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Panther Talk
Monday, December 11th

Coach Rivera and WR Damiere Byrd join Mick, Jim, and Eugene for Panther Talk.


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Following is an exclusive presentation of the Carolina Panthers. Woman Caroline of embryos were revealed no. Then Carolina bands to. It was definitely a big way offensive football team we knew we didn't play well at all that we can be the face off in defense of those things so important for us. But really come back and in reestablish itself right here home. You know we knew we gonna get really good football team that was a good number one of those people it's a challenge ahead of us through you can go from left with full force. I know a long would she and so Pete and Eugene Robinson cheers and make mix and we've. Panther talk lives from a red zone at Bank of America Stadium. Right to it with the head coach of the Carolina Panthers back in the playoff. Conversation. Tanker touted victory Monday feel with the union staff and around the stadium today after that very went over good football team yesterday. Felt very good you know bomb. There really wasn't any victory Monday we brought him in got a run back to work you know there's a lot left to do we've got three games with a to focus has to be one at a time obviously is we you're ready for Green Bay. You guys came who got a chance to greater monetary talked about the things that we did well things that we can you've been around. As we go forward. There are a lot of thinks alike in the game coach will ordered the highlights to you as you went back and looked at tape or some things are precedent nearby why about the run blocking and I thought it. The guys up front to announce any job force and as well as a tight ends. The wide receivers at both those guys block well downfield obviously given Jonathan an opportunity to pop on. Like he did during camp now she's a pop want. Tom you are again it didn't really epitomized to me that the team effort that it takes to win a football game. Do you fancy red zone defense you know though they were there four times a thrill for ties remain kick field goals. Which prevented twelve Berkshire points which is huge in and then again. You know the margin of victory sometimes it's because you make a great goal line stand to make a great reds' own stance and you force field goals. Honestly say that kept twelve points off the board. Cause is always a learning curve Toyota when new guys come detainment metal to just seeing who was highly anticipated quickly just Mecca Lil what is that gonna look like. How did zero to tackle do this this week I'm. I'm Matt played it was abilities you know. Tenure FC right about the learning curve UG you know he came from a different style deep seven step by step drops off like diamond court Rex waved back there. As opposed to our guard guy says short of three or five sometimes. Some type to scramble and run and you gotta get used to it you know develop the field he has. The last few weeks he's played very well for Sulu rough start once we got you going to September October he seemed of kind of leveled out now playing very consistent much more consistent. Hi and you don't want to if you don't give credit for it is his run blocking units are reported subs faced as a nice job as he leaves around the judges for so. Again he's done a good job and I'm really pleased when we got from man and the rest of the office on and is. A follow up question today is that you use them we saw them on the right side to cut up. Mixed in and out on a different formations. Just we did you Melissa long bounce a couple times affect Johnson's long run was of was an unbalanced set that we. Brought the extra tackle over created. You know bumped up a broader face. When it does is it spreads the defense of front now a little bit more Kris a few more running seems. I'm Jonathan hit the perfect semen. You know the thing the people give a lot of credit for reasons they Cam Newton carried the fake out and they host the post safety went with him gone self will that position. And when Johnson hit it he was way over to the right side of the defense as opposed to being in the middle. And that gave Johnson the opportunity it took to race for the article one was escape personal coach to Mecca will be captain monolith. There was I mean because they were both there they know it's like him. You know it suited it was cute kind of came became them against against their former teams and what they have the very well. That's very have to formatting and you know we're delicate game gun locker my that the book book both break the team down. Well you have to. That's on our backyard right below yes Greg Olsen back in this game of course bring Italy to come back -- his foot getting out rolled on I get that talk about what you got those two players coming back yesterday all the best and we got out of out of out of Ryan and we saw this as as the series progressed from one to the other. She got more more confident in him in Indian himself in and you can really see it start to come together the energy level which she was working with the rest of the office line. Sergeant Greg was this was an up to from to build their confidence and half foot. And give more more comfortable out there. How we saw that by the end of the game he was running the