Pat McCrory Show April 2, 2018

Mark Garrison and Jim Szoke join Pat McCrory to discuss the NCAA paying athletes.


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Good morning. So beautiful today in North Carolina. Used to Charlotte mayor thing I learned was mayor here running can't hide you have to believe how. LC audience and they maybe didn't stare because that's. Line defense Donald and I just wanted to hear your great job so we jesus' NC got. The scenes conversations with the new talking point so well. The people of Charlotte that gave me an opportunity. We expect you you won't find anywhere refs don't lose to I don't tell him. DT presets it's time for Carolina come back the outlook glorious show. Botox it just another second son runs. Since. Good morning yes Bo is off Mark Garrison filling head and the governor of course you're always employment market garrison is the Charles Kuralt and I think there should hire or use my eight Khamenei is the Charles broader Brady who tells a story he's he talks about people that we never hear. He's on the road all of these on the road alive he stays as building as much as he can that's for sure that that Charles Kuralt apparently Charles carotid two families we didn't stick with the IQQ you didn't talk about stuff that we don't know about NAFTA now and I don't have to do that they marks one Stanley so big it's like to spearhead our senate votes obviously I'd be able thing would go to the other day I said both Thompson Walter Cronkite don't. Of radioed he went. Walter Cronkite Dan finch and I want OK okay Brian Williams oh no you don't like Brian Williams lies that's an okay way to kind of expect it. Anderson Cooper is any good like that either at that kept episode you guys are high maintenance of real bad guys are very high maintenance of a repeat it. It's funny you mention Kuralt he used to hang out here when he would come to town because he worked here originally years and you're not trying burst or get to your garlic or Ronald Reagan of governors. Ya know what path. You speak at a high maintenance and a basketball players high maintenance. My main concern that you should they be paid or not yeah we're taught us a little weird and so so should they be paid. You must have been some I forget this I had a guy on earlier this morning's name is that Jonas Serra he has written this book. Which is called indentured to battle to end exploitation of college athletes and I just said all right make your case why should they be paid out. The reason that pay the athlete is because there's little they were force and they multibillion dollar bit that it's pretty simple can't think of another industry where everybody else all the executives get paid multimillion dollar hours. And the workers do it for Craig can you. No although you know that the classic argument against this is then well they get a free education. Right and honestly if they really did get a free education that might be a little more tolerable. Com but mostly they don't especially football men's basketball did. He is very adamant that the education that they did is that oftentimes a sham and I end that had not only that but the education's only guaranteed year by year misery get hurt if they get cut if the coached unlike him up. They can lose their education scholarship and that's if they're not wanted done or something like that's so it's a you know this is dawn back so key to. It's. The Olympics he stood you know I'm not paid their athletes and now the Olympics allow promotion and everything else in the you know we have since found out the Olympic organizers and we're making millions upon millions of dollars you know and finally the Olympian said the heck with this but now there's little Olympic swimmer gold medalists like Eric horning went. Goes to Stanford. Can't she just had to quit Stanford because she was gonna have to give up her promotional money in order do you College Swimming. That is not me yeah and why shouldn't she have the right to have a Nike contract or whatever. We'll be in a swimmers Stanford sugar Olympics allows that but college athletics than the Lal. What do you think Zoloft come around from years ago where I'd. That it would say back then what they're getting a free education which can be 4050 gram they're getting fed training table your gear and all that. But they don't have cash spending money so come around Jay bill losses the bank mr. Obama here really oh yeah and I think sit for this reason. I think you do it based on revenue producing sports because he you know you can't just say everybody write it's if you're a basic and non revenue sports. Not so much both of football bass goes there's a major university to do by cheers of level of what you're at Alabama. Vs Gardner-Webb is obviously a big difference with the people like try to make this big thing out all on I got a call from Gardner-Webb right. Expect apple to make enough money than they can go to pay Europe as I do think if they're bringing in the money. I son at NC state was working in the cafeteria he got paid cash money to work in the cafeteria does he stated if their job is to play basketball. Which is that a big part of their day it's most of their day it is without a conscious. Are making an obscene. Amount of money he's somebody we got assistant football coaches. Making a million dollars a year are you kidding me yeah let me ask him bigger question. Oh talk -- why are they doing big time sports anyway you know ritual purpose of athletics. In the schools was not money it was to give. The students a liberal arts activity and athletics being one of them but now they realize they can make a lot of money