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Panther Talk
Monday, December 4th

Coach Ron Revera and DE Wes Horton join Mick, Jim and Eugene for Panther Talk.


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The Panthers a. The woman Caroline of champions were revealed nothing. Out there Carolina fan. We'll make the necessary plays to win today. Knowing that service. About it I don't know make excuses you know say you know could do this that is that no one of our room. No lick our wounds and get back to work. Now how long would she and so Pete and Eugene Robinson cheers and make Nixon we've. And entered talks live from the red zone at Bank of America Stadium. Hey now hey now don't dream it's over. Hey now hey now in the world comes in they come they come to build a wall between us. But you know they won't win that's the way it is in the NFC south. Saints got us they got the better of us it's I got up this morning I was fairly confident the sun would not come up because of all that happened yesterday. I was out to shop about 530 different songs from the eighties played in my heck itself and then I realized. Then it's a perfect day the sun is coming up and is the perfect day to start thinking about how we don't beat the vikings I like that so welcome to the show there are no great job with the gym in Eugene this mix. Is very melancholy yet somehow and that that's nice to traverse preamble like this because I'll I'll I dismayed at up Otto he's got a better idea that really good. I doubt that's that's the way it goes much this time it's our biggest story. Were missed tackles in in all overall scheme of the game yesterday fellows. I thought that was one of the biggest stories. I talked to Kurt Coleman about a way and it's coming SO vote tomorrow than you talk about how the first time date they met you know. Then make it tackles but didn't realize the power that it does seem to get better. In look mystic that he said he made it was an attack went lol you shoot a couple of top. Very strong very powerful down low and is surprised that. He's like Alba I got to this guy up on top now I can't go outlawed so I think. You got to learn that you go at people at twelve. Bill a lot of missed tackles up there that wouldn't really chase the merit of that story. It wouldn't. Certainly got some. We would have been a fourth Portland to just sell. That that check with that missed check with check Thompson would have changed the storyline and when he takes the story of my. The confidence and assumes that if things happen on the good side for you put it didn't happen because I think one of the things were problematic we didn't tackle well we just that. Hit some close games were for so to say Turkish teams who give them credit for making the plays they may put you there are still many things are back on Allen missed tackles but. Dropped passes. Dropped interceptions. Dropped punt returns dropped punter ball. Penalties. Can get on the cylinders down. I mean is the fact that the Panthers were within ten had a had a shot at that the outside kicked them within inches of being. If it recovered by the Panthers on the outside kicks I just felt like. Despite all those errors the Panthers were good enough they still could have won the game despite some posting to date maybe cut those errors and happened Gasquet and I know try to pick themselves to their. This only makes a choice but I'd be a blue both the Philadelphia game we had the it was Philadelphia game we had at the tumbled for a flexibly talk Artest out of Chicago the Chicago okay it in early exits like that. If you allow the team and you give things away. This is hard to beat someone that's probably. And particularly pretty. The national Ripley really good team make no mistake about it up to their ballots all physically. Defensively they've gotten better the plural run pass ratio very Kirk good quarterback as good as that you can't give a team like that. Any rule at all or spot the very thing or make mistakes you do. The capitalized just like Lou capitalized fumble by I haven't got to look tough so biased. Slipping towards both sides. Broadcast roundtable a threat to talk is brought to by Geico investor quarter and our find out you can save big. 15% or more in your car insurance will have coaching here in a little bit and then. Wes Horton. And on deck circles just showed tonight of even people that don't follow football religiously people Eugene engine that didn't play her a lot of discussion today about the check Thompson. Bumper cars play on the goal line it seems as though even average fan knows you got a shoe charms you got to wrap up is that kind of emblematic of the difficulties yesterday. Here's a religious. That's what took you really they're really has helped. Hit it really is when you're facing a man and he's brought an eagle saved the saved shoulder as our car was doing. You can now book somebody down that's for police can't dive anybody speak. Go to Pope thickness to good. They're just who did you got to wrap up shapeless they've showed you got to wrap and grab call that you twist and turn as you put that person doubt (%expletive) on you on Jim how that would move but if you missed that didn't you tell us. The humans that's that would technique of rabid. Law here they took their children and it target Iraq for two. Two to bring that meant though you rent an attack met back. You'll work your. Are you put your arm off the top tackle some buddies they'll break. And self professed to a point you gotta keep your body in front saying put same shoulder because that's