Panthers, RNC, and Big Weekend

John Hancock
Friday, July 13th
Erik Spanberg of The Charlotte Business Journal joins Hancock to talk Pamthers and RNC. In addition hancok discusses the president's trip to Europe and "Big Weekend".

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This is John. There are Friday. They're big debate nervous. Literally followed tennis but I do more than it all the World Cup but. You couldn't help but dead notices ovals going on around here because an awful lot of this people in this building were kind of covered know what was going on Kevin Anderson. South Africa. If you just heard Rick Mike Doyle in the news. Beat two John Eisner who's from Greensboro. In the longest Centre court match in history. There's only one match at the all England club it's ever been longer than that and Eisner was involved in that as well that Bakken 2010. Brent John Anderson just beat Eisner to a move to the finals which will be against you the raw field and L or. Novak Djokovic. And they've had to wait all day long don't get on court play theirs semi final. Wait for this thing bill and six hours and 35 minutes. Give me. 36 minutes. Yet potty breaks during that bill lunch breaks had. Now. 76676764. 2624. Six hour 36 minute tennis match. I would be patent. So anyway that's that's the world out of the sports I I don't believe that the queen willow lasted are awaited nearly as long as though it we did for that our match to be over but. Did you see the queen no standing underneath the tent waiting for Donald and Lonnie and it. I don't think I've ever seen her stand around with subjects before no waiting. I kind of figured she'd be in an air conditioner environment someplace and then one they helicopter was a spotted begged. Say you're your highness and it's not tumors troubles go. But she was standing down mariner better we'll have all lined yards and as she stood he must've stood there for ten or fifteen minutes. Now I don't do I mean that's not trumps all these kind of he's at the command of whoever's you know and in charge of getting human normal on the from pointed a point big. But I I I just never have seen the queen essentially having to stand underneath the tent outside. Oh wait for somebody editing you know that was possible. She's like what 92 years old. But the president and the First Lady joined a Queen Elizabeth and an official greeting ceremony Windsor Castle. Cancel he said. In the first meeting between the head to heads of state since the Tony sixteen election and they took a lap down the courtyard. She has met every US president who has never held office since her coronation in 1952. Which would have been Eisenhower right I think Eisenhower as heroes born so I think Eisenhower was the president when I was born. I she did not Demi Lyndon B Johnson. She I met Harry Truman when she was apprentice. And so that means she has met twelve sitting US presidents and and today she. Punishment trump again. They walked up and down the garden and then they spent about thirty minutes getting acquainted over T inside the castle. Now I would assume that things were fairly tense between. Mae and trump. But somehow or another I just had have to think that the Korean and trump. Don't necessarily come from parallel universe is doing. And T. You think he's a tea drinker. Do you see him hold on a teacup what is off interstate gonna. So but anyway that's what's going on there that while all that was going on you have all these are protests and no Sorenson fourth tour and on India thousands of people marching against a trumpet that. In a pretty rowdy you know London protest. So anyway hill logical traveled out of Scotland over the weekend and then he'll get to Helsinki Finland for a a summit with the Russian president Vladimir Putin right on the heels of the news that. Twelve Russian intelligence officers have been indicted on charges that they hacked into the democratic emails dormitory sixteen. US presidential election and released stolen information and months before Americans head to do the polls. So why that should give. The Donald on the Vladimir us under chatter about. The indictment. Really. Strongest allegation of Rockford efforts to Russian efforts to owed to meddle in American politics yet. This lays out this indictment lays out today coordinated effort to break into key democratic email accounts. Including those with the DMZ of the Democratic National Committee. And the Clinton Campaign and the democratic congressional campaign committee. And according to the Washington Post this would have been members of an intelligence agency in the Russian military called the GRU. So that's that's what Vladimir neo president role do a sit down and chat about on a Monday these charges come as a special counsel Robert Mueller investigates potential coordination between Russia and the India trump campaign to influence the presidential election. They are subject that was at the head to head of congress yesterday what the appearance of FBI. The agent Peter struck. Which we spent an awful lot of time on yesterday prettier chaotic congressional hearing yesterday. And it was from Robert Mueller's team that does frock was removed in one of the points of contention yesterday was why he was removed. The perception of bias. Or bias. And that that quote that we had yesterday for representative Lewis to Olmert. Of Texas. Everybody I I mean I've slowed run TV channels last night and I've heard it five or six times today. It sounds like something from Monty Python. Then that. It and maybe just it just does. And I still don't know who the one. Congresswoman news that is so predominant in that. Who at the end says if he's in particular medication but she's named fighter and the two thirds mark of that. When she's just beside herself with. Now watch tomorrow that last night on TV. I guess I wasn't aware by the time I got home last night at 63635. So much that the thing was still. We'll go one on. So I watched the little live last night one at that point you've got senators that are. You know bad cleanup. We'll play was still haven't assist their fur on all day deal a mile an hour deals that in that chair. Field and there are questions and accusations. Bad bad day. It is in his. FBI lawyer girlfriend Lisa page clearly is good talking to the congress people today behind closed doors. Not a Charlie Rich some. Me. It's. It. Is okay. And so they are great article that broke in the Charlotte Observer this afternoon by Steve Harrison. We've mentioned earlier this week because he was the one that wrote about the a practice facilities for the Panthers to have some good work over the and tactic tapper when he had his press conference the other day. Made reference that I don't know who wrote that article about the a practice facility but. And then pretty much went on to say that the are at least insinuate that. Article was spot on. And and we told you that day that it was Steve Harrison of the observer who had written an article. And today he and Jim moral. And no I've known Jim for years. Have an article on politics and government why did council Democrats wait to oppose the deal the RNC and they give your pretty interesting timeline as to all of this and how it done kind of broken unfolded and then again at a meeting on Monday. Before we get on the air I'm led to believe. That is for the vote and for. Although they probably won't get to the vote by the time we get on to the air if they think they've got like. Eighty protesters. Ninety people had signed up to speak. On hosting the GA MP. At this meeting. It is to take place at 2 o'clock on Monday. So no there won't be anywhere near a vote by the time we get on the air maybe that vote will take place while we're on the here on Monday. The article talks about mayor via Lyles. And they Monday meaning it too. To debate and vote on hosting the RNC the convention. And there were ninety people signed up as of this morning. So we've got this debate going on between. Democrats and independents about hosting the but this is to be announced in Austin. The presumption is a week from today. And really we haven't had any solid opposition to it Intel Braxton Winston. Did his nighttime video. And what was that two weeks ago. Someplace in the neighborhood of two weeks ago. Now there are some that think that they means for breast and met Wednesday and is probably. He already has his size and bigger prize than being council seat he wants to be the mayor. And maybe that's why. It's been somewhat hard to get vial wiles to talk because. There can be all sorts of political stuff going on behind the scenes on this I don't know what anybody's singular motivation news per say. So are you just open to speculation when people won't necessarily talk about it. But there is opposition at least and and late forming. Mayor Lyles spoke to the democratic women of Mecklenburg County on Wednesday night. And said that hosting the convention would do a show the world that Charlotte is inclusive and no welcomes all political viewpoints. But then and I hadn't heard this before I read this in the O Steve Harrison and John and Jim moral article in the observer. Then she's speaking to us some skeptics of having their convention here. And she said that she would probably not personally welcome the GOP eight. There will be no welcoming address by the mayor. Well the mayor of despite the party. Mayor always welcomes the convention to town. Can't think of the convention when that hasn't been done. The article points out at least the last twelve. Major political conventions. Which would be at least over the last what 44 years. In 1996. Post mayors have welcomed delegates from the convention stage even when they were from different political parties. If this is not about politics if it's all about the economic engine and so on till fourth. Why would the mayor. Welcome the delegates. But vile Lyles is now saying I I mean