Panthers Talk 8-6-18

Panther Talk
Monday, August 6th
Coach Rivera, GM Marty Hurney and RB Elijah Hood join Jim, Mick, and Eugene for Panther Talk.

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Following is an exclusive presentation of the Carolina Panthers. Radio network. It's good to see young guys figure potential opportunity. You right now. Immediately alert and accountability. Big guys up Bob and Tom is really what you look for what she was young players it's still tough cause enough sleep for a few where they are. We'll see how the return to. You know a long which she and so Pete and Eugene Robinson appears to make Nixon we've entered talks. Lives from a Panthers broadcast facility at Bank of America Stadium. In the words of the Florida Georgia line if it's meant to being it'll be maybe if it's meant to beat all. That may in fact be true but the 2018 Carolina Panthers are not waiting on faith the boys are hard at work. Camp offered Spartanburg, South Carolina determined to right they're championship destiny. Now three weeks. Of training camp. Two weeks end of a three week training camp and we're three days away from the buffalo game we have much to discuss with the tonight on your meeting place your water cooler for all things panther football this is panther talk a little star Jimmy you jade. With the news of the weekend were killed and Benjamin the former Carolina panther says some things. Jim whoa what did he say and how would you describe the Panthers reaction to a quick aside. Don mixing controls clearly car radio in Mexico are the third quarter with a lot of along with every. That's a topic for now I. Under the topic of the news you mentioned as a Kelvin Benjamin a nutshell said that he wished somebody other than Panthers are drafted him earlier in his career. And that he had played with a quarterback like Aaron Rodgers or Eli Manning. Or Ben Roethlisberger. Basically naming three future hall of famers. And ripped our quarterback while doing so and so that was it it was a interview with the athletic. And why he chose to take a row I don't know Eugene I just. I didn't feel like when he was here even after he left that there was animosity or bad blood I would bet involved KB. And the team that there's going to be some hard feelings over that Tibet discredit their reaction when Ashley Greg Olsen as some other players about it was either to say nothing coach Rivera did address that. Or players like Greg Olsen who just said well hopefully this focus well on his team buffalo and and to grasp that but. It's kind of came out of nowhere wasn't expecting that and literally have any buildup we thought to be an animosity. Williams has always like a little bit of bitterness when you leave a team and you get traded from a team everybody's experience at that this team doesn't want me anymore. Good thing you have to think about is that during the 2015 season it runs is Super Bowl. She got hurt he got hurt in a practice I would guess maybe the Miami Dolphins that we were worst in you list prior to that. It was guys who beat the guy. He gets hurt he misses a Super Bowl. He comes back he's bailing trying to get back into the mix and is it just wasn't going well formed could tell that. They were trying to fit the square peg in a circle type. Do you can you can you can see that they're trying to force and because of that. I think that there was other players that were that you had to start to concentrate norm because he wasn't given what she needed now I know you listen mark adequacy. And camp Garcia where for maybe 64%. That you two may be out of the 756%. So. He may have some gripe there however what all that said. Said you have to take culpability or responsibility. Also there's no doubt about that and the focus is in the four hole play as you can really you play this game as low as you can and then when you're doing you think Ben felt forbid ever play the game that you love to do it in place. You know what though what team that is all know what the get traded you could always have bad blood and that Elizabeth. You don't really know because no one gets to play this game he's got to be selected to play this case. You really do so there really is indeed a privilege so that played his game so I hope that no kidding. Do you concentrate on being the best receiver down a muffled that you can be and then if you know you felt that you were sort of let everybody know what time it is by your play. I was not about his comment in cattle broader scope was he ripped his former team and his former quarterback but at no point complemented his current team and his current quarterbacks because he never mentioned AJ McCarron no or Josh Alan Murray the quarterbacks in buffalo. While again naming guys he never played with so. Didn't make any friends here and if I'm a Buffalo Bill Michael on. Yeah it is I tell you is this is our armor when I left Seattle and Seattle treated me to Green Bay I couldn't wait to play Shia. I was like oh shall know. You know it there's always that little thing that you judge was so there's always a little bitterness but you really have to kind of get over it. And it and just and no more often notes back and just kind of move on and Olson's commissar correct you concentrate on being in the best before doing can't help that team. Max Hanson has a good column on this on Panthers dark comets called what to make of Kelvin Benjamin's. Explosive comments are broadcast roundtable tonight brought you by Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance enough fills us talk. Panther football in a bit more detail since the last time we talk the team has practice more come back here for fan fest and then practice more. Towering game we get ready for buffalo what are the big headline stories right now as you guys it's. Well we can video bits of