Pat McCrory: The ACC Championship Game, President Trump

Mark Garrison fills in for Bo Thompson with the Pat McCrory to discuss the decision by the ACC to keep the football championship game in Charlotte, and how President Trump is acting like a Democrat would have 20 years ago. 

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Good morning. A beautiful day in North Carolina. Fourteen years in Charlotte mayor thing I learned as mayor of. I'd be happy. Helps in the audience and they maybe didn't stare because there. On defense Donald and I just wanted to hear your great job so we jesus' ABC get. The scenes conversations. New talking. We're so proud people of Charlotte that gave me an opportunity. Expect teams you won't find anywhere reds and blues you know I don't W. Presets it's time for Carolina come back the cup looked glory show. Botox it just another second son runs. See above Thompson is off this morning I'm Mark Garrison. Filling in with the governor. Speaking of putting the stupid hat on. Here's the story we did earlier about these guys who were having a paintball fight going down I 77. Think they're shooting our car up here that so they say these guys are gonna and I 77 firing paint balls at each other and after they got arrested they tool is just a game. No I heard a story where the guy can't put god out its place license plate dinners. That's sort by interest because when I was in Raleigh blood drives ought to walk into the room and everyone would go oh god here comes at the Charlotte. I thought that they will look at. If you do you give but then on your license plate here I can't put out inaudible license plate but that's that's impressive response I got in Raleigh and frankly a lot of times your Charlotte 20 god. If so can I do know come on guys. I think the finish when you really got better was there Jesus freak if she can. I'll tell you pay as we debate paint balls down the highway and I said these seven I would not recommend nowadays miss that is having your stupid head on another thing we're just gonna do you know they'd put over got to your lights or god on your license plate either now I don't go to the voters stupid had a thing sent another. Think we'll mention here just in passing Panthers fans have Cam Newton apparently in Iraq in his Ferrari in Atlanta yesterday TMZ sports says. A collision with a dump truck but everybody must be okay because Atlanta police told DMZ. Nobody wanted to file a police report. While half are no breaking up can you once stuff. I would love to have warned should worry about me were. Former governor mayor Pat McCrory had a fender Bender with his sure. You mean you don't have a Ferrari. I thought I would just like I'd love to have that article in the end you know people ask you about later how's your Ferrari took cash for fewest he would ask cal I was they would ask. How's that were offered her answer back you never mind how you are hell's the car. I think that's probably their asking about police Cam Newton rescue did Cam Newton get hurt would be would be tells the car it's a fifth FF. All right well let's just read a little polyps. Here we chatted earlier about this big announcement with the ace CC signing a deal to us stay in Charlotte with the championship football game. From now until 2030. A four and last year I think the championship game brought forty million to the city but there are a lot of political overtones. And then this that your old concerned about. Well first of all you've got to understand who is the ACC it's not Johns Wofford who makes well over a million dollars running in the ACC it's the chancellor's. The chancellors of the UNC Chapel Hill Wake Forest Georgia Tech. They run the ACC they are the ACC most people don't realize that when you think the ACC. Do you think that the athletic directors are running and or the coaches are running you know it's actually the chancellors of each of the ACC schools. Make all these final decisions and that's one of the best kept secrets and by the way another seekers these meetings are usually secret meetings they are not transparent meetings. Where you see the minutes of the meeting were their open to the cameras. And yet most of these people are in the ACC or. Publicly paid employees from UNC from Chapel Hill. From. You VA. From Connecticut and so forth so it's it's very interests that Connecticut at Syracuse and so forth but. But at Georgia Tech as a public university so people don't realize the ACC. Or the chancellor's. They've had a higher. A director of ACC whose jobs Wofford who works at a Greensboro and again has paid seven figure salary to run an athletic conference. And they have made a big decision and that decision is to. Keep the ACC football championship in Charlotte I helped recruit that when I was mayor I'm glad they're so agreed to stay but it's. What do you think is there some hypocrisy here. But yeah as we mentioned two years ago they pulled the championship game over house bill two and transgender bathroom issue and they had nothing nice to say about Charlotte there. And yet user. The same rules and regulations in Charlotte that we had two years ago weren't that pretty much you know. The exact same rules and regulations or Charlotte