Panthers, Russian Indictments, Erik Spanberg and More

John Hancock
Friday, February 16th

Erik Spanberg of The Charlotte Business Journal joins John to discuss the Panthers and a potential bid for the Republican National Conviction. Additional discussion on Russian indictments, Olympics and more.


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This is John Hancock. Seven days today forties tomorrow. That's strange weather to around here just. Here's breast breast. Where that Tommy bahama shirt today LB back in my. In my mock turtle tomorrow. Top Panthers interim GM Marty attorney has been reinstated in artillery and for the Panthers. You Guinness I was up because there was a story about the new beau observer today. So I generally when they print a story like that that means something's on the cusp they can't confirm anything but something's on the Cust well they. The NFL found no evidence of your personal conduct policy violations so well. Look the picking of the general manager for the Carolina Panthers so begin. After ticket prices are going up when we talked here expand murdered 4 o'clock this afternoon we'll look. Willow talk about that but to. I think this is three F five years or four out of five years or one year they didn't. Raise prices of and had a second year. So. You embassy Moriarty reinstated in hope that took puts him back on an even playing field for the you know GM job with the other three candidates. At least one of whom has been non interviewed twice and well that'll allow a vet also puts those three guys. Gets to gets them off stuff. I'm sure they wanna decision to be made at some point two would get on whether it's in rural. And the team free agency and free agency in and a draft and everything else. We go again figures were on the show so that's that was the news of which is breaking got that from a WC CB TV. But Wilson network. And I think Morgan part of it also works there. And will Kennedy. But it's it's premature Wilson station that they can and indeed right he runs it does not. Which I'm I'm sure will be news to touch. But. We know. We know just like my wife runs channel three it's not a credit but. I don't. Bob Jim Baker's back in the news. He's. Reaching the apocalypse from his little compound. In the Ozark Mountains in Missouri appears to be selling new fuel us generators. Doomsday guidebooks and freeze dried food but the shelf live up to thirty years. He and his co host his second wife Laurie. Are stocking up on us survivalist merchandise that there could keep you alive amid the catastrophes the earthquakes or hurricanes the war of the famine. That has some Christians believe our signs that be in times are near. And I'm excited I have no doubt in my mind it Jim absolutely believes that this could not be some kind of a moneymaking scheme or something like that you would never. You would never think that Jim Baker would be hide behind some kind of just purely. Profitable. How can we turn a buck without really haven't earned it type thing. As a devout man of god. I think if anybody who knows that the people Charlotte do you send money to Jim Baker you have one person to blame. You. We. It's Friday amid a great mood today. I would have posted as a so somebody had posted a a picture of our T shirt. Upon. FaceBook. Earlier today. And I just not the wording was kind of interest and and and so I re posted it. And and sometimes I put stuff up on my you know on the FaceBook just kind of I don't know just to kind of see. For the reactions going to be. And it's about as predictable as the WB TO phone call. But. I can get the Wi-Fi or working near which has been kind of erratic for the last couple days suckers I wanna do go wanna get the wording on the T shirt exactly the way it it is. Yeah attempted to two. But and that the I ever been disappointed by essentially. The response. Two. To the posting. That because I had just knew there was canoe. That frivolity was GNU ensuing that. People would just to read into it whatever they wanted to read into him when assume because that's what they do August several emails of yesterday's show. A responding to what people thought they heard but brewer didn't hear or. They take a lie and at face value I got a dropping. A line at face value. But they don't hear it and hit a line that preceded it or don't hear the explanation that was after it. Ron wrote me and infected part of this. They've been the T shirt is a dear god why do you allow so much violence in our school signed a concerned student. And then it says dear concerned student I'm not allowed in schools. Got. And I just thought it was kind of inching. Doesn't necessarily reflect my opinion I thought it was a judge to turn on words also think it's an instinct post just to see what you guys are gonna do. So Ron writes it's as I'm surprised it's something you said on the air yesterday afternoon and you said that the Florida shooter should be taken out back and shot. But you gave me hell few months ago and I said guy that killed the two Charlotte option B shots I guess is differ when you say it was Elena said Ron. In fact I prefaced that by saying there's one part of me that would like to just take that kid out back and ensured him but senator calls to me that Paul. AKA salt. He was saved. And so maybe not anybody is beyond redemption. Didn't hear that line you just turn the one that you wanted to respond to that's fine I am I mean that said that it is so typical. Our rights to this so posting this T shirt slogan so your cool whip school enforce religion. Which one. And I say that. We've had that conversation before. And no you're right I'm not. But. You read into me posting that. It is awards that sometimes posts are made just to see what directions going to be. Chuck. It's all preaching. I and then says all of you John Battelle shame on you and everybody else are putting words into God's mouth. Buddy. Get off your. Pedestal. He basically was. But a reflection of what an awful lot of people are feeling right now half the emails I got yesterday said that the problems of the country. Our countries all around a lack of faith that when we took. God in prayer out of the schools now semi viewed not necessarily. If it'd be in my view I would have said I totally agree with this T shirt. But no it's just like throw and paid into the water you just know there's going to be some people are gonna that are gonna that are gonna bite. So are. Anyway it's. It is it's a lot like doing a radio talk show. I don't know that there was any one phone call yesterday. That we could not have predicted. And that's where we started the show was here we are with the seventeenth edition. Of some more on walking a new way school. And gunning people down. And and so away and the rest of it is fairly predictable to because now we've watched the country react and we've watched a Florida in this particular case reactors like all the other communities reacted don't want it happened in their communities. And sadly it'll probably not really go anywhere. The it's funny and I when I know you get two of these incidents. For instance when Las Vegas happened. Everybody eventually you after about 4448 hours got focused on bonds stocks. And it looked like there was going to be some resolution to maybe bump stocks that although we never do any thing. Congress never does anything. Because I did it and in fact. I don't know that there's any thing that have that would be necessarily. So defined as deep perfect answer that. But it meant death bonds stocks looks like even the National Rifle Association you'll recall had put out some sort of a statement that made it look like maybe there was some leeway on both stocks but the morning kind of got to. It never happened. The prevailing one of the callers yesterday I mentioned this yesterday by the prevailing. Sentiment. Right now seems to be. And this was the one guy who was I think the NRA. Instructor and he said day use the want ads like the two. Points or three point said he may but the first one was raised their age nineteen year old adage you should be Tony one after it. I'll purchase one of these weapons and I'm sure there's all sorts of not constitutional reasons why that's wrong men I'm sure many of you don't wanna send me a four page documents. Telling me exactly what it doesn't and by the way above those of you didn't. Take the time to send me look really lengthy emails. And already mills that are five and six paragraphs long. Ahead on July they are a copy clutch and on July I do a radio talk shows so little 45711. Did you wanna talk for five paragraphs talk for five Turkish or right V five they're dressed. I'm sorry I'm busy pet my dog. But they way guys today it did they that the prevailing feeling was that maybe we should raise