on and the people make good money. Or do the coaches the athletic directors and the schools this and the CBS announcers in the ESPN announcers I mean. Everybody but the ones everybody but are the ones playing the game so CBS's bacon millions off denied the announcers are gonna make. Probably per announcer how much fully mimic tonight. I'm building gymnast Amanda it and resilience from all things have started to divvied up into the basketball part of abilities by making millions off of the basketball absolutely well and the guys were to book Jonas Serra says that the schools themselves the big time schools taken thirteen. Billion a year. For math and then the nice piece of the world you know I member watching the singer on the fab five. They board decide to Wear black socks the fab five yeses there were some of the players of the bestseller Chris Webber Chris whoever wore black Sox Eros and three weeks later Nike had. A little more check mark condiments seldom. And they're gone we're gonna get money and we'll get a diamond then we get in trouble for collect a little money on the side. From alumni. Of course she got a Davis who was caught funneling money to and that's all and absorb available room again but other CIA investigation on that one yeah it's an FBI investigation there's going to be a question who's paying taxes. I'm from. And by the way there's even a question North Carolina politics is. How much of the taxpayers subsidizing the scholarships because actually the athletic department's. Treated as ordered they were in the past treated as in state scholarships. When the true cost of the scholarships forty to 50000 year. You know everyone against the Carolina or stickers will only cost 41000 dollars here no it doesn't it cost forty to 50000 dollars your. It's subsidized by the taxpayers by over 50%. But. You know a lot of money's being made in you know I don't blame these especially the poor athletes. And the one and done it's kind of a joke anyway now they're not even finished it yet airline tickets for parents to come see them to die innocently start getting into. The people doing things out of the lines because it. Obviously coach in particular family and errors and they're gonna get a house. At these bigger schools they estimate that yet again to be way of almost like the bring it back into making sense if you give these kids some money. So that's good fly home aren't they funny now right now that Bagley or somebody from duke right now you know apparently the parents have a real nice house to name one nominee is just all so it's all out to go to like most in major universally out of this a devious thing that you mention in particular is is India mess I don't know what I think Girardi schools when I used to refereed basketball and do the you'd yeah ornaments and everything you saw all the shenanigans going kids get shoes and a year and how they gave cash if you can get I get cash don't they just bought shoes and by the way they might get to choose and and kids -- -- -- -- and it's in direct cash then you get problems of paying taxes. But you've got these middlemen making so much money working for the shoe companies and working for. Apparel companies it is a ball tied the and dollar. Incorporate those are no real quick if it's like it would be obvious example is to get these kids in middle school. The basic signing contracts through high school ideology into the pros were Adidas or whoever. In that case it's a deed is basal like some up whenever longest ever connected into this prior art gets paid for what about the game in 945. Tonight to hold that thought we'll go back and talk more hoops at the gym and the governor here and just second but first. Freddy's has died on the radio no no just break okay to. This is the Pat McCrory shell which Botox and onions talking 111099. Freak. How close off this morning I'm Mark Garrison in gyms O'Keefe joins us along with the governor and we've been chatting whose son. Whether college player should be paid or not but we do have a big game tonight. Big game tonight Michigan and Villanova I picked Villanova for the final two on Monday and I have Villanova winning at all actually winning he said on the final two were winning. Final two I didn't see state winning at all did your grilling and Davidson in the final four to fifth. And coach Thompson who went to Davidson demeans slug babes and he's not here so we can't defend himself. But some who pick on you Bo no he's listen I think that. Showed David the broke from post Dave this is the effort that the I get a name for him vote day. And they Opel Davidson is afternoon show yeah that's. And Thompson in the morning and vote Davidson and deaths and it's got like you boat rather try to be rights than do via the thing that would make it right happy I was gonna say you're your victories are your picks sound like homer set Apollo no doubt about it when ID you know when I used to go to games governor in his it would gain you read for the Carolina state game I go where money. But that's that's stacked pad Friday airliners stay at. Yeah actually at central Piedmont and viper in his final four also because he's just tried to overlook the holes I want to get Talbot would at least at Talbots that the fight I had this turtle when I refereed basketball refereed for twelve Beers and and one coach had a great line ME one time when I was refereeing he said. He was criticizing me but I pretended and didn't know it was a could of criticism you went there McCrory next time we have viewed next time word homo what you could be our reference. About the senate did you say hello we are really appreciate that coach and that really