Panthers, Christmas Gifts and More

John Hancock
Tuesday, November 14th

Hancock reviews the Panthers game, the Jeff Sessions Testimony. Christmas, I Read The News and much more.


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And. This is John Hancock. Like Kim primetime a lot better now like him outside manages to program that was on last night. Net there's like a box of chocolates. She does never really know what you're gonna get. Heather rather rather or as Tuesday as we can mean. November the fourteenth. That's just hard to believe in its own right and it Fernando and you just got to zipped into the date and say oh wow really. We from Thursday's Thanksgiving Thanksgiving holiday that always creeps up on him. Christmas doesn't creep up on you because they start to playing Christians Jews again September. Although I think I heard the first actual commercial on this radio station to David featured Christmas music. I had understood this and others that have been kind of subtle but this is a one more than music was kind of like a headliner on the and now. And I get that better known. We were at Susan and I went to our government forest on Sunday because. Out of by Carolina plays ball because they because we weak field. Inclined to spend money there every year. Buying Christmas stuff of which we're really don't have. I mean we've only got like nine total fools so Christian stuff so women really were lacking on stuff to put in the house Christmas time are we only have three trees. The arm. He would take a couple has been married for twenty some odd years would would have more than just you know don't basics. So we went government forest on Sunday because there was no panther games over it was a good time during. Venture out to Belmont and wander on into the big city. And. I was president of the Christmas music inside government for us to Mexicana had it turned down low and I asked the lady at fat check out. I said I notice the music's not as dominant as he usually used to they keep that low at the beginning of the season so you all are suicidal by the end of the season and she's a deal I don't know. She said do you get to the par readers kind of blanket out but he got to figure if you work at a Christmas store. Or any kind of retail store I mean of the department stores playing Christmas music now. They got to be. Office Depot us. They I mean by the time you get to December the twentieth you gotta just be. Kinda out of the season. Soon there's mail poll that says most Americans would skip holiday gift giving if they could. I be all for that. In fact remind me to have a conversation we share your kids first and told her not to give me anything this year because every year they give me some of the end of the year. And again did I don't want this to sound mean or rude or anything along those lines but you know you get to a point in your life for. After you vote like we did things out you've moved you've you've cleared out the garage you've got the dumpster you put it in a driveway you filled it up with stuff that you couldn't throw away fight. You know I mean that's kind of what we did when we moved we kind of got rid of a lot of stuff. Stuff that we didn't need anymore and it's liberating and once you've liberated yourself from stuff. Then you are kind not prone to want to. Start collecting stuff again. Now that doesn't mean you don't buy it just means that you buy stuff. Stuff. That you want when we were like in peaking now so Lanka's were trying to fill the old farmhouse up with. All the stuff. And so when somebody gives me something and it's just almost like job. Arafat. Please with this. He's hit the roadway immediately after. You gotta keep it around just occasionally come by the house. We love. Problem. Well that the debt the Panthers were found last night funny enough that I went to bed below the third quarter 'cause there's just no way that Miami was gonna be able to compete with that. And Curtis send. All I. Hope he's not gone for the season Ghazi was just really started I mean they were really kind of blow the whole team of food burger kind of blossoming last night but don't. I don't think things look real good for a Curtis and also Woolsey were all that goes but that was fun to watch last night and it's nice to have a bye week I suppose I won't think that we Sunday when work. This is three Sundays now that we haven't had cancer football. They got Thursday night game on Sunday night game men. Was the third says Sunday night game. At a Thursday night game. Who's a Sunday night game. Watch how we got like three Sundays without a panther game. And then when the Monday nighter and now we got a bye week. Oh yeah and how we had the Thursday game that we had to Monday night game and now we've got nailed by a week so it's three Sundays that were without Gupta at the football which is kind of that sounds good Thursday night games are okay. I don't think the players are crazy about him because of the turnaround time Monday nights are always on Jon Gruden comes down that's you know that's that's a big deal. I kind of miss a dandy Don Meredith but that's doses wrote about in my Apollo fault for Loman in the past and up. And Howard Cosell is just dead is he going to be some way you can't bring him to town anymore we you know you could animated just I don't think you would have the same. The same effect as sort of always did know and Giffords did so that's very at all I mean you're related news miss Meredith celebrity guy. F so you know I mean there's in his own does not come back. And my weight probably good for the team. One or Rivera is going. You know they're gonna go somewhere. Configure get out of dodge refuted. I just sessions this breed for AI house committee today. And. The Judiciary Committee. And their grill him on all sorts of stuff but he also. Even before the committee meeting two days city was open to the possible. Special counsel of four. The Clinton foundation and uranium deal in this was after Jim Jordan. And I'm mad gates. Do Republicans suffer from Ohio and Florida were calling on him to rename a special counsel to investigate. Economies handling of the election. And the say if you won't do it and he should resign so we'll talk a little bit about that Donald junior junior. He has a back in the cross hairs again the so I'm with the correspondence that he had dinner with WikiLeaks. The latest call for a Roy Moore to us step aside in the election down there and Alabama is that house speaker O Paul Ryan. And wait till you hear now. What celebrity name. Is in the cross hairs. Of. The sexual harassment. Daily. You know very day it's a new name. When you hear today is name. It's. There's a lot of crew here today. Live by anybody that's been in this that facility we're channel three you know the Lincoln everybody is Billy beauty and fans. We got some trees that have been here for a hundred years and knows so when Lee's fault trees we end up with a substantial amount believes and so I was flown in the parking lot today. Obviously the lawn