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Panther Talk
Monday, November 20th

Coach Ron Rivera, and Full Back Alex Armah join Jim, Mick and Eugene for Panther Talk.


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Following news and exclusive presentation of the Carolina Panthers are. Woman Carolyn I'm tempted to reveal mental. Out a Carolina fan. Now it's going to be how we come back off the spot I mean how we how focused we come back and that's going to be up to us as coaches and make sure Gary show opened here next week on Monday when they're ready to roll we're ready we're you know who. Lucrative career left off. Know how long would she and so Pete and Eugene Robinson tears and make Nixon we've painter talks. Live from the red zone at Bank of America Stadium. Unlike NASCAR when a driver can pull into the pits when here when the crew were when she thinks it's necessary the NFL your pit stop. His preordained. And you don't want it to be too early you don't want it to be too late Jim. Hi dear rob. It seems as though this Carolina panther by a week. Came at a really good time had you guessed it. Did not before tires yeah that's just splash a gas ago so it does in terms of a team's got momentum Eugene. We'll talk in depth about this being the return of Greg Olsen to practice looks like he's tracking health wise good possibly. Right ankle also some players several of a banged up got some extra time right because you get. Late in the season wherever rookie player on YouTube later and Alex arm up that I used to play and sixteenth Tony game one against Calgary Susan before playoffs hopefully and so for them they used to play about twelve games are so it's a long season. Did it has in tennis what do you have to apply and you winning. It really does come and a really good tabs are put to work the momentum going but when we have to execute someone like Olson. Healthy and back in the mix. Beverly bodes well for the Carolina that is no doubt about that so I think the bye comes at a really good time and also I think that affect these guys are professionals. And the fact that they don't such a high they want to be back here I mean it just bodes well for us as we move forward it really can go to suggests. Head coach of the Carolina Panthers Ron Rivera joins us now live on our tenth or talk sports desk. Think coach Greg Olsen apparently played two to rave reviews on television over the weekend as the third man in the Booth for the vikings rams gave. How ability on the practice field that a lot better than he did on TV yeah. How like we're gonna use on the field a lot better than in the food thump. They don't realize is this good to have Greg back you're really lousy noise he brought the liturgy today practice you know the guys are pretty fired up to see him out there running around. Are running around sketch of ball so we did he really wants and then again he's he did do a nice job Sunday but like right where he is on that field. And obviously he's tracking on had a pretty good pace but. You survived a number of injuries this year we can think about Coleman think weekly in dealing with Michael will still really speaks well look the depth of the guys you've been heavily used it to get through. In some cases a weaker Q but at some cases like this to two and half months yourself. You know it's served us very well in the past two next man up mentality and here we got a lot of a lot of young players that are developing getting opportunities and so to me that speaks very well to the coaching and and I'm real proud of the group that our sisters have done that they've worked very hard. You know they they do the extra things aren't they within their earlier that there are late they're on the practice field late. Tom that's what's kind of been. That I Q what we've done in the in the past and that's we play a lot of young guys because the our coaches and the players in the extra work. That seems to help them. Be ready for these situations and circumstances not heard you talking about charming young man's got his opportunity at stepped up and did some good things forest. You know and there's a number of other guys that have contributed to it is success we've had so far partly Larsen is a guy that you we've come to expect so much up because he played a lot last year. You know Chris matters doing a nice job the young receivers have got opportunities so. Then there's a whole plethora of guards on the opposite side of stuffed up and help. The one group that's been for the most part solid has been that the group the defense with the exception of into the junior talked about Kirk called the missing some some time you know. Luke missile over the top but you know Shaq stepped up played well for us has to TD at David mail so. There's been contributions all over the field for us a lot of it has to do again what with their preparation and they are. Then they're taking advantage the opportunity they've got. They're cooking equipment was a song about it but is terrified the coaches and because the players do get that time off. But the coach is that it doesn't really stopped and got it doesn't but we