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So beautiful today in North Carolina fourteen years is Charlotte mayor thing I learned as mayor. Here Ronan can't hide you have to believe how. LC audience and they maybe didn't stare because that's. I think that it's Donald and I just wanted to hear your great job so we jesus' agency debt. The scenes conversations. New talking point so proud. People of Charlotte that gave me an opportunity. Respect you you won't find anywhere refs don't understand I don't WD. Presets it's time for Carolina come back the cup look glory ship. Botox it just another second son runs. So I'm taking you back about play three hours. Dear I just woke up to your late night. And I'm like to officially thank you NCAA for having tip off at 921 here last night. And do you know who the NCAA is lawlessness. You know who the NCAA is instead chancellor's. Whose first priority is the students and academics to. I mean the chancellor's infect their three chancellors on the NCA board of directors from North Carolina. That your answer right here UNC Charlotte good friend of mine filled the laws that chance through part hang on win get. Yes Rick Gardner-Webb. Now all of them could have said you know what guys want a Wii play that game on Sunday afternoon. So good hard work and men and women to go to work Monday morning or Tuesday morning was like Sunday it's Sunday afternoon at the masters Sunday afternoon. At the NCAA masters jets at the masters gets it they talk softly. Absolutely. And they have cheap beer. And cheap chicken sandwiches and egg salad chances and you know. Because I've been there I would and I turned down a ticket today in my buddies are driving down I said. Colombia right now it's about to take the right to a custom all downhill toward Aiken South Carolina. We're will be sitting in the green chairs. Drinking mint julep. Graham is topic for second burn pretty experienced the. As you were. So will still be going down magnolia lane. Watching the magnolia trees asleep and turn the egg custard grounds. The green grass but you still. Affirm. This now one of the most beautiful golf courses in the world. Pat McCrory is massive asset. Now the real story but just as this it's awful ugly a strip. And adjust it looks like independence avenue worse south parts of south boulevard. And all of a sudden the entrance of a custard comes up and within five yards a turning off this strip. Furthers these ugly shopping centers and gas stations. Within four feet you're in utopia. But Augusta. Magnolia lane were Jack Nicklaus service. My spine still choose no that was the cut for morning Joseph talking about them Barack Obama. Yes sir. Now is it true that when you stuff Buffett a gas station in Augusta they had his music piping through this because. No again when you come into a gust of the strip where you come into a justice actually extremely ugly although justice gray down downtown Augusta speed. Peak in South Carolina right across the border is a beautiful beautiful mountain have relatives there it's a great template they've never invited you'd have to the masters either no. And you know you're just joining us I was informed about five minutes before the show started that the governor could have been at the mast. Israel I wait and I just got to know. I just got a note Phil is not on the NCA board of directors he's on the advisory board. They do not make those decisions so not cleared filled the block for making me Damon nine point. He's got the best best person more confirm that he dosed her she just corrected to be on serve until you're off the hook. I'm not blaming you for me being so tired this morning. But Teddy out what you have an a student call me you showed up at an 8 o'clock class this morning that UNC Charlotte. Who did not stay up watching that game. They're the farm so please say. He did not make decisions of real people made a decision to hold the game at 91 era of the sponsors the TV people who want the biggest audience to watch their commercials they want the West Coast crowd. They want everybody they want money. But David just they still charge like. Five bucks for sale march 3 bucks for a beer two bucks for a lemonade. Egg salad sandwich they kept the price is low in fact. The recent you listen to the camera for a show you is you get the inside information. The inside information if you get a ticket take us to. They strongly discourage you from reselling the tickets for greater price and in fact there's real concerns right now but the tickets for custom. Are going for well over 17100. Dollar starting from the Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday rounds. And there's a threat now of going to if you sell your ticket in your given that ticket through Augusta. You'll lose the rights to your tickets for life. This is a custom trying to keep the price down for the tickets. Keeping the food prices down. So they'll always have what they called the patrons. Attend the tournament. Well on this year is the perfect storm right because tiger tiger. Tiger is up practicing yesterday