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Panther Talk
Monday, August 20th
Coach Rivera, GM Marty Hurnery and OT Taylor Moton join Jim, Mick and Eugene for Panther Talk.

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The following is an exclusive presentation of the Carolina Panthers. Radio network. We have the makings of what could be a good football team we do things the right way. Rivera a long way to go still would have two more pre season game due to sharpen up the hone our skills of correct a lot of the mistakes we made so I think our guys have to assist will soon after I. Now how long would she and so Pete and Eugene Robinson cheers and make Nixon we've entered talks. Lives from the Panthers broadcast facility at Bank of America Stadium. Pre season football. Don't like going to see mr. know it all or maybe even. Rocky talking to bullwinkle. Hey rocky watch me pull a rabbit out of a hat and well obviously from Patrick never worked a couple of must leave stood for sure presents so. I had him ahead. Every time it's kind of a new hat or you never know what you're gonna pull out I had it's fascinating because we're trying to see the unknowable. And no we don't see able but after two games eight quarters or Carolina panther football. How good eight. Football team do you feel like the Panthers are right now. Well let me go to judges I think from what we saw the second game. I thought the office was so much more Chris and I thought the defense really made the statement heaven their backs against the law a number of times. In only yielding three point east side. That bodes well for you go for you what would defense and you would office put your deepest tests we wanted to catalyst to set the tone. And office was responding by what did this is doing. I look at that game and that game. Really kind of changes your opinion all they we're gonna be. Really good. It could be exciting and a parrot as true as we were identities and tell coach Derek is a you do things or Broadway which could be a very very good ball bulletin I agree with. And you know it is so much has been made of the fact that there are all these. Passing game options and weapons to pick from the time they run for 226 yards which is. A big component has offenses that there's a county being able to run the ball lot of between the tackles. Like that Christian McCaffery 71 yard run came between the tackles so there's that. And that could start the week before we also on third down the struggles are they held Miami in this game to chew out a twelve while on third down the Panthers are six out of twelve on third down so. In both categories being improved on at third and offensively and defensively but when you can control the clock run the ball like that that's open up the passing game and it all works. Broadcast roundtable brought you by Geico fifteen minutes could save you 50% or more on car insurance saw on the did you guys to help me out this cannot think I might be lose in my mind. I'm on a talk show this afternoon. And the host played a cut from Christian McCaffery after the game. And then said making it looks like Christian McCaffery doesn't have a lot of tolerance for people who think he's going to be a buster who don't think he's very good. And I said. Who might that be whom might that Betty. Is there anyone. Who knows anything about football. That doesn't see what's obviously true and that is that this guy is a star. He's a worker. Because a Lotta article make a much better goaltender matchup nightmare for NFL defense. Nvidia eighty receptions last share a media guy has been absolutely these new battery discover report. There's Dover and 71 yards and all the defensive backs who happen to the chase has got to send. Can he be run and especially yes he rosette bash exact quick. You better read the scouting report because she is indeed a beast he is a nightmare matchup. You can't put a linebacker and he's got it in my life are in the passing game it could read between the tackles he can do this great game. You can see that cam knew who's playing exceptionally well. He stole the ball and distribute the ball across the Phil they got matchup problems on there and Indiana both the McCaffery I'm telling you you gotta watch out. McCaffrey is derail. Dill and gore could talk shall Percy oh if you don't know by now the human sleep you Rip Van Winkle and you've been asleep. Forty years name them who wasn't I know will ultimately won and it would take you must get mugged. Another another friend reminded now sought shelter in guilt if you take away the 71 yard run. And I went. If you take away Celine Dion is singing voice is just another hundred pound the saint. Run would've been a 300 yard run if the field had been a long enough I hope my goodness investors again as just one component of office he doesn't have to do that every week or so many other choices in the office there he doesn't have to do it's great that he can't. And I think she will be probably out of all the office of weapons when they feature most often. But if there's a particular week or they're just Garrett opera