Paul Manafort and Rick Gates Surrender to Authorities in Connection to Russia Probe

Scott Fitzgerald
Monday, October 30th

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Strapped on a Monday we that was gonna come down we did and it was in the come down. Mueller said hey indictments are on the list was told me how we find out that does it is man four gates was his main. What does this mean well let's find out to have updates for you all morning long. But ABC Steve Roberts right now and I was a subplot a bombshell when he shot to all that was man authorities seem to be the other one that I'm. I was gonna lay under books on in Vegas have been metaphor from beginning when you think. Yeah the only other prop possibility would have been Michael Flynn the former. Intelligence and try different national security advisor. But metaphor was number one here. And we don't know what's in the indictment the best guess is. That this involves financial dealings amana Fortis had for years kind of shady and complex financial dealings with foreign governments and I my best guess is that this indictment if and when we see it has very little to do if anything. With manna Ford's service in for a 34 months as they would campaign manager for trump what's got to Wear the White House. Is what men afford will now say the way these. Investigations are constructed do you go after someone like manna for you indict him. And prosecutors call minutes they have this morning say okay. You want leniency. Tell us what you know about. So whatever connections trump had to rush and pollution in the in any election now. We don't know yet whether there's anything there in fact over the weekend days. Ty Cobb the White House counsel who. Has been handling these managed for the White House insisted that man afford in Flint. Have nothing to say the prosecutors that will harm trump. But that's still an open question and it's still. Don't worry the White House here or we've heard quite often there's nothing there and well maybe there is something there and maybe there's something that they can afford engagement have to offer up. What is the other situation with gates wording what does he get tied him with all this besides just me in the run laser and he. Yeah he's he's been connected with two men affords. For years man afford to spend a lot of time. Advising foreign governments and in foreign sort of political movement in Ukraine and other places. He's one of the charges. That we have been presaged here. Is money laundering of different kinds. And so might please can since gates is involved in this indictment that just reinforces the impression. That this is really about manna for its business dealings not about his political dealings but. Yeah as I say the real threat to the White House. Not just with man afford but with general Flynn who I expect will be indicted before too long as well. Is will they now turn will they. Did they sit in on meetings C did day know about strategies at the White House. What he's trying to hide from from Mahler and then down the line the other question is. Does the president if he feels threatened if he thinks it though prosecutors are successful in. Leveraging and pressuring people like command afford gates and Flynn. Does he then pardon them because. If they're not facing indictment and they have less incentive to cooperate with prosecutors the president's part pardon power on paper it's virtually unlimited. But if he were to use it. In the eyes of prosecutors to obstruct justice to impede investigation. Then. He could be in trouble so there are a lot of this a lot of this here a lot of unknowns but that's what's going to be wearing the White House. Could there be a strategy behind those you know behind Moeller to say OK well let's go ahead and throw these out here and see what the president actually does do. If you pardons them then that's been opened a floodgate of different directions to possibly grow. Yeah absolutely no I you know Mahler is an extremely. Well regarded professional. Some Republicans have tried to say that there prosecutors he's hired who have on record of contributing to Democrats but by and large. Even. Conservative Republican trait dowdy led the Republican investigation opened Ghazi said on TV yesterday led Mohler do his job. Miller of conservatives' belief in the rule of law. And match of bedrock principle. And even those a lot of people who support trumpet who. I hate Hillary Clinton. Believes that it's important for the national interest in the rule of law to allow. No more to do his job unimpeded by political pressures and and infirm trump or two. Uses pardon power. It's it would not be unanimously supported by Republicans Steve Roberts again and ABC last question I knew that the move not. When can the pardon power come into play ten tomorrow so you have it is long there's there's an indictment he can pardon it doesn't have to be a conviction. That's my understanding I'm not a lawyer but I think he can pardon people in before an indictment I mean I. It's a very very broad power unique. In the constitution. It's pretty clear he can't pardon himself. That's maybe one limitation on it but as I say just because you have that power. Just because something is legal doesn't make it right. And trump going down the line feast tempted to use this power it's got to be very careful because one of potential vulnerabilities here is if you use that. Power to obstruct investigations you could be in trouble kept salute Steve Roberts of ABC appreciate you working us into this morning. It's coming up on nine had a news 111099 freedom you features a speckled nothing burger. Is this the time that the president does need to start moving and get rid of more. 704571110. I think history said that being put himself under some serious shaky ground and it would just be the Democrats I think that and I'm saying we need to make the move here to do we use that I word it. We impeach. We'll bring you back then you and your call 7045 I don't know 1110 this is WB two. 917 as