crew had been here with their blowers and there were I mean unbelievable. Piles. Of believes. And then this apparatus. That was down at the end of the parking lot which obviously is one of those things that sucks the leaves up and and distributes it into a truck. Well there in the back of the building now. And and urgent need a bigger truck. They're out there basically all stand around the back of this truck right now under look at added and the thing is packed to the gills I mean it's got like a TARP on the top of it but they. I just I was watching the guy pulling stuff out of but I think so they can get the back closed. But they're not there we were near. So. Tis the season. There's they have video up on Charlotte dot com which is the Charlotte Observer website. Voted the Blue Line extension which should they expect to open in March which is it is supposed to open in August. And another saying march although. That doesn't allow for the full testing time that they originally said that they would need to. But there's are article in the Charlotte Observer today by a Steve Harris and know that talks about two out of the Blue Line extension a still on track for march opening. And one of the things they got a video up on their website that could take (%expletive) holes. None of the whole run starts up into it a UN CC in and works its way on down in through node on and back into the and it says it's pretty ashamed of Tennessee. But that line will be are you all it cost us money. So. And it's also inching to be able to see it now before they build all the apartments on both sides of the tracks which is no it is going to be exactly what they do in the next. I you can tell you've gotten in a note I don't know if you've been down around no dog 363 but you Doug apartments that are already there. So I was trying to figure out where's the stop to get you closest to Brooke sandwich shop figured out actually got a meg Brooks like a stop. Get super burger and no move on but anyway the video it to Charlotte dot com is is pretty cool if you wanna go take a ride on the new blue line extension and and and see what that's all about. Jeff Sessions and be front of the House Judiciary Committee this is an on Goran story able to kind of keep our eyes on that is the other day goes on and so it. There are a lot of news organizations fox and a CBS among no. Others that are running kind of running commentary on know what's going down of any given moment. There is just like there always is whenever there's say how also race senate committee. Being televised with a politician or someone of some political persuasion or controversy in front of them there's a fair amount of grandstanding that goes on and which she. It on kind of a waste of time. But this is up for some this is their only time to. To actually get any attention at all and no so are they take full advantage of them. Sessions has already said don't call me a liar. And I testifying before the house panel today. Democrats are grilling him on the Russia. Oh a role in the campaign and are Republicans or president to go after Hillary Clinton. And he had basically said yesterday the Justice Department said yesterday that. Sessions is leaving open the possibility that a special counsel could be. Appointed to look into the dealings of the Clinton foundation. And the approval back in 2010 of this. This deal involving the sale of our company that owned US uranium mines to a Russian backed company that was signed off on. Bio Hillary Clinton's State Department. So I'm. And that would make a lot of you stand up and applaud if if there was actually an investigation that was going that way and to some extent channel that don't Mueller's ago investigation is going that direction but. Mueller was. In general roundabout way. Involved in that whole time period too was sold at maybe a little sensitive for him are you just never know. The sessions had previously testified under oath that he knew of no contacts between the Russian campaign in the Russian officials. And that had been called into question so would be today he gets back in front of the House Judiciary Committee. And they kind of remind him about this meeting that George profit doll pull us. Recently in the news and told Bob Mueller that he once boasted of a meeting attended by sessions and trump. Of his Russian contacts and offered to arrange a trumped meeting with Vladimir prudent. And sessions clarified on that point and some others as the day went on but he said I do not recall. That march. 2016 meeting Ed to the trump hotel that mr. Bobbitt obelisk attended but I do but I have no clear recollection is I do now recall that meeting. But I have no clear recollection of the details of what was said at that meeting. And then added that yes news reports had jogged his memory and he told the senators that while the details are heavy he had pushed back on pop it up a list. The offer to set up that meeting. But he adamantly rejected the idea that he's been untruthful and so I will not accept in our reject acquisition accusations that I have ever lied under oath. That is alive. So like Jeff Sessions get her. How by the House Judiciary Committee as we speak. He. Yesterday the representative Jim Jordan of both of these guys Republicans and netscape's. Jordan from Ohio. Gates from Florida. Called on sessions to name a special counsel to investigate. Call mis handling of the election. And us senate he won't do it then no he should resign. So they are enumerated a long list of a questionable activities by James Domi and that was the attorney and then also attorney general at the time for Obama Loretta lynch. And and special counsel Robert Mueller to. So. So that was interesting they're. Disgruntled Republicans and and voicing their displeasure. And they want to an investigation on the corruption surrounding Hillary and James called me and so both those guys Jim Jordan and Noah and mad gates. Tense time for Jeff Sessions to name a special counsel get answers for the American people if not he should step down on northern many of you that are applauding misses we speak. They said that to calm his decision to draft an exiled or rationed letter regarding nemesis Clinton's months before the end of the investigation. And well before the FBI talked to or was troubling it is. They said that they're called he's handling of the anti trump dossier. Was so concerning that the director should have briefed the president elect well before the January 6 a briefing that Telecom we delivered. And they said that the 2010 deal that saw the US approved sale of uranium to Russian interest. Demands a more thorough investigation and called saying it calls into question the independence of the special counsel Robert Mueller. Who is probing not the trump campaign figures so work with Russia. I and they made this speech yesterday on the house floor and and they got some attention. And gets his concern about Mueller mirrors his views. Under Clinton. And says the last mile or Clinton and Tommy face accountability the