stuff Christian McCaffery LB Greg Olson's day or be Davenport Tuesday or BDJ Moore is today so there's going to be other options out there. Mick our road that you just so you don't like Chris McCaffery no I could take Decker is now that's genuine and nest nest honest if you don't like the god and just some you don't like a but did not try to disparage his ability. Is that dude is a big east he is that good and if you don't like a dense they don't like him and say well I hope that he should be all all pleased always going to be this is one of our affiliates who was a Decker yeah you like and don't like about it. With a particular reading it was at a station in the Carolinas. But think of others give them to shoot one of two states. You know general I don't know though still small business okay. I'm anyone in northern Israel is there and it wasn't the host of the show but they were responding to calls. Emails tweets this has come to try to camp from somewhere. But I just manhunt is within Islam and I need it any different Carrie at the phones ring and then I mean that'll take me off man and make Alexander in show business really there was a bad mood allegedly had a bad move. Yeah yeah he's he's all these good Paula many sub ball. And and statistics are so meaningless I mean I grace tests in his rookie year but on this offense. This offense could gain 6000 yards. And sit team and even NFL records that would be ambitious but team records are easily within reach for this offense and not have. A thousand yard back not have a thousand yard receiver but I have a whole bunch of guys that stressed a defense. Going to be true to norv Turner's office well there's you know multiple touches by everybody. Look at this it's. Also who has been our most dynamic tight end and one of the best cited in the league more reception is the hole like nine. He's not even picture that much this is Ben if it is the McCaffrey about other people getting the rock they assays pre season. But he have been targeted and targeted target I suspect you will be but this is another thing in your arsenal. Most turner distributes the ball everybody touched it and who touches the book hot limited to eight because. We looked at their first drive and McCaffrey was touched the ball I mean the first couple series he was just pro mouse and and there are running game especially good because he does more to. It should be tough to replace team this week in New England in the pre season game that's that's like that Tom Brady always has is passing yards in terms of who's getting the ball. Typically mourned the pass came in the running game for them it changes all the week two at Oakmont Nicklaus and officially here. And they might win thirteen games and now not have anyone rush for more than a hundred yards or receive more than 800 yards I think the Panthers can go to bed because they have so many different options. That again so they're trying to play the chess game takes something away when we can and actually to just feature somebody else good look here's some Mel says it needed them at the practice practice. I'm watching. Guys. And I'm I say there's no one in particular do you realize how good you have to be in order to just be. Thank you. I miss incredible thank you Els what's in most treasured be great if he made the team he's he's a he's battle in a crowded crowded position. But most for Fisher. Complaints I mean he's a that Asia is not everywhere. You know what is this is this is so true I have people on the street and say. Can Abiola practice squad I can go in practice should do if you can't be able to practice squad deprive this clause for guys as somebody got hurt that they were immediately go in and there will be no drop this you're not that guy most Frazier is that guy. But Cox is that guy there's a number of guys on the practice squad. Don't blow it does so Ford is that guy if somebody goes down he can step right in with you don't have that talent and to your point. You've got to be really really good just to build a practice squad to get a look. You have to be really good because we don't just give out free looks anybody is a multibillion dollar business was high paid athletes and guess what they do that every single athlete. Hello limit to suck but they're not good enough registers on the opportunities that it can be just as good but you may need more office of Lyman on the roster certain time and not receivers hemophilia a different system with a different team better there's such a relief for eternity if you're the 200 best dermatologist. Lawyer. Yeah. In the world is set for life. 200 best building contractor. But if you're the 200 best running back in the world would guess that kitchen job. Maybe teaching gym. At a junior high school you may have a look from everyone here one half years and you go. There's an eight it's your best kicker best of the doing it 870 injuries I don't know if that's. Well this has been our broadcast roundtable hugged before during his dumb reason. Just tonight at 99. You all may feel worse but I feel better look at here for the most important thing that