Pat Mccrory: Street Car Funding

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Wednesday, September 27th

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715 on double B team votes Johnson on the Wednesday addition of WBZ's morning news tampering on the line former governor former mayor. Pat McCrory good morning. The border thanks for being here OK so as promised we're gonna go through. Your question from our sessions with the may oral candidates. And and their answers and then you're live reaction so I'll start just a reset this for everybody. That we had to Kenny Smith about a week ago and studio we head by Lyles yesterday. But Pat McCrory has submitted this question for both of them. Well during my tenure as mayor of the city of show voters and Mecklenburg County voted for a half cent sales tax to support all transit and ensure that all transit funding. Would compliment half cent sales tax that was the promise made the voters. The streetcar boy except promise and now money is being used outside they have since sales tax from city taxpayers. The paper for. The current streak or and a planted expansion of the street car. How do you plan to pay for it. And how much specifically will the cost see not just next year but for the next ten years. Both operating and capital cost. And where the heck is that money gonna come from. And so Kenny Smith's answer to that question was this guy great questions one with talked about a lot of time and elected that. We came in on the heels of the passage in street car so we spent a lot of time talking about. How the heck he gonna pay for this boondoggle. I'm in right now we currently has four revenue sources yet vehicle. License tank rentals tax you've got a a Levy for further for the fair so to speak for that for the writers and yet sales tax. All of that money. Does have the ability to go into pay go funding that is general revenue that can be used for affordable housing can be used to beef up far police force and other areas. So we have. Well while it doesn't matter your property tax it. Fund industry cart does come at a cost and it does come and take away from. Other critical. Community needs I think the governor was spot on with asking how and paper at the half cent sales tax does not cover it. Right now we're looking anywhere for a six million dollars from the operational side. What are on an annual basis. I suspect that's actually higher number I think this government speak for possibly. Our floor. I'm so I expect operations to come in a higher level than that if you're gonna build the system out at some point which I would not support and faced three you have to be right capital funding. On that and we've got. Issues that we've addressed this far more important. The net and you know one point of differentiation between my opponent I mean my opponent is all in on the street car. But she's on and on funding the streetcar which again takes away from other core functions of local government. That's Kenny Smith now the answer from by Lyle. So I wanna say that I work with pat many years and he I'm really made a difference on this transit issues he kept alive and he worked really hard on it. But I'll also say the world has changed. When we were doing transit when pat was mayor the federal government was putting up 80% the city put in twelve and a half and the state put in twelve and a half. If we pretend to live in the past when never gonna move forward in the future so the street car as an example. A something that we had to begin to do to address the equity in our city you talked about equity. The east and the west are not connected the north and south with the red and the blue lines are going to be very connected. Well an education on either end of those what do we got for our east and west side. You know they're very few jobs on the east side so you have a street car coming downtown creates jobs for people and a way to get there without having a car. So I understand that that was a promise but they're probably. Circumstances that change we ought to acknowledge them I think we've been very forthright on the street car to say that it is about an east west connector. And it is funded from dollars that we generated. But it's part of connecting our community sales taxes up now would during 2008 it dropped a lot. We're trying to look at the numbers and and look at the formulas that are changing there's no way to make up for the federal government going from 80% of our transit. Project to. Twin 50%. Last night we had a under discussion about the president's infrastructure program. And what they're talking about at the federal level is how to do this financing and leveraging local financing I hope there's going to be an opportunity there. But we've missed that window when Denver did they're transit system they built every line except the commuter line. And we built one mine. And so we're just behind. Are right so that's a lot to unpack there but at Pat McCrory heard both answers now you're response. Well that is the difference between the two candidates and one thing but did say an actor burger for a great deal of respect for her. Is that that we broke the promise. In her problems were broken not to long ago reported what we told the voters. Or we're back for bird. On where and how that money is going to be spent that is going to be stripped based upon a regional or. Not the short City Council but regional board which is about all transfer their search she admitted that we've broken promise. And I think the other big issue is the federal government had treatments formal but it. That's probably are related polite radio and so we've always anticipated. Federal government was going to change for a year. But we still had to work through the and seek concept of voters approved in the previous City Council approved. So this is the distinct difference and I think neither candidate. Really it has identified I think. The Republican candidates. I would not support further expansion are the basics and we will fine them money. And when and whatever as the politicians as we will find the money. Be careful because my disposal drop out of the year campaign will find the money either somewhere else in the but it's been on the somewhere else. War from new tax. And so battled before both were good questions and opal. Was a look forward to further discussion. The difference rejected candidates and also the similarities between two Summers and the questions that are being answered. And we will get to some of those you and I've talked about. You know off the air discussions about some of those and we're gonna get those in future segments that's gonna wrap it for now Pat McCrory every morning here on WB Tate.