with Fred Couples. And Fred Couples was saying that he looks like the old tiger what we've been hearing for the last month. But you haven't had a masters setting up like this in many many years where we're tiger has been a contender and a potential contender. And so that just adds to everything anytime he walks. This week at Augusta it's going to be newsworthy. And you could have been there. I could have been there today it's a practice round today actually didn't the most fun day to have there is on Wednesday. To watch them play the par three tournament. And on the par three tournament all the previous winners Jack Nicklaus will be playing in the par three tournament I want the year gray Norman and then. I played in the par three tournament and his caddie was is brand new wife Chris Everett. Me that marriage I don't think lasted much longer than the par three tournament. But it was so cool watching Chris effort to light a crush on. Actually my brother had a crush on her. And it's in the 1970s. Playing tennis and she myriad Greg Norman. And was caddie for Greg Norman on the par three but Gary Player will play and it Jack Nicklaus when it's a loose regularly homers always played and in the pat it is so loose and you see a lot of holes of one's. And at the par three golf courses that is the hidden should rule. At two Acosta at the masters so basically when I don't play I've played that par three course by the way. So you tell me is it is if you get when you haven't been to the par three then I'll be doing the show spoke on Wednesday if I get tickets today if my buddies who are driving down I 77 right now taken a ride and I Tony toward a gust. If they come up with a ticket for tomorrow. For your favorite former governor and former mayor. And friend. And golf buddy. I will be leaving. Here this afternoon to go watch the par three golf dress it's really fun to drop a mile and a lot of a lot of catch a lot of the caddies are the kids of the golfers do read their grandchildren. It's it's that it's the neatest thing. I wish they showed more of the par three. I'm not TV. They do more than they used to now when ESPN is there though those show good bit of on Wednesday night when we come back. Wow we can unveil something we we recorded some of the other day and I just saw listeners probably the most exciting. It's it's going to be like like watching the Promos for the new Star Wars movies only thing that would make it more exciting the media play this behind. Maybe I should I say maybe we will sunshine won't down. Tendencies. Understanding and I'm about to get to any man's corner and start running because it's time to go over. This is the Pat McCrory shell which Botox it. On news talking 1110993. He was mayor of Charlotte. For fourteen years he was. Governor of North Carolina for four all all of you got that wrong I didn't run it that way I was the great mayor Charles for fourteen years and even better governor. A North Carolina turnout we have great news to share. Do you all do have a four shows on WBZ radio would mean both Thompson longtime host of WBZ's morning news though you're the hardest working guy and radio you're kind of the Walter Cronkite of radio. Given that he's dead. Okay you're the Brian Williams of regular. He's a liar okay. You're in the U Anderson Cooper of I'm tired why it may come back here come back here to ask you what this show was all well. What's this show all about today it's behind the scenes perspective of what's really happening in the news and business and sports and entertainment and politics. It's information that you don't get anywhere else and free money what do you think I'm still in politics from. That's what did you card now actually the cue cards says no talking point know the talking points every morning you get the unfiltered inside story with no agenda is a show you can't hear. Anywhere else in short you get the owner Pat McCrory show weekdays from nine to ten on WBZ when my friend go to Thompson who joins me every morning to help me guide the ship hey he's got a lifetime in politics a lifetime and radio full hour each morning right after you join me on WBZ's morning and it's only on WBT radio. Welcome back that's that's our nuke. From a video we just say that was better than the Charles from a word changed Bob from miles. The camp may have exaggerated well you know we had a good time take some of them. You can see that that are a face to face WB teeth. And you'll see it floating around but. Shut that downstairs in the day in well you know for you mean it just must seem like me and on and another. Campaign from a. Shall shoot there actually are used to a lot of campaign commercial shoots another shoots in. Yeah it's a big deal to a campaign commercial I mean it's like making a major movie. But. I'll tell you speaking of radio. And TV right now the Lori anger and show and talks to us made a major decision which I think impacts everyone in the media. And that is if advertisers. Threatening you threaten to leave. And could advertise on your show because of what you say on the show. Should