did we did take a break you know this funny because. Can tell you with Marty you know he he's one that you know ever since he's come back usually thought about things and those different Iranians. More than that he thought you know say you'll be really good for you guys it to get away and my initial plan almost missed just given the weak enough. I through Friday and as well. They really seem to be you know rejuvenate they came back I thought today's meetings were rare really good ethical practice toppled overlook a pork. Now we've got to build on as we go forward let's talk about the fact that we've got six regular season games left of The Who knows from there. But but again everything we do has to be about us and make sure we're doing things the right way. Injury updates are brought you by ortho Carolina is urgent care center what time is of the essence. Ortho Carolina and those that they need to hurry as well to learn more about their philosophy their highly trained physicians at ortho Carolina dot com slash urgent care. That's ortho Carolina you proved fruitless the demure bird. Timeline for possibly getting him back. Well the understanding is you who go through this week of practice and then we'll see after the jets game where we are and where he has. You know he's up he's eligible to come and come back after the jets came we started this clock now. And so we'll know within with him ten days probably just best you know his availability and and happy about the force. House trustee Whitaker these days. Fox he could really good. Feel we've put in my time we have to do that with them how we look at our recruitment and you know he he he looks good he really does these proxy well. Now just be a matter of time and opportunity. Because you to capitalize on the momentum that you just gotta over Olympic trials won't movement and it got the planet direct time we always say if you wanna November. They're really does set yourself up for. Playoff truck rose so what is the mood was a villain as you see it as look at this photo. All part of the biggest thing you Jeter is as we've talked about is the one game at a time mentality and I talked about the today again just to reinforce it. Everything we do you have to be about getting ready to play the jets beating the jets would we we we can't look beyond getting into the playoffs can't look beyond next week. You know which which is of which appear became a self as well every game we play from the spot will be picked because. Every win puts you step closer to your goal. Every win puts you closer to winning the division so we'll take it one at a time because we've got to play this next game I'll win this next game in order to the next with the be just as important. US counselors coaches football's the ultimate team game Eugene. Says the same thing it so much depends on the man next to the man next to the man. Who's beside you. Have you ever experienced in your career any any problems integrating a marquee player back into the mix. After injury. You know it's a shame because one of the things that you always think about as a head coaches having to do that just that great example right now is going on what's going on mental assault. You Teddy Bridgewater ready to come back. But you don't case Keenan has played really well. How do you justify sitting case I think they won't want private road SS so how do you justify making them move you have to be really. Smart about that think about it and map it out pile up because again. You make the wrong move lose a game and it's like okay you do show confidence in the guys that block what do you do now so you've really got to think through those opportunities. In this case I don't see an issue bringing a guy like Greg Olsen back and integrating them into what we're doing. The big part about all we've got to do we've got to be Smart how we integrate back into we've got we've got a good mix right now got a good rhythm going offensively. You should not become the focal PowerPoint as much as he should become part of it. And I think just what things that we did we did very well Tony fifty we do very well the very end that the 2014 season. So again you know knowing the way Mike Hsu look things going the way that. You know our office coaches think I think it's it's like those who have purchased in the great Mike. We're gonna hit the brick right right back into it he's going to be part of what. We're doing equity gives you some options as well as Dixon has played. It gives you even more options because now he's just not your blocking tight end down here he really because one group but the best weapons and particularly in about. Absolutely and and the thing about it was is this what you can do with those packages that you know is or who knows what we've. We've run 22 personnel package of our thirteen Jumbo package now the sudden. You go with thirteen 33 tie did you guard Greg you've got it either Chris mavericks out there. Thank you know with with edit chris' ability to block it Greg's ability to open up the spread out and be like wide receiver. Now you can't create mismatches in certain situations and circumstances. So