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Panther Talk
Monday, January 8th

GM Marty Hurney, Coach Ron Rivera and TE Ed Dixon join Mick, Jim & Eugene for the final Panther Talk of the 2017 season.


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Always has an exclusive presentation of the Carolina Panthers. Yeah yeah. Moments Carolina. Out in Carolina fans. They spoke to the resilience of this this football team of this organization first thing that we've gone through. And everything these guys that it deal with I think they handled it very very nicely and I think there's a tremendous amount of character and are in our locker room. Into our building and I'm no longer which you and so Pete and Eugene Robinson cheers and make Nixon we've entered talk. Lives from a Panthers broadcast facility at Bank of America Stadium. All season long the Carolina Panthers. Had the touch in close games it was a super. Posted end like this but yesterday. The Panthers fall behind New Orleans gamely fights back pulled within five. Also at the New Orleans 21 with under a minute to play first downs OK and the Carolina Panthers could not. Skidded into the incident could it be fair to say that on this particular day yesterday the saints were just better and cleaner overall in their own Billick felt that way there is so there's a value to provide the Panthers to get back into the game but the problem was that they had to get back into the game while loan policy to scored three touchdowns in the first half the Panthers. Kicked three field goals and it's a tough team to fall behind because of how much they can score. And you knew it at 21 at halftime that was gonna finish cellular to stop them a 21 necessarily. And be able to you to outscored them but for the Panthers be in the game right until the end. They're considering a part of thought behind that that was a great effort by drew disappointed with. Especially the first half the way that went out they couldn't get touchdowns in the red zone while the talk today about to a couple of different things so let's break it down number one the Mike Adams. Interception late when the saints went for a non traditionally on fourth. And two from the Carolina 47. Could Rivera seemed to think that that play should have been reviewed and he didn't get much of an explanation on why it was not the thinking being from Panthers. Perspective that that was not an interception that was it was not caught me now would have meant a sixteen yards. Difference in field position having Ernie chatter about that played that yet that's post as supposed to be reviewed the final two minutes so surprising that it was and I change of possession I thought it was very borderline that it was an interception thumb so yeah I don't know why. Coach city to get a really good explanation on at the moment in the game but. To me I thought that was a gaffe but again. As you. You did what you'd rather just knock it down connected to that point where you hope some extra few corrupting and interceptions that was unfortunate. I thought that was one that should have been may be in the panthers' favor as far as Elise a review of the play. Two other issues one is the intentional grounding and we got home last night I asked my wife what they were saying about it on TV. And she said that on the TV broadcast he she gets enough us. On Arabia as who she wanted to sonics and doesn't listen nor broadcast she sporadically she does he had just two years some talking points for areas for improvement moving forward. But she said that on TV. The they're the guys were saying that it looked like Newt was outside the tackle box now mob Merida elements county girl so her tackle box is freaky Friday Elena sandwich just affect the blood worms and maybe some lures. But does she seem to it to be quoting TV. I don't know why she doesn't listen to our broadcast face a comet's lycra Nazis she does somebody C. Well so what do you think I mean did it was borderline mean I'll be honest I would have to see a replay where at a couple different angles be sure it was very much right on the cusp of being outside the tackle but that I thought. He was making me attempt to get out of a tackle boxes as we'll see it on the TV side and expenditure on the radio side here. He takes a couple of steps to the right and tries to get rid of it so he's making an effort there. And so to me I was close as is hard to say exactly there's not a defined area on the field as defined based on player movement so that's all the more difficult and I went. Could a possible fix on that dessert moving forward be may data review will play in just put it. Put it up on the on the screen in new York and then draw the line draw that illustrator lines. From the outside of each time I even give me in the last two minutes like feeling is probably the Mike Adams played begin to produce a lot like stop the game constantly for reviews. I think it is a porn get and that gave scenarios right now so maybe even in the last two minutes something like that maybe that could become review oval. The defense has to be rewarded for penetration for putting a quarterback. And in a bad way. Yet. Grounding is so punitive particularly under two minutes you got. Loss of yardage you've got. Claussen down and you got a 102 run off and under two minutes and on the clock starts on the officials ready for play so. My gosh and it felt like go to the principal's office. Think in two or three extra waksal I figured on horses a fumble the ball their side of the pylon and Elizabeth Holtzman condemned applauded wanna. It was very punitive for for what it was and that's out of such a borderline. Circumstance that