can at this time. That was our broadcast roundtable or at least a reasonable facsimile out we'll met with coach next this is Heather talk on the Carolina Panthers radioed that. There remains a single suspect he GeForce go to. Which Alex karma okay. We've got the had to attend but let me. Not I think we showed a lot of work to do I think. You know we know how good we can do. You wouldn't say that was our standards. I think that's the beauty of it is there's a lot of work time. It's hard to know yeah we won the game good. You know we played all right. This is centered talk homered Carolina Panthers radio network. We could rewind the tape for you and play at that we won't do that though but trust us we take coach Ron Rivera. Was looking for improvement in his football team from pre season game number one to pre season game number two his coach joins us now rather talk. Did you see that improve when you were looking for coach. I did make us very pleased to love these when on the football game. You know there there are couple operatives are we messed so that was a disappointing Mino but again going from game one game two we talked about improving on third down we did defense week. Neal we held the 70% I think and the best two out of eleven or two or whatever was. I knew was outstanding prom and then on the offers a site where 50% we'll get on the red zone we're two for two they were only one for four. On defense mode is neck of a couple times or some some sudden change situations and then forced to ovals which is big. And then now with some guys step up and make place. Our injury updates brought you by our friends that ortho Carolina went time is of the essence she trusts. Your family to the people who take care of the Panthers and their families that's ortho Carolina you improve tragic come out of the contest from a health stamp on Iraq. Thought for most. We came out pretty gimmick look concerned. Tom the Meltzer senior crazy here as he had the big hit now and over the shoulder stinger so hopefully he'll be back come you know as soon. I'm dom dom act clearly came out a little concerned about the need you know easy days when he he would that there bothered a little bit during camp. I've flared up again so Leo we we send again take a look at so we'll see with the doctors have to site. What's the Nextel layout option at left tackle on your depth chart right now I'm pretty excited about what Taylor Mullen has done these. Practiced very well he's done a good job at right tackle and now we cannot choose who we can do it left. Interest ink so to speak at the O line coach what needs to happen. When a player like Christian McCaffrey who disappears into the line then ends at taken a 71 yards for a touchdown what needs to happen to make an explosive play like tag on both couple good blocks I mean now I try to get what we did and at the point of attack was very good. By the guard center combination worked did a great job from like the way we jumped. We came off the doubles the rebels seal a million good blocking by the tide is an end and so bucks. Looks like defensive lineman would be by definition better athletes and O lineman isn't hard for the modern day alignment to get his man and himself out of a rushing lying. Absolutely I mean 'cause. Cannot allow these defense of players are really just trying to give furcal hit into the crease and make some happen and when and if you're slow off the ball the guy's got an angle on your Greenwich so which you've got to do you go take his graduate and you know being a positive from positive positions. Pretty violent and there are so the all the sudden pre season game number three is is upon you how do you plan to use your practice time and may be some game planning time. This week coaching get ready for the patriots all Friday night. Also this must measure and it was outstanding practice today this this morning session we have a list. Probably the blog destructs we head into our training camp there's pretty warm out there we a lot of positive wraps lot of good things happen so I was very pleased with that so. The next few days most are folksy and on not on I get ready for doing enough. You mentioned last week Arabia after the game you want to seal a bit more of Fon Fon also Elijah good at running back how those two run into this. What's available solution on cars are good for pro cars and took part like like a horses you know on torture morass for other really good for pardons football Cardoso. Com we'll continue watch those guys I mean those young guys have been impressive and we'll see what happens. Does it ever occur to you just how good you have to be even to be a fringe hoping to make the 53 player. In the National Football League. Oh yeah most certainly a command I do get that. You know you have to have some ability to be part of what we're doing and they are for the most from the very pleased with the guys we have we really do got some good football players guys that give themselves a chance and opportunity to make distinct. There's most Frazier one of those guys seems like he's he's just shows up every practice