that's almost. I don't get that at all and why would you announce that now all I guess to save face with your own party right now but I don't get that right now. If all the sudden there's a group of people down in Austin and know the person that is most gun hollowed get the convention in Charlotte. Is now saying no no we absolutely want it. Course I won't have anything do I won't be welcoming of the moved down. That's kind of a mixed message. Business leaders. Talk about the economic. Prosperity for this and jobs that would be that would be filled in the workforce that. Other would be needed to end and that would be a good thing from an economic standpoint Democrats who initially supported the convention. Our our didn't oppose it. Now say you hey we need to have a talk. And then there's other people of the same party that are saying no all the way too late to have the talk. The only other city bidding is Las Vegas yeah. And they don't even have a bidding you know they don't have the backing of the city or the terrorism their and they are you have a site lined up. And as far as cities that had actually been actively. Trying to convince the RNC to come. Charlotte's about the only one. Free as we are and see thing because says Charles competing against itself. They didn't get a whole lot of cities that you know all the cities that I had been asked a member they extended the deadline and it all that's of no root. Nobody saw I mean that maybe should tell you one thing that they're the critics may have a point here is to. On if you're worried about volatility and all of that kind of stuff but if it's strictly on about party. But we are we're competing against ourselves. Now the competition for the RNC is a being fought out. For the most part in the Democratic Party here and blue city Charlotte, North Carolina. Republican National Committee expected to announced the the awarding of the convention. Probably a week from today. And Wall Street Journal and every other indication you can try and along the lines so Charlotte. The have. National committee Cynthia city's mayor's office say a letter on December the eighth suspect in this article from mount. Steve Harrison and Jim Mora led the observer. Asking Charlotte to a bid. Letter was addressed to Jennifer Roberts even though while Lyle says have been sworn in nine days earlier. Soon after the letter was sent Charlotte regional visitors authority chief executive Tom Maria asked Lyles of decision bid mayor said. Absolutely. She had then I began meeting with city's council members individually. She asked them what they thought about hosting. Everybody except the wanna mayfield said the city should pursue the dead. And dregs Republican council member. Quote the opportunity to say something among council members came and went the email traffic from residents was small looked like we were moving toward an easy decision. We felt that on balance this was worth it close quote. The mayor said she then began speaking with the city's a large corporations about although they would be willing to handle the extra security and street closures during the convention they also yes. Then a couple weeks ago at large council member Braxton Winston. Said that he didn't object when he spoke with Lyles. He touched off they. Second guessing about the convention with this video that he made to. That question whether or not the city should host a celebration for brand of politics that has been highly divisive. And some would say dangerous to our community. In an essence I think what he was asking for at least on the surface was. Well to open the conversation. And drinks with vast YL Winston didn't no question a bit much earlier and apparently no Winston said. Well actually you've got to be able to focus in on more than one thing at a time. Larry she came to political consultant Republicans said. He thinks the Democrats never thought the date date when the convention so present nearly discussions Leah you wanna bet on the division. At an air you don't you don't bet on a little convention. But they probably didn't know at the time was that no other city really was gonna want it either. And Jean says that he didn't they didn't opposition is widespread but. You've got to a Democratic Party activists that are. You know. Re election. We'll put down of open primary opponents up against Hewitt this RNC thing comes comes our way. So I'd say they they article should be available at the Charlotte Observer dot com or Charlotte dot com. Now lighted City Council or why did council Democrats wait to oppose the RNC an inside look at journalist visits by Steve Harrison and Jim moral. But here's the question of the day. And Monday at 11 o'clock. Give me Monday at 2 o'clock. The debate and no voting process begins and a week from today in Austin, Texas. There's an awful lot of people that are expecting Charlotte, North Carolina to be named as the winning bid for the Republican National Convention. 20/20. Which we assume would be. Another Donald Trump comes concert that of convention. Rick nick is on not W bta Mick. I got. That's our girl in the area and not sorry my watch conservative more trouble for thirty years sober who looked and how we live to ensure that we don't trust what. I would never guessed it counted. Charlotte needs to remember that little Irish you know liberal and children out of Arkansas our Google. Pomp and I'm telling you were struck and makes me. Sort hello welcome to ensure you know I'll just stay warm on. From outperform the short to spend money are really warm actually the business community shortened some of the politician who can really did need to step up and so we're just this is not always what they we don't want appear to be heated city. It is well entry. Big big cities have beer about a big cities by a larger brewer are turning blue certainly true of bush Charlotte how long have you lived in gas and count. All by remote are. OK so I thought you were like me and you are just moved there recently its interest now because I've got a 23 year mindset of being gay or Charlotte Mecklenburg residents up until two years ago. And up from time to time I read about the issues and now I have to remember or I love. And I have to remember what I'm a part of another essentially in no what I'm not a part of essentially slow up. It's it's interesting for me at this part of my you know life in this area. To almost. Take a spectator fuel from across the other side of the river. To watch is the shenanigans of our Charlotte unfold. Yeah I'm not some gala will wonder about is the true or not premature food and so. Earth early show stood relentlessly on your outlook. No they won't do that but I don't think you'll get that involved in politics and in fact. He's probably I don't know what is a political affiliation is what we're pretty sure that he's not crazy about Donald Trump although he said during the initial press coverage. Idiots had some complimentary things about the economic aspects of this president that didn't get ready coverage so up. I don't I don't know not know the answer to that is no but that's because David tepper has more to offer. That a lot of politicians do he's got an entertainment venue doesn't matter what your political affiliation is it just matters whether or not to Euro willing to shell out for tickets or interest. Well again I'm just until sort of like the bureau. A little bit of folks they can open and so this is not a word nobody you know for now I call on the little fortunate yo dude. It's interesting because this isn't necessarily new if you if you look at this is the city of Charlotte or Democrats in Charlotte saying. Two Republicans we don't want you here. Well that almost sounds like a Jennifer Robert Islam doesn't it. There are so maybe we haven't changed quite as much as we thought by getting rid of the former mayor are. Our job Bartlett thank you appreciate it off you go. Well I've talked bears fans remember the 4 o'clock here. David never press coverage we've got to have a little bit earlier this week about pebble revisit that and talk about the Republican National Convention which were talking about right now and. He also writes in this week's business journal about the Robles. I'm which is albeit inching concept I is still not quite sure I totally understand it but. Now we'll see were all that goes in the CIA. Is can take care of some bids and see if there might be some interest from other cities. I think they're deal runs through 20/20 or something along those lines with the Charlotte so well we'll see a role that goes for US Olympics we'll talk or expand Burt about two or just moments away. Started about the meeting at 2 o'clock on Monday. Windows City Council and mayor via Lyles will debate and vote on hosting the convention. Ninety people as of this morning at ardea signed up to us speak. And and that will be largely an opposition to I can guarantee you that because that's who's recruiting them. And I would assume that would include people like Braxton Winston and others that are recruiting people to come in and and viewed there their opinions. I'm so we'll see where all that goes it should be a well we should have a live Mike down there if at all possible because. We have a 72 delay and it could be pretty interest and I don't think it will be. FBI agent congressional investigation interesting. But it could be it could be are pretty interest and Tug over Taylor Chris on WB TJ Chris. Eight Johnson I think they in my culture. So you know I'm a registered Republican. I don't know what songs they Republican with with helping to going now. Let. The end I don't all end then there's a lot more fun Christa B if you if you're an independent and you know mess around and now whoever's primaries you want to. Yes I well I didn't do that the Republicans but the point trying to make is that. Why do all this feeling like apple out of what we have a backdrop of Chicago