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Good morning. A beautiful day in North Carolina. Use is short with me everything I learned the mayor. I'd yes. See the audience and they maybe didn't stare because that's. Behind their parents Donald and I just wanted to hear your great job so we GCs and seek. The scenes conversations. New talking point so well. The people of Charlotte that gave me an opportunity. We expect teams you won't find anywhere refs don't understand I don't W. Presets it's time for Carolina come back the cup looked glory show. Botox it just another second sunrise. C. From the WBZ. Twitter feeds. Can't. Send this message to the show it's as my drive to guess Tanya from Fort Mill every day consists of both Thompson and Pat McCrory. Since laughter is considered the best medicine. I'm shopping myself up as a pretty healthy dude. Thanks. To the doctors on WBT. Hash tag the glove in scrubs and. I thought new title for the show since it's still you still need your feedback and what the title Lucia Lucia vehement what's our. What's her spin. What's that tag line like. Every network has a tag line. But replace some of us tag lines again that we played yesterday that all the local news stations haven't tagline to a national hall and Nash CNN MSNBC fox all have tag lines we need attack line. Three Michael at mission statement sums much. Majoli got or something like we get some interest in. Suggestions for this show yesterday well you don't get too as the hour goes on actually my from my favorite one has to do this earlier but. So you told the story a couple of days ago about in Jerusalem. Where did you let your passport and on the passport I had to get a new passport Qualls in Jerusalem back then ninety's. And so the name on the passport said Patrick the lord and McCrory as opposed to Patrick Lloyd McCrory which is my middle name. And what's even need about it says Patrick lord to McCrory. And underneath the tree root slump that. I mean what can I say well all did you did you have them corrected for just keep it that is pretty cool. So I'm I don't know I'm only responded that. I'll I'll respond to that actually actually Jimmy responded to the Jimmie responds Jimmy sent an email that Pat McCrory show at WAT debt Comcast today said here's your new tag line the Pat McCrory show thus say yes. The Lloyd debt. Fell asleep Pat McCrory show where I get mine north narcissistic. Fix for one hour every day. It's lured to McCrory show. Cash and I'll probably be a headline in the newspapers will be on Sunday edition of the disturb her will be a Frontline page were. Laboratory now says he's the law ordered governor to know Silber he says he's not the guy just a guy that again. I look god your guys. I hate and not feet yeah. I don't think. I don't think. Bill I do is god knows that will be the headline name slow news to me and now. Newspaper that one and only newspaper were forced to read every Sunday in. May and I've gotten more feedback on the headlines from last Sunday above the fold. A four day story was that headline. And it was a false and malicious story but man I got more feedback on that yesterday what do. What was yesterday one Wednesday Tuesday today's Wednesday none. Unbelievable. But we like got a lot of things going. We do including the David tepper sweepstakes. David tepper and Jerry Richardson both have released official statements by a Panthers dot com. It's worth here reading you both of those this is from Jerry Richardson this morning. Quote bringing the Panthers in the NFL to the Carolinas in 1993 was enormously fulfilling for Rosalind. And me and all of our partners. We are deeply grateful for the outpouring of support over the last 25 years. You have taken the Panthers into your hearts and made them part of this warm and supportive community. Community we want to take a to thank all of our past and present players coaches and staff for their hard work. And making the Panthers a great success both on the field and in the community. The personal relationships we have enjoyed have been very meaningful to us this is from Jerry Richardson within the last hour he says I look forward to turning the stewardship. Of the Panthers over to David tepper and enjoy getting to know him in this process and I am confident. He will provide the organization with great leadership in both its football and community initiatives. I wish David and his family the very best as they entered this exciting new phase of their lives. We you know one thing that coach Erickson did when he bought the Panthers and brought the Panthers that are Charlotte was he moved to Charlotte he may Charlotte his home. And his previous home was in Spartanburg. And but he moved to North Carolina it'll be interesting if tepper moose the North Carolina and becomes a citizen. You can vote in North Carolina. Because according to all sources he may be asked him for some North Carolina money instance is city money. So be generous and if he builds a home here Earl