routes what he's capable up and you'll start to see camps are having confidence in him. And that's through the biggest thing they're really came out this game was a both guys got enough to build confidence. And then we got to build confidence amount. Where were you areas for potential growth in this game as you see it. Third down. Offer both sides of the ball we weren't as good as we needed to be. Tom the biggest problems on third down was a quarterback for them they did a nice job he did a nice job scrambling and staying alive you know. We had opportunities in the first half to sack of at least five Berkshire times that we missed and the guys very loose do a nice job. Com plus we could be a little bit tighter with our coverage is in third down destruction third long keep it deep breakdown villain and keeper of the in front of us. Offensively we could build a better with our third down stuff. Yeah part does not just you know having the deeper routes it to to pick up the third down but sometimes putting the ball in the right in the runner's hands with space you know if you could he. Chris you went when the when that when the in the underneath dropper or 1213 yards Steve give a chance to run for that you who knows what's gonna happen so you know there are some things that we can improve almost certainly. And coach we've been cinema broadcast. Who's gonna be up to receive this community stepped up. The mayor curt steps up and has qualified coaches coaches because a quiet job won't really surface and what you guys need to talk about what he's up. Well that's one of those guys you talked about getting the ball in his hands with space a couple times we're able to do that. Here's my record I do you make sure you get the right amount it depth and so when you catch the ball. Nothing and for the first down that he was little shallow one time economy and became a fourth of want. But again he's done a great job force and he's shown his explosiveness when he gets the ball in his hands it. He's one of those guys as I cypriots and deep stretch the defense or get him in space underneath and let them catch the ball. And you set quick listen to pick up those first outsource I wanted to get your reaction to the Devin punches touchdown grab where your thought it real time as they haven't backpedaling doing some crazy maneuvers and then obviously seeing how it turned out pretty well but I'm. Yes as a coach. I'll paint bullet typical that the watched what the process was unfolding well but it concerns that he knowing him trying to extend the play going backwards. Do you attack that could have a field goal range in the missile that goes in the mind than just like Jesus Nona to throw up okay hotel. The coaching again and again just. Which got to give credit because again he extent that bill to extend the place. And find guys downfield and with his arm strength and again we still talked about you know him him him rehabbing a shoulder. We're starting to see it he makes the throw to DeVon for the touch on me it was it was vintage Cam Newton. We're brag on dusty Wilkes and all the defensive coaches during the broadcast it looked as though the plan to our Isaac in the Booth coach was very aggressive. Want to get after case keep him in and as you say some of the blitzes got some other. Impacted the play even a keen one put on the ground how much credit do you give to your defense is staffer for that plan coming up with a stick into that room. You know I'll bet that the one thing and end and I talked about earlier today in my press coverage says that one of the reports I have with Steve as I understand we've been together for flu for three different stops you know we were Chicago together. We went to the Super Bowl we earned we were in in in San Diego together went to the playoffs. I'm also stops we had a good number one defense this. Come here we've had a number one defense and and a lot of it has to do with it with his aggressive nature of who he is innocent as a signal caller you've got to give him credit because. Fearing she wants an attack mentality the players appreciate that why because. We're not sit they're reacting more tacky trying to impact the game and we got some guys that can which we saw yesterday. And again keeping that type of mentality and feeding it to the players and them taking to it. But we can make a lot of things happen. Could you always quick we talk about turn over third zero twos fours they actually what is meant. You guys were really Wear and an end to make sure that even off that sack every right to exit the ball maybe not a life call me the ball's thrown. Which are guys wise enough to know that today is every ball is alive all out there you have the trio and treated as such talk about flu Morrison. That was one of those two though that you woozy was easy to get upset and our guys because we practice and every person like you said. And it took a little bit for the guys who wrote it we gotta give I could if you watch Mario he makes a play and he shelling out solidly then you search running towards the ball. Mike Adams who you know alert enough to he scoops it up and he stars turn to for her what he needs to do. That's one of those that if we take that from the beginning it's to put up like we practiced. Who knows he Marta scored a touchdown passes that led to a field goal would have been nice to have a touch