right now that worried two years ago. When the ACC pulled out and it's one of the biggest. Kept secrets of politics to the general public. That everyone says HB two was repealed then. They really just changed the name of it. And they are all announced it was repealed but the exact same walls. Are in effect today. Before the City Council passed an ordinance. That were in fact three years ago before Jennifer Roberts passed an ordinance. So in when Jennifer Roberts along with five Lyles. My good friend. Pass set ordinance ever once said without this ordinance. The city of Charlotte's gonna be terrible things are going to be unsafe. For that ordinance is not in no effect today who turned. It can't be in effect until 2020. According to the so called repeal. The repeal meant that Charlotte cannot have any sort of walls at this point in time until two thousand twenties and then they'd have to bring it up again. So they're two kind of interesting political twist. That I hate to tell the ACC and John's Wofford all which answers the loss that you said that we're so dangerous. Two years ago or the exact same laws that are in place in Charlotte today. But don't tell anyone okay and it's fun because we'd like to see the ACC championship and that's kind of the trick that's been played on the North Carolina voters in sadly the national media regarding the sole issue which shows that it was all kind of political Campbell Campbell flush directed toward North Carolina. At north Carolina's expensive. Frankly it probably had an impact of the governor selection and by the way your most recent mayor's election. But. Don't tell anyone I'm saying this I think we're off the air because after about what has secretly and they are the same laws are in effect. Free HB two is they are in today. And methods change and Charlotte still a great city ferry 12. Who's gonna ask mayor Lar Olson. Cooper and the lieutenant governor what are they gonna do in 2002 wanted to know what spring ended up. Well let's hold that thought for just saying it would take a quick break and come back to it here in just a minute hero WB TE. This is the Pat McCrory shell which Botox and O'Neal who's talking 1110. 99 treat him. This is the Pat McCrory show we Rhode tells him on news talk 1110. 993. But Thompson is off this morning I'm Mark Garrison filling and drove garrison and the governor here this morning. The finished chatting a bit about the ACC committing to play the football championship. Every December in Charlotte 2030. Think governor yesterday I had a chance to attempt people at the sports foundation here who signed the deal unless threw away a matter what if you know what if a new NFL owner comes along and Bank of America Stadium gets bulldozed have you taken that into consideration in this contract and he's again the ACC has some outs there if something happens. Well we've ordered revealed once secret on the year which says that. We have the exact same balls in the city of Charlotte in place that we had. Sided to remove himself from me that from the ACC football championship for your movement floored it for one year. We're in the exact same situation we are then but we can't tell there over the banks or pay myself do not tell anyone else that the exact safe walls are places they protest it or city or state. Four. We don't have an anti discrimination law the city of Charlotte and things are still pretty safe I think the CI double play well well the ACC world oil the NCAA tournaments well what went well or banks are doing great. So we let that secret out there today and that we don't wanna talk about that anymore. But you have another story kind of political trickery the other secret is he do you really feel this more if you asked a very very good question that very few. Media asked if that is. So what's in the document that was signed that. Allows you some help swell or they showed you that document that they tell you what those doubts were no they did not. That's kind of interesting because you have public officials who were making this deal it is the chancellors of our public universities. And a few private universities like you can Wake Forest. That Eric Green to this deal but the public is not being allowed to see if I've dealt many people know that. So it would be interesting what the Alps or for the ACC football championship but the bigger question is going to be which. But what I've talked about the past is. If a new owner comes will be. Continue to work in the existing football stadium wanna build a new football stadium and either way. More than look for local city county and state funded. And if that's the case for. Where would the funding come from and when will that decision be made that you're talking to what. Mayor former mayor governors who's been involved in this controversy before right bar up a bit exactly right had to deal with the new arena remember all that heck I took for building a new arena downtown to 55 and it was to get a permanent tenant tenant for the NBA. I also was mayor pro Tim when we put. And together the land for the NFL football stadium about sixty million dollars. Of public money. Is in no way am of where the current. Bank of America football stadium was built