Panthers, Police Citizen Board, and North Korea

John Hancock
Thursday, August 10th

John talks about the Panthers game, the PGA, the results of the police citizens review board, North Korea, and more!


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This is John Hancock. Heather rather RS at Thursday's regular game. And so he never has anything guys get severe I mean. Morning show waited to call no radio last night Padilla had thorough checks and gave my days out of the golf course today bringing us up and they don't know the PGA. Kimbo Thompson does the morning show and and Dave's hanging out Jim Nance today. So I assume you'll probably hear that tomorrow. Those guys really need to. Get some hobbies so they have something to do. What's the gave us time. TJ. Headed to do list. I don't even know what to do with your man card over the you're your your right it the first pre season. It's and it's the man it was the McCafferty bull. Kinda. It was it was I was actually pretty good devoted to your burden would tell a great. Two touchdowns and I guess he's kind of separated himself from all of the pack early. And Benjamin. Look like he's so ready to put the piece that rumors two to bed he was sensational last nine. And McCaffery. Certainly shows you those flashes of I is like seven carries a 37 yards or someone has sort renewed terror rated. And Watson. To Shawn Watson quarterback. For a bit Texans. At one point or another I think I heard Mick mix and on the TV call. Or maybe it was somebody I don't know. They were trying do a project. Exactly what month. And what day it would be that DeSean Jackson becomes the starting quarterback for the Houston Texans. And I think it was like you Jeanne saying. Next week. He looked a pretty good Vieira didn't look like he was a two phased by but the big stage last night. Sawyer nice to a see a Bank of America Stadium with the fans and it and and the team play in enough. And some of our new players up there and they want the game ultimately 27 to seventeen which doesn't make a whole lot of difference unless of course your your fourth of pre season game you have won any of them know which case. People started to blow that up anyway that was fun of the PGA gets started today. And whether or has been flying cross your fingers knock on wood. But tell you just heard. Okay with essentially the arc. All of what's what's going on there and I know obviously adds it to out of it so I don't have enough now. But. Jordan street thirteen minute one over. So he's about five shots off the lead Mickelson was two over. Look at the leaderboard back up again and just second ahead and open and I had to resented out so I could do it. A gorgeous mother stuff. Say it here. Hamster or. Internet is tired today. You weren't born and Roloson is in the clubhouse at four under. Grayson Murray. Gary Woodland Brooks kept up is and now Chris Stroud who are in the clubhouse at three under. That it does guy out on the course. On the fifth hole but he started on the back nine so he's almost on these three under. Doing home and on. Note you pick TJ. Go down some of the some of the names are looking for Rickie Fowler. Sis still out on the course he's two under Hideki Matsui is so one under he's a finished for the day. Justin days. Is one under Dustin Johnson excuse me Jason Day is 100 Dustin Johnson is so one under. Like I said Mickelson was a two over. Zach Johnson know. Cave and it even par. Adam Scott. Came and even Rory McIlroy. Even. So those are some of the big names. Or neo first did via PGA so world. Everybody did do you think should be within striking distance is technically within a striking distance. So that's what's going on there. The construction is going to start on no the fer shake shack. I forgot no we're to a mentioned average debt Parker choppers and is gonna shake shack. So what do we get it in and out murder. And have a long long way. And that Taylor Swift testified Tuesday actually today that the former radio DJ AR reached under her skirt and intentionally grabbed her backside. Underneath her skirt during a meet and greet photo session. I'm in 2013 and a concert in Denver quote he stayed attached to my bare. Sheikh. As I lurched away from him she says her bodyguard and aren't as soon as well I guess my question then would be widened the bodyguard. Eliminate this guy off the face of the earth. But anyway that all trials going on out there are he's suing for three million dollars because he's and it never happened and it cost him his job so he's speaking at three million dollars in damages. And she's doing the symbolic one dollar judgment to go alleging sexual assault. A bomb and the picture even he admitted yesterday in the trial is that the picture is pretty damning. Of the picture has his hand beat you you know understand there's three of them stand and there are. And he doesn't have his hand around her his hand upon her shoulder earning my caddie has his hand low. Now whether or not that's under clothing her including her editor in it but even as it did to. It into Haiti and with the very worst it looks in makes him look like a Smart Alec. Obama that's trying to. You know like beat the sexual Sorrell version of put two fingers up behind somebody's head. So I don't know. I wanna join the libel suit or anybody you. He appears. Appears I don't know if this is true or not he appears to have dirt bag qualities to. Got a good report card from my doctor today. They were pretty impressed. The result. Diabetes type two no big deal. Bring it on. We did have some peppers strutted some got. Turkey today for lunch that's. Coming back to haunt him. And do good that's a lot of pepper. Over to the phones ago 7045711101. Is up they want. All of a lot of them are willing to do events. Thought they got a guy look man. I'm not many are you gonna write about it then. The band and the good portrayal Camaro brand and my dressed in accuracy a lot of money she as she did a whole album one break up student she's exactly. But that the elevator but it was at the bay all. Publicity such long ago lot of money probably give this guy or. We're that there criminals Erica the so called me. It's federal court because. They don't resides in the same state that's that's only answer I noted that question. Well Ron you are not at this and now this is this is there's got to be civil thing visits and the money yet there's money involved he's asking three million dollars she's asking for a dollar. Right that you've got to make organic or would that now social remake what went underneath my wings. They give up until right now but are you I don't worry is his. We could figure out metric in Ireland EB how you are like that. They're getting out there on our. I don't know what I'll write more aren't pregnant they're against. Call me a breeze I like that. As she can draw remake of girl JJ Cahill called the Brees. Some Dell retailers who have doesn't need inspiration to our. I'm a little surprised that she's hang out a courtroom in Denver I guess. Chester beer maybe she's. Spend in the nights at the master and enough flying in for the they read think this guy's gonna get screwed. First of all I don't think that injury can get past the star factor. And second of all. It just didn't listen to be going to his. Solo. And in the other part of that if it didn't happen but it I mean that's kind of a do good to question I would have of it didn't happen. It. It's not like she needs publicity it's not like she needs some blame excuse to get into the newspapers. Why would she. He screwed. And is a radio announcer he's absolutely screwed. I I went to the doctor today for my my first a check up since the diabetes type two diagnosis and we've. Blood sugar levels are down into the 120s when 24 I think generated I had won 28 or something this morning. And the first thing you do is so take a blood sugar reading. One. We were 229 when we. I think when I first started I was up in the threes when I was on