Pat McCrory talks with Bo. Mayor Vi Lyles called a special meeting for RNC. Strzok hearing boils over.

Bo Thompson
Friday, July 13th

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Seven joining on the stock 1110993. WBT I'm votes on some time to bring on the former governor and mayor. Of North Carolina and Charlotte respectively he is the host of the Pat McCrory show and just like you predicted on Monday here ago 2 o'clock Monday. City Council holding a special meeting and the members of the public have a chance to. Way end in a public forum as we get closer to. A vote from them on the RNC in the of course the RNC itself deciding where the Republican National Convention we'll go next week in Austin what do you think about what's happening now. It's going to be like a reality TV series Monday afternoon but. I assume that the bear has the boats it might as these searchers seven votes. But Jordan Kuwait and when that frankly should be unanimous. And I think the mayor has been under threat of fire fellow Democrats. Are bringing up their concerns so late in the process. Which really puts her in her credibility of their city's credibility on the spot. For the public hearings in your I'm sure gonna have fireworks. And some very strong comments. For both sides. Monday afternoon. They will be hard pressed to match the drama of what seemed like a reality show yesterday on Capitol Hill in fact. I got to play a little bit of historian. And I have talked MBI agents around the country Uga bears they own human errors yours itself. And I can't help but wonder when I see you looking there with a little Smart. How many times did you look so innocent in your wives and to harbor a mister chairman and me. That struck hearing yesterday did you catch some of that so yeah. Oh yeah it was it was better than reality TV it was a future of our. And the bachelorette. The legislature and it was so. We're going to be asked several questions of the courtroom about a clock first question is why the FBI agents bill Lloyd. And of all things working in nature nor. When he broke about every HR policy of any major corporation ones having an affair with a person that directly work he would have. This activity is. I'm making notes on company time network totally inappropriate. And mean spirited and about your loss. You'd be fired in any corporation. And the second question of BS he goes why don't Republicans just have one person ask all the questions. As you would investigation. As many attorneys did during the Watergate hearings back in 1974. So they need to get their act together several as very good question did we learn information that can be talked about today. And the Democrats want to be control because they seem to wanna talk about immigration repeat talking points. That allows police are very well and they wonder ignores this topic. During that eight to call our mayor Bob. Yeah and and I was listening to that act and add one more piece of that tape yesterday in the helicopter but you're not think about a million and edit. Which power to. And you might. Like it or not thank you very much. The royals look back in 1997. I hear that out again on the national Internet the helicopter and love it about what it. Out of luck got to admit I listened to yesterday at a think in a way out next thing on the helicopter man's gonna interrupt this conversation but there are forward. And other things doc about and a new poll. Civet toss pulled it shows burst police scene of any type that others gauges what the numbers may be for this general election battle between Mark Harris. And Dan McCready and the polling numbers show McCready well ahead. Of a Mark Harris right now about a seven point lead although you know in in these situations yet to consider who these the polling. Source is and it's just one but thereby kind of wondered how this is go how the numbers and ago at the outset here. Well the point sources actually conservative org source but McCready has been given a free ride up to today I mean he's been given Aureus. Articles and editorials and our local newspaper. And and other newspapers these raise a lot of money and then they're tree heiress says the double. By recreating some of this past sermons so shares is getting almost 90% negative publicity. Greedy is getting 100%. Positive or was he was no questioning whatsoever where he stands. Will that start happening between now and the election I doubt that by the mainstream media or the Republicans after bring it out. Yes spent a lot of money to do while we're greedy. God is the cameras and dot dodges any specific questions about. Is supporter lack of support for policy. And other Liberal Democrats in Washington DC. More to come today between nine hits and on the Pat McCrory show and our final segment on Fridays is always ask the governor if you have any questions for Pat McCrory whatever they may be. I go ahead and send them Pat McCrory show it WBT dot com have already gotten a few for today show. One particularly interesting is actually question I've wanted to asking for awhile but we'll save that. For about 9:15. This morning asked the governor Pat McCrory show at WBT dec come to. And the show is coming up at 9 AM.