information so and again this stuff so as you change no Symbian on rosters written in pencil but they came out with a depth chart necessarily had a mini solar solar left guard Taylor mode that right tackle coupons Seymour starting quarterback to Norris or C a strong safety. And Garrett Gilbert a backup quarterback again you've got to clean got a lineup is some order doesn't mean anything's decided to finalize. In fact last talking with the Marty hernia and amid a spoken of for the show. He set especially with quarterbacks. These are joked gives us who is quoting you've got to see them in game action so. But this backup quarterback duel Beatrice see to see how these guys perform beginning with the buffalo gamers or other pre season to see who actually gets that job in addition as the many other jobs you talked about them. And what I'm looking forward as quickly to offer supply and I think the office lines can be that. The places we'll second turn off the planet we're going to be talking about don't forget no oil is gone and now bill Williams. And you put diminish until he's back in his left guard spot but don't forget she was in oh he was a planet by. Nor know an uptick in his job and now he had to fight back to get that job he was cut almost like being. Utility guy play tackle playing guard where is his fit now he has to hold it down he just sees that mama say I'm the left guard is team and then lastly. Mode and you have an incredible opportunity an incredible opportunity to show what you can do at the right tackle spot. And to make it very difficult when Daryl Williams can back here to look at that job. Let me tell you something else you would have loved practice today. Millie KG got the hang out with the so convinced that. So you think the DBs for you seem to realize there was a lot of team period some seven on seven some task yell at DB's were getting the better of it for awhile then toward the very end to practice the offense started to get old. And completed some passes but Seymour. Called him. Toss some of these corners manages to work safeties there will be I would hope they are exactly that same Boston if you caught what brought a fire of this on the sideline he had the ball security and arms came over in district a right I was are alike Teddy got to trying to Marty got the nickname. And I'm not big on this I don't I don't do these kinds of nicknames in Chris Berman had at all. But would it be cool if this defense was so into intractable and immovable under Eric Washington that we refer to them as the Washington monuments. I don't look did general lute is the globetrotters consultant. I don't know I think that's a good good idea OK okay at all are reportedly is is not Alessio here is just a minute this guy has talked Chris you guys are. The thought he would play no. What do you guys. So bad. I would take a break we'll hear from coach or rare this week deals earlier than windows empire Kosher rednecks this is panther talked. On the Carolina Panthers radio network. It's always been there talk is cheap jewelry. Good to follow. Those punches got. Whichever operations. For the thirty to 45 good boy David fifteen did tell the thought to myself. I just know that the excitement that you guys she didn't feel right now because the pop I'm excited to go to practice ended here on these guys. There's something that we also reports. Everybody's coming every single day with the mentality that I have to get better to be able to put myself in the position to have this. She is he's captured talk on the Carolina Panthers radio network. Our show further talk would be but a shell of its normal self without hearing from the head coach of the Carolina Panthers Ron Rivera coach camp about halfway through what do you like. About being down to Wofford and where you like about this time a year. Well first also mojo back to Pope also really these things make for. Still mean Donner nozzle of isolation or away from some of the bigger distractions. Did you tickle you when you're at home. And the guys the folks in on the things that they need to you know we've we've had some really good meeting times are installations have been really good. Walk throughs and and be able to practice cycle do like the fact that. We got a good group of fans oh come down watch and and cheer for our guys during practice too so they help bring a little bit of energy it's it's kind of nice little break and done. You know after after our first pre season game and a few days there will be headed back to Charlotte. That's how over here before we know it you stay so busy camp Wofford but your daughter Courtney down here doing some work in a variety of areas for the team what's it mean that. Catch the occasional little bit of family Thomas are done here we'll make for the good you know we've always stress here is always been about family. And you know having having my daughter around here that she works trust her social media. Tom is is is this blossom. Because. Q why do Sera negative we have a little bit of father daughter time being it's kind of a nice example for the other players you know for them to see that. And I believe you should spend time with your kid you should try to make time for them and to have that have their father daughter fathered child moment and it's always been kind of cool and then I've always appreciated. You're close family your teams seem like they've always been closed does that matter when it comes to two win in football games but it does make as you know what would you try to build when you talk about family have a series you can you can trust and each other that the you have each other's back. And that's why I really like to try to promote their cause because you know and there's there's nobody has youth you know your back then you then your family your Brothers your