corruption that they engaged in nor will go unpunished. And we are at risk of two day out not to. Eight in this country. And I look at for the court here. Yeah they said don't we are at risk of. A coup d'etat in this country if we allow the unaccountable person with no oversight to undermine the duly elected president of the United States that was gates. And he says that is precisely what is happening right now with the indisputable conflicts of interest that are present with the mr. Mueller and others in the Department of Justice so those guys spoke out yesterday a day before sessions goes in front. Of the House Judiciary Committee today and this is one of the things Republicans have talked about. But I this angle the Democrats are trying to get him Monday on the Russian stuff so he's Canada are going to be enough volley back and forth with the Justice Department finally said yesterday. That sessions is leaving open the possibility that a special counsel could be appointed. To look into the dealings of the Clinton foundation and the approval of the 2010 deal involving the sale of the company that owned US uranium mines to a Russian backed company that was signed off on. Our bio Hillary Clinton's State Department. The president has voiced his displeasure with the Justice Department and and a sessions that there hasn't been an action taken. So in a letter to the House Judiciary Committee the Justice Department said sessions had dead directed senior federal a federal prosecutors to quote a value wait certain issues. I suspect the ones that were raised by those lawmakers yesterday. And then the prosecutors will recommend whether any new investigation should be open and whether it might be necessary to appoint a special counsel. So. That's what trump wants. And he's got to run he's got to be a little careful that doesn't appear that trumps actually running the Justice Department but the Clinton emails that found no charges were awarding. The FBI's probe into the Clinton emails found that no charges were warranted. And an appointment of a special counsel particularly after calls from a forum Republican members of congress and from a trump likely to lead Democrats to charge the Justice Department has come under. Political influence and so that's kind of a a high wire that they have to. Well balanced but doesn't Jeff Sessions is so strongly in the news today. Yes the same Jeff Sessions that we thought was gonna be fired. What was that or months ago three and a half months ago I had no. And I'll. I gotta be and I have no concept of time because every day. Is a new day. Well. Something soap opera. So now I Donald junior. Is in the cross hairs. And his communications with WikiLeaks. Which I guess is one of those both stories but the other story about this says. It was Trump's lawyers Donald juniors Trump's lawyers. That had given all of this correspondents to congressional investigators. And now some of that has been leaked. To the Atlantic. And so is another example of information being leaked. And I don't remember what was that session said today before the House Judiciary Committee but it's something like we have a was it a 127. Investigations going on in the leaks or 27 hurt but multiple. But anyway these the Atlantic are reports that trump juniors lawyers which had given them the big bill at all this information to congressional investigators. Trump said he only responded to WikiLeaks. A whopping at his word three times. Communicated with the WikiLeaks not Twitter before and after last year's election. And that includes September 20 2016 when WikiLeaks asked him about the political action committee behind an anti Trump's side and he wrote back awful record I don't know what that is but all last round. And then October. But 40162. Days after. Trump. Declared I love WikiLeaks remember that. WikiLeaks messages that trump junior and urges him to get his father to a tweet a link to a lot to all. Two us search emails stolen from my Clinton's campaign chairman John Podesta. And and Donald didn't let trump junior did tweeted a link himself a couple of days later. And then and later emails which trump junior did not reply to any said he only replied to three. I mean if somebody they made some unbelievable request they asked for a trumps. Tax returns not juniors dad's. Saying that if they can print that that it would make them look less like a shield for one side or the other. Problem. And now Election Day. WikiLeaks suggested the trump junior. Then that if his father lost he should refused to concede and declared that the election was rigged and I didn't respond to that. There were calls for more information now from a trump junior about the WikiLeaks. Unknown Monday en us senator Richard Blumenthal saying there seems to be no reasonable explanation for these messages. I don't know hum. Is this a thing or that is not a thing. It'll be a thing but isn't a thing or not a thing I've been trying to think necessarily incriminating in their own one way or the other but. Anyway. Trump junior back in the news again been a while he's been good lay low. So far it's been the son in law that gets all the eggs so maybe trump junior was. Feeling left out I don't know. Her offense made some announcements today. Partially who's coming up and April for a Merle fest next year end. Among the headliners. Chris Kristofferson. So. Jimmie Johnson. Robert Earl keen. Devil makes three. Also range and the Atlanta pops orchestra ensemble. Mission temple fireworks revival which features of Paul thorn in the band. Blind Boys Of Alabama are coming in dual Wilkes first they're Merle fest this year. I'm McCrery sisters and and they go on to name a whole bunch of people Leo five special artists that are played all 31 years ambush will be back Jerry Douglas will be back Peter Roland but I just saw a smothers and and Jack Lawrence. And none and that they listened to quite a few and more to come so I don't know if all of headliners suburban no mention judgment Chris Kristofferson. And Jamie Johnson. How would be among the attitude Jamey Johnson is any grammys got eleven time Grammy nominated singer songwriter one of the he greatest country singers of our time according to the Washington Post. Alabama native been acknowledged by many as a country music's north stars what they have solid. So. Anyway he's coming and he wrote the I think he wrote the did he write the guitar song for that done by several groups get to convert itself. But anyway I'll Merle fest do and all that stuff and the UCLA basketball players show are on their way back apparently the president asking the Chinese president to all resolved help resolve the matter did just that. So are Cody Riley and Jalen hill and lay Angelo hall are on their way back in the states after allegedly. Stealing sunglasses Louis Vuitton shop and maybe some other. High end retail stores around along the way. And down if indeed there's enough proof to approve that they should be kicked out of college. But they won't be because there really good this is UCLA. Now rumored desert rumor was up late last night I went to bed third quarter. Boomers got more energy than anybody I've ever met in my life. Maybe it is the coffee I don't. I think it's his boomer I just think I just runs on exuberance. Because a man he's he's back Ares has come forward. I would have been the third quarter I'm dragon. And I'm doing a good diet these days there's no reason. Game was fun last month the no two ways about it Cam Newton 254. Yards four touchdowns. Christian McCaffery scored touchdowns rushing and receiving. 