Panthers, Riverkeepers, and Story Tellers

Carolina Outdoors Podcast
Saturday, September 8th
This week the #outdoorguys are getting pumped for the Panthers regular season home opener, learning about the Catawba Riverkeepers, and get a preview of Storyteller’s Night.

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The following is a sponsor program on WBT. Carolina hello George Shelley's brought you by the outdoor shots from Jesse breath just. Good morning welcome to the Carolina out those Gelbard theater wasn't so hot I drank it was fall. He hit Apple's. Understood it really ultimately users started the Fall River birch has given up their leaves all kind of thing usually go home Korea's slightly turning. What's going on it is September in the Carolinas. And it's a drought to its seems like. It does send Mike bad dad knowing where you don't just last month cure come out August being one of the mountain wed this month's generally in the Carolinas. And now since like September is a drought. It seems just like today you know the rain for oftentimes that we get in these the summer months and will still cost September. As summer month even though school's in session football teams are playing and all those sorts of things. So much of the rain follows generated back. Either tropical storms hurricanes or the thunder boomers that we have that are developed suggests three dead heat and and and thunderstorms that we have. Historically during these warmer later summer months. Well those thunder storms have been really isolated then you can get rained on and find though Lamotte in Knoxville south Charlotte tonight. It's just really weird here lately. It is there where to send do your rain dance same old story everybody talks about the weather and nobody does anything about it course. Many people want the rain dance to happen after Saturday of course the weekend for a tougher play and that sort of thing but this. To cover river keeper in that could cover river foundation they're gonna join us on this segment of the Carolina outdoors later on. In the am episode. They have a Riverside fastest going on that this weekend so hopefully the thunderstorms happened started 8 o'clock because a big party. If the river sat marina over in Belmont. Is from three to 8 PM mets' September 8 Saturday loud music food trucks local beer insider kayaks and more including. Our friends over its Jesse Brown so all be on hand for the Riverside best server in Belmont that's today Saturday three day. But that's on the west side of the lake and not doesn't have anything to do with the weather on the side of the lake though that senator Richard cut side there are a good thing and let's not say a little something that did native just put it in your pocket. So that she can do it as well. Is if you on the north side of the lake and lake Norman that is you head up to Troutman North Carolina. And enjoy it of the lake Norman state park previously back in the olden days duke power Duke Energy now gave a big goals lot of land. On the and they caught it duke power state park 12100 or or so acres I believe. It has since been renamed lake Norman state park and it has gat all kinds of fun things to do. Whether you're hiker a mountain biker F Fisher. Person. I think that the beach still might be open if you wanna go out there and there's swimming. I'm not sure about that part of being checked it out lake Norman State Department I wanna Bayern kind of played around a little bit you didn't just a little bit to take to Gibbs took the kids of course what was our favorite thing. Probably you know oh on rocks probably thrown rocks fell and up satellite has just. Been skipping the rocks across the swimming hole there bit darker color are they don't have is they're groomed Dietz they're in what is imperatives. Lake Norman would like is I am rich is the largest man made like in North Carolina he yep it is a white sandy ago you don't even have to keep on news bigger issues and you don't that'll have. Too much amok in in mail like many of our area lakes with the red clay. So in between your toes as you walk across it. Clearly we have volleyball lawyer there I didn't but I did watch some people do that go. Have anyway Basil that was one of the things that did that's a little bit of a relief super U if you are settled back in the needed good place to get its. Somewhat close. To do Charlotte region mart metro region head up to Troutman too late Norman state park. Are now really big event starting this week the world equestrian games out at trial on which. They called neutron by the to me it's closer to Columbus it's just western Shelby the neutron equestrian center world equestrian games start us next week. NASA did this is going to be is being kicked off of course a separate event at that time unrelated. TJ brought it to us the big thing festival. So we your talking to the week. And nobody gives him an equine confused with the SaaS squats. It takes adapted to try on to the big equestrian center things probably wouldn't go together very well I'm certain that would be something else but anyway those are. Two big things going on the big food festival Marianne and of course that equestrian events. You know the first event in the western as a hundred mile marathon so they might just crackle resident of big foot down her new kid and help. And combined them that is something to be televised for your bags last watcher of the winner into that and drag him back in your bony. Just a couple of cool things are gonna ever in my whole way that the unit net the and of course the bed is essentially like the Olympics they equestrian event and try and there's like the