Pat McCrory: Charlotte Hornets

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Thursday, November 16th

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Wake up with a WBZ's morning news five to nine every week day and then nine to ten. The governor joins me for an hour ahead events Coakley ten to noon. Governor Pat McCrory back with us and you were just talking about last night king James in the house and you were at the spectrum center last night where you're not. Boy what an environment this year almost packed else. People all over the place cheer in the old style uniforms for the order told date through they're still a bad thing about it was. James. The Cleveland Cavaliers are being changed. It looks like he's played against people we basketball players this guy is a pain it. Among bullies but it was an exciting game incredible talent. Great product on the floor. In fact today at nine all of that taught you about how we got the award that's how we've lost a war it's we got the bobcats are now we've got or which back. He had a lawsuit being an incredible saga of natural history for people not from around here when you tell on the story it's it's it's a rollercoaster to stay at least tell that I'll play laid out. But it. Right order I think I saw all these young people yesterday at the arena and they have no idea of the history of your read. Controversy. The light rail by the way it was hacked last night as people were lead the brigade. And just the controversy of how we got Purina how we got the war lost awards. And also I got some news to you about the MBA all star game in 2020. Mark that a good thing that was canceled last year. Because it's going to be a whole new exciting format. All right today and also today a lot of stuff happening including on more news on the ruling more fronts now we're talking about yearbooks. And this is getting really bizarre we're talking about scrutinizing. Handwriting. In a high school yearbook that's what it's come to. Incredible I heard you're gonna get real fast. That it that may be UCLA the players that were not caught shoplifting in China and they were back in the states yesterday thanking among others president. Hook the president trump who of course that helped orchestrate that happening in and then back to kind of that the Charlotte. Or I'm not the old Charlotte uniforms last night Charlotte has a new logo. People may not know about this but a new logo. That is going to be used all over the place and I'm curious. You look at it and that's the old look that's the new logo. Yes and if you'd like to see that logo by the way yeah. As a precursor to our conversation a little bit later you can text the word Charlotte. To 68683. Under Smartphone right now ascendancy but Charlotte has a new logo Riley actually has a new logo too and you're getting different feedback from different places but you are Saudi. For the state North Carolina I think they just removed it. There governor new logo. Well yes and you're having been in Charlotte all those years you've been privy to a lot of these conversations about how should Charlotte be marketed an and also. Others also rankings out today. By several different publications the Wall Street Journal being one of them. Ranking all of the cities that made bids to Amazon for that second headquarters and it may surprise you where Charlotte showed up and some needless we'll talk about all of this coming up to morning this morning right after 9 o'clock the governor myself here on WT look forward to it. The portrait got to go but in the meantime dogma out not to be confused with blow. But maybe that's.