stone step. So green Bay's coming in next and we begin to question how as a coaching staff how do you handle the Monday portion of the week of not knowing for sure who green Bay's quarterback is or change any time. No because we know what they do a rudely we know what they do you mean when you watched first only had for a on the come in. Henry content to replace Darren Rogers. You know there were good good good that the game titles are more conservative night you start seeing more and more the game plan. So we'll take a look at what they've done recently with him we'll look at what they do with Aron and we'll try and mashed it together but the truth in my she prime do you prepare for what they do. You Buddy Ryan and I might play for him he always used to say that you prepare for what did you do so worry about taking taking one guy have a game. The next thing you know something else happens what. How commuters stopped backed up. So let's think about what they do prepare for what they do and they go from my and that's that's going to be our approach as we go forward because you know he could toy complies. So if we've planned for him he does the putts I did that when you when I was in Cincinnati when I was San Diego we're gonna replace Cincinnati and guess what they had Ochocinco and calm and thrown them go to neither one implied. I put all this game planning material informant that that it rather they beat us anyway some minutes. You get so caught up and they were gonna you know we're rolled this government trying to take this guy out of the game and and they don't play. Now you've got wolf who we gonna roll to no record ruled anybody well we didn't work on these this aspect of the game plan. And you re upbeat and and Smart policy coordinator took to put so much emphasis into it. Tom that we do I look for guys with them do not know enough opportunities to it took to make life so you know from up while learned my lesson I've always believing. Vikings come roaring back after almost ready to close the fight himself in Minnesota comes roaring back and it is a weak side some bridal discouraged jump in is under you will for not. It and the zone read to the weak side we will linebacker gets sucked up this Newton in the safety safety got to come from space Newt makes him miss. My question to you defense is about Ron Rivera. Is what does the option is an option football that's in the National Football League and is working. Your former linebacker what is the threat of the option due to to the defenders and their assignments and what they are. Do you see executive usage fewer bits of safety now has to make the plight. She's the biggest thing would happen is back from data quarterback with him the ball up there are enough guys that there was always one unblocked player. That now and that person was responsible for the running back. Now you throw the quarterback in to the Max okay. When used to run the zone read do you fake it to the back when the guy that was you know blog player you know come on top of the back. The only other unblocked player out there you know job technically or or or philosophically is the post safety yeah. So she's now one on one with the quarterback and he has to make that play everybody else goes to where they're supposed to big. Okay the only guy that's on block is the post safety. At least twelve to fifteen yard stick. NL with a hard tackle for us and dale in space a new Cam Newton haven't like to Waco there's and they held may be one of the better tackle just sleep period he's a physical downhill attackers hit around guidance. I stopped. And you know it was just too much space I can remember when I began on back to send it was recorded. We're playing the jets and and her quote common downhill. From post having to tackle in the running back in this in this you know seal this area over about eight feet I mean it's. You're asking a lot of a guy can do that. And that was revealed that Lincoln participated the marches through the strength of that that that call. You because again we blocked the way you should. And then the attack where reacts to the running back but next time is the site. Jonathan Stewart had a somewhat of a career day yesterday had a three yards and three touchdowns in the sixty yarder what we're just. Powers his way in the until one where he skies over the top and gets attest that we just. Mac give him enough credit as far as we talk about all the weapons on this team we don't because we get we we we we've become enamored with with with trying to advance the ball by throwing it become an Arab or trying to make sure we skidded underneath and somebody else's hands. As opposed to sometimes just move the mundane you know handed off fear handed out there and pop. If you patient enough if things work right enough. You know you can go to your three or seven yards you know and and Mike Shula said it best today when you know when I sit down Umar review my review the game with the coaches. Was that the number of five yard or more runs we have. I mean he was very pleased with that because you know that might have been to three here where there's five years five years five yards mean when you're getting consecutive 52 in four. That means so much more for the signal caller the play calling because again. Now the whole book is open to me as opposed to fit its second 92 and eight. It changes