the age unknown. How will that go anywhere rule anything happen with that I don't know. So bothersome mentioning things that have happened one of the great stories Sunday you'll see if you haven't seen it already is his grandmother up in Washington State. Who alerted. Authorities. To some very disturbing behavior of her grandson misses was an eighteen year old grandson of hers Joshua what Alexander O'Connor in Washington State. And no police arrested him Tuesday. When. His grandmother discovered a journal poll with detailed plans to shoot his high school classmates she called 911 Tuesday morning after the after noticing a journal that at allegedly detailed plans to shoot students and detonate. Homemade explosives at the school. I assume that's a grand others paid attention she found they are rifle and a guitar case. And then she found a journal. I detectives conducting a search at. I grandmothers residents seized that journal and inert grenades and a rifle placed inside that guitar case and this happened to one day prior to the massacre at Parkland Florida high school. So. She's been widely praised. I error when the brother of and the mother of unabomber. Turned him down. And we did a show that next day. One of the most memorable shows I remember doing and that is. What what it taped attorney general relative. If you found out that your nineteen year old son robbed a convenience store would you turning and what is he killed somebody in that robbery in which attorney man. I added we just gotta save a stolen car nobody injured which journey then. It is and is it's a difficult question while what while bloated take and in the end guys you would it's a grandmother. In luster had been kind of they you know of history of our problems but you would I do try to come up with every. Reason tend not turning him in possible when you are you trying to say all this can't be true all of this can't. But anyway that's one of the stories that is. The float around in the news today. So log. The cops were called to by the Florida suspect's house. 39 times. In the last seven years. And then the FBI acknowledged today that it had received a tip about the shooter. Bomb and then they did they did investigated. In this is about dozens of the YouTube video they were talked about yesterday this was. This game from a friend of the shooters that said above what they never investigated. So out of the press conference that took place yesterday in Florida. What does that. Dominating flames of that was if you see something say something. Well but these people saw something they said something. Nobody did anything. Long term home. Bill Hancock is a jerk I think we're in Georgia they're there and used the word jerk Benedict. I do have some jerk give me a heads are doing is about that. Times sometimes they utilize that sometimes I don't I don't. They can. Particularly good that's you know. The nice thing about me is. There's a knob that turns me off. How many people that you don't like Q can you say that about. I have an on off switch. My name and the best kind of jerking off the. Dow Jones Industrial Average is up 91 points and about Tony five to 91 NASDAQ is down about. Three points 725340. And S&P is up seven point ten. I had to 273830. So on. Just gonna keep your browse to what's going on and I Indian stock markets with so little less than half an hour ago. The Office of Special Counsel Robert Mueller said they grand jury has charged thirteen. Russian nationals and three. Russian entities with a interfering with the Torre sixty election. The charges are linked to these so called notorious rush control farm. The charges include conspiracy wire fraud bank fraud aggravated identity. Some other suspects allegedly impersonating Americans on line some traveled the United States as part of a scheme. From about 2014. Is they quote. But are the indictment. Prom night in or around 2014 to the president defendants knowingly and intentionally conspired with each other and with persons known and unknown to the grand jury. To defraud the United States by impairing obstructing and defeating the all lawful functions of the government through fraud and deceit. For the purpose of interfering with the US political and electoral processes. Including the presidential election in 2016 says the indictment. He plan that to interfere with the 2016 US presidential election alleges that the Russians used bogus social media postings. And advertisements fraudulently. Purchased in the name of Americans to sway. Political opinion during a race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The charges are most direct. The most direct allegation. To date. Although illegal Russian meddling in the election. The goal says the indictment was to sowed discord. And into the US political system including the 2016 presidential election. Wanna go over here to another account of this because it had some other stuff that thought made things a little bit more clear the indictment accuses three companies of organizing and paying for the massive. Effort. That at its height. Had a budget of more than one point two million dollars. A month and employed more than eighty people. They created some fake identities stole others of actual US citizens created a massive online presence and even staged rallies. To try to. I create discord. I in the election according to this 37 page indictment. The conspiracy dates back to 2004. That would be before trump or Hillary were even officially candidates. But the indictment specifically says that it by the 2016 election the operation was specifically quote supporting the presidential campaign. Of this and a candidate Donald. And disparaging Hillary Clinton close quote. The deputy at this is a specially interesting I think the deputy attorney general Robert Rosen state. Said that they also attempted to do trump campaign figures into working with them. Don't he said at this point prosecutors are accusing any Americans of intentionally providing assistance. Rose's scene said there is no allegation that any American is. A knowing participant there is no allegation that the charge altered the outcome of the 2060 election. Brother Steve said that the Russians activities after the election were even more chaotic staging both rallies to support mr. trump. And protests to complain about his election. Trump obviously has repeatedly denied collusion so I think that's really interesting what Rosen Steen said today. About at this point prosecutors are accusing any Americans of intentionally providing assistance. And that there was an attempt to duke campaign figures in the trump campaign into working with them. But at this point they say they're not focused on any Americans intentionally providing assistance. Trump has repeatedly denied collusion all thirteen Russians named in the indictment were charged with conspiracy to defraud the United States some of the operators travel to the United States on intelligence collecting missions. And set up computer systems in the United States. So they could avoid having their activities traced back to Russia. Quote the nature of this game was the defendants took extraordinary steps to make it appear that they were ordinary American political activists. Even so far to base their activities on a virtual private network here in the United States at the Rosen seem quotas well. These special counsel said that the operation was headquartered in the inner net research agency. A Saint Petersburg Russia corporation debt dedicated more than eighty employees. Two are trying to interfere in the 20s16 election. And two other Russian companies. Concorde it. Management. And consulting and Concord catering. Controlled the budget and oversaw the operations providing more than one point two million dollars a month by September of 2016. Apparently this was called. Project. Locked up. So. At some pretty interesting stuff to. And I don't know what it says. About. All of this. Investigation. And now we've gotten to this point and. And I mean I still haven't laid a glove on trump as far as we know the people would have been indicted aren't necessarily indicted be edited admitted dart are really framing him for anything. There are misdeeds of their own. So Miller charges thirteen Russian nationals today with interfering with the US election. And I think the Rosenstiel no comments are just especially interesting in that regard as to what they say and enter into some extent to know what what they don't say. Now the other news that we got done yesterday or ahead that we were getting as of last night was has new wrote the Steve Bannon. And O'Bannon has been meeting apparently with the millers team multiple times this week. I think I read somewhere where it was about twenty hours of of our