Panthers, Reverend Billy Graham, and The NCAA

John Hancock
Wednesday, February 28th

Hancock discusses the Panthers cuts and potential buyers, Reverend Graham lays in honor at the US Capital, and the current scandal in the NCAA.


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This is John Hancock. There are other arrests Wednesday as we can mean. Yeah. These circumstances. BS ceremonies I don't know which Paula. At the capitol this morning were. We're pretty incredible. So we'll talk about that and there a couple of seconds as you just heard don't Panthers released running back Jonathan Stewart today so that frees up some more cap room I don't know I read yesterday I think that they were twenty million under the cap or something. And I don't know if that includes. The the money that they a save with Kurt Coleman in no Charles Johnson know they got to about three point seven million know that they saved by cutting Stewart today. So I don't know what someplace what 2530 million know below the cap had been to free agency. It probably did do some damage there are now we've learned as a franchise our lesson in free agency and has not always is a good issue general wanted to don't like the does the name John Gilbert are reminded everybody. We we we we gave by Sean Gilbert. Ought to know a 176. Trillion dollars and and off when a foreign country and and it and two girls from Thailand I believe the non. Any came in here and really mediocre edited out for a couple years it. So on so you never know but anyway all those who were all that goes Jonathan Stewart the other thirteenth overall pick in the 2008. There are times. When I saw us to do. Unbelievable. Things. I was just a few years ago. 34 years ago so like pat armour Vienna game sitting up in the press box. And somebody. He hit him at the knees. And all pile all started. And he essentially. Rolled over. The top of the pile. On his back and then. For rolled over to the other side and took off Rodman it was. It I've seen him do some incredible things. But it has been a couple seasons since I've seen him do incredible things so. Now that'll open up us some are running back a situations the running core for somebody that can run in between the tackles another seem to be a few of those in the draft and so we'll see what they. What they do with that when I I deceased to go but also understand that and I think Camara hernia understands us at least that's the word that. Well one of the things he learned from his first stint. Through his leaving him through his coming back was. Loyalty. Killed him the last time around and you have to make our decision and sometimes you have to move on and bella checks is gonna bad as anybody. Belichick doesn't seem to have heard too many cinemanow bones in his body about. Well let people go in and and moving on and and and Belichick's. Philosophy almost seems to be better to get minimum one year too early than one year too late. You know so they go there but anyway that's what happen with them today I am Saturday morning I think it was Saturday morning. I was reading the newspaper. And there was no one little. Half inch column. This stated that Irwin Belk had passed. And I had and and I thought wow that's kind of strange guy sort of tough Irwin Belk would have gotten. I'm a lot bigger obituary than that but apparently that was just kind of the prelim don't let people know because I then started watching for that. On a Monday and Tuesday and I thought to myself I'll wonder if that was a misprint or that was a they launched too soon you know sometimes you'll have obituaries. Ready to own news. They go allegation Needham Billy Graham for instance. And but no I assure his you measures I'm standing near Irwin Ike bell. Has passed away. This is a member of the belt family. Department store family. But he was a lot more than that businessman and philanthropist and civic leader and he spent most of his adult life for the bulk stores. Served a lot of corporate boards. Served four terms in the House of Representatives and senate the a state of North Carolina legislature. He is it's somewhat responsible for UNC Charlotte. Being the fourth component of the university of our North Carolina system. Served a couple of years is a United Nations delegate. And and just being a member of the adult family are pretty much qualifies you for pretty big time status here so one of my condolences to developed fairly celebration of Irwin belts life will be held on Monday marks the fifth 11 AM Myers Parker Presbyterian Church you know. Besides wanting knowledge that I just draw wonder how. I agree with all the Billy Graham stuff I guess. We we utes. He's kind of doomed. Not get lost in in the shuffle but term I think that death would have been a lot bigger. Well I had not happened when we were all focused elsewhere. The. You know we've done a show here from time to time where we said if you were looking at a house in you found out that a murderer had taken place there could you via. Into into what if you were living in the house and you found out that there had been some horrendous crime noted taken place in nine house footballer you've. If you're looking at a house the worse worth 500000. Dollars and they were trying to sell it for 375. But there had been like a mass murderer and there are. It could you get past that. Couple and Arizona. In the process of buying a one point eight million dollar Paradise Valley low load pat Paradise Valley luxury home. When no listing agent happen to mention that the sellers worrying me. It hurt attainment. Industry. And a little investigation showed that the owners Kevin and Sandra Alderson. I had run no mail website for a pretty long time called. Why fees world. And images from the site clearly our shot in the rooms in that house. Why he's world as a porn site. And and that did the potential buyer of the would be buyer is a Labonte and able Linda fine. And she said at that price point I kind of figured there might be some courtesy to the buyer. But they don't. You don't have to tell that's one of the things we've uncovered and are shows about a homicide took place they don't have to tell you that they don't have to tell you other homicide or a suicide took place there. And they certainly wouldn't their afterward tell you that that's where they did don't porn shots. On know the list of things that you know homeowners aren't. You don't have to disclose that they gonna do with about the structural integrity of the house or anything along those lines. Anyway day out there walked away she and her husband withdrew their offer she's. I just can't make Thanksgiving dinner on calendars were porn star has been lounging around. I had served Carolina got disinfectant said that cleaning crews and but I doubt you could I mean to be you can call Greenwich reservations. Get new countertop so gonna do it knowledge and today. She says I certainly believe there are people out there who wouldn't ever care about our house being used for those purposes but she says. I am just not one of them. You're watching on. Doctor Graham show up in Washington today. Listen. You know I am not a bad the only one that to has had several bouts of this all makes me wanna be a better person. I could I would never. Never reached the well I don't know it just it just uttered yeah it to. Yeah maybe it's my stage of life I or whatever but it I just watched this and I just think to myself there's got to be. More than you can do lawyer on this planet in just. Radio. John. Com and we don't a lot of good things with radio we've helped a lot of people and I'm proud of that more than no more than any other thing we've ever done around here mom proud of what we're doing in the community and things we've done for other people's stuff looked up and I look at doctor Graham's life. And America's pastor. But kid that grew up on note right off perk road. We are. If it's right third Ashley Elaine or who's ever is a tough. Got that thing that they had the paper over the weekend at the place. If you Google add the place and look at word is on park road you know and on the Google they've dates chilly though won't picture thing or you can tune in. The tickets were that storage places right now. It's about work. Pfeiffer college used to be. In that general area. Some kid. Grows up on a dairy farm there are. And goes on to become the most influential. One of the most influential men. Ever to walk the face of the year. I'm not impressed with the celebrity of