Panther Talk 9-3-17

Panther Talk
Monday, September 4th

Coach Rivera, GM marty Hurney, and QB Brad Kaaya join Mick Mixon, Eugene Robinson, and Jim Szoke for Panther Talk


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Following is an exclusive presentation of the Carolina Panthers. Woman Carolyn I'm embryos were revealed no. For the white tiger. Couldn't we get started focusing on one thing it's still very present system pretty excited about it you know. The rosters for the meal. Would try to make sure but no he's been playing the same conference get ready but the only food we we have an objective of you know those are just for the. Now along with the G and so Pete and Eugene Robinson jeers and make mixed in we've painter talks. Live from the Panthers broadcast facility and Bank of America Stadium. Your first car your first love your first day of school your first day of the new job what is it. About first. Your mother saying you never get a second chance of making your first impression. Pro football style like that you know there's something special about opening day nobody's lost yet. Hearts are light optimism as metastatic. It took to your dreams to what you think your team can do and finally. It is the week on opening day welcome into our show deserve it junior rob good seeing you guys YouTube hi Libby and angry. Good to see you again this Saturday. We're holidays in our Labor Day finery appear to my attorney and institute of broadcasting studios. When you're you've got in on the radio or watching on spectrum Time Warner Cable broken into our little. Pent house of the world. So let's start with a roster. Surprises. Yeah I think what is surprises and I kept getting Texas and emails from people wish them. What about Joseph Webb. But never was one of the most the biggest surprise could be. We talk about him as a utility knife as you Swiss army knife. They replaced lesser teams in which a period MB quarterback. Didn't do perfectly receiver. He really does everything and the fact that even in pre season which we thought that. Please I thought that he really. Played well I mean you've got 62%. Completion I know yet three interceptions that may have been the doubtful. Or how ever you go with the three interceptions. You saw him. Kind of moved we moved the team back to perform music games so I thought that was one of the biggest surprise so. Best the National Football League. And I think overarching it comes as no surprise because I know that's the last people which we live book. One of the Carolina prepare for favorites and ago kinda does its job to Carla god Joseph Webb some people were surprised and in wasn't you know where. I'm sorry to see him go but I think it came down to the philosophical question of do you need to veteran backup quarterbacks to a six your quarterback. It's always good to have a developmental quarterback so I guess Brad tie yeah after the lions or release him I think they feel like you know you would you like to have Baghdad Richard your grooming. And I think Garrett is another guided obviously the finger potential wise or something though it may be in the future as well so. It's good to have that future development auditioned or do you need to veterans are one. As they can mandate is a DA or Joseph Webb. As opposed it gets you retreats out as soon back to three. And the other thing that you know it can sit there is still a very fluid situation as you two kickers on the team right now I know what I don't think will be sitting here doing the talking November talk about your kickers always so it's interesting to see how that might play out over the course of this week in mentality kind of finish that position off to. There will be using you know golfers so what when he was a golfer have two putters in his bag is because you don't have want. That's not the case with the Panthers this the other way because they attitude to really good kicker how long did that will be be seen. Beijing use the phrase Swiss army knife with regard to Joseph Webb and the Swiss were never known for having a very good army. I could just talk about how important it is to be personal but in the NFL aren't you also really looking for guys who are. Extremely good at one thing instead they guys that are pretty good a lot of different things. Did you your apps would you what do you would have expertise but coach Rivera also said that. The guys who aren't going to be America's team are going to be a backup roles as special teams is something that you've got to be really excel and Jimmy if we talk just about Joseph Webb if we are here's a guy that. Because you know there you can do special teams now do you need him to do all that stuff no cause you got the purpose of actually a lot of deepest can take ticked over. But. It is you you're only accretion stock when you're able to do more than just one thing that's. I'm not a bad note today Alex arm I was resigned it was a Panthers fullback who played defense frankly did you president linebackers played tight in his college career was Georgia. So he's back he's on the practice squad for now but he might be sought to watch all solid Jeremy cash last year maybe eight weeks on a practice squad may be weeks or when I see him. To a special teams and Ambien a fallback if someone in this off. Oh I can see him playing tight and I could see him do so many different things is sought powers a guy that you got to keep our eyes awful because. He's extremely talented definitely in as we go to break everybody loves Joseph where we're not saying unkind things about Joseph Webb. It is a little bit of unique situation though to have your quarterback beat that. So athletic that he can contribute