your. Your sisters your your your your wife. These children I mean that to me is this thousand foreigners against. The 2018. Carolina Panthers look like they're coming together in that way. I think somewhat Mecca I've been really pleased with with what we've done in terms of practices and then meetings and just at times these guys spend with each other and around campus here and now and then and in the locker rooms I think that's really been cool and special. Frontrunner Merrill rather talk tonight coach to look good to hit that fan fest. While you don't make me a lot of guys who looked really well roses a special taping his chance to really break it down look at it. There's a really good things and animals are the quarterback position because I thought all the quarterbacks I have an option to perform out and they did a nice job. Really pleased with with the consistency which we're seeing them practice right now it's over though carry over to the pre season games that we play. Tom very pleased with the receiving position you know those guys have been working very hard. You know are truly been on on that group to help you know trying to push him through and you know I think glanced Taylor jerk because you're doing an excellent job was a group of guys that this is a different groups that we've ever had. Before and it's there's some good speed up there and and that's a huge plus. Tom and then not I thought there are some things a bit look good as far as our office of the defense alive you know really plays without. I didn't showed up for you obviously you know it's within Thomason his chance to watch deal though that the young civil legs running around out there make a place horse. There on the defensive side really please was what we saw some of the young secondary players. And I thought those guys really stepped up competed performed very well. Prom then there's some of the young defense alignment did that there were a lot of guys that showed a gun animal touching the surface you know we don't post or just all fan fest. The buffalo games coming up but because there's an old saw in football. About this time a year the defense is ahead of the offense does that still hold true in modern day NFL football term I think so mic but you know. It is the game has changed so much to that. Tom feels the practice times are like they used to be. And so really I think it did there's there's just slightly ahead right now and the like he used to be with when you how Simon and energy do things. Tom but again just real pleased with the fact that as I said. I was a number of guys practicing law numbers are certain understand how we need to have things done and that's Elizabeth costs. Two final questions this week he's good no little bit of a game week mode get ready for buffalo what do you want your team to be thinking about. Before they can on a plane on Wednesday the biggest thing make isn't and I blew we just finish over team meetings and then talked about. Our buffalo prep I've told our young guys especially and say this is an opportunity shows that you're capable of above client and then an NFL caliber game. How this all about preparation getting radio play this game's all about how learning and study your opponent and make sure you understand the game plan. And then take it from their put on the football field so the guys have. Pretty much been prepped almost expected of them because we're here to play this football game. All right lastly over the weekend a former parent third current bill tweeted some spicy things out your cancer stayed above the Kelvin Benjamin Frey my question to you is if that 86 Chicago Bears had had Twitter. What kind of anarchy would you have been living in fact this pac ten total anarchy are you kidding you make. Tom you know I was fortunate to play on non non non non base movie the first rock star football team if you will. You know we went to the Super Bowl on from the 95 season. That group of guys who knows what it was pretty special you know led by Jim McMahon and Walter Payton and you know and then then then Richard den and Mike Singletary and I mean we had a whole crew guys Dan Hampton has to Michael's that were really special guys but during master was Mike Ditka. Hand I can only imagine what have been like with social media back in because. You know there are a lot of things that that we do real or usually not for publication are for transmission so. Tom it was fun it was special. And an end and I think you know because of some of the social media that is the game has lost its mystery. Everybody who has wanted to know was like to be in the locker room or via those holes. For now you can't win with so show me the way it is you just there's there's nothing sacred and more like these today. Tech crew you've played on and where it's could come out with anti social media you know probably would have been pretty good bet that. Big personalities on that team yourself clearly coach thanks for your time appreciate it good like this what got to make those good talk math. EL paso great cluster chief. Great question nurturing a social media back and fax machines were the health is we have pacers met confront the failures as you have teenagers do yup they call you on your rotary function should test test test just. And then well think about it but I can imagine that team which with Twitter and blogs every single one of those Cass avenue room platform Jimmy. Men have a net type of platform. Oh my goodness I could I just can't imagine a more to pay the course he would be. Eulogized you Lou particularly you you statesman did you have a lot of characters on that team mimic Michaels yes some discipline crow. Yeah Hulu bush no no doubt how Hillary put out a song before the Super Bowl hype and proclaiming it a win this Condo you added those are really