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717 on WB say I'm votes Thompson time bring on the former governor and mayor and now the host of the Pat McCrory show. He is Pat McCrory good Wednesday morning to you. Good morning boat got excited would not a lot. Let's talk about today I'll start with a bipartisan group of four senators moving to protect special counsel Robert mother's job. And in this group Thom Tillis Lindsey Graham Chris guns and Cory Booker. I don't think it's legislation that'll eat. Even get through the senate majority leader or to the house or I'm surprised. Continuing to push this. I think people or all the let it actually happened. Along with Cory Booker and the other senators serve and see exactly what. This is really a separation of powers issue between the executive branch and the legislative branch. In this case Arctic executive branch has the power to fire people who work under the executive branch off Lee's era. I have the same fight with the legislature when I was up. So did you get a chance to see any of Mark Zuckerberg testifying yesterday. Yet today it. We're gonna talk more about the he directly had a plot points in the format of the ereader which 45 or 46 burger. Wanted to get on camera. Allow held Zuckerberg to stick with a stalking or it's probably opposite the policy board. In the literally hours of Testaverde could start with a talk reports that moved from them whatsoever. And the senators who really did not have the the technology act you've been to ask the right questions. He had was there was an interesting back and forth and while some audio from that that get your take on today now tonight or. They have the our story sure continued. The clock today on the Pat McCrory. And by the way yesterday if you didn't hear the show good news is we have highlights of both Felix a modest. I'm next hour and then at the bottom of this hour Greg conversation again yesterday with Scott suction nick of Bloomberg talking about the ever evolving Panthers ownership situation we did not get a chance because of all that yesterday to talk about affordable housing you have to follow on that. Between nine and ten today. Yeah one thing we've been headlines in the politicians all talked about or miles or rewards in Faber of the term. Affordable housing but they never defined to mean never figure out who's actually get repaid for. Let me tell you who's gonna pay for those people in housing. Some news on the Ralph Norman front today also. Tonight. Clayton Wilcox of CMS superintendents gonna lay out his official plan to beef up security in Charlotte Mecklenburg schools following what we've seen. In park London over the last couple of months that's off coming up nine to ten today on the Pat McCrory show. I'm WBZ.