Colorado ozone actually close to 400 grows up in Colorado that ER visit gave it to. But anyway so it came back and or do an exercise thing every day in las I've got an 815 appointment with the doctor which I had to do which keeps me from going out there are doing the treadmill. And for those of you simply could still do when you get off work now. Ain't gonna happen that's why do it in the morning. And generally get out there before 6 o'clock in the morning so I'm done by seven. Because I hated hated hated hated. But if I no longer be done by 7 o'clock there's a mental thing that says what you just go do you just get it out of the wages to unlistenable Thompson nine Alexa. Played LE DT on tune in. And so I listened to a German no blow from about 6 to 7 o'clock and and I get that that. I whatever I can do and an hour. I think I'm at about 3.2 miles. In an hour. And all's good speed that up a little bit over time and we'll see what we will we get a two a jog and and and I were eaten better and I'm not clues and wait but everybody thinks I am. And my pants or get losers so. I assume that. I'm not losing weight but overtaken the weight that I have. And apportioning it better herb I don't know but I dug definitely lost some inches off my wasted no in my gut. And I think we will lose weight or go to a dietitian in two weeks and I'm anxious to do that and get some questions answered and a portion control is probably where I'm failing on the weight loss part of it. And the other thing is is I'm fine all day long I get up I do though three were appoint whatever it is miles. I come back here and I drink coffee which is perfectly legal. Fair read or newspaper about eight or 830 they want me to eat three meals a day and they want him to be within you know like four and a half five hours of each other. So that was a trouble for me for awhile because I was eating and then going and exercising and now Ahmad come and and a nine and so I I I he'd summoned by between eight and 830. And then I. I pack a lunch and I bring an end here. And I eat here about 130 and then I get home about 630. And so IE between 6:30 and 7 o'clock. So I got that down blocked out but the one part that's the hardest for me and anybody that's trying to lose weight for any reason whether it be diabetes type two or anything. Its the evening hours. Where you're kind of program don't wanna snack. Now I'm snacking on. Better stuff illegal stuff. Some. Pumpkin seeds. Aid over a word of a candy all used to be in the chips enough. And the stuff. And now it's. Unsalted sunflower seeds and wall mounts and pumpkin seeds and that stuff. And and Greek yogurt. And strawberries and and an orange the edited it didn't shoot my sugar levels auto bouts all you know so I mean better stuff. But I still have that tendency to wanna snack between. Eight and 1030. So why does somehow or another afternoon either get the guys that get very busy I should go start write a book herself and so likes can keep myself occupied between eight and 1030. So that's that's another downfall and then I'm supposed to have a snack before I go to bed and could be like had. A spoonful of peanut butter or something like that which. Jeff. Honey crunchy peanut butter Alia works it's not sell or if you want it they don't take that put an installer network so I I've snack for a bit. So a lot of blood levels coming back down and the weight is not coming off but it's going to different places and people think I'm lost weight everybody eroded to think of lost weight. All right and I will on within twenty pounds of B and back of 185. So my haven't seen in well over a decade. So that's kind of the goal over time I'm in no hurry. But. Blood pressure was down a little bit but not as much as we wanted today and mind you know I was not supposed to eat this morning otherwise we today in a cholesterol test. I'm so I need to go in and sometime the next few days and now into a cholesterol test and figure all that out itself. I anyway it's all good I'll take you back to this article that I found in the Los Angeles Times. Diabetes type two nearly half of Americans haven't. Or pre diabetes good number of folks haven't been diagnosed or don't know what. Thirty point three million people in the United States had diabetes in 2015. Nine point 4% of the US population has it that's nearly one in 101. Point five million number of newly diagnosed cases. And 44%. The percentage of Americans who have diabetes. And don't even know they've got it. Seven point two million people. So. Give fatigue or weight loss that can't be explained or trouble with your feet or whatever. If you think you got it go get tested for it. Because it's something you can work on and something you can deal with and it doesn't put a serious crimp in your life trust me. Yeah. Yeah yeah. The big news locally as the Charlotte citizens review board. Who will not recommend. That Charlotte Mecklenburg police chief gawker Putney reverse his determination that they help police officer. Her. Followed all determined our department policy you know the shooting last year with the keys for Scott. They split today for four. They did agree to make some policy recommendations but those recommendations will not be made public and for those of you are saying why I don't know either. It's it is ended. I don't know why I never have understood support them. About it to me into who's working for new here. But and the community I think it's they're probably gonna demand. It at least you know some of what goes on and they probably will find out what went on but. It's is still playing with fire. To me. And no we see in the fire and this is a time to not only do what you promised at the it's the two meetings the City Council meetings and otherwise to community that. Needs some opportunity and need some answers but to. But also what to a community that. It is looking for transparency and no we just seemed always come up with some reason why that's just not possible. The Mecklenburg County district attorney Andrew Maria I decided did to Vincent would face no trial. Criminal charges. That he was legally justified in shooting Scott. And then I'm nuts and it wasn't that the DOC MPT's internal investigation determined that evidence and violated no department policy or procedure in the case. The citizens review board was. Was brought to to the case and before the bar the Scott family lawyers. Brought that case before the board. And that's that's a review board it's never got wants gone against the police department in twenty years. On and I'm not sand that that's. Wrong either I'm just saying. I don't understand if there are policy recommendations and have been made though why those have been made public. Two at least give some sort of explanation as to why the board split four to four. I that a preliminary hearing usual low in June and then they had the evidentiary hearing and that ended yesterday and are ended today. So our current partly now has a week to review the board's recommendation until the city manager about any action that he plans to taken and maybe that's why maybe we're waiting on notre but neither do his thing and I talk to the thus city manager but anyway that's that's the decision I'm sure more factual come down the case down the line has some of the afternoon goes on. Our annual OC were all that goes speaking of as the afternoon goes on. Our president trump is expected due receive a security briefing this afternoon. And and he's to most to appear before cameras and microphones of some point this afternoon we assume that'll be around 4 o'clock. I am more ready to air that. When it whenever that happens. It's an Anniston address of the North Korea so we'll see what goes on their. There was a story. That ran across last night. That aired yesterday. I'm did you know that there's a there's agreement called the treaty on open skies. That allows military aircraft from Russia. And other nations to fly aerial observation