most people think that the Richardson family built that stadium along with PS cells what the taxpayers. Foot sixty to 65 billion dollars into assembly met land and in fact. The taxpayers still own that land and release it to the Panthers for a dollar a year. So what do you make of governor Cooper saying they're not long ago we got to figure out a way to keep them. That the Panthers here and obviously I think I think the new owner is going to come along and hit a government at this at every level for cash. To build a new stadium. How old let go over in Raleigh. Well the question is how do you do it I had most people don't realize that but cheer Richardson and their remorse and along with some others. Came to my governor's office my first year in office and they wanted some state money. To help build a new scoreboard and escalators and so forth. Did you know about that. Yes you had mentioned that they came with their hand now asking for much and they can't Wear their hand album although I love the Panthers are did not have anybody to give them an architect I had no way to get their money without getting the bill passed because there is no economic development. Fraud on the side which you can give. To build a football stadium that's not how our economic development fund in the current state laws. Are written. Where you can just say well I'll give this company money to build up a factory or to build a football stadium. There is no law on the books that allows a state of North Carolina do that today he would have to pass a law do that. Governor Cooper does not have that before he could do that. I didn't have the affording nor did I agree at that point in time because when I was covered my first year we had what 9% unemployment. We had two billion dollars deficit we have 500 billion dollar Medicaid shortfall we were teachers said that no pay raises. There's no way I can give Jerry Richardson money to help the with a new football stadium or the court football stadium not politely told amass such that I had other higher authorities. Governor Cooper is saying we must do something. I don't know what that means. And the business journal and her interview didn't do a follow up question on what's that need. And then governor Cooper in his new job in my ear while also heard new job and chairman Scarborough. If her job. Someone's gonna have to ask them questions if you did something. On what rationale would you do it and where would the money come from. Sanyo Accenture staying at a year or so ago I had a chance to chat with Phil Berger of the senate leader and he made or rather sarcastic comment. About well some people think that a sports team is a big deal and worth money but I don't. A fifth of well he'll be he'll be asked that there's no doubt about it because the people who would have to find the money under existing laws is actually not the governor so it was surprising say the governor. I will be on the phone because he would have to lead the effort to write legislation to do just that new. And because the current economic development model. In giving. In giving money to corporations to come. You cannot give cash to corporations to come it's a refund of of tax dollars that your paid into the state system after you hire a certain number of employees. That's how it works and if you look at it a football team really doesn't hire any additional employees faced Bob what they have today. So. They'd have to change the law to make that happen so this is what politicians do and I had to do before. You may eat pretend that you have some power that you actually don't have what you're talking to the media. In the media. Is foolish about all about the asked a follow up question now with me they usually ask the poll question half with governor Cooper. There expand Byrd gave a pass. So I would before. We break here fur quick news update what sure cents on all of this do you think is that you know a number of county commissioners saying no we would not approve money but I'm not so sure the City Council wouldn't go along with some money from. For for a new state. Well the money most likely would come from the hotel motel. Tests. In any existing revenue that could be overflowing from that which helps pay for the convention center. Some of that page for the NASCAR all of favorite pace for travel tourism aspect. Guess who also has to say so what that that's a county wide tax. So. Small towns in the county might have some say so bad so the local government leaders. We're gonna have to be asked what they do in life 51020 years ago we're gonna have this debate again like many other cities and states. How much do you supplement professional sports him. Pat corporation. Earlier on WBT for Friday I'm market for Bo Ryan we'll be back. This is the Pat McCrory shell which Botox it O'Neal who's talking 111099. Treat him. Happy Friday the governors here both Thompson has not I'm Mark Garrison fills me. Our student chatting about the ACC tournament third down moving it is a national politics. Governor you said earlier that says that you think Donald Trump today is more like Democrats were twenty years ago. No doubt about it. I mean now wanna throw the audience is surprised Donald Trump is what the