spoke to the net. It can people still talk about how great that deep this was a force its deepest. How great it was a certain standard and I remember going to lot wash bubble we're like we've got out and do not play. The 85 bears because they played impeccably. So the 46 got his name from by Iran just Doug plank yes or 46 it was his safety he was a safe did you enjoy. I did not and no I mean duel somebody will always come down UB Cynthia would come down and he's coming it was this sick and I'm like and that they meant business a little click at UMass and does your pitching they'd just you've got to hit you stated you stayed hit a great day for safety did Blanco and that's an emeritus at the 46 did as well you brought dubbed an essay there SAT ticks toward a tight and you could please Amanda messed up some really kind of bulky stuff and then you do lied backs go eat. And those linebackers with Pete many still argue that these so did nothing almost like sacred you to get the ball like you had to get out very very quickly. Already weak too there's a Eugene Robinson saliva alert in the studio. Lets us all craft advisory in effect so let's take a look at the ortho Carolina injury report seemed like a pretty healthy. Bunch right now deck is of course a week before we had a couple a significant injuries but the good news is Julius Peppers medically cleared is off the physically and yes or less so again they didn't take the time with him and and and he's him along. I've always come off that offseason shoulder surgery it's it's good to have pat back there and he. But the MO says sidelines and Davis they get closer to the season yet a practice is still a future hall of Famer a whole lot no percent to. And a bubble wrap him and he's he's he's he's in shape and in good condition oh yes I think that was a liberal terror and I think that was his first surgery. Over in. 200 years of playing football while over wow payment Moses tied for the Europe was next up with a player. The lies should. They date what the trouble of writing this Elijah hood coming up next we go from one to our go to another combo it's down there are just not as a carry the small print anymore so I do know this this is big print really take a break. Eugene I'm Jim and me will be right back with more fans are talking to second this is the Carolina Panthers radio network. This is centered taught almost Carolina Panthers radio network. You guys are Smart they understand the whole. Dramatic finish and won't notice blood in my defense. So mix mix in June so key and Eugene Robinson wins entered talks on the Carolina Panthers radio network. A lot of great stories damage training camp some of the local variety including running back Elijah hood played at Charlotte Catholic horse. North Carolina the Tar Heels. Lester mostly on the practice squad for the Oakland Raiders now he's here with a path is trying to make the team a talk with him about being a Pampers and grown up Connolly Julius Peppers my home state that quite the hometown. Home stadium what that's going like with him and Julius is a majority of guys here the Panthers. Yeah talk that he thought the rule installed the new little bit about how things are dead jetBlue. Passenger questions about how. Things change soon. Of course you know things have changed home obviously. Things are still changing. So that we you know they wanted to upgrade to get a fancy new in doing FF do stuff for sids they gave him as they love they didn't read junior's uncle flew. OJ really does Howard goes and have you even though it doesn't amidst all of a sudden you're due to Alter your car work hurt for both. Awful good. There we need to look to talk we could talk about those little things just. Its nuclear arms both him and who this ignores those still here he's he's from he's from around. Funeral forward looking only for a minute so you've got the same common. Richard presence known on. Needless to say it's got to be about aspect season tutorials after all the injuries are kind of dispel that team last year. You know injuries are tough for me. Especially home. Junior Carl over noted lawsuit. Lawson morgue doesn't act because anybody in the morning good. More than fingers on my hand doesn't Benson got a blue due to home so. Prayer and who knows may have a hope this season com. Just some of those playmakers back go to to move on though some of those young guys and they have talent. They live for your words are woman you know to get them. You promote the standards so. From a mistook an office to be put those points and pretty soon it was Lester tell your redshirt year for you would Oakland registry and out there most in the practice Friday a little bit playing time and some special teams that kind of thing there was a kind of a learning so much kind of thing Lester for the most with. Oh I think so I'm just sitting back you know home. Figuring out learned in the playbook home. Really just some soak up as much of a camera especially from guys like you know more so on. Toronto figure out what he goes how was he effective and tell him a copy it is pretty much some soup. Good does face real. Well soon enough. Before that opportunity in buffalo with the game coming up had a chance they get game action once again because for you guys you know vigorous started rosters for the great opportunity for youth. Here are excited for sure that we'll get much chance out there are so I can do. Hope so this football team win some games. It's Elijah good numbers thirty their Lotta competition Corso say at this time of year because the roster so full but Christian McCaffery CJ Anderson was brought in for essentially the Jonathan Stewart roll. Cameron artist pain this is an intriguing time for him in his third year and then they bring back Kenyan Bardner the former panther was with the Eagles