your approaches him makes a little more difficult because now I wanna get back on track and wanna pick up 78 yards and put me in third short while. You know that that's different when you're at second and 52. And for now you know heart play action throw it deep you know. Bootleg actually get the quarterback outside on the edge of the option to run I mean there's so many men and many more things that you could do. So you really is important that when you're running it you run it effectively and it is. Four yards five or six yards head coach of the answers Ron Rivera on cancer talk to you guys think coach Rivera for his time and his excellent coaching. For the Carolina Panthers trichet to coach. Selecting your preparations this week will be back with premier bird will. Have some locker room talk here are some broadcast roundtable when we return. They're listening to rather talk on Carolina Panthers radio network. There's new standards on. He did settles into the clock winds it throws a long pass down the left sideline innovative. Way and intercepted. Picked up by the Carolina Panthers on third down a couple Johnson's do. They score. He's dead at fifty for the vikings. Touching and Jonathan Stewart how often did from the Carol. The forty yard line. Ever you play a team that's you know always in the box or look like you hope to do see you know a hole and couldn't just know that there's no one else was secondary and this week you know we've been practicing short you're gone and I've been hidden room. You know just pretty much on him today and Robert Alonso and over in the polls than. On the did a great job on me and they set the tone for the game especially instead of trying to come off its London Bridge have a Kuo back. You know I'm definition that helped send. You know that first play had just fallen Orwell and even to the problem is these printers. So that was the voice not the big voice announcer fellow book before that Jonathan Stewart. You remember him he's the Jonathan Stewart that a couple of weeks ago some of the people had written off lost his fastball declining skills can't function in an NFL backfield. Well we don't much think so. Play well yesterday and he's been playing very well. The last several weeks still can't figure out how he can jump like YouTube and also probably right fellas we we did that thought of Sweden like going to first talk annoy you look at their heroes on Syria if there had been a basketball people they abducted that's what he has been to do their sports science and all that they should get the basketball goal superimposed. And he would he put his chin on the real absolutely that was nice men who have ability to use one time up like a reality don't hippocampus TV crew of that order. There's TV crew and we wanted to question he has he would do that in our best and Phyllis Kaye has got to pulverized half of before you let's keep some of our good ideas in how to correct change the so can we conclude fellows and as we hope the best is yet to be for the Panthers and is just now getting font into the pressure cooker of of mid December 5 but can we conclude that this is a pretty tough Carolina football team both. Mentally and physically. I do because I mean people talk about the fact that the you can clap for natural good question. Majestically questions. But he's come back in the game and they score a lot of points real quick a lot of teams would just like people to continue all the way into an Al. And so it's typical that campus compact and what I obviously Cam Newton sixty yard run but not only come back scored a touchdown take the lead with Johnson Stewart. But then to put at least of that that the good tee with a minute 47 or so ago that has a chance to come back and try to match that age you get them down on not for downs and off the field so. That's tough to really good vikings team that went to quick offense and I don't press my case you know. But let me a lot of good things yesterday so for them to limit him get six acts could had a few more. That the did a really good job against him and. All the pundits were talking about how the human selective would come and here it just destroyed. Of your monitor this and that was the case. There's a lot of resolve in that locker room in what we saw the previous week we're guys. More missing tackles. And just in New Orleans say it's a minute or Paris and only word embarrassment that it wouldn't do so nobody will you have one of the best teams. The National Football League arguably. Kim and your Bank of America Stadium. In Carolina Panthers took on the task. And it will work it. And so there's a lot of resolve and we start our broadcast but the top shock talk about how good Minnesota was and Mitt reminded us ahead Pate. The study talked about how good they are. Let's talk about how could die guys are and I liked it's the best group yep flew right hot guys. Good Fella picked up a play those guys. Do you think people are sick and boats that got a plea Caroline peppers we Utley campus but watch out SS troops are you gonna watch out. Indeed Andrea they brought you by ortho Carolina is urgent care centers what are we working with Jack Thompson. Still this yesterday I assume with a foot platter precious looks like particularly during the it was Greg Olsen luckily back at that put ruled out. During the game they did have a catch yesterday