at all. I'm impressed with the magnitude of at all I'm impressed that. That a guy. Could somehow or another take. What has always been made complex to me. And simplify it to the degree that people would absorb it around the world. And be moved by the message. And I and I ended and I'm impressed with Doug wood though I knew who he was as a speaker and I Wii was the man and I'm also pretty impressed that he's from Charlotte, North Carolina. Arm and I watched that today not only is he only the fourth person to lie in honor. It's the first religious. Person to lie in honor we do we we will we get. I'm comfortable when we started knowledge eating any religion. Over another or one of the things that that gets me about Billy Graham was. I don't know that he ever pushed a denomination. In fact part of the things that he did in his lifetime was to. I kind of bridge the gap with Catholics Roman Catholics and in and evangelicals and so on and so forth. But I. I guess subways kinda had a the oldest a thumbnail below via I don't really care of what you won't believe that IRR I don't really care that you have a faith or don't have or or that you I don't care what your denomination is. I had just have you I just hope you have some. Sort of higher. Moral ethical compass to have. To strive for our. So I watched all that today and I. And politicians to meet our our people who have great writers behind the scenes that put the right words together and but I I thought McConnell today I'm not a McConnell sent as you well know that he was great today a punter Ryan was great today. The thought the president was located at. Donald Trump and congressional leaders saluted Billy Graham that plain wooden casket that saddened at how soft Billy Graham. Expressway. The last couple days is now lending capitol rotunda. And all of America's power brokers stood around that casket today. The first American clergyman to be honored in that way. Paul Ryan spoke Mitch McConnell spoke. Billy and Ruth Graham's five children were all there Franklin GG fruit and Ned. The First Lady was there are maligning him. Ryan said here lies America's pastor or man made great not by who we was. But by who we served. Trump polluted due a story of a 1934. Gathering in our Charlotte but the dairy farm of our Graham's father. In which the group prayed for a preacher. That can bring the gospel to the world. And he said and we are here today more than eighty years later because that prayer was truly answered. The North Carolina farm boy walked out of those fields into a great and beautiful history. And the president talked about his own father said he had attended a Graham crusade to scuttle like POW story. And it's I talked about attending a Graham crusade. At two no it's like the Clinton story and that dead crows that trumpet gone to a Yankee Stadium to catch. Billy Graham with his dad Fred trump a big fan of the evangelist. Michael W. Smith saying just as I am which was one of the signature songs over the Graham crusades. And the name of his autobiography. And the public now is so filing by the closed casket and can do so until 8 o'clock tonight. And then L love putting back on a plane. I assume the same plane from samaritans purse and took him out there. And bring him back home to Charlotte. And in 232400. People show up tomorrow no bid do their final farewell to a Billy Graham. It's been a unbelievable inspiring weight. I don't know about anybody else but it does it had noted many turns this week is just made me wanna be a better person. I hope somehow or another that sticks with me. That I don't shed debt in the next few days. And people love and hold on Jack don't cover your phone call just say good to have people call in the film specifically where that house was the and the explanation. India paper. From this last week and said park road near Abby place so I grew old Abby place and knows all that storage unit place the site has a marker. I in the 1920s Graham's father built -- more substantial brick house from the original one the national wanted to sits out and to other Graham library today and was it PTL for a while against. Vivian writes and says they Graham house was between mockingbird lane and Abby place. Which is in that's about where that ought Coby a bank branches and it. And is located next to the IBM building separated by trees PTL was worthy colleges now I worked there are no 7879. And would walk to the Wachovia branch on my lunch hour would pass Billy Graham's boyhood home. Nice weather his mom would be sitting in the front yard to mail lounge chair reading the paper. And then I'd John writes me and says so. His house was between Abbie place in Montrose drive. But anyway got the area it's always said that it's were part per chopping cinder is right now but it's actually on this other sits on the action on the other side of a world long. And most of us I got here in ninety. The house wasn't there who I don't believe when I got here in ninety. But for many of view you remember that house. As it stood Jack would be one of those on WBT hey Jack. Hey I go to des Greg are you doing we have aren't out and it's a real quick Doral formal corner Chelsea is brand new lab. Brand new language and a bit and it's occurring here what they go to Rhode it would calls crate. Political analyst and all those killed in font what was popular shopping center communication they've overcome a call Cory. Come up with my yard and outlined maybe 234 years ago. Scared to death that building there he would come Holler there and get that they okay hell out of out front yard. I think that the. Now you say you said the farm itself was were park roared jobless there was the house was on the other side it's always one blog wasn't there at the time. That's right yeah that road in come down through there though they were analytical. Great guilder oh shall fight. And you really across reply you go crawl there any we will go over and walk around the field really did all. Farmland over a golf ball online now. Well bay you would go to regular cup double still navigate. Yeah off. We are so now so you can still you can still see Billy Graham as a young man in your eyes. You see all our I remember it out small that I can remember their pillow there. And yet nobody can hold out of out of my yard. And you editor and and you being a young man and you just remember him at the tie you just remember him because he was an older guy I mean I'd teenagers on the like that teenagers were told Roy young kids. Oh yeah are necessary and then always disabled he can't get a tenth of football stadium. We had a game shall. I and I 1969. Our spirit 1996. Okay not a big yes sir yeah solid and brought by. Yeah no one bank they put thank bout. You were such a great great person and it they would keep the ten commandments then his goals we wouldn't be had and all these problems right now. Well the mayor Glen abbey. Yeah I mean I gave no I don't I totally disagree with you but I also understand. A man that does not everybody falls under the Christian denominations so why you are trying to can't necessarily. Favor one over the other and especially not these days. Sure sure I am right that's right now. Jack if they have an apple a bit. They'll just any battle or a lot of dialect is shooting happening out scope local bourse Boca because oil. They've taken god out of school. Yeah I saw left is for the had a tough but I mean it and that's it and I in fact I put that on on my FaceBook page because I thought it was managed into is two words but that's but that's can all it is. I agree with you in principle in that. We we need to return to a strong ethical and moral direction. But I don't know if that's strictly a matter of just putting words up in Naia school building aura that's more the responsibility. Although parents. Two did not get pregnant before you can afford to have a child and and then once you do. Be a good enough parent that you can make our decision and now make sure that those kids grow up with a strong foundation. The exact right what bill science. They learn how to multiply out before they know how to. Yeah. Yep well I got again that's fraud that's probably true although all back in the day back in my grandparents day. And that probably very much was true but it didn't have anything to do with who they turned out to big. I tried I thought. Jack appreciate column and I thank you very much about great shareware but we all thank you I appreciate them armed and they are supposed to