Panthers, Hollywood Effect and More

John Hancock
Monday, January 8th

Dave Thompson fills in for Hancokck. Frank Garcia of WFNZ joins Dave to talk about the Panthers game and their future. Much discussion with callers about the Golden Globes and the effect of Hollywood on society. 


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You're cracking down on. In the morning columnist no more live in the. Good afternoon everybody welcome to the John Hancock showed Dave Thompson sitting in here today John back in tomorrow. So far 571110. As the phone number here you'd like to get him well of course the talk of the town today here in Charlotte is that the Carolina Panthers were. Were taken out of the playoffs yesterday when they lost 31 point six in New Orleans against the saints. At 405 I'm going to be joined by frank Garcia of Garcia. And daily show for fame over on our sister station. WFANZ. And of course he played offensive lineman in the NFL for a few years including a stint from 95 to 2000 with the Panthers so lob. Garcia has been kind enough to let's say he'll join us here at four all five at which time will love. Talk a little bit about the game yesterday and also what the future holds for the Carolina Panthers both in terms of potential ownership but changed. As well as just you don't want as the team need to look to to get to the next level saluted and that. So ten years ago or five if you if you if you talk to me about Oprah Winfrey run for president dyed his laughter and it just seriously c'mon. And of course nobody at that time would have thought that dead Donald Trump had a chance either. I did not watch the Golden Globes I have a fairly strong stomach but people watching the Hollywood types navel gazing congratulate themselves for. Protesting against a mass that they created doesn't do a lot forming. Didn't see any of that but. Apparently Oprah Winfrey gave a speech that sounded a lot like a campaign speech and has brought about a lot of conversation here in the next few days. Now bomb. There's a there's a piece out there an article at the Stetson title Oprah inspires in a way that Hillary never could. And I want to make a statement that you know certainly some my friends on the right wouldn't necessarily light up. I think she'd have a few or are as good a shot as anybody on the Democrat side I really do. We have become what I call a celebrity culture. We make our celebrities and politicians these days. Boy do I understand that going back to 19981. Minnesota elected former. Wrestler Jesse Ventura to be the governor. All laugh over there and it was a little weird but a world subtract. He gave Al Franken a home in the senate till you're welcome America anything we can do to help up there amid a soul dock in all. So I'll week we make our celebrities and politicians and we'll make a politician and a celebrity right. I mean you know we we had that not nowadays. It's not good enough to do is just being elected official. I mean certainly Bill Clinton night there I think everybody remembers that that was Arsenio hall show. Where he did his saxophone plain dealer did you put on some kind of funky hat whatever and look. You know losers like Abraham Lincoln could never get elected any I mean there'd be no tricks right. Because this guy I was you know super tall and and not particularly physically attractive and most people think he had a disease called mark fans disease which shut made his his limbs appendages rather long relative to you know we don't know because back then they weren't diagnosing that. But folks who have looked at his. And Ed is you know data kind of think that might be like well a Lincoln couldn't get elected he's just B he doesn't have a look to do it. And and our politicians have become celebrities and vice Versa so my point at all this is. I think. As I sit here today who who knows what the landscape and point when he's gonna look like not nobody is a cloak and anybody that tells you that they do theirs they're crazy. And nobody knows what it's going to look like. 10 months from now in November. Of 2018. Things can change so quickly if the economy happened tank if there was some sort of national security crisis. Or some sort of domestic crisis like god forbid terrorist attack of significant magnitude something like that the whole world can shift on a dime. So anybody who says they have a clue what's gonna go on and point when he dot Goodyear did their knots however. I'm just saying as aid as a general statement. Given the fact that that Oprah Winfrey's a household name. She's got incredible name mighty. Nationwide. I have never been a big fan I've ever that's not you don't necessarily my kind of TV but I get the whole. Inspirational. Beatle people gravitate to her there's something she's got that. She's kind of got that down magnetism that there are some people out there that others just wanna be around big biggest. Think they're fun to be around fun to follow. Fun to hang out with fun to keep up with. An an Oprah Winfrey strikes me is one of those of frankly that is a huge component of getting elected to office. So I would by no means a throw that out as as a possibility would that be entertaining Donald Trump running for reelection to install Oprah Winfrey. I mean I think if you're Elizabeth Warren. You know the senator but wants to be president. Who's who's got you know the personality of a let dish rag I mean I I think he got a tough time. Getting a nomination over Oprah Winfrey I really do unless of course the Democrats continue to stack the deck with a super delegates and so on. Like they did elevate Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders I also want talk a little bit about. A little bit more this meat to stuff. Follow up on some things there that we talked about last week that it had come on the Golden Globes. And then also more fallout on this Michael Wolfe book fire and fury about Donald Trump. Your way and settle for 571110704571110. You are listening and news 1110993. WBT. Everything. I'm Dave tops and and here on the John Hancock showed eighty with you until 6 o'clock today John back in the seat tomorrow. Some 04571110. If you like the way and I knows flashing on the one of the screens before me here in the studio. Was they have a picture of Donald Trump and alongside Oprah Winfrey and indicating that the the trump White House had responded to. But talk of an all pro Iran and point 18 staff. Stop basket in stock responding. Since January of 2018. Seriously. Who could calm my goodness and the trump White House ought not respond. But of course we get dragged into this stuff right because people want to talk about it and dom and I get that it it is rather interesting and intriguing. Apparently Oprah launched her little diatribe there at the Golden Globes. Talking about the meat to movement you know my experience in in the world of politics is that. Generally. You are not successful as a candidate. If you have one movement kind of an issue unless it is something. That truly. Captures the people and there's a sense. Of of either you're working to a wrong and injustice or or create something very positive for example. Obviously lots of candidates won and lost elections on the civil rights issue back in The Beatles sixties and and and so one. Different animal. Because I think any reasonable person. Look at the racism that existed in our country. Looked at the disadvantages faced by a you know black Americans and said that this is an issue. That is so big that until we get this right. Probably a lot of other issues in our country don't really even matter but there are few issues like that. And with all due respect to be talked about last week I don't think the meat to his laurels are ready don't because. It it's it's not like. The institutional. Racism and there'd be it's just it's just not the same animal I don't I don't believe and I think that that would be up a poor. Place from which to launch a campaign however I I will say this. You know if you're a ten buck and our female employee. Who's trying to feed your children as a single mom. In you know you're getting your but pinched on a daily basis or worse in order hold your job your your good now. Because apparently a number of women at the Golden Globes last night were the black. A higher. In in protest of of what men are doing and I'm I'm sure. The what they had in their minds at that time would be the run of the mill ten bucks an hour employee at the hotel. Or at the diner who's who's being abused. And if you believe that. You know it it it will and what I love about this is. Is there any institution. But has contributed more to the object defying of women. And putting before our eyes the abuse and mistreatment of women in Hollywood. I don't thinks. And of course they always pass that off as well it's art right it's art you Dino it's just it's acting in it it it's not. It's nothing we condone is nothing we we believe is okay it's it is it's art. But you know what at they can't have it both ways right. And one of the things that has driven me not for years about people engaged in art via literal. Art like paintings and drawings and that kind of thing or art is music or artists theater or artists TV is. They they want you to believe there influential when they want you to believe their influential. But when they would prefer not to be influential then they try to convince you they are let me give