what Camara did he got safely say children but check try to problem now. And it wasn't the Stucco work. I would be a tackling dummy for Eugene by don't trust him not to have the energy is Piccard actually even lesbian half of breaking an addict Russell practiced himself over and see their second one -- is still sweating and the cup partially good QB they're probably some backs you could get away with that because but he sees exceptional he's one of just running backs originally. But by far I mean you provide a lot of McCaffery year old guy here McCaffery he's very very good up the back troop cuts is blocked and well. It has suspicious enough to pick a hole and didn't. Just execute the district north south and immediately he was the difference maker that game in my opinion. Would be accurate to say Cam Newton played winning football well played well just from the that the the breaches came in other areas a couple line played well too but I mean we we find out after the fact to back a little played getting that I be essentially because he was. Dehydrated wasn't healthy. To put the team not playing on a percent but knew we had to play in that situation. It's not an excuse but he wasn't a 100% but not overall but the line did well at protecting camp because there were some. Times are get a ton of time to throw there are always reserve's open but product that part of the office was working while. Camp in my opinion played a really good game he made a solid. Put a little game caught a really good game Togo are appealed to run pass options. I thought what really what we saw which a characteristic. Our deepest that you have the aggregate. Didn't and a special teams which we've been like highly Tony all yearlong. It was there that fumbled was critical. Vigorously by the love but also that mishandled snap but Allard and both polls to mishaps. Allow appoints golds at that point sold say. But the two points at the cost of points well we lost by two points. How this Camaro. Able to punish them they can of the play when the saints really didn't need to get a first down. They they run the ball twice not even trying to get any yards and then on third down intent from around midfield priest throws. A little posturing of the battery to the right wing. How is it the Camaro. With elite athletes trying to tackle him. Looks like he's just in a video video game he's he's a Bluetooth joystick of himself he he just changing lanes that rush hour on 485. Weaves in and out. Elaborate about 651. Down science student at the McCaffrey's 'cause some of that I think is that some of the young running backs tremendously destitute dual threat in the given his pass reception yardage and is rushing yardage almost the same yes they're both off the charts average wise in terms of what he gets on those so I think with him and McCaffrey we're gonna have some. Really good running backs in this division for years. And to your point I think he's in his own of these. He's really riding high. Americans don't a great job running the ball and is confident that he thinks that you can't stop them you can't stop me you can't stop me and you're not gonna stop me. And he's dared to stop himself he's played extra exceptionally well you'll look to guys that we had to make sure we're able to contain. And we were able to quite do that put up security at least accompanied by pressing on duty and future NFL football player erected is going for everybody to do no I think it's eight years old actually. I am so tired now right now take a short break we'll come back coach Ron Rivera breaks down yesterday looks forward to Minnesota next you're listening to panther talk. From Bank of America Stadium on the Carolina Panthers radio network. These new standards on second and goal from the 27 nothing saints do or die yes yes touchdown right up the middle went airborne. And scores. And like I say you know we just took place. You know for a compliment or football. And you know when you play and ended in the type became like this hostile environment. No stretched thin division games because every single play counts and that's so more than anything bad. Is he is centered talk. Semi blind McDonald's former general and I'm country's radio network. Take a look at the New Orleans Saints postmortem for second with Carolina coach Ron Rivera authentic talk tonight and we'll look at to Minnesota to stretch of three. In a row at home what did you. Come away with the impression wise can accuse you as you broke the film down earlier today both should be told make probably the biggest disappointment was. But the missed tackles me defense who've been played so well all the all year and first a commander things that we did yesterday was disappointed when we missed some tackles we are disciplined and or gaps control. Muy dirty guys in coverage during. Our three the most basic fundamentals that you have to do well in order to win a football game as a defense. Did you see any of this come in whether he tells from the way you practice last week not met I thought we had a good week I really don't like the preparation of the guys had a good week here focused. So enforce U whatever reason we just missed opportunities. Missed tackles it seems can take a variety of forms you're not in position or your fair but you don't have proper technique how how did that. Balance out on Sunday is probably a combination of both I mean really guys in position to make tackles and in the end because a certain other things because. You know decreases were stretched a little bit instead of good good good solid shoulder