you there and backed down or should you keep saying things on the show regardless of the financial. Ramifications of it and Fox News just put out an announcement. That they are bring in Laura Ingram back from her vacation. And despite. More than a dozen advertisers including Johnson & Johnson Nestle's who would Jenny Craig Ruby Tuesday and even miracle here. Have quit advertise our mayor and showed they've said we're not gonna be taunted by advertisers threatening to leave us. And I'll tell you this is a very interesting subject because as governor. I had first of all Andrew Cuomo say we're gonna boycott North Carolina because of the north Carolina's her. The city of Charlotte motor Jennifer Roberts bathroom rule. And we're not gonna make any more trips to North Carolina infect pool even cancel basketball games or North Carolina. Which I might add the NCAA. Agreed to. Which was kind of ridiculous. And they boycotted North Carolina. No other I guess safe to play a North Carolina because we have a pseudo overturn of that ordinance which really wasn't even overturned. Ever wants to say and it is but what do you do when a state. Or business or even a radio show we're TV show is threatened by advertisers. Because of wide. You say here do. Where does the First Amendment comes with regard to this I guess the advertisers have the threat the right to boycott. When are they consistent themselves in their boycott. For example we had some companies boycott North Carolina. But they continue to do business in Russia or the Middle Eastern China. Nike continue to make their shoes in China. But they threaten boycotts. So. Where's it stop. And should then listeners of box boycott Johnson & Johnson. Should I not by any Nestle's candy bars anymore since they boycotted. Bigger ship and I personally disagreed with what Ingram said what she said was stupid. About the Cy Young student didn't need to be said don't dog but she has the right to say it. So I'm curious to hear from some of you listen today should that if I say something that you disagree wit. During the next hour which would be shocking because most people agree with everything guys say. Are you gonna call up the advertisers and threatened to boycott those advertisers and and put pressure on the advertisers start to advertise here. Just like they're threatening to boycott Fox News. But if they threaten a boycott Fox News wonder CNN says some. That you disagree wit that are you gonna threaten those those advertisers that CNN for sixty minutes or. These are consistent boycott sooner or is it only the liberal second boycott. Liberals liberals tend to boycott more than conservatives. It should be point. Doubt that there are some advertisers that have said we intend to stick with Laura Ingram one of them would be the my pillow. The mud fill a guy with a moustache out my pillow is. Hang in with with the Fox News during this and like you said for those of us those people just joining the show Fox News the co president of Fox News has said to the LA times. That they look forward to having Laura Ingram back hosting a program next Monday when she returns from. Spring vacation with her children so. She'll be back some advertisers didn't go anywhere and some of them. Are still kind of hanging out there well let me tell you the death. A toll of this ferocious in for the stockholders of these companies the stockholders of companies including media companies. Their only interest is the interest of the stockholders and make you money that is their legal responsibility. It is not their responsibility to make political decisions unless the political decision is financial advantage to the stockholders of the company most people don't realize that but when you're on a board of directors. Of a company. Your your only responsibility. Is to the stockholders. Of fact company. So once companies start making political decisions including boycotting states are boycotting. Fox News are they making that decision. Representative. Of the stockholders in their financial interest because that's their only job. Or is this a decision by the CEO were by the marketing department or by the human resources department or whatever to save. I disagree with the political opinion is so we're gonna boycott it now but is that really the best business decision. And how active or those stockholders. And the board of directors in in that decision so did the Nestle's. They didn't nest lease company who decide to boycott the Laurie Ingram showed at their board of directors. Participate this decision. And there are are they liable for potential lawsuit. For not representing to stockholders but only represented the managers some management's opinion. Which is strictly political. This is still Pat McCrory show we both Tulsa on news talk 1110. 993. 