it's sixty Gator. If you worked Dallas 63 and not try to be hyperbolic but. I mean this guy I really believe in this is that person I've ever ever that the in my life going to be the last American that this. Global auto maker got it right. Come out about it through a pain but she cried I'd like we don't need it in this debate will be the backdrop us all these protests. It can be crazy. And proud to have adult community is it not to think about money. It would government were trying to get tax dollars but this is that this is going to be a nightmare for Newton out of don't want. Four of us in Durham a podcast. The four of us bow and no market no events and I were talking about this enough. When you look at the divisive ness of the country ended boy it's a continuing to build and build and build and at some point it's gonna blow and it's gonna burst and so you kind of wonder if that Tony Tony convention might be the time that that does that on the other hand. I have somewhat of a philosophy that you can't live your life in fear or you can't. You can't. Avoid things just because of what might happen and oh by a large these conventions are from a security standpoint. The most locked down and and our police force is already proven that they can that take care of area convention and if you'll remember the last when you could not get within three blocks of the spectrum. During the convention you had to go appeared to many checkpoints to get there are so. I don't I don't say it won't be contentious. But to I'm not so sure that I agree with the oh my god what if game either. I understand that Edwards about. But like we thought oh cute doll couple be our president eight years ago or pull whatever Alaskan that you're glad you hang up or would you. No I we had a guy tell me was gonna be the candidate in the primaries I told. It was out of his mind and I and I gave back seven months later and apologized to him. It yeah I don't let this is back at Nick Young may give us crazy but this is this look bad is that bad idea. Now well I hated I mean these guys did this one of those those subjects that I can probably throw in front of a debate team and and you could throw me on whichever side you want to do and I can debate both sides of it. Tom you said that on the one standout point I wouldn't avoided on the other standpoint there's got to be arisen that does so many other cities decided do a sit this one out of all the conventions. Everybody likes that economic development I didn't mean to put Vince on the spot during the broadcast the other day but he said of course were interested and who would follow who would walk away from this money. And I pointed out but look at all the cities the dead. It were the only city that apparently is in pursuit of that economic prosperity. So I don't know I don't know do we landed within the other part of that was Charlotte news. We're always. And this dying desired to be a world class city. And as somebody who grew up in Denver Colorado long before Denver establish themselves as one of those. Major cities in the country. It's funny what she remembered that I can remember Denver waving it's arms around one note columnist from the New York Times would be in town and and wanting to be acknowledged as being a great city or having and it was a giant inferiority complex in Denver fought and fought and fought. To get what they've got today. And that's crime and traffic and air pollution course they are solutions always been Erica Denver's bill down into a ballot. But you know the best advice I have for people that are prevalent and do a Denver now is get the hell out of Denver. You're you're an hour away from the mountains don't don't waste your time in Denver Alicia go into a baseball game. And Charlotte is it was Charlotte wants the same thing. Even though I've been here for 28 years and now they've never proven to me that growth pays for itself. I also understand that if you're not moving forward to standing still I don't think given he wants to do that and the elect if you McCall's of the world in the bill leaves of the world and other Crutchfield said that Charlie card shields and otherwise and other crush shields at first union no bail out of the world. I have built themselves one oldest city here. But we still have a giant inferiority complex. And we'll do whatever it takes to somehow or another. It also you can add yourself to the list that that is the Bill Small list. That has posted both conventions. And that put you in some pretty rarefied air. And we got a new owner of a football team. Who eventually probably get a get itself a stadium. That's worthy of a Super Bowl. And the NFL has a ways of rewarding cities that somehow or another build facilities that are capable are that are worthy of a Super Bowl they awarded the Super Bowl. So all of sudden you've done the DNC you've done the RNC. You're still an economic and banking capital. Even though you may not be the hometown though won't those who have companies anymore. And value potentially of hosted the Super Bowl. What are you. Your world class. Course they'll still have the specified North Carolina after they say your name. That you've got everything that you ever want to. End WB eighteen wild. Our custom on Fridays at 4 o'clock we try to catch over their spared bird from the pro business journal to find out exactly what in the new addition out today. And horror story sorry he is sure they are right that aura there that one looks like mr. Ryan pillow mistress river but. Her record I know you do I'm good you are not David tepper has been so much time together the last few days. Thank you know we're young people ask me for a fight in ninety feet down you know. I'm gonna call. Yeah I'm kind of busy right about the RNC can I give bacteria. Yeah exactly. What it didn't wake up. I thought summer was when you come here but I guess that data on don't. Got a stadium I I can't wait for fifty some odd days to get over us so a lot of the cancers all have you know there their season willow started Malek kind of stuff and and at least pre season and none and it wants them to talk about because you know right now Bank of America stated there's nothing going on. Yeah well except for that ownership thing and that and that statute thing in that. Who once things you write about is yeah you you quality shake up continues Tina Becker was the first to go I don't know that that was a surprise to anybody obviously a guy is canoe up put his own people and Erin and then infect said he was gonna down to. A couple of names that'll. Or emerge one of them anyway is a team president but for Richard Thigpen who has served in the team's General Counsel any time there were negotiations on. Renovations borrow money that was coming from a city your state or wherever Thigpen was in the mix of that but he it's these Jerry's guy that's not so much a firing as it is much is. Well yeah how old are you also the context this is not a voter her out saying yeah. Everything surrounding cast so I don't think it's just surprised. So Bob let it go another indication. How much things are changing over there and I think. Anyone lifting that press conference the other day got a pretty clear sense that. David effort not going to spend a lot of time just sort of say well you know taking a temperature heat already got pretty good sense of what he wants that it. There's not really though. Eight contention that there is a workplace problem other than the former owner is there. Why I think it depends on who you ask AFL core. They're. This corruption have the investigation finding. Said that it word. A situation limited to juror rhetoric and I think some of the questions. That are opposed but people feel the organization to honor okay that. Who knew about this the group who may be helped keep a lid on the US what kind of roll it there and as much as they've effort that this will create space for open environments. With transparency. And a family atmosphere. He also. Brazoban pushed back a bit when asked whether he would conduct any kind of investigation into Q anyone else that Coppola got it's the answer was no doubt they. And that may be area process it to some point or another not necessarily a quick elimination but as the time goes on enough. And obviously anytime there's any change at the top oh other B corporate or Cingular ownership. There's gonna be and there's going to be changes are going to be personnel. Now people there's going to be some people that are gonna leave on their own no there's going to be other people that are pushed out by other people. Yeah I am and John that there are really important point because I I think it's going to be murky and a little bit grey here in terms. People leed green or whether that has any role in the departure whether you know he has changing. Changing. People and whether people are leaving. Whether it has anything to do that or it's just the natural process. He wants his own people with employees or where or. Someone does not want to kind of go through a change it quite things are done so. It's going to be all put it possible that fell. How much you have the cure which is the investigation. Is spilling over and achieve that transition. The front office located efforts. I'm the only one that I know that stock tomorrow to coach Rivera since all of the press conference broke you're the only one I know the start Mark Richardson. Tell me about that conversation. Well it was interesting he of course did not want to discuss his older. Is that he would not vote in this order. About this so deliveries recently. Does that tell you what does that tell you anything. No because. I suspected that what ever conversation he had Orkut you have he would have been going do you. Speak about it publicly. So you know I don't have no idea. We don't know if that's as an estranged relationship or not doing. There we do not I we obviously know it was