on special teams and play different positions his football career so far from over of course. And then you also need to know that the arm off pick up feels really good idea I knew that Baghdad. Has a chance to be at the zoo yesterday that he's back with the Panthers. Thanks a good thing in this agree that it absolutely. Are we got to take our first break we got a full show tonight and panther football history so stay too want to talk with coach Ron Rivera catcher with coaching next mrs. cantor talk on the Carolina Panthers radio networks. So it's up quickly five stepped up pressure from behind it not for the crown once again factors through the so we have quickly Anderson bright side they throughout the first. And zone touchdown hiring people over the middle looking down that way for their party. The touchdown. The middle you broke back at the end. There are hurt and again our way in the worst way. Street. We go to our fans. There we owe it to ourselves. We just over we always talk overall process. It is just like for us you know and everything that we've been through and everything that we're going through right now. You know we will leave for us and our tails and you can hope. But it pays a movie is these pictures so we semi blind adults former general in the Hamptons radio network. Time to touch base with a head coach of the Carolina Panthers on Patrick talk on this Labor Day coached physically and emotionally difficult time of the year for you when you have to pair. The roster down to part company with some guys that you. Gotten accustomed to bid is you know. Make pinching the music you you you you have a professional work working relationship for the most part when you've been around guys 567 years. Does become tough and and then there are some tough cuts but there also ma one for you get to know are young me now within three months and new really for close summons were also. That makes it tough and it's the hardest part in and then everybody probably feels this is that this is what you wanna do this which are working towards is which opened for. And that is the date you know you you you get release I've been through that and I know what it feels like so -- it is tough as a very difficult problem. You could outsource it for a visit is important to you to to be a part of that process for these guys. It is there really is make an energized I think they need you know they need to have the opportunity to I was asking do you have any question Ernie Thomas for me. Tom because until I want them jerseys they're there they're concerned with the they feel. Tom these be clarified I'll be hopped it. This this good views so this time a year takes. From you but does it also give in in excitement when he's you do notice how good the final 53 looks state topsoil and I think destiny thing about. Once you pick your team there's a lot of hope everybody SO right now there's 32 teams in NFL that. So good about who they are so good about their opportunities and now they're just excited Google+ what excites you about this roster coach. I think the young man on the roster but the potential but so for gross to get better marry reach we can best thing that's always exciting. Yeah but again you have to look you've got to do your job you've got to execute and you don't win football games. So the fifty threes nontraditional two kickers what was behind the thinking there. The hard part is the kicking mellow so close. Neo and and the one thing you don't want usual I'll make a decision we are really feeling confident wall ways the other through like both guys both guys have tremendous legs. My guys got more experience when guys go lively young legs. So we're gonna carry and see how things unfold as we go forth. It's also a new quarterback in the building bread Ky university Emanuel talked with him later in the show what was attractive for about heading into your tank joy here that. Her bright young man. Todd terrific skill set top quick release good decision maker. Tom Flanagan as we look to the future until that does not the near future but you'll down maligned future we've got to start working on looking developed who's going to be next in line. Knew Brad the guy that we watched during. Draft process right arm and just feel that you're the guy is available to take a chance to see what you like. You know we've we've got a few weeks of work commenced yelled things fell. Do you like the other helped it to Marty Gurney brought in for your for the defense of secondary coach why do I really do you are I think. I think I think see more cars are too young guys that have an opportunity grow within our scheme. Numbers have good skill sets that we like it it's going to be fun to watch to see how how we can get them on. No worked into our schemes. So Kutcher Vera will we talked to you prior to the last pre season game against this for you said that game might be diagnostic in some meaningful ways. As you tried to shape your roster and make these decisions now with the visual acuity that hindsight provides. Was it. There was. No really help clarify some things first to react Kaelin clay on our on our roster and them we got a tremendous offer from buffalo for Seymour. So we went ahead made the deal. But we like Taylor an awful lot that he made our 53 originally Tom he just became that it is the trade was provide you as far as we're concerned. Coach Ron Rivera title character talk when did you start working on the opening day opponent San Francisco are we to work on since since. We start with with with the first pre season games and a lot of tape on who Sam Cisco is we have an idea based on here where they're coming from you know as far as being part