irritated me to the more did you struggle a technical foul they slowed up the game I didn't like pence says that being refereed prepare you for political play gas at yes I had refereed one night when I talk to the coaches for the games. Regarding technicals I said you call me anything you want it. But if a player. Hears you or profane and he knows that you're doing it. You've got a tee you're out of here. And I will call you anything. I want to you and album not do it in front of so. We've because he surely be you know pulling coach because you were the worse so I'm Obama and a good coach I really appreciate that. You know probably pat each other you know on and a benefit of coach of a player heard it means he was seven just that if if you don't show me up I won't show you. Its interest he said because there's an article the other day about how they are having a tough time now getting guys to sign up to rest three or umpire. Kids ball games because some parents now are so abusive Olympian net debt that has it changed my gosh. I used to church leagues your Charlotte made they were merely say a prayer behind that before the game and whenever they did that Ono by god they're about to forgive themselves for the sins they're about to miss out. A time honored. I was playing forty years ago food as well and I'm confident the path and they'd really get mad at me I used to Youth League games that he grew Baptist church and many other church remic mean this is 197879. And and when the little kid would come man who hadn't scored I'd always let the little kids score. Yeah and you know I'd call Fallon lead put him on the foul line in the it would shoot of found shot them not even get close about Paula. A lane violation did you do it LL lane violation. Let them do it again in the parents of the wind would get so man out and I got to come on guys relax. She's. But I had fun refereeing I loved her frame but yeah a block charge. You know you're gonna your take it to present the PF when the ball went after leg man I've learned how to sell things you know I'd go. Hit Monday to. And I have no idea what he's up but you sell it will all sell horse and aides felt like I saw something that the fans. That's just a thought. Well like politic does say like radio. It all works together and a mixer at L one big circle but for now refereeing was a great training ground and tonight the referees you know now with the slow motion I got caught a way Charlotte Myers hard game. This is back in the videotape here prime minister goaltending and I called goaltending against the the west Charlotte coach Jerusalem a legend at the time. And I missed it I called basket interference. And you can determine the game and they pulled out the tape four days later. And it showed that I missed it. And the coach got a technical knowledge did he lose the basket and got to tentacles and ran on the floor you ruined the game I will ask our neighborhood that kid's life for the kids have been damaged for. For years now and his ability until only call I missed. The only certainly well I tape that was only hours or days later at the tape the general Fuzzy now with high Def and different angles it's amazing what the referees have to go through the first run Marshall beats Wichita State. And in the final thirty seconds there were three reviews I have noted. If it is I made it may be NFL looked like it was at breakneck speed with the as the sun fish and especially three bodies with a claw my point is sack yes look that's ridiculous just play the game of simplicity and we didn't that we had rules I hate to say we have one rule Meehan the referees are big. Shouldn't say this on the radio but I will. We're one rule whoever called this is back in 1980 whoever called the first panel which stopped the clock. Had to buy the six pack. So ago the first five minutes a game there was blood on the court simulate driving Steve Hoffman man to resist. So one time violate a collision occurred. There's selects in high school I think Davidson orchids. Collision occurred they are there fallen down sprawled out packed gym. And it was Hoffman's call. Because whoever the contact goes toward that's the referee that makes the call and there were sprawled out and Hoffman didn't blow whistle us like I would at least blow the whistle. So I raise my hand up and went on. He should look dollar signs on the other hand up and I called travel. Which is a violation on trial. Yes so that way you ruined a number of games through the years and I was I was actually pretty good referees. There was a violation but wayward the guy traveled before the contact her. That's true culprit he called travelman where they'll wonder about this a little wooden world as you know. And there are but I'll tell you what lingering Dooley didn't carry it never any reason we didn't have games at 945. At night and this NCAA 919. Tonight okay nine torn me. This silly like you know what at what age should you become a fun fan of college brass know when your calendars into that when your elementary school watched Charlie Scott number 33 Charlie Scott Carolina and just became a fan of Charlie Scott Larry Miller Carolina and then. Later on high school. David Thompson I love David Toms and and I would never been I'll stay up that late on a school night and what they're doing what the NCAA is doing they're making money for the short term. Total. Total capitalistic course. A that they are in their last about the long term of do you when these kids ten years from now they're gonna care about basketball they're going to be in the video games or some like they are now and you're gonna start C in basketball. Football the Monday Night Football games there lose in the next generation because you are injured as you could tell you this though there's really losing is us because the kids stay up to 2 in the morning and it's playing video changed and they stay up much later than we do our fellows we got a quick break for news poll that solves social services on you you're let your kids stay up. I let kids are always two years old. Talk county. This is the Pat McCrory show with the Botox it. When news talking 111099. Treat him. This is still Pat McCrory show we'd go to Tulsa on news talk 1110. 