every day yes he does he's one of those guys it's just competes and you know that did this one of those things that it's gonna come down markets had to some tough decisions and reinforce your political player go wireless leave you with this he'll shake hands maybe your bumps just cereal have some of their play with Bill Belichick. City on a Friday night what kind of guy you see on off the field. Please consult with me he really has and I really do appreciate that that he's you know. Peace he's been good that way Tom he's very Smart football coach UT game plan as wells anybody in this league and if you give them enough time to play you. He's he's he's gonna figure somehow so you've got to be on again. Which she will be we're sure appreciate you Karadzic good win on Friday night and good luck this week against knowing how appreciated thanks Mick. Let's talk about. The secondary and yes he's young DB's. Eugene you played safety in the NFL. So how's Dante Jackson come along house for Sean Goldman come along well first vote. Not to a juvenile or so go to but he seems to be the hitter he seems to show up. Doing some really nice things we drops out and make in this series stays up in not dive that someone speak of which is very very good that's going to dramas go on and yes he does in other Washington knows that a bother his game. Dante Jackson's show me a lot because he plays some off coverage and it's gruesome stuff in front of ailment and then he's gonna have to learn to move on and off. But by and large and as the game went on. He's got a break and plays and covered extremely well as meta man coverage was on point is sold coverage was all point he came up took the may some really hard. Awesome tackles and his speed is. You just know assist these so if you think about saying Jay Berger is much shut down corner I'm gonna pick corn is working. That guy's gonna have something to say about it because. He has great technique. What are the uses it. When you realized more his speed and the test is called raw that he can get himself in trouble. This past week she relied on technique technique can really save them. And I thought he did extremely well extremely well I'm just on the corners not the sixties but just the corners and general enemy put it I kept remodel or does this record elder net. Because they played extremely well in that nickel copper and nickel position a normal third down you've got to get out on third down there were 212 this 70%. My goodness where has a lot to do what the third down package and that means kept them on the court noted you have to Dell Cullen Jones you know without a nickel spot. Zocor Marlins have been one of the stories of camping looks lighter and playing now like he's young he's motivated he knows last year didn't go the way he thought it would when he came back serious playing time got decreased I think can he spent this off season. Kind of chewing on that and coming back as you said in better shape. And he's a physical player this thing is he decent tackles along the line of scrimmage in addition what he's doing and in the coverage in the secondary but in the run game. He's in their former up making tackles out there side that combination you just mention of him and corn elder that's a great 12 combination in that slot there. And I think that's going to be fun and Mike Adams talked about it to talk about last couple bases. It's sometimes when you change the locker to change a cultural and Adams is more that leadership role that there were last year's first your player here they finally forever but first your clear here wasn't comfortable. Being the vocal leader and now I think he's assuming more of that kind of mentoring role back there and was searching went down immediately calling came in the game is empirical silliest guys tackles. So if you Tony Taylor mode when we come back I am soft spoken smaller knee joint talking to a yeah a good guy and man if you play all. All alt to position our office of I think he has a some pointers pre season so percent of course before that interview this soaked with Taylor mode when we return. With more parent or talk on the Carolina Panthers radio network. Historians and entered talks on the Carolina Panthers radio network. And off the left side that's. It's Weiler. 26 yard line. Look at the near side yeah. Erotica if my market's pain city good. There really don't game plan for all the stuff that they throw my chips which was great because we handle a lot of it well and Lotta we didn't. Which is gonna help us in terms of the forum or go back as coach of little look at what happened to remove explain it to the players say these are the things are happening for the breakdowns or. These are things that happened in this of the positive a successful things that we did to counteract it and it be great learning and teaching tools for yourself. You know I really do appreciate play against teams like this that that are repressive that amount tact you've. Come on both sides of the ball and special teams that's what makes you really look at things and do things the right way. Back to a mix mix