Panthers, I77 Toll Road, and Erik Spanberg

John Hancock
Friday, May 11th
Erik Spanberg from The Charlotte Business Journal joins Hancock to discuss the Panthers, and NASCAR. Additional topics were the I77 Toll Road, and "Big Weekend"

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This is John Hancock. There either mother or at Friday's big debate. It is. Toasty outside. Don't relative humidity is not bad. 89 degrees. I don't know what the humidity goes. Bloodied so it's not that big key stick stuff that were. Sticky thick stuff that horror. I'll go ahead and for next month July August September. So I 89 degrees and ammonia warmer for the U weekend Mother's Day 94. Degrees 95 degrees Saturday tomorrow 94 degrees. With fellows like in the mid sixties. So they. Here. I don't think you have to worry about implement snowy weather anymore. I don't think the beauty frost or warnings out for awhile. So they go he got power and for. You take James off her car. In my shoes like the sound. I thought well the big grower mailed today says that the hedge fund manager David tepper is the all signs point to him as being the. Odds on favorite right now to be the new owner of the Carolina Panthers and we could see an announcement as early as next week. CBS and ESPN's separately reported that the observer is sir reporting that. This is the guy who has say a piece of the Pittsburgh Steelers. And amid an eleven billion dollars sixty years old richest civilian known bidders. Rich enough that if he wants right to checking apparently can write the check you don't need the minority owners in a new new new thing. Be nice tournament. One of the sources told the observer. Article written by had Joseph person and Catherine for Altima and Eric Roth the curb. Dead two. Tempers bid was helped because he had. The least complex finances and didn't need minority partners. And I'm. But the deal's not finalized. He was here in early April he was in town again Wednesday. Day before yesterday. And he along with CEO Alan Kasten bomb. And finance here bin Navarro. Which were the guys that Mark Richardson had come out and said like him. And I threw his weight behind Navarro. Navarro is also the guy who would Asta Peyton Manning to maybe be a part of his ownership team. And then the S steel guy Allen neck castor bomb on new Yorker who bought our Canadian steel company and lives in Florida. He's been in town a couple of times. But. So it behavior are keeping score. The last odds on favorite was bin Navarro. And announced David tepper. But tempers along it's got to biggest bank account. And he's already known by NFL owners because he already has a piece of the other Pittsburgh Steelers so Woolsey were all that goes. And. Am excited to find out who owns a sentiment we you know I did like say it's it's kind of like the NFL draft. I'm you'll find out you'll figure out the name and and it'll get the okay from the NFL owners and all that kind of stuff and we'll have a new owner. Now my first question is where does he sit. Because I have a feeling that. Does end zone seats that mr. Richardson liked. May not be the preference of the new owner so maybe he moves his suite somewhere else. And then maybe they do something would that all that stuff down their Indians on resell editor. Wouldn't be stunned if they moved the press box down to bad into the stadium and sold over the press boxes because the press boxes right there on the fifty. I mean to get make a few bucks off those deserve suites. So I knew I have no idea that's just me thinking out loud I know inside dirt tracks into anything that's going on down there are two. Bank of America Stadium. Other than defected to I text back and forth with the coach show on occasion. The jobs. Panthers have signed a familiar name. Kenyan barter. We lose Fawzi Whitaker to an ACL ACL. For the rest of the season for the entire season and they go back and pick up Kenyan Barger who they had drafted. Originally in the sixth round Bakken 2013. Gentlemen got rid of him traded him do a Philadelphia Aureus better percent sees a specialist he's a return guy. He was an Oregon running back and was one of those quick as lightning type guys and he had like 73 yards. In returns against a New England in the Super Bowl. Most of his career has been as they return Hearst 49 years old and these are coming back to the I would back to the Panthers is insurance specialist and kickoff returners so up. He didn't burn any bridges were no Gelman got rid of him and now it's got a job to come back and five Panthers. Draft picks have signed their contracts for year rookie deals. The second round pick Dante Jackson. Quick defensive back out of LSU. Be a fourth round pick Ian Thomas the tight end out of Indiana. Marquis is Hayes the defensive end. I mean he was a fourth round pick as well. Fifth round pick or Jermaine Carter linebacker in the seventh round pick kindred Norton defensive tackle they've all signed their deals. Our first round pick DJ Moore and Rashad garden and Andre Smith. Have not signed yet but they'll be in India panther minicamp oh. Which did it begin today I think does not. George in the Medicare start today. The official one starts a martyrs when today's the water what's in today's the eleventh. So anyway that's what's gonna appeal Panthers. There was uninteresting article in the observer yesterday about. Jordan or negate wrote a article about an email that the CEO oh the current CEO chief operating officer Tina Becker. Had a sent out to the employees. Of the Panthers back on April the 27 and that was the day of the Sports Illustrated article about mr. Richardson's. The kind of creepy yes Sports Illustrated article it came out to. And no Scioscia. And she says. Email that day. Did she was deeply affected by want to. I have read especially this week she also wrote to know what steps have been implemented to improve their culture and our workplace or won't go through the entire letter but. Now one of the things she rose on a ticker did this a time to address our entire panther family over the last us several months we have. Taken important steps to strengthen our culture and we have committed to doing all that we can do ensure that everyone can thrive in an environment free from harassment or discrimination of any kind. And and her email was pretty lengthy saw on the sale won't go through all of it. She says like all of you why I come to work joy each day to support the Panthers and represent the best of the Carolinas if ever there is anything on your mind or if you have any concerns large or small please reach out to me. I am thankful to every one of you for everything you do Tina. So then it points out that the observer had sent an interview our request and a series of questions to her via the James spokesperson. Steve Drummond. And they asked some pretty specific questions. And they requested details the observer did of the inclusion and programming that she made reference to an email. And other he observer requested Jack comment on the allegations against Richardson. And to all of those requests. Becker refused to comment via Drummond. Has not been available for interviews despite repeated requests since her promotion to CEO in December. So it's the same hole sable. I'm the only difference is as I don't think she needs to be called mr. Yeah interstate 77 told lane advisory group clearly have a compromise. Equipment kind of wondered where that was gonna go. In fact we talked about it briefly yesterday. They. The advisory group made a near unanimous recommendation. Saying that the state should convert one of the planned toll lanes to a free Elaine. And at that not everybody is happy about that and that's what probably makes it a good compromise the the third. Good group of twelve people. And they. Will suggest to a gym frog in the North Carolina transportation secretary. Dead Ted they do just that. Make wanna Tulane and won a free life. There were some mud and obviously wanted to buy out the entire contract from central the Spanish company