930 til I'm WB Jane the debacle ratio rolls on boats Johnson here along with the governor who is. Well let's just say I'm recovering from one shining moment the inflated. Past midnight last night. National champion. I'm ahead in the chancellor of Georgia Tech. Georgia tech university. But Peterson is the guy who. Makes makes a decision of one to play the NCAA games how many he's the guy who can veto any thing along with his board. By the way there is there to chancellor on the official board. Of the NCAA from North Carolina we have some from the University of Colorado University of Miami US military academy Bryant university. But the chairman is the head of the the Georgia institute. A technology better known as storage Tek. And that guy by the ways the same guy who led the effort to boycott the state of North Carolina. For ACC for NCAA tournaments. And help lead the effort also to have the ACC boycott the state of North Carolina for games. By the way that that was to the advantage of the state of Georgia in the city of land it where he resided. And he made a big deal that's I'm not a big fan of the president. Of Georgia Tech. For the Georgia Institute of Technology a great university great engineering school by the way but very very political. At this point in time and they can make the decision of what time the NCAA championship is played they decide we're gonna played at the peak. Al or were we can make the most money regardless of students have regular class next table or regardless of the regular averaged. Hardworking men and women US to get up the next day they go to work. And I think in the long term they're gonna lose viewers because the next generation of nine and ten year old who get hooked on college basketball. They're not gonna get hooked on any more prisoner not watching the games like we did when we're young and they're four they're gonna go skateboarding or watching video games down the road. Trying to Hancock was talking about this yesterday. Making the same argument to a new degree about baseball Major League Baseball and how. You don't want grown up as kids there was. TBS. He had the early games he said that Major League Baseball is. Like you say is pushing the degree of a Saturday afternoon baseball and take Rotterdam I and a ten year old kid to get hooked a baseball they are don't anymore well in the game of the week is now Sunday night stuff honey ESPN. So I completely agree with you I don't understand I mean I do but I don't understand the monetary. Portion of this but as you say you create a generation of people. Used to doing something and if you look at the NFL the NFL has pushed back Monday Night Football starts and primetime football stars. And in now the longest time it was 9 o'clock right now it's 815 or or 830 depending on which game were talking about what they've moved it up. And you would think at the NFL the NFL want to meet would be the the Bellwether of all of this and obviously in certain cases it is an in this case it's not. It's a short term gain. To have the games started nine tour money so they get to West Coast viewership but they come all the people for Villanova which is in Philadelphia. You have to stay up late to watch a game and how many of them are have a tough time at work today how many of those students have built over shown up to class today. Which is by the way subsidized by the taxpayers on this topic very few very few. But our priorities are totally out of whack I'm sorry I'm not a fan of the NCAA they had a big meeting this week however. Where there is about to be a big division. Between the big schools in the small schools in the NCAA let me we tell you the inside information what was happening the Big Five conferences include ACC you're going. Listen we need to be treated differently we want our own rules including giving money to students possibility. And our own rules may be even down the road regarding recruitment. Because we have so much money involved in this worthy division two schools in the smaller schools can afford the stuff anymore. They're losing money on football. They're probably lose some money on basketball these giant conferences that taxpayers or lose and because the taxpayers and athletic departments or have to pay for the lacrosse team or the baseball team for the swim team or the wrestling team. To drive or fly to Syracuse for game. When ten years ago they're going to Wake Forest duke Clemson they were all drive to within three or four hours to go play their games. Now these students are literally travel and hundreds of miles per swim meet. To play within their copy. It's as it makes no sense for the student and makes a sense financially for the conference it makes no sense for the taxpayers of North Carolina. They have these charred conferences are especially in the minor sports. And I think the questions finally ask what are these students actually studying. Because he spoke all players and basketball players are basically full time athletes. I don't care what they say they are full time athletes especially when you have a travel schedule like that what happens to a student who played last night's game. Was a class today. Or if you're a student at Miami and you've got to enter conference game could at Boston College. And the reason they made the super conferences as opposed the conferences where the all