and Jim silky and Eugene Robinson wins ten entered talks almost Carolina Panthers radio network. So there is an area of concern coach are very even addressing it today guys it's offensive line because of injuries absences. It could be a couple of days could be couple months in the cases some displacement Taylor mode is taking up a lot of slack and second year second round draft choice out of western Michigan last year. Talking today at practice about how he's doing at right tackle in this his second season with the team. Yeah definitely gets on now similar problems playbook can. Car most mentally just you know I'm saying how the game more or some. Just death so excited for what do you bring us from Maine the chance. Person do whatever is asked have you but how do you like right tackles at a position that if you could pick right where you'd be on the line that they want the ones who runs in and I wouldn't say. My dad did Columbus is no yet ultimately am just ready to play wherever the coach needs me to a team needs me tough. Much of a learning curve for you doing guard and tackle a source focusing on one position like that yeah I mean nom. Robin cross training me all through the summer in. You know I knew coming into this you know camp that's played spider position soft hum hop. Just no more you can do better in. For more company can. Do you feel to place a better so. There's a group is a little bit to go the opposite part of that revolving chairs saying that to not have time the unity did not necessarily have the same five and a backup pair coming and so forth. Finally got a tiny group on offense O'Brien and miles whoever comes in as soon we had a chemistry its own north always build on and that's. Still only blown me off facets of the game. A lot of the skill position guys are about what norv Turner's office is like what is likely use linemen as far as blocking for all that's going on this offensive mean. Tom thank given more than just whatever plays ball on the block whether it's a pass play in detecting camera rump flannel and holds off. Ultimately assist us another playbook and and I'm in Minnesota took off who have. It all matters of course but there's a team when you can run for joining 26 yards like he did last week against Miami if that's a physical dominating performance like that you guys take even more pride in something those kind of numbers because this team is really focused on the run. Dead ops Lou Izzo is always last week on a ball like that so he knows trying to grow and get better from anthems you know just. Showcase their talents we can we get out. Classy play New England obviously team a lot of heritage in there and the recent success in the past decade and a half or so what's it like in this game the starters to play the longest against a really quality opponent like doing it. It's just dumb to me also meant to look whoever. His lineup playing on front means I'm just give us an opponent who. I focus on you know doing my job and feel like candid helps the team sought him aside about the town's another whole team us. So these dame was he basically staying in his lane focused on his job doesn't really look at all the other. Components he just does what he needs to do and when coach calls you a smaller. Boom that's a compliment a man I think she couldn't really make a huge difference went on a team that's got some injuries in some cases some age on it. Taylor mode memory has another great pick us here in the songwriter along time. Jordan Gross said there have been a good tackle you have to have the ability to move slowly agreement is that as your going back in UNJ said the dissidents last. Linebacker whoever that player play may be. Is that there's a certain count. There has to go through your head that you love the quarterback that throw the ball and that every bishop before second guess what the bush will be gone. But if need be shoot early then you didn't lose slowly. The other component that he talked about as you gotta have good feet and good heads and relatives Watson just that that the Fillmore and until Mon do you notice as has Clinton's. The push of the samples inside he was it was grabbing the air in and get this feat in the position where you can use the stairs. And remove the a defender out of position. He's got a nice range of bottom. I like this young man and he played extremely well there the week before an extremely well this. He's already technically sound he's very sorry he's not just some athletic the wrong guy who's figuring it out and he's actually doing a technique wise owners and yes and now that met a little into his knee is hurt in the move and they may move. Two more to the left side. I think he's more suited for playing the left tackle his. The right tackle but he say it a matter need committees about how I'll play. Good interview and also a shout out to deserve doing a great job on the radio side with Eugene colonies plays I'm proud of my team. We got depth we've got talent as we're doing great job fellas appreciated where you Iraq and Kevin. We insight Arnold does two I'm looking forward to another