of the Atlanta coaching staff. Having some roots all the way back to Seattle in terms of the defense. So we started you know looking at those things. Now the more more we got to see here we feel we just are looking at these movies these well that really started in earnest once they play the first pre season game. There's a stress you going on the road for your for your opener especially three time zones. Well did did does but I mean is did you you don't need to make a big deal about it I think. Because you're gonna play football you're gonna play if Obama you know certain times a day big deal just our party is. And I said this before and my seven seasons we've opened on the road six times so I it would be nice to open a home just once in awhile. How will. We'll see if we can't get a groundswell campaigned on maybe make that happen next year because last thing. You're California Golden Bears come all the way across the country beat the Tar Heels opening day Kenan stadium there's your schedule allow you to keep in touch with and the comings and goings of your alma mater. I due to a degree Ameen. He'll step the united. Have about built up a scholarship from we go out there that were working on. You know I've been involved in some of the things with with some of the alumni events that they've had. Especially most recently just a lot of fun and it was very exciting to see our guys to mountain and an and then scrape out the victory and it was a tough fight game. No. I say they play some tremendous defense over there and and in North Carolina scored two touchdowns off interceptions friend knew we were just fortunate enough at the and we had the ball and scored the right time. Good win for the golden bears coach appreciate your good man we probably should tell you have more we appreciate what you do. Good luck to you preparations as they appreciated thanks. Cantor talked presented by McDonald's or good morning starts with a good breakfast you got to fuel up and start your morning with a scratch may pay. They can't ask sound Salave'a chicanery this bacon egg and cheese biscuit sandwich so good just a dollar 69 dessert you guys are reading during that interview. I would need everything but my my body coach Ron Rivera. I guess he just signed a deal would bit a honey. And he has to. You always have someone handy. When that's your that's hard to come by bit O honey it's almost like mass general store are defined. Next thing you know readily available he had obviously go to Sergio Diego. This has a lot of while we're talking two of our broadcast roundtable Roger buy tickets due to. And half allow. Boston. Maybe it's. That is very obscure candidate QE2 there's a Boston baked beans and those are not easy to find you. Masseuse on those sugar is addictive we all know that so anyway it looked at least let's get back to us and move on this talk about some football so coach Rivera. Tina pretty happy with what the 53 and I think he's. He's excited any surprise to the camera artist Payne made enemy had a fantastic pre season but there's always you know they're always. That running that room was so crowded. You know meant. It was hard to keep them off the team I mean it just the way he ran the ball. He ran the ball was so much authority I mean and he looked like dare sail a lot like Jonathan Stewart running the ball I mean you've got that kind of also. Did Jay Stewart get hurt. I mean you still gut you know cameras aren't paying able to do what he does I thought that. May be the specialties was gonna eclipse some a little bit. But it was hard to keep my office team because he ran the ball with such authority then no protests are you had a pre season and the way to he. Shelton 35 governor Tony are what make people miss that was that was that was really good it was very very good there was a cut above and then. You noticed them big time so he warned his play so look. If your cup memory maker really really ought to do it well and. Took which are very that they have to the made it very clear there's they're getting back to that kind of power football they are you pound the rock can be kind of 5050 mix so to speak not exactly had to pass and run more than most teams are. And I think with them if you get a running begging for 23 weeks you've got him available I think. If aren't healthy. At the moment I issues and an active body's yes you can't remind me up practice squad or anything so to be consummated roster but I think he is gonna be a guy that is available. And we'll get some time as the season wears on. It's such a grind Eugene I was sixteen games to all your running backs healthy all the time. It's a nice the woman called an insurance policy but just are you step right in and play Davis start if you guys are chipped and start and knows the place and did a better job at this pick up to about a way of picking up some those cutbacks that would listen. Fascinating around the building today so very quiet with the coaches here but players mostly gone. There's one player though. Who did not wanna leave bread Kai. He just got here so he's looking for hands to shake things look good girl locker fox unpacked a means looking for waits to lift in just a play book any. It was so cool just to see the raw enthusiasm that he's just tickled to be Carolina panther he played at Miami's buddy with Cornell or we're gonna talk to him. Coming up after this break our broadcast roundtable and pastor talked this this rather talk on the Carolina panther and radio network. Plus we'll get an I formation on second. Those touchdowns there. Do you know obviously like shooting goes as we plan to end your record we've proved otherwise I'm not sure we learn from our grade