ballots are violator and he's got to help fill some of that role being up blocking fullback H back type he's not carry the ball yet but it's kind of that football we don't see what you see on tape when you look at what he's been bringing. A few right Susan see a young man who's who's who's who's very disciplined in the things that he does he's he's he's very. Conscientious of it from the air really appreciate about him is this he has this tendency to beat everybody into the building. You know he's here well before 6 o'clock ready your role while it's refreshing to have you know young players come and understand. You know what it takes to be Apollo global very fortunate I think a lot of our guys are like that. You know a lot of us are with a number one pick I think Christians are kind of a guy. And he helps sets the tone for the rest of the rookies. Headlines all around the league yesterday buffalo with what. They did a quarterback in the washing harder route for the Washington Redskins at least at my university is booked skeletal for the frisky at the saints win that yesterday some of the stories look at real bullet. Hilliard catching easy chair and has taken some kind of felt all over the weekend now. This year I don't know if I I was busy had a nice Elisa RB deuce. Tom so between doing those who's trying to take a look at things that's kind of what happened of liberalism and it is nice to get away is funny one of my best friends one of her roommates from college. He he texted me earlier this morning and today was kind of nice to have a Sunday worth of folklore where I didn't have to stress out I beat becoming you to pass defenses I've been here. Beyond the end than he does he lives and dies with us. Obviously calls me every our texts me every Monday morning and you know about the game what happened and everything will and we make talk about once a week. So it was garbage that he put another way Kazaa beyond us heartfelt I thought it was kind of nice to get away it just surely just relax and not have to be stressed about. You know getting ready for example when a winner receives relaxed and he's very electric prod to Q spot for you I thought but there's actually have more protein and stuff like I was gonna ask you when you do watch a pro game. Is it difficult to turn off the coaching thing and it kind of enjoyed as a padded out look at scouting and formations and all account has exactly what I do as much of Washington the games. I look at things and I and I try to try to predict what they're gonna do. And then as it unfolds and I try to see how you know how it would fit with what we've you know how we would try to counter that stuff like that. Tom you know I tell what what I do those situations how to handle those circumstances. I think that's a big part of of coaching his. Watching games yourself I you wait you you're always breaking them down because we're. We don't about the offense and defense wanting this kind of in the hole look a little bit as a special teams but she's able to flip the due. As well as grip and owns the plane would have used the sets the special teams about how important their role is as they make we make cars can push. Our start every every Wednesday meeting basically breaking down into and from my perspective what I think we need to do offensively defensively and special teams rise to win. And I always start with special taped always talked about certain things that. From watching the opponent or I think we should do we need to do to give us a chance to win it I talk about that. And you mentioned and we've been able to flip the field. We want the field position battle. I wanna say I think we've wanted that data at the ten games we've played. And the thing that's been really impressive about it is by how much I mean it's crazy because when you look at how the field has been flipped in the way we flipped it. With with with the way Graham kicks the ball off with the way our our punter Mike Clark hunt's. The coverage teams have been phenomenal. The one group that that that I've really are I would you know we're so close and it's sickening. Is our return game. When you watch it it's it's it's it's it's if we can sustain his block a little bit more we can make a cut here you know what then we've been pretty good. But we're so close eye popping one taking one to the house I mean it's it's it's it's. This mad because the guys are giving you great effort they're trying to do things that they need do you give us a chance. We just haven't pulled that off yeah. And I I do think that it's coming up and it's gonna come at a really good time forces gonna set the field of momentum that we need to win a football at. And others are rolling pretty good coach but you generally believe. That about a week here's a good time to review this reevaluated. And maybe even install some who think yes yes it is I think as a chance for you to be honest with yourself. Take a step back and issue valuing think about things that you could either out or take out that's gonna help you wonderful phone and bomb it and it's funny because. When when I was watching some of the tape. You know