questions and and a testimony and so on and so forth and he answered. According to the sources are all the questions that were asked by the Mueller special counsel team. And nothing off limits according to sources there. Way different from what he did before their appearance before the House Intelligence Committee where he kept invoking privilege when he was asked questions by lawmakers. And declined to answer questions about his time during the transition in the administration. And sources are saying that they'll likely meet again. And they may find him in contempt of congress for all that and apparently out of the twenty questions. That he agreed to answer. The answers were all know. In donating. It is day when they were yes no questions and answer tomorrow. I abandoned served us. Trump's chief strategist as you well know interviewed by special counsel Robert Mueller over multiple days this week. Some twenty hours of conversations I believe. Investigating possible collusion between the trump campaign in Russia as well as other issues that are arisen out of the a probe. And he left his job is the senior White House advisory in August. And went back to bright part and that he left bright Bart shortly after that. Four weeks stalemate Bannan now returned to Capitol Hill yesterday to resume is interview with the House Intelligence Committee. Which was halted when he earlier refused to answer key questions in the Russian probe. And he hung around there yesterday for about four hours and it's a little more than two dozen questions that the White House had negotiated with the F house's lead counsel. The committee issued a subpoena in their initial January 16 interview when no ban and would not answer. Our address issues that arose during his time during the on the AF trump transition team. In the White House and he and after he left this is positioned there. The subpoena deadline was postponed three times. As the house lawyers negotiated with them. With the White House over what ban in would be willing to discuss without the White House invoking executive privilege to bar the testimony. They curable like twenty questions and I think he answered malvo. So long anyway Steve Bannon was busy. And the Miller investigations been busy. And the thirteen charges against the Russian national story that came down today as funny interesting if for no other reason because of the their comments. Of our rob rose listing itself very go up to date on ballot. NeuStar eleven didn't try to got freedom we Vijay John had a. I'll love it forget time I'll tell you about the other guys in the service station in Myrtle Beach. And behold he has. 58 year old man. Mustache. Walks into a gas station she threw nightgown. Nothing else. When you figure. Moonshine. In Myrtle Beach. Are just three. These cures like no way you did it take a lot of cars like to get back condition when it. I guess different strokes for different folks it could be could be two glasses of Chardonnay. Some people don't do well they drink some people don't do well they don't drink answered your on WBT hi. Hey what's going on John you know I am doing all right thank you very much let's give about stuff like some money so when you read all this story. From rogue and staying there about the thirteen indictment China thank you says. That they had like eighty employees got a bit up Mac here he is you have an at all. And that flight 93 people that are highly efficient. Rather then. Indicting them may be we should hired him to work of art governments. And they're getting caught. What they are being called but we may learn something from them about efficiency and didn't stop there aren't. And we probably can Derek gets them inside is to maybe exam although maybe they're finding out anyway is there exactly how there are planning to a screw with our mid term elections because that was one of the things that came out earlier this week is that there's no doubt in anybody's mind that they'll be involved in the mid terms we've got coming up to siren. I'm probably no doubt in anybody's mind that they'll continue. And other entities as well to try to influence our elections. Oh well make you wonder you know wind it down under she's gone drop when they're gonna have. You know people from our country that terrorists saying you know forever they're trying to matzo they're election now you might be happening. I mean. We we've got a history of that. Yeah I know I know let's let's say I Baghdad as I can curious is your answer I I wouldn't doubt that at all I wouldn't. You know chances are if they're doing we're doing it. Now about I would agree yeah so I'll let I don't know I'd I don't mind it is much when it's us do and it. Which is like being a member of political party. It's okay of my guys senator Gregg but it's not okay if you're guys interpret. Okay of my guy. Screws around and his wife but it's not okay if your guy screws around and his wife. OK if my guy takes money under the table from a lobbyist to influence the vote but it's not okay if your guy takes money. From a lobbyist influence vote. OK if my network. Reports that the way I wanna hear it but it's not okay if your network reports that the way I don't wanna hear. Welcome to politics. The way that we do with these days and armor of North Myrtle Beach people were police arrested a 58 year old man after he allegedly walked into a gas station. Wearing a see through women's night gallon exposing his generals on Valentine's Day. What do you figure he was therefore I I had no altar area. Police charged Randall Craig Miller. Of gallop then ferried. With indecent exposure. According to the incident report they were called of these Kotchman gas station on no highway seventeen south about 5:40 in the morning. When an officer arrived and employees said that Tim Miller put up. Pulled up to the story in a gold convertible. It was a Chrysler Sebring. Then allegedly entered the store wearing a see through it nightgown. That exposes genitals. Police say that after the employee told Miller he would have to leave he said he didn't want to leave without his mountain do. It. Didn't they're old slogan used to be yeah moot. He's ever again Yahoo!. While another officer was on the way to this Kotchman dispatcher advised that Miller left NA golden Chrysler Sebring convertible. After he found a vehicle matching the description he conducted a traffic stop. I approached the vehicle I observe the driver mr. Miller attempting to put clothes on. I noticed he was wearing a see through female nightgown with no underwear when officers asked whether he'd been to the scotsman he admitted that he had they arrested him transported into the North Myrtle Beach jail and as of yesterday afternoon that's where he still loves. I assume at that point they get him a jumpsuit or something don't say they don't this. There's nowhere to see through women's nightgown in jail could be. Now inviting. Bed W eighteen wild. It is over there expand her from the Charlotte business journal new addition comes out on Friday is in no way try when possible you're talking Erica afford park hill mr. Samberg. Good afternoon John are you know I'm my god you sound very bright and cheer for you must be enjoying the weather. Well I am walking back up that so I'm trying to get you an indoor locations so that you don't have all the noise factor but yes. It is pretty yet here. Com is an audio what is your attire today you're not in like business suit and all that stuff for you T shirt no flip flops on global yeah. I mean I think that however our prayer right yeah. Is there address coated business journal. Are there but failed already here if it the I'll just say that telling a radio address guy did work for radio station wants a WAR him up in Wilkes-Barre Scranton and I think they are required is to Wear ties. I'll yeah I just near record got bad because though when your higher radio announcer your hired somebody who it's basically. Got off hitter anyway. I look at it play it you know reporters I mean we're really good it beaten sloppy and eating about 80. What are your bat. Yeah no that's exactly right Tom we'll get to the convention in just a second panther prices are going up that was the news story as of oh this'll morning. Our who's calling that shot I guess you read the question. I get back Elliott then inserting a Specter is now all the chief operating officer and running day to day operations I think ultimately it would. Let's put her in collaboration with settle yacht in that the ticket came. Like yeah that after they get their we're sort of in an in between who paid the ticket prices are still going up. It is and it isn't it's because they've raised when they've had decent seasons they've raised prices when they had did when they had