the teams used to be just barely in Virginia North Carolina I am South Carolina and maybe down in Georgia. When it was just that small radius. It made sense for the minor sports to be able to travel by car but now these guys and women have to get them on planes with hole on truck just think of the cost of that. But it's not just the financial cost. It's the cost to the student. And there are academics. But it's all about money for football basketball that's the reason we have the super conferences so. Coaches can make six million dollars a year or so Johnson offered to make a million dollars a year running their conference. And so. Nike. Can push the product. Can be athletes. And the athletes paid no money off of this whatsoever. And there's going to be there's a change come in the NCA just yesterday basically decided the five major conferences. Can now make their own rules uncertain area is independent of the NCAA and probably if the NCAA had not allow bad. The conference's. Would have broke offered me NCA and that's the big threat right now especially for the big football conference's. Because there's so much money being made. And my question being asked in the question do you wanna ask you this is why you listen this show is so. Where are the taxpayers get return. Word of the students are going in debt by hundreds of thousands of dollars get a return. On these super conferences. Respect to the money right now I'm sad to say good people I don't blame them for making the money but the coaches. The athletic directors. The sponsors. There may commit major dollars. All students are barely. Surviving and even after they graduate by paying off the loans for 51020. Years at high interest rates. Speaking of sports. Big news and sports here in Charlotte. Yeah for a third time in a week another potential bidder for the Carolina Panthers that's apparently in town today. So this will be hedge fund operator David tepper. Who's in minority owner for the Pittsburgh Steelers and he is expected at Bank of America Stadium yet today. I yesterday Charleston businessman Ben Navarro was there. And of course you and I talked last week about Ted that the steel company's CEO Alan Kasten bomb. So 33 in less than a week now so this thing seat. Not and why are they looking at the stadium because the stadium so part of the financial model whoever. Overpay these are under pays for this NFL franchise. Because what they're doing is they're going to the stadium and go spoon. I can't make any money off of parking all the stadium. And yet the Miami Dolphins make money off the parking in the stadium. I can't make money. I don't have an indoor practice facility so we might need an indoor practice facility wish Carolina Panthers who have an outdoor practice facility which by the way the city of Charlotte. Gave the land for for that land. So by the way it's all on top of a Brownfield a very polluted area of property in around that practice field. Thought I was part of the City Council mayor would we bill that practice facility for the Panthers but the owners now our look at him the potential owners are going on. What is the financial model and based upon that financial model how much are the Panthers really worth. And if I do buy that by the Panthers for whatever billions of dollars. Am I gonna have to build a new football stadium to get my money's worth in part by build a new football stadium where would I build it who would pay for. And what's the revenue model for that. And then also what's the current contract with the current football stadium where the city of Charlotte. Which is pretty complex to 99 year lease for dollar year. But if they abandon that they abandoned. The entire stadium they are nothing without stadium. So there might be some negotiations and effective any thing I'd be curious if the owners potential owners that are visiting. Right now North Carolina are they also meeting with the mayor the chairman of the Catholic commission in May be governor Cooper in sand. What are you gonna give us if we by the steam. It's about money. It's about return on investment unless we get an owner that is just a hobby and losing money doesn't make any difference and they just wanna join the club. But you're talking about big money because whoever buys this team is gonna have to make about at a minimum. Find 700 million dollars of cash up front. And even if you're worth to be in her three billion dollars coming up with 700 million dollars cash. It's pretty tough because they're most likely get out to sell some assets and when they sell assets there then we gonna have to pay taxes on those assets. So it's a big bite or anyone wonder Bob paid this. Some. For the Carolina Panthers. It's going to be an arrest in there's been a lot of leaks from the NFL and leaks. Our boy the prices escalating the question is who's leaky man who better efforts. From the price escalated in those rumors going now will the current owners of the Carolina Panthers. And the NFL owners to if our value goes up with the Carolina Panthers that means the Dallas Cowboys the Denver