they weren't sure about a kind of liken it I would feel its way in general what is watching a football game I didn't ever rooting interest what coach Rivera said his. If you're not sure don't throw that penalty flag. You'll be sure it's a gray area you're not sure it as an as officiating crew don't throw that penalty flag because it it changed the game I took away what might have been a great ending there not just as a fan. I would think what's so let's err on the side of not torn flags must have something real obvious. Makes us always say it the other thing off from the sort of the newsdesk is apparently. Social media goes crazy. The NFL will look in two did the Panthers follow. The concussion protocol Cam Newton though in his post game press conference which is available on Panthers dot com you can watch it. He plainly says it wasn't. Head trauma it was my there was an IQ. And he sat down they're cam did it made it look worse but he is try to get Derek Anderson time Eugene to warm up there because as Libya's southern Jane heard Derek Anderson had a run on the field so. Cam was doable soccer thing they're hypocrite like sit down you're injured but I just by a little bit more time got dragged his feet getting to the sidelines or as opposed to I'm so woozy I can't make it to. I don't what you're supposed to do disposal unit and they give yourself some time for the other guy to come on in the game and particularly the quarterback spot so for Kim to go down per before. Exiting the field was really Smart move on his part to allows. I love dear to go ahead and warmup unbeknownst so Smart move. We got a good show planned. Good show. Thanks to you this the last unit to let children using your putting a lot of effort in this on it's so long a lot of moving parts but deal gets all the credit our executive producer we are here by the way in the deal's David like there were here in the like Tony and institute of broadcasting studios. Tom Warner spectrum has the pictures and of course on the Carolina Panthers radio network well we come back we're gonna talk to coach Ron Rivera. And will chop it up with him and see what kind of state of mind confusion right now this is rather talk on the Carolina Panthers radio network. We'll review simple standard talk for a 58. Yard fifth hole to within twelve. No brought the imaginary line goes up right from the city like a half a mile away from this fifty. It was back got to be ready kids in the pits and after kid and go to Berlin it's got potential and it is good well. Didn't throw the ball fastball over the little fun also a touchdown can't do crossing route complete fifty yard line McCaffery operations for the thirty to 45 this morning the fifteenth at 10 o'clock. Foot cell. We are fortunate that we we did fight our way back some some really good things by a lot of good players. Prom then and unfortunately you know we just to get it done and and that's you know memorize lists that don't feel bad for proof for the players for about work coaches and you know for our support and I also really do feel bad for fans a man they're tremendous all year they're they're forceful time and really supported mrs. you know rebel Wafer. They use these pictures told the semi blind adults formerly Caroline or simply news radio network. Endings are always sudden when they come and they can have she'll leave this to them but the Carolina Panthers did some good things Ron Rivera steps into our. Cantor talk a studio right now because what will you remember the 2017. Carolina Panthers for. Their resilience make you know through over all the trials and tribulations we had the assurance that the guys held very well thought they played. Are they they they did do things that they needed to do is give themselves a chance at the end of the day and a number Prada. You've been opened throughout your career about your learning process as a head coach what did you learn in 2017. About Serbian head coach of the major southeastern a corporation a brand like the Carolina Panthers. He'll make probably the biggest is that you know no no matter how you look at things in the matter what you do or say. You know all comes down to that so the organization and I think we've got a very solid foundation near highlight what we've accomplished in our in our and our in our seven seasons here. I think you know being in the playoffs for the last five years as it has been. Real success stores forces a group. Do league notices your success and the branches of the Ron Rivera coaching tree look like they're bearing fruit is that a good problem to have for you. Threat yes and no it's good that we got guys be recognized for what they're doing but. No because you know it's bad because you know we're losing another good coach potentially receive books you know he'll be on the interview circuit and he'll have an opportunity for head coaching position. You've been there you knocked on some doors before you got want to open how would you advise. You know I think you know early on my first got started. My I think my approach was was was more about what I learned as opposed to what I know. Comment by that I mean we talk well I learned this from the Scotia learn aframax coach it's like okay. Well I know this and I know that that's the difference and and I think unified approach it like they'll move more. That I know things already. I think that might help me. Are you happy that you're going to be the Carolina panther coach for a while longer when your contract extension form part of about a become really in my like where we are really do. How likely we are as a football team like the direction we're headed. But more importantly realize