the the lousy season a year after the Super Bowl they didn't raise prices so. This would kind of be within the guidelines of how they operated. In the past which I assume is kind of what they're trying to hold due today. I yeah I think that's exactly right it is very much in line with what they've done. In recent history and of course from the team perspective they also say that you know player costs go up its competitiveness. Competitive division fell and so forth of course the NFL remain the most profitable or play in the country so it just salt can put your perspective but you know friends are never going to say thank we wanted to thank or. Marty tourney gets their reinstated today NFL so they found no evidence of a personal conduct policy vol relations so I assume oh we'll probably get a GM my determination. Soon. The this season ticket prices go up to what 49 or 210 bucks compared to from 48 to 195 last year so. It's not all that much in las all the sudden you start adding how much it's gone up in the last five years and and that may be. Somewhat predictable but where does this put us in regards to other teams. Yeah Vietnam there of course the other people are still betting prices but the Panthers are predicting that probably somewhere around but all the packet that's. Where they have Santorum most of their history that may have been a little lower at times but they're 32 teams they're usually gonna come and you know 1415 fixing them or their. So I think the issue if there is one is that it's just not cheap January got an NFL and so. Then there's no way that that most people gonna look at that say well yeah you know that's affordable for apparently fork but that it. Where we are with professional sport that's not it's certainly nothing unique to the Panthers. But I backtrack a little bit conversation we had last week Dan DiMicco. Who is to become the majority owner of the Charlotte independence. That's sale remains unfinished I kind of thought it was a done deal last week but there is that just a technicality at this point just got to get some mud. I's dotted and T is crossed. What that is yet carrying yacht hit it's something. Very recently probably while you were going on the air and the deal is now complete they finished its last nine send it to the lead early today and so they eat. New owner of the pro independence is in fact in the week. Breaking news student and we don't do do do. That's right I've got a. Also breaking news I guess is doesn't surprise me but I hadn't heard anything about it until yesterday. Oh we apparently are bidding for the Tory Tory Republican Convention and any of us that had anything to do with the DNC says yeah let's go spray it on we await we were able to handle the other one that was fun. Yeah our gonna play you know what I had thought up when I was coming up would you say it I don't know if you're represented the united at a Columbia what was spent time working or read out one night during the convention having their. Conversation and be have been fighters or in the next three planes so it was you know mister average everyday we. I have my biggest recollection of that was I talk and Sam Donaldson which was so fun. And who was the female reporters that he used to be on the air with back in the day she was there as well and I can't remember her name and that's just a terrible. Yeah terrible I don't know what you're talking yeah I mean they were gosh you know we thought they were standards in no election coverage for the whole time I was growing up but. My one my greatest recollection was standing next to Jesse Jackson as aspires. I know it was that would have been. Our bread and Brett were were broadcasting down there. And I was stand right next to a Jesse Jackson and his handler said would you like to have mr. Jackson on and talk about it for second NASA know. But thank you pop up after our biggest. I just out of idea hypocrite for me to interview him because I just give us that over the years what little respect I have for him. It would get water there was the real wage you're right John because every corner you turn there would be a familiar face I remember. The night that Bill Clinton spoke there or it overcrowding of the arena I have left for a while I was trying to get back you know we're all packed in a big line. And I believe it was Chuck Todd. Hop via the turnstile and just kept yelling he's cute but not waiting. First pundits say go ahead and make Pedroia and so yeah I wish just that it could kind of a strange week but it was a fun week and circuit Charlotte. Joan during that twenty well convention and I think that's why they believe they have a good shot for 20/20 warts but I think that it's gonna you probably remember. Around 24 eager so there was discussion locally about going after Republican Convention in 2016. Ultimately get a leader decided not to you and to be out but it just kind of went off the radar that's why call about surprise when that'd help became obvious that. But they weren't if I get this right from your storied they were asked. To. And edited to apply. Yeah that's right they were at Q apply I don't know how many have been trying to find out deputies about the reported since then how many cities the RNC contacted him and to be at the bit her new February 28 so hot. I'm curious about how many rant but one thing that mayor while Brett yesterday it was that being asked what not enough that is what really put the decision. What really convinced them to you bid was the support. US senator Tom Phillips and you're a senator Richard Burt so that was the thing that really persuaded. Tourism executives. Politicians that they might have a legitimate shot. Want to meaning that those two guys would have enough influence to maybe helped my attorney noted that it eternity in our favor. Exactly exactly now you know our I have no idea if they can or not but it seems to be something that weighed heavily with the local decision makers at Woolsey if there right. I guess in the months ahead. This would be 2020s. So this would be someplace what June July that that that area. Yeah and I would expect John if you remember back to the 2012 convention I believe it was a hoard it. Fisher island and around February of 2011. So. You know we're probably looking at the year or so from now in terms of a final decision from the Republican National Committee if they follow through the course of schedule. We we have a light rail line or we will by that point to the death basically goes from University City all the way to opined villain no stops right there at at the spectrum so you would have a lot better access. Two hotel rooms and we have more hotel rooms than we did when we got the idea and see is this a bigger or smaller convention basically in the DNC. I think the Republican National Convention is a little bit smaller. And but I don't think it's such a great guilt smaller and this is going off memory so if someone alert out there is who wants to kick you let you got it out entirely wrong mid may so I think Europe. Essentially similar side. And of course the market factor out beyond the hotel rooms restaurants all that is the media attention yet. The better part of a week all over national TV in there you'll look at the international coverage as well. We do have more hotel rooms just in the uptown area I don't know how many more and I you have I think you turn the numbers and it wasn't actually live for for all the times I pick up mail Charlotte business journal and see that they are building another hotel looked down. I would have thought that we would ever gotten more hotel rooms by this point but we are a lot better shape now from a standpoint of hotel rooms. Charlotte we'll have 6000 rooms in uptown. The remaining 101000 would be pieced together and other parts of town. But like I said you've got the nine point three mile low light rail will be opening night next month and so that gives you access to anything that would be up around University City and in between now and anything towards find villain back. Yeah we were to which you have that is an important factor job because obviously we had the first half of the light rail line last time but. But when you can go to war and bring in some of those hotels and keep people out of traffic report that's warning of the biggest factors what you're talking about the convention carmakers Ford advantage. How do you get people around town and how do you prevent that many headaches as possible. I'd that would loom large I would think. Everybody is writing music and Cokie Roberts is the name that I'm trying to think but no this was before Cokie Roberts has sort of been back in the sixties. And Donaldson and ought to find out her name cash register a terrible about that because