tackle we are making arm tackles and they were breaking him. From a couple times we came down in stead of raping ours we try to putt tackle knocked the guy office seat you know like a ram would do. Arm and that that cost us. You settle the post game show yesterday coach when you join us that you're you're defense is a gap control. Defense what can you explain what that means in a way that the average football fans can understand. Well for the most part across the front view your you have so many gaps are created by the blockers in front you starting with the center of full scars both tackles. To the right of the center is is this is a writing GAAP. And then on the right guard is the right B gap outside the right tackle is is the right C gap in the in the works opposite on the left side left they left being left seek. So based on that your defense of line each has a gap a control based on their alignment and then from there the linebackers fit. Off of them in the safety as on and and based on those types of things. We can tell who's responsible for the mistakes as a that are made on the defense aside argue Psycho which I think it was a year or two ago a saying that that NFL defensive coaches use I think it went. It it didn't NFL defense if you try to see a lot you see a little. To have that right and what does that what does that mean from a football standpoint well if you try to see a lot of if you take in too much information you're gonna miss the details of what you need to do. Seal little C a lot. See a lot seal. Take your pick because if you focus in on just what you're supposed to seek. Everything comes in the focus if you're trying to look at see everything you you're looking left you're looking right. You're not gonna see what's in front you and and then because that we gave up some place well. Great example is or more of our corners a red double move well he was looking at the quarterback he never saw the wide receiver which is his primary responsibility. Because of that he double move them through big game for about twenty yards over the top. This is also part of trusted the guy next to you to do his job not trying to do your teammates job for him without a doubt without a doubt that's a big part of gap control of the princess and that's a pretty they're pretty big part of you know what we do in terms are coverages knowing that you've got help underneath knowing that you got help in Saudi and help outside. Playing tier leverage in the doing your job. So there were mistakes are. Are they chronic order they appear fixable to your head coaches one of the most certainly fixable casino if you go back look at the way we played last few weeks we play pretty sound pretty solid football from the so you know we can correct those six. How about offensively have you guys grade out well you know we had some opportunities there as well we just missed some chances again you know we had a couple big drops we've read a couple missed blocks miss protections. And then we as self inflicted where we we we we created pal Lisa Curtis. One of those penalties there was a one penalty that wasn't called wanna look like the saints come into the neutral zone threatened. And of an O lineman who pulls up was there is or any or explanation you can give about the rule the people men and urged Ankara just a while there was no flag there. There's no expert explanation Mickey was missed. They see what happens on the play is when they go into the neutral zone if any offensive player comes out of his stance. Then the place post we whistled dead for again technically it's illegal procedure each other rather the linesman lines judge or one the other referees say no. It was a it was say on neutral zone infraction so's five yards for the offense first down which is what would have been in our case because again. They're left side of their defense stepped into the neutral zone are right tied in flinched. And the referee that's most viewed charges that he was a line judge he should throw the flag should shut played out. And we got five yards through an automatic first down. Move on Minnesota's second because you talk to about this before but you're just have been so up and down so emotional how or do you go how do you get yourself. In a position where you put the appropriate boundaries around a disappointing loss of a sudden each ship from the inside out. They're gonna happen. No you over nickel what happens is you know I tried to be honest when I look at the tape and then can really see where the mistakes happen and what was it coaching. Was it was at the the offensive side defense side. Specialties was an individual you know those types of things and you know when you're on this if you look at those mistakes is okay now I can correct me get better let's move forward. Let's do so that that's why I don't let dwell on the same summer to get to the next game as soon as possible. No time to dwell on it even if you wanted to got the vikings coming in they got it Roland coach who'd they appear to be to you as a football team. What their assault football team make their run the ball pretty well all right got to be a good balance running and throwing the ball case Keenan has been his playing it myself right now as a quarterback. For them and then he's done some really good things you go back to look at the way they're playing on the defense aside and and they're very aggressive a lot of man coverage lot of pressure. Father pressure is immense pressure so you've got an answer for protections got a fan just for their bad dogs in other words. They'll blitz