last year. I don't have a special teams and a lot of things they do different running back skill sets that are involved with these different type a running back. Here an epic alleges that as as almost like between them because he has that power to be us CJ Anderson and captain. And cap. And but he also has that McCaffery thing going on chief he got a little scared him too soon. I think he brings a little hybrid is your religious and in this in this in this running back corps because it comes up to special teams who can block. I gotta get a block and norv Turner's offense and you gotta be able to block the new way to dashing the block and not leave would your head. This is a chase the last couple of things is so. Now only via the kiss the ball out of back through but you gotta be a pick up all of the different nuances of north Turner's game and all the different blocking schemes you gotta be did you that. Who does that well who goes and does that best. You have a great chance of making this team because I always think that CJ's here that I think is a reaction would cap a little bit course whichever share. But there's no there's no guarantee farmers here I think there's no guarantee by anybody else and. 'cause bragged on Kenya on border today after practice he got a question from the press corps about Varner for a cancer I got a Super Bowl ring with Philly. Philadelphia and he says Smart tough football player can return kicks and punts so that's why don't send us another name in the mix. Commission CI shakes out this act okay this high quality radio product will continue to the first. We step aside from these commercial messages from Bank of America Stadium. Has the shotgun snap back so kids don't put just got a touchdown inside receivers to the right actors and in the digital record could do. It's been fun it's fun to come out. Fun for me to learn and you often learn to do things a little different from the I had gotten for doing and that's wrong that's part of him. And energizing a little better to just be challenged. Do something different standards don't continues on the Carolina dangers radio network. The throwback to fan fest in talking to Marty hernia that general manager of the Panthers in welcoming him. Human definitive talk tonight pretty good crowd offense as Mario had to like go with a team showed what the fans TV that night. So it was great make you know then the intensity always raises up someone saw the excitement and all the fans in there and I think our players went down in. We had a good practice and some guys slash them. I think it's just been very consistent through this camper right now as far as. You know our offense is still a lot of good things some things in defense is. We get young guys who we're learning more and more every day. I'm you saw some of those guys step up and I think it was just. No that's always a first opened training camp can get through the first week can get through the farm six practices with the heads. Then you look forward to that and see how guys react to the excitement. Now we're backing campy get ready for the Buffalo Bills and that's another step in the evaluation process we'll ask you flash in the second. But with all the noise and all that cam Newton's histrionics and all his his fan fest. An important practice and diagnostic for the coaching staff in meaningful ways. Yeah it's very much of the coaching staff personnel mean because again and it's it's that next step it's it's you know they're they're the stadium saw the lights are on the intensity is ratcheted up. We know some practice regular practice format. She got how guys respond and so you know obviously you know number one loves loves that he gets through the crowd jacked up I think it's good for everybody in. Found it was a really good practice it was so many people come to see their first look at the Panthers and also just to see some of the the pied piper of fun. Who distinguish themselves in your mind. Well I think did I think both are back up quarterbacks had they had their moments I think today. We saw loads cat. Billion and Cameron ours pain and and CJ Anderson. Got some runs where and you know it looks like they're really gonna help our. Our debt there Christian obviously you look came in you look at the explosion he's got a after the at the the catcher for her when he gets the Boeing and its its special. From our offense trying to think teller moment keeps getting better every practice and not thought that he had a good thing incest and on the east continue to improve bonus technique he's comfortable right tackle he's the one spot. I think that's where his skill set fits the most so he was very good there must think Cohen defense and him being you know beat you really. I restricted to more younger guys because we know our veterans can do but I think marquis sings again continues to show the ability to. To rush the passer and really set the edge of times with the strength even though he's undersized at 230. Three pounds. I think defensively. You know sort of her Sean golden man that's some good and bad days he just keeps come in there and he's getting better and better. And I think our secondary so hole. Seems to be mentioned better and better Dante Jackson makes plays and found some young linebackers I thought the young linebackers with not only that two draft choices but Chris Frye made some plays so. It was a good practice overall and it's just she just keep the valuing every day and every step. So we get to 53 and and you know hopefully we'll have some difficult decisions tonight. Always do need some help on Dante Jackson because tomorrow untrained eye Marty. So a lot of times he looks like he's an NFL veteran like he's very comfortable out there about how does look to you to your training they'll. But he's he's learning he's got