flights. Over us. Or that the United States. Can fly aerial observation flights over the Helm of 34 signatory nations. Because the headline that I read last night that guy and got my attention an unarmed Russian air force there aircraft flew over the US capitol. The Pentagon the CIA. And the joint base Andrews add to low altitude on Wednesday part of a longstanding treaty that allows the militaries of the United States and Russia do observe the other from the air. Did you know about that. Of these crucial Russian played fly and or the Pentagon. I'm. But it barely it's all part of the of attributed sort of been signed I guess we do it to them they do it just the Russian air force plane on Wednesday afternoon passed about us 3700 feet over downtown Washington. And joint base Andrews in Maryland. Where Air Force One is based. It is authorized. The jet is authorized to inner peace 56 which is known this is aside the highly secured airspace surrounding the White House. These second flight of the same jet. Was to fly over bad minster a New Jersey yesterday were trump is indication in. Kind of a forced vacation. Because there are doing the stuff inside the White House air conditioning in pain and so on and so forth so. The united states air force personnel were on that flight so there's no reason for fear anything I just charged got a weird if you're stand and in Washington and you looked over hadn't saw Russian plane flying over engine. Especially given the current climate may everything else that's going on you kind of think while. It's a bird it's plane. Damn it's a Russian plane. It's Issa is North Korea part of this interpret that. Is surely that can't be the case the open skies treaty is in effect since 2002. And over 12100 flights have been conducted since then. You would which contribute student verification of compliance with arms control agreement soon. And all that kind of stuff courting the US defense threat to a reduction agency. I just drag. Not not that I know policy and all that kind of stuff but it just seemed. And bizarre that that would divvy happening those are you wondered what happened to bill Riley unless you are part of his son. And have a pay per view podcaster. Anyway he's making he's doing an experimental video come back. Oh with a daily online show it'll be an the initial half hour was posted on his website Wednesday sore for us some of his premium subscribers on how many else. Originating from what he called a his new prototype studio. And he was asking viewers so when. You know would for what he characterized as they are sneak peel away a bad mistake free who's asking for input. And said he'll make it available to non paying audience on today. So it's pretty side about that TJ you're monitoring that are just so we can minute becomes available we can see what Bill O'Reilly is a true. Now among other topics really are Riley discussed trumps a fire and fury comments about North Korea. And a movement that calls for a California secede from the union. And he spoke by Skype to Michael Smerconish. Political commentator. He's producing daily podcasts and this video start up apparel Leo will build upon that. So that's what he's doing since he got fired promote Fox News in April. Trump has escalated his war with Mitch McConnell. Which is. It's kind of interesting. Because just as a reminder McConnell wife has a lane that chow who is strums transportation secretary. This could make for some really interesting meeting maybe not as interesting as Steve Smith and Ron Rivera I don't know if that took place last night or not. Went down. Trump us started the day off today. Take you know teeing off on a majority leader. I know there's people saying you know maybe your McConnell ought to step aside and let somebody you can get the job done get the job done. And I'm not a big McConnell fan either. But I think that's just because he comes office so milk toast to me. Trump tweets can you believe that Mitch McConnell. Who is scream repeal and replace for seven years couldn't get it done. He he Iran that many wrote must repeal and replace obamacare. He. He'd taken off taught him a little bit earlier in the week. Said that the well actually McConnell had said earlier in the week that the president had excessive expectations. Quote unquote about how fast legislation to be passed by congress. And in a call apparently occurred trump called McConnell. Earlier this week and expressed his annoyance at John McCain who is no vote torpedoed the GOP health care plan. And he suggested that maybe John McCain lose his chairmanship of the armed services committee. But then of course they'd have to they'd have to get Jennifer Roberts to do that. So why senator Mitch McConnell said. Many tweets a few hours later heard the president as senator Mitch McConnell that I had excessive expectations. But I don't think so. After seven years of hearing it repeal and replace. Yeah why not done in question mark. So there you go. Where direct all rally palisades you're Eric Bolling is the latest. The ball a Bollinger is Theo latest Fox News Channel guide to get suspended this happened over the weekend all the network investigates the claims that. Then he sent lewd texts to female colleagues. Yesterday he sued the reporter who broke the story. All the fifty million dollar defamation lawsuit against Huffington Post contributing writer young char Ali. Charging the reporter damaged his reputation through the quote. Highly reckless publication of actionable false and misleading statements about the plaintiff's conduct and character close quote. Is she Reilly wrote that by a bowling is accused of sending unsolicited photos of male genitalia. To a female co workers over several years. He tweeted yesterday that he stands by his story and we'll protect his sources. So. Towles who were all that goes this one actually got both sides of the story. The Charlotte Observer today. There editorial board. Wrote a balanced opinion. On Donald Trump. I I think I hear REM's it's the end of the world as we know it. Arm. That actually. And I know all of you have and not Edberg cancel your subscription to do observer years ago Chris you'll have written to tell missile. Blood to the observer has. As actually. Thought they edited today that they have changed us some key positions over there in the last few years. Mom and I don't know if their editorial board has taken on a little bit more maybe they've heard may may may be Dave. Tuned in to the false news thing and said to themselves would want to be them. And maybe we would you need to understand your own bias. To some extent at least be aware of it. When you're presenting The Who what where why and win. I'm a long time Charlotte Observer a subscriber. The kind of have to. But I would be anyway because it's hometown newspaper and electric sports section and I wish they still had a guy writing media mismarked Washburn apparently nobody covers media over there anymore. That's you know that's fun. I saw a deal today on Linkedin know where Charlotte's best magazine is back. They named both Thompson as best radio show. WBT morning newsletter you know Bo knows that. But they used to be around I don't know what ever happened to all but they used to be around in. 