guys that have coverage and so you think your glitzy one more than you can block it really that guys just there because he's got coverage on that guy. They're coach Mike Zimmer seems like a good guy seemed like your kind of guy is that true or from who have at all oral. Mike's a good duty veto some good things he's he's very Smart football coach you sell a lot of success in this league he's been coaching for well over twenty years him. That's tough plastic bullets she go title but he was widely known not reported was Mecca real dealing with an illness yesterday it's a sort of flu bug or some like that. From Italy came in in the morning and and deal with doctors look at him. You know they they they they give some medicine took some IV fluid and I get it out play the whole game like that it was pretty process. We would be their coach thanks for your time to look at your preparations this week for the vikings game I appreciate. Ron Rivera. That is if yours truly news coveted good or and I that's tell executives got me. Me and him they were like this how I'm old enough failures through. It's not drill that she's all right and I'm so interested in the psychology. Of athletics because I think all coaches have to. I wrestled to the map the notion pro listen carefully to them about the say see if you great. That you've got to try to be happy if you're team plays well. Even if you don't win. Because it isn't the goal that for a coach. You know your your your resonate you know you gotta have the wins but you gotta be process oriented. So you got to focus on playing kids being consistently good trusting that if you are the wins will come. Yeah I grew Q&A but I experience it would like homer. We were we lose the game. Then when I play when Green Day. We're coming at halftime and you think that we win anything like let them win it. Win or lose I think we're women and people as the psychological game to keep you up in focus old. The things that you do right salute you don't dwell on the things you dual role this so easy and all our lives to follow what's wrong. And for quite yet to happen very short memory particularly defensive back then I thought MicroHoo did a great job of that psychology. Of when your town really make thicken your up and even when you're up we're making you think that you were down some sort of respect to keep you up. There's so you write you gotta gotta be coaches are like psychologists this psychiatrist accused that you have to be. Because they don't psyche in that locker room. Got a fragile we're tough people what it's fragile they're really just couldn't get a guy could down in the dumps and he can't get back you know he just can't get back. Good thing is those such a veteran team right and is fighting has got is a good young players I mean by and large it's a veteran group of guys who've been through the ups and downs and have been drawn up before. You Kennedy that too in the locker due to attitude don't you as far as just having veteran leadership. Captain type leadership beyond the coach gill in those meeting rooms and so forth and on the field right. Yeah it is to your point I saw Kirk over what time. Uncle recollect keep on a C homes here and key element in nicely played doc brought out Brinker got a reception. Her come come run out of no where is that this might be disciplined he was excited that he knocked on the ball. That was sent you could be better bet you can do reception. And I I think it's not thinking of what's that make it actually got interception if you actually would put his hand up like this. Think Kurt reminded them that hey every possession means of the finished the play could you you better than just not enough to walk anybody can do that. Think early coach's career you know the Panthers had some tough losses at buffalo at Chicago at Atlanta and early in his career there were times one. I'm no psychologist but they are doing to do the interview that he beating I'll make Argyle let me show you just play don't take. Hope we just cut to left and if the sun has been at the mood and its third phase service fourth minute drive you nuts. But I think he's learned now to try to be. You gonna be relieved when you win. Any crushes you when you lose but to try to extract some joy from the win duke got to try to do you you have to. What are we got injury wise up so you saw yesterday Greg Olsen with the foot right ankle did not play. I Thomas Davis at Vegas and play about 39% of the snaps and try to fight to the hamstring injury yesterday. And Jack Thompson left briefly with a foot injury. But he came back to escort this list towards a good football player in the nice guy we're gonna talk to him next this is rather talk on the Carolina panther and radio network. Sounds. You entered talk on the Carolina Panthers were revealed in the market. Breeze straight. Drop its awful tough task right wing fumble fumble the football it was complete fumble recovered by the Panthers had a 45 do this for a out of the backfield have gotten captured 2215. To ten McCaffery left pylon. Touchdowns when. When those games and we've got to. Fisher gets a good opponent plays it's difficult to play like I hear you gotta be on Bob Horner we just gotta do their job then you're gonna. You know we all didn't do we need to do that you know it's when a situation where no one game doesn't define him and we have an opportunity here next week to put its look good before. Back to a mix mix in James O'Keefe and Eugene Robinson of when standard talk almost Carolina Panthers were radio network. NFL players are busy there are