against those guys are looking forward to a start the regular season in the band back together. There's an old saying that this is from god just. It's just doesn't do it blues brother frazzled sorry can go. There's an old saying they goes goes to make good man pulled us Maloney skin makes the man. Because when the lights are love. And what earth wind and far out when there's emotions playing that's who's coordinate on your football moves so it is may be holding. Yeah close at eight and do you know you're really going on his hands up and Marty attorney general manager of the Carolina Panthers. Is next from Bank of America Stadium. I'm screens and Tim Russert talk. Right side of the rockets and very quick attack. It's just for the what makes. Now I think we did play good. We could've played better. Knowing that we'll just seems capable of girls show a lot of classes panther talk continues on the Carolina printers radio network. OK Marty attorney general manager of the Carolina Panthers Marty wasn't too long ago that you in the Panthers and all the NFL teams would be preparing. To cut the roster from ninety down 75 it's a little different now as he gets away. How do you like the new system. I like it you know that's the thing like most about it make is that you go and a fourth pre season game one that you really don't play this starts much if at all. In you get another game to evaluate all the other guy. Guys and that's the game that they played pretty much you know 34 quarters so. While cutting from my anyone the 53 makes it a busy weekend couple days after the Pittsburgh game. I like the fact that we get another game to evaluate all those guys served there have been instances in the past where. You know a guy you might not have kept in that pre season game that final one. Plays well and ends up making your your teen so I think it's just another game too good to evaluate guys which is did. Did you spend the weekend breaking the tape down of the Miami game and if so what did you say. We did we. Watching tape and I think there are a lot of good things to think it did. You know overall offensively we were. We were good in a lot of areas obviously there are some areas we need to improve on and and there were a couple plays state you know either. Either protection or decisions things like that we need to get better but that's what this time nears for defense what do you think the biggest biggest. Positive was his did they had to feel good very good field position. Inside our twenty several times and we on the field goals and I think there are a lot of there were several young players say it. Did step up in and keep improving that have caught our eye hearing. He keep taking advantage of their opportunities so you know is similar to the first game there's a lot to work on but there also was a lot of bright spots for foundation. I heard her Norv Turner say the other day Mardy that he thinks this could be an excellent screen team of all the weapons do you see at the same point. To do I think did a canyon and nor does he know we're gonna do a variety of things offensively and it's the you know a lot of it we we haven't really gotten into yet but it. Of course we can and we have the facts mean look running backs but pretty deep position for us right now and Chris McCaffery obviously caused him to do is look at what he's done things the last couple games and last year about it. You know CJ Anderson Cameron artist pain Kenyan garner Elijah good. They've you know they've all. Slash with the area and then shown taken advantage of the opportunities so. And I think our offense online group we have guys who had good feet and can get out space and I think that well so now just being more a lot of things that we do offensively I think it will give defense has some some trouble. It's an exciting play when it works well when will you begin to sort out. How many receivers how many backs how many quarterbacks except her. Make the final pair the roster we talk about it every day in and we have of kind of a blueprint. But again injuries that one position might affect. Numbers add another so you really can't solidify until they have to get that Pittsburgh game and see where your health wise and you know you get. Medical information on guys it's like where's Chris Mann heard swears Daryle Williams in his rehab process so it's gonna go down a 53 to really get through it. That point how many numbers you keep these five. We have a blueprint of how many would like to keep the spot now it's just you know injuries we'll determine. How we have to adjust that's enough. Rosters in the league are living kind of breathing evolving things did you pick up but tied and over the weekend. We did we we signed Jason race to out of Missouri a rookie free agent at camp assigned. And cut last week and we brought him in in and he's gonna get some reps and right now it's just you know about trying to get guys reps numbers rise and then anytime you bring a new guy in like that it's an opportunity for him to show what he can do so. The week we did that in this economy are now you're just. The pro scouts