you Koppel and do a classic example. Nowadays. EU typically don't seat. Regular normal law abiding folks. Smoking. In movies and TV why don't you. Because of course the laughed which basically runs Hollywood. Came to the conclusion that smoking is a terrible thing. I shouldn't have to put this disclaimer on but I will. I encouraging smoking. I'm just saying and I also don't think it's necessarily public enemy number one that we face in the free world but of course a number of people felt that it was. Years and decades ago. Am not so became public enemy number one all of a sudden weep you know the people who smoke now. Movies and TV pretty much the bad guys write it that you know from the most may be tried not to portray it. As something that major role or Sally normal just due date why. Well because they don't want to portray to the kid let's. That this is something that's all right to do. We don't want our young people to start smoking we don't want them to be interest in smoking so we're not gonna portrays that on the screen. Because we believe that what we do on the screen. Influences people. Take that's issue a smoking. Now let's take issues DNC. Aberrant sexual behavior. Out of control vials. They they portray that. Constantly. Routinely. To an extreme. They. But immediately you can't at NB move movies nowadays. They're just full of it and and I'm not a huge movie got up I watch enough to have a general idea of what is going on out there plus you know you watch a trailer for a movie and you see the ratings. You can pretty much figure out what's going around there okay. So the same people who say. Well. If we show the good guys if we show the regular folks if we show the normal people smoking. That's going to encourage the kid looks to go up there are smoke. But weakened show aberrant sexual behavior violence against women. All kinds of shooter mops all kinds of violence in movies the violence here violence there abuse here or B has no influence. Now whatsoever don't know what they'll. Our movies where we show that they don't make people or they don't. Influence people to go out do these bad things no not at all over and over here. We can't show the normal on the good people smoking because you know how much influence we have right if we do that then the kibbutz are gonna go out there are smoking. Which it. He'd think you really can't have a both ways. 70457011107045701110. Joseph welcome to the John Hancock showed Dave Thompson's and again. I their day sides are moved by how fortunate feedback and probably Ahmad you know not they're extremely tough to say the wouldn't Oprah Winfrey and. And how those Hollywood types that we wouldn't want they have big germs supporters of Hillary Clinton. Yes sure no Oprah I read today and I confirmed which are renewed yet she was a Hillary supporter. Okay what Hillary Clinton I actually salute green this weekend a new artists that are got a book called it's called the Clinton's war all the women. And balancing the books because where is Juanita Broderick wrote the down. These forward. Which she knows she spotted I would go are when he was governor what he raped her. And then a little warmer about being raped and held in the will who rarely an Oval Office. Any hate Hillary Clinton where is the main you know she isn't able Bill Clinton she helped. Well she was at fort spoke only to discredit Inglewood in the case forward. You know an experimental when you section you'll ask why you know an important that's bad. Oh you circular wall by governor or president who has the whole justice system behind it. Here's to intimidate you got to end arms worse. Yeah no load Joseph there's no question about that and we have seen in the aftermath of the Harvey Weinstein thing to me too moment. That a lot of people who have historically. You know more or less trying to give an end to the clintons and and covered for them in the alike have. Have said yes you know shame on us we shouldn't have done that there was a bad thing and yes I mean. They were. They cover for Bill Clinton there's no doubt about it and how people are struggling with V. You know the hypocrisy of that as we're watching. These other allegations unfold. 7045701110. If you would like to weigh in on Dave Thompson in for John Hancock those 1110. 993 WDT. Dave Johnson and for John Hancock John will return tomorrow at 3 o'clock 704571110. If you like to weigh in here at news 1110993. WBT. Talking about the meat to movement the Golden Globes and I think one of the things where the the Hollywood types are going to have to come to grips. With something is to what degree. The entertainment industry contributes to. A cesspool of thought as it pertains to a lot of things and before we went to the break I pointed out that. But we feel it when it comes to things like smoking that sort of thing. They were that day in Hollywood wanna convince you that well the day they've got to portray it as a negative thing. Because of their tremendous influence in our society. But with things like violence which of course sells movie tickets and sacks which of course sells movie tickets and other things. They bureau use of illicit drugs or laurel we don't we don't influence people visit just art this just entertainment. As it were you think the truth lies because you can't have it both ways. And 704571110. If he'd like to get in my perspective is this. Do I believe. That if 816. Year old. Sees a character that they admire the light up a cigarette. That they are immediately going to run over to the local store try to buy a pack of cigarettes or get under eighteen year old buddies to do it now. Do I believe that if they see paper trail of violence against a woman. In a sexual context or if they see. He you know extreme violence in. War movies it's Sadr or you don't cop and robber movies or whatever whatever the case may be. But do. Do do they necessarily. Go out and and become a violent person. No I wouldn't say that. What I would say is this. There is a desensitize. And factor that goes on. And if you don't believe me just think about the first time you'd do or see. Anything. Pay. Whether it's aid a violent act portrayed in the movie. It's aid. Grotesque scene portrayed in the movie. Or for that matter real life and you see it and and something eat it it it turns your stomach. And then the second time you see it. It's still bugs you. But you've seen it before and you have a little bit of you know being desensitized. And as you see it more and more often and it repeats and repeats and repeats. All of a sudden it doesn't seem that far outside the norm anymore. So do I believe this is as extreme as people see something horrible portrayed in the movie they go do that horrible thing no. That is overly simplistic. Do I believe that when you get desensitized. To certain kinds of behavior and certain kinds of things that. That will eventually. Implicate. You an Indian eat eat eat in an influence you I should say I mean I think it does I don't see how. We can say that it amid look at look at children who grow opener in a highly dysfunctional home. Stuff that other children and a normal household. Would be sickened to buy it or or whatever they take is just fine. Why would the entertainment that you watch the things you're exposed to not do the same thing via. 70457. All lead content this is by the way why psychologist will tell you that if you become. Dependent upon something addicted to something. Or something get overtakes your life in terms of your desire for you need a higher and higher level of that kind of activity and behavior. To get the same high because we desensitized to settle for 57 all 1110. Chris welcome to the John Hancock show earlier on what date tops. Well I don't allow all the fundamental comment about you musing amid a million influence behavior and what Latin. That's a personal experience where they come truck driver over their own little on the road got another pre order. And Mary Tyler there's passengers leaking out I would see more little you know I just people come right rockets are. People trying to imitate what they saw on the stat numbers start Scott diamond. Side nepalese believe he had the newly appointed. Well it's all right help me out here I'm not a fast and furious canceled tell me what those things are bottle what kind of behavior talking about. I hope experience they they. They'd better collect some of the cart in tournament odds. And addicted did a lot of drag race and a lot of that. I go to all of the little. Turning their written directed and dirt and edged up there. They didn't have one outlook the first movie that came out. They had it where it. Still active period card we're trying to rob truckers are road and it would drive up underneath the back into the truck and there's no cause trouble. When I did at that have been made that you have now seem to embed. Somebody that Alex is terminated down pre with a cell. You you're seeing people literally right away mimicking things that they're seeing in the movies. And yeah I like it maybe they're memo much on like Italy we went out and ultimately led I mean not I mean not. Less than a week after reality people out there driving liberians Lebanese government. While that is that is interesting and and frightening I appreciate the a phone call Spencer welcome to the John Hancock show along with Dave Thompson. And today you dumb. When people become hurt because of what