pass judgment. George W. Bush said something about that said that when one of his conversations. With. Billy Graham the ability to point out to him that two of the judgment. Things not ours and that seems to be another thing that. That to reverend Graham didn't. Didn't led divide him in of people that he administered to. Presidency mayor remain out of agreed with. I guess I can't I'm sorry but I can't I can't stand there and watch Bill Clinton. On and not think of some of Bill Clinton's. Misguided. Parts of his life. I'm a bit Billy Graham wasn't there to judge. Nor Billy Graham was there to. I'm. It took it to inspire it to give people a message to it does have the most symbol of messages to and in a lot of ways good to have. The bring Jesus Christ into your life. I can't judge. I had dead didn't see this until low late last night. Jim Baker was at the Billy Graham Library yesterday. I assume came in for the very purpose of and Billy Graham. And and Franklin Graham Zhu visited. Jim Baker when he was behind bars. I find it ironic that Jim Baker makes an appearance in Charlotte for the two lead to pay his respects to Billy Graham on the same. Time period week or ten days that we've learned about this. New world around. I don't wanna use the word scheme. Trying to not be judgmental here. Apocalyptic. Survival. Send me money thing he's doing now. Yes I doubt his sincerity. But. Baker stood outside tears in his eyes at the Billy Graham Library yesterday and talked about Graham being the greatest preachers since Christ. He said I had to do something I had to do something. Big percent yesterday meaning you had to come. He is or Graham's boyhood home which is so where is so body was lying and oppose Monday and Tuesday was unknown PTL securities USA property in Fort Mill. For a time in the eighties and then it was moved to the Billy Graham Library grounds in 2006 so baker briefly discussed how Graham visited him imprisoned. Declined to answer a question from TV reporter from WS OC. About that criticism of his new ministry once again taking advantage of people and their money. Graham and his son Franklin both visited. Jim Baker when he was in jail. C brought that up yesterday's had probably one of the most important appointments in my life Billy Graham came into my yeah prison know when I was there. He wrapped his arms around me when I was a mess. I was cleaning toilets at that moment and I was a very low moment in my life Billy Graham walked in threw his arms around me and said Jim all of you. Then when he was released in 1994 baker told charisma magazine and 2060 that the Graham family had loaned him a car and a house to stay and for more than the three years. For more than three years to getting back on its feet again. So Jim Jim Baker. Trust him don't trust him rule what whatever. But he had to come. And say no thank you added doctor Graham yesterday to. And then just say it just they're Graham makes you wanna be a better person I don't know how else to say it. I got another shot 1000 dollars a comes at the bottom of the hour or so stick around for that. Boomer traffic. Micah Doyle news. And calls I'm sure we'll take a few. Panthers had Jonathan Stewart today in the city says no it to the settlement the media Keith Scott case talk about that to the next half hour. Students are going back class today in Parkland Florida. Not in the building was a building twelve. That's just got to be. Bizarre. And having never gone through anything even close to that. Catastrophic. I can't even imagine the emotions that are going on their own not for parents sending their kids to school or from. Kids going to school. That's is going to be. Unbelievable so that took place today. And if it's Wednesday the drums for must be taken off on a Jeff Sessions bullet talk about that as well Jens up it's 704571110. I can. Hey John are you I'm good how are you. They always I always enjoy your show and you're just a downer giant and now. You know a realistic you're welcome page you know your doctor about Billy Graham broke or not being dug now I think he wants. He united message kind of looked. Aligned with the word. The message and correspondence courses desert heat you know Christ didn't comment to judge came at shaker app that support that we moments later on table face summit judge gives when he does return. That's the role will be am so I'll let. LTD. You know in our Lester to be judgmental as we all want to make ourselves look good. I think we keep the mind to cry X dot com and recognize it now we're. You know none of us are perfect outsider Jesus shop comment that kind of put just on a different perspective. Solemn. When we Euro area this is kind of not really related to what you're saying but when we talk to Lleyton Ford today and a brother in law Billy Graham the day after Billy Graham died. I asked him and our interview have you ever had any. Have you ever questioned god it never been Matta got have you ever questioned god and he said no well. And he gives couple of examples of things and it happened in his life when he did just that in any reminders that when Jesus was on the cross. He questioned god man. And saw I'll bring that up is because. Do you do you you listen to the life of Billy Graham and you think that it was just one. Some. Smooth. Sail a guy who never questioned. What what he preached but there must have been times when he questioned know what he breached because that's that's part of the deal is to. Is to take the Bible and and and Dick scripture and and then figure out the answers to owed to what it is it's that that's ailing U. And I know I know I can tell of course and got many times as well you know we had a few discussions to be obsolete yet you looked in the me complain. I more than I needed to put. You know are that statement that that he says you know. Are you arrive you forsaken me. A bill that would actually a quote from all. From the old testament I don't know Judas was particularly. Course we got a mess in that instance both you know we're just Cali girl alone well. Even Graham said that was the interpretation. I'm OK okay. Scriptures. And so if that's the interpretation. Then there is some justification. There to lie when you had your weak moments. Mom that you don't have to feel that you've just damn yourself to hell over them that that is somewhat expected that you're going to have moments where you're going to question Medved the it's not the question that kills you it's the it's it's where you wind up after the question. Yeah amen and so reduce the refusal to Obey yeah right I mean calming down time that you quest in Europe and file or. Oh my goodness the new right surprising news in yeah in Kilmeny you know. Yeah no longer or rather them not I think mine tried. We have an amateur so unless I get I appreciate you all very much. Com yeah I know I and my dad that then maybe that's maybe there's a message in that two between the father in the suns maybe that's why and so many cases on earth. Just thinking out loud here for second. There's so much conflict between fathers and sons here. And then hopefully at some point that's what our Father's Day show is all about which is coming up on the sixteenth that'll be a Friday. On March the sixteenth an annual 25 year annual tradition 24 years this year of these fathers they broadcast that take place on the day that my dad died. And so we'll do it on marks the sixtieth my understanding is that the F pancake breakfast that we always do we'll be on Saturday march the tenth. That's a week from this Saturday so we'll do it back to church Presbyterian Church again until you leave that Saturday morning between 8 and 10 o'clock opened forests and combined have pancakes for this. It's just got a chance for fathers and sons and grandfathers and fathers and sons and everybody to get together toward its all about his so fathers and and when it's all said and done with the that you come to terms with each. Other and I you've moved a little their direction and maybe they've moved a little yours I. Three very parting that thirteen thousand people. Went through the Graham household that Graham library over the last couple of years. And don't returned from Washington tomorrow he's lying on her and the capitol rotunda as we speak until 8 o'clock tonight and no returns two. Billy Graham Library in Charlotte tomorrow and announce funeral is on. Friday add to noon and and my understanding is solicited and about Thomson. He'll be broadcasting out there are no