it was I'd. I just remember sitting there with good with the two of them thinking gosh this is history does that these two were election history and it wasn't Cokie Roberts. And it wasn't Barbara Walters very cute no it was before. Barbara Walters and before Cokie Roberts this would have been back old school reporting. I wondered if it's and I'll never cover their name but yet John Dickinson. Mother. Eric on nick and John Dickerson Dickerson does he get his mother I. Oh it was you suggest. And I don't think that was turbine date yet that's it would have been her era. Okay. About Robert between all of us we will come up with a credential is headquartered burnt. Well and they'll be out by if that dog bit on Google will follow come up with a very young all right and speaking out let's take a break and then we'll welcome back in just a second and talk about the CI AA which is just couple weeks away. Still don't think it was coach Hugh Robertson everything I'm look at Kansas goes your Robert. The beds that's not a whom they can open up over Diane Sawyer right now it's not Diane Sawyer area there when Barbara Walters. Oh man I can see you're Sydney at the table and us talking and I just can't remember her name on the keyboard and a look at before we ought. By the way John let me correct. I I misspoke I think Chuck Todd it was David Gregory he was the host NB turn out jumpers during the week. 2012 the piano everybody was kind of make sure that the Mets are under per. He's about six foot eight. Yeah an and that it suited his everywhere to break up a putt until now it was someone dollars a jar got it bad current. Yeah he's a use he's a big tall guy every time he windowsill I don't know via a morning news shows there you reduce stand next to the co anchor and he was always there cannot. Awkward because he's so tall and they were also short. I think part of our problem scratch our only what does that tanker immigrant. You have left my gap. Tom CIA. Where I mean it's like right around the corner. And they've made some different they've they've made some rule changes and now they're gonna do some of the out party is there no soul and so forth but they're also saying hey listen. There's no guarantees for Charlotte after 22 wanna. Yet I think it is you know entirely logical reasonable approach yes we're. All kinds of sporting event but with the concert saying it. They wanna kick the dark on some other cities as they make your decision or. Where they will be after 20/20 remember they've been here that's what we just thirteen year and one I think I wondered I asked to commit to a bit about this is so regardless of what Charlotte or another city offers you know what I'm what you may just wanna get somewhere else for her fans and sponsors do you see a new place for a while so. I don't know if that's what he'll do but I think there at least four to consider by the way a decision is expected of around this time next year it's. I am new city policy obviously we've had so much problems in the years past Joseph with the shootings and violence and this isn't really directly at debt. Directly related to the CIA. Or their events but there have been pop up prevents with. Performers are no parties that have. And so they've as is Tom how are they trying to curb that this time around. Well we haven't seen the poll policy yet it's going to be. Discuss next week and approved right before the turn meant but that's essentially what they're trying to do it it's put a lot more of the responsibility. Liability and using that term generally we got the property owners rather than the promoters say you know a lot of a lot of the carters are coming in other places there art she used side tracked down want an event is over and so they're they're trying to make it a much more detailed and specific application processors can figure out who's going where what plans you know outside those kind of things. And try to clamp Gallup that they'd say now that has been involving. Fifty NCAA itself or its permit but it hit as. Consecutive events that are here using BI double late Spain have parties and concerts and so that obviously it's something you don't want happy anywhere effort to get a play they don't want that. Hurting their reputation or Gary you know their fans are here epitaph. Last year was the first year they added the split between both jingles for the first couple of us sessions and another spectrum. For the F finale is but. You also are talker and another article about the CIA that I thought was kind of entering there are so many things in and around the annual. Tournament. That they have trouble getting people to go actually into the tournament because there's all sorts of other concerts in nag college reunions and cheering competitions and step shows and so although it's all for salt one of the things are talking about doing is cutting capacity at the spectrum. Were right I guess the philosophy is less is more. Yes I think it is Smart move because if current events popular it is in terms of the game. They're never going to feel 18191000. Feet and what happens it alerts you may be when you put. Soccer sometimes the Bank of America Stadium you know you could have a big crowd go with that many eastern people scattered everywhere it feels like it's empty. I'm obviously not talk about the recent European exhibitions has done so well put College Soccer for example. So they're trying you essentially wrote off a lot of that upper level so that people will be more compact obviously creates a better environments. Look better nor hear more energetic and so I will see if that works one thing they noticed last year playing part of the term has as coach angle which is 8600 feet. And that it just felt a lot. More energized because. Everybody's been much closer together proximity to forget about the bill. There also and I'm only got a few tickets are but they're also adjusting ticket prices and doing what general admission because they have found that a lot of times if a team's not playing a block of seats that would have been for those fans. Just sits there empty as opposed to if you've got general admission. Tom then people would feel for more freer to group move on down to better seats if all the sudden there's a block of seats opening it. Yeah I had to get another good idea to really give people a much I convenient. As they can have said that they'll look turn up for that can't. Andre Barrett also writes about the ninth being may be competitive this time around and he's on site developer could be in place by this summer and no I'm sure we'll have a chance to talk to about that is Miller XP amber senior staff writer Charlotte business journal. New addition out today Charlotte business journal not come thanks them. Yeah. And Compton was who I was searching for. I'm she was down at the DNC and I just remember talking to her and Sam Donaldson. And Brad and break. And it was it's fascinating conversation because I get remembered an item I was off in my time that I think that was more seventies and it was sixties. Because she retired after about forty years with the network and that wasn't all that long ago. But it was Ann Compton was who I was looking bad we also met Cokie Roberts that convention but today in Compton was who I was so looking for so long. I read the news available way forty so. Days into the year 318 days to go NB CTV aired their first nightly newscast on this date in 1948 would be in the camel news real theater which consisted of fox movie tone Israel's. 1960 make everything about Doug may is because Doug may is I don't think he did for NBC but Doug amazed at some of the early broadcasts for the network as well. Blade Doug may is when the vote Charlotte's greatest assets. And former Anchorage that not only WB TV but don't guess we'll see as well. 1968 the nation's first nine now 11 emergency telephone system inaugurated in Healy bill Alabama. McDonald's removing cheeseburgers and chocolate milk from their happy meal deals you can still order them but there won't be listed day in an attempt to get people to make healthier food choices. Good offer Brussels sprouts and the Olympics 35 year old Norwegian skier finished first in the men's downhill becoming the oldest skier to ever receive an Olympic gold medal and a book was found with a lock of George Washington's they are inside. And I'm just got to think and probably not a real popular book than I'm say good evening I'm. Not all Lotta people check in that old guy out. Or we're gonna find out that this was just all. How can you take that with our capabilities now and can we. Flow and George. Bring bring him back and ask him. To make some adjustments to the constitution and is it would relate to our permanent day at today's world. But we don't wanna do them a book was found those Israel scientists have found a species of AM. I think this is fascinating. They've carries its wounded off the battlefield and then it tends to their wounds they take turns licking the injuries until they begin to heal. Do you ever look they have also thought about fate. You know I I mean. You step on an ant on the sidewalk. That was his fate but the other ones are or they're you know. Screwed up your yard deployment of your leg and causing a great thing. Good marriages were better tomorrow less to remove mowing lawn experience. Big weekend all star game Olympics. Talk about all that does she say it. BA celebrity all star game 7 o'clock ESPN's some of the celebrities that are playing tonight are Anthony Anderson from blah hawkish. Miles brown from black Jewish. Common. Jamie Foxx but Watson Nick Cannon Caleb McLaughlin who's from my Netflix stranger things. Drew Scott one of the property Brothers. So that's a part of your all star weekend and got to Duncan to a three point only kind of stuff tomorrow night and and you got the all star game on Sunday. 