last week and thinking about some things that that we can do. I saw something and and and there was just kind mentioned some that they missed the canal we're pretty good we can be better at that. Because you know every time we do this were so close were so close. How are saying to myself god you know so bring up the coaches we talked about it and they it's funny how it's it's it's overlooked because we're doing a well. But we should do better that's the thing that you see if they're just shake your head up because again such an important part again. Oh look at that and continue to follow up with this how critical you look at and when you look at the evaluation team you should look we're definitely not doing this again. How critical is that and Mac stuff. It's funny because you know I get little sarcastic about things not so. I'm a tough tough tough. I have icy mess with the players go right dot well these things with the coaches you know it. Admit this there's another person just you know from my perspective when I see something happen I'll say something like really driven to attack us with an act got Perot was. And I think they get the message to do it and it just comes out because of sit there to think of myself. You know I I don't know we should do something like that and also I see it happen you don't think of myself well really we're gonna do with it we're gonna give him okay. Certain that worked and yeah thus that's good to hear I'm glad that others in the building get to see that side that you didn't doesn't just come out on Monday night but when you guys thank the head coach of the Carolina Panthers out from their first preview. He would've been here last week but he had a charity event here Stephanie are straight in the community appreciated coach you're welcome thank you guys it's always good to be around you it's our pleasure at their talk clearly identified and death squads are sleeping after the fact. Former coaches. Well my least favorite expressions of his. He is alleged you've been there don't draw me a map how because he usually roll that out right when I'm brought up is good ball placed more of a stern our weekly meeting with a couple of things. And that the state to more apparent to talk follows these messages on the Carolina Panthers radio network. Newton Texas down the spirit of the team for the follow leads right side touchdown of those punches got a touchdown. Drop parading before coming Saturday's showdown. Look what we're made the touchdown that put the pressure coming down. Spot kick his all the way. And overran an NF yeah. Wanna keep me going is it's not this saying that we could our pinnacle year and it's not been saying that we can get better and that's that's the thing that that's. You know we've just got to be optimistic about knowing that you know did did the game plan that's that's put then we're still. Put a new word that we can keep putting up these type of performances even better. Feels he's tempted talk semi blind and dumb on the general and champions radio network. Broadcast round table my name's Vic to my left is Jim says he threw his left. Eugene Robinson were sponsored by Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more on current church this is Patrick talk. There were right in between coach and the player we get to chop it up a little bit here which is the guys at the table. Fellows this these next six or very quickly time passes at the same rate all the time but it tends to not see now way. Coming off that fit into the entrance ramp of a bio week. Two in a row on the road three in a row at home and then one against Atlanta and Atlanta to wrap it all up. So. Did you guys watch nor does come back against a lot yes this society got to be dealt with at some point. Absolutely but the same server this is by their you know but that you detention order sharpens Khannouchi the mean. If you look at that that was a play from the Redskins. If that they components third down it's a totally different game and I saw the safety. Go inside so the come over the top right no medical top go to up if they make it back. They make a tackle for that now they're gonna put the ball instead it goes inside and now is say to these hopeful to go to sitting there going. This is well detail then you can't tell me that the states can't be beat. Because the Redskins was most of them both the heads up with a 1516 point advantage I won't point to two point about it but three or four minutes left in the game. So that we took visibly. You've got to pay attention to detail you've got to make the place you can't say owes his Drew Brees. Brees is not run the ball the running backs were to walk safely you the wrong way. And if you do the right thing. Over right away at least you run to the running back and now you may be triple mob at worst so when I look at them like you know what. But still lost that game I said the same thing a bottle at that ever was written about Atlanta led by. Chicago's a good source would be. I mean initial lost three fish have been one of five or point. I don't like and they just they just kind of barely put pie they're gonna meet a team that's