Olympics. Of the horse seem a world that way in new guys for multiple days here. No they even have a rainy November which you can relate to being on the whole rodeo fans. That's were of the horses. Or rained enough slide across C arena on those sliders shoes to make. Cool look and stops. Very western event right there we'll let him extend and evolve out other English type persuasions. I love it because Lama as from a small town guy and that county where. If this is all being held is about 20000 people is that Cleveland's Allen tired no not Cleveland though I can't tell you mechanic but it's not Cleveland but OK it is just to the west today or. Between that Greeneville Nashville essentially 20000 people in that rural North Carolina carried great Cammie. But the visitor. From estimate is going to be about half a million 500000 people. Well I almost half a million playoffs MI idea until I thought. The pocket but that's just MI they know you say sick ass I half a dozen whatever it is is that not something so I hope all the small businesses. In meg Cammie. Have a great gotta love it. And I'll give real full report next week I'm going Wednesday all varieties samarra needed. No sir are you just an aspect today and I'll direct aid and all the all the boys get to stay home all the horses RO stay home on this one but my wife and our goal wanna work. To Cingular groups saw Joba. Fantastic now you've never meant to something like that I keep telling people you should go to the derive Reno event where they. Literally raced against time through obstacles with horses and carriages. Whoa. There you are sort of a mass car of them fit into a. Sort of Canon cat disorder will listen we're getting ready to kick off professional football zoo we wanna talk a little bit about that. You listen to the Carolina outdoors was dying day here in billboard T wherever podcaster hurt. Did Jesse Brown dot com as well or early on a Saturday morning via deadliest BT radius. Or. Hard though Barclays deal that football and ticket is harder to camp out and Don Yeager I don't know they otherwise I'm hopeful but as the committed his loosely in his Charlie Brown here I don't know I don't know what that ball away a I think we switch back and forth doniger they have billboards T ever here. Don I really GAAP crap for this next segment here of the Carolina outdoors we did yes I did I'm ready for this one okay let me let me do this Harlem. Starting in his 24 season. With the Carolina Panthers is starting broadcast Mahan and commentator. GM's own key Jim welcome to the Carolina out doors. Bill and I always great ideology about you know like what he does so at an annual tradition being out with the guys curtsy. I'll man and we do appreciate your time you kind of walk us through what we're looking forward into your baby is through the draft sometimes and and listen if we make it to a Super Bowl let's just agree to do it all over again city. But the jury planning out February 10 and I'm not Papa I am ready NN we have a bunch of questions to ask you about this and first off let me just kick it off with this one this is the first season. Without team founder Jerry Richardson and and do you feel any measurable difference in the feeling around the business or the football side of the 20182019. Painter's team. Yeah I think that the biggest thing was after what happened. Last week and it towards the end of the season would would Jerry Richards and there was all this uncertain it was going to be the elder what was it gonna mean at all so I think the biggest thing guys do that they got resolved that we know that they've tempers the order and you know we haven't had a lot of experience with a yet but I did have a chance to interview a couple weeks ago oil are few and games for about five minutes and yet you seem like a real genuine guy it's hard to the right place of this franchise and out. A self made man that yelled kind of it made the but the money you made it wasn't handed job earned the right to be one of the thirty Jeter I don't franchise and only so. I think you know the biggest thing is just bullet or other site about what that future all jealous. The future stadium practice fields just all kind of things particular branch at all. Well I wanna circle back around to David tepper nastier a couple of more questions but before we do that. Com are Panthers are getting a little bit older I believe they're ranked as the fourth oldest team in the NFL right now with a bunch of our leaders. On the top of that list Julius Peppers 38 Thomas Davis thirty fab Greg Olsen 33. Brian colonial thirty predominantly would you like to be old at thirty Ariel I drank I cannot make a 33 again. Even look deeply is 27 and Cam Newton sneaked in up on thirty even Omar on the set is always an urgent business the business of the NFL but Jim's a key is there an added urgency with this team due to age. I think certainly different teams are different modes and a suitably autos wit now this year try to get to a Super Bowl when it strategy don't. If something realistically know that there are a bit it'll rebuild your object. Maybe a few years to reach back at a level. Does summit names immaculate but definitely last chance to light a little. Probably for Thomas Davis not part of the road for Rangel to Julius Peppers. Probably his last year. When you went bailout to go out at with a Super Bowl title these guys they did that thought they got the he met as a mixture of so that image in the prime of their career like will keep me camera but. But their careers guys are just getting started like. Christian McCaffery. It looks like got a team that has that ability that they did bill with a