but his coach it is kind of work and and packages getting back on the field they're Thomas Davis looks so much better and he ran so well you this is still. They could have triggered counter before have you remember that the right the logo and oh yeah in the right to help. City was tired after the pain felt that it was an active you've been there you dozens of these older pro premier bird India. Not demure bird though didn't hear not what our fans our cars. Will be next look at the talk roles on the Carolina Panthers for radios that work. No doubt the gang's all here in the red zone could see you guys before I pitch it over to deserve to introduce you to Damir bird. Quick little bit of housekeeping will have one more of these live separate episode shows they'll be next week. And we go dark for Christmas week but there were backed up with studio shows. So he can't come into you can listen articulates a lot and you come here won't work. He you have family for Christmas has only you could do that Iraq. The we keep coming out of the coming up we will be your creditors are Vargas now this let's do it he was the panthers' leading. Receiver yesterday terms of receptions over AT go to University of South Carolina to their first. They're very rare but you can somewhat their bird I think. It's catching. So we we these Christine McCaffrey write five catches affect that by you yesterday how'd it feel to be so involved who's your second we recommend that arm injury. Felt so good you know definitely with the lone career that I that. Tambien and to be back passing game and really involved you know the good thing for him. Thought of what are. Yeah well let's let's let's let's that left the service the service they right here. Take a back into pre season. You don't get rough practice squad and you actually had an amazing pre season you knew did you know that you were gonna have that type of season. Then did you do that to propel you to be a picture of distinct from. Enola and in a pre season and that helped him live and make plays and that I'm going to be consistent come to a magnitude that in now. Home but you know I think that helped prepare myself these you know first two years come before that pre season in it to really go out there and do it a bit. And then you know being able to prepare wants up now. You know even due to injuries and stuff like I think you know everything took them so we think volume numbered you can super duper satellite or a small place. This is and I'll run this thing to perfection. Now I'm yet. They come on them I'm an item here. You know and that's kind of the attitude attempt to have especially you know. At this level of the game you know when that opportunity come descended on making. PAT Damir bird the story's been told. But it's been awhile. So do mirrored what we you refuel favors with this again what role the Derek Anderson play in helping keep your spirits and and come work ethic propped up a few years ago. Sum him up my first year alone you know be an important squad. You know don't whatever they ask me to do you know but sometimes. No matter what you do you can't control things and in kind of being cut. For a few days. It was only about two or three days that might have been the longest there then they might have felt left three it and and com but it when I got back you know DA. You know. This took me to decide to look you've been done everything that you need to do. Sometimes things just didn't go the wrong way you know and you know keep gonna keep bill which adorn every day. And and everything of consequence. The last game Muster against Tampa you got activated at a catches a kick returning a candidate Kenneth. Help you go into the offseason trying dude you just build your confidence be active for game to participate like he did that last week yet I think that that game really his. Kind of solidified it for me allow me to know that I can go on and actually put it becomes so. You know going into this season there wasn't a big deal about me going out to blame because I've already done it before and now is just on the consistently do that you know an everyday basis and everything they do people underestimate you mentioned that this affects others of your home. And somehow I think if you don't know mean if you haven't been around us. The plane he consistently been doing clearly when. You yeah. By NFL standards do mere your little but do you feel create. When you put that you're gonna get out on the auto puts it back. High note should be put this the psychotic we're. I'm in Indiana seven little in my entire life. Did it it is that it is never going to be. He's never gonna be a way around you know we'll be live oak. Designed to catch me. First there. I'll play out I'm used to being lit up into the game you know a guy who has to. Get under god bless the crew is it has so every day so how much of your confidence and your ability to feel like you belong on the field come from your street. I think a lot. You know you can you can't teach speed and then there's one thing that people are scared you know those wanting their defense is a sure there was one thing that these these individuals are scared of it as far as covering the receiver threat to make you feel. He had Jonathan Stewart how to get electorate up in the error and scored a touchdown yesterday there's a balance of the size with cliff -- you what healthy Kurdistan Bill Russell Shepard Kaelin clay lot of fast guys out there I know you all want to win first and foremost there's a does that also do like internal competition in terms of you'll wanna be the best contribute you Libyans think he was well what if you go. I think. You know all of us push push each other. Phone call a Muslim that's when each other to succeed. But you know first and foremost as an athlete your competitor you always going to be that person. To be a bit to step up and they could be put upon but you know we have a great room. An and you know in this organization and has been a great job of pulling the right pieces together. Common we are able to push each other and now wants to succeed and back with more up to mere birthday coming up next. This is cantor talks from Bank of America stake in the painter's brush in a heartbeat of club head. He's sacked at the ten yard line includes road club Motorola coming on the blitz came up dead. Knocked down do they Steve Stewart. Felt good though 404550. New for the forty. He knew the fifty. Taken down they. Third and goal from the one. Dixon in motion here's Jonathan Stewart goes up and goes over you lost the ball Daryl Williams bounces on the called touchdown and they call it a touchdown. This was as much of a playoff atmosphere as we we've seen all year especially. You know. Cuts haven't is that they've been home game for us. You know no type of games and given leads 44 or coach is venom but don't break him. And you disciples. Of course we will love to you know go about multiple touchdowns and just you. He just run the clock out there to hand foot you know that was a great team good team that we just played. And won't be surprised to see those guys get these these 200 talk semi blind adults former general and news radio network. That was the voice of the man whose job it is to get the ball to Damir burden our guest tonight followed up after talks and. He's got. How return shops as well as being a very good receiver. Kaelin clay can return punts soaking Christian McCaffrey how has your punt return style differ from those other two to your home. Do you know. Palin as it is a dynamic return home he displayed that in a few weeks ago that in New York. Christian thing is there's a great returns well he brings is that that physical. I'm returns. You know I'm really accustomed to with Symbian a running back. Home but you know we have I'm out of retirement and a team that they could probably you know other people let them do it also palm but. Home you know I think I'm. Good speed return from being able to do is give vertical didn't just hit those urgent. I'm trying to run defense. Particularly occurred as Samuel rookies and I are at year that this you have season IR with with a broken our free weeks so what's it like being an NFL player during the season. Who's on the team but you're on the side figured out what you Greg Olsen just got through it obviously like blow to a large degree how frustrating or challenging his is that aspect of it. Tom it and it's challenging. You go from being in here all day long on with everybody to. You know kind of his Meehan and being in no uncertain times I'm in now on everybody up to schedule can kind of really alone you know you don't you rehab by the time you give them rehab. You have nothing else to do the rest of the day in and everybody kind of don't do. Normal week routine becomes a kind of fallout today than normal routine. So to speak to your toughness the Mitt is being in this situation. So well now I'm really. He knows something that could avoid you know broken bones and things like today you can't you can't help that. But you know. In us that it Corsica go to meetings have done a separate things in everything and that we're gonna. Unless the sort of the shop here. What is to be your favorite routes are gonna run and can you explain to us what those rough you can and number. And what those Russ and me. Okay calm and nine then that's probably. Come in universal and I routed and go go route straight down if you. Did you vs the corner to see if you get our broad outline of five. There's a comeback Thomas basically off of the nine route home maybe fifteen to twenty yard runs the full speed and then stop and come back. Come to the ball to the sideline and usually if your debt at nine balls then you'll be good at fives because I DB. We'll get off to back pedal instant starter Jason. Trying to defend them. And an ending quickly what is also what it is about commit America to be released from being civic cars deep. Depressing you. Do you get excited and what do you think you know well how to lighten this meant a collapse of its arm. He had a you know one of when this press the margin of error for indeed be against the fast receivers. And they're excellent comments I can beat him clean up the line and and turn it into the flow rate from you know five yards within within around. So I don't wanna win 99% of the time and in fact it. You know get opportunity with the ball in the air I think that have come down with the. Oh. How likely clapping for Jameer he's he turned and he's worked hard Arial they Jersey. To Columbia, South Carolina play college ball how did you get from there to their home. For good recruiting against no. Home in idea really wanna I wanted to say I wanted to go. Down south. You know playing