that is a building the project and has like a fifty year lease on the deal. And then there were others say it were oh willing to let us central finish it and I'm manager of and would be willing to as the observer states today paid the firm compensation for a losing one of its toll it's. The the group has has. And as meant for most of 248 team verified that a way to. To get out of the original or project the way that it's written now. And us so ten of twelve members say they're willing to a come up with this compromise and keep one told lane. So long as they receive another free lane for all the vehicles. Does that mean that traffic oldest. Heavenly going back oh no always going to be canceled. But. And I think they've you've got one told lane metal being urged him to see outside the. Tolls have to go two. We talked about this earlier there was a Wall Street Journal report about some of that. These tolled lanes that they got up in Virginia and Washington DC and some others in the country. And they've gotten up to twenty and thirty and forty dollars. To use. Because they guarantee a 45 miles an hour in those lanes and so in order to dissuade enough people to stay out of dumb that you can honor your commitment you have you just keep raising the tall. Well I mean there's some people can afford Bette. But not most of us. And and madness and I'd love delivered the late but I wouldn't put up with your power I wouldn't put up with your traffic for the opportunity that fly the month. So that my front yard when it rains were warned an hour and a half. Turns into a lake. I would go out there and fish water ski you know. Scuba. The have. Representatives from the Charlotte chamber in the air Charlotte City Council. Said project should move forward as a bland and we'll just have to see with the North Carolina approach has fish ticker just Berger. Jim drug drug or no does. Says he would like to make some sort of decision known as what to do in July Jim Puckett as a member of via advisory group and he said he wants. All new lanes under construction be free but he said that's not gonna happen. And does so if you keep one told lane and create another free Elaine that would be the compromise and so that's what they've proposed to Melissa were all of that goes well that make everybody happy guy travel up and down to lake. That's why the collar problem. So that's big news there are and the biggest news of the week next week will be a a teacher in March on Raleigh we'll talk about it next. Big guy news story next week's going to be this teacher strike up in Raleigh. The. The five biggest. Well actually poll low amend that. The forget the five largest school districts in North Carolina. Charlotte Mecklenburg wake Guilford Winston-Salem Cumberland county of all closed their schools on Wednesday. I'm more than 700 to one and 92000 students 52% of the State's public school students are liable Wednesday also the teachers can go to a Raleigh. Offshore rally. Raleigh rally. The there's not a lot of teacher unrest around the country this year as you are well known there was. Arnold Arizona was one. Refresh me here got Kentucky Oklahoma. West Virginia. North Carolina. And those states I just meant general right to work states so with so weaker no official teachers' unions and no Republican majorities in the state house and so teachers are. Or arm are standing up and rising now you would be noted and it shouldn't. Bad Ted teachers have gotten pay raises the last four years here in North Carolina another scheduled for a 201819. But to have the teachers say the third they're also marching dual protesters general erosion of support for public education. There's not as many teacher assistants there's so lack of counselors. Textbooks and supplies have always been no questionable technology is not always up to. Standards. So. So that's what they're they're basically doing. And. More than 151000. Educators have signed up to attend this march for students and rally for respect. What happened on Wednesday. I won't be here on Wednesday about we can talk about it on Thursday may be our largest act of organized teacher political action in state history. The event organizers hope that the march will lay according also will bring both more attention to education issues and and probably a little bit attention for the November 6 elections as well. So. Mark Jewell is the president of the North Carolina association of educators. Which is organizing a march and he's quoted today as saying. It's just one day of advocacy. For our teachers that could impact public education policy for years to come with November 6 as the end game. To get public education supporters in the N general assembly. We already have a pro education governor. I don't know the last governor was anti education and didn't they much I thought encourages some pretty good things for the teachers. So bottom anyway that'll come up unknown Wednesday in it's gonna be. Huge. So unprecedented. That that kind of a march for education. In North Carolina don't think it's ever we've ever seen anything of that scope before. So there's a video are going around the country right now from Boston dynamics. About. You see in the robot that can do the back flip. It's like a torso. Loyalists that. If it's got the legs in the feet now whole nine yards and again just stand in one place and doing back flips. And that freaked you out limit. Well now. They can run and jump and climb and there's one that's got a camera that can. Disseminate stuff in front of it and walk around it. And as I was reading this and watch in the video today I was just thinking about every bad didn't scifi movie I've ever seen. Where robots take over the world. And these things look like those robots and those movies in an interesting how before we ever went into space space capsules and stuff looked like they did did the movie's edit before the technology edit. If there ever is. I'm being from an out opposite planted that comes here do you think they'll look like we've been vision them in the movies. That that the little tiny ball dream guys. You know it is who doesn't like Hollywood's got a are right on for this stuff Boston dynamics is a company known for. That back flipping a robot that you've probably seen it now they've unveiled two new videos that showed them. A ton of mostly navigating through different terrain including an office in a lab. And jogging in a grass field. The clips released on Thursday DTL the progress of atlas. Which is a human no I'd rob a robot. And spot many. A dog like robot. Spot many uses cameras to identify and moved past obstacles like office furniture. If it's got to Cameron installed collectors and also find trees that. Because it wouldn't need that when it. Spot many uses data from the cameras to localize itself in a map. And detect and avoid obstacles. Once the operator presses go at the beginning of the video the robot is on its own. Now those words should strike terror into you right there artificial intelligence. It says meanwhile analyst jumps over the had downed tree trunk not elegant but effective. No videos of racked up a million views and there are plenty of people that have seen them that are terrified of it. And one of those that seems pretty terrified is Elon Musk. Who has repeatedly warned about the perils of artificial intelligence it is it's every bed scifi movie that you've ever seen. Were all the sudden I kind of felt the same about cloning. You just had a feeling that somebody was gonna come up with Frankenstein you know somebody was gonna try to invent the world's perfect NBA said her. In which is going dead. Not work out well at all. Said even Boston I men except founder mark ray Burt. As it knowledge that it's robots can cause fear in February 2017 he showed off the wheeled version of one of their robots and described it as. Nightmare inducing this is the guy who runs the company. Boston dynamics. Was sold this is this obscure YouTube sold from Google. To Japanese tech conglomerate Softbank. Undisclosed