strange for. Several years at least but we don't know to what degree and I don't look at me today saying marker Kissinger Richard. And together earlier this year Lugar charter. I have no real idea how the relationship is. Barkley got aspect question which were pretty quick. Because you know he's brought to court addressed that. I asked him about the feeling I'm okay. You have take the team now you have a team which is what David tepper is experiencing this week and mark was pouring out to me. Some of those similarities but also the difference is because if the ballot established franchise. And he can see David pepper does not face the same breed your whirlwind and puke. Gilbert team. Hire staff. The oldest stadium itself feel settled although as early death he has they ability. To work list it's not cordon fiftieth that would I don't think he meant that derogatory as you get hung up the difference in this this situation between 1993 to create big. He he has a piece of the team are had a piece of the team right so he'd be up he benefited financially from this. Absolutely I I don't know what hit its stake was. As with the rest minority partner in with your action until. You know they were infer from aunt who underbelly they came out 2.3 billion so. That's pretty easy math right. You'd be really did seem to know what I guess Soria I don't know if we ever find out or not but it would be brilliance and you know how much the Yuma calls in the Levine's in the belts and so on and initially put in what they walked out with just from a just to just from an interest standpoint. You gotta have money to make money those guys have money than they did make money. Yeah I'm immunity is an incredible return what you think about it. You know one I think that I think you and I both heard it was ear close or whatever the going rate is four franchise or hurt television rights to whatever it personally. People are forever anyway Alex you know we just can't the only commitment on the collapses going to crash and at least in my lifetime I haven't figured let me just go out. But he if you put in five million dollars you probably walked out with a about 50000045. Millions on the liked enemy meshes rough math bottoming out that that that works for me. Yeah yeah that's not a bad deal or no. Not bad at all odd tepper in his press covers just that they talked about a million things the statue got a lot of Ben I don't know if we'll ever get the determination on up. On what the actual low agreement on the statue is or not I don't know that anybody's ever gotten to it must just press top. Efforts to actually bring that up but we come back into the second and ask you about this anticipated gambling revenue. For the has brought that up several times and I think that's pretty interest big twelve and half after 4 o'clock o'clock and Eric's been burned. About. Well about David tepper the new owner of the Panthers and no soon about the RNC and maybe the rove will rival enough maybe the CIA is Wilson was stick around. Not a very very very busy week gossip going on CEO will be a bed numb Monday we'll talk to her about that the sales rep Robert conversation on David tepper on the new ownership of that to go over this week. I don't know that well. And maybe we never find out about that he kind of comes off to me is a guided. Really don't wanna waste a whole lot of time modem statue when he's got to 2.2 billion dollars invested a male football team. Armed timing is everything about the same time that he buys the panther I mean almost literally the day that it was announced that he was the one that won the bidding. The Supreme Court makes a decision on no gambling and that's gonna mean some money in his pocket and boy he understood that when he talked to his earlier this week. Yeah he really did he emphasize that several times that change is coming through the entire sports landscape where it says that Supreme Court decision that you just mentioned McCain got debate. And he. Spoke of the inevitability of the Carolinas. Further legalizing gambling and that's all seems to have a trickle down effect if we can go in any way back machine simply portrait get that nomination fight. Or we don't know yet is what. Percentage will seems perceive how will they negotiate if anybody. Negotiate with but it my mom's John I think you're not part about this in the day at minimum. We eloquence restriction on gambling television ratings and other. Interest. The media. Coverage is going to increase that intern program that sponsorship early weaker than ever doubt you rate but all we're saying. That the very long way at least saying yes he ought to feel like if he can't or quite a battle purpose stadium will feature that was promptly got the fans are. The information they would be interest that it but also possibly as a revenue source pew either renovate the current stadium or eventually built into. He loves Spiderman is that anything. Prodding yeah are set up. You know I'll I bet that makes that that makes him relatable to us non now billionaires is I think what that Dakota did. Yeah it and if you don't got both and that sort press conference in Atlanta where the owners live voted. Our proved he is. Part of that the team and then net the other day it's alien you don't strike this early in the if you think Dario early defeat saying better. But more relatable and he loves to talk about his. Lower middle class neighborhood they're growing up in Pittsburgh the fact if you hit you can see. Professional football game easily within this 28 so we need gaffe when he wants to have a little bit of that common man touch you know up there I think about it or not they thought that you know and lower heart believe forgot it's now worked eleven billion dollars but they're you got. You have something else I noticed that he likes to do and press conferences he likes to involve you guys in the press. He did that with the pledge of allegiance the other day he kind of they get you put it in you're all slap and he said. You know any edge you recite the pledge of allegiance and and earlier the first press conference he did a camera water was he threw into the crowd reasons that you guys are pretty Smart. But he likes to buy he likes all of a sudden take his point and put it in your lap and make you respond to him. Yeah absolutely impacted that first brought conversely are there what's the same number smoky Carolina Panthers. Yeah I think he's got a pretty good candidates as for you know ridiculously early but I've got to put it that that probably feel. Yeah and ordered. We talked about how huge can. I think cricket nothing would the media I think the pepperoni going to be fun to watch not disturbing to get up for the fans because. He just like you engage you liked the debate a little bit you'll eat you don't needle. You ever want to perform I think there are big fans enjoy it for the most part they wanted to know what the person at the top is thinking and what their life. Surely we won't be hanging out here in the next couple years those say needs is awfully chatty. They're trying to crack a it's what the. Which compared to Richardson and and no Michael Jordan wouldn't be hard do good to do it to do. I don't IR NC this is gonna come due somewhat of a head I guess unknown Monday ninety people as of this morning were scheduled to us speak all of the mob part of I believe the Braxton Winston for mayor coalition. Com. But that could be it this is interesting it's kind of like Charlotte's now we couldn't find any other cities to compete against so now we're gonna compete whether ourselves for the RNC. It sure that it won't thank you probably oriented definitely our people are not coming out and think that she will also. Oh let's go to virtue of me and often younger I was thinking. Who's a who's who said then. I can help the woman's nipple as Lara appeared earlier this patent issue but it without political grounds but on contractual. My ground that I haven't had a chance to ask her what the concerns are within the contract. Yeah I hit three or indeed that five vote against the Tampa Philly if you with the flip side. Majority that they would certainly do not know first of many pieces critical wanting it really strikes me is that. We're Carlyle group also a Democrat. Has ruined the return legacy at this convention because if it goes well then obviously that little. Bodes well or a legacy if it don't go well and that's still pretty much goes the first run England the description of her political career so that would as the one that it's really stood out at. Where in her speech that she may do the republic are to other democratic women or whatever was on Wednesday night she said that she would not be welcoming the committee. From the big stage and and and every every mayor has always welcomed the delegates. For the past 25 years to the big stage and she has she made the comment the other day that she wouldn't be doing that I I thought that was kind of weird. I'd know I did it because I think if you're making the argument that says you know this is think non partisan. Economic development is an effort and also include a signed that is through you know whereas Michelle all put it felt when they go Lou we go hot and I think. If that here. What you're. Facing new decision on their turnaround in the next breath and say but I'm not gonna give a welcome then that contradicts. You know who the rest have a thought I don't know what to make of that but I think it's bad. He had a minor subplot because she has clearly. Put herself in the position not saying. I want this as mayor I think this is a good idea for Republicans to Charlotte in 2012. I you talk to our Charlotte motor speedway about the are wrong hole. I still don't quite get it I guess until you see it you won't get it it's a 2.2 eight mile road course sort of they utilized about. Three quarters of the oval in the and they take it into the