993. Right Monday some audio for earth here the governor is here James O'Keefe is here and I'm Mark Garrison filling in for both tough to we've been talking who knows Davidson. We found out that the governor. And a past life was a pretty crummy high. Carlos threat or not it's not out of Exel refereeing and just because of those few stories are told about deception and cheating if that's not how are refereed. With kids I tried to help the kids. Were similar high school students even if there's a collision. If there is traveling before the collision and it just happened to have a bet from the some guys. But that was back in the old days. And by the way I'd much I don't do rank. How much money did you marry Debra freeze and my oldest brother Angel or maybe I had maker HM ten bucks a game which is a lot of money I was alms make him. So when I first started the power is making 900 dollars a month in 1978. And so refereeing and afterwards was purchased by just a power bill now. I have been the other pay for all that cold at the I'm not pay off in the tail off to the got a good game gutter and out of 57 million dollar pale Kuwaiti and next year. But the so refereeing was a great I start doing college actually prefer extra money I worked in the kitchen and wash dishes in college got paid as a student I got paid washing dishes I'm Natalie walled washing the dishes and then I refereed. YMCA a in the interim rural basketball games and I got and a junior high games and it football two engine and I. And and then when I moved to Charlotte I took the referee exam and start doing basketball. And I did her best approach for five nights a week and then on Saturdays. I'd work from feet to earth 1 o'clock and all the churches to controversial and he's. I think I got like six bucks a game man and an idea rec leagues on Thursday night like if you need James wrecks and hernia which was pretty rough at that time I mean. The killing rate on Amy James wrote was about ten people a year. But that was or wherever you know 125 murders a year in Charlotte Amy James drove watchable or was pretty rough area one time we had a big fight. And with eight seconds to go in the game there's always 2120 year old guys just want to kill each other community game and the other refereed came up to me and said if I were you I would leave. I. Was like the movie animal house. But that's another animal house scene where they don't go to dead or in there but but but that was you if our you do I would leave from the end on an issue did and it all goes awry it there was a riot off of a major and you only know -- Joseph I know exactly or Disco is our first came to tennis on television news is that a lot of those stories I was 19791980. So I used to do all those rec centers on Thursday night that was ten boxing games so we'd make thirty bucks. In the night which was a heck of a lot of money and does still list. So that was in the in the high school games I think we got. 32 bucks for the don't. 32 bucks that's an odd number file pay every dollar mad men in their race but get the boy's varsity like a Mars Parker independence that's when you made the big time we'd walk in. Her suitcase stolen Myers partnered on the then we'd watch the other referees doing the girl's gains in the fifth they've rubbed their nose at us while walked in the game like you know how much did you kiss up to the best. I. I had one friend who did the laundry for free from the agent. Any marquee step he's probably listening used to the dry cleaner and for the agent. It was necessary to better assess and he'd get the boys forced these were you made more money and it was more funds to the seedy underside of the fires are literally nineteen wasn't really see hear stories about the ACC basketball agents good guy should I name I forget that guy's name but. It was quite a racquet I was invited ACC basketball. Refereed can't burn it yeah I'm ninety decided not to do it. Yeah yeah I just didn't it is in total they get they got at the time like 250 your 500 dollars came out to fifty game and now it's. Think a lot of money out of me NCAA refs tonight. I think get two to 3000 dollars for the hurricanes. Depending on that blows the whistle first and a lot of the records got another reference got in trouble years ago for. Not using their expense they. Get paid for flights but then they'd sell the flights and go drive and they got in trouble with the IRS and with the NCAA says. Everybody's doing it it was pretty bad but. Refereeing was great I mean we love the kids love the coaches and at that time the coaches didn't make any money that. No one made money either but now it's big money tonight on CBS CBS is going to be making big money big. And that's why the game is late. Yep that's just all about money was all about excluding how many billions of dollars in pay for this package earners. Darius you'll find in us like when it's not only is he he has ties to be a TN TV shows on tonight on is not on CBS so I so one shining moment is no I don't have that and Jim Nance will do the call right as until they do this they would do