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715 on his talk 1110993. WB team votes Johnson here and on the line. The former mayor of fourteen years and the four year governor he is Pat McCrory and he has his own show every weekday from nine to ten following this show. On WBT that I join him for. Governor McCrory happy Thursday. Happy Thursday view effect we're gonna do little flashback Thursday right. Yeah in fact. In tonight of course as the NBA draft and you remember Rex Chapman right. A little earlier remember Rex. So Rex Chapman is going to be in town with the hornets tonight as part of their draft party celebration but. You know Rex was the first ever draft pick number eight back in 1988 for the Charlotte hornets and from Kentucky what yet exactly from Kentucky and so when things were gonna do today as part of a throwback Thursday that or Asia. Is talk about. Remembering back to those years when the hornets were brand new and draft picks over the years and you know it remains to be seen with the hornets do tonight and they trade Dwight Howard yesterday but. You remember the days when this was Willie basketball pro basketball was the only only game in town. I had season tickets section three that the old Charlotte coliseum which was and the new garlic LC of we'll talk about some of the excitement of the new uniforms Serena. The short short. And right right uniforms. Was pretty excited. Our Allan Alexander Julian and those were the the specials. That Kelly to puke tried on in front of the cameras hey and national news president trump of course yesterday Exide has signed an executive order. And ending the separation of families attempting to enter the United States illegally. And this is not unexpected but to by the same token it says you know the story's not over yet we'll see where this all goes what are you what your thoughts on what you saw the president do yesterday. Backtrack. Due to public pressure no doubt about it but the fact of the matter is this is. The story's not over because one of the reasons present crop did what he did was for legal reasons. And a court ruling. The media at all that's not true now that comes on at the media's saying despite hold up because of legal rule. Also. Some news on the twenty it's funny Republican National Convention front we know Charlotte is a finalist. And if you are reading the tea leaves it's down to Charlotte and and the Vegas. And we're hearing that a part of what it's coming down to even though we hell we had the DNC. Back in 2012. So we had we you'd think the infrastructure is there for the you know the observation but to a hotel space is still an issue and and when you talk about Vegas vs Charlotte. We said that the Vegas man have the big buildings with capacity that Charlotte does but a hotel rooms we know Vegas has plenty of those. So what this is an uninteresting I kind of down to the wire following that we're doing. Here yeah I think Charl or end up having more hotel rooms his Vegas during that time. Has a lot of gamblers to have been a travel and tourism we're in in that month of the year. A Schultz hotel room and vacancy rate is at its highest so. In the terms of available hotel rooms the equation actually might go toward Charlotte not the number of hotels and available to over. Okay that's a good good point to make also today among the things we'll talk about. I know you have some thoughts on the developing apple Amazon headquarters triangle you know that we've been talking about that's a world for the past year. You know what we're gonna do a section McCrory of money today. And Rick talk about Amazon we're gonna talk about also funny about legalization of pot. In Canada and it's just a matter of time. Where every state in the US is probably gonna have it because it's all about money in fact even the term recreational pot. Is a marketing term can you imagine if we called cigarettes recreational cigarettes. I don't know how the money argument is winning and California. In Colorado. In the streets of New York City where the mayor now allow pot to be spoken there. And now Canada. Talk about the business of pot on the Korea money. Pat McCrory show I don't know how we're gonna fit well in and one hour but it's going to be fun doing it. Nine to ten today on WBZ.