sum last year has not revealed what it eventually plans to do with its robots. So there's your movie right there. The Japanese develop a whole bunch of these robots cinema over the United States and that was I was cause watch in this and as the technology becomes more refined that was my first thought warriors. We're gonna end up having. Victim was worse. They're going to be and it's going to be what it's gonna be robots. Well may be victim was would be the wrong. I don't know how that works out. Because if they're robots beat your robots are your robots beat their robots then what would be the next line of defense. Unless it or them. The pain flow better write a song about it a listen to them. I says on his website the company which started started the Massachusetts Institute of Technology says it is. Changing your idea of what robots can do and prides itself in building machines that both break boundaries. And worked in the real world. Battered up its. Primary would seem to have any really bad the scifi movies but. It's going to be pretty scary. All of a watered the phones they'll release on WBT hey Lisa. Harry you are you doing. I am doing well it's Friday afternoon. That. Ed. I have to comment about the march next Wednesday for teachers yes. I've been an education 28 years in North Carolina. And the teachers deserve better than what they've had Evan you made a comment about Pat McCrory has. I campaign for the first time around. And voted for it and then the second time as educator I had to vote against them do you think about it teachers. Lost their longevity underhand. They take the masters pay away for teachers. And administrators. Lot fit under there of course the current general assembly which she supported. They're looking now to take away our retirement. For teachers starting after the year 20/20 one and you want to increase. And improve education and teachers need the respect that they are not giddy. Add as much of our respect. Governor McCrory he wasn't that big on education. Well I guess I think more about teacher pay when I made my comment than anything I had his last budget. Was the first time I get higher. Was the first time in history that the average pay went above 50000 dollars a year with a four point 7%. Pay increase. So I that's essentially what I was thinking about when I made the comment the legislatures also point out and believe me I'm not anti teacher but teachers are. There have been raises for the past four years. And I think about it last year I got a 7% pay raise. But guess what they technical way my longevity pay solid got a pretty person that speed beginning teachers are getting great food. But. People are noteworthy and they took away or merely stepping crates they are now blocked the timeout five years. That average pay if you think about it is from the earth it is. Thirty plus years. A starting teacher is only maintained. Around 3536000. And I'm counting. Mecklenburg that's happened to have a little bit more because we do have a good. The supplements. For teachers but and the cost of living most first trip five years the teacher have a second job. And we're trying to Wear tiny pictures that they have to educate. Our young people and they're not getting the support. It was like huge budget but the budget did not address teacher pay rates and it did not one teacher acted bag per paper. It plotted PGA everybody thank them loop. Not a that was the case long before McCrory got there and I love tonight that don't get the dead don't get me wrong here I I'm not trying to tout Pat McCrory is being the greatest education governor ever and you obviously. Being in the profession. Have your hands on know the facts more than I'm prepared to talk about today. I just threw a throwaway line in there the said he didn't think Pat McCrory was all that bad for teachers and quite frankly from a pace standpoint yes I know the division of the veteran to head teacher. Who didn't get the rays but the opening teachers who did get the rays brought on by and large. Pat McCrory was not an anti education governor I don't believe in they quoted in the paper for Mark Jewell was. We already have a pro with we have a new pro education governor. I don't think your last one was anti education. He would have been has cried because the teachers turned against that the first time around the teachers did support have. But the key in theory came out against them because he did not followed through and when you take away masters say. That's not cry you what you want to be Europe adapting well that's that. I'm Angela and I'm gonna let you fight you're a battle with Pat McCrory because. He could you and he can go wide to differ on the tax. On the facts I can't. Have a good afternoon and I thank you very much. Have those in the fire this give. If I have to become the pro McCrory candidate here at the station has is gonna be off problematic. As WPP MY. Yeah rather troubling your drive another story just OK get your figure off TP. File format there's always after a hard afternoon John wiser. Because you're gonna be on this program until 4 o'clock. Well okay on the net all make sense why you are you are talking about the new owner of the Panthers. Yeah I was gonna say yeah I'm playing hurt we're just have occurred no longer. In fact. That you do you wrote today about going to that chamber backed up panel discussion yesterday a lot of our people were there as well. And you said you know there were. No one there had any hints or even rumors about a new Carolina Panthers owner. Nobody had any answers and then now we've got a Kurd and has the edge in coaching and help but overhear Reno today in that story you know prepare itself rifle event and then now all of a hole. Things start happening with David tepper and is I guess increasing prospects of becoming new York new Carolina Panthers have. I was gonna say this is still just the strongest room Maria us. Yet perfected that yet that he committed that'll happen with rivers that are talking about the sale he can. Not with the ball deep not let. The why in this is the guy who already has a piece of the Pittsburgh Steelers which obviously he would relinquish but he's also the guy that. I can write the check and that's one of the things that has been no pointed out is he's probably got the least complex financial. Situation above any of the men he just say if he wants the Jamie committee can write the check. Yeah that's absolutely right and so a lot of people myself included thought all along city that's certainly in this for the bigger market. Assuming that the number worked out between Jerry Richards then and its investment bankers and David pepper he would be an instant approval because he's art and vetted by the league east side is the healer. And oh by the way he has eleven billion dollars in the bank so. Although I think make him the strongest candidate with the caveat. Will he pay an amount that is satisfactory few Jerry Richardson that they'll get what they're hammering out but it sounds like they're getting closer. Was it who was it was that you have been Navarro that had the rumored two point six billion out there. Yes and then Navarro also this week of course but what this Joseph person with the observer affording. That's been the car would turn to get Peyton Manning. To join his group and obviously John while they may had a lot of money relative to UN may. He's not the guided gonna put you over the top financially but he certainly from a brand name perspective ward yeah if you are shot. Credibility. And now that I know anything. About anything but I hours to the Peyton Manning thing to me seemed more for image that it did about financing. Yeah absolutely everything I think that's what it did and that the other that's not a bad. Idea but you have to have the other piece first obviously because. What Peyton Manning I'm sure politically FL like haven't backed away in all that stuff but not to the point that you're getting out steep discount and an end to circle back there of