'cause I've got some awards from the ninety's and that the someplace. Were they don't want that Naimi worst Weiner no I think that was Charlotte magazine that may be worst whiner and and after three years they are retired the award in my owner. That that back in the good old days but they well all share the opinion piece that the observer wrote five things to light. Or at least debate. On Donald Trump. And they essentially present five things. Where they present both sides of the argument. And I don't know which is kind of stunned may come in from the out of the observer editorial board it gives me reason to all hope or reason to think maybe even no reason to and want to. Increased our credibility. So all share that with you because I thought it was I thought it was a groundbreaking. I don't quite understand why in the days that too we all know that the newspaper of the actual publication the actual thing you're holding your hand. Armed. That the strength of any org news organization now is going to be their website not necessarily their printed edition. They can't keep up with sports for instance they don't really have anything in there about the. Stanford game last night because they go to press. Earlier than I think what they used to because they have somebody else hurting the publication now than when I was down there. Com. We're the new development to Johnny Harris is building Mitzi going near including 33 tower office. I've tower. Broken its way into India skyline via the fourth tallest building in Charlotte that's what they're billed and other factors an article about that in the observer today help. I'll tell you what's going on a field of perverse side as well. But down. They're late on news on their website filled. And I find that disappointing because I'm kind of program Jewish news is breaking to go to the observer website and they cannot disappoint me quite frankly the TV stations or B a right now. Now. Got a report on right now from some guys in the long. Until I get it became to work in the morning in your editors he reviewed said hey Jim. Rescinding your to Guam. That. I beg your pardon. Interpol rule of. Your news is the North Korea deal. Kill the stock market today. North Korea yesterday dismissed trumps threat from a day earlier. And trump then Wednesday tweeted about America's nuclear superiority saying met his first order is president was to renovate and modernize the nation's nuclear arsenal saying it's quote now far stronger and more powerful. Well than ever before that's not quite true. He I had and hopefully we will never have to use this power that is true but they're will never be a time that so we are. Not the most powerful nation in the world. Armed. So there's an article sure with you at some point about our are America's nuclear arsenal but just by treaty alone. We've completed our. And and just like a presidential administrations before. We've completed our defense budgets to the point that. So and it's true enough that to trump commend their. And to attempt to have to build up to military. There has been media speculation on Tuesday that Ted trumps fire and fury comments I had been prepared had a time but that they've that they've. There weren't. Reuters cited a couple of administration officials have described as having knowledge. Again nameless. As saying at trump foreign policy military aides were caught by surprise by the threat. The white house Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said late yesterday that trumpet discussed what she called the tone and strength of his remarks ahead of time with his senior. Our national security advisors but the the words were his own she said. Are Rex Tillerson yesterday's sought tech had to give some reassurance and suggested that the United States is getting ready for military action and he told reporters that Americans sleep well tonight. Nothing that I have seen and nothing that I know of would indicate that the situation is dramatically changed in the last 24 hours. But in the Defense Secretary Jim Mattis strikes out and he comes in with a fairly tough tone. Not quite as tough as such trumps but he said the north should quote seize any consideration of actions that would lead us to end the regime and the destruction of its people's. He he sought to. Distinguished that the United States would not act militarily against threats which trumpet seemed to us suggests. But would respond actions saying quote the United States and our allies have demonstrated capabilities and questionable comment. To defend ourselves from an attack. Now. There are sometimes see with a publication on uses. Somebody wrote an article and said if the US attacks north Korea first is that self defense. And you know I've kind of asked that self. If you in your own mind. And the answer to that is where old. It's got to musty. The. Supporters have said that that do such a strike. Would be legally justified as an act of self defense by the United States against a dangerous and irrational adversary. But then there are others some scholars of international law who say that the legal issues surrounding the attacks in self defense or. Are kind of complicated enough and subject to interpretation so the questions and answers on. On what can be considered legitimate self defense under international law. They went to a guy by the name of Michael in Schmidt he's a professor of the united states naval war college and an affiliate of the you know Harvard Law School program on international law armed conflict. And he said three basic requires requirements would have to be met. The situations of which a first strike can be interpreted as legally justified. They the three basic requirements that must be met the other country must have the ability to attack. The other countries behavior must showed that an attack is imminent. And there are no other ways to forestall. North Korea's military power appears to have satisfied first requirement. That that they have the the ability to attack. But he said you can only act in self defense when if you don't act it's going to be too late. There are no other options. So while North Korea may have the ability to attack. The United States there is so widespread skepticism as to whether or not an attack is imminent. Then you bring in the legal experts and they say that an attack and self defense in and since circumstances have to be proportional. Means it has to. It has to be designed only to stop the threat. So you don't just have. Carte Blanche to destroy the other country. How do we know that Kim Jung whose threat of attacking the United States is not an imminent threat we don't. But they do have. A long history of bluster and making threats without follow through. And this dude says all sorts of crazy things and there's no history besides. Incendiary statements says Anthony Clark a renders a professor of government and foreign services at Georgetown. And headed North Korea were preparing for attack you would see it. And then. I and they point out that article two of the charter prohibits states from using or threatening force against one another. But are critical 51 does not prohibit the quote inherent right of an individual or collective self defense if an armed attacker curse. But article 51 has been interpreted in different ways as well and according to our restrictive interpretation an attack. Must happen before the attacked state can use force against the attack her. So I assume if he followed through on his threats and hit Guam. Then we could. They had been under article 57 a 51 we'd be we'd be far less prohibitive interpretations argued that. Did a state threatened by attack does not need to wait. To legally make up free attack strike. So it's all a matter of debate and it's all a matter. Of interpretation. Now the president says so. That America's vast arsenal of nuclear weapons. Our strongest it's ever been is now far stronger and more powerful than ever before probably not correct. The we're still unimaginably powerful. Ando we still have nuclear weapons to use at a moment's notice. But whether or not it compares today with what the air force and navy have had in the past probably not. The the threat of an attack from North Korea strongman Kim Jong-un has been no building for years. By virtually any measure. US nuclear arsenal is smaller and less powerful and it was and it's Cold War peak. The air force in the navy had the fewest strategic bombers and submarines ever. They carry fewer weapons than they ever did. In 1967. The Pentagon wielded a total of 31225. Nuclear warheads. According to a declaration that the US made in 2010 as part of a strategic negotiation with Russia. When the Berlin Wall came down in 1989 that arsenal stood at 22217. Today the United States has roughly 4000. 