Democrats were doing twenty years ago on three of the biggest issues. Facing our nations and the Republicans by the way. Are divided on these three issues and it's in no one's talking about it a year right here on the path record showed by the way the fastest growing audience. And radio in the Carolinas were proud of that but the three issues think about this first of all Amazon. Donald Trump is going after Amazon saying they're getting too big they're getting to lord they're getting too powerful. You know ripping off the federal government regarding the post office. And the Democrats are the ones saying that's wrong you can't say that about a private sector company. Here you have a Republican go on after a private sector company the Democrats are defending the private sector company would twenty years ago right now for a company like Amazon. Would have been form. The Democrats would be demanding anti trust legislation. And breaking up Amazon right now where the Republicans would be defending Amazon save what the company grow as much as they walk out. So there's a bit and complete revote reversal. Between a Republican president and a democratic legislature we're here this would be twenty years ago. You think we grew we'd be having a Republican legislature and a democratic president. Going after a major. Major corporation that has become so wealthy beyond anyone's needs. And salute that is one major issue where the two parties. Have completely reversed itself then. Maybe in future shows will do an analysis of why that is happening. Where do you fall on this Amazon issue because they did there's conflicting information as to whether the post office is really being ripped off all. And and there are voting I'm sure you order step through Amazon I do occasionally not that much right kid Jews and all the time what do you think about the. His criticism well I think there's an unfair argument to bring up is Amazon. Stop being any competitors getting into this business at this point in time and that that develops anti trust. For example if there are people on the Internet who were tried to sell things cheaper than Amazon Amazon has the power and ability to undercut those right now and put those businesses out of business. Because they are so big this is where twenty years ago the Democrats should be going. They're too big it needs to be broken we're not having competition. And the Republicans would be gone. Leave mullah. Regarding the post office I think both the Democrats and Donald Trump wrong on this. Donald Trump was wrong in saying their cost of a post office a lot of money. The post offices cost to themselves a lot of money because they're under pricing their product with everyone. Not just Amazon he's right in the fact that Amazon is making money off the post office but so was everyone else were not pain. What the cost of the actual post office is. The second thing that's been kind of just led his people assemble the post office is really a separate entity of the federal government doesn't cost the taxpayers of Fannie. That is not true. Believe me at the post office folded tomorrow or we had a pension problems the pension issues or the main issue within those bonuses for them and the US taxpayer is responsible for that attention. It's not like they can just walk away from that and the taxpayers would go to where those post office people's pension. So there I think. Fears exaggeration by trump and there's exaggeration. By the Democrats and CNN and others who were criticizing trump for some some of the statements he's making about but the post office and Amazon. I'm curious you said there are three ways that trump his more like Democrats used to be what are some of the others. Well the others trade. With China. It used to be that Democrats who would go because of the pressure from the labor unions in the steel companies that have labor unions at the time. Would go we got to stop these unfair trade practices what China. And because the trade unions were so powerful with the Democratic Party. That. They would fight. NAFTA and so forth in fact it used to be Hillary Clinton. And before that other president democratic candidates who were against these World Trade Organization it's. And wanted more protectionism. For companies in the United States. But the reason that has changed is because the new tech companies are primarily democratic companies now. And very liberal democratic CEOs from Microsoft to Nike. Apple. And Amazon products role be it fans and Amazon yeah. They're products are being made in China right now we've cheap labor. Since the unions still have the power anymore because the high tech companies have more money to give to the Democratic Party. And the way the Republicans are kind of stayed on the sidelines they are divided on this issue. Trump is the water is acting like a Democrat. From twenty years ago against China it's amazing reversals. At this point in time remember it was President Bush. The first President Bush who really talked about world trade organizations. And it was the Democrats fighting him on the world trade. Now it's it's the president. Trump Hussein these world trade. Trees or rip off to the American worker in Ohio we've Michigan. Even