course Navarro. What apparently willing to pay the highest amount and so. If he's not getting the team you'd have to ask whether it is. Financial. Betting. Create problems or he would have had to take on more parkers they pay feature rich and it was apple that I don't know but he obviously was the warrant that was going to pay two point six billion dollar record your cap. Well when you get into that kind of money bigger differences are between 2.5 and two point six billion. What and that you are just having that sort of thing but I wondered is when you talk about this fail. You know if the bankers have security that they are Kate use your brains are different sides is that this guy who's paying less would be. An instant approval you don't have anything to worry about and then from door ever threw it might be a little more complicated at what point did he say you don't like 200 million dollar to whatever number it is. Not it's going to sway me from a deal but I know it or to go through. And also John I would love to know. How would you like he figured that I mean I. I just that it just think in the same thing I was just you know the same thing. Yeah happy kept because. Coerce. Any owner who delegate Norton say he wanted to be good hand to go on and don't support but what does that mean in terms of the calculation how much are you willing to possibly give up. I can get the owner that you feel would be the best Steward of the franchise and they're probably the people up there in the car shaky credit but how well you know we just want the most money and Beatty does but I. I don't know that info that's something that I want her back. Well and I. I've not led to believe he hangs a lot of sentimentality on anything. Yeah exhibited by some of his nose but I mean may be part of the deal between two point. 45 or six million dug a billion dollars is. The people that make up the Carolina Panthers the Tina backers and they coach and and in the infrastructure and and many in May be maybe Jerry does actually give a damn about what happens to them. Yeah and and again I. I'm not really arguing with anyone who take Jeter's side I just don't know so it's something that I have wondered about throughout this process been. Who knows maybe once. But it is David pepper or whoever but this team what that dog but he won't get a little more insight into what happens but for now we have no doubt. Well I meant that comment earlier it's like a number one draft pick you don't know Intel you've had him on the field to draw over fifty you know months our games. What you know exactly what you what you gotta amendments on gays as you don't know for a few years and I assume the same going to be with David tepper. Oh we'll find out two or three years down the line how accessible Lizzie how open is the how much like mr. Richards and how disliked mr. Rich's and he has enough. Do we like him as an owner or we like his style and and we don't when we won't have the answer to any of those questioned the day they announce who the new onerous. Yeah that's exactly right I didn't hear from a couple of expert how cute today a consultant type speculating. That's because. Is that financial might. David pepper that baby that makes it a little bit eat your Q. Not instantly have a confrontation over Bank of America Stadium maybe that gives you a little more wiggle room. If you figure out exactly how that transition of merchant and maybe lengthened by a little bit. The time that the team played at BankAmerica stadium and like you just said young we don't doubt that we won't know that it kill you you are the real that the owner buddy get something to think about. Now. Well let me just circled back around there was not a rumor yesterday at the the chamber a meeting about. Concerts and sports teams and no so on and so forth but tell me about the they get together yesterday that there really gathered touted Charlotte is being a pretty good placed this so that this panel discussion that took bush yesterday. Yeah interesting group so you had that that night and Arnett everybody very very good evidence. Sharon Becker a lady who was very well known as an executive at Duke Energy. Import the former commerce secretary she's now where it try mountain resort which is about seventy miles from Charlotte and they're hosting. Large equestrian event so she was trying to explain to people open about what they're doing is saying time yet prep Whitfield in Denver helped you can afford it and I. Talking about how their franchises have done business wise and both of them are pretty strong shape right now strictly you alluded to this John the concert business has really come back strong for the arena which the hornets also operates. And that was topic number one for for a quick field he was very very pleased about that. Sharon Decker said something I'm looking for the court but you'll remembered in your article she said I want you would do for. Three sequestered in what Bruton Smith did for racing on and I I gotta tell you I'm not familiar with her enterprise seventy miles from Charlotte at all. But when you know we knew overriding your article and and you bring up equestrian and horses and stuff for America to thought to myself oh really where. I. Yet after. Horsepower and torque power I think it won't put you to tell there parent hole. Count eight again about seven miles from Charlotte and that's. But that other group that is developing this first sorted or her soul that spread around 200 billion dollars so far. I don't want people in the in alternate is Robert Johnson almost all right. Who is big equestrian supporter. But what they're trying to do is make this a bit of us spectators fortune. And so you know you are typically that the European think like that the that the different in different format if you will that are trying to figure out how to do that. And they've landed thankfully and try and North Carolina and they're going to have the world equestrian games which everyone tells me is a really big deal. Ian in that world lobby on pretty young I don't know much out foul you know that the equestrian competitive world broke where I doubt that Jim Courier. If things really ultimately hike to date. Did you watch the Kentucky Derby at quail hollow. But did not Powell had no idea doubt about you're I think you're kidding me I did not that I I hurt at a particular you party up there. I was gonna say because that was part of the deal that they were the kind of touted last week when knowing all the golfers were here in town on the the tournament went off and Johnny Harris sounds pretty optimistic. That from a revenue standpoint you'll see an increase in net numbers aren't in yet that I know of. Yeah yeah that's right it'll be a couple of months before we know the numbers that they were organizers were very police. You're not talked a couple times. I without error. When they're Thursday Sunday. In each sale they're it looked like crowd we're we're very strong and as you and I discussed. Obviously having Tiger Woods and having a very strong field all those things help. I really think John this. Tournament you know it had been leaner years up late. It's so well established that if they keep this thing going now. I don't see it having many problems that they mean that they have a strong title sponsor Johnnie Harris has. And involve that he has right now that they've got a pretty good foundation work for him. And he's highly respected good in the golf world as well it's not just because he's a member of but yesterday up. They know who Rios and every time Jim Nantz comes down to none. Does a golf tournament here and make sure to mention Jenny Harrison of the association and know so he's not just respected in Charlotte he's respected from a national standpoint to absolutely. Tom NASCAR sales Hough. NASCAR sail we'll talk to lawyer expand bird about that and is that problematic. Is that days that's an an ample white flag we talked about a little bit earlier we all get Eric's. Viewpoint of that when we