480. Nuclear weapons according to the bulletin of the American scientist. That's their nuclear no book on which roughly 17140. Are deployed. And then under the new start treaty with a Russia that took effect in early 20s11. Washington and mask of Moscow had agreed to weight limit of 15150. Total deployed weapons. So that's far smaller than what we had at one time. And the arsenal wasn't just smaller in terms of numbers they say of nuclear warheads but the weapons themselves or less powerful. The titan missile for example had a nine megaton. Warhead. Several orders of magnitude more destructive than the ones that we have now an air force bomber me force today. Is a fraction of the hundreds of aircraft that were once under the strategic air command. These successor global strike command today operates 400 land based minuteman three Intercontinental ballistic missiles. At their bases in three states compared to its peak of 1000. And as for the navy its aircraft carriers no longer carry tactical nuclear weapons. Nor do which surface warships carrying nuclear capable cruise missiles. Only the navy's fourteen ballistic missiles submarines which operate on bases in Georgia and Washington State continue to sail. With the Intercontinental weapons that they can launch while submerged and each ship. Was built to accommodate 24 missiles but we'll have four of its tubes permanently made useless. As the US complies with that new start treaty. So the ship's. Are approaching the end of their service lines. As well. And the air force bombers and the missiles are also the same one's that served in the Cold War. For decades. And pentagon wants to replace votes but if you replace all those programs combined with other upgrades. I beckoned cost probably about a trillion dollars over the next three decades. So Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said yesterday that the United States and its allies have more than what they would need to any potential conflict. With North Korea. But as for the president's. Wording now far stronger and more powerful than ever before. No not probably so. Actually wandered in here today with a story from yesterday in good health and human services director Tom Fries announcing that they got from administration had no plans. Did declare the nations OP should epidemic scale public health emergency. And today the president named the hope really do crisis in this country an emergency my health emerges itself. Wonder how Tom price is gig is going nativity. To the phones or go to Chris on WBT hey Chris. Hey Jon garrido Amanda tapping bubble might keep the body look. Out of the mature Senegalese nuclear weapons. And honest down to that you're saying that that your reading. Is that. The submarine service. Has been depleted. Then there's the aircraft carriers that are the navy aircraft carriers no longer carry tactical nuclear weapons. No they're scared and try to submarine the the missile leans autism as a though according know what we read last night they have missiles submarines operate from bases Georgia in Washington. And sail with weapons that can launch while submerged each ship built to accommodate 24 missiles. With four of its tubes terminally made useless because of the new start treaty. Real. And independent in my Internet happened. And I don't know. The other government Antalya Iman Oden submarine service and want submarine. Has more power power than any nation on her. The new the new start treaty with Russia took place in 2011. Our our current. That it shipped out and it is almost so correct that Iran. I guess I I went to sources last night at Bloomberg at Reuters that national review in the LA times what are yours. None out and out of a separate service didn't do a trident submarine should have 24 nuclear met. Getting what they are motivated when they see it yeah but they've sealed for the tubes. Okay all right so the trees pretty much shutting down or yeah so. Our nuclear. I went and did some homework last night and that's sort of found. Okay about it yet Gannett all right are you still astounded. I am kind of flabbergasted that we have depleted our nuclear arsenal as much as we have but. Well and that's a good mood that's initial report career. Yeah we don't would that surprise you given the last and I'm not just the last administration but the last few administrations and cuts in defense budgets and treaties that we signed it. Maybe we should ever shouldn't have. And it's one of the things that trump kind of winner on the campaign and talking about treaties that we signed a dead did not work for America assault. You know I mean to some extent. The articles that we just a red kind of kind of back up the president on why he wanted to walk into office and and pour all this money and resources back into the military to get it back to the strength that it was once out. My dog and every reported Dylan but I mean appear nude you know nuclear arsenal so much of this is being used it's supposed to be a deterrent all. It's an audio. We gonna do sat down and I think the bottom line on that is we still have more than enough to take care or whatever we need to we need to get take care of well absolutely but I mean this is is it the whole thing about it is there's got to strike first or who can strike quicker or should say now. All right thank I. There goes. Plus astounded but it's another satisfied customer and and it. Thank you for coming. Think your shopping Winn-Dixie and beat people. President got up security briefing this afternoon and no we're expecting him do to speak at some point been no windows will try to hear those sort of those comments live. August the tenth 243 days into the year our 222. Days. Ago. That's got to be flowed from that 242 days down a 143 days ago. So it's may have. It's like seeing my number's plus and I. 1846. The Smithsonian institute chartered by the United States congress after 500000 dollars given for the purpose but these scientist James Smithson. That's an 1846. Half a million dollars was a little bit of money in the 1840s there's there's a little bit of money now but it. Durbin at the Smithsonian. I've been in twenty years I wanna go back Susan my wife's never been. You can spend a few days wander around. Whether it's ligament John Glenn's capsule or Archie bunkers scheerer. Pretty good stuff. New study found that alcohol actually helps test subjects become more creative on tests. I don't tell your kids. According to another study America's drinking problem has gotten worse or gave you more on that a second day rustling in the attic of a Florida family. That they heard turned out to be a six foot boa constrictor. Snake experts think try to live and up there for years. And let's take a break over here no wander over and casual remarks from the president. His presidency wake him up perhaps his family was here I think that's pretty tough stuff this presidency and the attorney general that you. Okay wreckage burned in apparent confession to you guys Hogan about the difference. Fast and strong you see it is what it is it's fine these. Working hard on the border I'm very proud of what we've done on the border very product. Gerald Kelly what he's done 11 of the reasons he's my chief of staff right now is because he did such an outstanding job at the border. We're down 78%. Nobody thought that would be amended to go days without the administration did you were down 1% considered a big thing. We have 78%. And nobody thought that was possible so I'm very proud of general Kelly he's got chief of staff. The same time I'm very proud of all over the last six months between Supreme Court between tremendous amount of legislation that's been passion we have. 4248. Real fast from abduction about just exactly it was important for our bills passed. We have massive executive orders. He's got rid of true record setting amounts