these violent. Our main. And then they serve on the jury. Ready EU oral not. Consider the Barbara trader action. So bad or. Wow do you have experience what that are from what do you conclude that. I don't have any period where that are. Yes it had happened because people. Are these Kirk goods are. Birdie there but. I got beaten up it's why. So they let him off they are these are good by somebody should not by how well they let a law. All right thank you Yelp I don't know I mean I I've I don't know that that's that's kind of a question we're asking and I guess. I would have been interested to hear if if he had evidence of that defeat ever served on a jury or known somebody who perhaps was the victim of crime and felt that any. You know somebody was led off the hook easily because somebody was influenced by that. I RL and at the of that that's the question I'm asked the it's certainly. Stands to reason to meet. That anything we quote unquote normalize. By repetitive exposure to it. Changes the way we look at it and we don't. Where were not as impressed with the seriousness of it and I mean you think of any emotional experience that you've had in life. Think about doctors. Process by which they become more and more accustomed to seeing severe injuries being exposed to. People that are are in in physical distress seeing broken limbs whatever the case may be now in that case. That's a necessary. And positive desensitization because obviously if you have a position it's a surgeon or you got a physician in an emergency room. You eat it it's not a good thing if you have been gagging and passing out over blood. But that doesn't work so hot so. But I I have to believe and and I've even had you know people I've known that have gone through medical school say yeah I mean there there is a process of the becoming. More and more. I don't calloused is the right word but more and more capable. Of a handling that type of thing because it's just not new penal I don't on a regular basis seat people bleeding severely. Or with serious cuts or compound fractures and I'm sure if I did I'm sure fight came upon that on the road. The first time it would be died I'd probably deck and and I think that's true of most people aren't so it's. But of course Hollywood would tell us doesn't influence us we see things repeatedly. On television. Rural rural. Were news 11109893. WBT eight Thompson and here are. Are tough morning for John Hancock John we'll be back tomorrow seventh hole for us. 5701110. Asking about did the movie industry that wants us to believe. That does they influence us with things like smoking it's sadder bill when it comes to illicit drugs sex. Extreme violence auto loans is dark we don't influence you. Which is at 70457111070457. All 1110. Jane it looks like you are a marine so first off thank you for your service and thank you for calling. Well they're doing well. Well what are your regulator. More stored it in the world about blank technology operating. And took full story the first all of the wars. Go sort of later in my little World War II Korea Vietnam veteran and had a lot of looks at become a problem. Some sort of murmuring ask about should I wouldn't feel the kill him. Mole or miniature war I was. It's sort of like you and chopped it. We're at war program and when you should borrow. One soldier first set up jobs statue. Don't really know how to use them what time you get used to it to them if you walk and think well. This sort of perfect the art. I'm bill after the first what it all comes in. And I never forgot that wow. Wow who brought to a lot of to a point yeah yeah Annika went on. Many years later our second sort messenger. That was a career that I war time and actually. Well it does like we won't stick around. Another guy yeah well well well what that would spit out Russia and the notebook and the other won't stick guerrilla war that you and I ordered. We should because a good one regret their fair share of all had their little more global echo the farm in the water wouldn't do what. And I'm like what we do. Some diplomats say that make a better man. What you have to be able poked younger Marines abruptly when people go to court you always come book. Some people who despise greatly. We are going to go home go back to honor. Wow that are never forgotten note to our church. That's powerful saw I if you don't mind me asking did you ever have to kill someone. We're. Diet and did you find did this work for our earlier certainly mentioned. Are pretty sure. So then let me. They have this powerful because you're somebody that's lived at I'm living in theory not in practice you live didn't practice. Did it. That experience. Stop there are or do you feel like as you. Participated in in normal society outside of the military. That heat that made you more desensitized their org or did not that translating. Well I don't and so with a look at your your recruits are. What you did what you had to do what you're good at the essential country there's so it's totally different than being out here and should ensure child fortunes among the picture all Richard rare. I think you're able what most people wholesale most people aren't concurred what you're. To compartmentalize and soccer coach dilution huge. All right so. Do you do you think that's true that of the movies because of the premise that I'm I'm arguing here is. Hollywood can't make the claim that that they influence us in in some areas but not in others do you think that went up. 1618 to forty year old and I'm using a guy because usually violence appeals little more men and women. We're excuse me all you feminist who think Arnold differences you're nuts. Our do you think and a nineteen year old guy. That repeatedly goes to movies portraying extreme violence of setter a blood death and and that. That they are able to separate locker not of the movie theater from life just like you separate walking off the battlefield from life or do you think that's different. I think they are the most noble Quran the coat. The tobacco format or second let me let these sort of explain what my point here yes and my point is just. You know that Oprah Winfrey Dr. Phil I like to blame everything on video games and violence on TV. And it is rhetoric federal. I think the whole problem with what they're innocent separately watcher that's kind of where I think the whole problem with. Look kids big days they don't have any player get that others just. Well when I was what the heck are the other it's so what could start work now that you're sharing your you know they'll turn the other cheek you know. They like each other children that are I'd open that it will be go typically I don't particular problem borrowing which shepherd issue with those kids get picked off. Richard there and let buildup buildup buildup buildup buildup for years and years and no Serb explode. Should. It it was different than when I was a kid we negotiate what the schools shall we probably talked to bill and local recruiter and debris than there. Well Bob Boyd JE. Very insightful call like I appreciate it and I pre use appreciate. Your service to the country. That that was those very interesting let's quickly try to get Michael in here Michael welcome of the program. Chart like you very much for taking my call her look on I gotta tell disagree I didn't very opportunity. Thumb. I personally believe that Hollywood can't be Blaine edit its sheer stupidity bomb on behalf of the person to watch these programs or movies. And go ought to try to emulate what they see. Com. They're the current Clinton itself on the back to younger a each element a movie called the program a musher. And you Michael I'm sorry I'm on I'm gonna put you on hold here I I don't know heartbreak when we return we are going to be joined by F frank Garcia. You're cracking down on the morning column snow bowl learn everything again to. Okay here's the thing away. News 1110993. WP TM date concert in here today for John Hancock John back with you tomorrow. After a home for the well deserved time off we are waiting have not been able hook up yet. With the frank Garcia although I see the phone ring and over there my experience is a trained radio professional. Tells me that it could be our guy. And yes it is so loud. We're very happy to be joined us frank Garcia is a course cohost of the Garcia and daily show which airs on our sister station WF Lindsay. From 10 AM to 2 PM Monday through Friday and all of a sudden all likes him all the sudden also a former all linemen. For the Carolina Panthers as well as a couple of other teams frank welcome to the John Hancock show I'm Dave Thompson I appreciate you taking time. Where there are revenue no problem alrighty well. I guess the first thing to get do is the game yesterday which obviously if you're Panthers fan was a tough former watcher was entertaining. The Panthers gave up a lot of chances to score big in the first half ended up on their first three possession of the red zone. Coming out of with three points he can't get it done on the road doing that MI wrong. Know your apps lyric you gotta convert you get a player game. More time to effectively purchase special finger and you gotta be able to take advantage of no opportunities that are given year and we're glad to have the dark about the plays their we are made during the game the big plays. The interceptions and touchdowns those type of thing work. Little time with the ones that are made like the drop passes or dropped interception into the missed field goals that really add up and I think ultimately. When you look back at that game it would just to play here or there. 