moves into a Condo or. Don't really become a citizen where you can actually vote North Carolina or Willie stayed in New York City coming Jerry Richardson moved to Charlotte. And did become active in this community forums. Who lists his actual residents as Miami Beach, Florida oh there's a reason a lot of these people are in Florida when your hedge fund manager. You go to where you pay no income taxes and he's made a lot of money and you probably didn't wanna pay income taxes in New York. So his residency for at least six months and one year. Is Florida and that's not unusual with very wealthy people including some very wealthy people who live right here in Charlotte. But they can't vote in North Carolina elections because their residences in Florida for six months and one day year to avoid. Leave much lower income taxes that we now have that by the way the new governor wants to raise the income taxes. And get into that coming up next but you may rethink something here. He did it named Jerry Richardson moved from Spartanburg to Charlotte but he also has turned you know this to Wofford into. Panthers nation in August for training camp I wonder what happens to the Wofford training camp with David tepper a. Great question. Or will he demand that we build him an indoor facility. For. Practice now and they have a outdoor facility here in Charlotte that they can do their practices on but. I think they've like gone to Spartanburg area in and brings that quote Carolina's connection right and Alice Jerry's way. Of bring in. The Carolinas into the Carolina Panthers that's a great question from the hardest working guys radio has both Thompson. Well thank you lord. Okay it's nine tour. This is the Pat McCrory show which Botox and the news talking 111099. Treat him. This is the Pat McCrory show we Rhode tells him on news talk to 1110. 993. Wind. I've seen on WB team. He knows the stakes are. A lot of teachers not educators in the State Capitol today in Raleigh. Both times and here in Charlotte along with the former governor Pat McCrory who remember many days as governor where you had. Protests and people assembling for different things in Riley had this one is a bit unique because this kind of thing hasn't had. And here in a while. Yeah I didn't have a teachers march sure teachers work out were over. Work stoppage when I was governor but I'm also proud as governor we gave the largest pay increase for teachers in North Carolina history. I think when I came in office we're 4647. In the nation and went down to 3738. In the nation in teacher pay. We've got to remember or talk my teacher pay everything's focus on say the 51000. Dollars average teacher pay approximately. For teachers. That doesn't include total compensation because the teachers also as with most state employees get about fifteen to 20000 dollars a year in additional benefits. Pension benefits and health care benefits being in the same and vacation benefits also were time off benefits. So you know so some could say the total compensation averages. Possibly up to 70000. Dollars year and again that's for nine and a half to ten months work in fact. They were some recent articles that teacher. Came out where they're an article recently and say are average my average pay is. Well I think I see yourself that articles. I mean look forward. Well while we look for it let's bring on Mark Garrison who is live for us all day on WBT in the state capital mark. Bernie right now. I'm at the legislature. We're waiting for. My number of buses have rolled up in teachers will begin the process of other point of march from the NEA headquarters here to the legislative building and a bit. And then begin to hip kind of arduous process of going through security and then fan out in talked a lawmakers. Mark who's paying for the buses. You know it's a good question I ever got an answer to I assume in some cases it is the NEA but I haven't found anybody in the millions of us. I think it is the in fact they just sent out V. Large not a number of pages sell pay each one it says the following and we are inspired by the powerful organ allies seem. And social justice focus. Of the Chicago Teachers Union have been working to bring some work energy to North Carolina. So there are comparing this to the Chicago Teachers Union and mentioned the word social justice in a handout that they gave to all police officers. And pretty strong statements and they also say this isn't union. Like activity its union activity. Well age you know governor we've never seen anything quite like this on organizing scale education here in North Carolina on over Colin all the years I've covered. Education and government having school shut down and a message. And a massive number like this for teachers to become protesters. I haven't either in fact they are following some mom. Some similar tactics of in West Virginia to Kentucky to Oklahoma and Arizona by the way all Republican governor states. Is where they've had them a protest and page seven. Bill