8 o'clock TBS and TNT the NBA's best meet do you staples center for the 2018 NBA all star game and then next year. It's all here. This was to be. August it was last year was supposed to be here. That the realize it was this year there was supposed to be here but we got canceled because the age be doing so now we're gonna run tormenting. And the Winter Olympics obviously 8 o'clock NBC super primetime coverage amends free skate tonight women's super G you know skiing women's so free style skiing area also women's Skelton competition. Skelton that's just not so South Korea last night. I mean it's it's hard to think that you could tell one's going faster than the other but I mean you'd best South Korean when he what took that first third turn you just knew he was. B ones look at it. What are they get up to seventy some odd miles an hour. In first line down flat on your stellar. You had last night. As the Wall Street Journal. Talked about it the two cruelest moments. Minutes of the Olympics for team USA. You had Michaela Schiff Ron who everybody knew was going to win her race last night because you've already won gold in the one that she's not as good at. And then you had Nathan chin on the ice and they basically were down at the same time last night. Schiffer and skiing and eventually dominates and shin skating short program. She finishes off the podium and settled for fourth place and he falls with his opening jump enough finishes seventeen. Makes it all impossible for him to model. So the highest hopes. And had just gone in two minutes. And that's why. NBC pays what they do for the Olympics because it's pretty dramatic. Stocks ended up five coming up and down day but. Mostly higher today. We feel both strong games that wiped out so more than half of the losses that we had dinner with the wild swings though last week. Via Standard and Poor's 500 index rose six days in a row healthcare company so post some pretty big games homebuilders are rose good report from the construction sector Furl last month technology stocks fell a little bit does that pulled the NASDAQ Composite lower. S&P 500 edged up about a point 22732. Dow Jones Industrial Average climbed nineteen points. Or I'll point 1% 22519. S territory five to nineteen skews may. And southern as they did fall sixteen points. 2% point 2%. Closed at 7239. Bond prices rose yield on the ten year treasuries fell to two point 87% so that's what stocks did today somebody. Send me a 1939. Edition of reader's digest. Which was petty interest and we used to make fun reader's digest back in the seventies because they were still pretty prevalent you know my grandparents used to read it and and we just made fun of it but they sent this one Toomey because they senate that you might find this interesting tips for the air traveler. This would have been printed in 1939. Now. Firstly she didn't have. You don't have to go through security. And second place says bag that is if you flew that was a big deal. I mean you you've got dressed up to fly Erica that was that was even true in the seventies early eighties. Well a lot of people get dressed up mound and back now you're more likely to see somebody in her pajama bottoms that are traveled comfortable rather than worrying about. But anyway here's here or the tip churn air traveler in 1939 reader's digest. If truck going by sleep per plane request an upper berth. Have been like trains. Which is suspended from the ceiling and escapes the motor vibration no Felton they lower when flying all day or so and flying by day. Reserve her rear seat wings and motor Manning's obstruct the view I in the front seats. If you're flying for the first time. Safe so when making your reservations is 1939. And you'll receive a preferred seat and special attention throughout the flight. Why were they kept the barf bags. Avoid liquor before flying. Then somebody you're saying I don't know let's see here. Killed those bloody Mary's before your. Avoid liquor before flying the altitude will increase its affect many times over and if you've had too much to drink before boarding the plane. You may not be allowed on. Don't tip. No airline employee expects it. And that would certainly be true today. I assume giver tiptoe and Arab. I guess if you had a kid that was just. That didn't visited that needed extra attention or. I can't imagine I don't know that I've ever say about it you're gonna get your kid who did get sick herb and our reserves on foreign news. Somebody really put in some extra care maybe you'd try to figure out some way to. Thank them. And finally says fill your fountain pen only half way before you start off an airplane trip big airplane trip because the lower atmosphere pressure. Causes the ink to expand and if the pin is full. The ink may spill. Now have you ever and as ever in your. School life T did you hear anything more fountain pens ever. You. They used to it's a different times I forgot about this until just now they used to sell fountain parents. They had these colander colored cylinders. And then they you you would buy made these little plastic they were probably about two inches long. And about the circumference of a pencil and they were filled with things. And you would stick it into the cylinder and puncture the end of it and then you would screw the back of it back on the front of it back on whatever the case was. And then you had the fountain pen tip. And AM and so we took a while content saying Ford Carrie you don't get in there but finally you would have found them and they were great. Bug and I seem to remember they came in blue and red and green and. Until there are but they also. Late. So I mean it wasn't uncommon back in those days and you still see it with hints from time to time today but it wasn't uncommon those days to see somebody with a white shirt bagels watcher you know colored ink the partner because. They were highly unreliable but I forgot about that that would have been. Sixties and seventies they were still kind of cell in the fountain pen does not just being a novelty but does she know. The number of them ever being more efficient and I tend to remember that if you ever did Dave. So we head handed to the teacher you had a good chance of it having things blotches of stuff all over speeds. Radio program. Well it's not a big big big big weekend but it's. Get your first legitimate NASCAR races this season Daytona 500. It is going on Sunday 230 on no fox. He monster energy NASCAR cup series Daytona 500 a month. Please sponsor under you want to it's still a great American race are still the Daytona 500 is still or NASCAR. The Super Bowl is the first event of the year. That way. Not discounting war that was it was last it was in the chase last year's week it was the beautiful weather reports. Problem and you got the NBA all star game so you've got the NBA all star weekend so those are big. He shot blocker. Golf. Horror came in here about forty vitamin. It's ago India said dead there was less of wall of whether. This front that's moving in and as it's coming down across the country and he had notices that Greensboro. Greensboro was hanging out there of the effort temperatures just like we were but as soon as this front came through. Reimbursed temperatures drop down like fifteen degrees almost immediately. And I told Boris together and it's supposed to because I'm going out to dinner tonight and I'd check the weather and saw were Tommy bahama shirt today. I said you know by the time 8:39 o'clock rolls along it's still supposed to be 61 or six he six degrees or something along those slots there should be a good night's free of going out. But we've been like cell upper seventies. And