come back in just a second or expand Burke Charlotte business journal Charlotte business journal dot com. I AirTran burn bridges our weekly. It's 4 o'clock and Charles business journal Charles business journal dot com their new addition is out on -- Friday as soon though one of the things you wrote about earlier this week. Was. NASCAR sale via France family is. And then naps are pretty interesting when you contact Goldman Sachs. And your kicking the tires that's pretty edged incomes especially considering the state of the sport. Yeah it really is and did we retain at least a decade of decline for the or so many things. Have challenged NASCAR. From attendance. Declined to sponsor pulling out order. Refusing to pay as saying great all kinds of things with NASCAR and so. One of the things that struck me as I was talking to people that we hit very few of them or surprise. Most said. That while it's hard to imagine NASCAR without the French family Internet. They're not shocked by the idea of a media company or an entertainment company. We're coming in Iran in this order and trying to help turnaround a little bit and a lot of imported shoot. Liberty media group which thought Formula One last year and Formula One match like NASCAR or the family business for thirty years crew obviously and who ate large. Bribing international sport but at some point. Given all the complexities of what sports and entertainment and tails now. They chose to go in the direction of having more corporate ownership. Merrimack Reynolds is quoted in morning your articles is saying no sometimes change is good and that's a true Ahmad curious what you think the Smith family thinks about all of us. Yeah I'd give reaching out cute Stuart motor sports Marcus Smith declined debt. Interview requests and spoke about their city you look at talked to anybody about this yet but. Certainly whatever happens we at NASCAR has a huge profound effect. On Charlotte motor speedway if he were immersed or control by the their family and given what happened in NASCAR the past decade. I would think at new order is going to make a lot of changes there's going to be a lot of tinkering with schedule then enjoy the races since. Structure of this sport that doesn't necessarily mean bad things for the myth and for worse we regular sports but it does mean different. Thank you and and you know I may be so I'll go rob Bruce the wrong way since he's old school look maybe some of it would do would BioWare would road markers the right way because. Obviously he's looking guy had long range growth potential. Because he needs city's young guy. Yeah that's right in and there are others are payable may be out there and they're selling you know. Q did you learn that the new ownership group might try to take control of the track as well. Federal kinda questions out there but it's certainly looks like nothing going on it might not see. Coming in the next week or month or two but it looks like they're taking a pretty serious look at the long term future. Appreciate you being with us all hopefully talk to you you know next Friday have a great weekend don't forget Mother's Day and Charlotte business journal Charlotte business journal dot com thanks Eric. Thank category. All right may the eleventh so forgive Mother's Day is on a Sunday. 131. Days into the year there are 234. Days to go. Cam Newton. 29 years old today. Don't Bank of America Stadium today because the OK started today rookie camps taught how to. California has made a move towards requiring solar energy on all new homes. Malaysia just elected in 92 year old leader. And a zoo in Alberta candidates facing legal charges after one of its handlers and bear went through a drive through the dairy queen for dessert you see in the picture of the bearable there's another north. What does a bear get a Derrek Lee and. Anything it wants there ago thanks very much. It's. Not good news food lovers according to scientists. Being angry. You know I get angry your hungry angry. Is in fact a real emotion that is triggered by our body's physical response to craving food. Researchers from King's College in London outlined the connection between hunger and irritability. Hunger triggers a chemical response similar to anger for everyone not just those who claim that they need to be you have said every hour. As our blood sugar drops due to our irregular meals are cortisol and adrenaline levels increase. And these psychological response sets off a fight or flight. Feeling in the brain no similar to the chemical reaction for anger. So angry. Is a real thing. And maybe it's not just you. Although you may be a jerk yeah. Chicago man has been charged with mail fraud and mail theft after allegedly changing UPS's corporate mailing address. To the address of his own apartment he used to change of address form. Never thought of that did you. Do Shaw and Henderson spruce submitted a US Postal Service change of address swarm on October. 26. 47 came the post office duly updated the address and Henderson's Bruce allegedly began receiving the company's mail including checks. He went on for months. Prosecutors say he deposited about 58000 dollars in checks improperly forwarded to his address. He now faces federal charges of mail theft which. Carries a maximum sentence of five years or mail fraud and and that can be up to wanting. That much time from 58000 dollars now. Don't think so. There's a study that finds women used gossip as a weapon for romantic rivalry is gossip and bullying doesn't just exist in high school researchers at the University of Florida found that. Adult women. Use the same gossiping techniques this teenage girls are doing damage in other woman's reputation. And try to gain an advantage a romantic relationships well. Oh lead researcher said it's. Consequential because woman's reputation still predicts or access to romantic partners and friendships and professional collaborations. And this research shows equality but shows they've gossip can substantially shift. Social perception. Now. This would bring up the question. Do minute news and gossip. As much as women. When they're afraid of the second. Yeah. The answer is yes. Recent study revealed that men gossip as much as women. And far for behaving like gentlemen they are more likely than. Or female counterparts to complain about co workers. By the way one of the studies said that things came out of the our University of Florida study. Was that people tend to give more weight to negative personal information because they consider to be true war. Better persons of a person's character than a positive details. Plus we like muck. Back to the guys. Researchers surveyed more than 2000 people. About the gossiping habits and found that males and females are brutally equally alike. To share gossip from the office elbow while men tend to talk supportive Lee about their colleagues. Mirror and try to run rivals down. This is the the stripping of masculinity of Americans think that's true. He's bigger today's males more gossip to Europe. Gossip prone than yesterday's. Yeah it at that big it's always is better human characteristic. I heard he's seeing the boss's wife. Ever heard about people who receive. Who literally seen time. I read this last night and then I saw and the somebody posted this up on FaceBook her. And then people started responding. Today is Friday. Which is green. At least according to this writer Carolyn moss she tweeted out a chart this week. And she wrote this is what I see in my head when I think of the days in the week does anybody else have this weird imagery. And she's not alone when you go down the list a number of people replied that they see colors when they think or hear of days of the week. This is an example of sin. They use yet. Which is a phenomenon in which ordinarily. Distant distinct middle or century. Processes blur into one another. The term comes terminate your Greek word for sensation and together. Some people like taste sounds but these people seed. Time. Friday it would be great. Another