Super Bowl this year and try to make it happen. Lips lapsed back to a donor for a moment because we were all quite used to say in the cut away photographed. Or. Television image of the previous owner dressed and assert openly owners booths but to our new owner seems to me kind of a sideline Kyra guy. Yeah I don't know where he'll be during the game diabetic so probably somewhere up and not on the sidelines but you know just the Big Apple it again it was breezy and but he was wearing shorts and a cultured up agriculture. And a cat and even said he had a beer out tailgating with the campus earlier that a man of the people as much as eleven billion dollar guy could be wearing it. You look like in a couple brief ceiling games here is ready to grab a helmet and go on the field. Yeah like Hewlett whether it was a spectacular stoppages in the whistle out exactly yeah yeah I think it is a little bit more and not act like we did. It was two weeks ago with the backpacks and but the yet ability. Less advantaged kids that they could use school supplies get to make out what it dispersed community initiatives to jump right it and I think he is going to be they insult personal Lieber ball commodities in relation think it is. Hey it's football season in the Carolina out org has Don Yeager bill Bart he would get Jim's idea of the Carolina panther broadcast same. Here with us and Jim stick to what David tapper are new garner the Panthers. I'm your child to attain the Cleveland Browns. Were featured on HBO's hard knocks during training camp in the pre season. This year that would have been on thought. Back for the Panthers of the old during the Richardson reign so to speak but do you think it's possible that David tepper. I would consider allowing that type of access in feature cantor training camp. Yeah I think you know this is a new era. Things like that you know looking at a broader perspective. You grow the brand things like that saw. He adequate amount of the public America's steel bad news errors like that he met people wanted to bury so. Achieved these characters in their ability to cut Portugal laden and with some games this IP Pampers. That would be another one where they've been resistant black they have been resisted Q. The one bullet preaching to play one of the London gains and clearly. Would initiative vote of the bill MLS soccer. And pregnant on public to be the president of seem to start next week. So you're bit things like international player that they've never been molesting did you not beat is a broader marketing ideas. Are we got to stick back to the Panthers and this is always the sad part of talk in. To Jim's OT because the pre season it's been tough on our Panthers we do have are 53. A man roster but talked to us about the injuries even before the season has begun the Panthers have had injury problems in fact. The wide receiver same bill's going to be unlikely to pass play in that opener and specifically. Our offensive line what's that mean for the start of the season. Yeah I Woolsey about courtesy ambulance. We're not getting a lot of that based that controversy he will be back so it's not a exceed demanding. And the good thing about all the opposite of light injuries we have Dario. Before them the only one that was. I cease an ending as your MIS are also you will not be back the other hamstring injury but. Back to will be eight games at ease and Bergkamp. But both Daryle Williams enemy soldier a little bit of work in limited in practice so look like sooner rather than later. Finally the spiritual those guys back in that a good it has given them a chance to develop and pre season and I'd like Taylor well it was. Put it lets you looked excellent he's gonna get that chance so but apple and yeah it does well there of that oil they earn a job back certainly Tillamook at this moment. It has really valuable like well you know the tackle positions for the better and earlier the biggest one and it was in the deep but the secondary with a broken like rust but that the data and figure. Into the secondary whether as a starter what a first dive off the bat so. Too bad for him that out this season ending injury. Well speaking of that do you handle play by play for the broadcast team are during the pretty seasons as Mick Mick stands ever on the television side. Has Mitt ever pulled hammy called in sick in end I can't exactly step sand around the play by play. Al McDonald better. Show up at and that job I addictive a trooper trooper but I still. He's worked who had colts guys he's worked through story glared back so I anticipate he'll be up. All right now blew the one playing the pre season really brought us send him. You know of these injuries were were unfortunate but. We got to see a lot of second and third string guys go in there and really pick it up and go it seems like we've got more depth than ever. You're right Donna you know Natalie Taylor both who's competing at that left guard spot because illegal but you know also read all of rejects those subsidies and but it but when I switched over attack bola. Had a little known guy Greg Bennett wrote it settled and that. At left guard and might be entered all of story undrafted guy that. As just kind of by taking advantage of an opportunity here and doing well what that so that was closed I think the biggest story as far as the longest of shots. Was this kid at failed Bada used the international pathway where teams have the opportunity to add one extra play or decrease even. And they tried to expand to the other countries such as a player to try to make the lost their. And you know who would have thought that this kid from Nigeria to restart like