information they're handing out to teachers it says if I may sixteenth is going to matter. We have to build our union to page eight it says our union is what we make it so. A lot of this is about the union and in fact the DF LC IO is all are actually very active in this. Abbott seemed a that they called respect public education have exceedingly. That's by via a statement by the AFL CIO who president Mary B McMillan. While law they can't. Formally join a union in north Carolina's state employees. Well late. We've never had stayed in new employees walked off the job like this it can cancel and I never ever called this in North Carolina history be generous that the police did do a sort of the janitors to disarray of any other group of state employees to send. We're not gonna show up to work. Out. I think clearly the point you made is is a good when that this is climbing onto everything we saw in West Virginia and Oklahoma and Arkansas it's a kind of a movement sweeping the country. I did have a chance to ask a couple of democratic lawmakers I said all right look you have pretty much the budget that the Republicans have. Are proposing is is set and they've come out with a pretty strong statement on what they're going to do with teacher pace for the sound this all seems like a lot of sound and fury. And now accomplishing pretty much nothing in John Altria represented from Charlotte to well I could well be the case. Yet the budgets already done. Basically they don't do the budget and short session so did anyone get the impression. But they're gonna change the budget you don't change the budget and what they call a short session but I haven't front of me. And I do love free to ask some of the teachers and union members there. RPI again teachers that are we. I got my teaching degrees are avid did a great deal respect form. But among some of their demands that they're passing out from the NCAA the include smaller class sizes. If that were. That is definitely teacher related higher pay and more time off regardless of performance. Affordable housing. Is one of their demands which is kind of interesting. States really not active in affordable housing cities and are more active in that no more tax cuts is one of their demands. Another demanding happening. Yeah I guess no one I get cuts could and yet that says I've I've talked to a number of teachers who were talking about the fact that is they're pushing to predict invade the teachers alike see your radius on the corporate taxes. So that seems to be one of the Montrose we were here today as well. Which is kind of ironic because at the same time. We're talking about. Given money to a football stadium from a state perspective and we give money to corporations when they come to North Carolina. And we give them tax breaks so I'm wonder if they're for tax incentives for new corporations. Coming in North Carolina including sports teams. I don't know but I think it's it's going to be exciting to see just how this all plays out too because we've never had a situation here governor you know we're. Normally this building has been extremely wide open in the past protesters could yeah I'm here in camp out in front of offices. And now we've done all of this airport like security at the front door I'm not sure how many of these teachers will forget in Victoria these good things kind of come to an end for the day. By the way real quick to three other things just for your formation they're asking for a one point nine billion taxpayer debt for schools construction reinstating teacher tenure. An expansion of obamacare is on their list. The interest. Mark Garrison. 151000 people expected ultimately it sounds like it's picked up a lot since I last talked to you. It has a number of buses have a rolled up in the last few minutes is started dropping people off as well as others says group driven. And part of the problem now is if you didn't get here early finding a parking place is tough tough. So a lot of people are just circling the block trying to figure out we're apart. Mark Garrison is in Riley will be in rally throughout the day for us here on WBT covering the I mean. Demonstration. Of the rally whatever you call it with North Carolina educators many from Charlotte Mecklenburg of course Charlotte Mecklenburg schools are closed today for students because of this. It is 927 you're listening to the Pat McCrory show on WB today. This is the Pat McCrory shell we both saw sales on news talk G 11109893. 