recognize is still some work to do. There were various. Well again I I think as we go through our personnel groups in the in the next few days will get a better feel for where we sure it gets stronger yet. Tom but I do know this I think our our group of men we have of the right topic character. That you need to have downstairs in your locker room and and and because of that I felt good about us. Was this a good scheme here did you enjoy that the tactical planning that the Panthers brought exes and analyzed each game. I do you I like the aggressiveness of which we played office of the defense so his specialties and I think that's gonna help us we go forward. Any thing about cam Newton's performance yesterday surprise you know no not at all I mean he worked very hard this week and no last week in his preparation for this game and and I thought we showed especially the way he he he played name gave us an opportunity away at the end of the game. Greg Olsen with a monster game Christian McCaffrey also of 100 plus receiving yards let's talk about Olson's first did you see him kind of bounced back to form after the foot injury. Finally I really did he was a tough road for him or me coming back off a broken foot. And as quickly as he did did that that was pretty amazing and that I just I get it out and try to give us everything he could down the stretch it. You know showed he showed last night the way polite not a Christian McCaffery Kosher very has been through the grind of one NFL season. What do you think you have in the 22. Utterly uninteresting young man he's very dynamic football player who wants to do the best he can and I think he can help us is we go for an am excited to see what kind of player will be next year. What was it like being around Julius Peppers further 2017. Years so it was amazing you really was some I knew who you was I knew the maneuver professionally. And after having been with him just for your you know I would love to have him earlier in his career I think you would have been a tremendous tremendous thing. Yeah is something else no doubt what are the next couple days be like for you and your staff. Well be evaluation time change first look at things and make some decisions some things we go forward. All right last thing before I let you go a little housekeeping apparently because the press corps asked you about this today there was some concern. Outside of the building about how the the the head injury or and I entry to Cam Newton was handled what can you tell panther fans about where that stance. Well I think the thing everybody understand this in our doctors do a tremendous job. And they came out and and and then took. An exam on came on the sun on the field. They somebody said it took him to the sidelines and he didn't go back and right away and then they just wanted to make sure everything was OK but. Based on what he said Larry I again from my press coverage right after the game. My I think you spoke for self and and I I really think everybody needs to relax and listen to what our doctors are telling them. Actually understand that they didn't think Tarawa. Four out of five seasons in the playoffs well done coach you know look for the more success is moving forward I appreciate them. Coach Ron Rivera then that at the camera guys. The Panthers. Did we not save Sean Payton from being crucified. For going for it on fourth and two had the Panthers got the touchdown. Late and won it Debian national story I think you. Probably get a run on trial on Helen Vanessa store because. A game that you firmly have been control and what to do you play the percentages and can be so wizard says. You put the Balkans even if you're wrong you depend on the twenty yard line. That's what you'd assuming that does not block. Another blocked punt but Japan and Tony are like you have to go eighty yards but no timeouts Russell and you knew the tests that's a lot. And so for them to almost conceding give us some yardage that we some hidden yardage he would definitely get and smashed no doubt about that. Cumberland and I was an outlet that was not on third and two that they ran and I note that this unit had success but in this game they did not have success running the ball. You've got hoping quarterback Drew Brees I would take my odds on him. 'cause like about the fourth into after they did the threat it is to jump offside to go shotgun tonight Allen saying you're going for it but that you're throwing for it so they basically. Eliminated any roles right in now you'd better either and half the field I thought they bots themselves into. An obvious corner as far as what the play was going to be as a winner also could lose the campus for small for defending it in LA and pick up the first down but. I just not in Sean Peyton won a Super Bowls obviously knows what he's doing by decide in that situation. The play the percentages just punt the ball and take your chances. But I thought also make quicken up thought there was some new councilman told Drew Brees look if you have to up and throw the ball deep downfield. And hopefully when there are those guys with intercepted or a DPI something. Because it's the tradition and knocked the ball down for the cause of back. You've got to be really in the moment be focused because Mike Adams should have not been bought out this and caught the ball for such. Thought it was crazy about the NFL is that if you do to your word Eugene conventional wisdom if you do conventional wisdom. And it doesn't work. When you're fine well those Ira died of conventional wisdom. But if you do nonconventional. Did you break the tradition switcher etched in these yet dinosaur fossil from the Jurassic era