day would be blew another day would be yellow. I guess you gotta be there to get it. Big and what include mood to close at motif cavern this is the fundraisers they've been on all week long and continues through this weekend for a Jeff Newton my. My builder buddies who built my house and is now building his fourth saint Jude children's research hospital dream home. Then we raft rolled off on non WB TV later on this year. But a moot Jesus a tavern that he was just kind of a regular rat kind of his neighborhood place. And they've really jumped on and I helped Jeff over the number of last number of years so they do a week called me people lose and it's a big jump a big fund raiser. And tonight. Psycho circus. In fact they should start about five minutes on the outdoor stage at two enter a new geez tavern moved geez tavern dot com M double OC HI ES. 151000 block of idle wild road. The other side of a 485 through the Harris teeter is. And and then to Carlo is 7 to 10 o'clock tonight and an inside stage or Maggie Aldridge sticks and stones tastes like chicken. And then this shall continue all all weekend long 485 band is a plane tomorrow that's the first band out on the outsource age but they started noon tomorrow and all the way into all look. Probably midnight tomorrow night in the inside stage Chuck Johnson duo is so play in two to 330 tomorrow no chuck that's so worth your time believe me. And Shanley an underground Els and sort of it's over that'll wrap things up on no Sunday and again another gone from about 2 o'clock in the afternoon. Up until 10 o'clock Europe or thereabouts on a Sunday night inside and outside mood she's tavern. But grab yourself so my dinner and I never Bruin and help support Jeff I think they've got. Auctions and all sorts of stuff going on and they're still there are ways for you to contribute to the cause but don't. Saint Jude's children's research hospital is just you couldn't find a better cause. Moot geez tavern dot com 1506. So idle while the road party you're a big weekend told about. So this this is manual deal top six names for baby girls and a 2016 all end an aide. They give you the top ten. Smudged had a granddaughter. So I was curious isn't merely on the list. Yes. Number eight. Top names for girls in a month. You baby boomers out there our names are on there. And it does it'll go in cycles at some point or another generations will look back and say they want about the what about the Bible what about the founding fathers what about the and so some of the traditional names will love. Well we'll return but it these days it's Emma number one name for girls new babies Olivia. Ava. Isabella. Sophia. Mia. Which actually we I think is gonna end up being our grand child's nickname. They kind of decided that for her. But Mia is number six on the list ahead of Amelio which is number eight. Charlotte. Number seven. No doubt named after the great city. Evelyn is number nine and Abigail. Is that number ten now Abigail is an old school and let me Abigail would have been got our. Levitt Abbie and Abigail or as far short or but. Abigail would have been cut alike you know in my grandparents' generation Edna. You know stuff like that that's my grandmother's name you don't know what is named admin anymore. The top names for boys Leo on the. No luck. Which when they grow up to like go boating. William. So bill will stay you know will still be alive. Or did they become Willie. James Jim. Logan. Moody. Now islander I ordered it at the Benjamin. Mason. A lies job. Channel like that may have bigger that's kind of biblical and then. Oliver. And Jacob. He. Further your baby names sort of Trulia. For the year and Mario the good the granddaughter is right on their. I your big weekend below pick up big we can do a couple of seconds and notorious over the stuff going on around a town can reach as news in town tonight. And spring no festival is so committed to a Belmont. And Matthews has a big celebration. And the nights to get mail homestead will last throughout the weekend benighted BV empty ballpark and I'll tell you more about that throw a stick around on sale Friday evening afternoon. At news talk 1110993. WB two. It. Radio program are. Kenny Chesney beach best Matthews bacon fest weekend there. Well I've been awesome I've heard from Caron is Dixon's best fiction shows the extreme drug but they got area food truck Friday going on and Harrisburg a rock in the burdened food truck rally. And concert goes on tomorrow. From five to 9 PM he had Harrisburg park that's on assumes parkway 191 Sims parkway. Lot of things for the kids couple bands food trucks dogs are welcome leave your alcohol at home. Bring your chairs your kids your friends and your appetite. Better being is damn good at Q. Jesse cakes remixed track routes is of Charlotte that Jimmy spot to checks in the truck and sticks and Dillinger food trucks. All of the Harrisburg rock in the bird food festival no truck rally tomorrow. Big confessed. That killed 10 PM tonight at sycamore brewing. We've seen fear. Then bacon. Bacon lovers rejoice this bacon themed food truck Friday back for yet another year sycamore brewing. Enjoy bacon inspired fair from a public caiso intend kitchen and now you Rhode twins. And newly barbecue and fresh med and Roman fork and ya mean Bob me. And golden cal Kramer. In sycamore brewing will even have a special beer pairing to enjoy which you're your media treats. Bacon fest sycamore. Brewing when he won 61 Hawkins streak goes on until 10 o'clock tonight started about ten minutes. Yeah. They've confessed. What do I feel this drawn. What I would be better faster and without a deal lobster fest if I were. If you would draw up front I. Earliest hometown tourist was to Matthews or one of their big events is going on now this weekend today and tomorrow. Had just dumped down markets beach best shag dance and and carnival and kids inflatable village and arts and crafts and street food vendors and the cruise and car show and the fantastic shakers will be their black water R&B. DJ check color Carlin to be out there. It's all love I think no one health as one of the sponsors of that would be chest his bigs they're tenth annual going on in now Matthews today. And it tomorrow. Party Euro big weekend and the one we just left Belmont. Everybody is invited you on come to Belmont. Tomorrow. For a spring fest down there. Annual spring fest will cure Garibaldi fest I guess is what they officially called since stoke park right there in downtown. Special takes place so 11 o'clock tomorrow till 5 o'clock tomorrow afternoon right there on main street in Belmont the B inflatable walls for the kids. And they'll set those up in the field right behind Belmont middle school which had a backs up to still park. I can humid day off that eleven to 1130 robotic groups from the local elementary and middle schools will gather their fertig. Have it patty M singer songwriters play in tomorrow night the Kramer to Banda vinyl sirens will provide live music for the event tomorrow vendors and boots and well a lot of unique stuff so Long Beach just a one up and our scares me Garibaldi fest. Coming up announcement some time with us in no Belmont. This weekend more to come Cassie king jazz he's in town tonight still with Old Dominion Ned does PNC musica pavilion know where. Fagan and The Doobie Brothers over. Steely Dan in The Doobie Brothers were last I understand it was pretty good show. And I. Nick concert and accidentally gets in his familiar and your chest is entitled to many will open up 730 tonight. Live nation dot com for more information on National Symphony Orchestra. And conductor Christopher war and green close out the current concert to a season that night theater with elmo's arts juniper. And I concert master Kalin. Loop the news. Or performance. Tonight it's actually 730 tonight and tomorrow night. And bold rock bird song legal remedy so lewd. Wouldn't robot just few of them. Fifty regional craft breweries. Cruise siders and martyrs and pale Els will be on tap at the eighth annual North Carolina brewers and music festival at historic rural hill this should be a great two day event. Begins with a Friday night jam starts about till 530 so just a few moments what the headliner acoustic syndicate great band. Take the stage about 830 to nine. I'm tomorrow's music begins at 1145. Chatham county line there of the headliners and no leftover salmon's playing the main stage at just 645 and 830 a respectively forum. Chatham county line at 645 and no leftover salmon that 830. And down the left or Sam's Colorado bear. I knew you always wonder you know that and a beer tasting are runs a Saturday only of from a 12:45 till 4 o'clock. So mom. Chose that should be a big time busy weekend you think we're good men do. Like go late spring and summertime when you're. Aids walk tomorrow all walk in strong takes place tomorrow Wells Fargo atrium and plaza aids walk Charlotte dot org or. Nice when all that gets us started so are going down in no join him 9 AM for registration in check and 10:30 for the morning program rewards. 