Friday morning. And the mayor the governor. His daughter. Pat McCrory. Will be out there are doing a show for months tend to love and as well. No excuse me from nine to ten. So and and I think there's I think I heard and say that they you know hoped to have some sort of presence there. Wanted to do during the funerals well I assume about tourism invited. That's I'm assuming of revenue ton of information and or maybe these gentlemen. So why anyway we good news talk elements indicted on three WBT. Definitely hear your place too good to be had to kind of keep up to date on what's going on don't forget Billy Graham parkway. Willow closed down unknown Friday. In the evening. And so that will affect your. That will affect your commute. On a Friday morning. It's specifics that I got it right here and stood there and evident in my hand via Billy Graham parkway will be closed. On both ways both directions between south trial on street that since he's 49 anti bullet just after midnight on Friday until the funeral activities at the library conclude on Friday. These services are supposed to start at noon they're supposed to last for an hour and a half they'll probably get started late. And it's my understanding that president trump will probably arrive right at funeral time. So while I would assume that would be something that he would try to be prompt for a bit. But anyway. Even if there even if they everything went to plan and the and the funeral was over 130. It's gonna be 230 or three minimum I would think before they finally get cars colored out of there and dignitaries. Cleared out of errant. So I I would think it's going to be the better part of the day via parkway will be closed both directions until the a funeral activities conclude on a Friday afternoon drivers eastbound on Billy Graham parkway will be detoured onto a tie bola. Turning left on. South trial on street then back to wood lawn Billy Graham and then if you're westbound. You would dead beat you are off on to south trial on and then turn right on time bowl and then back on to Billy Graham for there are so off. If you're headed into the airport on Friday morning. The he'd take Wilkinson. From a 77 south to the bush Charlotte take via interstate sale for 85 in early two Wilkinson boulevard and then continue down to Josh Birmingham parkway. If you're coming in from 85 take a Little Rock road exit that's exit 32 and continue south to judge Birmingham parkway. And there should be portable message boards that'll alert you but to a and overhead message signs to no sort of so forth but just keep in mind Billy Graham parkway both directions closed midnight on Friday until after the services are complete. Sometime Friday afternoon so that's what you got on that turtle bit about the kids going back to Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school today. I can't even imagine. It's LA Torre said an eerie way is that toll we talked about this before it's always a weird thing to be back in a place where history is taken place. Com one of my more memorable moments with some really good friends of mine was when they I was a work in a radio in Dallas Texas. This would have been seven days. Those who Khazei EW. And dubbed. They came to town and we went down to dealey plaza were Kennedy had been shot. And we must spent two and a half three hours down there. Analyzing the whole thing is before the Texas school book depository reserve turned into a museum. They still had to you could see the window is that a big X on it. And there's always been a marker on the pavement where the limo was when no shots were fired. And so you we walked around I think for a couple hours the grassy Knoll and and just embedded just weird to be in a place for history like that is taken place now a good history or bad history. And in this place it's tragic history but Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school I've I've driven past Columbine High School not meaning to. When I'm out in Colorado but I've got friends all about Jefferson County I used to live in Jefferson County I'd done a couple of career fairs well column by high school before all of this. I took place back in the day when I was still radio doing radio in Colorado. And I was driving no engine just the last trip the one Noah went out to with the July when I don't David Brothers. And I was drive and and a look at her friend's house and all of sudden I look over there there's Columbine High School. And it was just scary to be. To be there you to be back here. It's a business a place for history took place not great history but history. To be back in Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school has got to be just. Bizarre and for these kids so freshen their memory and like the actuality we just heard during the news. Knowing that there are people there are friends of yours or broad acquaintances of yours or faces that you saw every day that you're not going to see there anymore. So that's. That the school. Is running on half days this week. And then should transition back into its normal schedule next week according to Broward county public schools. Teachers went back yesterday to kind of prepare for classes and and they were greeted by a small group of parents of local residents wearing you know Cary and welcome back science and. Is like anything else tragedies of the 9/11 and otherwise this would bring communities and 9/11 brought to the community of the United States of America closer together. This I would assume is probably brought the people Parkland Florida unbelievably close together. Found last week about a hundred Stoneman Douglas students met with state legislatures did advocate for stricter gun laws. Former student at school. Has been charged with premeditated murder in the attack well known story about the security guard who apparently stayed outside and whether or not value as I assume an investigation all. Bring us more information on on what could happen there CBS news was reporting last night it could even been worse than that. That investigators believe that the alleged Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school shooting gunman. Planned on shooting from may third floor stairwell down on students as they fled wary kind of knew that he would try to fire out or shoot out the window and it didn't it do nudity was unsuccessful. He was unable to shoot the glass out of that hurricane proof window and additionally. When he went to re loaded. After changing magazine clips. He is they are fifteen is believed to have jammed well by that time police are now arriving. So he apparently dropped the gun and left it behind and that's when he fled. Left behind a 150 rounds of ammunition. And ran out with other fleeing students. CBS also cited a source saying that he had swastika is on his ammunition magazines. I don't know if that makes him anymore of a monster of bin audio spoke. And then I AS student survivor. Father admitted yesterday that he had changed a CNN email on August gender that the that was the story a week ago when they did their own town hall meeting. So. He admitted yesterday that he had changed the CNN email. That he sent to media outlets when he accused the network. Of scripting remarks at their town hall on guns in school safety last week. A junior to school cult and have. His son I guess was supposed to ask a question but he didn't go to the event and he claims CNN told him what to ask. CNN responded by releasing the email exchanges between a producer Colton. And his father. Glenn happens the father's name and accused the father of altering the email Glenn I have told AP that he emitted some words from the email. But said he hadn't done it on purpose and quote. There was nothing malicious about it. Colton had proposed several questions in the emails to ask and was it was decided in discussion with the producer. Then he'd ask one about arming teachers but his father than emailed a four page speech. That he wanted his son to be able to read on CNN. And the producer responded that that that there what he'd set was much too long. And that cold would need to stick to the question that he is submitted so when Glenn had sent via email to the media outlets the words that he submitted. Oh were left out. So all of a sudden dad's. Outlook in are real good on that but the idea that the father awarded the son to have the time. On a media outlet to do a four page speech is ludicrous. I did you do a podcaster you're in his day and age or something