of fresh and a lot of this action tour Wear shoes and right. The way that's. You have to wait thirty days I'm much more is coming out. And I believe in regulation you have to have some regulation but. We have a small percentage of regulation compared to what we have been I think that's why you see mrs. enthusiasm is the highest it's been an eighteen years. Why unemployment is the lowest it's been in eight years and the unemployment rate just came out. Soloist is tuning. You can use. And would that being said we have companies moving into the united save 200 stocks plunged more than two large auto companies moving back probably nobody. Michigan for. They negotiated with the various states. We have had we have done all lot. In short period of time so I'm very proud of it. I think that at general Kelley is going to be a fantastic chiefs whom Mr. President you recruit you are right. You're going to look at what's happening in Asia when looking at it right now we're constantly looking in and it. Don't like to see you know what I'm going to be doing but we're certainly lucky managed and obviously we're spending a lot of time looking at in particular. And we are. Preparing for many different alternatives and sent doctorate. He is disrespect in our country greatly. He has said things that are horrific. And was amazed that yet nowhere have the wherewithal for a long time between him and his Stanley he's not getting away with a whole new ball game. And he's not going to be saying those things any shopping that can be doing those things I read about. Where in Guam by August 15. Let's see what he does really wrong. He has something. In Guam. It will be an event and the likes of which. Nobody seen before what will happen in North Korea. And we use what you feel safe PLC and you'll see. You'll see is that again. The state has nothing to do it there that's a statement he's gonna go around threatening Guam and the United States how he's not gonna threaten Japan's. He's not gonna threaten South Korea. Not that small petty thief there is you say that is a statement of fact. How about the nuclear posture. Yahoo! go clear to me number one. I would like Steve dean new. From the world. I know the president of Obama sent global warming is a biggest threat to. I totally disagree I say that it's a simple one nuclear is our greatest threat worldwide not even a question. I didn't start I didn't he knew the world I would like Russia and the United States and China. And to Pakistan. And many other countries that have nuclear weapons get rid of them. What until such time as they do we won't be the most powerful. Nuclear nation on earth by car. The first order I gained my generals did you know if you know my. My first daughter was I want this and our nuclear arsenal. To beat the biggest and finest. In the world. We spent a lot of money a lot of time a lot of effort. And it's in tip top shape and getting better and getting strong. And until such time as this. War just a few years we will be so much better and so much stronger than anybody else. Nobody. Including North Korea is going to be threatening us. With any day. There's presidents for parcel of a more measured in Iowa earlier in the week. And regarding. National security briefing that he had this afternoon some of comments from the president and those continue we'll continue to haunt us. So the president continues and now we'll monitor that for anything that would be considered a breaking news but he was talking about to McMaster I think when we don't cave men. And and and eighty cent a couple of things but they're Kim Jung un is a disrespect in our country greatly has got to where we wound up from the somebody asked directly about nuclear and India talked about our. Nuclear capabilities. And now we expect them to be a stronger and know that we're. Were able my words not his that were able do it take care of good any threats the dude that maybe forthcoming. Tom and asked for belong Mon August the fifteenth. We'll see won't we will see probably not they removed the duke Kim Jong-un should do make good. He's just bluster before without any actions we'll see what happens when all of that and nothing had been uptown. And finally ventured out there at the end of June for the hall of fame deal. And drove past the observer site I got up and down morehead street all the time but I just never venture and uptown I must say I have to. I'll I'll be venturing into account more often soon know because cantina fifteen elevenths open and open new location down their solo but can't wait to attempt to see them. But there is it strange redress yield observer side and there's no observer building there are. But there is a new development taking shape they're in its featured in the paper this morning you Lipper TO or it's an article about the development taking place on the old observer cited in the a 33 story office tower. That is start no work its way up into the sky line and plans for a pedestrian Penn plaza. And a bridge over church street. And it. Johnny Harris is now given it a name it's going to be called legacy union. Mailed me the name of that development Johnny Harris who seems to have is a footprint on everything these days. When I got nearest human call bill Lee and crucial Ed Crutchfield. I remember and try to shield once put down an edict that there would be no longer would be phones would not be answered automatically also to be law answered by a live person. That. That to some extent was. I mean you couldn't have known at the time. How big banks corporations things mergers. Consolidation was going to be. But they it out Johnny Harris. And smokey Bissell. And and noted in Jerry Richardson. And the names are definitely changed. And it. Source the power structure but Johnny Harris is probably the most influential wall. So he's not only involved in this but he's also involved in the new river district it'll take place over Belle west boulevard Brady five Harris said that this new. Project down there at the observer of the old observer. Future plans. They project could include a major hotel and apartments and condominiums at another office tower and restaurants in the kind of shops uptown that. Have largely been missing since IDs and bill pulled up stakes. He said dad there's going to be retail there's gonna be residential there's going to be hospitality. Ten acres close to the stadium. Said the legacy union name evokes both the State's history and the goals of the development. While Lincoln Harrison Goldman Sachs bought that site last year for 37 and a half million in the observer remove their offices over into the NASCAR building. The first tower is under construction. It'll be 845000. Square feet expected to open early 20s19 with Bank of America signage at the top of it because Bank of America's least about. 