you time to Mona two years yup those kind. Friday a Moeller said you know what indictments are on the way and then we find out this morning who it is. It's a metaphor and is a long time Justin gave Rick dates charged with conspiracy. Against the United States and that was the one economy well wait a minute here. We we figured some money laundering. Christmas worker former assistant director of the FBI. When you hear conspiracy against the United States Woodward as your brain first go. Well I mean that this clearly these charges were filed to beat the statue of limitations. That the tax conspiracy right now. So I I think what happened is they get involved a little bit of a fire drill to keep to preserve their charges. What does that mean they just want the other clock to run out because because of when this all happened. Yet they didn't want the clock run out I think it's the sixers 26 or seven year. Statue limitations on the tax charges so that they were filed that there will probably be what we call a superseding indictment which adds more charges. Possibly money laundering possibly other you know make your for an agent registration act chart which is a very obscure charge as hard. They are renewed interest at. To your knowledge based upon how you've been following this story when it comes to money laundering quite often that is done through real estate deals. Do we have any sort of indication that any sort of real estate deals he may have done tied in with the president. What's been reported as there was seventeen million that may have. Involve real estate in New York. Titled in the name of the corporations with the beneficial owners the richer owners being children of palm airport. And you when you get into money laundering it isn't just real estate it can be. Any criminal activity that produces. Illicit proceeds. Think that engages in a transaction. Excuse me so. Unit that might congress probably when the broadest federal statutes that I know out. And it's almost always charge in conjunction with other things like wire fraud or mail broader. We're just about any other criminal violation that produces money. So well again Chris Wecker former assistant director of the FBI witness here this morning if there if you're Muller. And you just lay this all down what's so what's the next step what would today look like. Well today is going to be a first tier sir Paul man afford does set bond. They'll probably center. The reason the very reason Obama he can meet he'll be out today probably. As far as Mueller going forward. If there's a broader conspiracy. You almost always have to have an insider what the play what I call the playbook. And I don't think Mueller here's one way or the other I think he's very different. Two you have been going after. Certain people for example the president or high level officials and administration I think is this trying to shake the fact moose whatever they are. And it's the man at Ford has the keys and has the playbook and Ben he's that's why they're targeting him first. But I that's not the say that there is anything bears this first collusion. I think motors doom would agree investigator would do just to shake the facts loose. Okay. What about gates. I I've yet to really find that much about this guy. There's no effect you know his name was you know sort of circling the you know sir circle in the global Paul man afford for awhile here what is your take on him and where he may fall into lawless. Now he's a business partner palm can't afford. Engage in some lobbying. That didn't they did on behalf of Russian. Operatives shall we say it's not not a Russian operative but the opposition leader in Ukrainian. Which would put him in stern in contact with Russians and he's a bit player. But he's also someone that's key if you were to slip as we say yeah and then provide evidence. In my pot provided more pressure and leverage against all manner or. What if you are recommending or fewer guiding the other truck administration at this moment in time. What would you tell them to do or not do mean it would seem to me this is the time to keep your mouth quiet. Yeah this will be a time to stay quiet. Let us let it but the special counsel. Check out the facts. If there's nothing there and in Amman those people who believe that there is no collusion because I've not heard what shred of evidence and given the weak environment. I'm sure by now we would refer some. The so I think it's his roles sit back and let the special counsel do his work there might be some bit players. Such as man afford and others. Flynn who might I get charged with with violations of some kind. So that such as error which is a very obscure statute the foreign agent registration act. I'll see there's much herbs for the president to do is sit back and let this play out. Do you think do you see anything coming out of via the new York and the New York coffers because from my understanding there was there were concurrent. Investigations one comes out of the New York attorney general's office is that correct were where that where that particular district where he did work. Well the New York attorney general is apparently looking at some things. Serb. Almost certain not identical things but probably goes real estate transactions. And you know to the Russians are notorious. Forward toward doing real estate transactions in New York under. British personality and another sort of notorious money laundering. Venues so. Using their quote incorporation laws and which are very obscure so they're there's a lot to look at in new York and sort out. Metaphor has set seventeen million dollars out there it Schmidt will have to find out where that came from and whether bit that was. Reported which should have been. And whether they mean may have lied that that the possibility is that there's a fraud wire fraud or mail fraud charge somewhere in there. So it can New York. Applied different sorts of pressure than Muller and and if so could it be potentially more valuable down the line. Because charges