we had some. Some close games there you weren't able to win but I think. Having a couple guys back another year under their belt and two cars I think are really move in the right direction we had some good pieces on offense to get some good guys back and defense and I think your weekend. We can stay alchemy can move things in the right direction at Vanderbilt. Back. So mix mix in the gym silky and Eugene Robinson wins ten there's talk amongst Carolina Panthers radio network. This a difficult time a year because some faces depart buildings like Bank of America Stadium but then some new young faces come in we're talking to brag highest. Quarterback University of Miami the view and how's it feel. To be Carolina Panthers human those would be attentive mom and met with some records for the combined for the draft on. You know I really appreciate what coach Rivera's done an assassin. I'm glad to be here and I think on. It's just all Sasser let me. Buildings Johnny empty today on Monday with a players' day off when did you get in town and have you met any guys yet I gunned down last night around 738. Had memos a guy's hits it clears their output I got to meet Christian. Seems like a great dude meg. Crummy Ide chain with Chris and you auction inherit Arizona so I know him pretty well I know corn obviously and it was in the coached today as well. Slips MET having corn elder a former teammate at the youth to to be able to hook up with here. Talk corns agreement gray do great person and both on off the field on ice is nice to have us into a familiar face in the frontier slump right now as well so. Talk NT you look kind of lanky and long what what what is your skill set library what do you do well commission. That's a and haven't played today and told Damien so a sort of so why do wrong in itself competent terms of its I guess cooperate. I guess to brought to you with the borrowers I'd say is on you know some lower part of some that. That's his position tonight a trying to keep on improving so what some people in my game. So help me would you resonate you're drafted by Detroit coming out of Miami how that worked out and what did you learn during your time with the lines. They just don't want some with with Detroit. Just to prove myself and all facets of my game. You know first off you know it's very complex is nothing out of Detroit. On the cement Peyton Manning in a big many men met with the colts and with the Broncos got cirrhosis and Miami Italy's. Street complex system and in terms of what they were quite correct to do. In terms of certain protections and tiger in my front and Bob Menendez that might tag on hot routes silent sighs since you don't slight adjustment to stuff like that. So it is just tasking acting alone around mentally. In terms of the physical aspect of it Matthew Stafford is a great quarterback who I meant a lot from. That the drills that he incorporated something he'd get the heat in the past on that means it real where there. On the release through my game whether in terms muscle work. Homes are under pressure and throw him off balance and off platform I think I really improved to make some strides. In you know in OTA street can't and in the pre season. Break our guest on pulpit to talk couple more of questions for rebel you go to Stafford a beautiful thrower of the football Cam Newton can spin the ball also do you know much about cam in in his game. I do and he's got level watched a lot but some more miles high schools. Plus imagine Nadal earned while some pros use and we can he's improved each and Regan. Can afford to take you to run into camp and it's it's nice to have. The first two quarterbacks I get to run under. Both guys who. A trusted name in it in a way that not many do in the end in a way that helps your team win ball games insist you know I'm I'm excited. I can't wait to. You hear from him in to see how it works and operates and they're not in the way but but but really just observe how he. Goes about his business so. You might hear him come into the room before you see him because he's loud like dead in the best possible way Brad lastly before we let you go what what he'd like off the field what are some of your hobbies interests and passions. Who else is still not super too much for high tea type guy. Just laid back kind of just do have seen keep a low profile I just showed children boys and amid justice to guys got kind of just. Relax my my foot view gives us some like bad. You know is still the guy stuff like that sounds like you'll fit right in thanks for your time welcome to team. See if you like to chill with the guys. Yes you'll fit right in my. Failure to deflect or there's some chilling. Going on Dallas Ilya he's he's going to flee from them and you kind of reference some of the guys and they jarring new. And that's gonna make a little bit easier emotional familiar from the dead end and kind of ease into this this system. And the quarterback rooms can be long days and enjoy because camp. There's one that's goes for your vote I can say is doing the same age Eugene when utility guys back in the junior day was that space invaders. Or I'm. This was territory in the cars are strong his let's it was raucous locker room and sympathetic felt like I was just wants tomorrow I'd like to notre. Chilling sounds like a lot of fun I'd like to know how you do it list vehicle and at times related business they go to nine. Jessica children tough. This injury update is brought to you by ortho Carolina is urging care centers. So some guys back at practice Vernon Butler of goods Kyle Love are like him today is John Hall. While missing practice yesterday Cole Luke and Jared Norris. When you need