of football. That's your risk averse we were talk about that a little bit because. Shopping is known for just being like the gutsy in an angle Ford Focus on Socrates. Runs off spirits he's. Come on its own money I have a little area usually get bit yeah I know where city ran us we will have well got a little re rack it up retailer one night not one of my prouder moment Ed Dickson from the Carolina panther locker room that's next this is the Carolina Panthers radio network. How serious is a special player over reducing both candid talk. It's no wonder she's an informant unfortunately for us. Mr. Obama now. Got a lot of guys in this locker room where they are and he's done great job for the city and I think you talk about anybody in this locker and they appreciate what it did force and what it meant his team and we've provided everybody in this locker room. You stayed in North Carolina south aren't done so much force and we owe a lot them unfortunate for us didn't go our wanted to send form four. She tells us back. Back to a mix mix and Jim silky and Eugene Robinson which entered talk on the Carolina Panthers radio network had a locker room a little melancholy this morning we're talking to the great Ed Dickson offense they're talking tonight as though what emotions does this bring up for you as. You have some your teammates say about the 2070 Carolina Panthers tonight. It's tough you know it's finished a season like that we know we had a lot of football left until I left fitness. Let you know who. Take a look at the season in a lot of things to be happy about be proud about him. A lot of south of fuel bill the far you know there's just a lot of young players on this team a lot of veteran players and a lot of football Austin. Smith left and I'm in. Just keep a positive outlook on on everything moving into the future usual pretty good about the pieces in place here move forward I'm so great about it you know. Russian guys grow up like McCaffrey in his first year player like the burner player. Some of the of the young Larry series that's gonna close to a bigger roles and to some of the veteran players are still playing outstanding for foreign owned you know. It's very good organization very good club. To lock up our head coach for the next couple years is huge asset. And an end to move on from there you know we got to get better we got to get better we got a can compete for you know there were chairmanship and SR ultimate goal it's a contract here for you wanna be of a Carolina panther. Well it down runs on it is no question about it you know I. Four years ago ice to join his team and a journey that they are already on. We got just got to topple him on we didn't finish it. Or working you know tirelessly our Sid to get back to that covered mound and I wanna be a part of it and I know I know. For fact that we can get there we can win one. It's not let the business segment aspect take over renowned you know. Or else we don't lock this down and I'll be here. For years to come and confiscated a ton mound no doubt of the greats come more questions for years how do you want the 2017 Carolina Panthers to be remembered. And in this cyst. Just by its no couple words you don't. That we live but you know we can't comment. We kept pounding it wasn't pretty you know we would want in rewards for for of the best whatever you offense defense or special teams play. No we kept on the and we kept. Doing things that people thought we couldn't. And when you believe in each other when you have a team that come again like dead you know sky's the limit you know we cannot stop that derails it. Too early in my eyes and I am going to be relatively early signs you know we got it dead parrot let them burn. Carries over to next season's end and come out of running your own fire what are your plans for the next couple weeks. It's gonna take you think so days off you know my father so you don't feel. Be much is left little bit more. Say. Syria by so my teammates because the most let them go and see their families and of no event. Being able to get away from football and in seamlessly watch a little bit of the play us and it was a little bit grin on my face but you know. Just give away from it. For a little bit before you fire up again and get ready for the off season. Final question. A lot of guys in the locker room this morning and looked like our collect and trade inside and things will come what. If you which color grown men was all out about. We were still having phone would that we suing you know. Jason Hart you know so. We've been a lot of guys been planned this for a firm that now I have to live now so I'll just give memories you know win every season's different. Yeah I know from being a veteran player event. You know every season is not same in a lot of peace and to be different. Knowing there are exactly the same pieces so you know you wanna get memories from. 2017. Season so you got he's got a sign helmets again and sign enters their claim that just remember this season. Collect funds collectively as a whole and then move on to the next. Did Dixon off rather talk tonight at thanks appreciate the way you do your job meant good luck move forward precision guys Virginia all the love you guys gave me this year's especially if fans who've ignored other fans and the media so. Features you guys he'd come it was CES next season. Senior class did digs and then that locker room was I've seen I mean. People swap and phone numbers and signing out walk through there in my cellphone last several groups of guys guys you don't need my digits that we can be a voice. In the off season and afraid our hurdle I was numb our strength coach good. Good