that would come out of New York would be. Are immune to any sort of presidential pardon. Yeah that's. That is a consideration because it's just you know these would be state charges in the course smaller in the special counselor working out under federal statutes. So there would be beyond a presidential pardon. If they are there are state laws that are that mirror federal laws there and and oddly enough there's no such thing is double jeopardy. Between the state and federal charges so you can actually charged both. Our charge neither. So we know we really don't know where this investigation has gone right now there's this really doesn't suppress saw the much of anything except she's so tax charges so I think people. There all the media outlets merely trying to read a lot into this. I'm I'm sort of holding back judgment I think I really think we're director Mueller former director Mueller is trying to do just get the facts and go with the facts lead him. Got you so in this sense this is almost like other players Norman up Eminem take in the field yet. After good analogy yes you can newsroom later on if you like Chris. Coach K always appreciate your insight anything else that did that I should sort of keep in the back in my mind today is a watch all this unfold. Well a group. You know the one thing that I was curious was that they did have comment or walk in the front door bet that suggested there's not a lot of collegiality. Our consideration being provided to it took Paul man afford which means that they're both sides are pretty much playing hardball at this point if there was some. Things going on behind the scenes they probably would take him into the back door met him somewhere Klim and FBI cars and went into the garage. And spared him that sir that singular perp walk that happened this morning so. Clearly this is this is very much an adversarial process there's not there's no negotiations shall we say at this point. Right it's a hate your front and center here and and get ready to spotlight is on your brother's going to be hot and too so. I'm or Chris I appreciate your time is always Chris slacker pharmacist and director of the FBI as we get an update and a well as some insight into the situation at palm man afford indicted by special counsel. One of his business partners Rick gates is doing the same thing so he's going to be going down that same road. Throughout the morning we're gonna continue to update you with the ABC updates and here we go below. Charges filed and Robert Moeller sweeping Russia probe and now we know who the targets are one of those people former trump campaign chair Paul metaphors who just walked into an FBI field office in Alexandria Virginia. An inherent in uniform. He had no comment the other person charged break gates a long time metaphor business partner talking what the charges are but as ABC's Pierre Thomas says stuff. What has been in a cross hairs for months back in August the FBI conducted a raid at his residency in Alexandria they showed up. Inside his apartment. With a swat team tactical team to collecting evidence. It was a clear sign that he was someone that they had intense interest in them that this was serious business. ABC's Pierre Thomas no comment from the White House the last week White House special counsel Ty Cobb said president trump likes and respects metaphors there. That he be sad for him if he were indicted but what happens to metaphors is beyond his control bride milky ABC news. All right yeah like Priscilla stay on top of the story for you today is there's really anything else or not. When you get on down to a other than we got some wimps but holy Moly in western North Carolina. Did you see this story that they had delayed the start of school because it was too cold outside the for a halt. You know do it would seem the least to me. Great the administration at a school like dad would want to do everything it could to not further. The appearance of these kids are snowflakes. But such is not the case they were under freeze warning out they're just like we are. The temperatures were damaged different down to 31 when delay school because it's 31 degrees. Why not have everybody above the Mason Dixon line laughed at us because that's what it's all about Karen Travers and ABC joins us next he's at a bagel nothing burger or is this going to leave twosome or dominoes falling. GOP is expected to unveil their tax plan on Wednesday for him as to be paying any attention to that we'll see you break him back this is there's 1110993. WB team. Here drivers and ABC going to be joining mr. momentarily. So love Paul Mann a port. Indicted money laundering among other things. Whether the bears to bear in mind here. Made changes can be you know as information leaks out but as of right now. These indictments don't seem too little ledge but a lot of people seem to wanted to regarding trump and the election. Didn't seem to be tied to it at all. Money laundering and conspiracy against the United States and is Chris slackers said earlier. That has more to do with taxes. The president and and vodka looks like they. And behind when they were they respond the podium Maloney to look like. Could be and up palm and afford is always do in the walk their as the pinstripe suit. Paper picked him up he got a nice ride to to good un headquarters are so that they could. Put into the process for and it somehow or other get now today is this worker alluded. A bond most likely not set to be so prohibitive that dares you to spend some time behind jail marina behind bars for now. What do you what do you think guys when no when they pick him up. Do you think he asked if they would make a like a side stop on the way oh yeah yeah I mean 7-Eleven get a cup of coffee. Maybe stop by the pharmacy and reopen as Valium prescription. These estimates are that the to keep him calm ABC storm could guess right and what time they open where he has. I'm assuming it's in Washington that neck of the woods Charlotte. You man. He's gonna reduce some deep breathing today