many of retired this time a year book so we got a classy group downstairs in Kentucky. One of them the class his guitar player guests tonight he is 9065 Tibet at a southern cal Wes Horton. Is here. Richie GOS first of all thank you so we've we've talked to some of the players are blessed putting forward his heard from coach Rivera so from your perspective but on the defense yesterday were some of the things. I you saw and a loss to New Orleans yesterday. The first thing you saw on tape was missed tackles and you know. We got to get guys who rallied to a ball you know and call went out in and it out outer now you know good leveraging to the football. Playing a little more gap sound you know a couple of times ago from covered cap with screw which created big runs for them. Ending giving up field on third down those are a couple things that we just we saw. I mean. There was some good things on tape but overall a lot more that we can improve on. On to next week and that's pretty uncharacteristic for your deepest deepest typically. Extremely sound guys in the right position that whole thing. As so that was supplemental anomaly that's right yes I mean I think we just gotta give back to that that the pace fundamentals of what we do what they emphasized each and every day of practice and I think we've got a little way and we got away from it a little bit but. I don't think it's anything glaring that can't get fixed so I think he just. You know we watched the film today we up put it behind us have a day off tomorrow and get back to work on wins that. Everybody knows west that Julius Peppers is like yourself legend barely nice guy doesn't have a mean bone in his body what was the conversation like on the the locker room the bus to plane coming home last night about that played you guys give Jews any. My heart timer get an explanation from him about what happened on the play where he maybe didn't hear the whistle and he's. He's still tackling the guy that on a play that was over. I didn't really hear much from a player's standpoint but I know coach Washington and you know as. See Wilkes you know a lot of the coaching staff kind of came up song and confronted you like you know it's. It happens you know I don't know if he. Didn't didn't been kind of note heed it really no worry was on the sideline I think he's still but he was inbounds we try to take him down. So it's itself fortunate. Generally it's not really like that it's you know to take a guy down way out of bounds so. You know it's unfortunate situation and I think guys confronted him in in and try to make him. You know fill a little bit better reviews obviously. Very frustrated pretty mad about it. Politics in general Julius Peppers not a guy to give a hard time to Flickr try to steer clear that I behind your to do list. So for you as we all know Charles Johnson's out those first four games and how much of your reps may be increased that they and then how is your time on the field. That's a little bit more I think of course Washington is a great job of sticking to the rotation he wants fresh bodies in the game so it's it's not a matter of one specific guy. Having to fill in all you know all the reps that Charles would normally did. You know it's a group effort so. I would say him. You got it's Fisher reps and you know they they wanted to see we can bring to the table I mean it's this kind of the next man up mentality. I mean he's he's a young player it's still kind of growing into into his role. But those are valuable reps as user able to kit and hopefully that will transition into these these next 44 weeks who we're gonna need a. However what is the Monterey in that because of light rural because everything starts with that befits a farm and when you've got a team like. You've faced with the saints and now going to be facing with the vikings. What are you guys say. The net because so why are more like. This is buck stopped here to do double what is that goes on behind the scenes that we don't know to what we see you play that is emblematic of all he's got a really good. I just think that this is the standard that coach Washington sense for us I mean first and foremost is stopping the run you know it's it's. As the tip of the sphere where we don't our it's our it's kind of like. What. What we hold ourselves to as far as you know we don't give a big place so. You know to let a couple plays out. Because of us that's not it's uncharacteristic of us. And then just the mindset of all out rush I mean it's it's not one specific guy that asked to do to get the quarterback who were not just asking Julius Peppers gets a quarterback key. He expects all four guys that are lined up on that field to get to the quarterback in N you know he. And it's it's the guys in the room that we have I mean we have the guys to do it in the belief that coach Washington has. In our group is is unbelievable on the he he comes in every day and says we are the best defensive line in the National Football League and and just to have a coach says that backs you like you know we live for us we want to live up to that soon. Wes Horton our guest on the show we'll have more with less than a moment Eugene not chop and at the business method not clean through the thought that he wants fast west of follow up question but. Commerce takes precedence more than Wes Horton showed next from Bank of America state center. Some hundred talks breezed to throw under their. Just sacked at midfield play action fake trees taken out the six yard line of sacked by the print straight drop we'll take. And now he's saying