some times where you know he needs play inside leverage in any doesn't buy skill set wise guys they can run a guy that can cover guy that's got that's where iron confidence. He's everything we thought he was when we drafted in the second round so. You know I still think back your retirement talk to move you know we held our breath for about ten picks and around nobody was gonna get to us. He's had a very good camping continues to win. To improve in that we've got a young guys back there universal gone assessing gets better all the time call loop we've moved back to safety and and he's got that vocal that that ability to help set up the secondary end and that's something we're looking forward so. No that's why he's pre season interest some porn porn and see how these guys do when when my scum. The media generate Marty hernia are just a parent at all we'll keep him around for a few more questions. If it's always fascinating to me to see how the backup quarterback battle does evolve. Or should panther fans conclude from tiny key getting more the second team reps at fan fest. We've been slipping back and forth every practice so nothing really soared answer is some you know girdle take a one day on guilt taken the next I think they'd. It's very important to see both those guys in. Again she'd love to seem against first team defense sometimes like it's hard because I mean how many reps you wanna play came and how many reps. The opponents keep their defense in I think both of those guys have had their moments in camp and we wanna see in the continue to do. Are limited to the last thing it's because it's cool to see young coaches get a chance. What marks do you think Chase Blackburn. And also he follow will be putting on the Carolina panthers' special teams unit this year but aides have to start I've been so impressed with those two guys in and you know. One of the keys to be a special teams coach. Is get those guys don't wanna play special teams in the rundown on kicks and punts and and and I think they did chase and Heath. Have done a great job you can see the energy that they create connect grew. Group and think they're very happy so far you know they're doing a good job of bringing some young guys in. You know they also have had dated days sort of figure out OK what's the roster gonna look like him who's going to be at the long game day that we can use one. On special teams and if you can tell they both played in this league on special teams from ten years. Have an enthusiasm. That that I think it's very contagious. They're also very demanding and they'll call guys out and win when they're not doing what they should do in. I'm not been very impressed from both those guys. Sun's energy out there Marty like you say it has been fun to watch as always thank you for your time appreciate it and not good luck this week didn't seem ready to go to buffalo defensemen. All NFL general managers talk our guy says things. Well meg so they're really tell our daughter no room back to safety he names names he he says who's two who's doing well and then then who in his mind needs to improve. What else any vote there. If any any focus on some of the the younger gusts as you say that what wearing a what go to guys going to do. So emotionally and I talk about Taylor Morton and now he's getting better and that right tackle is his spot Bruce did he was at the left tackle back and have a Calero. Sure right tackle is a bit of that form so that tells me moving forward a little bit that hey they want them to go ahead and assume that role. To be that god to protect our Cam Newton. And you'll love there was I don't know I think it is. In general with a roster feels like the start of a road grays harbor and winds up together like a Boston Marathon or something is big pack. And once we get to the buffalo game there's going to be some separation so I think. Right now there's lots of good things to say about lots of guys I think when you getting beat these games settings. It will be interesting to see who kind of start separating. To make these decisions. A little bit more apparent in the 53 man roster. You Jane alluded to it a bit ago. But the NFL. The competition committee has reshape the playing rules in a seismic major way this thing not the catcher rule not what's allowed and disallowed now on kickoffs but that can NFL football could look totally totally different this year. The guys and I'll tell you why we come back with more candid talk next this is the Carolina Panthers radio network. It's also continues on the Carolina testers radio network. Players' safety has banned in the cross hairs of the NFL's competition committee for a long time now on for good reason the game has gotten. Faster it's gotten more and more violent. By the rules committees trying to make it safer. This year and a major story that I really don't think has. Then widely understood yet because we don't have regular season games yet. No player. Is allowed to lowering his head. Mean that any time nonetheless your bracing for impact the penalty is fifteen yards with the possibility of rejections and suspensions have. This will change the landscape of how well run and backs a tech defensive backs how. You get guards when they're pulling in the traps counters and powers how they block this this'll change how linebackers take all those guards. Everything is going to changed dramatically you have to really be saying put same shoulder saying foot save Schumer put up right shoulder up and then you have to turn your head. We'll keep your head up when you can no longer do you still need to talk in the micro Romo got so you can closely you can no longer drew some of those. This flat back head down know no player would look like this if you like that that type angle you gonna be flagged immediately. And come. And rifle