52 game of inches that we as we've all heard that cliche but you know when it comes down to choose good game plan at the top of their game. A little bit makes less mistakes and more players are gonna win the game that's what the same were able to do unfortunately you know what Panthers. The air the show well they continue to fight. They had a chance and opportunity at the end of the game but ultimately. Just didn't make enough players to work. Yeah that's right and end I'm relatively new to the area and not a Panthers fan night I watched this thing someone objectively although I'm a vikings fan so I knew they would be our next opponent. Had they won that game. You know and as act as a casual onlooker. I'm thanked him how different might that game of gone yesterday with Calvin Benjamin and that trade to meet. Is still a mystery and I'd I don't think it helped the Panthers a second half of the season. Yeah well you know bomb that the record without joke Benjamin is pretty astonishing and it's astonishment that believe in that. I thought it was a necessary move and it's been there to just say it because it's tell sentiment but we are to have as many big receivers they weren't able to stretch the field. No with dugout like punches with a guy like Benjamin with Greg Olsen and her addiction in the mix there was no vertical threat so. In order to kind of open up the offense they had a you make the decision on what they wanted to do with the direction of the offense and get more speed out there to accuse LA Chris Samuels who ultimately got hurt Damir bird. Who ultimately got hurt and then. You know obviously Kaelin clay became man and had they missed or a drop pass so. Because our third receiver goes it's easy to say the trouble Benjamin would have been better than jail enclave but you know they saw that was quick in with third premiere burden. You know leave them Kurdistan. Yeah I mean that's fair even though you know kind of intuitively that that move didn't make sense to me I guess if you've got the numbers to back you up. There's certainly something to that now I gotta tell you that I have always felt that one of Cam Newton shortcomings was toughness when the chips were down. And he gained a tremendous amount of my respect yesterday both in terms of just as physical toughness we'll talk about this in a minute maybe too much physical toughness. After taken a shot late in the fourth quarter. But also his mental toughness in that there were many points in that game frank. We're that team could've hung it up on the road already having been been beaten by the saints twice this year. And they stayed mentally tough and strong as did Cam Newton I thought it was impressive. There are you know our cameras actually grown and matured as a as a football player and as a leader more importantly towards football team. They only came it came out of Auburn there's a lot of great qualities and traits. And the reason why is drafted number one overall and you know there's going to be a lot of to do with what Kim doesn't we judge it because he does it differently than everybody else looks differently. And he put the positioned differently than everybody else so he's going to be criticized. Know whether it would depend on what is right leg first or what was first and that's just not think what he's learned to accept. You know that being said I think it also learned how to you know go out there and compete through the tough times when your dad it's always had success. That guy global. And you're not used to failing. And that's the difference between guys it does seem more successful Walker's fact that they are able to handle. That was issued a little bit differently I think it was learned how to do that because the NFL. As a way of exploiting the weaknesses not. What have you go to your strengths you know you need your strength. You're gonna have to work on your weaknesses and that was a lot of hitters and he setup a great job but. You know just kind of getting better and we'll develop an earlier. My guess is frank Garcia cohost of the Garcia and Bailey show which airs on our sister station WFANZ. From my 10 AM to 2 PM. Frank. In your opinion. What do you think Carolina needs to add in order to get to the next level in the 2018. Season obviously. They made the playoffs they were within one or two good plays. I'm advancing to next week's divisional round. But it's not like they're a long way away what do you feel. The puzzle pieces are that are missing that if you were the GM of that team you wanna add in the upcoming offseason. Close to the sector and potentially even three right away. Speed and offensive we talked about look at what Ted Ginn was able to do were derelict Drew Brees yeah he was a guy that was here it and unfortunately they'd let him go and he heard it all street bosses not to the New Orleans Saints you know this year so. I think that they can go out there and looked at some speed at the wide receiver position would be worth Benji looking for the draft I think you always could you say another. Our defense event opposite of Mario Addison disarmed long term contract last year. Julius Peppers and getting to the end of his career. That will be something that so like the Panthers need to address moving toward an impact player that can get in effect the pocket or the get to the quarterback. Which Drew Brees had way too much time in yes sir and then finally you know there's going to be the the you know beat. The addition of a running back Chris McCaffrey was put in that position. But he's a smaller guy that is used more of a scat back and they're gonna need a between the tackle powder blue like what you see with Jon Stewart. He you are no spring chicken anymore and in his thirties and you know that's one of the things that we're gonna have to address and finally probably had a four point and there are. I would say and others you know peace in the secondary. Mike Adams is not near. They end his career Kurt Coleman. Has had a good season but not great. You're too young quarterback certainly within another year and they're both are gonna get better develop a little bit more but ultimately. You need to speed at the safety position to get over the top close quarters if they're gonna have those quarters planet won't support type of defense what happened like to do. Yeah I mean it you know best as a more casual observer of the Panthers everything you say makes sense although Alitalia. I feel just watching them that you know they're very reasonably close I mean they're dead they're close to being an elite team. I don't know that there is an elite team in the NFC right now I think. Any of the teams are remaining. Have a chance to advance to the Super Bowl its who plays well. And I I mean I think that Carolina Panthers were you know a couple of players away. From maybe even being favored and and they came really close yesterday and in a hostile environment but doubts if it was certainly an interesting game to watch it. Frank do you have time to hang in there for one more signal us. Are OK great I appreciate that my guest is frank Garcia cohost of the Garcia and Bailey show you can hear that program tended to. On on over on our sister station WFANZ. More pat the stock when we return right here at news 1110993. WBT. What does that deep cut I believe that Eric Clapton alibis. No alibis. That don't give me no alibis I. So long time no. State tops your news 1110993. WBT. In for John Hancock who will return to his post tomorrow. My guest is a frank Garcia of the Garcia and daily show on our sister station WFANZ. 10 AM to 2 PM. Frank I got two or issues I wanted to hit with you one is. Is Ernie clocked in panther bill about whether or not Cam Newton should it come back in after taken that shot. On the final drive in the fourth quarter that you know obviously impacted his head. Well you know I did I thought I thought that. I thought immediately that he got poked in the a lot of time looking happened your helmet slides. There's some sort that type of impact and I thought that's what took place. As far as. And his reaction going to the sideline that they were you know people have to understand. Is that the clock is still running. And you hope the team with that situation a lot of times betraying little lady get down Serb forces the referee to stop the game and reset the clock so it used the opportunity for the offense kind of regroup get marble. And you know what Eric Holder play and also give Derek Anderson time to warm up so that the reason why I felt like. He took me as you went to the sidelines of the referees are forced called timeout and then not charge the team with the the five yard delay of game or having to take their time out. Interesting well I imagine the NFL will look into bad given the of the sensitivity that there is now in the NFL. These kinds of head injuries are potential head injuries I decide I'm not a doctor and nobody injured is that they'll tell you that you know you played this game I haven't but Debbie irregular. Not but I'm not a doctor but that's and that's what don't trust those guards you've got to make sure that. You know you I think that Brian Ramon does a phenomenal job and I thought that the bill