to pass to the right complete but could seven yard line and pull it just takes it home for. The score 112 foot you know. We do it is the finest you know we used to and everything on the table. The play off road comes to us you know we got. Couple home phone gives them up there we go and get back on track to. Win or lose 24 hours ago. This tape to rest and get back to work with the Minnesota. Feels he is a kindred soul former general and a news radio network. We're on the Specter room. Cable so you can watch us on TV we've allowed ourselves on the stage here. In order of least attractive to most of the start with me that that they've got nobilo bingo although I didn't I don't know that is left Jack Black back. Like they've been there we got bizarre. Senior in the league in Williams live a happier William Billy. Well as sort of a cut at the number 96 of the Carolina and a defensive line what do you fact in some for yes. How has the ability though but can it so we'll what we'll just talk and about look up there how difficult it is to get you Drew Brees and what are some of the things that. You guys have like. Innately that you got the appeal to you next week to go ahead and stop select Drew Brees move up spot or Saks. Yeah I mean Drew Brees no offense is all about the operation you know either do you know whatever crazy formation they got they wanna get the ball snapping giddy get it out very quickly so. With a shorter quarterback like Brees who doesn't sit too far back in the pocket you know it's really picked you know for the pins and make inside moves to get twist unseen look at that. The three technique up the field and bring an end and need just to create. You know. Problems for breezed right in the middle of that pocket because if you get guys that are Russian why he's able to step up and deliver the ball down field so it's. It would just very crucial to a tick to really collapse the pocket down the middle. As you guys have agree electrical inside yet and isn't that took was stuck. With star over security for example looking low yup yeah I mean it's it's one of those where you know the tackles trying to say Chu lives we just go up the field but. You know it's just one of those deals where if if if the defense and makes inside move. You know it's not quite as much of a problem for him getting out of the pocket to forget if you get Drew Brees often despise. At that. It makes it better for us as opposed him. Sitting in that pocket stepping into his his throws and throwing the ball down through the quickly lesson it was that the it will help Caleb got that. That's that wasn't us some facts of it that was not I was just pure effort road OK I don't see just. Do and rip and it and that you know got off a bit. And you know those another one there you know lot counting. Count her past and they pulled guard and leave another guy protection they try and do all these formations trying to slow us down. But it was just a great effort by Kyle loved just to go to second third movie in the breeze is just sitting there are made it inside moves we kind of saw both of us and took sack. Wes Horton do you have a signature pass rush move. No I really don't. I think that's something iconic came into the league thinking that you kind of have to have but you work with coach Washington he he really breaks things down to where it's. It's not about one specific move that works kaczynski's if you put once a signature move there. In the offensive tackles gonna see on tape and he's gonna justice center according to what you bring in so. I think it's his theories I mean if that tackle is is bailing you you've got to go and take it to a woman put power on and create separation. And then you know you get cheered it pitcher edge but if it tackles being a little bit more aggressive. Wanna get its hands on you got to use your hands where Harvard you know inside chop outside the outside lead to higher up on arm over so it is. Really it's more concepts and it is one signature move I was gonna ask you about hand placement I'm glad you mentioned that because it seems. From the press box like it's this violent. Ballet. That's orchestrated at every snap so how important is hand placement to winning the battle with the offensive lineman that you post oh it's huge sum in I mean it's it's in the run game and and and passing mr. office a Miami can get his hands inside in the in the press plate area. It's going era is going to be really hard to get them off of you so. It's key you know just for Kamal you know so iPhone well how are you gotta get a mob that state they teach us. You know take that tire pressure in the right soon take the fight right to women then you know it's that he's being aggressive in his hands on you there's is all different types of ways that we're taught. To get his hands off base off of you know whatever. Guys kind of preferred you know do it swipe in there you know outside lead inside choppers there's different techniques that we use and that we practice and practice. That get the job done anything that moves that you were used as protests there which is the most yeah I mean spin moves are deathly great countermoves you know if you if your speed guy who can really sell it up fuels. Get that type but it turned his shoulders a spin moves a great move to counter back inside Mario uses a lot. I I use every now and then you know when it's when it works you gotta be careful though because if you. Think you kind of telegraph didn't span he'll catch geographically and then you would still be there for the embattled Euro area is actually