really do it like us. And you can't live that way. You can't live that way it cannot live that way like just skating by you got to be now. And what I see is. Well maybe they're not so dominant as it seems that appears Drew Brees is a breeze but they may not as dominant. And Russell the defense may be that because of the ball portion what you think so as not gonna make look. They can't live that way consistently do that gives us they'll be sorely solely and if what if what route Rick little loops it's harder watching. Game do you can refer to it was the same to Gretzky just like watching the falcons patriots Super Bowl there's no rooting interest. It's hard to root against both team and hopefully both lose so it's kind of hard to watch that game whether it's in then I wanna. But up with a state being our division like the falcons last few kind of bless you that happened. But no I will say if beyond everything you said there is New Orleans is much improved they addressed a lot in this draft. And a bad as the pieces from past years of talk about absolutely that David just a lot of defense with those things like Marshall Lattimore. Adding album Cabrera was kind of peace they have it hasn't Darren Sproles that is a better running back. They can be beaten and they're not. They'll pass the eyeball eight to test you know what percent does that they are good at a much improved from last year's so that'll be next week after this jets gave my. As Mick let's say coaches have to go we can title we can look at a couple the next couple road games we got a couple and together we and acoustical stretcher there should be fascinating. Eagles Dallas was a good game well last night. Buffalo changes quarterback out five and Peter moved through his five picks out the first half. And tongues are wagging all over the league about that kind of feel for Brandon being Sean McDermott because they're one of ours but maybe you know get a ride anyway Alex Armond next. Fascinating story Carrollton Georgia town a 26000. People. He par lays his indomitable spirit. An incredible work ethic into a career with the Carolina Panthers we'll hear from him just to second in the meantime download the Krispy Kreme rewards half. And you'll get exclusive rewards. But right onto your phone that you showed the phone to the Krispy Kreme folks they give you don't that's a topic that's but it's not simple but this is rather talk allowed on the Carolina Panthers radio and allied assault. It's police Jeep. Only eighteen. Since when you win to follow the cougars for the launch of the team's official Smartphone. Don't move to new app for free to enhance your games we came a year round experience at Bank of America Stadium at home or on the go. For more information as the Panthers dot com. Some of you like starting your day with a morning to do it well here's something you don't want to forget hot delicious breakfast from the she's right hand you can scratch me bacon egg and cheese biscuit damage in just a dollar 69. And I want to put a little stunned and did that fun. I don't think our women. Limited time prices for visitation may very. 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I'm Mike Doyle in the WBT new center AT&T executives including CEO Randy Stevenson. Are slamming the lawsuit filed today by the US Justice Department to stop the company's planned acquisition of Time Warner this defies logic. And it is unprecedented. I've done a lot of deals in my career. But I've never done one where we have disagreed with the Department of Justice so much on even the most basic of facts the DOJ says the acquisition won't harm competition cause higher bills for millions of Americans. And stifle industry innovation. On Wall Street today the Dow Jones average up 72 points NASDAQ gained seven and the S&P 500 ended the day up three points. The weather channel forecast tonight's low 37 tomorrow overcast with a high of 58 Wednesday mostly sunny highs in the low sixties and highs in the fifties on Thanksgiving Day I'm Mike Doyle there's 1110993. WBT. Is he entered talk. Carolina Panthers were revealed network won't do you blind McDonald's get a sausage were Muslim would beg for just a dollar 69 at mcdonalds today. Looks very up certain drill here on third and seven and Winston snack food drug for. Tony Kaye literally come in on a blitz taxes arm it's a flutter ball intercepted an ambulance comes with a five. Instead throws intercepted its 45 yard line to do it right into the middle of live peek at least I haven't done. We've been talking about it all season long what kind of team we're capable of being. You know it in particular both on defense you know our goal is to continue to be debated. People from every week in week out and we haven't. Had that title for a long time people haven't really produced the number of minutes from a takeaways they have form but I feel like consistently we've played well off season. Back so Mick mix and Jim silky and Eugene Robinson of twists and there's talk almost Carolina Panthers radio network. Thank you mr. Rick. It was then that you would talk like that. So on the stage right now we have got about 74 