these guys take the next step in their careers and have some kind of you know flourish. It was always occupational hazard and so when guys get hurt that's just the landscape and was we play you have so wherein all singles now. I wanna what is said between the receivers a ball high value to step you game but what needs to happen from the staff point to kinda. Help wealthy there would know he's done. Well you know no one thing that. Is grade is. Is guys aren't as the human you're gonna get hurt. You know grave of his production when you know it would never be you know it would never be redone you know you never attribute this. He's a very unique for a while Claire man I'm need to have a tight in. The number one guy you've known you normally see really the last few years Manning is extreme action hero who rare. You need to the last of the so but team and even though everybody knows who gray is about people don't know what he does he just seemed amiss from blocking. Too long taken a younger guys in and teaching them different things like how router. TTC guys how to you know still uncertain routes of seeking Ginn open up a bit on me now. It is going to be hard but is that they can be done Menem does not take a collection of different it's gonna take some guys growing up fast and and they wanted to. This will take some guys taken on extra rows and think. You know we are trying to come together and figure out how we're gonna do put on one thing about Craig and his. You know Gray's not going to be it would be at their physical remains are involved in the game plan is crazy man because. Mean you don't see too many guys that know. Everybody's position on the football field and I think he's going to be able to contribute and help us out on an open guys kind of stepped up. And do different pains because you know a guy like him and you just can't you can't get fit that style played really none not to panic you know so we plan. Russell Sheppard who's known as one of the most gifted trash talkers in the NFL group come back to. We'll talk to him about his trash talking style and maybe some success stories he said get in gas that's fearless that it had to talk on the Carolina Panthers radio network a deep. Don't stop Sheppard breaks away and score a touchdown. Carolina Panthers forty yards. Candidate told Russell shells amazing is how does Dawkins could send this present front office has broken. You know and they truly truly believe in me he truly truly wanted to be good guys. Why am you know 5000 coming new teams and you know guys that claim to have record of 2002. Kind of told to keep much. Just go I think these. They welcomed him leaving the local music go ahead and just play football and do my part. I'm very thankful for news from off season and losers and her tone. Continues on a Carolina Panthers radio network. So you don't mind telling you he's a good trash talker what your trash talking style and could you share a trash talking success story or two. OK OK okay and so. I think it was 2000 and detained it was actually you know just a counselor quarterback we were to a chorus in Tampa. Come before we go examines madame side then had a player would they wanna me to block in. In you know we play agreement agreement packets that time they do a lot of different things and in Nam. You know as a receiver like a thousand receiver for the most part of my career early on when I came in we've got to run the football we weren't we weren't influenced. Song music group close third and short and they want me to block discern in men and I didn't really know at the time you know who who's going to be. In could be Julius Peppers. That's. You know I give me game and he RE ER has like three sexy you know he's also amazing storm meant. And just like Rome we give a timeline in my. Hey you know amaru big fan here. He looks at me like you know if I really don't have this conversation before and also that Saddam. You know he obviously. You know that isn't really good he's a really good human being Amanda amount. You know they actually discount so lays me enough fault you know I pressed the ground but. You know exists playing with him and now I'm talking about their experience and you know he'd even remember when my brother of the man known. You know I try to kind of gets off guard below friendly and hopefully you know he doesn't disease is fooled those missed. Yeah you know those on through the most humbling experience I had complexity is one Muster for as long time and existence you know. I guess meets telling them that he can instead it is not commute down. It's just it's about three bus. I appreciate those relief though certainly Tressel doing guess that would do us a little that's what saved you some bodily harm. The Golan DBs and safeties trash talk it up or corners when their up like press coverage of it depends some guys look good at talking corners I think morsel corn because it's a better it's up. It's a bigger one on one battle between. The corner and was with a they were almost iconic was. Remember when Deion Sanders and rising got to settle that fight is what it would talk and and jawed back and forth so you see a little bit more so. We're corners and if corners are receiving is morally it's really give you reverend outlook and yet have an event that's and then it's a monitors Johnson you know. Historian and that this is sure they're cornice and I have. The more the the bigger person now estimated to play the quarterback position you have to. Yet have a certain mindset you have to truly truly be able to believe in yourself after you got beat on the sixty yard bomb meet. I think in on the island and down. I admit that style of play very unique position you gotta have. A very outgoing you've been shown minded enough. The the safety position meant this more so view sonic they're kind of like the quarterback Curtis solid guys. And I love irony is you don't really admired the play safely. You and I towns where you play receiver who you play chorus of Tom's you you can be devious you know you. You can even when things go bad the use thank you know there's certain receivers they drop a ball in you Tony. Drop the ball and they like not a jot them on message on the phone. We go so well corners you know. Do you feel a sixty yard touchdown any comeback new highways so talking has. They don't you know just got to have a certain mindset and you corner of the more of outgoing type personality. Are we're gonna pay some bills we'll have more with Russell Shepard though after a break this is panther talks from Bank of America safe. Continues on a Carolina Panthers radio network and no fly by its it was great just like Russell Shepard what do you guys do what did you. And high school did you ever wonder played anything other than football to give us forces are you doing sports town what was the play baseball and baseball makes you very. They have not coronation than a minute to receive it as one of most for the things I was include baseball. Russell knows for sure a timely about a minute half left but your from the Houston area how's the family friends everybody back there with the hurricane thereby thereby as good in my house came out good my mom dad no dog slow and knowing nothing crazy going no it's our resources exist. Russell it's crazy it's there. When we start get into the New Orleans defense and what do you think about that match ups on their own glory and now an anonymous site you a way to get some strong moments come excited me anytime you can go against us on the defense they've played to a lot of different things and anytime you can go to his office like him you know we got to score points and we look we are excited to go attend to. In the familiar it helps you you're familiar with the guys are different different if I'm watching their benefit analysis that organization since thousand comments are very very familiar with his or anyone else like Drew Brees has basic analytical kind the way he runs and confidence man you don't seem to me and I were doing mister minister right now you me. And that's that's a feel excited anytime you can see all of famine you're going to you know you can just enough room there's always a great experience got about twenty seconds until we often hear that your wife was your dog what does that mean. And ominous this misstep documents he has seen polls the house down when I'm gone man SE volume everything else he buys she barks capacity doesn't that's my baby. I'm the first few words will live on that Russell chef for Ruth group. You guys thanks for being on the show. All right Eugene Robinson for providing sound effect. I have a phone acknowledged that from now for the soaked in the rest of our crew this is make makes its Heather talk as normal as an exclusive presentation of the National Football League in the Carolina Panthers. Radio network could not guarantee. There's radio network.