bubble it was 22. Broke in the UK acted bake that most of the opportunity not just like the practice while the debate the final that beat Corey. Add to that a got a third topic of last year at deja alternate that opportunity doubles as a much they think about it upside. Now let's talk about coaching a minute because I apply to feel like there are some changes and our philosophy what's going on in coaching. Well we got three new coordinators. Norm served honorably for decades so about thirty years or so experience city at such double I mostly get. But it just sit back in the day you'll ever parody but the coordinator on north turner step it's idiotic on his door now. As rock doc as a coordinator so judges these changes in the opposite you know whether it just a Jew. It'll capsule that so bad as the other groups that plan does involve a lot of different players that get fixed up. In just like back today at speeds but it was that speech but it really don't ordered not. And a lot of sites where outrunning it at a bloody game is always going to be essentials and not a bad at all great passing weapons they have. Defense simply failed Eric Washington to defense coordinator would coach Wilkes go to Arizona Democrat Trojan. In what does that say about Robert urged efforts years in a road that would be a border. Up plucked off is brought to become an actor or somewhere else that people like to Washington. Could be the same there and achieve black particular special teams. Or player would this team and ability. Special teams that are overlooked but embrace such a part of what the Japanese do so placing adapted so well. Through the OJ the mini camps and pre season looks like he's been fairly seamless so we're excited to that looks like a regular seat now. Jim's I acuity outdoor gas here on the Carolina outdoors and Tim Russert just go ahead and talk rescued just a little bit because this is. And out of the pre seasons ever excluding the playoffs we have a sixteen game season ahead of us eight of whom are away are you looking forward to any. Cities specifically that you give to get to work a game but maybe. Also enjoy a little bit of dinner out or that sort of thing or is it all work all the time. Now it has worked. You match that I grew up in the Cleveland area I didn't preacher ball in so all time to go to Cleveland a yes joy. Does your family up there quickly relate this here a dynamic site about week to honestly just be our second time in Atlanta stadium. But we jump right in when a game that had so much meeting will be a real good arguably it is but it Leavitt to Borland. So look at Atlanta right away agreed to another road at bat. If that is stadium deceived where the campus got a major there and that I don't really like that part of the but the way they scheduled a doubted the efforts in the saints twice a final three weeks. Which Bob all about the division aimed at the end battle about it's think import relief that it's pretty close. Together about once I think that game at New Orleans late in the year I mean does divisions could beat Diop been tested by the speed. Or the team measured up and got a game at the latest you're associates bubble Janssen. It Blackberry balance people undergo it and not just ourselves against the Eagles the day against Philadelphia but it is ago. Also men about every you're going to be in Washington DC we are still working on gays need that capital tour that you requested says states and others that we will try to do achieve. Through that capitol building Jim's I keep thank you so much for your time in joining the Carolina outdoors. Philip Charlotte like you guys don't get home. We're gonna take a quick break beat that's what's more. No margin were back on an airline two door slam earlier you mentioned the Riverside Paris auto Belmont this weekend. I try to get my far right here rear verse that says September 8 best today three to 8 PM if you listen I don't know Saturday. Course some people are listens to us via podcast wherever podcasts are hurt. Whatever they're subscribe to the Carolina outdoors. And also review list is feel like this and that'll help other people find us and enjoy this as well but the Riverside best ever at Riverside marina and Belmont North Carolina. Latin music through tracks local beer insider kayaks and more our friends from Jesse browser going to be on hand as well also. Might have a fly rod or two at their fly casting in this. In the trees there are in the grass or and that may be noted and let us near the water Wilson will say and Donna earlier told Jeff about sneaking up to. Lake Norman state park in and join a little bit of the lake side of that water of course the could top a rivers such an ever. Popular breath of water through our whole community and for over twenty years to to cover river keeper. Has been educating and advocating to protect it at Taba. And watery river basins lakes rivers and streams for everyone who depends on those and enjoys them. And Morgan and by the executive director. Other could cover river keeper owner of the Carolina Al doors right now in Sierra which welcome to the outdoor gadgets. Well thank you so much for having me appreciate it well I just said all that stuff for the past twenty years or so but let's just jump right in mayor. This has to be one of the top toughest jobs in show business. Right now with the growing population of the region around here ever growing construction development and the recreational demands on. The waterways of the pits copper river and watery river. Basins. Tell us about that challenge over the past twenty years in and how the river keeper has evolved with that. Certainly bowl a lot