500000 square feet and it. It will be the fourth tallest building in Charlotte. For those of you who have wondered if more still awful start popping up in no Charlotte yes. I and in fact it may get another tower. Bloody in the future. So while Bank of America headquarters should be our tallest building and in the Duke Energy center would follow and in the Hearst tower would be after that and then this building that they're building on the old observer side. And Harris says that he hopes the 100 foot tall lighted glass pyramid atop the new building. Will become an iconic member on the marker for our Charlotte. He said we want this building to be a building just like the trans America building in San Francisco. In other words and I try to add there's not a rendering evident the paper this morning but. He wants this thing to be noticeable. Well that the Duke Energy building with no lights. That they can change and everything is already noticeable and also I mean Bank of America building the tallest in the city is. And it has been our signature building for a long long time. He said with one office tower rising the company might build more if there's enough demand we'd like to. Sit here and say there were I got to build a million square foot tower over the year. Our bowl we'll see that may come all the have to see what happens he said a thousand room mug convention sized hotel. That's a strong possibility biggest hotel right now is the Westin nearly 700 rooms. I don't know whether hotel would de couple longer. When we were talking on our podcast recently last week. About the fact that at some point you've got to figure Charlotte's probably gonna make a bid for the Republican National Convention we did the DNC and RNC would be just a natural match. And hotel rooms always come into the equation but they're building hotel rooms left and right in revamping so maybe that's not a problem worse and emit. So I anyway some of the plans that are going on at the old observer side for a from a Johnny Harris as the city continues to grow. And prosperous it's 505. And you. President struggled earlier this afternoon I've actually it is wrapped up our comments after a national security briefings and his time in bed billions of dollars to the other nations anti missile programs. He tells reporters after that security briefing. That we're going to increase our budget by many billions of dollars and also plans soon on that he says. I told us that the nation's nuclear arsenal is in tip top shape and getting stronger and that is administration has done a lot of modernization analog renovation already. But he also warned about the dangers of nuclear weapons so that you'd like to dean nuke the world but until that happens. The United States will be the most powerful nation on earth by far. He our earlier and they had de L before the national security briefing he was a little toned down in his talks during a security briefing but he said up. To his critics who thought that maybe his fire and fury went too far he suggested maybe you didn't go far enough. So it's about time somebody stuck up for the people of this country. Com. New York Times. Says so a you know they would reopen the negotiations sure we'll always negotiating said no we've been negotiating now for 25 years but any falter under a bush and Clinton and Obama. Were are making are not making enough progress. And said it's about time somebody has to do it. He said that he had the full support of military and other leaders and at some point during his. Conference today after the national security briefing he said he didn't think that I ram. Was living up to their new deal so that's a little bit a lot of president said in his comments just conclude. And this. Stock market took another shorts today Dow Jones down 204 point 69 closed at 21844. Point 01. NASDAQ down 135 point 46 closed it's 6216. Point 87 in the S&P. Down 35 point 818 closed add to. A 4438 point 21 solo. People reacting to the way the world is today stronger hurricane season predicted you may have heard this yesterday on nourished. Charlotte have six with a Mark Garrison neo. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration yesterday updated their prediction for a stronger hurricane season estimated that it could be as many as five. Major Atlantic hurricanes there have been six named Atlantic storms so far this season double that. The average for that number and this update comes as the season is reaching its. Peak activity no up. Now says that there's a 60% chance of an above normal season. They had predicted 45%. In May no major hurricane meeting a category three storm more stronger. Has made landfall in the United States since 2005. And it seems like a lot sooner or a lot and gives you like has been twelve years. I remember that one you know in dog got three that crisscross the state of Florida. Think that's when the term halfback. Came into effect people have been moved to Florida decided. And maybe you all of see what north Carolina's life. We make it is a bush our thoughts next half hour. And it landed gym owner defending his no cops policy discussion piece of work ravages business won't be around much. And two friends both die. While eating dinner. That's happened in France they autopsy is pretty interesting all share that with you as well over until a man on WBT hey Matt. I got paid on topics I it's tournaments or Obama heard. It on the eve who we do not name on the gigantic actual you're mad your midday also on this on this station rush he says DA he says that the Clinton blissful moment had done. Given North Korea's nuclear technology in the first place under the pretense that they were just gonna use it for you know power plants and stopped by at a note that was true but it's. Just kind of struck me as a little odd. Com and I'll take your comments for that topic is just wanted to say before on up. That I am going down and I am get morning your Bobble heads. At the L ballpark and I'm going to bring it back here to the shop I work at and I'm going to glue it. On the go to my truck slipped UC. Complex Silverado. With the John Hancock Bobble head on the hood. You consider whoever's on the car which you that's the goof ball with calls up and tries to act like Richard Nixon on my radio show. Kick it Paula alt key mild Silverado Sakura in my life but a guy takes that I don't know about they got the Clinton side of that but. There was I don't remember that the Obama deal there was an assessment by the Defense Intelligence Agency I think as was ORO house armed services committee deal. And there was a report and it said that they had some confidence that North Korea had had a nuclear weapon capable of delivered Doug being delivered by ballistic missiles. And in the Obama administration denied the significance of that report far remember correctly that North Korea had made significant strides in its. It's strive to develop Intercontinental ballistic missiles and then of course are still working on that and open to get one don't come back into the atmosphere without a movement. But Obama. Discredited that assessment that was made and then the national intelligence director at the time was James clapper. And and he issued a statement indicating that the report didn't represent the consensus of the intelligence committee so. On May be for that time that was accurate. But. Anyway on the Clinton thing I don't know and and and. If I don't know. Different assessments for different you know different definitions for different. On. That that's kind of way talk radio goes. Every. Buddy can point to the administration or the party that they don't like and come up with. Some sort of and some was accurate and some of it is. So. Still remember. The deal that that Russian. Stated during our during the Scott riots here in town remember that in many never came back and corrected and it was. And I just kind of lost some credibility in him ever since. Because every time I hear him say that he is 99 point 8% right most of the time I just remember that he was dead wrong on the Scott. Story any took information from a guy who should of been the spokesperson for the whomever due to a local guy that there was throwing crap enough. And Russian bought it but he never came back and and corrected it. I guess if you never go back and correct yourself you would you can be 98 point 9% accurate. Bjorn Borg all listen. In the clubhouse four under lays the PGA. He's followed by. And now Chris Stroud at three under. And then just some notable names as I kind of roll through here that I would assume that some of you might Toby wondered about favorites as we went into a predicament Schiavo. In at one under. That it did. That debt Jason Day is in a one under Dustin Johnson is in it till one under. Rory McIlroy. Is in it go one under Rickie Fowler in at one under. Zach Johnson. Came an even par. Adam Scott came an even par today met future is even Justin Rose is even. I'm looking I'm looking I'm looking Jordan's speech won over. I believe Phil Mickelson came in at two over. See the other names it just kind of wearing a bill