orthopedic care. No immediate emergency type stuff for just may be some of the more long term chronic things are bothering you. Duo all of us do around here and that is trust your care to ortho Carolina they have a website ortho Carolina dot com slash urging care and they have a catchy slogan. Ortho Carolina. Altogether now you knew we heard rumors cius is catching to be saying it all right don't. You know you that you mentioned. Dish and and also law also Rome love you guys are getting healthy. You've got to get out ambush in Butler and he got to get help you with this because of fraud because it's hard to get on that this started going to football field and you've got to be in that rotation. And their rotation means something because if you're not in that rotation you become obsolete and and in become replace born expendable and the guys are we talking about. I think that Karl love is one guy just gonna really underrated he does an incredible job at the three technique and want. And also Burnham Butler it's kind of been the same as KK short colossus be reminds me a lot of war except a little bit. This deep has so far it is extremely formidable so even those backup guys come in the game watch out goes back up guys enough backups it was geysers were actually star. Fluent Carl Levin was hornets both know it's like to be released him brought back where it was Gordon's case release brought back release brought back in this and so David fixing both sides what you're talking about. Paula premier draft pick you buy give him below the morrow yes and then burning and the former number one so yeah you're right that's really good depth behind that. Outstanding front for you got there early front five recount the peppers rotation and their I would Alison Nicholas Johnson. This did this affront and is this quickly it is really formidable and this is what I think that just a slew of area hang our hat on death row and that friend is career. Everybody have to take emotionally because that is dominating for a. This morning I pick up Sports Illustrated. The NFL preview edition with Tom Brady and new England's problem on the car or whatever new England's problem doesn't be a problem every other team would love to have. They've got the Panthers. Position in a way that really irritated me greatly we will discuss that coming up later in the show we'll also talk to Marty Ernie went had to talk continues next. Analogue line of scrimmage. For Jacksonville out of the shot that you could come quick drove slant pattern KB Benjamin. Don't touchdown back. He wrapped up would drop by to get a lot of Davis Cup then. He's under pressure not the blind side Mario Addison with a quarterback Zach and heading can't go through the years I've been. Applied local ahead of the three got to look like much to lose weight into the end zone touchdown hammered hard. Wildlife Doral so really good on the were growing I think that we got from some young guys that leads up up. You know Pacific has reported that its. Board could turn this over at that. We'll likely because the because with the with a focus their. Com and then again the other receive the new deal with the people who are different different vote for who had been in the past. You know this is new guys the under those conditions the other guys so well together they're excited about the right. I think we really defended there and I think golf for guys pulled out. Feels he is pictured told the semi blind adults bombing Carolyn I'm embarrassed radio and predators general manager Marty Kearney. Has the look of somebody who's happy bird who hasn't gotten a lot arrest these last. 72 hours what was the weekend like for union staff march while very busy making me away how we. You know it's it's. Between. We've gone through in Macon 38 roster moves in and then. Gone through waivers and claim and players are our coaches are our scouts there was a lot of communication. In a lot of hard work by a lot of people in hopefully we're at a point now where we've. Pretty much got to 53 said it's ever changing it's a fluid time a year by itself fluid process but hopefully we've got to set them now. Get ready to open up the season you've been doing this a long time but is there any thing they can prepare you for. The lead in the young man have some disappointing news in this wanna work nine sonics it's it's one Lars parts of the job and I think it's. If it's not then you probably shouldn't be donut so it's. You know called it all these kids since I've done. Everything you danced in and you know they know it's business but it's that don't make any easier Marty how hard was it to. To say goodbye to it to number fourteen Joseph Webb. I was trying to ours is only decision we had to make good annually we babe really get down to you know you're always down a two or three quarterbacks and Joseph is met him you know always made that decision easy for for this organization because not only is he. He's had a leader in the locker room a great guy in the locker room guy the players really like Kim and now. Our quarterback and play special teams in the he's just he does everything and we just got to that position and thought they'd. It was time is to try to target the young quarterbacks in input emphasis in some developing. A young quarterbacks so. We made the decision elect Joseph go in and it was probably if it was by far the hardest of the weekend and end the guy has just me you know. Given me everything brought everything that they US border and prizes set everywhere on the field in the locker room in the community and end there was the hardest decision a weekend. Sure used disappointed but he's a veteran does he understand kind of how