like that but. That's ask satellite cheer. You call appear and asked George if you can read a four page speech. C a long it takes you get on here too. Tiles wander over to Flozell loaded gave it on WB TJ David. I Don are you know what I'm great how are you. And got to tell you while I'm now apparently he Beaumont. I didn't do it and it let them you know my up after they get more time to listen to be dealt. No that's a good thing or not you may be looking for a part time jobs. Now what I'm working part time you know law enforcement are looking unlikely couple comments than not that it's just not. And I you know about sheeting in Florida and no I'll let you know Carolina we trying. There active shooter. And maybe illegal money and it didn't matter in Turks or Turner's old Lleyton. And also know there were some comments made about. Mayor had to stand there on the world watching you in the air but the problem you have. Even if you watched swaddled beauty has felt like they have the actual response to Ramos walked yet to act the same here. Dormitory authority and its fan and not a bad. Billion with them over you know longer. Then. And now we're glad you want to explore law enforcement division. Same here and not to blame wanted to let you hear so many red flags now clear that there's a lot of people. Who couldn't shoot my comment on certain but I have five people on things like that. I would like to seat the law enforcement side the call your car however it still teach you know it's fair to assume you really want happening now. No I nets had a I always preface so we got to talking about that guy the one vote a deputy euros school resource officer in particular that's kind of what I wanna see don't wanna. I'll want leveler heads Stewart tell me exactly oh what did happen and know what his thought process was and because any idea I don't you don't know. And and and unless you've been there before I don't think you know I I thought the president's remarks the other day about he'd gone in I don't think anybody. They get trained law enforcement oh and have a better idea but. If I'm faced with that situation I don't know Hong gonna react I hope I react with a hero's status but I you don't know most people don't know how they would truly react to that. Not until you put in that situation than last year period net trying situation. And I'll land and us like myself. I have two family member seat teach in the education system one in the gas to LA system on one ballot east. And that much out and yet you know it just and so are you now are really one. What happened and then you know if there's an ounce following corrective. And then you know I try to proper action and the problem as an educational system goes up well. You're operating your career long as the my educational system verbal adult all all all your golf they're educational. Now I think guys dig dug that thing that probably school systems and suit and a states and a cities and and counties need Durham road. Focus on right now is to make sure that your message is consistent for all of your schools and all of your so that all of your school resource offices and all of your law enforcement. Are on the same page ever trained and I appreciate your daughter trying to do the same thing and then. We can start to analyze so when the facts come out of Florida. A little bit closer about what happened there and what failed there when we actually have more facts to work with. Last day of February that's hard to believe in its own right 59 days into the year. 306. Days ago what does that 300 till Christmas. You prefer a quit doing that. 1940 basketball televised for the very first time. Fordham University played the University of Pittsburgh in Madison Square Garden. I notice until literally inviting match up doesn't. They've had to be either. On this date 1983. The final episode of mash. Broadcast in the United States becoming the most watched television episode in history with a 106225. Million viewers. In the United States. That was back in the days when you have bud three networks and an independent. And not much else. Public broadcasting station. But you know. Shows like that a lot of sort of flip around the dial the other day and I there you loads on channel is right and knows Roland Martin's laugh him. And I and sat there and watch roared in Martin's laugh in for ten or fifteen minutes on a long long time. It's not nearly as funny as I remember. But in its day that was we talked about this recently that was on that was the night that Rowan and Martin's laugh in aired for the first time. You went to school the next day and that's all anybody was talking about. In the same thing with match. This is what this was one of those. Kind of started it is why we are also disappointed in the final signed filled. Because the bar had been set so high the final episode of mash. Was great. Final episode of cheers. Was great. Final episode of signed fell. Eight. 1983. Final episode of mash on this date February the twentieth. Our Streisand revealed that she now has clones of her deceased dog apparently she's done that twice. The way they were. A church in a German village is courting controversy wide deciding to keep their historic church bill. The bears a swastika and an inscription that praises Hitler. But other than that. Tonight's bill. Kansas couple has become happy parents of rare identical triplets. Is that they've dead that I saw quoted in the paper the other day I think it's at an even bigger car or a pitched. And probably a larger what's new at the college you know before joining tigers of what's best. According to a new report every iPhone can now be unlocked by the F says that a new research indicates that there are those standing desks may not be as good for your health as previously thought the the man. They didn't. Notice humidity in Florida upset but the Postal Service overreact carrier who refuses to deliver their mail all. Residents have an RV resort say the problem has been going on for months the carrier for the Postal Service says that she refuses to enter the community because. She's offended by their naked lifestyle. But one of the notice Eileen who'd like. Said it offends me that she does not do her job because if she can't do this this job she shouldn't have that job. Another nudist Leonard Ross an adds deep postal creed. That's. Say anything about them not coming into a nudist resort. I don't think it says anything of it does say. She'd have to go there if it was so leading. Raining. Or snowing. But I don't know that says anything about nudist resorts and fair weather I'm there have been that could be. Maybe that's are out. Elvis Presley is our running for a seat now Arkansas. Well now that we've found out the Lisa Marie used under last 141000 dollars apparently he's come back from his hiding place and Tennessee we can't make a couple of bucks actually this is the race or Arkansas congressional seat and it's getting all. Shook up because. Of the entrance of this new candidate Elvis Presley Elvis. An occasional impersonator of the Elvis Presley who are legally changed his name has filed to run as a libertarian nominee. Why is it lowers the libertarians. Can like beer. TJ is look at my guide dog what is. Dogs in the back of Carl metal bed bobbing up and down. Over the past decade Charlotte as soon become really one of the top markets for locally your bread. A brood they're craft beer. There's like but 42. Or more local breweries in Charlotte. If you go to get my perks dot com. You'll find a first in flight craft beer cart one low price 29 bucks. Gets this first in flight craft beer card enables you to join me a flight of ten of the best local breweries in new Charlotte. 29 dollars and you get a flight from bird song. Sugar creek. 26 acres. Eleven lakes embarrass brewing. Blue blaze. And Laney boy brewing companies OR or missed his and there as well you also get a commemorative plate the last that is say. You made your saving like 70%. Go to get my perks dot com. And get your first in flight craft beer cart this'll save a lot of money and no if you get it now than you got it for Saint Patrick's Day. Up for that matter you'll have it for North Carolina bureau month which comes up in April. Ten mid flight. 