we'll let me if I interpret that to me billion that would mean later. Edited and they're world. Knew what it is that that took tiger we miss you you'll leave the 2007. Seventy season will not be the same Nestle wanting that Dixon is. Talk about that the makeup in that locker room wound up in America president step one of til next year 2000 aging it just won't be so grab a memory. In and enjoy it because this this this this season is a bit. And you know makes with the coach earlier is such a sudden thing in the season comes to an enemy plane down into the final minute of the game and then. Twelve hours later whatever it is everyone's gone and done physically gone and then you're subset of the lockers and all that stuff so it does happen quickly I swear I thug. Guys lingered longer this year could just be me but I maintained it there's something special about this team. There have been years when if you got here late you're gonna get. Trampoline I mean run over. There's no word I'm looking for crispy critters whatever to both judges a stampede that these court thank you talked about Val placed sixth. There's talk. But but this year they're eight guys that were hanging out I mean this noon 12:31 o'clock they're still guys. Saying their goodbyes and just kind of talent around this our broadcast roundtable brought you by Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance the tradition Eugene. Of of swapping jerseys helmets a signature issues all that I can't be needed they do that when you. Have slow everybody. Coming despot did them before me and then after me it still is a tradition where you just remember the season. Then you forget like during the season to do those things and it in the season catch you hold up. I gotta get in a wanted to get this guy's autograph I wanna Thomas Davis autograph how what it Julius Peppers. A future hall of famers autograph and and I've never gotten around to it this is it time to go into those things. It's cool as you've been Natalee long enough that the start you collected is actually released. I know that's like a much all famers I got some really cool just pull a favorite car premiere in all accounts could do but also Tony Bennett we're not look now when we see gene your. I own eBay unless I was open before that Reggie White and Brett favre's helmet call. Two hall of famers and attitude and just say that when it I was I would buy it used to next to a liberal and so. So we go to pro football dot. Cup pro football talk dot com pro football focus others other web sites. That we we look at more than just a regular old fox ESP n.'s CBS forces setter. And there's a Eugene likes the word narrative there's a narrative out there that the Panthers don't have enough skill around Cam Newton will address that. We'll also check in with Marty party chairmen your Carolina Panthers won't Heather talk continues next. Oil producing both Sandra talk. This roster overload to keep good. Certain things discussed. And they wouldn't you know hate there. I couldn't do enough to. You know giving women grateful. A lot of guys not think so. So and so that's my emotions in this game brings men together. Love phones for the rest of your life. For me to take. The last snaps with a field couple prayers listing in this it's hard. It's these pictures tall come and Caroline and news radio network. General manager of the Carolina Panthers Marty Kerney has been about the building. All day today first or second floor his office the locker room account emotions does a day like this bring up for you mark. About SanDisk is it's a finality of it did seem only be you're opening be able to continue this season which is. Tino had a lot of great moments till it then we were openly be about preparing for Minnesota ranked number. We fought hard we we really did believe we did. It came extremely close but. There was just like any game you can look at four or five plays and that's one or two went the other way he would win the game and he can drive yourself crazy doing that but now it it focuses on today's a weird day because. You're still dealing with a loss in the end the season but you're also. Looking calm as we always do but you've got Mormon nine now on next season and what needs to be done and and you just get caught up in in everything they we need to do between now and training camp to improve our team and give there ourselves a shot to get back in the same position we're in. What do we need to do in your opinion. From I think there is you know sorrow Ares I think yesterday's sought and we need to improve the F slated schism in the speed. At this skill positions almost side Obama. Add to that end and you know we have to and again every offseason yet decide what you're right Dan and he's going to be arguing that I Denny on defense pretty much has stayed the same what's runner Mary is. His stake coach it's it's basically his defense philosophy and we have the dead identify what we want to look like I'm on both sides of the ball. And then we have to go to identified that talent that will help us that we can acquire either through free agency street free agent. The draft all the avenues we have time to acquire players and you have to really build you know several plans on how you're gonna attack it may help offseason. And if it does me you know we have a lot of work to do but I think that's the exciting part of the job do you wanna be a part of that process. I love what I do make them again everybody's asking that I I did I get up but take each day at a time and not just I'd I'm extremely lucky to get up and coming to a place that it. I love and know about respect all the people in the organization then. Just