were all just look in his much tape as she can have the other teams. Not 53 man cuts gonna come pretty quick cheering and so you wanna have an evaluation on. A lot of guys are trying to figure out who's gonna make it who's not who might be available what spots he might need help. My final question. You could just say it's the pre season but do you wanna show well against the patriots even more because of the success that team is set. I think he just wanted to show well because it's a third pre season game you're playing your starters it's about now and and it's about shell and basically progress we have made a training camp in the patriots beat you can't get a better test canyon so. That's a good thing not playing a team like that is stake in this game where we're gonna play our starters in the third quarter in your gonna game plan some Manhattan became operations closes in the regular season. It's a great team the play because it's the ultimate test and I think it'll be a very good. A valuation tools and where were act but really you just this time near you wanna go out. Can you wanted to execute you wanna see what you're doing and that's what we'll do. One of the top executives in the National Football League and he's our guy to GM Marty attorney Marty thanks for your time. Appreciate it a. Still be fishing in the stands 'cause of the patriots. Patriots fans. Moved down here that's usually do and draft day. Give birth to new patriot fans and they've been winning for awhile so it's incumbent upon Perez defense not to give their tickets please tell anyone wearing. A Bledsoe. Or Brady Bledsoe while. Yes Jersey a Grogan. This program and our way back on our list of pure implies Obama. No no she's a mother Tedy Bruschi Jersey guys not your friend for the. You know what thing. More Daryn imagine this is the third pre season game this is one pre season and is more like a word of the season game. Every player knows it did the the veterans play more they played longer they're go into the second half tick in the series and that the second half so. This is them game that's most like. A regular season game what makes a new pictures very very good a look at the numbers of 177 yards of passing. Rushing only showed New York's rushing the difference maker is Tom Brady won sixteen quarterback rating 70% toward Iraq. A main to just show you know interception this guy is the difference maker you stop that guy you can stop the patriots. Particularly because because slowdown pitches from say that because a lot of pictures but to have start with Tom Brady. Tom Brady is such a difference maker that the other quarterbacks oil and other guys it at that corner or in a vote among. Less than like eighty. He's a difference maker and because of that that's why I believe that the pitcher is always the game and they always good because that time. Tumble defense is indifference of corners of trying to figure not allow for sixteen for seventeen Tumblr and even the super boy put up record setting numbers and a loss to Philadelphia they couldn't stop him. But that's your point I mean he's such a great test for this defense Syria doing a game like this he played a lot in their second pre season game last week sold primarily plays a lot in this one Jim Brady so you get that test for the defense this the other Dugas what are real some grim mix them as it is critical we always played the New England Patriots well and we beaten encourage them. We just got then number actually we just have the number we played them well all the time. Interest and well Brady throws the ball AA he's incredibly accurate everything's already been said about Tom Brady but for these young DB's. They're bound to be a whole different ago against this guy because he can move you would desires. Don't fall further shoulder Flickr the helmet opening it looks like he's look in this way zip the ball comes writer here at. And to a to a wide open receiver so it'll be fun let's take a short break we'll come out with more parent or talk from the like Tony and institute of broadcasting studios. This is the Carolina Panthers radio network. Talk continues on the Carolina testers radio network. Big mixing Eugene Robinson Jim's a few let's go position by position. Interesting and we don't coach the team of course but let's just got a kick this around a bit start the running back. Because. No matter what some very good football players are going to be released and yes thank you Reggie bond fund. Elijah good test. To say nothing of. And oil has ever doubt that there may go to bubble to his camera out and say you know everybody's gonna go to bubble Henderson is shown extremely well. You know martyr had a monster game. On this past weekend. Yeah of course McCaffery it was a big east mural lewd so good is you can't have everybody on the team not just you just kitten so. You're fighting for every bit realistic you fight when you're out there and here's some the difference you look at the yards per carry. Are really believe seek cures our friends at one point six yards per carry. Months from the cash is that Tim points something. And