infield. Yeah that's right and I heard he got in the kind of seeing video that perhaps he wants but I don't actually physically playing until we still hard for EQ. Inclusion I don't know if you're going to work or not but I will give them credit. Or at least turn the significant. Work. Yeah exactly the sport has so much trouble would keep hearing dark still declining. The other there a decade long putts drop in news television audience single boot. Ticket buying you know I think you have to itself and so it's creative about it may be typical mark wolf well. Yet that's your article was incentive at some point you say they kind of downplay. The ratings and revenue declines. Edited abandoned. You go on to state all the revenue and ratings declines in their pretty drastic over the last ten years. Yeah you know what they're paying that that they says they can't be transferred out. Think right is that other sports. You know television review. Clone for example and that sure most of them have and they also talk about more people watching on not had the post as saying yes that's true expert of the sport but that the severity intro looms over the four losses in popularity between them firmly into the sports sleek car or pretty large say they have. A problem well beyond industry thrown. How about amenable I'll still left you were up part of the big opening party for the Charlotte airport expansion the other day pretty impressive. Yeah I thought all along a public that are really nice yeah all with with those you gain it just feels a lot or open. State is well designed I think in Democratic Party John not to duplicate our. America and yet 48 feet of the world it's forty feet. Already orthodox that was the fact if you could have important on every chair so people are constantly recharge their phones that double fault it was the fallen. Half and better Wi-Fi I've had that's one of the things you notice about the airport now used to have to sign in for a temporary time Wi-Fi thing and now it's automatic and that's good in conjunction with the other ports as well so gosh it's almost like we're a world class city at his house apparently landed. Eric's ever show business journal editor we can man. You can't take it out. 194. Days in the year already. It's hard to believe but it is July 13 Friday the thirteenth 171. Days to go. What times this week 1923. Hollywood sign nine dedicated. Big 1923 was here my dad was born. Yeah that's right. 1985. Of July the thirteenth. Live major river that international rock concert in London Philadelphia Moscow in Sydney Australia held due a raise money for Africa's starving people. Sunday World Cup final part of your big weekend we'll talk about that don't we kick off via 5 o'clock hour France Croatia. Then in Florida told police that they couldn't judge charged him with drinking and driving because he only took swing suburban when he was it traffic lights stop signs not wallow via car was emotional. So it didn't feel quite. We usually. Hotel manager in Vermont post today a video of a wild bear that got into a hotel watered the Holloway the hallway in the middle of the afternoon. And early the other morning in the Houston area there was a flock of birds so huge that it showed up on television stations weather radar. Never seen a like a really large flock of birds fly by its failure but you've never saw. Alfred Hitchcock's the birds. Please feel like back to school season starts earlier and earlier every year. We were in no Wal-Mart was that last weekend and they had like Ben's school supplies and you thought yourself why give these kids a break it just that. They just now gotten bored. But anyway I like Christmas ritual the view that the which will likely start in mid September against. Parents are OK with back to school because to remind them that relief is on the way. Last month Houston kids off look I'm no good enough being well equipped. What about 27 point six billion dollars. Got a piece. And that's what Americans will us spend two to get to back to school this year almost thirty billion dollars. That's like the equivalent of thirty NFL football teams no ten NFL football teams. Biggest time for a back to school is the first two weeks of August projected nine point nine billion dollars will be spent followed by the last two weeks of July. Which were almost there eight point one billion soldiers seen schools flies out. Yup nope not too early. Now while your social media profile can be a great asset. And your job search or career builder study shows that they can also end up costing you a job about 70% of hiring managers who currently researching candidates using social media say that they have found information. It is caused them not to rehire candidate. Are not to hire a candidate. Oh I mean like if you're just coming out of college. Or you stayed at the party a little belong in your life in your thirties. Now. And you've got to picture view you know you can it Mardi Gras. Well maybe that's not necessarily the greatest thing for your perspective employer to be. The golden bear deal that was such a big story in the news yesterday a Build-A-Bear locations ended up. Candidates pay your age promotion or earlier than planned yesterday I think you've heard the story by now according to the company website oracle authorities of the locations may be called it. Stop accepting guests that other stores through the crowd safety concerns. We understand that many guests were turned away in response we've distributed vouchers to guess who overrode president lines to redeem offer off future purchases. Some parents were standing in lines for like hours. To save. I don't know what what was that would have been like 4050 bucks at tufts. And I know forty or fifty boxes forty or fifty bucks and does some people forty or fifty bucks is really forty or fifty bucks. But I'm not so assurance can launch or five hours so if I were your request. On the table. It. Did that just makes me sound like a belief is personal because they're on the other hand I have great admiration for the mom. One mom standing in line yesterday three kids I think she had two kids and she was pregnant. And you've been in line for three and a half four hour. And I thought to myself well but that all the moms do. So I guess you can look at it from a two different angles. Three year old Virginia Winchester girl has been hailed a hero for using facetime to. All her mother after her father suffered a stroke. A company were you when you were three years old while Trevor McCabe was home with his daughter Molly. McCabe I heard a loud humming noise in his ears and felt like he was going to lose balance moment later McCain was on the ground felt like he was dying. That's when his daughter Molly aged three used the facetime feature on her father's iPhone to call her mom. She was sobbing couldn't tell or mall what was going on and then Molly turned the phone around so her mom could see that her husband had collapsed on the ground. Mum called a neighbor to neighbor rushed over to the family's home and called 911. And they came into Internet. Three years old. I wouldn't get a good three years old I can imagine I would have known what to do dogs live cell phones when I was three years old but. Remember we told you about Kellogg's honey smacks cereal recall apparently some of that stuff still on the shelves they're saying don't buy it. Think you recalled that in June estimated one point three million cases of honey smacks cereal and no more than thirty states do through the potential of us Salmonella contamination. The recalled products having used date of June 14 28 teams in June 14 corny nineteen. And involve the cereals fifteen point three ounce and 23 outs packages barely they're still on shelves so I don't do that. And researchers. Hope and I ran. I'll have again looked at chocolate milk is an exercise recovery tool and it turns out still good. Number of studies over the past thirteen years of looked at chocolate milk the study remind review reminds us that chocolate milk contains carbohydrates. Proteins. Fats. Plain and Lloyds electoral lights. And some vitamins which makes this straight as good a choice for recovery to athletes as sports drinks. Quote chocolate milk probably better than sports drinks. At least that's what the study's list. There's not too much that I covet. From my diagnosis. And diabetes to. A year ago. Well one of the things I used to love was in the lead. Glass bottles or simulated glass bottles. Public's. Chocolate milk. My kid turned me onto it. And they Celadon smaller bottles. Pints or whatever that over the and you take get home and get that so cold and it'll give you a headache. And if there was anything that I actually would covet. Tell him making a list for when the doctor tells me mister and dark view of six weeks to live. That chocolate milk but. Gallon of ice cream. And a package of incident has jewels are ultra lights. There are all the list. Yesterday there was audio flight around about the agents Procter. Testimony before the. House committee. Or do you have it yet go ahead. I can't help but wonder when I see you looking there with a little smirk. So how many times did you look so innocent in your wife sat and lied to her about all of mr. chairman outrageous and ability he'll do well in this shame on ways to a national her yeah. Yeah you know chairman of the how horrible harass and win while white guys get mad at each end. It's funny everytime you hear it. The question is vile but did study or tag you're it. Anyway that was the big ridge yesterday today. If you get into media go online now just about every website to you'll find an alligator swimming across a creek without a shark and its mouth. Now it's like a seven or an eight foot alligator it's a baby shark. But. We'll take a pretty happy alligator. At a pretty unhappy shark. And I got guy I've watched the video several times now and it reminds me a