29 dollars. You'll find a favorite in there a look at one of their they're probably one of these classes. It's got all the logos of all Leo breweries there. And all of the Entercom radio stations pulling the fan and a W beechy. And it's Sony's solid glasses that you can Micah drop in and operate. People. Get my perks dot com it's your beer drinker younger check that out 29 bucks and not ten flights. That's pretty good 70% savings now speaking out like there's a finally a hotel for true beer lovers. Slated to open two locations Tony 99 here broad bird their brood dogged created what they call the world's first crowd funded craft beer hotel. Scottish beer manufacturer will open. In Scotland. In early 20s19. And then they're gonna open up in Columbus, Ohio later that same year I have no idea what the affiliation between I assailants opened in Scotland and Columbus. Most of two of them do with those. Buckeyes. They drink some beer. Each room will feature beer taps this is the hotel. So I what you look at or TJ. Each room a pitcher beer taps. And showers. Come with built in for ages. So this near broad new beer hotel features shower beer. The Ohio location even features IPA. Filled a hot tubs and beer focused spot treatments. The Scotland location. Which will be located at two breweries headquarters we'll have rooms and overlook the brewery to give guests a behind the scenes look at how brewers work. We had a guy. Station has Bergen Boulder, Colorado 79 are somewhat down the hardest dude. We had a long history. Pretty colorful radio history actually a pretty successful all the way up until about two. And years before that and then you've gone through about a 9000 jobs in about a ten months. And so this was like a little AM daytime or radio station. And then he ended up they hired him as a program director. So why he comes in which is a girlfriend. And they rent. Kind of like an efficiency apartment. Because none of us were making any money. And so they move into this efficiency apartment and efficiency apartment essentially is a room. With a I think this in this case it was a couch that made out to do a bit based DeVon efficiency apartment and had a Murphy bed and where you'd open up these French doors and of bread would come out of the wall. But decision that's what it was it was one room and kitchen and bath. So he and his girlfriend move into this thing and at sometime or another I went over there. And in the middle they had nothing had no TV. He had no nothing. But he had a beer keg. A beer fridge with a Kagan on the inside. And that was said India didn't take you long to figure out why his career had gone south so quickly. He was a blatant alcoholic or bureau is his deal and he would start drinking beer. When he would come to work I was doing morning shows that that time. And he would come there in a building like you know 8:30 in the morning or something in just. Smell like old like you know the bar you left off Friday night. Armed. And we were 56 packs. In Nusa file cabinets and his dad used every so it is drink all day long. But he was like he had a mainline 200 that is all right next to Wear that every demo went over there I was over there two or three times. The bed would always be out you know big couch was always. It was never couch it was always unfolded into bed. And it right next to that was this can't. So that lasted for about five months. And then they finally fired. I don't know why. I guess if you come to work solo like alcohol every day at some point somebody finally says hey. Your fired. German space company I read the news today oh boy called PT scientists is been planning a mission to the moon for many years now. Now they're in a partnership without a the company plans to put couple all wheel drive rovers on the mood in in the moon in 2019. And PTS. Scientists are PG scientists. Has partnered with Vodafone and Nokia to create a moon based communications network using Ford G. LTE to bring high Def video to those of us here on earth. Now all that works I have no idea but I'm anxious to see it. Maybe. They must have some means they use and outings. Those aren't necessarily. I'll buy one get one free are pretty sure about them. I'd come back and second thirty minutes from now about thirty minutes from now we'll give you another chance to win Avaya thousand dollars. We'll bring up to date on worthy of Panthers sale stands now they think the bidding really probably gets underway in March. That we we we've heard there's probably only really two serious buyers right now at least what I was reading in this article today and that doesn't include other Felix a modest group. There's some doubts as to whether I have Felix I must have some mystery. Somebody in there because they don't think Felix can probably come up with -- amount of money but it would take to for the down payment of 600 some odd million just hard cash. And it also assure that Britain and Marcus to do that either. So other may be only two really serious bidders right. Now and they've also bring up the fact that there could be a couple of more teams they're gonna come on the market pretty soon one of them being the Broncos his pet Poland. Is suffered from dementia in bad health until at some point the Broncos which would be a really. That that would be a franchise it would be much coveted. And Tennessee can go on the market Tennessee try to get a partial viral last year for 500 million and all they can get was one for about 300 million. Which they're saying maybe that means the Panthers sell for one point nine billion. Instead of they oil bring it up to live all of that and did anybody get a home DNA test for Christmas. Because I'm kind of curious as to how yours turned out hollow talk about that though we come back as well. We don't know the next owner of the half years old Vietnam and we don't even know where they really are at this point but DS sale. They expect to march will probably going to be when the bidding picks up and that means that you could see a conclusion now by the may 21 223 does spring meetings of the owners in Atlanta. Or not. Richardson can accept any of bed or reject any bid. The process they say could take several rounds of a counter bids both before. I mean both sides and have to reach an agreeable price. And then that's kind of interesting in this article that I was written on ESPN last time. I had Darren Revell and no David Newton David Newton is the you know local. Panther beat writer for ESPN. Three quarters of the 32 orders and have to prove a sale. So last week we talked about this group. The fraternity Brothers were they. Who had. Had sold there 80% stake in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. And they had expressed an interest in buying the Panthers but sources tell ESPN they're out. And then you've got to the two. Legitimate bidders. And maybe that drives up the price or maybe they won't have to. As of now all day right there are only two real bidders. David tepper. And David I know bin Navarro. David tempers the guy that we heard about last week. Big it was last week. Who owns 5% of the Pittsburgh Steelers. And is worth like eleven billion dollars he is the founder of a global hedge fund firm called apple lose a management. And he's worth eleven bill. He currently has 5% stake in the Steelers. They say he caused an estimated 120 million dollar tax loss for the state of New Jersey when he moved to Florida. I'd like to have that kind of impact. It depends on how many legitimate bidders there are two or drive up the prize and as of now they say there's really only two real bidders and I don't know where that puts. Felix a modest and his group or anybody else and that's the other part about this is that you probably don't know what you don't know. And then these things people got to come out of the woodwork and the Buffalo Bills sold. Tony fourteen after Ralph Wilson died. And it took them out quite a few months to get that sale finalized. The Panthers have been. It depends on how many bidders there are. Tepper. Hedge fund guys that we just talked about eleven billion dollars would be the front runner for now. He's the and then to borrow is this foundered out there in Charleston, South Carolina we rumor about him about two and a half weeks ago. But his business is a little. Might be a little iffy for NFL owners he. He made his money through Sherman financial group LLC. And he's worth about three billion dollars. Sources tell ESPN that is assets are liquid enough to satisfy the 30% outlay in other words he'd get his hands on the 600 some odd billion dollars it would take to be done. But the primary owner in the and right the big checked it there would be needed to do that. And he could be a solid