the two teams cast and then you do the national brought chaos but you'll have a Villanova broadcast. A Michigan sided broadcaster now and anything where they can make money they'll keep doing and it's it's it's it's by the way it's nonprofit. That the NCAA east and is not and from a college sports a scan ACC united Jim slow us and so Wofford makes over a million dollars a year vanity CC over a million dollars a year. They head to head of the conference makes over a million dollars year I think I can find someone for half that. That's like saying Charlie is healthcare is certainly not just profit a lot of the assistant football coach is not the head coaches make over a million but the coordinators the athletic director of lying make you defensive line coach at Ohio State not a corny but to lying coach state makes a million dollars turns serious. Cannot yet other schools Alabama Alabama. Thompson Ohio State the assistant coaches or may not beheading of dollars a year it's almost like the money in radio. Yes right if you polled everybody in radio together into one and that disarm it at that has buddy but this is. All non profit right by the way I love college fastball low of college sports college football but. To say it's non profit is all about making money collapse because the people that are making money like CBS like. TBS or seek TMC or whatever it's called time term that's all for profit. So the players were trauma players being paid beer the real non profit they're treating them like the old Olympic Games of the past and and now even the Olympic gold medals winners get money. If you win Olympic gold money from a middleman you make money they pay you for the Olympic gold medal if you get a gold or silver or bronze. You get money now. So they even broke down the scams which are idiots and I know I'm stepping on toes right now but we've got to we're all a look at Amir and I agree that someone's a lot of people are making money. All these kids and by the way the one person not making money is the taxpayers. And think of this they're used and thus the brand of North Carolina or of Kansas or Michigan. That's a brand that this taxpayers actually balloon so why is in some of that money returned back to the academic scholarships. Or to the students to lower their student fees which they're paying for college athletics. I mean these questions have got to be asked because it's not nonprofit anymore it's a lot of people your opposition if it being Billy and I are the coaches are now being paid for profits salaries Korea and nonprofits. Scam. Well and when you think about paying the players and the fact that the schools are all about money this is the thing rate it did beard would probably blow up is because if they started paying the players. Then all we're gonna do is Jack up tuition for all the other kids and go well we got. They have more money out they are gonna take the money away from the other people deck making the money and so it's I mean they're gonna lower the coach's salary by a million dollars in used part of that nick and I don't you know it's kind of awkward for the coaches say hey yes come on over to my house tonight. You know let's watch a game and it's so huge it's one of many mansions or come to my beach house are coming of the mime mound. And these kids are like. Am I allowed to eat here. But forget that one of the top players basketball is Jeffrey which one was had to pay forty dollars because he had a meal at some point any paid forty dollars back. Few months later and make sure that the school and him did go on to double or probe this is almost like being governor bottles and others say more it becoming governor if I go out to eat or something. And go after he was someone there they could not pick up my meal is governor if I went to a large groups say who's taken the bill. I say guys you got to clear mob me now. I'd always have to pay for my meal as governor no matter what year. Because you were afraid if there's any connectivity to a business for lobbyists. Yep you can go to jail them that I mean happen when me and also your protesters bill. That's right after the oil they're oil out of it and try to filmmaker and that's about their word they're a lot of as a poison if I couldn't find anybody will it take enough money to beat my protester got up. But how might sign up for that job if you run again. So. Well let's start about Villanova in Michigan tonight nobody sees thing Michigan's got a chance. I mean had that one would ever be any turning game and rely on anybody oh excel always seems absolutely Michigan's hey did you see the Notre Dame shot last night to you know I mean you know for him when shot I've never seen such an unorthodox shot. Two nights in a row or two games and road by Notre Dame Amin. Unbelievable. Shoddy was a prayer. Is a total Porter. It's Notre Dame. I. I for another prayers are answered well it didn't work for sister Jean all those extra adds the final four I don't get too greedy yells out Chicago's actually because this is stated they ask her about you know praying for a victory. And she said well it to he sometimes got answers with a W and sometimes he answers with an Angel. And so I guess she figured be the answer prayer Saturday night wasn't home as the loss. America argue whether there makes it easier it is ultimately weren't the Michigan learned you know she know more from tribulations sometimes and it turns victory just not now. Contaminants on the kids did not wanna hear it got to a final four you know we're not okay. Australia when I refereed you'd feel sorry for so you know when a guy had a final foul shot to win a gamer not and I hated making