the process works and he does and he grid he reacted just like to starting and I mean he's just stable instruments where were the difficult spots with this particular roster giving the tapered down to 53. Well I think. Yeah. Tino but I think obviously we've you know look we still have two kickers on our roster and that was that that's we just feel like they're. They're both very good in the and that was. That was an unusual. Move my night not many teams don't have any teams really carry. Two we decided to do that. I think it our offense and line performance will it was so good they. We year. When McCain know that and less spied Greg mineral and just played two Gooden and he. He he made it net was world that does a good stories because when a guy comes in. And basically join your team the first day camp training camp and then makes it it stats than usual but it was a credit to him and now he came in. Who played at saint bit. The that the secondary obviously was tough and we added two new players there in putting Cornell are on injured reserve within the necessary wanna do that I think it was it was just something that we. We felt like we had to do. And then you know we went with five wide receivers which you struggle between five and six and end we decide with side so. You know it was there there's really there are hard but we feel like we had really good depth which. We genome made it and made it that much tougher to couple spots but it's a good problem that. Who are the new faces and what are you looking for out of them. Well I think they you know defense clearly mentioned that two new defense backs we traded. Kaelin clay for keep on Seymour the buffalo corner. Tom he can run eat he. He's he's he's Scott special teams ability as a Gunner. And he has experience being in the second year he started three games remember last year he's a really good man cover guy. And and just is is plays at a very. Hide intensity levels so we feel like we've we were really happy to get him and we feel like he can come in and can really help. Help our depth there and can be active and and Demetrius Cox's young Saipaia Michigan State who can play both. Strong and free and end. Really has very good instincts and and had a very good pre season as a as a rookie out of a rookie free agent a Michigan State so we think those two guys are gonna come in and help add add depth to our secondary. And then dry cat brag Ty is a quarterback there. A young quarterback the rookie six round pick Detroit took him and his six I think out of Miami and we just think he's got a chance to develop as we do Garrett Gilbert who's on our practice squad and I think you have to address that position in in being able to live to have the chance to try to develop. Some young quarterbacks we did the mean there's a story at every position all the cancers we could talk to you for for the entire show but. Could Tyler Larson be more than just a guy and and and help the Carolina Panthers in in a combo what. Yeah I mean title lost tire Lawson is is. They are very good player and he's I think he's see he's got the ability to be a starting center in this league obviously he's fine and probably the best starting sooner. In a lake in Ryan colonial by. Yet he he he has had a tremendous pre season. And a very good training camp and has Aqua player. Nice young man oh Lima did a good job last year filling in for rankled the last thing Marty are are are you done. Or could there be more. Comings and goings here before we get on the plane to go to San Fran it's always I mean it's it's so fluid it is slowed all year but it really is this fluid in the first week so. You know hopefully we are both the pool CNN goes insists. You know a set time your best Marty attorney general manager the Panthers and hope you neurologist didn't Hamas that it looked like he needs some rest you actually look very strive for a man with your. Jerry Thacker. With the weight on your shoulders she's doing great thanks Marty for your time appreciate it thanks a. New defensive backs come in how quickly Eugene can. A player I'm thinking about that came on Seymour. And assimilate himself to that the scheme. That the verbiage and be ready to get. Well the easiest part is it's covered 243108. All those different coverage discover six. You know and you know we need to drop it with the new us is this is a communication that goes across the board and the fervor says you're not used to. That's what shows you how far you drop in if you're gonna go and squeeze inside and out cause if you're gonna go roll with that and get outside released by the but you the receiver. Bubbles little new us thinks that's what the issue but. Typically if you could drop any corner any safety down any defense and they just call it cover to cover for you know what led a march to go. Chu and network that saves you. What we've what look what we there's a word to see is. She would have a hard you've got and how you come up and tackle value can be the smash somebody. That's what we wanna be able to see if you can go ahead and get the edges security edges and whatnot so I think he'll be okay. But as it progresses you'll get better as it progresses and gets you so all the different verbiage that. There aren't different bit key member of select save Cortland Finnegan signing on Tuesday playing on Sunday at Maine again he was Italy for a long time so you know a lot of that he's coming out of yet again John Durban now a head coach but it McDermott's buffalo defense so to speak. Com is there any strategy game when you get a player close to a game not a bit home opener they did Kaelin clay. We get Seymour is there much to regain determine just Intel and