so worldwatch in this front come down on doppler radar and every time it goes past something may drop down to about 61 degrees so I have a feeling. And I'm not a meteorologist but I play one sometimes on the radio. I have a feeling that our eighty degree temperatures probably gonna go down. 64 degrees 65 degrees and it's probably it happened pretty quick as soon as this thing comes and believe me it's right on our doorstep. Because on the backside of that temperatures are or are going down considerably and as you well know tomorrow. Supposed to be a fairly chilly day we'll see occasional rain tomorrow mainly in the evening but a low of forty degrees tomorrow's highs only supposed to be fifty degrees. Sunday's. A lot of rain. No excuse me I take that back tomorrow is occasional rain and then Sunday were supposed to see a return of sunshine and no mid sixties so loss Sunday should be the better day. Out of the two before Euro weakened. Charlotte build remodel landscape exposed going on all this week and at Charlotte convention center part of your big weekend local home improvement companies and but I seminars informative seminars enough. And special shows and all that kind of stuff so you can go to Charlotte BE RL explode. Dot com now would be build remodel and landscape expo Charlotte BRL. Explode dot com. For more information on that. And the big annual mad monster party is coming up tonight I'll tell you more about that in just a second as the party of big weekend. All you have Olympics tonight and tomorrow but you also have North Carolina Louisville basketball on ESPN tomorrow night at 815. Duke didn't play till Sunday 1 o'clock in the afternoon duke at Clemson solo. Is complete you're ACC headliners. The NASCAR Infiniti race down in Daytona will take place tomorrow at 230 on fox sports one like I said the Daytona 500 on a Sunday. Comes a pit 230 are no fox I don't know what time. The actual race starts I'm sure to thirty years probably. The beginning of all of the pageantry. Whatever that stuff was that they did last week. I know it was my first experience. A turning on race. And not even having an Earnhardt to look for. And it was pretty dramatic when when dale died. But some of us just I guess automatically gravitated to junior. And sold junior has kind of been enough. Placebo to. Two senior. But. I turn on the race last weekend and there is no wondering were the hardest. Not not senior or junior because neither one of race and and that is kind of weird anybody else experience that I think that's gonna hurt them and then they're already you know look and two. Increase. Viewership and. And attendants and the popularity instead of decrease in NBA all star weekend is going on all weekend long on get out of some of the specifics of that in just Leah. And just a couple of sluggish at the all star celebrity game tonight ESPN at 7 o'clock and enjoy what's going on that as well. Can't you all mad monster party is that's been going on at 11 o'clock this morning none goes until 7 o'clock tonight and again eleven to five tomorrow up at the university Hilton. Sounds nuts. It down apparently spent the last couple years in South Carolina are you familiar this all TJ mad monster a party. And the victory the stars of the nightmare franchise. Michael Guillen Lance Henrikson and Asian and Goldstein. From the iconic scifi. Sequel aliens. Twin sister horror directing team at these Oscar sisters. The original kiss drummer Peter press. Is part of us. Pro wrestlers mixed folly Cain an animal. And actors from child's play the Texas chainsaw series and a whole bunch of others called the mad monster party. And it was a going on today. Saturday and Sunday ticket story five to thirty bucks Friday or Saturday says says that tickets Friday and Sunday tickets 45 to thirty bucks Saturday tickets 35 to forty bucks so I guess most of number of their tomorrow. And hours tomorrow will be from. Okay let me change the time here 6 to 11 o'clock tonight so it hasn't even opened yet today but it opens at 6 PM tonight and continues until 11 o'clock. And then it's open from 11 AM tomorrow morning until 7 PM tomorrow night and an open again 11 AM till 5 PM on a Sunday. So a lot of. I don't know if that sounds like fun or not. The big edge in experience. Kruger and not custom. And are you would be zero orders mean Robert. No Rio are very herder. Move you know and southeastern. Program all at the a second did nearest theater tonight to near break up from recording gong and hang out with Eric Clapton and Sheryl Crow and attitude risky trucks enough. Then according to according divorced called today she says say he was minding the sounds of Africa and India. Just released an album called rich man which draws on those experiences and. She is healed be it to neighborhood theater tonight. Neighborhood theater dot com Richard should Marshall Tucker band Fillmore tomorrow night 8 PM. Or what's left album Fillmore in C dot com or live nation dot com general admission to that'll cost you about a 125 bucks. The Al Hawthorne's are at the evening news tonight evening And Diana Krall. Thirteenth album called that turn up the quiet Canadian jazz pianist in a singer songwriter. Interpreting a jazz standards in no sort and so forth be at the night theater that bigger cuts are Blumenthal arts a performing arts center and I believe that is Sunday night. At 7 o'clock turn of the quiet as cortisol look called that should be a great show. NBA celebrity all star game is tonight you'll see that on ESPN's starts about 7 o'clock we told you some of the players that are involved in some of the celebrities are involved. Paul Pierce to bring back some of the old NBA people and they bring back some celebrities and so Paul Pierce is involved Tracy McGrady will be their Candace Parker who was a big NBA star RW NBA star for a long time. Jamie Foxx is play and they're denied. Bubba Watson won half of the property Brothers just to name a few. Our common is their Nick Cannon is there Caleb mug Laughlin which is he's from Netflix is stranger things. All of them are playing tonight so that's what's going on tonight than you got the rising stars challenge tomorrow scares me dog that follows tonight TNT at 9 o'clock. So when the new players suffers its second year players are blamed on the break that down for the NBA all star game and an all star Saturday night as tomorrow the ball handling the passing the layup or dunk via a three point shot. Volleying all the skills stuff. And the dunk contest. Now with for the younger stars are. The NBA. And then on Sunday at 8 PM TNT the 67 all star game. So let's say NBA weekend and all of that'll be happening here in a year or so maybe you wanna watch and I think about that. Well I hear of RC this Australian Austrian a snowboarders refresh in his neck the other night. And then got up. Tom frightening fall quarterfinal heat. Austrian Olympic Committee said there's no indication that he suffered any neurological impairment of long term damage you should be okay but I don't know your brother broken neck he start to think and the US hockey team one last night beat Slovakia. Two to one. Both American goals scored by Iran Donato puts the US on top of its group as they head into weekend play where they will face Russia. You in. A preliminary round game. The you know men's Olympic hockey Wednesday and a little bit different than in years past since 1998 we've had NHL players that are above filled up their rosters of the national teams. Until they gave fans of the sport a chance to see their favorite athletes compete in a can you know totally different context but that's not the case this year teams this year. Are comprised of a former NHL. Players college athletes and those playing and other leagues around the world and giving the competition really a totally new look and flavor. April 2017 the National Hockey League officially announce that they would not participate in neo winter games in Byung Chang and the NHL has always had a contentious relationship with the IOC. With the league in the clubs seeing early no financial benefit to and for much taken a two week break to. I'm to allow for the Olympics so Tony fourteen the National Hockey League gave the green light for participation in Sochi after the IOC picked up the travel and insurance costs for players which amounted to about fourteen million dollars but. They weren't making that concession in 28 teams of the NHL pulled their players. So a little bit different today and they make up the team is not expected to win a medal I don't think anybody thought going into this thing it looked really good team USA has some bright spots it's a young team and there will be a few future. NHL stars there but. Probably not that were considered to be ready