inches and about 253. Pounds of twisted steel since June. The tallest female deputy can run at a 46 finally I estimate to cloud cover forty at a west Georgia rookie Alex our lives with us tonight. So what he's supposed to take this office. Hit the fugitives in good shape but it's even better positive so at west Georgia you played a lot of different positions and now it and in a way here in the NFL you kind of continuing that tradition fall back it's tackle and tight end so special teams rights and that is it's voted well for your career to be so resourceful ultimately when you. How's that working out for you with the Panthers on the NFL levels posted a college however California. I feel like me doing the college definitely helped as far as. How much I need to know in having neck pressing human brain and being able to do with the but definitely learn those positions and colleagues always being its live clear they'll need to what I'm doing mountain admit playing multiple positions. When you're at a press squat and you get to call that you moved up what was that like for you there what does that mean to you and how you gotta I gotta keep this job. When I first got that call you know I was like I. I guess I I get this opportunity. And to meet these men okay they see that I have the potential and I had abilities to do that they. They drafted me to do so it's made me work even harder you know Marty in there and assumed so basically just keep wouldn't do what I'm doing and eventually. But as time goes on your order. Works. Alex you know and around the team and coach Rivera mentioned this when you were signing autographs that you're worker you get here. Proof before six most mornings right firmware in your background maybe your parenting your family tree does that work ethic come. But I definitely both my parents both my parents and my mom she's been working ever since she was young my dad's from Africa. He's living the American dream you know came over here in. Done what he's done so far and raise a family exists both my parents combined that is maybe why you give me give you were just so nice. I have to because I work morning radio I think just at 450 you get around 515. So that's expected out of business we do know what's what's an NFL stadium like NFL parking lot when you show up at 5:36 o'clock in the market we see it. On game day was 70000 they have put it what's it like when you walk in this building has just you know ample. People this is not to pick quiet he knows it. Yet Tom the focus more earnest now as much know is going on. So that's not so what is it appeared that early time doing it forever and also arrived that I what's accomplished it that extra time but you have sort of speak well I actually have my playbook there and I can flip through it. Dean just. Get a better feel for everything mom and did that it is just something. About me in my preparation they do here early and Kevin after I like I thought that was step forward. In the day when you have that it's the day when I dearly and I can live through everything Eagles here to being honest they were doing. The car since schemes on its own self well. How does that academic process I mean there's a lot of study nichols' own and then you have to go and implement their own field. Are you bump confident that what you see what your resort that OK I got this just common number patriot I got. Yes the Aminu didn't start off like that I mean. I looked at our played playbook like distant Mike OK I got to break this thing down so. It it was a processing are breaking down my seat of my OK I got it is what's different this time you know yet it's a bit. He's got to go through everything one by one bit. As far as academic meanest the student of the playbook leg is really help me out and I have helped Lamar Holmes William Gray ghost and ate it exe leaving prisoners like. I get a lot of help from those. Now it's on our guest offense their talks nicer to give up five A image you go to bed at what time. Lucky in my bid at 9 o'clock every match at a do you lobby just to my body prepared okay. Go to sleep but I try to be debated by at least 103011. Are you particular about what you put in your body. For the most part yes but I feel like. At some point you gotta treat you by the use any changes be so strict. All the time sometimes but he didn't your electric and who do about it and see attitude divided I think that you know I have to have us Alexio. And so often you know law that's cagey since you're allowing those okay. Love to do that I'm not do you working out their threat. If history where we do you know look more with Alex our minds next competitor talk continues through thanks for the. As men do talk. It's still. I won't do. There's just 53 to 35 yard line bounces of the ball this season comeback throughout my left side ten closest to the five foot just store. A few things are working out well. It's always nice to go to buy after you've been playing well you win win three straight. So I think things are lining up for straight now. And we still have to do something with the itself. Think guys are suddenly get away from little bit get a