things like that when you acquire a player my upcoming team. No it never it never really that much because you can everybody watches the same film hit. And did you really believe what you're gonna see from fil a because any good but anybody can lie do you. Are you don't know what was trooper was not true so what to do is you you break down film and you find out what they do a film because most would do exactly what do you see. On the film when it comes out at third. First second Dow situations so he gets a little Intel but that Intel is really does come early margarine to. And bush he Gene Robinson Jim's a few my name's Mick mix in this one of our favorite hours of the week after talking we roll on next we'll talk about that Sports Illustrated prediction for the Panthers. And how the guys feel about it next this is the Carolina Panthers. Radio network. Talk continues on the Carolina Panthers radio network. So Sports Illustrated. A night preview issue NFL preview issue. I think in Carolina Panthers are positioned perfectly. For a variety of reasons that we've talked about so we'll see what the national guys thing so it SI has the Panthers picked third in the four team NFC south. The knock on Carolina is they say that even though the Panthers have drafted Samuel McCaffery they Cam Newton is not and never will be that kind of pastor. They they do they predict. And seven and nine. Four of the Carolina Panthers this irritated me greatly because I thought. And I got over it but because it really doesn't matter but how does this that you guys as you study the edit the Panthers and ten know what. The magazine said it. I think is unfair. Took Cam Newton. In that 2015. Season that we which is Super Bowl Cam Newton. What should bottle and they gave them run pass options. And he never got to credit. From Jeannette to lend scrimmage. And calling the play. Change in the play. Strike in the receiver down the football though he never got credit for that not that was Peyton Manning you would expect him to do that they'll was pretty you would expect him to the burden he never got to credit. For how intelligent. And the academics of football that he Knowles. And because you you did you notice that he's just a runner he's got a passer but that's not true. That's not true at all and asked why the coaches staff here calls Rivera has changed the office is some. To make sure it reflects that as going to get away from Cam Newton eccentric. Senator to a running backs and office so I really think that he just doesn't get. The credit he deserves a million Smart intelligent quarterback it would move the ball until the bottom of vaudeville. Briefings at. Yeah I think as far as the team goes heavier shortsighted and and lazy to look at last year to make a prediction based on last year about this Panthers team as a whole I think. If you watch his team what they've assembled. And this offseason Eugene as a playoff team I mean they went from fifteen wins to six wins I think they're gonna be. Back in a double figure category but wins again this here you had peppers in captive Adams a defense commission McCaffrey and Samuel all the weapons they offense health. Coming back here at Brian Cole bombing these little key clean music as a missed you big chunks of the of the season last year this team's loaded battle saying. There to be right in there with Atlanta and Tampa Bay as we had dogfight because you can't diminish what they are either I try to twenties era picking a third. That's a tough division and if it might in theory the worst team is New Orleans. That's a that's a bank so far fourteen division right then the businesses quickly. SI doesn't play football SI just reports right exactly and Cam Newton can he I mean I'm pretty sure he led the nation in pass efficiency. His national championship season in Auburn make it all kind of throws deep down the field just plays and also get the ball checked out the welcome I was a final comments right after these messages. From Bank of America Stadium. Continues call America. Then there's radio network and got about a minute and change Eugene you've been looking up some steps to bolster your Cam Newton. Point nearby camp newborn is as much as some news that's right here. It hit two and an oasis. Completions attempts for 105 he was 60% completion percentage get 35 just 1010 interceptions that year. His QBR rating was 99. Point four. That is outstanding and anybody can say that that mix it up throw the ball some astronomer says say this he had twenty plus. Oh toll plus yards of brassiere that he took us a look weak plus. And Tim passes almost forty plus. And he was able get the ball down the Ted Ginn and really put some life would take his career so like a once again. I don't know maybe got little thanks against some supplement that young man accomplished until Paul. It's like the AP pre season football poll once you start playing it almost gets jumbled around in the eighties turned around us and had this to do is go out when football games. It won't matter a Sports Illustrated or usaid and they were operates. Start nets San Fran you media fifteen seconds on that matchup. Josef Fred I think they have a really good defense the defense is asserted during. Very very tough the got third down percentage right roll 32% say means it's hard to sled so you have to get rid him Boston's team and a mile it's going to be some modern remodeled fighting. When an officer because a lot. Should be fun to a new show guys YouTube all right for Eugene Robinson for gyms are looking for the rest of our Panthers. Talk panther talk crew and forbid honey the official candy had their talk this is me thanks and C and actually right here.