calls at the end of the game. That would determine the game and this is what you're gonna see tonight. Where they're calling contacted the began game and call fouls Willie called the contact at the end they came in fact. The duke game that they lost I can say that that duke player. Grayson Grayson Alan Grayson Allen got bumped. And that would have been a foul at the beginning of the game but it was in a found the end of the referees don't we're not going where and when this came and found on so these the decisions actually referees do make. There's some flexibility in that decision making regarding contact them and at the end of the game for a freeze. You know that's why the player often you're seeing here NBA where they create the file. It may be offensive players closing the ball. And I never called off a foul against the defense of player. When I knew in fact the defense player who owns the right to the spaces much of that offensive player. But you're seeing a lot of these players jumping into jumping into and I hate that call by the referee especially at the end of the game when the offensive player creates the contact I always gave the defense player. A benefit of doubt plus fell slowed up the game and means to cook up. All that I act on that you can call it back right back I've met a man NN I if I was or where the referee who who Ed rabbit ears we called a rabbit ears have fewer worker with a partner seaweed as partners we all knew each other we'd. We meet for the game during pregame anger and they don't have rabbit ears you know rabbit ears means. A referee with a thin skin though there's that was at all as a coach and a technicals would slow up the game. Yeah does it take the clock to stop the got to get to the person the foul line and the effect then you get a homely too. But we hated rabbit ears now I have one game I'll tell you this at Stanley do we had a second for quick one. This is why I got the politics and I had a sheriff. Lena gets a thing and earn one of the timeouts by fellow referee was thrown out the Catholic car guy out of the game Catholic Church out of the game controllers in north Stanley yourself Stanley. And a sand comes up to the court and walking toward me on the court two guys with Redman hats on and I'm going distributes. Francisco at at at at and I should lean over the sheriff who's leaned against the double doors that every high school gym must sit excuse me I need your help. Enemies these guys are walking into beat me up on the court and I'm I'm gonna need your help sheriff and you know what the sheriff said. Tough luck because boy hit the MB mug voters. I. That's the purpose of the apoplectic. And I said I'm going to the politics. That was the beginning of melanoma occurs about the senate younger than ordering a void MB my voters that's hilarious and he did not to do you get beat up. No I I was like Barney fights going to you see this uniform. You know Barney turns there was bad she had this bad should be something I was like turn these guys don't touch me. I'm the referee. Might have been another word in between there that almost set a lot of rated bank. On the bank rather than refereed did not touch me. Rob got to. That's for sure at this something you don't touch this respect authority and I did actually work. It would actually work they backed off and hold times we're all time this year didn't budge. You had a sunglasses on lean against the door June is to back he looked like the guy in the heated denied. Carol Connor and negative and I cringe but John Morton the conversation and Elena finally something John more at. Federal Victor but this winter road tonight tonight if you're fan first look at what time the demands. And see if you're midnight the enemy your kids are watching I'm called social services. Are you similar Micah Micah to 22 and twenty out you know that your kids of the senate he probably noted alternate junior high years so won't. I think we think this is the problem parents today what they have phones and cable TV in the room fans are up against her no you're. Of your victim as apparent. Her eyes engines Turkey has to leaving gonna record something for our boys down the hall or a chance to get it done by 10 o'clock. The do or what we've got to next we got the Nextel hosts incoming and but I would askew because tonight City Council is going to take up the issue of red light camera and talk about that what's the use of red light cameras and maybe. So keep and do you agree or disagree with the red light cameras. Map or should we exempt athletes except athletes alike that exempt athletes. What you know well this radio station Wii's have hosted a true. You call them the what he called scam cams yes because he thought it was just a rip at it like it played about Marshall aim adulthood to replay evidence so I'll probably be opposed to any more time had a double talk about red light cameras at the next break but I had one woman who said she would she can shoot the middle finger at them for just a camera Washington's got ticketed extra fine Israel like additional. Fees are another ten dollars and she'd stick out her hand while going through the red light camera. I think the middle finger think when we hadn't meant years ago I think I got a ticket in the mail and I just ignored it unlike Obama payments now. You know a cop and others in big money they're listening you know the threat yeah. Garrison. X I got up at ten dollars if it extreme or it's OK so why why. Read like Cameron's unopposed anymore Norbert given prepare enough we have yet catch me in person we had red light feel we have read like. Cameras when I was mayor again it's Saturday and