lot of my west he wanted finds food in the kitchen and kind of you know. Straight yes this drugs away with a Dell also proud that she's grabbed a piece of chicken Jeanne does those staffers on the like that. And that's what this alligator is doing in water at stone and alligators strut. Dug himself Samoa sushi gonna be a good Friday night. So. So anyway that's you'll be sitting meant. That a story on fox that I just think is. Heartwarming and all in kind of a tragic sort of way. Five year old boy who. Cancer. Declared terminal in June. Parents. Helped him write. His own unique obituary. Before he died. Which happened on July the sixth. The your child's name was Garrett Mathias a de Moines Iowa. And before he passed these superhero enthusiast. Including what is obituary would say. Employees Mathias is his mom and she told to do more and register that in the months prior to her son's passing. The they had attended several funerals for other cancer patients. And he was her son. Five year old. Garrett. Was confused as to why funerals were so sad. And he would say why are funeral so sad I'm going to have bouncy houses in my mind. So. He then told her. I'd say things like when I die. I wanna turn into a star. And he would say I want to I want to to be burned it like a four. And I wanna be become a guerrilla. And Mathias said that she and her husband decided that her son should not have the typical type of funeral but something different and they asked her son what he wanted. And she said we really want to do and tried to use his words. And the way that he talked. In Garrett was a really unique individual she says and what I really didn't Walt was supportive obituary to be ordinary. And to have a really sad funeral we cried oceans of tears the last nine months. So when me and Garrett helps his parents write his own obituary. In which he discloses what he liked and disliked. And he said his favorite colors were blue and red and black and green. And his favorite seat for superheroes were bad man and door. Iron Man the Hulk and cyborg. Andy said that he wanted to be a professional boxer. When he grew up and that his favorite people were his family. And the things he did. Not like were. Payouts. And dirty stupid cancer. Oh boy says that when he died he was going to be a gorilla and throw food at daddy. And I have to I assume that's meant with a all the love in the world. Mean bitch word continued with details of the burial in the ceremony and as well also fireworks ceremonies so Garrett concluded the piece. The end of his obituary. He wrote himself last line. CEO later suckers. Exclamation point. The great Garrett underpants. I just find that to be first place he's got a pretty healthy outlook on death. An awfully young age. And and then the video de Moines register points out that the boys staircase daycare. I did indeed get five bouncy houses for his funeral. Tent because tremendous. And a celebration of his life is planned for Saturday and a goal fund to be page was set up for the Mathias family MA AT TH IAS. Family. That apparently has raised more than 39000. Dollars as of this morning. But I just found that to be. It in kind of a weird sort of way just one of the most enlightening. Uplifting. Positive stories. I've read a long long time. I'm edited and maybe it's because I have a fairly. I think I've got a fairly. Good viewpoint on death that was so given knew my direct parents and my Christian faith and all that. So away it's not something that and I necessarily just sit around in fear. I don't want to add to some extent I guess I have something in common with Billy Graham and know that dreaded time somebody passes I think to myself well. Now they know. And almost envious of some ways to wanna know what they know. Receive what they see your new experience what they experience. All in due time. But anyway that's the story of Garrett Mathias to Moines Iowa and I'm thinking about asking for bouncy houses that. My own funeral if that's the question. There's a fifth but the good to a great story. I'll more Americans would rather have a boy than a girl. The price of child care is driving Americans away from parenthood. The effects of vacation Wear off quickly for workers. And and maybe a couple of copies stories as well. But next we kick off the big weekend. Even brother sale tickets. Of New Year's Eve. December 30 of December 31 ticket to go jangled coliseum went on sale to the general public this morning at 10 AM. Indigo girls. Broussard is being an ASCII trucks. Chicago. Mario speed wagon. Drive by truckers all party your big weekend of we'll talk about death and more when we kick off the big week here with Tom Petty next. Radio program. World Cup humane society Wimbledon finals weekend. What's the big thing is going on this week it is the humane society is having their fortieth birthday party. Love the big stuff going on they'll be a celebration at Southside park. This'll take place tomorrow from 5:30 PM until 7:30 PM give you chance to meet you may have so staff. And as some adopt a dog doctor bull puppies and kittens and they get treats and all sorts of stuff down there the shelter by the way you'll stay open late till 7:30 PM mother featuring forty dollar adoption fees in honor of their for your birthday celebration. Have some special birthday cakes done by some of the more notable bakers and down. South side park that's at 2645. To me avenue tomorrow 530 to 730 opened to the public. Jack sock them. We all. Forty celebration for the humane society that takes place to borrow HSC. Birthday dot org. We need to more information on that and we'll tell you that celebrate the fortieth birthday there's a couple of a loyal. Humane society. Donors who have issued a challenge and that is that they can get forty people to enjoy new there. Talk. Told mat tick. Monthly giving program at forty dollars a month they will donate 151000 dollars as well each donor who accept the challenge and no sets up up forty dollar monthly donation. Will join the exclusive fortieth club and receive a special recognition throughout the rest of the birthday year. Good thing to do too if you can no swing at why don't you go do that fortieth club and humane society. A bush Charlotte. We get to a 151000 bucks out of the deal in addition to your donations and knows so that would be a that would be a pretty good deal happy birthday to the humane society. Adopt a much. To get you moon. Indigo girls tonight Fillmore. Live nation dot com. They have just released a live album. Fully orchestrated renditions of songs though with the University of Colorado symphony orchestra and I think some other symphonies as well according to court in divorce. The observer. And now they are back to their more traditional. Now it's hits and fan favorite so are there at the F Fillmore. And it ex girlfriend's belong in terms of 124 years sort this would have been early ninety's. Took me out. There's it would have been blockbuster them. I didn't know who the indigo girls were. They knew by the time the evening was over. They were good. That goes illustrate mail their. But another there's anything wrong with that everybody could have been nicer. I mean could not have been nicer. Sunday's Chicago and Ariel speed Wagoner are teaming up for a little a summer to stay out of that albeit PNC music pavilion 7 o'clock the community to show whether should be. Pot but more sun and clouds they say on a Sunday with a slight chance of showers high about 91 total B toasty out there for Rio. A little Saturday in the Parker 45 to 624 or whatever the area do. Bruce hornsby Indian noise makers are in town tomorrow night at night theater has both talked about that a can't imagine Bo won't be there for that. Huey Lewis is an on the bill but Bruce hornsby in town tomorrow night to tonight fear of being good then you'd catch him mess. The air today ASCII trucks band. Husband and wife team Grammy winner Susan today ASCII former Allman brother bear and remember Derek Trucks. Opening for them drive by truckers. And opening before those two. Blues man Marcus king. And that's uptown at the music factory CMC ample theater. Willow take place on Sunday starts at 630. So I don't know for my money did ASCII truck sounds like area of some of those you ought to put on your things to do list given the a drive by truckers and no Marcus king mail all of that up. Underwrote one one ticket donation of something a pretty good deal to me. They'll be dancing in the streets in Estonia tonight 2018 downtown guest odious summer concert series continues. It is Jim quicken coastline tonight they'll do it again in two weeks with the entertainers or solid Belmont a few weeks ago they were excellent and then they'll end it all up on August the intent with the needles tribute band and fireworks at 9 o'clock so that should be kill urban Jim quick and coastline tonight. The head downtown to Estonia summer concert series and down. And that should be a great thing opened this whole thing up this year with the chairman of the board and they've just been no rocket and Roland disc jockey start things off at 6 o'clock in the in the mandated main band takes the stage. If the rotary sue Centennial pavilion that does 7 o'clock so could still gonna guess don't hear enough. It's a big time. Talk about Ted did ASCII truck Sunday at 630 being down that the air Charlotte metro credit union ample theater good to they're popular music factory. Tomorrow night 630. Cohesion com Brea. And taken back Sunday which is local guys and had to. Animals are I know John Nolan promote Taking Back Sunday they had no doubt guys you know. In order that. Korean jamboree outdoors golf. I do look forward to find out that it was a tutor for bands. A good when I first saw it I thought to myself all. Know he'd play in embryos plan. And take back Sundays playing. But it's it turns out it's to bail outs. Live nation dot com my tickets such Beck 3549. Dollars and if you all want to TJ Obey their. Asked him about his big face. He loves that. And it. You have Wimbledon no going on this weekend. Men and they had. Kevin Anderson. One the longest Centre court match in history earlier today. Six hours 36 minute marathon between two big servers one of them being a Eisner. John Eisner from Greensboro. And the only. Match at the all England club that was ever longer than that also. Featured John Eisner back in 2010 and it lasted more than eleven hours over three days. But the one today it was Kevin Anderson of South Africa. On defeating finally. Two up for a trip to the finals. John Eisner. 