but I enjoy doing what I am doing and I never tending get caught up in the future I try to take each state for insults and do the best job I can every day and that's. Where approach your work in a place that loves and respects you as well so hopefully you know that and feel that. You've got to hand off late which you've got into the line of scrimmage and broke some tackles and made some first downs and even scored some. What amount of pride do you detect Marty for your your stewardship for this playoff season. Well I take pride in the group I mean you know downstairs locker in the way we thought yesterday in the way we never gave up this year in the coaching staff in the job that run does and in the direction we get some from mystery at sea and then not in all the people in the building it's just you know that's what makes this job so special is today. He come to work every day and there is you know 15200. People that are working for the same goal everybody wants to. The ultimate goals to win the Super Bowl win. You know when you were adamant like I was. That's and you you realize is still what you miss most is the people in the relationships in the camaraderie and and because everybody works very hard here. In everybody's very close together and I think that's why you're the most proud of is what the group accomplished what everybody worked together. He while we accomplished this year certainly wasn't our goal we wanna win this Super Bowl. But we went down in and we fought hard just wasn't enough. It's Cam Newton misunderstood. Outside the building and someone is market. I always think I'd definitely and I think they you know I'm biased I've I've been with Kim since day one. From. His little wind is as great as any player I've been around and he gets it and he knows state. It's not about one guy it's about 5360. In the locker room and the attitude that you bring in the desire and really. The refusal to lose stud that did bid to you know build the fear of failure so to speak to end. She knows that it it takes the right kind of people in everybody's got to be on the same page and I think he proves that when he goes out on the field in just the way he competes. I thought he'd be played incredibly well yesterday and I think that he is really played well all season. And they and you can see him it's it's great to see that those professional growth and maturity that that he has gone through the last seven years in. Com I think she's said the other top. Franchise quarterback in the league and I I I don't know where they concede that way outside the building but it. I know that people inside a new runner Aaron know myself I know the coaches and his teammates view him is that. And that's all that matters to him. This press conference post game is all Panthers dot com looking at it. There's. Maturity there it seems as though as the season kind of veteran. Press conference where he deflected any praise and accept some of the criticism did you see at the same way marked as did geez you know you talk about accountability. It is. That they eat it did that he takes he takes accountability. For. The team's success not just that tape team's success or failure he puts on his shoulder and and that's all he wants winning is the reason he is in this game that's the number one reason and and really those that type of things that while we were researching him before the draft them before we picked him as the number one overall pick. Those were things are really made an impression on you is how. How important and teammates loving blowing in love winning in knowing what it takes. So it says he did topping your position and to. Be a top team and a Super Bowl caliber team she gets that and he's he's. Big Mike that he was raised like that in and that's really one of the many things that struck us when we were research and him coming out opera. Excellent Marty hurry up rather talk final question for your view the world naturally as arts is Marty is Pitt or centric. But no your fan of NFL football also were you watch the playoffs and if so who do you think's gonna go to represented the NFC I will watch the playoffs it's it's. You know it's hard sometimes when you're out but I but I will watch I think there. I think. Minnesota is a very good team I think did. They if you're asking me I think it comes down between Minnesota and Philadelphia. Obviously so it would have the home field advantage during that led. I like Minnesota's defense so I think they're very balanced on offense and they would be my pick but they probably don't wanna know that because I'm like this does sound. In the AFC a meanest most present when it comes down to Pittsburgh and new England and end. Pittsburgh will see New England play a Tennessee defense this week did as much like there are some of state they can get past this weekend. Don't have a pretty good blueprint for around what they wanna do on defense. I know you won't get any rest animals say it anyway to be nice to get some rest great season Marty thanks for all you do for Carolina fans thank you. Sound like cure your favorite uncle years. Yeah former coach and teacher sort all rolled into one Marty's. Fun to be around is enough. They're not I think it muddies actually go through evolution if you will because I remember very back and they are kind of remember Marty just be a little bit more nervous curry wasn't our stride you could follows. Penetrating question. The Internet from a budget out there but. I think they're coming back it just got the has the meant Marriott or mesh laid back style to within and a really nice steady hand that they need to devastated before but I have a distinct there's a