4521. Final score Jonathan Stewart gets a hundred yards first time that's happened this season Newton adds 95. Including that little 69 yard stroll that he had done that was pretty amazing. I'm way to hang on to the ball because they were going after the ball the finally caught up with a. At a major think forget about tag Kevin. Benjamin Kelvin Benjamin for a while that may look pretty good. Five passes for 92 yards and two touchdowns. And. Curtis Samuel is apparently out for the season with ligament damage. And that's too bad because that was an element that don't look like it was starting to come around two. So that's the bad news that came out of the game 41 seconds left in the half and and Luke weekly intercepts. Colors can paid ten million dollars this year. These memories signed on as an analyst with fox. Which only which I've which is the second most amazing part of battles sentenced ten million dollars to come back and play for the Miami Dolphins. Our end and that somebody thinks that this guy would be a good analyst Wendy's. It would be I don't know he's just. He's now all likable type of guy anybody may be the most wonderful person on the planet apparently Julius Peppers while they were state of the broadcast last night. Think the guys just gain on got a misunderstood. My actor what they say the body language of stuff is just. But came anyway. 41 seconds left any day throws a picked a Luke equally and four plays later. I Newton connects with Ed Dickson. And it's a touchdown. Which turned out to be the first of five straight Carolina. Touchdown drives. So bomb. I don't know that that was I don't know why I don't have an update on Tyler Larson age he was the senator last night because or Ryan colonials been out. So I'd Tyler Larson was his back up and he went out yesterday. Injured and learn Greg enroute knows who replaced him in the third quarter so. Animals to roll that goes but boy it was fun to watch last night. Cam primetime mom they were having fun. And that's says that that's why that's what it's a fun to watch camp. But the problem with cameras. He doesn't do it consistently. So but you know. Shoulder injury no legitimate excuse. Are starting get into the season. That this is a nice time probably to have some time off. Can Greg Olsen back pretty soon and I don't know about the Ryan Khalil a gotta still waiting for Ryan and Matt to be able to play some games together they've been on the field wants this year together. So that fulfilled kind of the dream but I think they can have a bigger dreamed about but don't. I'm. Awful lot of people talking today about two they think god Carolina's gonna win that nor loans game next time they play him. The G-7 and three now I mean even if you would. What is so does that give you six more games to go even if you want foreign to in those games unit finished 115. That's playoffs. So bottom anyway it's ago it is fun stuff for walks us not to a note note to his back. I'll Lindsey Graham has now joined the parade of people asking for. Roy Moore to. Exit the race and Alabama. Poll Ryan did it earlier. So. Paul Ryan said he should step aside. I'm number one these allegations are credible number two with the F cares about the values that he claims to care about that he should step aside. Jeff Sessions. Yesterday no today. Said that he has no reason to doubt the women accusing Morris sexual assault or harassment when they were chains and knowing he was in his thirties. And then there was this deal with all these pastors that I was getting passed around yesterday and they are now pushing back against this letter of support for more than his wife. Not Kayla had posted on FaceBook on Sunday. And the letter which calls Moore a warrior for the unborn child defender of the sanctity of marriage and a champion for religious liberty was signed by more than fifty Alabama pastors. But now they're finding out that that wasn't signed by those Alabama pastors just recently. That was probably from before. The GOP primary. And so three of those pastors have now stepped forward to say. Behave remove my name from that letter I'm not so sure that. So at one point it was. An endorsement for a reelection and now things have come around and so there. Under bailing on him and the latest name and the big well there's actually two names one did you cut it no one and one huge name. But every day it seems like we get somebody else. Who's being approved. Accused of sexual harassment in some way for and it's usually powerful men. Dad. I you know and and and some of the names have been legendary. A mom and no Harvey Weinstein and that Kevin Spacey you're apparently at the same sex rehab. And I don't know that I believed to Matt. Just seems like out. A ticket to try to get away from the controversy. Dirt bag cleansing. But I NBC news has hired a Matt Zimmerman who was the top talent Booker for a inappropriate conduct with more than no one woman at the network. So that came out today and then the latest person apparently in the cross hairs of this sexual harassment is. And have a drum roll. Bill Clinton. I know. The Ronald Reagan of the Democratic Party. I your stock and archer. Actually this is about Michelle Goldberger writing in the New York Times and an op Ed piece. And she says and rush had an inched into has done this in order to be able to prosecute everybody that you're going after now. And old Donald Trump accountable for his indiscretions that had been reported during the campaign. You now have to come to terms with the fact that you gave Bill Clinton a free ride back their bit in the early in the day. And so now you almost have to say all while. We really need to go back and revisit that. So. We had a thousand conversations here and WBT about whether or not character counts or not. And I don't know that we ever rated answer that question because in my estimation character doesn't count to enough people. But now Michelle Goldberg at the New York Times. Is calling for a Bill Clinton's character to be brought. She reviews the claims against him made by various women and arrives at the conclusion. Which was stated in this op Ed headlined. All I believe Juanita. And I don't think she's talking about. Barney's girlfriend attended. Any of our. And Barney have a girlfriend are somebody that he was hot on named Juanita. Used to sing about her. Yeah no. Talk about Juanita Broderick. Accused your Clinton of raping her in 1978 she was 35 he was the attorney general of Arkansas. Per accusation accusation is