of people don't realize that but he could topple watery river is actually one of the most endangered rivers in America. And the work that we do with the chalk river keeper foundation. It to work with those. Spain that make it endangered like you mentioned developments. Power production and you know factory farming all that kind of stuff. We worked in those issues on state and local law and policy level and the grassroots level to change. It's sort of combatant they're negative impact on. On the river and what we're seeing is that over time what we're doing is working and we wanna keep that up. But what do our biggest challenges is awareness you know for anyone who lives in and around Charlotte. You understand that the river is a good bit of distance away from. Charlotte. And so a lot of folks don't easily accessed the river to back create. To enjoy it. And so that's typical distance also creates the sort of mental distance. I'm that we have from our national resource says especially water which we depend not so much. And where we are until one of the points. Having an event like Riverside fact. Is to give people the beauty and excellent excuse to get out on the river near the river. And just have relaxing fun time and hopefully. Just learn a little bit about there proximity to water and their reliance on and then maybe Carole little bit more. About protecting the next time around south. It yes it's to have fun but also bring people up there's that they can enjoy something that they. Don't typically get to enjoy. Well let's say he said one of the most endangered bat for our listeners would you payments a picture. Or an idea geographically. The tip top watery river basin how many counties are from which to Wear north to south what does that encompass. Catholic advocate public lottery river is 225. Miles long runs from rich crest North Carolina to lake Marion South Carolina. And it it is contained in or touch is 26 counties in both north and South Carolina and so. It's. It's good to leave it to. Big area if you think about it in terms of just where you are but if you look at river basins all over the world actually a pretty small to medium sized river basin. And our river is interesting because we. Despite being 225 miles long we only have about fifty miles of free flowing river remaining. The rest of our river is actually get pounded it. We have eleven man made lake or impoundment and fourteen dance and those. Are essential for power production and you know water and take something in drinking water but. That. Over time has sort of stopped up the free flowing nature of our Revver so something else that we work around and and deal with. And it's great eggs created lake community don't want people get to enjoy the river like they never would have but it also comes with some. Environmental challenges and you know we were the first stripper in America totally developed for power production. So we also have this you know really interesting history. We data as well so that's a little bit about you know circus scope and the history as a ticket out. I am I ask this question I don't heavy bags from Duke Energy here bet that they are an integral part of the to cover river. Of the cause of what you mentioned what is the relationship with the cover river keeper. And Duke Energy is it adversarial or is it it kind of partnership or is it a mixture of both. Yes it just hit it's a mixture of both I would say we have. You know on the one hand in Duke Energy. And their lake management division. They are in charge of managing. All armed comments. And released dam releases. If there's ever you know a trial to do kind of manages. You know lake levels and what happens in the event of the drought. And they work closely with our local municipalities that take in water. To. You know kids drinking water and health salt water to round 2.4 million people. So. We have relationship with them a good relationship and the fact eight you know in the and a way to win days. In the course of their managing. River. We work side by side with them and we have good relationships. With those folks. Add for our relationships adversarial with them. In the way that one of the largest threat to the top lottery river and the 2.4 million people that rely and drinking water prominent. Is the massive amount of coal ash impoundment that are sitting along the banks of the river. And we are. One organizations. Leading this fight to clean up call last. And in that way we are litigating against Duke Energy to make that happen. And so it's adversarial in that regard but we have a lot of states today communications. And relationships with folks that it. That are great so it's a complicated relationship. But you know Duke Energy provides an amazing service to millions of people. And de kids Philanthropic green to the community. And there are huge employer in the area you know overall duke is probably a great company it's just that this. You know issue with coal ash has not been resolved and that's what we're working to. We data we got to discover river keeper foundation executive director on what the outdoor guys here on the Carolina outdoors in Sierra which is with us and M from this the switching gears but still talking about water and water five they have had water fights for lack of a better. Term in communities like Georgia. Alabama and I think about the Atlanta our urban area with the Chattahoochee is shared waterways. That sort of thing has that topic be an elevated in our area at all or end or do you foresee that becoming an issue. As a Charlotte region graders and uses more and more water coming out of this urban area in net 225. Miles. You