to our take on some of the best in the world and and obviously. When you start to get into the rushes and and stuff like that you're you're talking about some model number and using their pros us why we started using our pros originally but that's a little bit different. I'm Michaela Schiff Ron did not win the event last night that she was expected to win and then I before she won the event that joy and expected to win. So heartbreaker last night GO finish fourth there was like by what eight tenths of a second or something that kept her off the medal stand she's for uninteresting I'm 22 years old. Staked her claim as the best skier on earth the toward the Olympic Games. And she says the caterer her successes she gets lots of sleep and she takes your sleep pretty seriously she goes to bed at 9 o'clock or night she naps a lot. She told Outside Magazine last year. I have to get a full night's sleep and I nap pretty much every day in order to perform at the level that I wanted to liken I get pretty loopy when I don't nap. She probably. Didn't nap yesterday and that's what kept her off the and she imposes social media blackouts during the Olympics as well and I'll explain more about that in just a second half. And Anna Taylor Chevron also stays I'll social media. During the Olympics since Graham Twitter face for guys gender and any of us as she's been in South Korea. Like the snowboarder there was up there on what instant Graham five minutes before she was going down. Do in the competitive round she material says it is she has it's helped block out distractions distractions. And know obviously she had some high expectations row what was gonna help I happen to or near games last that was a disappointment she is another agent has handled an occasional post on her counselor during a social media block out but but not her. So that's among news out of the Olympics red stripes the Jamaican bobsled team has been no world famous underdogs since they first appeared in 1988. And the that didn't you know kind of an unlikely path to the global stage. 1993 movie cool running this kind of what brought to the forefront this year the men's team fell short of qualifying up for the Olympics that disappointment was offset by a new milestone in the country's first woman's bobsled team made the games. But the path to glory remains had a rough sledding pardon upon. Women's team. Do do do faces the risk of losing its lead whose ownership is disputed. And the team coach a German gold medalist abruptly quit after being demoted and so that's it but red stripes step forward over the last couple of days and said that they all. Probably. Provide a us led to a new Bob sled for the jamaicans. They read strive to Jamaican no beer brands waited on no Thursday that it will die happily pay for a new bobsled if DOT mourning needs one so that's the way they're supposed to work. They sell a little bit red stripes up and tells me they can probably afford them. Is a figure skater. Didn't let anything stand in her way to get to the podium for the 2018 Winter Olympics not even dropping her phone and a non flushed toilet bowl would stopper for merging the bronze of team Canada. What do you do if you do that. You gotta go get the phone right. Just waited I'm heading to the rake to a complete the Olympics they just drop my phone in the editorial that's that's right no are no better way to humble me for the biggest skate of my life. They grabbed third place in the terror so episode. That was the pressure that she was on the. It's. Have you seen the cheese heads and Olympic crowd. Okay. Cheese heads were out enough full force for a man Antwaun. There triangular bright yellow foam hats easily spotted in the stands at the Olympic sliding Centre on no Thursday. There there weren't there watch football obviously they came for the first two hits it's a heats of the amid Skelton. Which was a sport there was originated in no Switzerland in which they are person rides a small slow down or frozen track all lying face down at. Sometimes street 75 and 85 miles per hour the South Korean won a last night he's like a national hero now he was unknown believable. And I mean they're all unbelievable but you could tell that kid was booking and and he beat the record like by a second half for something so I mean that's like fly them. Anyway Antoine grew up in no Wisconsin. First Joseph grew entrusted to and began trading up there and no one no bronze four years ago and now. His family Green Bay packer fanatic split their time between football and no sport did and get much attention but they whether there. Our cheese heads and all pretty easy to spot. And not only that destroys you you're an American did you look and you go wait a minute do you guys get you get to the wrong bus. And then the US bobsled or Justin Olsen. Up and practicing after undergoing an emergency appendectomy. He took part in the first runs of the official two men trading on Thursday. There's been one unplanned benefit of going through the a procedure he said he's lost a bit of weight he weighed in on Thursday just under 230 pounds which was is a target for the Olympics. But. Now I've never had an appendectomy. But you're you're not supposed to be able to get up and and go do the bobsled after you have an appendectomy area. That's for I don't know what that says that's pretty strong. On the other hand even turn all your life to be a part of the Olympics. Are on an appendectomy. Change. If you can't sleep listen to the sound of bacon. Oh now I don't know why that what help you because then I wouldn't bail and I've doubted I would be able to sleep her thoughts of a blt. But they say the snap crackle and pop of bacon cooking can now put people write to sleep YouTube video of bacon cooking was opposed to just recently. A channel dedicated to videos that can help people snooze is gone viral it's called tech high Def. And the smell of the assault cured pork is associated with the waking up in the morning but the viral video suggests that the sound of it cooking and all people to sleep. And death studies have shown that you know natural sounds like a rain and thunder himself like that consumes people learn to sleep experts say the sound of meat cooking could have a similar effect. As the pressure I figured because the sudden my nose would start to work with the rest of my senses and and think that maybe it's time for all lawful. Or something along those lines and then something I've been do a very mild but you have very wolfman when you open Altman. You know make a whole bunch of pieces and I before and and people can drive through and won him a slice of pizza and a cup of coffee because people of cold pizza for a breakfast. Nobody is ever capitalized on this but here. You don't have to feel guilty grabbing a slice of cold pizza for breakfast anymore because Chelsea a mirror. Registered dietitian. Told the daily meal you may be surprised to find out that an average slice of pizza and a bowl of cereal whole milk contain nearly the same amount of calories. She says that while eating more than one slice of pizza won't mean that you consume more calories than needing just a bowl of cereal. Pizza packs a much larger protein punch. Which will keep you full and boost safety. Noted that through the area through the morning. And a slice of pizza contains more fat and much less shorter than most. Cold cereals. So you will not experience take quick sugar crash. I'm telling you on some restaurant where the drive through window. Should start experimenting do I Hammond pineapple. That's pretty good morning. And so cold pizza by the slice and energy and get Dunkin' Donuts to go in on and sell their coffee I think you're like flipped the so. I'm gonna give that idea up again and then somebody's gonna pick me up on it and they're going to end up being the next guy this saying you know Papa John's better ingredients and I'm gonna be saying that thousand all right yeah I'll. So there ago. I have a great weekend though the temperature we think the. Temperatures probably get ready to take a dip of about eight or nine degrees because this is gone through all these areas Greensboro we wanted it all afternoon after this front goes through which is just kind of gone through uptown Charlotte. The temperature drops to pretty drastically and I still think you're going to be in your sixties organizer tonight without possibility of a shower here or there and her brother golf ball at all. Going out on Friday night he should be in good shape right. Temperatures right take about a a nine point drop a note just a few seconds I'll leave you with the Charlotte at six in March garrison and see you back here on Monday. Presidents day at 3 o'clock John Hancock Charles both and love it shouting here.