932 on news talk 1110993. WBZ. Lower McCrory are no more. No more lower dollar Beloit to look Rory Patrick Lloyd McCrory this is the Patrick the more you get my operation. I don't want. The newspaper do major headline that. And misinterpret what I say you were maligned what I say you were. To say things that I didn't say which they occasionally do maybe I didn't say that maybe you just gotta hurt it like laurel or. Yeah any time. And I could be. Avoided. Just for the record the governor heard laurel the first time I was doing laurel I heard. Again when you hear the well in Betsy I read the story before I just heard a cold Turkey. The first time my dirty Annie. And really strangely enough every other time after that I heard low and I can't hear you any even if I wanna hear you handy for people what is yeah I mean I had it. You know people are making comparisons to Yani. That sounds like Kathleen Stephens and number with me if you're just joining us this is so bizarrely. Out of that in the blue but. There's some apparently somebody the Philippines post in this goes back to the hole do you seal hairdresser DC blue dress. Don't. How does comparing it to one of those things used color on our show you cannot bring up color on the operational. You said white dress. And blue dress don't just address dressed neutral colored dress neutral piece of garment very thank you. But anyways so that that has turned into an audio thing today where somebody is as somebody heard. Yeah any. And somebody heard laurel and now all they weren't playing this is what do you hear what's Cat Stevens thing. That's who I think of when I hear that when you say you any what's Kent Stephens the name new name I don't know he changed his yes c.s but notice yeah. Yes he Yani won't and a that's a candidate's I don't hear Yani. And all I did one time an eye candy I can't even if I want to announce a kind of a weird thing but. This is what happens on slow new Dayton used X this is. It's not a slow night so this big huge news that is a huge Newsday we go that's out their good and whatever you wanna called teachers more church or respect for teachers walk out or work stoppage through strike. We can call it depends what news channel you listen to 50000 student a 151000 teachers and educators are. Embarking upon Riley as we spin we are have been reporters asked the tough questions like okay you want this. How you gonna pay for. And if we're gonna pay for pay raises even more fruit this group of individuals how are we gonna pay for. And pay raises for prison guards or four. State employees who work and I T or for the Highway Patrol. Where's the money gonna come from what are you gonna cut in state government or what tax or you know increase in state government. And also. Some of their demands also include instituting obamacare. What's that got to do everything state employees have one of the best state insurance plans in the world. That they pay zero dollars for the image they do pay for their families when I was governor I had a very good insurance plan. After I was governor I had to start paying thirteen hundred dollars a month for my insurance plan before I was cut Wallace governor I was playing zero. So when you talk about in page of anybody. You have to look at the total compensation. Not just your salary. When I accept or reject a job I don't look at just the salary I look at the total compensation. And reporters who were now riding on the bus to Raleigh with the teachers need to start asking questions like okay. What does obamacare have to do with this war are you against charter schools will argue against school vouchers. Because that's part of the agenda of the union. They need to start asking whose pain for the buses in the gas. To get us to Raleigh. So if for reporters is embedded. With this group traveling to Raleigh which I think most of the reporters are coming from Charlotte. Because they're promoting it start asking the tough questions on all sides. Unless you're not on one side on this issue but. That's not the slogan of Benny the channels. Just there on your side. What which side is that. State senate leader Phil Berger says that state lawmakers have already taken action to boost teacher pay according to the nonpartisan fiscal research division the average teacher's salary. The 201819. School year will be roughly 53600. Dollars. That means that teachers will have received an average pay raise of 8600 dollars 8600. Dollars. 19%. Compared to the 2013. 2014 school here. Charlotte Observer actually did some good reporting recently. Did you hear me compliment them. They say we are North Carolina teacher was getting on the news by saying I'm paid 53 dollars a day to educate your child. North Carolina teacher post a copy of the paycheck. And Roy Cooper the governor was using this as an example pal teachers are underpaid up. But according to some deep kills. A teacher left so a lot of things out of his paycheck. And it was totally wrong but once you put wrong information out there on a post people go well that's not right only 53 dollars today. But it apparently it was wrong. And this is worth the reporters. I encourage reporters asked the tough questions included right here at WBT radio asked the questions who's paying for this. Who's paying for the transportation that he planned to get the money. What taxes when you increase. What taxes won't you inquiries. The governor's recommending increases taxes on anyone any family making over 200000 dollars a year. He's wanting to increase