is a little bit troubling. At least to the Ryder gold bird because it's a similar. Accusation. Binges bin leveled against del Harvey Weinstein. Broderick claimed that they had done planned to meet at a hotel coffee shop and at the last minute he asked her to come up to his hotel room instead and that's worry allegedly raped her. Five witnesses say she told them about that right after it happened. She then went on by the way to deny those that rape in an affidavit to the attorneys for Paula Jones. But then she changed her story when speaking with the feds. And Goldberg writes in New York Times today but her explanation that she didn't want to go public but couldn't lied to the FBI makes cents. Well whatever makes sense to you what whatever angle you're trying to come up whether the time makes a steal it whatever angle you're trying to come up with at the time. But anyway put simply. Goldberg writes in the New York Times today. Michelle Goldberg op Ed piece. Put simply I believe her. She says it's very concluded because of Broderick say allegations Bill Clinton no longer has a place in decent society. You don't even trying anymore Izzy. And Davies. I have rendered good too late. That this is like gonna tell and Bob gives city can't pitch anymore. Day very little delay. Fair to conclude that because of the allegations Bill Clinton no longer has a place in decent society writes a Goldberg general op Ed piece she writes of the dangers of an automatic. Believe the women reaction. Which she said so it could someday be exploited against genuinely innocent men. And probably an understanding this is her words are probably already have house that's where you run under the dilemma he said she said. You can run somebody pretty easily these days. By accusing them of all sorts of atrocious things. And even if they're innocent as the day is long. The accusation sticks. Accuse somebody of doing something with a child. And even after it's been proved beyond a reasonable doubt that they never did it. There will be some that still believe something may have happened people believe what they want to believe. So her conclusion in this op Ed piece is we should err on the side of believing women. But sometimes that belief. Will be used against us. Charlotte vikings aren't happy about Greg Olsen calling the game I just don't look does that presidential networks have a better just two weeks ago surely fuel Medimmune deal for a thirty hour are read the news today oh boy is coming up right after. News that now alliance coming up now I know 75 blow are a certain order ever remember is survived 7-Eleven generally better torso and you're Thomas on through the Dem numbers. I riot your MBTA. And they are you doing down. There I cannot believe that I can't believe they're on the news this whole row Roy Moore saying. I mean is this peer out and out and says he sat down narrowly beat Graham. Come down that you should step down. I mean what I. What really happened when somebody would come out with Clinton scandal back in ninety. I mean James Carville come out all of you people oracle are currently under our builder girls are we look at are able to unsubstantiated. Accusation and as jets that are in the saint eve. I I I think this has nothing to do with but to our power Bob Barr party's survival they they can't afford to lose a voice and video senate cannot afford to lose a vote in the senate so. Even if this were a smear campaign it's an effective smear campaign. The this is this is a race that are Roy Moore had in the Arab in a hit in his hip pocket. On that is now too close to call. So this is this has nothing to do with. Ethics or truth thirty along those lines this has to do with power party. What that you see that's exactly that that's exactly it Democrats are desperate. Change to make up that. Can make up background so that due to do anything that they have to do in order to get back he could tip the balance. So I'm so what's happening here at the Republicans like it Democrats he would circle are noted that she's been dancing like a no evidence. Before they tell the body that there are well. Then there's the is that the five women who step forward. That there are better they're built their evidence is pretty credible. So you're gonna have trouble on a short period of time discrediting what to appears to be credible and and that's why I think so many Republicans are coming out and saying that's why Jeff Sessions says today I believe the women. Now that they don't have evidence that they added if. They only have accusations because it happened so long ago. But BP. Question crew chief signal. They're seeing in the capturing detail work that are important step down anyway Obama go head score points so in voters for upcoming elections. Say so yours so your stunned that that politics is this dirty Ryan. Knowledge as it is frustrating at republic and given the fact that they at its all well positioned to get away so you go yeah well. I'd get used to it because. What you've flipped the party using your putter democratic mayor presidency. Is if they're gonna play just as hard ball asserted the Democrats are our players and time and then like I say. There seems to be and it's hard to tell at this point but the women who were accusing or. And or nor Roy Moore right now. Seem to be more on the credible side and then on me not credible son. Well we will are way down through 27 team we are at day 318. Minutes. There are 47. Days to go 41 to Chris I. 1995. Budget standoff between Democrats or Republicans in the US congress forced the federal government to temporarily closed national parks and museums and run most government offices on skeleton staff have been. Threatening that ever since. 1995. Crayola announced it was replacing its food scented crayons with new sense that parents can be sure that their children wouldn't wanna eat you remember this. They have come out with crayons and they smelled like a chocolate and global gum and sharing. Because three don't. So now they are changed the sound of your crayons so that it was more like dirt and shampoo. And cedar chest. Although when you were a kid did you every dirt. Taste really wasn't what got you there was the grip they've got your more than enough. 1995. On November the fourteenth the survey reported in George magazine economist George magazine indicated 75%. Of Americans believe the US government was involved in conspiracies. 