76676764. And then finally 2624. So right now you have mom. Raphael Nadal and nut Nowak joke there. Who are playing to see who will meet the number eight seed Anderson when they do the finals all know Sunday and that should be 9 o'clock in the morning on ESP and and the women's final will be tomorrow. And it'll be at 9 AM and it's also on ESPN and they knew about this thing called the World Cup. These third place game for the World Cup is Belgium and England and they will play for third and fourth place at 9 AM tomorrow on fox. So you have the third place game. Going up to get the whittled women's finals. At the same time pretty well pretty weird that you get major sporting events 9 o'clock in the morning. And then Sunday you have. France and Croatia in the finals. And that starts at 10 AM and that will be broadcast on fox. And it'll be on at the same time that the Wimbledon championship men's final. And the mixed doubles. And it starts at 9 AM on down. On a Sunday so other go there and then not to be. Not to push this into the background or anything but be world peace shooting championships are also tomorrow. Pea shooters from across the globe will attempt to go world domination. In no witch from England. Not tomorrow the world peace shooting championship piercing there. Window decal. Little kid do and and there's a like a number three down below that a million. Well as to pay shooter apparently let's that I think that's their. I think that's the mascot thing you know I'm not sure but I think that's for sure. That's right. The world peace shooting championship. Vote taken place in that town since 1991 and attracts participants from all over the world pea shooters issued the target twelve feet away. But located can do it. British pretty sure that's all of that geragos I hornet's. Beat Golden State the other night in the us several league stuff so my understanding is they play tomorrow night at 8 o'clock on NB ATV but the other was looking at the TV listings. And the only thing I can see an NB ATV starts at like 630. Our 6 PM. So I don't know if there's a time difference thing going on there or oral what the deal has spread to either six or 8 PM tomorrow on NB ATV the hornets should derby going up against a Toronto. In no one or delay apply. A few games the NBA summer league series educated and watch the rookies play. You've got to to hurt Elmo leak has hurt. And the kid out of Kansas two point guard. Whose name I just never can remember. He's out. But. But the hornet's as summer league team has been uninteresting to watch so there you go on map. On neo Major League Baseball network until 4 o'clock in the afternoon. And I think that about brings you up to date OB a NASCAR boys are run and tomorrow night at 730. It'll be the NBC sports network monster energy NASCAR cup. Quaker state 400. And the race and at Kentucky this so weekend 7:30 PM start for tomorrow on the NBC sports network last year's winner was Martin Truex so whether you are that's pretty much. A your big weekend in May in a nutshell so don't get that all Rea. There's day out mayor out in Southern California what was that we've said that people who Wear ties blood flow to your brain is decreased by seven point 5% earlier this week. No Americans don't dresses formally for work as we used to. Now means fewer men are wearing ties to the office. Hell I know a guy. I don't know him personally. But a billionaire. Who just bought an NFL football team. And he showed up in his introductory press conference and he would learn to tie. In fact. Billionaire I'm not even sure the top two buttons do we sure worked. Or guys. Probably needed somebody to sell one for. I didn't matter. I was part of his appeal. Now Americans don't addresses formally for workers they used to and that means that to fewer men are wearing ties to the office but it fail Southern California mayor has his way wearing ties to work will be banned. And I assume that in California this would be pronounced bland cast her. The mayor is our Rex Parris. City came up with the idea after reading the science blogger claimed neckties restrict seven point 5% of the blood flow to the brain you know seven point 5% restriction on blood flow of the brain. Could be the difference between being worth eleven point three billion dollars and no we're gonna radio gig in the afternoon for a little less than them. Except I don't Wear a tie so I would just speed natural. Restricted blood flow to her. Come by it naturally. He told the Los Angeles Times has been a lot of hours every week on the an elliptical or rail bike. Just to increase blood flowed in my brain and it turns out every morning when I put on a time diminishing it. I don't think it's appropriate in America it'd make anyone do something that is now known to be detrimental to your health especially if it's based on gender gender. He said dale ban would do faced legal problems in Paris would first have to prove that ties are damaging to your health but. He should that would require more than just science blogs say so I'm all for them. There's a tie manufacturers will never go for them. You've got to give we're gonna price ties. You know I'm chill out area a ton of money you know depending on the designer enough. The permanent jet how much rent money you think is involved in Michael Paul Cameron's closet him. In ties. TV anchor Erica they got a did you Wear the same type twice what your TV anchor. That we. Study out this week said that about half of parents use cell phones while driving with young kids in the car. You know a bit distracted driving is dangerous but. It's your better. Can happen deal. You're too good a driver. It's his detriment to everybody else but. Your superior. So why it's barely got stopping parents from using cellphones while they're driving with the kids in the car researchers from the year Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Chop. And the university of Pennsylvania school of nursing surveyed 760. US adults who were a a parent or routine caregiver to a child ages four. To ten. And had driven their oldest child at least six times in the preceding three months and they found that in that time 52% of them so they had taken a hands free phone call while driving with the young child in the car. And 47% to they've done so with a hand held phone. They give you more stats and here as well but just keep that stat in mind about half of parents use cell phones while driving with young kids in the car. Just tell your right now. It can wait. I'm just pretty damn sure can wait. The terror of war that's going on what products. Will that make more expensive and how will that affect especially. People here in the Carolinas and Charlotte. And Australia next. Practically here today. President trump. Followed through on his threat to what be a terrorist 45 percent on 34 billion dollars. Two Chinese imports so what does that actually mean. Well it's pretty serious for soybean farmers just for starters and that has local loaded implications. Producers of beef pork chicken seafood will also take a hit US auto makers are all now pay 40% terrify. Americans simmers shall pay more for a cars and health care dude knew US tariffs on Chinese made to auto parts and a medical instruments stock market today by the way Dow was up ninety some odd points. Which are kind of surprises me is all this is going on China is guilty of abusing the trade system. And that includes the use of non tariff barriers and arbitrary enforcement to open foreign companies and they had disadvantage. The US. In order to always succeed on this stuff needs to come over the united front with their allies and trading partners. But to know we're gonna stick unit to Europe and Japan and Canada and Mexico so I don't know what the end means to all of that willow. Will translate out to businesses and consumers. Be where. With the tariffs put on 34 billion dollars for the Chinese good the cost. Some of the goods that are in the firing line poultry. US goods it'll be hit by Chinese tariffs would include a frozen beef. Fresh in cold pork dried smoked or salty pork belly. Frozen chicken nuggets. Be angry now. Pros and hold doc. Fruits and vegetables it'll be affected. Dairy products including butter cream and yogurt fish frozen red salmon mackerel and frozen yellow fin tuna. Seafood would include closure of trojans frozen speeds for me to say school ahead. Yeah that bothers you ended TJ now angry at America now. Lobster cam shark fin bush got an alligator. Octopus. Sea urchins tobacco tobacco cigarettes. Tobacco cigars. And stemmed tobacco all of these US goods Italy hit by a Chinese terrorist. Canned dog food canned cat food whiskey modified ethanol not frozen orange juice all of that will be affected. Vehicles some passenger cars so most small passenger cars from off road vehicles as well. Spacecraft in technology would Debian there you'll have nuclear reactors in Jesse's fit within engines rose on vehicles and molds for glass and rubber and plastic and medical devices you'll be so much problems there. More pertaining to what Chinese coated by US tariffs than anything else on the medical devices. And up pacemakers. X ray generators UV apparatus. Anesthesia. Instruments optical instruments those would all fall into the category. But Chinese