in North Carolina. And it's the Democrats are going no you're wrong. Because their bases down California and New York. California New Yorkers face foreign finance and high tech. Those are very liberal companies who want Lou price products in China. So it compare to hear about this anywhere oh no you're exactly right there been there hasn't been a comparison saying that did trump has more like Democrats of old. Will trump used to be a democratic I remember that that's true if we both thought it maybe it's trump who has a change this Roseanne said to Jimmy Campbell its the Democrats. It's the liberals who have moved four to the left. The president and Republicans are being quiet too you know this republic Eric territory it. Because they've got the bush wing of the party and then they kept trump wouldn't have supported the bush wing of the party wants free trade. And they have the General Electric's this Siemens. Major organizations that do business in Europe and China as big supporters to. So the Republicans don't know where to go on this admit so. There's a lot of hypocrisy and and contradiction among both parties when president trump speaks out he stepping on the toes of both parties. And yesterday did you see the television clip where he was a going to make a speech in West Virginia at a roundtable and then he had some remarks on paper about how to his tax plan. And he took that and threw it fit in the airs at that's boring and he wanted to talk about today illegal immigration any launch and again almost campaign style. Talking about Mexicans who were rapists and his claim that millions of people voted illegally in the last election. Well this is trump again going. After. The blue collar worker the middle class blue collar workers and word they work they work in West Virginia you know I'd love New York bankers working in West Virginia. You don't have a lot of high tech workers were at a California. History of working in West Virginia you have blue collar people working in West Virginia. He is telling blue collar people that the immigrants illegal immigrants are taking your jobs. And lowering wages. That is something the Democrats for say twenty years ago through the unions. That if we continue to let these new legal immigrants come it's gonna lower wages in the United States of America especially for hard working men and women. In the middle class. Trump is talking like a Democrat from twenty years ago that appeals to blue collar workers that Democrats. Are speaking to more high tech workers. It's an amazing turn around. CN political dynamics that no one is talking about. And as someone now outside of government outside the governor's or mayor's office are observing. This twisted turns among both Republican and Democratic Party work trump may be does it fit in either party. When he attacks immigrants any legal immigrants. But he is appealing to those states like Ohio Virginia. North Carolina. Michigan. They're determined. The presidential election and illegal immigration. He is having an impact on crime it's having an impact on lowering wages to draft United States. And well you've got a story about what the Oregon governor's doing. Yeah it is so so the governor of course is where the governor excuse me the president of course as we signed an order to use a National Guard troops at the Mexican border. Of course the governors of the border states will then have to ask for Guardsmen and and if you guard the members of the guard will come from states from all over the country and now the governor and Oregon is saying no I won't send any National Guard troops from my. I stayed if if we if they needed. While. That is an amazing. Controversy between these city and state governor and the president of the United States let me tell you if I were governor. And the president asked me for some North Carolina troops to help with the border. Like I did for the Charlotte riots or I did for her case I would say absolutely Mr. President I'd say that President Obama. President Clinton President Bush and president trump. Because guess what North Carolina is being impacted by illegal immigrants. In many ways a negative way because we've got some major gains going up I 77 I 85 by forty and especially I'd 95. And transporting. Kids should women. You know illegal trading of human flesh. And transported heroin and cocaine and marijuana. Throughout North Carolina which is destroyed or you can right now. And so with those these illegal immigrants would know checking. On their background whatsoever and that caravan comes through Mexico from. The Central America. They are going to be in North Carolina their first get a go to Phoenix still drop out points in Phoenix and don't go to Dallas Houston Columbus Indianapolis. Charlotte. Anywhere along the major corn growers say they'll have safe houses. And some of them will be taken advantage of that used in human traded human prostitution. And also drug trafficking. And the Oregon governor by saying. He is. Incredible. Dynamic that's occurring in our American political system and Jerry Brown the governor of California. Is saying no now. Should we now boycott California organ. Like those states boycotted North Carolina over a bathroom