know I do I do laugh at it though we you've been brought Atlanta. Men women and actually yeah we talk about Atlanta. But if you remember back in 2007. You know there was a terrible drought here in the southeast and and expected Atlanta very seriously. And it affected shot it pretty seriously in fact. We have this great photo that shows be water intake in Belmont. And they were just a few hours essentially away from cutting out of water back in 2007 because of that drought and felt. We bet threatened before and it seemed like Trout are occurring closer and closer together. And it's not necessarily because of just brains scarcity we think a drop of rain scarcity but the reality is the recipe for drought is it rains scares me. Plus development. You know when you have less ground water infiltration because you've got war impervious surface like sidewalks buildings roads. You're gonna experienced churn out more poignantly. And more frequently. And that's what were we're seeing happen. In fact you know north Cara just talk to the folks at the north Carolina wildlife. Federation names mentioned that they estimate we're in the greater Charlotte area. Region rather we are losing about a 130 acres a day of natural space to development. And that's roughly that's football field the day we're taking away heat natural state and putting some form of impervious surface. And that's really impacting the river boat in water quality and water quantity. So we just want to make sure that but our organization advocates anyway is that we. As a city and as individual household. Start to you know implement. Water conservation measures just naturally. In 2015 Duke Energy. An eighteen municipalities. Created this. Group called it toppled watering water management. Group. And they release that 2015 plan to topple watery water management plan kind of an awful but. Inning that they predicted that. The deadline by which that could topple lottery river could no longer meet the demands of Charlotte current population was 2048. That's you know that's not that far away 2048. And they're implementing our considering implementing the measures like increasing lake level but that. That would extend that deadline that that black is by no means the solution until we're trying to figure out is. How can Charlotte grow. And how can the climate change and how can we still rely on the river. To meet all of our needs so that's going to be a complicated issue that we experience here in the next. Thirty to 5200. Years. It is something that's on our radar fresher. All right we have a little quiz for you as we finish up talking to the to Taba river keeper executive director MC airwaves. And in your kind of Renaissance woman of sorts you're chemist and environmentalists. And attorney. Classically trained pianists. Your all of those things but earlier in the segment we talked to Jim Kerr earlier in another segment we talk to gyms are key here's your test. Look at the Panthers on November 18 or playing the Detroit Lions. Do do you cheer for as a Michigan gals from way back. Look I have I have not been a fair weather fan I have cheered for the lions my entire life and it has banned the just a less then and patients prefer Maine I'm gonna keep cheering for the lions. You just failed to set an abrupt amendment big failed a test a long and I am not happy with the blues and everybody for more information head ever advocate copper river keeper dot ORG. Our sneak over to Belmont North Carolina September 8 at Saturday today three to 8 PM or Riverside bass amp thank you so much for joining. The outdoor guys. Thank you else. Cellmark did you cause you're allowed outdoors where our motto is never looks a classroom a good story is is that not just tourists. That brings the man our next upcoming event Thursday September 20 from six to 8 PM storytellers. Night. It Jesse browns come here and neighbors adventure. We get 320 minute stories on hand Jeff wise is going to be there with our cross big divide. Then Mathis are river ran through him. In on the line right now Josh dad's telling the story of land cruiser Josh welcome to the Carolina outdoors. They're currently it and it's good to have you in so many dams and of course what Don and I didn't. Is her bay equipment over it Jesse browns and has those years go back. We have learned that people identify their equipment so I did the Appalachian trail with that backpack or. I went to fill my scout ranch with those hiking boots. And at best kind of way the land cruiser story. Is a bit past tank as it helps trigger memories. So we wanted to ask you a little bit about that you are at land cruiser. Aficionados. Of it's that we wanted to take this moment to ask you. How you got in arrested and land cruisers. Sure sure I like the word of this you know out of the callers that such negativity been specially at the you know anything about that but. You know fifty and a for crime. At an older sister and and her and a boy. At the time crucially commentary at the thought of it. Car that kind of look like a Jeep but I thought it. Different impairment personally I thought it was cooler and I needed to figure out what oil and there was that after forty. Land cruiser from 1976. That what sparked my interest and relationship or it. Him as little as befriend them and time has just continued over the years I was the incredible ordered now. Wheelers are real cult following for that particular cars and care. There there has been number of people that come up the at a store or an art and one tell me about it after forty that they had when they were growing proper after ordered that they're. Spatter mom her grandparents had a hunting