candidate from a financial standpoint but they say he's not ideal from a sector standpoint. German financial and its affiliated companies by delinquent consumer debt mostly from credit card bills in hopes of collecting what is owed. And they take a cut. And that's pretty litigious. Debt collection industry is. Is not necessarily. The most inspiring headlined companies can they in the world. And the NFL. Owners would probably be a little concerned about haven't NFL owner's name affiliated with they. Oh what do you know would debt collectors every dollar debt collectors. Ruthless. Ruthless. And they've come up with a all sorts of laws and everything and last 1020 years to try to cover people bit. Then I would to a stage in my life where they were in when I got fired in Jacksonville. The bill started adding up. And by the time I was rolling into Charlotte I had dead man I just fishy American Express I had a debt collector on me for American Express and I'm telling you what. I can remember some pretty vivid conversations on the telephone. We should've known then what I know now. I and true enough I go to the money. And was doing everything I could learn a lesson through the years I learned that if you get fired from a job and you have job call them. Before they call you not the debt collector. The person you owe them of the people you'll of the money to. And work out some sort of a paver program and show that you have Leo desire to have. Meet your obligations. So anyway he's in the debt collection industry and they're saying that may not be good and then. Insiders are aware that there are multiple NFL teams likely to hit the market in the next five years which could keep the panther price below. 2.3 billion dollars and I'll share some of that angle with you in just a couple of seconds this teams like Denver and New Orleans. Could be teams that end up on the market soon will people know that Denver is probably a more. Coveted franchise that maybe Carolina would be. But we'll see. So you come that was your Chilo leading contenders to buy the Panthers at least the ones that we are no right now. And David tepper. Is one of them apple is a management hedge fund guard. He would be the front runner for right now. And then bit Navarro. Who is the LLC. Debt collection guy who's got though the financial means as well but may have a accompanied that the NFL might not be all that will wild about being affiliated with. Then they come up with. The fact that there could be other NFL teams likely to hit the market in the next five years so may be that keeps the pay at the price down. Titans Tennessee Titans were asking for 500 million dollars for a third of the team last year according to league sources they pulled back when they received an offer of only 300 million. That means that the market at least privately writes ESPN. Value of the titans at 900 million instead of the one point five billion that they had hoped. Said declining health club owners in New Orleans and Denver could lead those teams to be up for sale. They called Denver a gym somebody that people would wait for. And then while many are fixated on the towards number for the value of the Panthers at 2.3 billion. They also point out in this article no team in the past five transactions has traded for more than five times revenue. Forbes put the Panthers team revenue at 380. Million dollars. Five times that revenue evaluation and the team would sell for one point 99 billion dollars. Well we've heard rumors recently that it could be as high as two point nine billion dollars. So what nobody knows nothing that we won't know nothing Amendola probably don't we get well into march in the bidding picks up but. Some interesting angles coming from ESPN on where the sale of the Panthers stands right now. There are announcing that the vice president Mike Pence and the second lady Karen pence will be in attendance for the believed to have Billy Graham's funeral on a Friday of course you already know that do. The president's coming to assume that means Maloney is coming as well. Standard is that a big assumption that I assume. Armed so vice president prince and his wife will be here on a Friday. David Gelman the general manager of the New York giant says today he would consider a trade the number two pick in the draft if somebody makes me an offer I can't refuse. So would that take couple a huge linemen. He's the one to two Rolex they have they have the linemen or former general manager their and down White House communications director hope checks. Who was before the house intelligence committee yesterday you know I think that's the committee she was before Obama is our residing. Which means the scenery around the White House so I just got all lot less inviting she's. Attractive. So those are your headlines to this hour we're talking about derby a panther sale and what we don't know on what we don't know is anything but we do know that today at least at this point. According to an article from ESPN there's really two legitimate buyers right now David tepper and then Navarro and thumb. I immediately start thinking about the Felix who bought this group I don't know that we know that much about it. They say here. That's a ball just does not have the capital to be the primary investor. And he may have a lot of people tagging along with him several high profile NASCAR drivers. Jimmie Johnson Kyle Busch Dale Junior. I'm Jeff Gordon reportedly have expressed an interest in being minority owners with via group headed by Felix a modest but they say he does not have the capital to be the primary investor he couldn't write the check for. 600 million dollars or something like that which means he would probably have to have somebody in his hip pocket. Then you get to a jedi who came out the day they sale was announced he wanted to. And we don't think he's got the Marines either and no staff Currie apparently came out said he'd like to be a part of that group. But neither one of them can write a 600 million dollar check. Door neighbors say they are worth a billion dollars in May very well albeit but can you actually write a check for I mean it did you have to have. You have to be able to have. Again. A chunk of cash. In order to meet the NFL's. Guidelines you can have 25 owners as long as there's one person that puts down 30%. So are Richardson owns 48% of the Panthers. Then leaves more so are the ESP article talks about speedway of motor sports under Bruton Smith and Marcus. Who have said in the past that they would be interesting in purchasing the team and have been an initial research on what it would take. But the according to ESPN and I had to do is listen don't ever count Bruton on anything but and ESPN says they don't appear to have the capital to be a major owner either. At one time Bruton Smith was on the Forbes billionaire list. Just barely over a billion dollars. That doesn't necessarily mean that he could write a check for 600 and some odd billion dollars given all his obligations and stuff. So often a sale of an NFL franchise the names of the potential owners don't become known until the and the kids are in or the sale is closed to complete. And solo there's probably a lot of names and a lot of people and entities involved here that we just don't know about yet. Well the ones that we do know you've been to borrow and and David tepper would be the two front runners so there could be other potential bidders out there and hopefully go by as march 1 role in the bidding actually starts they figure in March. We'll start to get an indication of with a serious players are and and who via who do the wannabes are. There you go. The NCAA as. Is under fire. Almost. As bad as guns are. The that this federal basketball investigation. That they came out way if we're duke and UNC in North Carolina State players were mentioned and big report now I think this is what brought down our Rick Pitino and Louisville and big deal but all the sudden now people are saying to hawk. Well Brent James called out the NCAA yesterday called them corrupt. He never went to college. In a NAFTA that he was he's he's very pretty good. He got called the NCA corrupt said that the NBA should further develop its minor league system to give young put basketball players are real alternative to college basketball. He made those comments to reporters yesterday. In the middle of this federal investigation is being carried out into a college basketball recruiting and he said that the NCAA is corrupt