then just Barbara has ordered a simpler yes so can help young teams yet all that. Factors then and that's why coach was saying that this can be very very tough because he's gonna have to say goodbye. To some really good running backs are really good receivers or go to any position to go to the sick about some really good football play. And they may have to overload on offensive line if they've got a guy is pending injuries were you may have to carry an extra lineman we won remake it those decisions would get to me CJ Anderson. The Simpson Jonathan Stewart roll and then you've got Kenyan border makes his team in the Fuzzy Whitaker role. And I think Christine McCaffrey is a perfect editor Krista McCaffery guy on this team or panacea and that Alice arm has a swing player he can do fullback but he can also help H back tight end to a couple different things Decker you slot him. What is helped the running backs if you move if you. Consider armagh tight end yes. Absolutely militant group this British and this is gonna be really critical that more cameras are sprig in this game against New England. If you have the show extremely well I mean he's got that have a much demolished a game and don't forget Ellison to see any football player. You know only auditioned to make you're seeing there additionally somebody else changes occasionally gut this so that's just the nature of the beast. We're talking battle goes on both courts have to open your question about which are that you backup quarterbacks he thinks ahead of the other right now with Gilbert that energy. Well. I think tough. I think what. I think what we'll get a a peek into that window by who comes in first on the third game plug this into your pictures that I think that's good news to tell side. It was guy comes into this again at the pick and Heather I'm going to give them the more time to doing it in and do things so we'll wait to see you on that. Our willow tip line backers may be the from Bank of America Stadium to attempt. And just look. His third exclusively on the Carolina Panthers radio that. And there's also the New England Patriots. Should go home network is set for 730 next. Continues on the Carolina Panthers radio network and yes it does more fair and hours of the week thanks for hanging out where this big makes engines are. Eugene Robinson. To deep talented linebacker room. What do you guys. Think of who makes attainment who might. Beyond the bubble in the road and don't sleep all male Ben Jacobs and charity horse Jerry Norris got a really good game. He's one of those underdog guys he's the special teams girl he shows up on the film. So we've looked really gutsy decision. But Jermaine Carter Carter and Carter you remain Carter. You're number guys set. There's not enough spots can you gut response would TV. Oh Luken and then go neck and Shaq so those are the three or possibly four spots. To do for you spend all sides are really more for because they all those four that aren't the starters all can play special teams well industries have shut the candidate desperate Carter. She has a lot of potential Nelson drafted Andre Smith and John has been healthy and he's definitely I was and you know could you may be stashed in my practice squad you know yes you can do that always you know Chris tries to go football player so rich brown stepped up. So you got a number of guys in must again nest at the nature of the business wasn't a 3.2 years in National Football League not too many people us and how about the deal Lional kind of depth of the Pentagon won't let me let me go to the. It doesn't tackle where Nokia can show and an tempo but also low has always shown up. He's just a guy and Limbaugh is another guy who has a lot of speak complain that because civilians but so you got your four I think really set. In those forward fit in on the outs I would the president. But Mario Addison I think Wes Horton this that nod and then I also believe that Brian are not saints not break risk is that not. Over marquis is mark McCann chased out because there's six really good names and Russia on all additional validation I got you got the mix too if there's an end after about a had a sack coming in the game. So this number guys but what I look at. That hole trying to transition a mean that that that that that collection of guys. Can brag Cox he's just a guy who shows opens are also gamer and he's got room to room just sexy. There's velocity or good about the set I got JJ JS's slotted in it snapper then go and oregano. Kicker. And Michael party as the potter elect them CNET has been there's been a mentally I was growing competition for a lot of those jobs it's nice to have that just you know. Previous put those guys out there and lock and load on a it sort of tells us a good show. They don't agree with you I grew with the so this have been rather talk an exclusive presentation to Carolina Panthers. And the National Football League along with gyms are at the Eugene Robinson the rest of our crew this is meg Nixon we'll see you next week for another edition of saint. This is like Carolina Panthers radio network.