FCC really that's that's the best football conference in and in college football. How much they really wanna stay in the northeast and you wanna. Go to the winters that it wanted to I didn't wanna do that I wanted to new change of scenery. Thompson has really landed up down there it's the best coach Spurrier right. Yeah so was he heavily involved the better to his side that more to the assistant to a seat you personally involved a lot of recruiting with it to come in and you lose. It was in during elite who couldn't take beyond you know he came up to my house. I guess who my do you. So he was he was involved with the heavily outside. Jameer burden our guest Kilpatrick talked we'll talk more panther football with premier bird next this is Patrick talk on the Carolina Panthers radioed a network. Your friend victims deserve gauging your route with you do mere bird this bizarre tonight show. We got here. Yeah it's been a lot says a well Kim new visibility. Even our receivers. How to talk about the office like the office of joy in my opinion looked the other day. You're one of the book the best jobs is one of the best because it is what are we miss know what are people not seeing that this office supplies to. There. You know every everybody sees offensive line you know when things aren't I'm going to. I'm book when everything's going great nobody really notices that the hardware that they could then you know that extra effort that. It downfield block in the 1015220. Yards down the field. You know protecting can't protect and and do run a bags and also particularly the received. And also you guys are required. In every running a situation. You guys were quite as receivers you've got to get your blocks up that it is a competition about that what does that in that locker room well how important is that you guys commission each block. It's what's the big deal you know we have on the backside like Stewart and McCaffery you can find the end of an artist paint. You know horrible you know they can make do you forgot this you know and and before you know there there up on the corner bank failures of black and then. And you know receivers we take pride in black and because it. If we book our guys you know issues it has done it if they get to the second level. Your quarterback you Mir has a nickname for everybody it seems what is your Cam Newton aside from the delta house nickname for the home. Blood like. Rising Carolina. In it it's kind of like I mean. Some say it but like. They started off as. And then. And I won't play and we had another bird owner who another receded as opening they cut him big third. And demanded of car they ended up at in the light tour than a month because. Like yeah. So pathetic big figure out nicknames that happens. It's fair to say James Brent Barry's the best corner on this team what's he like he is gonna get some practice and compare him to. Guys you see better opponents just how good he is already in his second year player James has come along in the second year. You know he's he was good coming out and and I think he's really. Confident in himself. You know it changes the physical corner and that's usually what the receivers don't like you know. He's just he's physical and you know he he has direct route recognition. He's really hit a competitor he kind of reminds me of you know little adjustment for us you know two years ago self. Jimmy James really who. Do you have when you're when you brought their runner ropes then the ball doesn't come to you all right what is your demeanor when the ball is not going away. Come at you and your opening. I'm the umpire didn't get some Ginn open in content around a look at that TV and he knows that you yeah and there. We're iron. As we go to break out demeanor or our guest on the show tonight that this is that I talk. Well back of Americans and us but it's sad and bloody bit confused. Results continues on the Carolina Panthers radio network. Got about a minute and a half everybody behaved it was my job to get us out on top tier I. All right I'll know what's force it to play in high school. What order Tom did just above attract an acoustic track and track what races you run the world we touched home. I've ran sixty Tom who is 670 miles from behind your words 1035. British took it from the UK okay alone. Some 400 Aaron for at least 4785. Does this segment is super fast I was left 4254250. My goodness so between you. Curtis Sanyo and healthy Kaelin clay what what she's silver gold brought to a two it would. Don't go out of grade you go to escalate consumers and Curtis proud well that's pretty for a lot of third approached her your best friends on the team and demeanor. Let's see. Punched. Jack Thompson. In. There's been receiving corps we have kind of hang out together also. Pin and in pretty much anybody and really kind of came and into the same class of mean F fifteen cost. You know my best friends in these knuckle and right here that's got my sister go tire and that's the availability of moving forward. I. How do you get out and show what you get dog how to get us into the general legends golf you don't think Amir birds and Utley he's brought under class in every way flew in here. Eugene Robinson for Joseph the rest of our. I think the next week for another panther car it's mean. There's radio network. This abuse drug Carolina Panthers radio network.