75% how many now. 50% believe that there was life on other planets. And 70% believed in angels. And 10% believe that Elvis was still alive. But that was thirty. Seven years ago. No they didn't do much. And that was 32 years ago. We're pretty sure Elvis is dead. The reverend run of run DMC is how all DJ. 53 a very good desperate close. Fans of Sean Hannity tossing their pyrrhic. Coffee machines off balconies and beating them with hammers and axes. But some fans of the coffee machines LL support the company and so there by the new models. I don't know why you guys as well what do as the one of those occurred machine cost hundred bucks. You know you can get a cup of coffee at Starbucks for four. I studied. You know I'm kidding right here can get I study shows the number one reason people shop on Black Friday as do buy things for themselves. Yeah. You bring our problem that you think the merchants from Black Friday have a problem with them. New report from heart health experts say half of Americans probably have high blood pressure. And according to a new study unemployment may increase your chances. Of having a heart attack. Which makes you really concerned about a couple of friends of mine. Through this week. Game their status and. And can. Apple is expected to release three new iphones next year. They they just below that well I guess they reps to be predictably they just release the eight the eight ass and the attempt. And. One of the ones still BA super sized ten. With a six and a half inch screen next year. And held in the face recognition and all that stuff. And just all by the way when apple released the attend on November the third it touched off an immediate race among hackers around the world to be the first to fool the company's futuristic new form of authentic authentication. And here we are awake later and hackers are on the actual other side of the world claimed US successfully duplicated somebody's face to unlock his son iPhone town. So low with what looks like a simpler technology then some security researchers believed was possible this is why I bought the eight. I just think there's going to be all sorts of little things to work out with video ten in the new technology and quite frankly. I'm not that crazy about my old face. Into more and so there's really no reason for my phone to have to be able to. Analyzing it every time I. I checked to see if I have an email from. I work. We're kind of out iphones. Apple expecting to release three new phones iphones next year. Including a ten it's got a six and a half inch screen. And hackers. I think they've already broken into the face ID thing already it's a Vietnam law and Vietnamese a security firm that says it cracked face idea where they are composite mask of 3-D printed plastic silicone make up and simple paper cutouts which in combination tricked an iPhone Jenin to unlocking. That demonstration which has yet to be confirmed publicly and by other security researchers can poke a hole in the video. Expenses security of the iPhone ten particularly given that the researchers say that there are a mask cost them. A 150 dollars to make. Now that may be too much for you don't. But it's not for a hacker. They want to give in to phones. And then there's they have popular cash back website company called. And they conducted a survey to determine which devices people want this holiday season and I think one of the instinct findings about all this study that they did was that teenagers. Prefer the iPhone. And adults prefer the Samsung galaxy SA eight. Which would make George the adult in the room and me the teenager. These survey says that 35% of teenagers want the iPhone. Or the iPhone eight compared to 20% of adults. For the iPhone ten and 22% of adults for the iPhone eight. And 38% of adults want to receive the Samsung. Galaxy S eight for Christmas. In the same survey beats wireless earbuds. Is the number one trendy teen gifted 44%. This year. 47% of teenage boys want a drone. And up 52% of girls water Polaroid camera. Why a Polaroid camera. There's a backer I think. What's the purpose. You want the picture. They probably wanna sniff that stuff that you have started him on the old canister there with the stuff that you're supposed to put over the photos that had really distinct smell to it. Smith and. That's not right. So on my wife wanted drone every time we go into the Apple Store itself park a finder over the drone thing. I mean a bigger need but what we're for what you pay you can't fly them anywhere. Fine and be. Doing good for what. So argues that tell you you get a camera. And you go up premiere issue here a lot or you're huge plays for your work or you. And then what. The awful other students were I've got to drone that does somebody gave me cheaper. National Geographic result like that no camera hitting like that just. Battery operated consider the box for a year and a half felt when garage now. And I'll fly at Sunday I got an acre lots so flies out someplace and then crashing into a tree or something. All right final five birdies coming up. Next. It's 505. The unknown. We. Do. Okay. Okay. It's okay. Brings so. Okay. He. It's. You lose me in us. He was junk. I was seeing. We use our. Me and. Susan. Playing her. Mir's 11109893. WV GA traffic weather get a thanks senators till Florida I 77 exits 43 miners who were Von candidate thank you John heavy delays eyes 77 with an incident just south of the state line this report is sponsored by Charlotte Douglas airport is a disabled vehicle with a wide load this broken down on 77 southbound right lane blocked just before at the exit as 88 to go here wrote just before you take the ramp to go he'll. But traffic is now getting by all the lip with heavy delays back up toward would launch so early Virgil after the far left for the best time. But you may want to go with the US 21 as an alternate also an incident on pie hole road west of missions Ford wrote about a -- commons parkway at Providence through the east on Alexander road at highway 51 Munro eroded Washburn avenue Sharon amity road near independence sunset road near peach street. On Madison avenue near the plaza and your drive time 85 northbound. From exit 38 RE 77 exit 58 concorde Annapolis less than 26 minutes. Pick it up holiday travelers its Charlotte airport with a cell phone bought has moved in or directly off Josh Birmingham parkway. Visit CLT. Airports dot com. WBQ whether general forecast clear tonight with a low of 35 tomorrow sunshine 58. 53 and rock killed 52 of the quaint city next up. They did 520 boomer mine Kenneth WVT all day tied to refresh. Plus 41 days until Christmas just sounds unbelievable. It's not really unbelievable to me and that that means I've got thirty some odd days for kids first and we're not even starting. And offered other tidbits. Those are you are never been with a suitable for kids first is a finger we do for our kids homeless near homeless kids Bender for twenty some odd years now. And that'll include a huge fight drive little to basically put his son Friday though fifteenth I think. Out of south neck high school we collected in three hours less your best 700 somewhat bikes. It's it's just turned into something missiles and more than you we can believe. But double raise 40506070. So 1000 dollars men and throw a party for near homeless kids for about a 400 government and take care of another cash last year we took care of another 5600 kids though about top all of them. So a lot of kids that depend on us and we depend on you and so that's what I told not to know we'll get more into the details when we get to closer to a demo will start emerged after round. Well after