goods hit by a US terrorist who was a local article in the Charlotte Observer yesterday. I talked about drew Madeleine out there in Union County a lot of people know the metal and family. The soybean. Damage is going to hit him. Glenn Cheryl. We'll see us skyrocketing prices for the steal that is building a Charlotte's skyline Todd Ford's quoted in the article is talking about the rising cost of aluminum. And have little effect cams that is a Charlotte Rory. US chamber of commerce says one point one billion of New York go North Carolina experts are threatened us his meat exports are threatened by a trade war. Now would include a half a billion dollars worth of exports to Canada and 350 million to China. I consumers. Us. We'll see higher prices for things like appliances. And cars. And houses. In fact they quote. Pillaged a modest and here is saying. He's seen a dramatic increase in sales recently is customers are attempting to buy vehicles. Before the prices go up. He deals and what Mercedes and Ford. Some of the winners and losers the terrorists are creating ale winner and a loser list new core of the Charlotte based steel manufacturer. They'll benefit from higher prices for US steel in the wake of the 245% tariffs on steel imports. New course supports the government efforts to stop the flood of illegally subsidized and dumped steel imports in the United States that's a quote from their CEO terrorists send a strong message that. Dumping artificially cheap steel products into our market will no longer be tolerated. And at least in the short run terrace are boosting sales for domestic vehicles by raising the prices of imports. Cheryl who is chairman and CEO of a steel Thabet Charlotte steel fabricated receipt the cost of his raw product jump by as much as 50%. Among the Chinese manufacturer Dell products that'll be hit with a new 25% tariffs this month are compressors that are used in refrigerators and air conditioners. You couple that with dramatic jumps in a steel prices and that's a double whammy for the appliance manufacturers like electoral lock who has their US headquarters here in Charlotte. Electoral ox has put on now hold. A planned 250 million dollar investment in Springfield Tennessee at a manufacturing grew up plant until we get this thing resolved. And tariffs that Canadian lumber. Have raised prices on new homes. The Charlotte based evergreen group which is say a builder here developer know building contractor here. Says that other lumber prices will raise the price on the homes that plus terraced equate to about seven to 9000 dollars of an increased. In the cost of constructing a new home price that is generally gonna be transferred almost directly to the home buyer. At a time when demand remains absolutely hi. And Todd Ford who is with the note I'll brewing company. Said that the prices of aluminum cans had jumped 10%. And while he said that accounts to a relatively small portion of his overall production costs. He doesn't worry that the terror us if they stick around long enough could raise the cost of stainless steel tanks. For any future expansion that they may or may not help. So if you were kind of wondered about this whole trade war thing and like I say the stock market today actually was up. At least the Dow Jones was up. 94. Point five to close to 2509. No 1941. I NASDAQ was up today 2.0 six closed at 7845. Point nine DA BS a 4801 point 31. Well but just a little bit of a breakdown on what that terror for actually means and what products will absolutely be. Sportsmen. So there you go seven CNN before us six. I'm originally BJ newsroom and overrun marketers gathering up by his final notes to come in here and do our Charlotte at six. It seems like mister Bruton and no mr. trump we'll have something to talk about what they get together on news that Monday or Tuesday. It is Monday I believe yes either the president will say hey we've caught she stopped doing that our heels say thank you very much from a health. Well I read well we know how that conversation goes well I think that's a really good question obviously the two of them won't come out and have some kind of press conference but to really will we really (%expletive) up what was said behind closed doors that's a good question. I don't think I've ever seen the queen. Standing out underneath the tent and back conversing with her subjects. For ten or fifteen minutes waiting for anybody I saw it today waiting for Donald maligning they were fashionably late for the queen. And I don't that's out of their hands and you know that's out of whoever's arranging all that stuff but I just never seen her standing there awaiting for anybody ten I would've thought the data had to earn an air conditioned environment and when they helicopter was seen they would have said. Your highness let's go. So NN that the other thing that I that I can't quite visualize it is there thirty minutes of president trump and the queen of England having tea. You know I read that too that they hit but. Just what that congress had would be likened to be holed his pinky just right with the teeth at the well my question do I just don't see of all this figure out there while preserving. Is small stock moderately and lovely China India and I'm sure it was a good Earl grey TE BK Charles Lewis doesn't get away unknown Friday is so where's he gets no way to. A little mountain town and mammoth festival coming up will all kinds of of potters and craftsman and so when you're about that it sounds really fun to me so if you dissent Apple's I want to know what your customer. A and we're gonna gonna go under Andersonville oriental festival this year that's a that is a great event. Well right now we're Jarrett were Jim Carroll lives that's right retired Andersonville now now now banned and that kind of got me to thinking that not as expensive as Asheville but still look classified as mountains and access to Asheville. The supposed to be really get hot dog joined in Henderson built who have been molded pleasure attention that's seals sea there you go yeah eye candy to me neither consistent so that'll anyway and I thought I saw you eating hot dog lunged and it was because ahead eat something now can go it's more important region have something to order my doctors and it is if yes I had two of americorps only they were chiller and they were Gephardt thank Danica they were over drilled. That's the way to do a pin along that exploding airbags this has been a long time story in an awful lot of manufacturers cars were you didn't. Yeah and I think what's interesting about it we found out today because there's another recall involving some money sons. But what I found out that I didn't know is that when you take the men to be fixed they can't fix them they just disconnect them so the choice if you got one of these exploding airbags is either ride around with and take a chance sore. Ride around without one. That's how much of a solution. No it's not a solution because. It's like a roadside bomb bell hop idol that was Mark Garrison just moments away on Charlotte have six. On news talk relevant in 993. WBT saw have you ahead your vacation or you're just coming back from vacation or. Alarms that take you well once you come back from as well and worst of that days. That the data your last day of vacation before you have to go back to work. And and then then in some cases coming if you love your job it's one thing but it's still going back to work. And that's still getting back into the routine and it takes you what. About an hour with the fact that it goes pretty quick. There was a poll of over 15100 US adults who reported being employed full time part time self employed. And they reveal of the fact that the effects of a vacation Wear off pretty quickly for workers say Harris poll 68% say they're in a better mood when they're returned to work after taking a vacation. 66%. To they've got more energy. 57%. Say they're more motivated 57%. Report to a feeling less stressed. If DC 8% report be more productive than a than they were when you know before and after their return to work craft for vacation. And then by about noon it all goes on a hand basket. Or thereabouts 55%. Say that there were equality was better upon returning from vacation 24%. Say the positive effects of vacation times and just. More energy and feeling less stress. Disappear immediately upon returning to work. 40% say that the benefits only last a few days 41% say they feel tense and stressed out all there on vacation. You gotta get you got to figure out awaited best that. You got to teach yourself how to be on vacation. I don't data get away from the job. Now he may appear of three and although statistics it may appear that all of the benefits of vacation Wear off but I'm telling you right now. Take your vacation time because it is really is good for your mental health. Even if you don't do anything with it if you just hang out the house and 28% say they end up working more than they planned while on vacation. 42%. Say they dread returning to work after vacation. 41%. Say that there organization's culture encourages employees to take that time off 41% and 38% say that their serve was supervisor. Thought encourages the same. I think about that in some cases. It may be a vacation for your supervisor who. Just to not have to put up with you we. Scientists say drinking coffee doesn't help you sober up I think about that this weekend when you're looking for a cup of coffee so you can. They explained that all the caffeine in coffee might make you feel more alert your hand eye coordination and other motor skills remain affected by the alcohol in your system. Drinking coffee also does nothing to lower your blood alcohol level. And the only thing that you are going to do sober you up is. So there you go. A great weekend stay cool mark Pearson Charlotte at six is next on your neck doctor eligible glove and and I am shouting here.