11 AM is when the walk begins. And at twelve noon for the closing celebration aids walk Charlotte. Dot org for more information nights are in town all weekend long mob Friday night fireworks game tonight starts at 704. Durham bulls. Are in town this weekend than tomorrow the thirteenth annual pay ignites. Knight's players a BO wearing a pink jerseys in the first 2000 ladies will receive AM pick nights. Baseball. And the game starts tomorrow at 704 as well and then Sunday's the 205 affair where the kids get to run the bases and do all that stuff Charlotte knights. Dot com. Pretty nice little. Award. Our recognition for BB NT ballpark number one man. Minor League Baseball stadium in the country at least that's the opinion of the baseball. America that had a recent article. Out of 248. Minor League Baseball teams the articles author signaled out BB NT ballpark. It was too because of their view of uptown and a whole lot more. The broadcaster told but a baseball America it is legitimately a Major League style ball park. But for a triple A team completely renovated and upgraded with the best technology and amenities incredible views in sight lines from everywhere in the park as well. Just a gorgeous ballpark there right. Baseball scouts saying it has good downtown location it's an outstanding stadium with a great view of downtown very classy. Most of the top ten stadiums were affiliated with double A and triple A teams. Third just oh by the way it was Coca-Cola park home of the Lehigh Valley. Iron pigs. In the triple A International League and that's which are Charlotte as a member of league that the or Charlotte tonight three and the knights have led Minor League Baseball and attendance most seasons they had just missed out last season. Since the stadium opened in 2004. And a draw and a 1151487. Fans so far this season. I'm entering this weekend that was number one in the minors with the durables in town all week long bill just add to those numbers but nice nicer recognition. For a what is really just there isn't a bad seat in the house it's just a great place to watch a ballgame. So I deny Teva homestand all night long the Charlotte how loans. Have they home game not until May the 26 Charlotte independence. Playing tomorrow at 730 against Cincinnati. And the checkers or in the playoffs said. They've got a game tomorrow at 6 PM against Lehigh Valley and that's the one that went that record the other night. I'm with the overtimes that they are finally lost they need to win that game tomorrow night ethnically high values of three games to one. OR checkers are there himself over to bode jingles and support the whole team PGA guys are the players championship in Jacksonville this weekend. You've got of course Major League Baseball the NASCAR boys are around. Hanging out in Kansas for the weekend and that'll be a Saturday night affair 8 o'clock on fox sports one of and the NBA playoffs continue as well with the they cavaliers and the Celtics tipping off 330 on ABC Sunday afternoon. I've had a great Najaf Newton's. Post enough FaceBook. The bandit Carla that's playing tonight. He's a guy TJ we had him in the guy who's been touring with Boston. He was he was working at Home Depot. And is suns got a band suns got a good abandoning. A that you knew his son. There where power or the story correctly he was a worker at a Home Depot. And he's. Ease sung along to an emulator these bands for a long long time and when Boston's lead singer died. Yes senator tape and you'll. And the founder of Boston Russo walking through his living room one day and his wife let's listen under the tape. And he said what you found a recording of my care and the name of the singer that in Boston the Dieter in my mind's just gone completely blank and she said no this is some good out Charlotte. So he's been touring with the Boston. For the last few years on our national two hours. And and he'll be out it to move geez. 151000 block of vital wild road just has had a 45 and that Harris teeter shopping center. With his band carload uniter not just all psyched up about that and I'm telling you you could not tell the difference between. Brad dealt. And and and the Karl. Pretty good stuff so maybe that's reason guard grabs have burned bare ruined not help our videos saint Jude's. But I Children's Hospital Jeff Newton who is building his fourth one this season. The rays over a million dollars she stages when it's also done with in no mood geez. Low neighborhood borrow there's been not helping him for years and years and years so long maybe that's good reason I'm night like tonight can be beautiful weather out there. But in fact will go down to about low 65 tonight so that's that's plenty nice sunny skies tomorrow high 93. 67 degrees furloughed tomorrow night and then. I mean we're 93 tomorrow as those subs they mourn ID 495 Sunday Mother's Day mostly sunny highs in the mid ninety's. Upper sixties are your lows but I think they're saying 9495. Degrees. And who knows surely we wouldn't hit triple digits when we. Pretty early to be hit in the ninety's. I tomorrow at this weekend. You can now help out those in need by just go into your mailbox with so much nonperishable food national association of letter carriers. He is once again hosting it's annual stamp out hunger food drive this'll happen tomorrow. Most of you who have gotten a bad Europe postcard or something from your. From her post office reminding you of. Out his post office workers throughout the country will be picking up food it's left it mailboxes. Tomorrow and they drop it off the crisis is a student ministries in. Yes Tony and and the food do our kitchens here and I'm Charlotte I wrote this article lot of video testimony newspapers and that's why mixer referenced a crisis assistance ministry. But it feeds up food banks all over the country and not to participate all you have to do is bring a nonperishable food items to your mailbox and just leave them there are your postal carrier. Won't pick it up just make sure it gets out there before they had deliver your mail. Com. Drinks paper products nonperishable. Stuff like that. Residents will be reminded of the event to you should do it's a 26 year they've done that they are raised a ton of food touched. For the food banks that do that throughout the country that's really good program so there's some nonperishable your mailbox before your carrier comes tomorrow enough. Help out clause 20 minutes before 6 o'clock news talk 1110993. WBZ. We are current Broadway lights season. Tony nominated debt comedy sales then. And should be 8 o'clock to 98. Limits you went to says. Yeah 8 o'clock tonight did an imagination this afternoon 1:30 and 7 o'clock. Tomorrow. Since through May thirteenth at 730. PM Wednesday through Thursday. 