Thanksgiving. There are more Americans are the poll out today that says most Americans would skip holiday gift giving if they could. Now. Kids with standing. As Christmas is for kids. But I would be all for this. Most Americans would skip exchanging gifts at Christmas time if their friends and family agreed to it. According to a new Harris poll that found 69%. Feel this way. If they if they didn't have to go to worry about buying give 60% of those who spent the news spend time buying or making gifts said that they would spend more time. Oh with friends and family. Or not. They are playing golf. Or doing whatever it is you do that you walk away from two. After go to the ball low 24 hours. Before Christmas Day and find something for everybody we can hear him ginger a big protest president. The poll also February not to do that anymore you distorted his call Amazon. What you got left. Overnight it to me. The poll also found that 43% of those who spend money on anything related to the holidays said they feel pressured to spend more than they can afford my question to you at 70457011. Dinners. If you can get your friends and Balaguer agree whether it. Would you like to skip the holiday gift giving if you could point. You'll be phone calls have come in 70457011. Just. All out this is most Americans would skip holiday gift giving if they could 69% felt that way said it's been more time with friends and family abandoned after the gift thing. Also found 43% of those who spend money on anything related to all of this city feel pressured do actually spend more than they can afford. So I guess were saying would you would you like to be among those six changing no skipping the exchanging of gifts. We understand. Kids. But you don't get a gig kids would do you give should be for kids not for adults. And do you feel pressured to spend more money than you can afford another things during the holidays already and till we go at 704571110. Hate him. John I know has been here you're are a good feeling. You know I asked the always are aren't true spirit. Our people but I bought back you know. Chart that back on our tradition and it. Stops. But I'm sorry that I can't help you expect a big topic. There are you know and it. And we don't have a you know you would expire and we I carrier oh my job or that get it it's just that. Orbit. Nicer than that there are opposed. Plus you don't have to break the bank eight aids is still the thought that counts it still shows some effort on your report actually showed more effort some gays is on your part. I know this is have been done by a thousand people before one of the wrist things my wife does every year. Is get jars and now put all the ingredients kind of like in layers to make cookies herself like that. Me or and then yeah and its say and it's something that you can give somebody and it doesn't embarrass them if they didn't get you something guy and it shows that somebody total elbow grease and the idea enough. Not I'll mall with you and I think we go way way out of line no I understand kids amend and end and that's. And I also though I understand to those just think can you you almost in some cases when you ask would you just as soon skip holiday gift giving. Yet he ought to be careful what you ask for sometimes because. Giving me as you well know is so much better than receiving so it does some ways self racially you don't want to rob yourself of that. You know don't what you don't put all I'm when you are a lot alike but. Open it was my grandfather's fruitcake. I don't pay takes him I appreciate the colony go over here and say hello to a bloody anybody. I'm all right I'll go scenario. Well I don't. Should just eighteen minutes. Exit lighting up but you know local RE eight I liked the 49. Life is good up. And try to connect. I want I want grandmother here it donation. Rule. Chanukah story on our people fortunate. Are at wheelock had to wait too much caught. And I watch you don't want to pack a lot I'm sorry years later got a good well. Yet not time that I said that earlier I do I did do were we when we moved a few years ago. Ahmet weed to guys I can't even begin to tell you how much stuff we unloaded viewed through a lawyer took to goodwill or whatever the case may be and it was liberating and now. I almost looked at gifts from people as god dammit I don't wanna get I don't want no accumulate stuff just to have the accumulation of stuff anymore. Yeah now I wanna. And I would like. And I just don't want accumulate stuff anymore. Let me direct. I. And aren't getting a lot quit yet hit urged. All right thank you very much I'm kidding others that I got I got her granddaughter. This year for Christmas. So our car quite frankly can't wait to spend time with family you know this Christmas I think it's going to be a special enough. It's sick it's something that I don't step parents and parents and and you know she's got three grandfathers. And three grandmothers. And you know it's something that we all can share together. Which is say you know why we're kind of understood. Home. Disenfranchised group yeah. But but I think we all generally care about each other and there's some sex marriages in there that include that do so itself and it's all good it's what Christmas is supposed to be all about. Red truck we'll follow us. I am. 45 minutes of warcraft so are they should have a lot of good things to talk about after the Iran out of the dolphins last night 45 a 21. The Cam Newton to order for 24 yards four touchdowns ran for another. 95 yards last night. Franchise record 548. Yards. Pretty Samuel hurt his ankle is out for the season ligament damage I'm sure the coach will have some say about that tonight tour Jay Cutler 213 yards passing two touchdowns. LeBron and company in town tomorrow. For a game at the BE ST in games for UBS the end a couple of college games on ES feel there's a number of college games on TV tonight but that you featured on me as PM 7 o'clock Michigan State and duke. And that'll be followed at 930 by Kentucky vs Kansas. I have no idea what kind of team like Kansas has this year I would assume both the Kentucky and Kansas are probably pretty good they always are. The vikings are not happy about Greg Olson's planned to call the rams game during the bye week next the Sunday. The vikings general manager Rick steelman Nunn told NFL network's Tom polls Dario debt to on Tuesday that he spoke with the NFL no fox stepped. Relay that the team feels it's inappropriate to have Olsen in the Booth for Sunday's game. But. The NFL's pretty much told him no that's the game his work and currently is on the injured list as you well know you is due to he could come back for the game after this bye week which in New York Jets on the road against New York Jets. And whether or not that's what their plan former not like I get the feeling that maybe there's little bit memorial longer than now. But he's coming out of that to a foot injury broken foot. So. Could play a large role potentially in the NFC matchups between neo vikings in the Panthers