little break. Regroup here on Monday and start cooking the books and jets. Vince he's been injured so it's semi blind adult woman Caroline of it's revealed that. How much sum up our guest on the show Alex to your right is Eugene Robinson we colleague senior out. This man right here it's in Turkey known as dessert so my name is make known his Mitt. Hand I achieved gather next. Question if not an evidence course an infinite book. Every football player has a moment while the player were you even knock somebody out. Or you can hit really really hard and almost convinced. In a kind of prepares you for for the game what was that moment for you work either you knock some items like yeah that's what it feels like we're going to ruin us it. Think that's still. The. There's a few sons you know. Look there is time in pre season replaying the and we were on special teams. And I was running down in. Somebody called me today called you recollect seeing you do. I'm like OK you. They'll come in here in the. Did it and know when did you catch somebody else and because I'm you sought to play. Then you're that the fullback position you've got those. Did you get one of those who actually go oh my goodness I just. Pat I know you had a little moment. Fiat did. If you those you know there's one verse there isn't some in the pre season. First sightings in new there was one. First up Theres you know my first time in the regular season didn't need. Phone fluid builds a power play we ran and a thousand Muslim animosity endured some. And you allude to read your west Georgia you are two way player so you play defense he used to tackling and does she know pass rushing attack I think. Did you have a preference in college of defense vs office to you could pick what you wanted to play which if you prefer. And until defense as you know I want to wish George can play defense but I mean. It just comes natural both ways so. And I didn't really have a preference wherever they needing houses and houses a team guy he nonsense though. They need to be diesel and how is pretty good do you where there's offense or defense we wrecked due to help my team tough to do. Obviously small college received a little while it is still like usually like Jim Thorpe. Because you don't let your your guys and it is that exhausting play that many snaps playing both sides look. I was not only your body gets accustomed to I mean it takes condition and obviously good. Oh we when it becomes a pattern becomes easier and we know what you're doing if there's something about your body in. That money in each using just that's what we do so. It is its own differs but he even sleep you work yourself into an against pretty regular. My sourcing on this is a little shaky but I've got an all decent authority. If you've got mad skills that you can do crazy standing back flip side acrobatic stuff so let me in my eye and tell it all too. Yeah as I could do Beck Lou. Did know that it could go flips faded back flew back and don't units that do. Now we're not doing that here that I had the baby don't want to time it doesn't go to Asia so what what other sports did you play other than football. How were high school in high school I was a tract. I was from best now with the football basketball detract from my years there which is doing track what what would that's. Track guided. Lost us allies in the proves that the sharply disputes outlook to stay for both of those floppies. Throughout my years at the high jump for about one for about four. Hillary four by four the debate hurdles. But goodness that's tough race city's. You know as Uma Omar lighter piece over relic is up on the screen that was such a way and what or you weigh in on how the room. I was definitely a little tease it and then not. No 190s to reduce nervously perfect head coach here's Jim Thorpe didn't put rational thought through it does absolutely enormous they tell us what is your favorite special teams position a lot. Favors us the same position. Right now we're just like throughout my career and also more right now because you've known as the Panthers usually on most teams don't preferring it is there right now as well. This time. What causes a put do we put you away from the legal punt OK I don't. I will flow to have been tapped who went right now planned we salute and what is your response there wait what do you do. Basically my responsibility only makes you know come lost its emblem trust lucky. Blue want to do that makes your own in my gun and then I'm going none too. Tyson are you contain or you is searchable content guys that we have Costa where I could be launch it to blow gust so. If you look you for tickets to NFL games to see Alex. We got done. More with the Alex and just a few this is rather talk on the Carolina Panthers. Zone continues on the Carolina testers radio network. This is you Jean and Alex are law all the radio tonight. Who's got some next round I was gonna ask Alex I noticed that we have two guests tonight you would coach repair and you are wearing a Ron Rivera riverboat and it kind of already an award is that like a favorite there's a special for tonight. And the fact he