soccer personal benefit at all you know it all ties back to. And it's good juror relationship where a group of firm and about it's it's cool to hear those stories and usually that that people haven't heard stage in there and of course permit eldest story about it. Wanna throw people that are familiar with and after a forty think of a concrete block with a brick on top right. That's right aerodynamic car you probably drive and about this topic is a concrete block and Breck. It is you know like I said it so three years ago I was still driving with the same originally. Their camera so. It's it's an incredibly great are the top alcohol the doors come offered. You know you sort of disappear from the world the World Series were to drive and a road here. You're you're tired discriminate. You know in kindergarten and that we do around here. I don't understand what people look so much about motorcycles. I'd just come out of the escape the altar. So when this happened do you fix amount resell home by another one fix it resell at the show home or do you just enjoy it. Personally or and or. With friends who have the same interest. Yeah you know it's more of a common thread with me out I'd like to tell you worked on and I restore them by. You know everything we should take an hour 63 weeks to do and I realize how well I didn't care to. Mechanical side of the big I have died or go to I'd drop him. Help help it to a lot of that over but yeah I think it's the relationship because it ties. The passion. Together forming whether we didn't win it quite who that friend can't bigger delegate who wore actual aura or. Harlan Kentucky you're. You have to categorize you put the that I picked him. Balances or wherever and other weapons that I. Went about that at all for ten days it is a couple years ago ultimate scapegoat. It's sort of ideal opportunity for another friend of mine and and just to get away I think overall. It's sort of where particular attention there without. Now one of the things that you always run into in common with people that deal with older cars come by and Celebrex and up all like kind of thing. His stories about weird things that they discovered in a car that dad bought somewhere along the line you got him a good story along that line. I you know I wish I could tell you that I did but I but I have a have a code. A corporate over the years that are. There have been part of Bill Clinton did in public or specific object forty I tell you that I delete them period stick thing he. Some of the truck that have been outfitted for putting it all kind of the dark crack. Spotlighted that that help you cheap beer in the leapt over ammunition and all kinds of strange land a very negative about that out if at all confident all are up in all want that. Had our respect bill which they're on top of that that if somebody can be driving ability to be on our top good have a seat belt. I don't know but it did that outlined an urgent. A we got Josh Jones on the program would Don Yeager to their build party right here where they outdoor guys do you listen to us via podcast. Wherever you subscribe to your podcasts as well as had ever did Jesse browns dot com. And listen day air as well as. Early on a Saturday morning via the airwaves of Debian BT Josh is one of the storytellers. Thursday September 20. From six to 8 PM we've got a great lineup 320 minute stories. Josh you were nominated we last year. To tell the story land cruiser which involves he'll lean legacy. Friendship is not just a truck story. I'm so we're gonna kind of found out about that. Teenage inspiration. Back when you were fifteen but we're also gonna find out about that trip to Moab. And all of the commonality that they land cruiser allows aware of that but with all that's ahead. You didn't know you were nominated what goes through your mind when you're asked to stand up and tell a story in front of a group that Jesse browns. Well you know I've been initially panicked. His mask and anybody gonna wanna legitimate story. But then they you have an it all back on. The fact that it's something that I love it something that I probably talk about. More than I realize that talk about it my wife probably knows more about what it could actually ever wish she would ever gonna know mineralized. But yeah I excitement because I think we do that it it it it develop the lakers are put it not about electorate that. About the relationship. And all the pieces bit sort of come back to that withdraw I've seen him. Of the relationship are. An adventure stuff. Bob recited the Fella and I think people sort of the truck part of it but people would sort of relationship part of it cope with the people like about relationships and and hobbies I realized that they either have heard is that however a wish they happen. Or relationships that they could look back on it and how to how to. Can't find that common beamed around. Well that's then what storytellers night has it been powered bat what you just said that's everybody all all our folks listening who subscribe to the Carolina outdoors via podcast. Or listen via WBT are invited Al storytellers night at Jesse browns Thursday September 20 six to 8 PM. Josh stands telling the story land cruisers spanky so much for joining us here on the Carolina outdoors. Good report cougar couples we expect our thank you Josh also thanks advocates have a river keeper executive director ams Airways for joining. Us as well as Jim's IG's voice of the Carolina Panthers in the broadcast team. Sports DJ box over there Don Yeager right here I'm still barred seizing get outdoors ticket be trashed and we'll see you next time right here on the Carolina outdoors.