the taxes. Which means I wonder if the new owner of the Panthers. One more reason he won't make his residency in North Carolina and keep it Florida where they have no income taxes. And what does the expansion of obamacare got to do witness what does affordable housing got to do with the this strike were this march but that is one of the things. That. The North Carolina union the NCAA he is riding. In fact they're saying this is it you do like activity its union activity. That they're. Spring into Raleigh right now and they have every right to. I guess march but do they have a right to demand that school is canceled which is basically what happened today. It's a new new dynamic in North Carolina and their use in Chicago. As their role model. Plays in shell and I do not want Chicago to be Charlotte's role model Chicago is bankrupt. High crime dirty. It's in bad shape. Well I mean one thing or say what you just said is he said demanding that school will be canceled they forced. Their action forced school to be canceled by the superintendent because they just didn't have the infrastructure to. TR I know the subs. Wind has the superintendent at the right to cancel school other than for weather. Usually it's the school board that determines and makes the final vote on. On. What school when schools in when school's out except for storms were whether. Or so you. The school superintendent has that power by the way some men arrested other interesting things going on right now we read in the paper that. The city of Charlotte convention and visitors bureau has reserved. Well over a hundred million dollars are believed to expand. Or to make renovations for the football stadium in the future. I didn't know they had that right to do that without approval from the Charlotte city council of public hearing both. Apparently. That's part of the process now that side groups are now making decisions. For the elected bodies both the school system. And in the City Council. So a lot of things going on. By the way on that front and I never got to the second quote here whereas we started the show I read the quote from Jerry Richardson. Who this morning just in the last hour or so he Jerry Richardson awe and also David tepper via Panthers does comment made official statements about. He's the change in ownership upcoming that the Panthers officially. On the web sites say the Carolina Panthers announced that it definitive agreement has been signed to sell the team to David tepper. And the founder and president of global hedge fund apple lose a management. And a well known the lamp for fifth up I hate saying this word philanthropists. On announcements. But David tepper statement this morning quote I am thrilled to have been selected to be the next owner of the Carolina Panthers. I have learned a great deal about the community and the team over the past several months and I look forward to becoming part of the Carolinas. I want to thank Jerry Richardson and the other Panthers partners for all they have done. To establish and develop the NFL in the Carolinas. Has been a remarkable 25 year journey and I promise to build upon the panthers' success. On the field and in the community unquote now one sentence from there may answer the question you had a awhile ago about whether he relocate its. So as I look forward to becoming part of the Carolinas. It is really generous and in fact there's a tape on one of the web sites right now of him speaking. And he's a very articulate. Obviously very Smart I think he's a year younger than I am what is easiest sixty years old six years old yes. The winds are screaming unanimous agent. Eleven billion dollars that's just that. And he owns the Panthers in the past and asked me to be a minority owner. Yet. It will be interesting to see what kind of owner he is because in this day and age you have do you have that the mark Cuban's in the Jerry Jones and and you know more outspoken owners and Jerry Richardson has been anything but. An outspoken owner and bud. This guy is very outspoken in fact. Outspoken about political things very outspoken against Donald Trump he has said some very very critical things about trump in fact there may be a tape of that. The hardest working guy in radio might be looking up that tape right now is kind of good to hear the voice of the new owner of the Carolina Panthers. On how he feels about the current president. And it'll be arrested if he continues to expels that viewpoint. In those two states word Donald Trump won the election. If we continue to call this the Carolina Panthers. Donald Trump is pretty popular in South Carolina and mixed in North Carolina but he got. If you want her 52% of the vote right here. And boy he does not like Donald Trump and he's made some very critical comments you have to have that I. Don't have in May be before we're done here actually get the actual audio I do have a transcript of some of this eat column I think a scumbag he had a narcissistic scumbag this is an interview with