bill because they're saying no to the president of the United States trying to protect. Are poor who. I mean this is a much more serious issue. Because North Carolina will be impacted by it and someone ought ask our mayor and someone ought ask our governor would you. Allow especially our governor would you if I go with the governor the president of the United States called. Would you send our North Carolina National Guard. To the border to help stop this caravan. Illegal immigrants from crossing our border illegally to be an interesting thing for the governor to respond to. So I don't think a lot of people realize that eight even though the guy the president signed that order that fit the Guardsmen have to come from all over the country and that an individual governor can say no you can't have any Guardsmen from my state. Well one when. When I sent to gorge to Charlotte or to help with the hurricanes you know I had the governor of North Carolina has is the governor of every state is the commander. Of the National Guard for forty years I was the commander of the national gourd in fact when I accept the troops to Charlotte to quell the riots that we had. I actually transferred by command to chief putt me. Call them up and said I do not want to command these people because we don't need to have more than one commander. Over the police and the National Guard that would calls confusion. And I asked the pro the the U chief that he would be responsible for my national gourd and I'm sane and as commander of chief right now I said if any politician. IE mayor Robert starts interfering with that command. I won't take back that command ASAP. But she thought they did a great job in coordinating the efforts between or Highway Patrol between or chief between or. National Guard in between the Charlotte Mecklenburg police department and I'll be forever grateful for that but I gave up at a forty. As governor of North Carolina another not well known fact in North Carolina by the way that occurred what does have bought before the election from. And I kept that kind of quiet because I did not want to make it political because we are talking about life. Debt issues in the city that I'd so dearly love. What do you make of sending the National Guard troops to the Mexican border now because. The truth is that if if they see fit the illegals coming across the border by law they can't stop the more arrests than they can only call for the Border Patrol right. No I think the president. That may have the authority to give their jurisdiction has the Border Patrol has the dilemma it's gonna be is that the these immigrants apparently the legal immigrants and we often use word immigrants or illegal immigrants. Are gonna try it crossed the border to ask for political asylum. Which that is all stage someone's paying for all this to make a statement. But if that happens. It's gonna calls. Further escalation of the illegal crossings across her border. Which is gonna put a lot of strain on our country and it's an issue can you imagine if in Charlotte right now a lot of people if our country landed a plane full of immigrants or illegal immigrants. Kennedy's side to get off the plane and rushed customs and run through customs. 1515. Oregon or North Carolina yeah I think we'd call the National Guard if they decide to run through customs that are poor. I think we're probably would I think we would wire when treating the border of Mexico any different. So we're glad we got ports you're glad to see the president issued this order. I think he had stood I don't think he has had a choice again compared to an airport our airport Charlotte Douglas airport. It is a border. That's why we have customs at our airport. Wonderful if for those liberals that want to have no borders you bottom you'll get rid of customs that are airports include Charlotte Douglas international airport. And if we do that wait for the uproar toward the more liberals who rescued us debt B a country free of borders. And I'm not just from not. This has nothing do with the Latino immigrants or Mexican immigrant students do with immigrants take could be coming from Russia they recovered from China. They can come from Middle East or any parts of Europe. Right through Charlotte Douglas we have customs for a reason we have borders for a reason. To know who is in our country and what the real identity is for the public safety and the integrity of the United States of America. So I'm I am quite conservative on this issue. I'll show all think we ought to liberalize our or immigration rules if we have a shortage of workers. We all loved more people come and our country but we ought to do it legally and in a well coordinated fashion with people from throughout the world Africa Europe. Asian Latino country South America. But it ought to be coordinated. If you lose control. It impacts our democracy and our freedom and our border in Charlotte in Charlotte Douglas airport cannot love for color Colin and say let's get rid of customs there and see what kind of response they get. Forget about a minute left in this segment and I think illegal immigration. World is no question it has become an issue in the sheriff's race here in the democratic race for