The Panthers Ultimate Highlight Reel


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News born to run in bread for the bright lights. Football state. Bank of America Stadium this time for Miami and Carolina. This seems like there's a lot of gloom and Indiana. These days but there's a lot of good tune and you just look important especially Gary Shaw. It's. Receivers to the right McCaffery the pattern to the left didn't go live to the great catch. It's now. Oh flag farsighted BA. It can't move. McCaffery motioning to the left all the Lowe's did the shotgun bounces on the ball of the season. Background top left side tent protest for the but just store them. We've got some play. It tonight. Hole have the direct snap. We close out a relatively good. Let's look at the person they're important for the plot that there won't let it at all. God. If he's he's an expert at it right. That means that. It is different but. I didn't feel it was two weeks ago plugged into receiver flight from his own thirteen your outlook Carolina. In the shotgun formation quarterback Cam Newton. And true. Man. And it's just the play victim there's a big gap read. Everybody went that direction. In the secondary. Little sitting on the ground. Exuberance and. I think Camp David to. It is great. Straight drive pumps. Cats right side McCaffery. I moved me. Will seal upon review by the ruling on the field. Did the touchdown. Just. Carolina played the jets next week. Lives in Minnesota where the privacy issue and this team is that it's a couple really good teams in the NFC over the next ten. The Carolina Panthers have won. Think it benefits now. Pretty dog gone through this was followed tonight for the Panthers but it Romero stadium. Complete performance indeed with the final score for Bank of America Stadium and uptown Charlotte on Monday Night Football Carolina 45. Miami.