we all know that. Sorry. That's going to make headlines but it's corrupt. He skipped college went right into the NBA he said I don't know if there's any fixing the NCAA I don't think Perez. It's what's been going on for many many many many years he also questioned the idea that players are compensated with a free education saying. I do know what five star athletes bring to campus both in basketball and football. I know how much these college coaches get paid. I know how much these colleges are gaining off these kids. I've always heard that the narrative is they get a free education. But you guys are not bringing me on campus to get me an education you guys are bringing me on it to help you get to a final four our national championship so it's just a weird thing you said. Any added I'm not a fan of how the kids don't benefit. From none of this. Or any of this. So there was opinion piece in the observer. February 25. Week ago last Sunday. Now scares me last Sunday. And they took on the NCAA talked about how the NCAA makes billions the conferences in the college make billions the coaches make millions the agents make millions. The players producing all the money. They get squat. Or as. To listen or my favorite quotes in the the our view opinion piece in the issue observer or as commentator Jay by Ellis put it. How dare anybody exploit our players before we do the NCAA. Are done. Are doing math. And give more to band just seconds. The observer piece on the NCAA said the players are producing all this money they get squat their eligibility is in danger if they or their mother gets so much is a mile oval longhorn steakhouse. So who really comes out bad looking at all this say in this Yahoo! report. I use the NCAA the players also receive relatively a tiny rewards or the NCAA in the college sports industrial complex which is. Ridden those players for decades. The NCAA president mark ever says these allegations if true point to systematic failures that must be fixed and fixed now if we want college sports in America. And he continued simply put. People who engage in this kind of behavior have no place in college sports they are an affront to all of those who play by the rules. And that's where they say or ask commentator Jay viola sported. How dare anybody exploit our players before we'd DNC AAR done doing so. And that's exactly right. Said dad to be sure this is the observer. Opinion piece. The dozens of players named in the elite FBI documents. Knew that the NCAA rules. Banning their accepting impermissible benefits. And all or most of them know that they were breaking down but even so the documents primarily spotlight the flaws in the system in the NCAA's rules more than the other players wrongdoing. And if this jars the NCAA. And other leaders into taking hard looks at the fundamentally flawed system then it's a welcome development. Now the real thing that they really hate about all of this is that it's coming out now because determined start like the ACC tournament starts next week the CIA tournament. Has started. Here yesterday. The other big dance. Is coming out tomorrow's march. March Madness is right around the corner. So this is a time man discussion that's going to be held at a time that they probably really don't wanna have that discussion. He'll get the feeling self driving cars used Henry and nymex. Good the technology seems to be. Go and a lot faster then. Then when you might be comfortable if there was. Article yesterday Ford and dominoes. Jumping on the autonomous piloted band wagons with a new pilot project which should eventually see a fleet of robotic cars roaming the streets of Miami. Towards self driving experiments in Miami Heat taking a different approach. Rather than focusing on just the self driving technology. Gay there's that that they're trying to work out how Odom monetize self driving cars in a modern day city. And part of the solution is a delivery service that uses self driving cars for which Ford is partnering with though opposed mates and Domino's. And if you read between the lines of Ford's discussion. Unknown with three code. It seems that customers will order through their opposed mates system. A self driving car will go to the dominos location. A worker won't put the pizza in the car and then the car. Will drive the to the delivery address and then you'll go outside. And get your pizza. Now is Ernie had about. I mean what's to keep them from what to keep somebody from chicken or your Pete so all. You know the north somebody Lincoln my cross just because they expect that that's a embedded in August title role in all that much about the guy who's delivering it either but at least I got to face to look at Vera mean. So anyway that that that that you read articles like this are where they're trying to come up with the technology or come up with the reasons for having these self driving cars. The new world of self driving cars is set to change in April. There's just came out this week residents in California are going to have to argue it used cars driving with nobody behind the wheel California DMV got approval. A Monday. For a plan to put self driving cars on the road with no safety driver. That means starting April the second. Los Angeles. Google floored. New Nvidia. Other companies can own and operate cars driving around California without anybody inside there are two permits one is for testing and the other for commercial use. Though the commercial use permit is geared towards companies offering services to the public like a Thomas taxis are delivery. Now that it's that would be my other question. If they driver less car. Yeah I can call and Hoover service or something like that. And Karr arrives. You get again there's no driver. Utility destination you ought to go to or you go wouldn't. Nonetheless I'm wrapped in nerve. Said the did the that'd be under the rules a company would have to have a human remotely monitoring every cars driving at all times. But how much tomboy about how much confidence does that give you some guy Macon. 757. And our sitting in our warehouse. Oh look you're watching a monitor screen. Eaten pizza that a driver list are just a joy but. I don't know I think we got a ways to go before we. Again I mean and I'm not all that sure I don't know like crazy about their cars that are driving with now with people inside of a and maybe maybe when some cars without people would be better than know what I'm seeing right now but. Now here's one that I read about automated cars that Paula started seeing that I had never thought of automated cars would not be able to use the automated car wash. If you believe the hype that today did you would depicted you know we would all be zipping around in automated self driving cars the next year there's a few hurdles the car manufactured we'll have to overcome and some simple things like go onto a car wash this haywire self driving car could easily in her. An exit. A car wash the automated washes could potentially dislodge expensive sensors scratch them up. Or leave behind soap residue on or water spots. That would affect the camera's ability to say. So you get the car wash and all the sudden you phoned up your camera are those cents or something like that in the car has got elect god no got to you know. Bizarre O. Mode. Automator auto makers in tech firms have a come up with a myriad of those solutions to the problem. Know a man with a reagans some water appears to be who's popular. So little stupid stuff that you never really thought of good automated cars but like that and I never thought of that but yeah what happens if you photo blog of your main sensor and then all of a sudden you're out there on highways in the byways with. So I think it'll be awhile before we get used to it and as soon as I say that you think about how fast technology took place for things like computers and and stuff like that I mean it wasn't that long ago in this building. That we had one computer in the back room that we were all supposed to be using. And none of us did Kazaa and intimidated all of us and that didn't seem like that long ago it did do was let. I'm member they sent out an email onetime tell the extra mile on all of our directives would be coming from an email from that machine. And then after they figured out that none of us knew what was going on after three and a half weeks they returned to the memo in her office so there you go. Hail mark Pearce is coming up next Charlotte six I'll see you tomorrow at three.