Broncos services through forty niners. Indianapolis Colts all their values scale up. How are contacted tell Bloomberg Scott Sasha we talked on the show last week he's the one flow from the 2.5 billion number New York Times said. Had floated that three billion number but somewhere in between there it is where we believe in that this is going. I know I'm still question who's leaking that information all these guys have aside confidentiality. Agreement so. Who's leaking now and information I assume the personally hear new information as the middleman. The middleman group at a New York City that's representing. The Panthers are represented an NFL their goal is to get the biggest. Bang for the buck possible for the current ownership team which also benefits. The other owners of the other NFL football team so if you had to guess right now where do you think the numbers gonna come down I have. Higher or lower than three. With the baby. I don't I think lower lower I think I think right now my instincts are the numbers are being exaggerated by the middle guy who wants to make as much money in commission possible from the sale. That's why they're two or their stadium they're looking at the stadium right now and gone okay what's the value of this stadium how much money can we make of this stadium. They've already sold the PS cells they've already sold the club seats is there any more revenues that we can generate. From the existing ticket holders. Is there any more revenue we can generate from the land in around the football stadium is there any type of money we can generate through new parking. In downtown Charlotte or is there are gonna have to be a plan for new football stadium. In South Carolina or North Carolina somewhere around Charlotte for. Should we move the team. It's always why their tour right now. If you are what does earlier. Start of the show. Facto main thing. Fuel this earlier. The governor here informed us that. He could have gone to the masters today. Yeah can I bring this up because I've just learned. According to golf week dot com that. Today. Playing a practice round it Fred Couples again Tiger Woods again but today they have a third person. Phil Mickelson is with them today and I can watch them. I can't I could have been there. Your your work ethic your devotion to the show just. Got a real shot in the arm today. I debate and I could have been on the amen corner Phil tiger and Fred together right now in fact. I could've been with the other patrons. Having seen from a glass of lemonade Emmental cheese sandwich. By and souvenirs for a two or 300 dollars for sure. So I tell you I've never been. Fulfilled that dream of yours and told you that at the threat. He could've gone and told me about it which is not a clue that I am going to be playing in the Wells Fargo. The program the pro environment. I'm only plane in the pro am golf tournament I've played with Rockefeller two years ago about a sale they going to be Yuen Yuen Phil and tiger. You know they might be Rick. Question me because. Get one on pro that I played the pro am more than one year he said McCrory. I've never seen a guy puts so much into his swing and get so little out of that. This man makes Charles Barkley looked good. But I thought I. Facts have ever seen such a hard game and such a hard game I played all weekend it is such I am I'm a 1415 handicap. I'm a very short hitter but I've got a very short game my. I give tips in the pros have in the short game area. Hundred yards in nine and I gave Rickie Fowler some advice. And then he took that advice theatre day on Saturday he four putted from four feet. Which is true story of the best of the best I can for putt from just a few feet he just kept going back and forth. This is the Rickie Fowler up like she Rickie Fowler when the masters user won a major is a great guy and nice got to play golf with. Sergio won last year so there's there's a library I'd like to see Ricky when it these are these are very popular golfer and. Do you buy and all this hype about tiger you think tiger is the contender the some people think yes yeah. He can hit the ball when no but I mean do you think he really is a threat to win this yes yes she's a favorite I think ten to one odds. I wouldn't I wouldn't bet on it that's what I'm getting that. Because he has looked good but he had in these last couple tournaments he's played any hasn't won he's contended. And so for a few days there they were sand tiger's the favorite to win the masters now they've backed off on that. But I guess I guess that the real question is do you think the old tiger or whatever semblance is able to be had of that tiger now do you think that's what we're getting this week I'll. Tea what's impressed me about tiger's not as driving he's been very erratic I was striving but Augusta allows you spray the ball. Where you hit it into the second Catan by the way you don't say the rough. It's the second cut. They didn't used to have a rough for second cut at a custom tiger than they had to make the course tiger proof because of him. But yeah I think he's