then we had a big dispute within the school board. And a school board said if you do read like cameras we have to have all the money according to state law and we all wait a minute. We invested all this money into the cameras we got to get the money for the cameras and they said. That's not what the law says it don't matter how much it cost to city. To impose them. We get all the money including upfront money deterrent. And so we cut it out and frankly the statistics the city managers tonight's gonna show that they're gonna show that. It prevents accidents from the front and increases accents from behind because people hit the brakes. So they don't get their picture taken via you've got it. You got it they hit the brakes the last saying go oh my god there's a red light camera better slam on the brakes blow up times by the way they stop in the middle of the intersection them. I think did hit a wayside you both but I only negatives and be serious a lot of people again killed run red lights or yeah I mean. Just because in fact that we have more accidents. At intersections with lights. That we have at intersections without lights so a lot of people go I need a light at my interchange. Too many people are getting killed what you'll find out people dissipate lights more than they disobeyed not having a life. They trust the light. And they trust that the person coming the other way will also Tressel also trust alight and believe me you can not trust the life. A lot of get people getting killed golden Waltz a green light someone on the other side obviously knows that. So you don't pay attention to cars coming from the left or right when you're going through a green light and tell your right now. It's a false it's false safety measure you only need and stats show that we major light rail arms. The light rail arms come down and you stop on south boulevard. Like real arms it every light that'll stop and speaking of that the street car yesterday ordered blood auto insurer came off the tracks. This is a second time we've had an issue with street car that was operator error the person driving it screwed up. Cluster cars all around they're gonna get hit the streets aren't don't get me into the street car I've beaten the street crime you know I was mr. light rail. I'm big gap of light rail the streetcar is. To me of huge boondoggle. Bought it is because under our moves at the same speed of all the other traffic so you're not getting anybody anywhere in a hurry. And all you're doing is slowing down traffic and it's just vegan. Thanks very expensive and buses could have done the exact same thing in fact while the street cars been done. Down during the last couple days guess what took its place buses bus on the same exact route. And its millionth of dollars have city property tax and city money that's gone for that street cart and looks good it's fancy makes everyone feel good. But it's very high maintenance and very expensive and you're gonna have a lot of accidents because you got cars are nearby. And what happens when a street car runs red light. And it's take about a picture at theft as pay and entertain that one big guy. This is the Pat McCrory show we both Tulsa on news talk to 11109893. Low returns tomorrow morning so we were chatting about this whole Fox News Laura Ingram thing she insulted this. This student from the high school enough Florida where the shooting wise and he fired back on Twitter that people should boycott or advertisers and apparently it's working somewhat. Some advertisers pull the plug on her show and now she's suddenly taking vacation this. We Lal a wonder when that's gonna happen to me on BT press I meant assaulting people you know what what you need to do she sets up stupid. I'm she started talking about his college what colleges he didn't did not give except debt was some in this this kid has a big ego and everything else but what would you expect of a nineteen year old eighteen year old kid yet he did in many of course it's gonna go to your head but Laura Ingram. Should have been smaller net but does being stupid mean net advertisers should pull out. Advertising. Is that the best business decisions. And word you draw the line I mean I remember when people boycotted North Carolina allows governor as a way to make your boycotting North Carolina but you're doing business in China. You're doing business in Russia you're doing business in Saudi Arabia and you have the nerve to boycott North Carolina over political issue. In which the issue in Russia and Saudi Arabia. It's like extreme move them so you gotta be careful if you start boycotting one show. What about all the other shows that masons say something stupid on the left. And will you be consistent it's very slippery slope for businesses ago. I'm making my decision on advertising based upon what's said. Vs what the ratings are I mean it's going to be interests Roseanne all of a sudden Roseanne's ratings are upset they're gimme bumping up the advertising rate. Well what happens in two or three weeks when a segment comes out and insults. A large segment of people on the left or right Darryl Proctor and gamble were Hershey's or whatever. Nestle's is one of the people who's boycotting. The lowering or -- death what does that mean I shouldn't buy a candy borrowers. Buy Nestle's. If you agree with Clearwire Greenwood boring or more agree with the Roseanne or disagreement MMI gonna start buying. You know boycotting movies that I disagree with the political viewpoints of the actor now Lotta people do that I don't think it's right. I think it's stupid when you see in more the left do that in the right. It does happen more from the last.