sheriff. Because the current sheriff who's a Democrat. If someone is arrested he checks their immigration status through the 287 G program the other Democrat who's running against him says we shouldn't do that. Yet the other Democrats are very good friend a bunch formal part of the former Charlotte Mecklenburg police department detective my friend of mine but I strongly disagree Patrice 287 G program started. By sheriff Pendergraph when I was mayor not fully supported it. The reason we. These are people we arrest in Charlotte. Do we want arrest people not find out what the real date since. And identity is to find out if they committed laws. We committed crimes elsewhere in our country. I'm shocked I'm shocked at my Republican county commissioners and City Council members and democratic. County commissioners and city councilman who were remaining silent on this issue. And where's the media on this issue worse if Charlotte Observer. And even W BT and need your WDT radio news on this issue serious ramifications for Charlotte and North Carolina. Ten minutes before ten the Pat McCrory show here on WBT we'll be back here in the second. This is the Pat McCrory shell which coach Thompson and O'Neal who's talking 111039. Treat him. Well both Thompson is sell off this morning and murkiness and so it's garrison in the gov and little masters. We talked softly here in this segment that was a moment we have do we have to talk softly talk about driving down magnolia lane. Of course being mode tried to me and my dog mode tried to sneak into custody yesterday there's a video of that. Attempted break into the gust of national golf course tournament. WBT whether they'll be on my FaceBook and just a few minutes of me. No before in my dog trying to sneak in and I hear both Thompson's. Trying to find those routes. To. Tiger. Tried to make the cut. And looks like tomorrow there's can be very cold weather at Augusta. Then Charlotte. It's been 45 tomorrow afternoon here. 45 beer won't just does not mean much warmer than that and so that's going to be incredible. Weather conditions for the golf to advance what what's your comment on the back. You know I've never been to the master as you have but I've only been able to see our television. I tried to seek an opponent by big and I thought I saw some sneak in routes the room number twelve tee and also number sixteen. And now my dog. Got in but then you decide. Do his things and that's just unacceptable on the Augusta national golf course. Haitian leaves in that video you see that video of WBT but. They're gonna talk about much more serious things and Vince Coakley show Iverson lunar although vets. Did you see this that Dick Cam Newton was in Iraq yesterday that that's crazy yep I was you know looking at those pictures there. No expert it's pretty amazing to think the I mean this could have been horrible you know that thing it kept going. We could have completely crush that card Chris teem inside that car you know that's what Vince what happens when your Ferrari gets rocked up I. Well you first have to you I have a scenario where Vince as a Ferrari FF which will ever have a bit slower remember I mean it. And defense we've seen that ended in the parking lot of they're gonna write your personal court what color said it was an incredible colors you're for or hate it's rusted. A path. I told you earlier that might. Mike golden light possess a newspaper article where McCrory wrecks his Ferrari FFF. Six like good. Good but you gotta get 11 yet and yet the closest I'll I listen to a to a Ferrari will be a matchbox Ferraro thing. So this weekend at central Piedmont I got to drive a 100000. Dollar Tesla electric edition awesome cool and talent around them was a sweet ride. Yeah I. I had never use it down and electric car before and I mean you hit the gas and I think it why is really I've got a good friend who has or congressman Thomas Massie different mind yeah he has a Tesla doesn't MB SUV. He's got the Tesla. And he loves that car he just loves driving you'll drive back to his district in northern Kentucky really just because he notarized driving guys UV got to such was this. I am a Ferrari guy. Funny you guys to injury you gotta have and you know electric car out my dream is you don't change your meat from a Ferrari well you know I would have thought electric car who's got it until I drove it and then I was like oh my gosh this thing is really cool. It's it is uploaded right now no I've driven one and it's scary because you can't hear any such right into the why it is like rhetoric class yet you can just needed them very easily. Yeah and I thought Edwards not not that I ever have sped by the way oh of course not us. There's Highway Patrol that drove you around that's a different story yes. I've been total denial have no recollection of ever speedy. I nobody site acuity the united listen I used to seeing you pull up the press conference is that black issue be and they would be just flying. I saw the protesters were chased and I don't. Very well the governor McCurry will be back with the vote comes in on Monday at 905 here anyway and any team let me ask Vince bids on the way home today can you give Iraq your Ferrari. I sure no problem at all.