got a but I think and Dustin Johnson the big hitters have such an advantage and a custom. Phil Mickelson would be a great victory he he wanted to he won his first tournament for five years several weeks ago playing with tiger right now. If I can be either through it. I'm impressed. I'm impressed that you're here I really am after staying up late at night to watch one shining moment. You know it's all about giving. And you've proved your giver. Now you've also said that if the the par three championship comes available on the leave him some believe in the stations drop slightly ahead with Hanlon. The heck for the big boss here. It's just me and myself and I. I mean mean mind you wrote short chairs should not gonna let it be album. Well hey it's elicit them that's okay what's great about the masters as they do stick with tradition. And that's what college app lets let athletics got to be careful about their lose additional position of getting not 89 year old spoke to the sport. And I think they're gonna feel the ramifications down the road but. This committee great week I love watching the masters on TV you actually see more on TV than you do what they have been itself. I like auction hole number fifteen at Augusta the par five. And you get to watch whether they can afford to or whether they lay up CC a variety of shots. And just. Yes so what's your sand as everybody should experience going to the masters and being there but you can't. You you can't see a whole tournament like you can on TV you have been walking around Tony when you see it live and in person UCL hilly it is she's yelled beautiful is in it's even more beautiful in person it is absolutely amazing. Now suppressed from Villanova last night. The players were great. You suppress the sportsmanship on both sides and that's the good. Thing about college athletics won more shining moment for the Pat McCrory show for this today but time is coming up on WB series. This is the Pat McCrory shell which Botox into the news talking 1110993. I'm 57 on WB today. That's per show final moments here. Some big decisions. Cannot be made by the president tomorrow and during the week one is there's a major immigration march coming through Central America through Mexico. They're gonna confront our country at the border. And the question will be what alert country do win all the thousands of illegal immigrants. Are gonna try to claim asylum and crossed the border this is a very well coordinated event. The media is not talking about who's paying for this event and sponsoring this event. Which is what we ought to always do whenever there's a protest she got to figure out who's paying forward Bruce coordinated and what's her agenda. Another big thing going on or all the teacher strikes. All of a sudden Oklahoma and several other states primarily where there's always Republican governor's up for reelection I had the same thing happened to me none of this. Happens by accident and it's all coordinated and well time primarily primarily directed toward an election which the media doesn't tell you about Mary Fallon is. Going out as the Oklahoma mayor our governor there's a major primary coming up. The Democrats might have a chance to take the red state in a governors election and all of a sudden. The teachers are going on strike even though behind the scenes it actually struck a deal. So these are things that we need talked about behind the scenes of what the politics are all about. But there's one guy already talking about a nets' Vince Coakley coming up it to 10 o'clock. You know an important. Point about that I met Bill Evans good friend of mine and be governors can -- great guy and Matt it's introducing to meet we've had these retirement issues you know this wolves I do now we have these retirement issues in the states for years and these issues have not been addressed. And all of a sudden somebody comes along to address the issue. And when we get we get pushed back and a strike. I mean and Matt Matt's going to be up for reelection come and force West Virginia. A democratic governor that changed the Republican Party and now Oklahoma. An open seat. It is coordinated yes I'm not I'm not surprised at that at all it's it's so transparent. So events what are you talking about today we're gonna talk about this immigration issue for one an update and what's happening there. I'm also gonna talk about this really crazy fed that started now of condom snorting I opt out there I cannot believe I mean what did I just say this. Yes it's CEO Chris slices so I told episode too much information can he need to say anything else then. Why else but to watch and listen to the Vince Coakley showed they tomorrow on this show we should see bits is face right now when he said the word. Disgusted. I completely disgusted. They aren't even talking about course management swatch of parts need why don't management's trying to get in right now. Lock the door. Play tomorrow on this show and also events a show and many other places. He fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King when we're gonna.