run off field. The top of my head Justin Thomas a federal that is not a name but he suited to over. Lee Westwood to over. So everybody live all the most of the favorites are within a striking distance for over a four under in the strike is in New York clubhouse and an and everybody's didn't seem to be any farther back than a minus one minus two so its first day whether or held up. Via rain chances for us Saturday and Sunday Euro forty and 50%. So large even at that I would hope it doesn't mean none of that ordeal washout but who knows so far so good dough and into about it when we are waking up on Monday we're looking at the weather forecast reasoning and oh my gosh this is just going to be a monsoon. And had worked out that way so across your finger star Johnny Harris and too many people around and took her all of worked too hard. On none gone probably the biggest sporting event. That's ever come to Charlotte saw mom I'm hoping the rain gods hold off. Almost say. We shall see. How many final notices you get from Amazon where a pick your customer service. Service. I've gotten five of them final notice it. Thinking about writing a bad thing. How many times you have to get him. Hi shower thoughts here in the shower you're alone no distractions. We find us under rated Bordeaux we pick a few well. People have thought of this wall in the shower. As the endorphins are. Move. It. Dolphins endorsement. If I was immortal. I would probably just become a master of procrastinators. Our thoughts. I want to be able to stop wasting my time shortened to waste my own time. When it suits listening. In less than three years it will be the twenties again. Will they be roaring. And single priest of porn. Unicorn and check I was hired to show our I don't know who thought about the fact I've. Guys not in the shower under oath that should be treated like a dog shouldn't be negative we treat dogs pretty well. We'll. I'd like to be treated like. My door week. Former you don't have to worry about the I don't you go outside the fashion. Particular. It's got to be a real bummer for the doomsday conspiracy theorists who finally gets it right but can't gloat about it because everybody's dead. Disappointment at every turn and finally every time you paid a room it gets smaller by one campaign. Jim order in Atlanta and defending his policy of banning police officers and members of the military. So after a local news station did a report on it following his posting of a sign that the door. A couple of weeks ago that read it no F thing and cops. Jim chambers is a guy's name he said he's received scores of death threats and constant angry phone calls since they report aired on note Tuesday. He said the rule has actually been in place since early last year when he opened up the east Atlanta bar bill club. Which advertises itself as they quote. Radically alive and a left friendly gym and community. He said he's got many members who or LG BT your members of the racial minority and some of whom have been harassed by police officers and he told Reuters on Wednesday quote. We know statistically that those people are at risk around police in America close quote he describes himself as somewhere between now and eagle and darkest. And I'll Marxist leninist. Send it to a former police officers military veterans were generally welcome explaining that. They were no longer in a position to use force against people on behalf of the government. So good look on it he's created himself on a niche business. And out. Seeing all that works out for himself Wal-Mart I don't think they've determined where an and quite frankly as I read the story last night it sounds like terrific story to me. But there's a picture of a display. And I and Wal-Mart the parent company is condemning this if indeed it did happen at one of their schools but it appears to be marketing firearms as a back to school item. Company said Wednesday there was working to identify which of its stores so put up the exhibit and if I'm laid on information on this particular one I ever apologize. I have opportunity and come by my on my cross here's this afternoon now a photo of the sign reads. Oh in the school year like I hero in its on on display of of our rifles and placed directly above the glass case filled with the guns. Voters of its spread all over a social media Wal-Mart responded that some of the comments of by calling the display truly awful and horrible horrible. On and they're trying to chase down if there wasn't one of their stores or what store and who did it. Say that's probably some fairly. Bad taste. Mega Millions and powered job Joseph Biden powerball jackpots are both over 300 million dollars. Now this could be a good time to play the lottery. You've got no shot. But. Somebody's got to win it. So if your. If you if you walk around in life and you think you know I am Brit special. Unlike. One and 292. Million. Well then maybe it's your turn. Armed. In seven years since the US lotteries began selling both powerball and Mega Millions tickets both games have never offered prizes so largely the same time nobody won Tuesday's. Last night our Tuesday night's Mega Millions drawing for 350 million dollars. So while Friday's drawing will be worth an estimated 382. Million dollars and there wasn't a winner for last night's 307 and a million dollar powerball drawing. And their next drawing a B on Saturday and it will be worth even more you'll have to beat some fairly tough odds to win one of the jackpots but there's two of them up for grabs if you buy a ticket to each one. So mom. Your odds stand at one in 258. Point 9000004. Mega Millions and one in 292. Point two million for powerball. And I'm a realist I understand that I'm never gonna win and always have a number Roland just in case but I understand America are gonna win it. Although I do buy my tickets and South Carolina where I can remain anonymous if I do and you know that just North Carolina you have to go public. South Carolina you don't have to go public. So I do feel long drive yesterday when we got battered 430 and drove right past my house and down the back roads to Lake Wylie. And cashed in the tickets that I had. The last numbers that I had because I've always got a number Roland for a bi M twenty weeks at a time you can no you can do multiple so. May cost you a bit of sixty bucks. To have heard a number Roland for so I was Roland just. You know it doesn't Nelson did it means you can dream. And the old tickets I had at 144 dollars. And which I didn't know I didn't know is that much I figured they want about eight bucks she's familiar territory for bucks I several good gimme 24 mega million grows two picks for our Friday night. So. I won't be here Saturday anyway but I wouldn't be here senator norm. But we got down you got no chance I got no chance. Good luck to all of us. Krispy Kreme offering a special chocolate glazed doughnut on the clips today. And mark can eat it and I can't eat it. I'd George Unita. Special edition chocolate glazed doughnut described the chocolate version of its original glazed doughnut is being totally eclipsed this is there are close donut. By a mouth watering chocolate glaze. The catch is that the donor will only be available in stores on August the 21. And people who visit the Krispy Kreme during its hot light hours on August the nineteenth and twentieth two days before the eclipse will be able to sample. The chocolate glazed. Can include stone. And there you go. Mark Garrison with their Charlotte that's. X is coming up next and know we will see you back your guard tomorrow so I appreciate you being here and and stick around. And so Pete is OK do I know like a seven to midnight tonight to see just on the air all the time. The morning show he plays the play by play for the panther game last night and hanging out with the golf tournament all day long. Is there a reason why so he can't go home. I'll call Sandra make sure he's okay. Plus they tomorrow at 30 I.