that you have more precautions the most games. When it comes to those types have been through you know who won't take guys out. Well and can't would be no different I think they treat every situation the same just because one that played quarterback Colombia has quite as quarterback going I've played wide receiver. I think they'll handle that with the same gloves so I think if they felt like Cam Newton had a concussion Utica and out of the game and duct air can't sort of grim. All right well and didn't certainly you know that they idiots out we don't want things to go too far to the extreme I'll be honest with you as a fan. I sometimes think they throw the flag a little too frequently these days on helmet to helmet contact if it's. If it appears to be unintentional Aurora or a quarterback or receiver docs. Didn't get hit. But that being said obviously there needs to be a heightened level sensitivity to to head injuries compared to what what they're used to be when I was a kid watch in the game. I finally. Obviously had it appears that there's gonna be a different owner. Of the Carolina Panthers by the time the season opens September. This fall what what do you make of that how much of the disruption is that you've been a player. How much of a disruption is that for the team and and how do you see that going over the next several weeks and months. Welcome didn't just saying that dynamic that's something that we've got accustomed to here for about point five. The twenty years and you know it's one of those things that you know it's going to be I think hard for a lot of people I don't know if you saw the reaction or not who the players but a lot of them more. Emotionally visually upset you don't whip followed the departure of that game and I know what's going to by the Jerry Richardson. They've met a lot to a lot of people and in this organization and done in this community and you know have a new owner. I had dinner is gonna change that value in that. Nasrallah to different cities not New York statute those not LA is tighten it it's not Florida that day. That's a very. You know different type of deal two very family oriented. Type of community that you know a lot of people rallied around me. These organizations and he's going to be the owner of this team is going to be he. The leader of the city of more than blue this came for the city so. You know I think the NFL has its work without formatting Jerry Richardson and try to do his best to put a guy and position and go to carry the torch for something that he built and I think that you know those decisions will be made sooner than later. Do you feel frank that there's going to have to be a new stadium in order to keep the Panthers in Charlotte. Good question let's you know something that we can't play talking more governor from Corey about a lot of those issues and he's had a he was a part of the group to put this first organized this first stadium here and all the details that went with that. I think there's going to be a lot of pondering and and back and forth in a lot of games poker being played him. You know the city and the taxes. And the unit in the NFL and the promises of Super Bowl host in the kingdom. No there's there's a lot of politics to be play itself so palm ultimately. Adults think that came this city needs Denny stadium. But I'm not sure that's gonna be a requirement for. You know the next ownership because what's not just going to be that stadium and into the parking and all the other things that go along with that they don't you. You know making the sale happen it'll be very interesting an incident or education to see what that takes place but. I would not pursue it I'm just guessing I have known I was of that. I think the stadium spine you know the issues are obviously the surrounding areas with parking and other type of thing but. If you could tell me you know as far as you know greatly to have attained the straw to break players felt that it's going anywhere. Well very interesting I tend to I think that there may end up being a stadium just because anytime there's an ownership change NFL tends to use that. As leverage frank Garcia oh host of the Garcia Bailey show former Carolina panther himself frank thanks for taking time very nice chat with you you have a good day. Quote you are right. We shall return might be patient I will feature call and we get back right here at news 1110993. WBT's. Big stops at him today forward John Hancock you would be back tomorrow here who's 1110993. WBT appreciate talking to frank Garcia about the future of the east Carolina Panthers and pass for that matter. Mike you have been very patient thank you for holding and welcome to the John Hancock show you're on what Dave Thompson. They do appreciate you take your Merkel that. Eight you know there's a whopping total Kelvin Benjamin is Newt. At this morning Ernie made they don't want to share much. Get rid him he was being lazy. And he actually trying to zero purple blue they go to their. When he left. I think bit. Jury route shouldn't always on the field you know his private stuff. People were caught a plane I don't know about that apartment Alito met. I think you fought pretty great organization. Would namely that I used in the printer organization. I think his only mistake. Was bringing in Gelman. And gentlemen. It was the worst first appeared to Ers have ever suspect. And you woke up and fire them and and brought back the man whose era GO and I hope to see that Murray Ernie has so long. Career with the papers you do he decides to leave the business altogether. All right let's let's take your points and in reverse order on attorney Dee do you believe they will make him permanent. I hope so. That is my. Strongest desire. Because his fingerprints or shifting in and finding and developing Caroline or unmistakable. So I would like to see that move may listen gosh. All right. Back to the Calvin Benjamin point and Andy obviously. Frank Garcia is far more of an expert on these matters and I am which is exactly right. I had a dominate a top Memphis football. Tom and and you probably faulty more closely that I have over the years the concern I had with the Benjamin movie if I were Panthers fans to full number one. He didn't seem as though the team reacted real well to it which I understand. EL players come players gold this is a business and the remaining team members have to suck it up. But he did that there was that issue and and secondly. Again as somewhat of an outsider looking at the Panthers I believe someone objectively. My belief was. That is that the Panthers simply were not strong at the wide receiver position and Benjamin does have some talent. Did have some potential and it just seemed to me that they diminish their overall talent level that was my question whether. Well I understand that but if you take a look at the results. From prior to the move and after the move yet look statistically. Speaking they perform better. After the move. He's getting rid of it because he just wasn't delivering. And that's which you did it appear that day that's what over port that's what the players. To form that family and that's one of the things erection and has done is put that in place to make the after 8 AM. And put them together so it's understandable that the players do more see that blue. But if from a business global forum a delivery. Method and it was a good to. Talk all right very good and we thank you might I appreciates all called and move on it yet and if I don't want to debate the point endlessly because it's it's a rather small and I I understand in the scope of the entire season for the Panthers. We don't know there was causation there just because the Panthers. Played some good football after Kelvin Benjamin last. We don't know that that those two things are costly related. But what it does prove on the other side of this argument is that the Panthers were able to play better without amend their so no question about that there. All right well we'll call that a wrap on not Carolina Panthers talked cheered news 1110993. WBT Dave Thompson once again in here for John Hancock John. Returning tomorrow he'll be back in this chair at 3 o'clock. NFL playoffs hello I've I've. Three things I pay attention to big time. Our football and golf and then Major League Baseball not not as much as the other problem Major League Baseball is. Is eat can you just have to follow differently because there's a 162 games you know an end you can. You can make an NFL football game in advance you know whether it's your team or it's Monday night footballers Thursday night football. Or whatever it is but you know baseball's a different animal you'd be do you have catch a lot of box scores in the paper and follow that way most of the time because put it this way if if you could walk 262. Games you've got too much time on your hands up is put a bow on the honest discussion of the violence and and and other things going on. There's as well. I talked about. There's the desire Hollywood to get you to believe that big influence you with things like smoking etc. But not Lou violence and you know strange other kinds of behavior. This this this was a tough one for me and and the callers that we had that we had great caller I believe his name was. And talked about how you could be desensitized. To to know frankly killing in the military. But what was interesting to be as he said he does not believe. That that sort of thing. Translated outside of the military in other words you can kinda turn off so to speak. And maybe that's true that made maybe that's true and obviously this is one of those very controversial issues because when it comes to. The influence of movies TV it's setter up on the behavior of people you can get psychologists on any and every. Side of the issue. There was 1110993. WDT I'm Dave Thompson here for John Hancock John back tomorrow. Charlotte the newest grocery chain has set an April for opening date. Stores called sprouts. And is a Phoenix based organic supermarket. According to a statement Monday. They're wrapping up construction down at 5141. Balun cross parkway. To stop Providence Rhode Westin Ballantine. This will be the first sprouts store in Charlotte. I'll be holy buckets site I think this is big even by grocery store standard is 29896. Square feet. Roughly 101000 square feet smaller. The mean average Harris teeter. Pocono so I guess I guess I don't understand what you get square footage numbers at that level I guess I just don't get a house likened grass I can grasp like 19100 vs 23. 