is a lot of folks are concerned about how the game all the flow of the game will go constant pellets like stopping the game stopping the action. The other thing is be on the injury component in many different components is. Strategically and the teams that don't get it that don't do at the right way there'd be penalized and lose those yards and lose. Points off the board I mean it's going to be something where. You've got to teach good tackling technique how to catch a ball get a tee shot attack or yearly lows in fifteen yards a banana peel on both sides of the ball. I'll discuss are the same thing so so so what I mean this it didn't just happen this rules enacted several months ago so. Every NFL team has a dozen or more coaches so. I think one reading things about this year to me is not as much how the game's going to be officiated. Because that's going to be problematic the officials will have to use this a judgment call just there's an have to use their judgment although New York can get involved. If an injection should be necessary or is not necessary or the wrong players not verified. But the more interesting thing to me is how the coach is gonna catch this well it did that will it take this seriously. Just they would deathly tickets there's an opposed put out a series of videos. Off from the office of lie in the hundreds of the running back from the just about linebacker because of line. Every position where you can see where you can actually Laura had and they said this is a bad play. This is a good place. This is a bad play and it there or able to outline and identified that that I don't think it's gonna change integrity of game as much because I saw a lot of good plays with some really ferocious. Pitting them still will be emblematic which is the NFL is that was done correctly so I think is a single guys got to give their right. The referees got to give right when you give her free some latitude. To give her right and give the coaching staff some latitude to teach it properly so that together right so I think this is a good thing and not really a bad thing it could be but it. When a Washington to take more. While these guys went. Pretty nor defenders like be ahead because they're kind of used to the rule of seeing what you tackle would your face mask for the offensive players it's a come in more of a problem I totally agree there and office doing short yardage and goal line used to do fourth and goal from the one used to just lower you go you check in within their LaSalle I'll ask. Then. Our we will come back take a short break Eugene is okay now we'll come back and have more parent or talk right after you pay close attention to this. Continues all my. There's a radio network so many moving parts on an NFL team they practice everything's getting out of the huddle get on the bus getting your room key did never. Let's get to the bus I alive. Tell us well look wolf pre season game number one's goals before for the Panthers though then hopefully I get a win over buffalo because I defunct. Yeah I think yours or that culture of winning so says the one thing but you know you want on offense and everything's different if you set a lot of different pars on office USC extended drive move the ball down the field score touchdowns and his basic defense out. Did you guys see units worked together right reasonably. Elementary officer amenity had essentially two new starters on the offensive line that we just talked about the depth chart at the top of the show how old that group of five performed together at that time. And then defensively in the defense of secondary I think they'll be interesting to see how cohesive they are back there. In the bigger things you want no missed you so you want to make mistakes you don't want to me flags you'll own one too many penalties you wanna keep it almost Sunnis treat if you do make a mistake you wanna see those guys make mistakes full speed. You wouldn't you guys beat in the right position. And so a lot of the valuation process that goes on that coaches and don't forget coaches will be evaluated by coach Rivera. A book about what how they were able to call a game and what I didn't put big guys in the right. Listen and then we'll evaluate Kosher Vera and let him know how I think he did I have it right behind John isn't alarming right address and your letter Brussels a mean. It is so the first pre season game is a really execution you think about your guys are not really gain planning probed for buffalo yeah it does all this elation that you've done you're trying to go ahead and act that you see children. Got about a minute is the answer and backup quarterback currently on the roster. I think it is a similarly in Miami between Marty Ernie and Ron Rivera and others have spoken they seem really high on these two guys in that whoever comes out on top between the two players whether it's Covert or Hyundai chief. All of our data may feel pretty confident in both number and. Open Godzilla go Anderson why because it took off from to have these guys here. To do going to back up cam and don't forget you got a new system not a. Under Norv Turner. How does he could light up the pre season watch out and Gilbert very talented too but I think he can run and a running quarterback in the pre season when defense and are still working on some things. Yeah defense look like a new York life insurers commercial but I don't want the quarterback the road what the quarterback and the bowl loss. I know you know would not Tom does to talk about that no more singer got up and shove can't you guys have for us for Chloe the intern for the rest of our true this is meg Nixon this is cantor talked an exclusive presentation. But the Carolina Panthers radio network and the National Football League cannot. This is drug Carolina Panthers radio network.