8 PM Friday I'll take the soul back to an 8 PM tomorrow. And 130 and 7 PM on Sunday Belk theater solo broadly a theater. Something rotten says mixes Shakespeare spruce and inside jokes so there you go there. And Charlotte city pars that are partners and historic South Bend RI doing bike happy hour. Celebrating biking they'll do the slash three Fridays in May as part of the my bike happy hour from 5 to 7 o'clock going on right now it'll happen again on the eighteenth in the 25 alternate conjunction with that. Charlotte B cycle and queen C bicycles and unknown brewing company and they got live music against the gators are playing tonight. I had to encourage a bicycle use around he has inner city you know some of you are that are behind the wheel car right now saying our job don't encourage. But it's a good event and it's being put on by air Charlotte Center City partners in the historic south and so rich so often no wander out there problem. And that's a dork for your big weekend. Want our WPG news or Mark Garrison. Is pack and things up and get ready to move into the domain studio for our Charlotte at six do you think they even know I considered my payment plan to buy and there's. I don't think he considered your payment plan for PS cells today. We actually did they look at I dialed some for awhile that I sold the mean time between jobs uh oh okay mom so David tepper appears to be the guy and he's the one who has a little bit of a stake in the Pittsburgh Steelers but he's also the one guy apparently they can write the check yet. But I mean he's he's only worth ten billion dollars and so Bloomberg and some others there we talked to today said it did really was a no brainer. He doesn't have to go look for partners the guy in South Carolina in Charleston is still trying to find somebody to go in with him on the deal. And the NFL wants to get this wrapped up sound ones like tempers got. I added that we don't really know timetable but I mean if you get an announcement next week is that in time for I had to get to the may owners meeting or I would probably have just voted Russian middle bit. I don't know actually it is but then as was pointed out may buy a Bloomberg guys said hey they don't have to wait till the meeting these owners routinely can get together on a conference call and they can approve it that. Oil and they RD kind of know this guy you added there now. Prior brown being seemed USA like Harrison was spam burger earlier even once you know you don't know until you're a couple of years down the line now when I'm owner is the hands on a doozy. Keep a lot of the personnel that are there are busy as always say it's got to like your draft pick you don't really have a a final consensus until you for us for some time of the. Well we do know that with his hedge fund he's known for buying companies that struggle and he kind of gets involved and turns them around and then sells for profit for his investors so. Then the odds on he would be somewhat hands on him yeah well no your pay 2.0 whatever it is billion dollars I feel little camera to look after another here and there. Bob mile talked to Charles about we can get away is I assume that that's coming up at 620 I think he's going to take us over to a chimney rock and some of the changes they are love that place cited to bat cave he has IK a North Carolina. Obama and dumb controversy when. Matthews and see amassed were talking about this bill that Raleigh was considering. What's the status of that well now Cornelius was set on the action and some other towns and they will probably be added to the bill I talked to Jeff tart we'll hear from him that. Six Tony is well and he says that and he thinks it'll pass well. Well they can do they did then you then cities have a little bit of a bargaining chip now that's a they think that I have some. Some leverage following throughout something interesting I'd not thought about he said Matthews has been quietly talking with C amass that. If they build a charter school in Matthews let CMS run it. Whichever it was interest you know I'd not heard that before when neither. My journalistic skill up front around the corner with Omar garrison and nine will be wandered to the studio and in just to say listen I truly likeable people. Like me. All share the same trait. And here's dined nine ways to add to north you're one of them charismatic people have certain traits and no behaviors in common determined it did make the Michael. Dell is like to talk and those tickets were. I after all Odeo they focus on other people instead of themselves against that TJ are injured. Jar arm for example they ask lots of questions in a conversation they show empathy observes issue. They nod attentively. How tough here's a list of our research and expert backed signs that that your likable if if you have questions as to whether or not you're likable maybe this'll help you. If you could be like even more than you realize. Or not. I you make a great first impression first impressions are notoriously you know hard to shake so if you make a solid one you're you're basically set up to be a likable pro life for the that's why. A grooming him MM clothes are so important which. Means. We have some more work to do after notes are sure we pass that. I Canada expect people to say well here's a guy who's got it made look at him he's an old guys still Wear blue jeans. As opposed to while isn't that a nice. 53000 dollar suit. You show positive emotions according to our research paper from Ohio state university and the University of Hawaii people are can unconsciously. Feel the emotions are around them. So way if you if you make a good first impression and you show positive emotions and boy are. If anything's ever said about me it's just always the power of positive thinking I believe. So that they you know if you're generally upbeat and enthusiastic other people will feel the same window window when you're around. I see that every time I walk into a room people. Of beating and enthusiastically. You're not always perfect. Why don't fit that one. He's sets up now. At that that. Mile science suggests that revealing that you are perfect can make it does seem more relatable and vulnerable towards people around you. That's like the guy that we we've talked to who was an aide Jack. Donald Trump wolf I'll never be the nominee river we told him that whenever we came back later on it's okay we're wrong. Signs that tell you are you would do and then nine ways to know if you're truly likeable person you let people talk about themselves. People like talking about themselves or you let them do that prayer group I think. We we we take phone calls we do guests went towards all purpose people talk about themselves. John Mark. You have a good says he over. The singers like written it's like a blueprint of me. If you're able to find the funny in any situation. And you should hear us when Leo in the mics are on we can find it funny in any situation. Yeah. You think what the lady said about or John McCain and the drug administration was off color you shouldn't get into our radio studio during commercials. But if you find the funny side of any vetted then you're probably well liked by your friends and colleagues. And as I looked around the room here I see nothing but respected. I you're highly empathetic. Well you have eight times and I cried on here. I cried der love story who did that to admit that. You'd you'll you'll do well to them they've empathy from other. Researchers found that the more emotionally intelligent and empathetic. Employees get along better with colleagues and and and have been very cheap to hire company ranks. And very the company's been telling me I break free air saw I think are qualified they're you know win and how to share something personal. I can do that I have done. You nod attentively while other people are speaking. You look like one of those dogs in the back of somebody's car you know ahead of popping up and down. And you ask a lot of questions and conversations. Those are the nine ways to know if your. We'll let you like me and truly likeable person. Having truly wonderful weekend don't forget Mother's Day our Mother's Day and I'll I'll leave you with more gears and.