difference obvious difference. And I really love what I see him Marty in and I hope that he's is he guy that they make him the guy. Look let's talk some sort of drug that's their say on that point I think he wants to come backside yes that was a great sign to hear that here is indeed the entry just coming back to continuing a country they did a really good job especially. On the fly right before the start of training camp and all that evident jump right in at the last minute the right man for the job we'll talk a little bit about what he said because he. Thank you very candid saying that he feels as though the Tony eighteen Carolina Panthers will try to get faster. That receiver and and in the secondary yes well how do you guys see that that process unfold. I think that every one is at every person not talked to has said that hey we gotta get some receivers and here and we guess more defensive backs that's been the consensus. It's just and just cooler talks. Around this around town for the most part and I think that to some degree that is a true. I haven't not Damir bird on the field and you can tell. I mean and I haven't SP net assembly you can tell. You need another Ted Ginn type presence on the field it takes atop what secondary and a secondary. I think also. You've got to have your safeties is. Is always. That upset about 50000 times that if you make a mistake it is secondary to snob whose exports and you lose games and so. Getting quicker and faster net area I think that also that he said was that. Game play was a great example of that eighty yard touchdown they played great defense where they'd love four yards through most of first quarter and then you give a Canadian a touchdown so you can play. Great football 23 series Abby develop in one place. I can't name a mall but in the post might manner error at safety we've had it seemed as though parade of Marlon McCree and Mike Mitchell. Charles Godfrey. Nate Salley. Yeah who else I mean it seems as this has been hasn't been the stability there words you have one or two years of guys are right saying we're in some cases they've been very productive Mitchell McCree governor Tim Wheeler gets them. But terrorists. Chris there's agnico Sergio preserves good and the peanut punch in the payroll I don't think it's over warm up. All right now together. Could go to there off and take a short break come back with more on the Carolina Panthers radio network. This special play off traditional standards old continues. Almost Carolina Panthers radio network. The Damir bird injury felt being this and you guys agree. Absolutely Jameer Byrd had a we have taking the top all of these secondary the same way Ted Ginn has done. And because of that we lost that presents. Punches is immediate guy if you will feeling clay shut. Person there was no one that was threatening the safety or that corner to take two people out of that dude premier bird does. And his confidence grew. As soon as he got back and you can tell me this so he was poised to become that guy he really was. There were people said well you'll get ten catches because he admitted embassies I said. Now it's it's what he's doing right now it to your point get to touchdown that won game on the kick return touch on the next game so. I think most special teams and as a receiver that's a great piece coming back makes you quickly caught the ball in traffic in heavy traffic comfortable. We did final thoughts last night from New Orleans some final thoughts okay wrap up this spent their talk is next. It's. Playoff traditional entered. Holes on the Carolina teamsters' radio network. Glad showed this season mix deserved senior our crews bank street got the best. I've got all those guys in the truck that matched the pictures to our words on spectrum they work their magic magic. So crew truck final thoughts. Eugene Robinson. No I thought no one of the bright spots. Was the office of line of adult as a line really. Gaining strength throughout the season and I thought that America Leo would start a very very shaky do their very good job if you ever really get office of lying. That means. You can go ahead and survive. You can have a running game and you can have your quarterback that threw the ball well the guy's just a ball and it also asked what the office of life. I thought the effect of bull dog defense in front the DR fronts were so so good it kept us in every game. We've just been so much I've talked about how good Cam Newton is and what he brings to table and he does however. It was really predicated on a deep as a fraud and office of for a. I was out. Do you agree Acxiom dot net sales grew that they bring that up to about both opportunities until WG got to go first but overall would just say looking back of the seas in the year before we go six and ten. This you come within a win of doubling that win total as you get to eleven almost twelve wins. It's always disappointing to get to play out say and not advance especially not to advance beyond the first game but I think if you look back the strike you make from goal at six wins too eleven. Adding Christian McCaffrey some young talent as we saw demeanor bird emerge as we talked about. There's been a lot of young talent attitude that veteran core there that bodes well for the future should be fun. This Asiatic guzzlers enjoy working with you can be dejudder show from new York and everywhere Jeddah for these guys and the rest of our crew this is Mick. And you've been listening to panther talk arguably this is lash of an out of the year will be back in 2000 and Italian motorcycling friends on the Carolina there's a radio network of its. It's almost Carolina Panthers radio network.