9000 or 30000 feet. Anyway on. There are just oral ploy about a 120 fulltime and part time workers including department managers cashiers etc. So that obviously is a good thing according to be a story. Sprouts sells an array of natural and organic products including fruits and vegetables meat and food seafood nuts baked goods craft beer and wine. Their prices the company says are affordable for quote unquote. Every day shoppers but you know I have never bought into the organic food craze by the way I'm not against it. I I would I would like to know we don't I don't know why people necessarily are so into it. One of the things it's always been mysterious to me. Is it and I and I of course have had conversations over the year about over the years about carcinogens and various additives and preservatives that we put into our food. And don't misunderstand me I get it you know fruits vegetables. Non processed foods. Not sweet nothings are natural those those are the best things to eat. That being set. We do in this society. You Fairmont processed food etc. and you have this contingent of people all they're telling you that it's killing us all. That you know we have these various things in our in our food supply. Oftentimes it's it's you know as I say. Things that will preserve the ability to keep to the fridge for two and a half years and still he's at right if you are drink it if you want to I personally. Don't really aspire to that but you work. And yet here here's the thing that allows find fascinating. We are living longer. And longer. And being healthy longer and longer. Than anytime in our history. So the question I'd ask because people who are on the this. You know this the natural foods no preservatives kind of a thing organic eating. Try to tell you that all the stuff that normal folk eagle killing. 704571110704571110. If you know more about this that I knew. I am not behind that. I'm just not and I'm not because of the increased life expectancies and Serra and you know when I look at the world right now. And yes we have higher levels of prostate cancer we have higher levels of other kinds of cancer. And and things that are going on but oftentimes these are things that said in an old age. So yeah. We got a lot of 89 year old dude running around with an enlarged prostate there will ultimately turn a prostate cancer but you understand a hundred years ago. We didn't have a 89 year old who's running around because people died there or 69. Or 59. And so. It the people who wanna eat the organic thing I'm good have about it here's my concern. So many of these things. That ought be you know become kind of popular. And they become chic and they become the thing to do. If it ends up that some. Government bureaucrats somewhere or some elected official. Besides oh yeah well the alarmist are correct this is really dangerous stuff. And you know locked. It's not fair that only the people who. Voluntarily go to these higher priced stores and buy this expensive stuff. Give you all the safe foods. We have to get axis forward to the general public well guess what. Many times the general public can't afford it many times general public doesn't even watch it. People you don't that may not be the decision you'd bake but maybe people would prefer to eat potato chips and processed meat and Croker earlier. I mean that's how it you don't. I cannot. You know god rest her soul who smoked cigarettes like a chimney from the time she was thirteen and when I was a little kid might ask her body her answer was you know what. I'd rather guys five years earlier smoke cigarettes because it's one of the things I love the new I don't relate to that but that's that's her. That is sure that's what she says I hope I have this name right sure is that correct. Jerry. Hey there yeah. Hey I don't know about that cigarette that and I'm not a smoker but I. On I would share that you know I'm yeah I made a lot of people are living longer. Die and there are any and beat people in this country alone I am I have a lot to do it just a really poor eating habit people having me. They're the people a jury and all of that. Just jumped that is pouring into our it is obvious from chemicals and they became banker now and Adrian went on and the great and it out when you shot say natural organic garden. It's pretty much are able now and everything I think immediately make it better eat because he got out. I'll die in these culinary union conservatives that really I can't brag I'm I'm I bet. I don't know if they're that connects and but I IQ legally married at sixteen. I didn't torment their city did and why our children are hitting puberty that's earlier age. Then when I was growing up. I'm why is and why are people haven't really seen out her teeth I'm you know I didn't know anybody beat out or even I was right now it. No one in court he would rather than dollars. But see here's here's the thing I don't deny that it seems like rates of these things are changing autism and the like. But I just I don't think we know why that is happening I just don't think we know what I mean we can you can say it's that I can say it's something else we don't know. No your right now I think that. You're about try to make some sort of bigger it yeah that's very good I think there's some part of government involvement with all of that money at sea port it was city. Now want to hold will be backed WBT. You're cracking down on the morning to help us know we'll learn live in the. Five minutes after quiet here at. There's 11109 again three WP keep talking about a new growth is coming to town. A brochure that is going to provide organic foods stand I don't miss. Question about. Processed foods really hurt us. Because yes we have more and more processed foods are reading the center of our life expectancies are greater. That prompted a call from Cheryl who you're about to start saying something when I had to be rude and dump you off since you were trying to talk about. I think the impact of hormones a setter. On not certain phenomenon you see in kids fire away. Selanne. Yeah I do think that the more warm that are playing it out then again than say that bat then I deeply. We'll see apps aren't lover who think that and I think that there I'm you know I'm not sure that he will come out there and keep it better than Eddie they're just. Not good enough yet it's not at your battery third I just think that area that can actually end and I wouldn't say that there's something here at fear and anger that you know there's a lot of my eating I don't think the government and the large beef production company. And you know they did say that some of their restart that is turning up is that being shut down on the front of the money at it you know. The government put on hold on the company and perhaps you know it being I got. That the public doesn't hear cheaply by not I'm not I create some big Serb side that you know I feel. Get concerned about how much you the truth is currently out there for the consumer I won't be said he thought my I don't really know. Lucky impact our back I get in it even that hot warm or eat what I organic and I have all. I feel like it think I need to keep I am willing to act like I I need to get. Not let get married in the war when I can actually start injecting it deep Pratt everytime I walk into that this is what I need to be sure that I'm eating I am right. The aspect after the break yeah at least on information. Yeah and and you know a look I have no problem with with people making the choice to do that I'm up I'm a big believer in personal autonomy and in freedom to do it. I think you know in terms of of you know you you say you don't believe in the big conspiracy but frankly it kind of is a belief in the big conspiracy to say well. You know governments are funny research the researchers want you that they got this tennis embryonic relationship going where they feed each other and you know there are there are other groups that that can do this researchers groups that. Do the resurgent if you're talking something like I believe you mentioned food allergies actually it wouldn't take long. To do that research because. You know you look at literally these food allergies tend to show up in in children fairly young I mean if somebody sent out to