us CNBC and he said he believed trump was dishonest. And that is charitable giving he said quote listen trump masquerades as an Angel of light that he is. The father of lies. He goes on to say that he may be demented narcissistic and scum bag. I did use that correctly scumbag narcissistic and what else demented demented that's pretty strong. Accusation. Is he a doctor. I don't think he's a doctor. I think so I think he's got his MBA degree from the Carnegie Mellon where they've named the graduate school after him after he gave a pretty large donations so. They both both he and trump like their names on buildings. He is very upset at trump because Donald Trump did not punitive. Any money to their hurricane sandy hurricane relief fund. He had this is that during super super storms sandy a few years ago quote from CNBC quote during the financial crisis during sandy not one dime. Not one dime. He said a case he's going out of sort of the last sentence is you can't tell me this is a charitable generous person. Of course this is coming from a guy who has his residency not New York to pay taxes to help with a hurricane relief but he actually lives in Florida where he pays them. Income taxes so. You ought to be careful we all live in a glass tiles. And we all look for the lowest tax rate we can and in our own life with then we are critical of other people that. You know we tell politicians the race at Texas but when they raise the taxes they moved from that state. But yeah that's that's probably a fair criticism why didn't Donald Trump and his foundation give any money to the hurricane sandy relief fund. During a very tough times and New York's history in new Jersey's history but at the same time you could ask why doesn't he live in. Why doesn't temper live in New York City and pay the New York City taxes although we probably pays New York City income taxes. Because if there's the paycheck. So. I'm 45 and is talk 1110993. WBT billionaires often fight each other. Yeah there's a lot of I am not city is at the right word animosity animosity between rich people. Like there is between politicians. They have strong opinions of each other's they fight for power in their cities state and the nation. And they also were very thin skin. Well it'll be interesting to see because Jerry Richardson you can count on one hand and the number of times he spoke in an official capacity in front of the media or to questions. Usually was when there was a coach being introduced or. Or things happening with the team but it doesn't just not his style so that's like. Yeah him and Stephanie are just wonderful wonderful people on and. We're lucky to have we've had some good coaches who have been very active in this community Inca including Iran including Ron Rivera it's. I think this guy wind up being an active in the community it'll be generous and see if he's. Involved in the city the state if he makes a status Roman I guess the big question is will he ask for state or local financing to help them. With the football stadium or anything else or practice fielder. That's going to be very generous and and if he does Willie make north Carolina's home or Charlotte his own and pay taxes says most North Carolina residents do you know its interest. So you talk about Ron Rivera well the guy who proceeded Ron Rivera. Is now a day full time analyst for ESPN. John talked John Fox John Fox strain as she has to be famous for. You know cut into the chase it is what it is right but now he has to speak a lot in a lot more details on that and yesterday on. You're at the throughout the day lot of Talking Heads on the national shows talking about this news for Charlotte and John -- on audible here let me in the play this real quickly is John Fox helped. Tim Salmon aren't tapper as to the Panthers you know Charlotte's gray area of the Carolinas are a fantastic plays very up and coming as far as people want to live there. Com yeah I think she really thought the best thing I can say is that discuss it back developed see those guys are doing I'm sure they'll. Stand pat on you know who's running organizations football operations lies and got to figure out what kind of you know footprint or Hambrick he's gonna put on it. We're like Jerry rich and Jerry was an ex players. I'll longtime player in NFL actually caught a touchdown pass from John unitas. How with the colts and for him different than the other well no doubt he's the only one who and that's we are very closely super players and it'll it'll be agency with the new ordinance. Boy did he say pat is going to be the new owner I think if you replay that. I could swear he said it had I Saul know I only blocks last week during the go after he had Danny. I thought well if not bring you play there an area that tape you're gonna hear pat. Kind of figure out what kind of really by the best they'll be coming though Charlotte's gray area of the Carolinas are. A fantastic plays very up and coming as far as people want to live there com. Yeah I think