in the end you know quarterback you can break contain you know with with a move like that so. So with the run defense yesterday that they said there were twelve missed tackles eleven because you don't expect the running backs Comerica and Ingram was that anything they were doing or were you guys sit out of position what did you see from most of those anyways yeah gap control you know it's. You know on the on the back side income on the backside surge you know delay bumps that individual. You know offensive lines do a lot of looks like little little details that slowdown are really good defense of titles like OK okay in star every day they hit the have to because those guys are so big and strong gets a much penetration. They have to do you know little gimmick stuff to to kind of get those guys out there gaps so. You know wasn't wasn't the best a game for us inside but market said it's nothing that can get fixed you know those guys. You know they're the two probably the two best defense it's tackle tandem in the leaks so. I expect those guys have. Huge game this coming week it's Minnesota it's the voice of west toward more wary of pro well it is important next. On the Carol independent radio network. Talk continues moment Carolina Panthers radio network. Yes it does from the red zone that Bank of America Stadium attendance serious freak they served things. Parking is free for a company with a sense see why we prefer. Being on the radio to be in televised. This mic does that gear out and Wes Horton my question for US to start the segment is do you even know who Billy. I don't you've heard about Bill Clinton had done this I really don't think. Yet you don't lie was featured on 65 and a half. How can control that's totally acceptable incidentally and I finally figured usable time. Yeah I could go. Oh my goodness. I haven't thought about. Millennial. OK to do is called 45 commercial Internet debacle when a rocket arsenal that acting but even he's accurate he. I'm not exactly you'll be akin to at that time does the Washington how her little bit early on gravy wet 80s80s. Did these haven't been your Diana Ross right you know focus okay well this thing for Diana Ross with a match for the regular joke. Now they're pockets of the covenant health is at it and equipment bag. And from what just as well you'd grow your Hollywood right here from California went to southern cal what was it like grown up in in southern cal and then make into a cross country you're. Definitely two completely different cities. Yeah I mean I. I had to do you know is gonna be a panther and you know they have the Panthers didn't really the I didn't really have our work I was you know nothing in the pre draft process in the night you know still to free agency in. And then the parent this kind of came out didn't really know a whole lot about Charlotte none of that but you know since the month five years here out of levity here it's been a great city. Great organization in and it's this yeah I Cisco. Really really it's been a fabulous five years I've learned a lot about myself and just to work with the coaching staff that we had I mean it's it's is really. It's up it's honored to play for a team that. That that pulls for union even though I've been cut a couple times you this coach Seth believes in me and I just try and do my best to live up to the faith that they have in me. Not very words. With that and our last break of the show and then we'll come back can now wrap this thing up. From Bank of America Stadium right after this. Zone continues on the Carolina Panthers radio network. Was Wes Horton. On the show it's mixed with Eugene Jim West what what's it like tried to employ the 24 hour rule after a disappointing loss like yesterday. I did I think it varies you know from Linda Lawson approach losses really easy to it through Calcutta but I don't like between India like OK you know it's hit the reset button in it gets harder practice all starts with practice. But if you do win I mean sometimes you linger on it a little bit but then it's that's the tricky thing is you have to. You know if you if you won and you played well it's just like keep your comedy billion up a little bit but then you really have to despite the cleanest rely on certain scratch. You know I got to get the job done again this week so. Yeah I mean it is kind of bears it's gonna win in the loss. So you bring your home field the next three games of last two bit on turf but I BC's other players were there injuries there as a defense event do you notice editor to push off on being an artificial surface purses natural grass absolutely. Mean nuances that vary faster than you you feel like your fly an amateur you know Atlanta when they you know when they're at their old facility at very fast turf. Thumb our own we have great crest as well so I mean it's it's a it's a few up and plan on for a long time sought death to a fast but. Definitely on some of these endured this endured church she filled with fascinating have you got a Tisza even take a look at Minnesota or you know we can bottle yet. I mean I've described as watch them you know on on a couple Sundays ago like a bye week here's some like that about fifteen seconds so you got a quick color. I mean I'm I'm impressed the case Keenan mummy he's he's a quarterback you get the job done no really thought that he would. Against left foot the other Lorena get their anger went through the middle of the everybody clap for less human. I had to talk closed uptown Charlotte tonight it's we. There's radio network. This historic Carolina Panthers.