date. To determine whether processed foods headache Avery statistical correlation to food allergies. We we could know that in three or four years couldn't wait. Well yeah in fact it actually can be I have that the DRG they're being hacked from the mother of that style group black eating actually. Italian or even my hair but being in the discredit your eating. I'm what you would want. Your child is yeah whether they were part Seymour actually being all pitted battle. I'm exactly equal as it did start up we have our even my Emeril. This started land that tablet. And they very are eating them a little bit and they were immediately allergic to peanuts in theory and core and the late and so is it. It doesn't even pay three or four years they can pay its within that are not hit ball might be buried kitty thank you. Tough. I got a question deed deed do you. Do you kind of a case like Holmes schoolers. Tend to be a bit of a a group of people that know each other and hang together and talk on the FaceBook groups and they do that sort of thing. Is that true people like yourself that that kind of try to eat organically and that sort of thing do you do you talk with other people in that are doing Matt. Yeah I'd I yeah I have that at trainer that I DNC. EB a lot of couldn't get me that it didn't need a lot of good information and that that night yeah like my research on it if I do respect. And we'll talk their own and then hit with my normally bet not a pet belly like a big group. Our network of people I really get my head in my elementary third and I'm here there's something called the dirty then it hit. I'm pretty says that the vote that really you. Can't afford a 100% organic he should really Ekuban that is dirty and then I'm pretty and that the ball out like all they got here is the one at the top Obama let. Is. I'm sorry but that the reason I asked the question is OK look let's just say. Tom and I'm a look I'm not a scientist I'm not a doctor I don't know these things but what I think. I think would be fascinating is let's say that people who choose to live like you from the moment you find out the two pregnant. Started to do it did to form groups and and there were you know 40000 of you out there. Nationwide doing this well lo and behold if after. Three or four or five years. Are your children all had a statistically significantly less percentage of autism. Allergies etc. whatever the malady may be. That that could make an awfully big impact on determining how the affects your thank you for your time I do appreciate it. Now I'm not a time for this moment. News 1110993. WBT Dave Thompson around announce your 5 o'clock hour here on your commute home. And that John Hancock will be back in two morrow. You know my my dad passed away yet. At 95. 95 and he used to say when he would hear these warnings about various things that he was eating or drinking and he would he would say things like. You don't. I now have been advised that everything I eat and drink is going to kill me. But I have concluded I will die more quickly if I don't eat or drink anything. Yet to some degree. There is some some truth in that 704571110. If he'd like to give on this topic. Based on. Wrap them up here rush hour here on the news 11109893. WBT. John Hancock bank in with you tomorrow at 3 o'clock. I got some political views that I hold near and dear. And particularly in the area of economics they're quite conservative I well I can't believe the minimum wage is a common response to the belly. So. On the big free market guy out I mean I'm. I'm borderline libertarian on economic matters like I just down. But. I realize. I am out of step with most of America. That is not true of most Americans even. Most Americans who consider themselves to be kind of the pro free market and be helped and anti big government and blah blah blah. Probably aren't as as. Those on the left it seems like right now. Who are. Equally out of step or perhaps much more out of step then I am with what's going on America I mean but Bernie Sanders despite his popularity. In the in the run for the democratic nomination back in 20161516. In his views are not mainstream they are not. And even someone like Hillary Clinton who was not as far left as Bernie though those views are not mainstream. They're not in and yelled Elizabeth Warren not mainstream. And yet it seems like. At then the left the Democrats in this country sort of feel like. They are mainstream and that they can run on these far left kinds of issues and sometimes of the best thing you got going for you and politics is your competition. And grant you the Republicans are truly finding a way to screw many things up. In this beetle first year. With Donald Trump as president there'd there's no two ways about that but I think the tax bill ends up being a net positive for them politically. I think I think they may be well on the way to two winning on the immigration battle from a PR standpoint. Then we may get today your five time. But they they find a way to screw things up and and as I've said. Every time I talk about this. History would tell us. That the Republicans are not going to do well in the 2018 mid term because typically the party who holds the office of president does not do well. In the mid terms. But I am telling you it the Democrats may well be able to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory here. It appears as though. They are going to run on a very far left platform now what do I mean by that what I mean is. And they're defending things like. You know anti fungus anti fascist movement that has hit. Other streets of America and specifically on campus where they are using violence. In an attempt to prevent. Conservative speakers from speaking on campus to to prevent a dissenting view. From being. You know spoken on college campuses. And EL in my world you'd have more people like Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz out there who despite the fact that he is a liberal leak he detest this sort of he I've seen him numerous times commentator in our program saying. You know this this is out of line I mean part of being a small L liberal which is what the Democratic Party used to beat. Is standing for the idea that yes we made disagrees vehemently. But I want you to be able say. 704571110704571110. But you have an awful lot of Democrats coming to the defense of that sort of thing. The democratic leadership arouse that was elected to run the DNC. And the vice chair Keith Ellison. Far left folks these are people from the far left in what you hear about the names of above potential presidential candidates. Again it's the Elizabeth Warren's of the world. You know it's it sounds like B of people continue to to cry for more Bernie they still feel the burn and I mean. That is the far left wing of the party there there's just there's no two ways about that. And now. It it seems as though. There are number in the Democratic Party that they are reacting to this rule book that's out there on trump making trump look like a complete lunatic. And want to use impeachment. As a significant political issue in the 2018. Election. I say bring it up I mean I don't think. No matter what you think of trump and I understand his approval rating has depending on what poll you look at. You know in the mid thirties to around forty I get that that's not a high approval rating. Then he does have a a fairly high disapproval rating. Just because people disapprove. Of the president's performance does not believe. So does not mean necessarily that they are looking for impeachment proceedings if that did not work out well for the Republicans. When they did it to Bill Clinton. And I think. Especially in this instance those you know Poland for impeachment have a law an incredible amount to credibility by the fact they were talking about this literally. Before trump was inaugurated settle for 571110. I've I just I don't think that is a good way. For the Democrats to go Dave Thompson and for John Hancock here. News 11109893. WV TM Dave Johnson here for John Hancock John back in tomorrow 704571110. I mentioned that the the Democrats seem as though they are really trying to run hard to the left. And in a while I'm under no illusions. That I am a typical American I'm clearly to the right of of America. I don't believe that America is that far left and then you add to that. The tax cut. That I I just I don't know how good it's gonna be but I just I cannot. Imagine how all the tax cuts won't help the Republicans. I I just think it has to. And we're going to find out in February as people get their paychecks and their net page goes up. Four according to studies that have been done 80% of taxpayers. So little 457011. Tim I think that is going to matter also something interesting that is going on and not getting a lot of attention. Because so so many other things are getting made headlines is the that the immigration debate that is going on. Basically what you have is. The Republicans and trumpet particular. I think are attempting to separate out the biology she saw a guy got three issues here one is. Getting an ongoing budget so the government continues to operate a believed January 19 might be the deadline on that if my memory serves. Secondly you've got this dreamers of the dock thing which is for these children that were bar are illegally. In America but were brought over as youngsters. And then thirdly the issue of trust