she really thought the best thing I can say is that discuss it back developed see those guys are doing I'm sure they'll stand pat on gotten. Are there this week it's the old truck a I really thought the best thing I can say is that discuss it back developers see those guys are doing I'm sure they'll. Plus you can say is that those guys are doing I'm sure they'll. Stand pat all of. And there it is the they probably are not eating he let out the secret. A he let out the seeker that. Android is going to be involved. The former governor of North Carolina. It's kind of global now so later. This was going to be breaking news but John fox and I had a conversation. Back coach Rivera was right nearby at. At the tournament during the pro am and John Fox love Charlotte he does look sharp. It is what it is. This is the Pat McCrory show which Botox and we'll news talking 1110993. Can tell CN. This is the Pat McCrory show we Rhode Tulsa on news talk 1110993. Five minutes in front of 10 o'clock here on news talk 11109093. WBZ. Votes Johnson Pat McCrory here on the Pat McCrory show we were talking about David shepherd the new Panthers owner. And you were referring to an interview back in 2016 he did with CNBC where he was not very. I didn't talk very favorably about president trump I found a little bit of that here. And issues and such but I gotta tell you this weekend I was listening to the TV he's. And I could count on him apart. Try and what was I TV. Says she introduced badly giving and generous and charitable person. And I got to kind something. You know I do a lot of stuff in Jersey for charity you guys know that good food banks and pantries. Trump has big operations can see it goes in and taught courses here. Bob tell you I had problems born at New York. And I got to Elliott. Two of the financial crisis dorm can be no one time not one guy and I'm not a person and this is fact not conjecture that. Not logged onto hope none of your food bank won the Japan Korea New Jersey. Can I do understand this young dumb because the anti government. Yeah but that didn't let him benefit not longer. Now number. So that some what we are talking about earlier that said David tepper beckoned. Tony sixteen months Squawk Box I was addressing both the N Donald Trump wanted to be owners have an NFL team. When I'm became president of the others now becoming an owner of an NFL teams. Our outlook for to get not discussing what he's like Kim he's obviously extremely successful he's worth 1213 billion dollars he made is a lot of this money during the recession. Betting on banks and he bought a lot of you bet on banks when banks were at their lowest in men and those investments ended up be pretty strong investments in the long run. That takes a lot of courage and guts. We've his fund did extremely well. From Charlotte. This season WPH t. This is channel nine Eyewitness News at eleven this is NBC Charlotte news at me. So yesterday you were talking about slogans for news organizations. Yes for yeah and I need one for the farmer Korey showed because I can't really say I'm on your side because. I hate to break the news to similar shirts I'm not always gonna be on your side. You're allowed to disagree whether it's now if you can't take the truth you might want to change the channel. But you're allowed to disagree with a so we'd love to have your feedback if you do it respectful way and war always get a very respectful on the station I'm not gonna get in a name calling. We're gonna to state the facts and allow different opinions come on there and let's see we look out for you I don't know if I'm really looking out for you. That's not really the theme. We're trying to get the facts so what are what are some of the suggestions we need suggestions. On what art tag line will be for the parent corporation of the fastest growing audience right now on radio. Pat McCrory show Ed WBT dot com we've gotten I'm a good number Pat McCrory showed WBT dec com Kelly says he get a pat on your back with McCrory. The fact that. Let's see you as soon as when news breaks the governor will fix it. Thing. Pat McCrory real and raw on a half yeah I've been accused that roll lately that the the Pat McCrory showed telling it like it is. Telling relatives like cousin to it is what it is. What is the one it is what it is but it isn't that we are blessed how does that trump one that was. It isn't what it is and asked can you remember I don't have minute quick recall that I arena. Something in a deterrent is almost like that and when you negate the finish this what it is is the opposite of John. My favorite one still. And prove Iran let us know Pat McCrory show at WBT does come to Pat McCrory show thus say if Malloy did. Vince Coakley. What's your team Vince Coakley coming on the hardest second hardest working guy and radios. Duly put in three or four hours they're energized by outlined second hole while there are some of her races doing pretty good at their second. And a half hours and Davis I can't remember.