knew he would be here to see you. Business is on my hat's you know see you we got emit the beginning of the season wounded the bully. That they made him famous self. What's he like to play for rest him what it was like having you was a player what's it what's it like for you to play for at coach like Ron Rivera. This really is really cool Amin and you know here you coach support she machines. Didn't he he's more likely. He really cares about his players in the know that you have a coach like that. It makes everything so much easier and aspects of being a players coming in in. Do what you gotta do annoyance coaches event. How tough are you a critical arguing yourself when you make a mistake. On the field they got all that do you really picked out his self or do you put away go and explain what you do what's your process. I'm not I got my I'm. Ahmad bitty biggest critic so I'm part of myself so that I don't like to show it you know sizzle. During the game if I have to make a mistake you know Michael just has been pout about it I'm gonna try the you know take your pick him in the argument here right in onto the next planet so. Do you your biggest critics now but wait till you get married. Could change yeah I guess and Tom Burnett. And her because Heather scout named Jeff Beth hurt. When did you first meet him and how important a role did he play in getting you to the NFL. Collective rose for DB yeah I met him he came out Carroll since he was done in the area. You know. He came up to the facility in my my coast common sense lose someone that facility there wanted to meet me in our top news. And though we talked about a sheep being in heat he says he'd be contact. And I was just. Jeffrey contacted and I didn't see him again actually until. Pro day. And in Prodi came I did really little. From a while still being. You know eventually lead at this you know. There absolutely. It's so you yes you're drafted sixth round he did make a 53 C released essentially put on the practice squad. Can you get elevated up off the practice squad and the regular spot some injuries my plea deal part of that for years well there we talk about. Physical specimen enemies to brunt force there yet no look at but that they come to an early to work ethic if you can inexplicable how hard it is to make it an NFL roster with. As talented as you are and is much effort you put into a just how difficult it is to make it out of your real. The authorities have listened to his life there's so many aptly so there's so many guys that wouldn't you want to be on the practice squad units is so. For me to have that opportunity in this seat like. Turn over the happiness. This really is really cool to be you wouldn't. To play on a 53 men arrested in even more pro would be on active 46 so long shrewd. You mentioned the room habits of the guys in your room what guys in your room and deposition and then what do they tell you. As far as Richard you have become a better football player. Phone. You know great he garnered the mood in great he's so Smart way he knows every single the win every single person supposed to be doing in. Then that's huge because it helps our entire room emanated dates and he's more of that. You know he's also. A blocker type of guy and he can do those lead blocks in. You know he he's been leader leak or eight years clues so he's he's told me a few things about my technique then actually. That I can work on in that can help meet. We didn't every single one of my blood exists not. You know win this win. Maybe missive here but it. I didn't quite get to know each win every single time if you folly to take each and there's little just little stuff like that he tells me like cruel word didn't. Pin placement of that type do so really help settle up. From the talk football with Alex on all we gotta take couple of bills. Back with a final brush strokes of tonight's can't talk right after you listen to this new. Continues on the Carolina Panthers radio network. Broad business days both the show's gonna end in about a minute yes I will stay for awhile and talk Alex are what have you touched the. All yet in the NFL didn't. Hypocrite. Yes I handed it to the risk. It's. But and a priest even as a little count that yeah I know would kick out that they'll yeah. You are. A pretty big guy Erica how much you like the position we're having right now they're flip open but this is really a great opportunity for you too good so to kick. So just what you can do it right. And are reluctant because. You know fullback and nothing and have pleaded grown up as a kid that's what I did all high school you know we did that to allow us and we see fullback type deal with. I just look this is Kelly in the position in the fact that he's so averaged he's got to know. You have to know kilometer doing you have to know the protection he got to know the blocking schemes so. In on unproven that I can do that now selects open keep me around the world so. Easy job good job on the ship you know give Alex a big round yeah got around these guys this is Vick this has been cantor talks did not. I only knew. His radio networks. This abuse drug Carolina came.