wall. And trump is doing what I think is a pretty wise thing which is not tying the budget into all of that but rather. Is. Attempting to put the wallop. On the dreamers issue and say look. The budgets a separate and different thing. If but but I want the wall. If I'm going to legitimize these dreamers and allow them to stay safely in America without fear reprisals. The Democrats seem to be taken the position that. No. We're gonna title whole budget thing into this and we are not going to pass an on going budget resolution. Unless we can get legislation. Legitimizing these dreamers now here's my theory on that. Historically we tend to say and I believe was Byron York pointed this out in a piece that he wrote. That we tend to think these. Budget issues and work against Republicans that when. You come to this crisis in the budget is not getting worked out there is some talk or concern about. Quote on quote government shutdowns course we know that never happens with the central services because what else find a way to keep those things going that that tends to. Be more harmful to Republicans in the long run the Democrats but as York points out. Actually it tends to be harmful to the people who are perceived as. Penal creating the fight tying the budget issue to something. But most folks believe it should not be tied to. 704571110. So I think. I think when you look at all of these things and then you add to what that right now. I mean like it or not and of course. People out there in the press other than certain conservative outlets are not going to give Donald Trump credit for anything or the Republicans credit for anything. But right now. It is the economy is is truly humming along and doing well. And if that continues and if jobs. Continue to give created within the economy. And people are staying employed at getting raises. I think it it you know that makes a pretty tough argument for republic or skinny for Democrats in the mid terms. It seems like really all they're left with is well we hate Donald Trump personally and you should too. David is personal popularity did not translate into support for policy for Obama so those personal scorn. Necessarily translate into votes against trumps policies I don't necessarily think so but again as as we know. Time will tell. 70457. OE eleven Tampa. I want you to imagine yourself. In the voting Booth in November of 704571110. If he'd like to weigh in on this you're standing in the voting Booth in November. And you hate Donald Trump you think he is a buffoon. And a goof ball and you're tired of his tweets and your tired of all the drama. That surrounds. What most people believe are outrageous things that he says. Then maybe he wasn't terribly sympathetic to dreamers who you may be somewhat sympathetic to but. The economy is humming along. Your employer. Is Macon money they're profitable. Which causes you reasonably to believe that you probably not to lose your job. Maybe you or your spouse or your children or your parents. Were the beneficiaries of one of these bonuses. That is happened. That did happen at the end of 2017. That oftentimes the employers who gave them said where would directly attributable. To the tax benefits that are going to come to them from the tax cuts. And unemployment is relatively low so you don't really know bunch of people who were old they're looking for work but can't find work. And generally. Life is okay am. If things continue as they are we have reason to believe that ice this. Is somewhat being you know taken care of and foreign I'm a bit so that duchess and are you like Donald Trump but all these other things are going up how you gonna vote. 70457011. Attempts. Did the. And there was 1110993. WDT. I'm Dave Thompson's. Moet gentlemen thank you for all your help here in the studio over the last week that a lot of fun appreciate it great city in your for Jumbo away. Guy who makes it on anyone radio station for a Tony 567 years like Hancock has. Very impressive this is a tough business. And not very many people. Make it that long so's been got a lot of fun to be here give me call if you would like to wait him on the democrats' strategy and what you foresee for the upcoming. Mid term election. 704 or 571110704571110. My theory is if people vote personality. If trump can't shake this. You know free from this well everybody hates trump therefore they should hate his policies the other Republicans are big trouble. If on the other hand people are able to detach those two things like they did with President Obama in the opposite direction you might or call. That President Obama had very high personal approval rates right up to the 2016. Election when Hillary Clinton lost non branch you. Hillary Clinton was not a good candidate. She was a very poor candidate. Her personality was like fingernails on chalkboard if you could get to. Even liberals who supported her to sit down and speak with you honestly they would save EDs is not a great candidate this is not. Somebody that is inspiring in that in that we like which is frankly why Bernie Sanders had so much traction because. No matter what kind of a goofy thinking years and in my view he's a goof from a policy perspective as a lot as well as a lot of other perspectives. What he did do is inspire people he was passionate he was convicted. And he didn't you know just rub people the wrong way which which Hillary Clinton did. Point being even bold that was all true. With President Obama is approval ratings where they were that should have translated most people felt in two. Sort of a continuation of his policies but it didn't. His presumed heir to the throne Hillary Clinton. Failed. And a lot of people at that time you know we're sitting in this chair being held 1618 months ago believed. There was just a matter of a formality. For the of the time to get passed from a Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. And if she would have been at least another four if not eight years of continuing the very progressive. Very leftist agenda of Barack Obama but he did not work out that way. And so his personal popularity did not translate into. Sufficient support for his policies. To get somebody elected after him to carry forth those policies. Soul. My point is. Maybe people will detached trumps policies from his from his personality in which case and the Republicans could do. Do better than people think in the year 2018 bid to the other thing that the that the Republicans have working for them this coming November is math in the senate. They're just so many more Democrats. Defending. Seats then there are Republicans it just for me pure statistical mathematical standpoint it's going to be tough for the Democrats to to make significant inroads. And and finally here. I do think that this immigration issue is a big one. And I think trump needs to win on this for a couple of reasons number one he's got to keep the base enthused and I don't agree with Ann Coulter on everything and in fact are sometimes I think she's. A bit off the mark but this is one area where I agree wholeheartedly with and Coulter and that is that. A big part of the reason Donald Trump was elected president. Is he promised. To do something about our porous border. And try to to help us in the area of immigration and if he doesn't do that if that does not happen over the next several months he is going to lose the faithful. And yes. You know coming into election we hear all about swing voters and you gotta get those moderates that don't identify specifically with one party or another and that's true. But we are a closely enough to divided public. That you don't even get to that conversation if you don't get your own base out. That's what you saw happen in Virginia several weeks ago and the base was not enthused about Roy Moore down Alabama which cost the Republicans that seek. So the first thing you've got to do is get to base out. And it Donald Trump does not follow through on crumpled the wall promise and do something about security and immigration. The base will not be enthused the other reason he needs to win the immigration debate. Is he needs to get moderates. That are concerned about the borders and a lot of them are you understand that. The general public has a very different view. Of the whole immigration debate then the punditry in the politicians in Washington and big business concerns and this is one of the places where. Often times the power brokers on the right and the left. End up supporting the same kinds of things but for very different reasons on the left there is this. You know. Well belief that an influx of immigrants. Especially illegal immigrants ends up helping Democrats electorally they simply believe that on the right. They're tends to be a lot of people who believe that they benefit in business from having a lot of these folks come into the country. From outside the country would that work at lower wages it's better. And the bottom line is this is one of those areas where. Both sides of the political spectrum at that at the level of leadership. Ends up you know in my view harming the general public because. We simply. If you don't maintain your culture. If you don't maintain the essence of what America is. You lost. And in order to do that you have to bring immigrants in. And except the American ideals. My thanks again folks has been great being here five days at John Hancock will be in with you tomorrow.