on December the tenth and so the vikings are all that happy about having him around but. Tight end is eligible returned. And all week twelve so we'll definitely be ready by December the tenth. Vikings requested to have Olson work a different game. That was declined. Olsen won't be in the production meetings or at the vikings practice says broadcast teams commonly our body is elated to be in the Booth on Sundays so really he's just an observer of the game. The rams who don't face the Panthers during the regular season note could go to actually see Carolina in the playoffs rams have been pretty good this year. And they told Paul sorrow that Olsen won't be allowed and in their production meetings as so well. So around anyway they say we fully respect the vikings concerns as soon as fox has said in the statement we fully consider it respect the vikings concerns we'll limit the amount of pregame access allowed to Greg but. We look forward to welcoming him into the broadcast Booth and giving viewers a unique perspective. This Sunday so while vikings aren't happy about it but Greg Olsen will be do enough. The color on on the rams game so a pretty good stuff she. It was pretty good deal over the weekend. In the paper about. Charlotte not divulging their Amazon. Incentives. And there was one paragraph the kind of caught my I've said the Charlotte regional partnership which submitted Charlotte's. Proposal. Offered few details about the bid which they said emphasizes. The city's millennial draw and quote unquote. Ed G vibrant. Do we have an edgy vibe. Austin, Texas has an edgy vibe. Let's keep Austin weird that's been a statement since I was old millennial. And the com. Austin, Texas has a bribe. Boulder, Colorado has a vibe Eugene Oregon has a vibe New York City has survive. Do we have a vibe. I guess a man it's always a masking. Honestly. I'm not aware of a viable. But I'm not a millennial that shows to move here and Mullen deals are choosing to move here in massive numbers. A government jobs would be one of that financial sector and and technology companies in no sort of software so I mean no they're pick in this place for a reason. Let guys that are edgy vibe do we have an inch drive. This is what we are edgy by being snowed up I would say our plasma what my neighborhood has kind of the last amid wood as I guess kind of you know. When that define would that defined the city's edgy vibe is enough. You have to be. There's. They're contagious and I don't think I think delegates enough to make the whole city and edgy city just a couple of neighborhoods now I think no dime in President Bush probably it may be some. South and a little bit a little bit uptown maybe in some parts all areas where there's not enough land to build an Amazon plant. I I guess I am not trying to be negative here maybe we do have a very pleasant it was probably good answer. But we have selective edgy vibe we don't necessarily have a city that reeks edgy vibe it's kind of buttoned down town generally yeah Austin, Texas SXSW festival in a Lake Travis is no Willie Nelson and and all that stuff that's got an edgy vibe of Portland Oregon maybe you know is why Amazon's going to Austin, Texas and just tell your right now just mark my words were right. Paul Harris poll found 69%. Americans would like to skip the holiday gift giving if they couldn't. Understanding that kids who would be an example would do would be an exemption Tuesday. But and then is that a lot of people feel pressured to spend more money than they can afford on gifts and other things related to the holidays well there was another story that I saw on pop shorter I'd pay the senate daughter talked about birthday parties those of you have kids. You know what the cost of buying gifts for it your kids to bring to. What a in some cases seem like endless birthday parties and how that can add up fast so this website pop sugar writer. Complained about frequently finding yourself shopping for and buying gifts for other kids birthday parties. Sometimes she says her children she barely knows. And revealed a trick that another mother told her that she uses to get some of that money back. The writers said that while she. It was that are birthday party complaining to another mother that she had to buy gifts for three birthday parties. That her daughter had been invited to that weekend. The woman told her. That it hurt own daughter's last birthday party. She'd returned every gift that came with the gift receipt and kept the money. Recycling. No mother said her daughter never noticed the missing presence. That's like it's almost like re gifting in the you get something that you can't necessarily use and you just wanna make sure you don't. Give it to the person that gave it a I don't know that's. If your kid doesn't recognize that they don't give a tree falls in love forest and nobody imperatives that are earlier Devard kid gets a president that she never really seized as she really ever visit. Maybe not. Verizon and AT&T are going to jointly construct hundreds of new cell towers in the United States in the hole simple reason for that is cost. And it makes sense tenant instead of each company having its own cell tower still love build wanted to share the space. Why not. They're both saving money and the competition for. For subscribers and stuff. You know I could still go on so that all makes no sense to me. Our little stories like this Billy burying finds a class ring that was in his under the seat of a 1968 Chevy Camaro. The ring was from 1972. Got me thinking about. I wore my class ring for us longest is said. Attachment I have justice Parker guests and I was travel around the country early in my career doing radio Texas California Arizona plus ago. And I got to know where in a classroom and everybody goes so I'd go back to the class reunions five in June 5 junior class or your news or bad. If their reward at all that already do it's there's a still learn mine since I've got it somewhere. But anyway he finds this class ring in this 68 Chevy Camaro he traces it back to Edmond memorial high school in Oklahoma. And the initials engraved inside the ring their red DML. So we started searching for students with those initials from that graduating class. But the research came up short and that's when he contacted Dell police and Edmund Albert Ed Edmond Oklahoma. They department. Posted a photo of the ring on social media. And it didn't take long for the photo to reach somebody related to the rings owner which turned out to be until Lana Marie lynch. It was her son. That was a contacted and he broke the news to his mom shed after 42 years for class ring was coming home. The mom knew that she hadn't seen the ring in decades had no idea where she had lost it. But Billy's Camaro once had to belong to her and so the mystery was unraveled. I guess the question would be is if you can have a Camaro a 68 in the year who would want 6070 like the classic you're right about the first year they came out. I was dating a girl in my school. News she was adopted a.