because I'm sure other stresses do is work and upon him Karen Travers winner on Friday. That this was coming down and Dudley I'm not surprised that it was Paul Maine afford they threw Rick gates in there is an extra bonus kind of a buy one get one free. What do we really know at this point in time or is most of its still to sort of conjecture rather than the chargers have been laid up. We have the charges in the 31 page indictment that was released by the can't petrol grand jury it's twelve counts including conspiracy against the United States conspiracy to launder money. False statements and seven counts of failure to file reports of foreign bank and financial accounts. I it's over thirty pages and still trying to read through it quickly as they don't have a but you and that the headlines seems to be that it's not necessarily related to the question of collusion between the charm campaign. And Russia during the 2016 election which of course was what is that the center of the broader Muller's investigation. We talked about this before these things tend to grow. Players tentacles. And that's where people get swept up with charges of things not necessary or related to what was originally the focus of the investigation right. Do do the folks in the press pool kind of have like. Almost like a bingo board to see who's gonna fall next 'cause if I were a betting man on that I would say probably Michael Flynn might be the next one to us to be called done in front of class. Michael Flynn of course has been considered a key target of this and there's a lot of speculation over the weekend that it would be him announced today. A French team is legal team did not respond to any request for comment or information about this over the weekend it's not going you know which didn't answer we need anything just that they were commenting. But certainly Flynn we know is under investigation. For me I think it this shows that this isn't the end it and I mean nobody expected robber more to wrap the southern five months but. It's one big step in what could still be days as long methodical investigation. When you talk to the reporters cheer handle it and the next step in this methodical our investigation as you say what. What are the conjecture of the gases or hey you know what I think is gonna happen next is going to be this kind of thing because. Different people different kinds of information they won't necessarily share but they may sort of point or allude to some diplomat become an come and gone down the pipe. I mean I don't know about analysts speculate but you know do the question of course the Robert Mueller has been looking into is the question of collusion between the term campaign or any of its associates and Russia during last year's invest presidential election. And then the other issue that came out of this was the question of potential obstruction of justice by president trump himself when he fired Jim Carney last may. So that is still part of this as well that's not addressed in anything we're seeing today. Yeah taxes so they're gonna discuss those this week you are we gonna hear much about them I know that there will be an attempt. To what to make us aware of those coming out of the White House but do you really think it's an emotional us. Timing I think once you get past the big headlines of today. You know there's always trim from more headlines in Washington. Republicans are expected to potentially release his tax those early as this week. Not clear if that's actually happened that was their best case scenario. President I'd like to see you cannot. The president leaves for Asia on Friday so for the next ten days starting on Friday hughes' upside down and you know the he's working overnight eastern time very busy schedule he won't be you're trying to push tax reform across this line in the house. I got you into an. I will be literally on Friday all right what about good and I got to get packed and ready for that. Do you let the little girls have they ask for any specific sort of souvenirs freedom and bring back. Nothing specific yet so who will fear they get closer to knowing and heading out the judges maybe a Japanese fighting fish or something like that. They really like kid chopsticks we've let them attempt to use those errors which. Are trying to amass some height it's always entertaining to watch say they're attached at the top and Alia like below Gergen you're trying to kind of thing exactly I think and I used to as a matter and the go to a Chinese restaurants are scared Travers was ABC. Thank you very much an interesting day. Nothing earth shattering. As of yet but you know what Andrea and feel like they've got the other tribe are stuck in heavier. My prior apart just a bit the president not yet hasn't hasn't tweeted and over the weekend when he was certainly it's very very busy. I've never seen such a Republican quote anger in unity golf capitalized. As I have concerning the lack of investigation on Clinton. Made fig dossier. The uranium to Russia deal will be 33000. Plus deleted emails the commie fixed. And so much more instead they look at phony trump slash Russia collusion which doesn't exist. The dims are using this terrible and bad for our country witch hunt for evil politics but he ours. And are fighting back like never before. There's so much guilt all caps by Democrats slash Clinton another faction pouring out to do something. Do something. So those were all Sunday which is one of his favorite tweeting days and then about an hour later after all those. All of this Russian talk right when the Republicans are making their big push for historic tax cuts and reform. Is this coincidental. Not. That was reaching a bit. I would say. Although there was reach and just adjusted to that. So I'm a break and back and and when we do we're gonna give you the latest here we're giving you another update from ABC this is a continuing. As we continue our coverage on what is happening with Paul Mann a port Rick gates indicted. The first targets. Robert Mueller. Total revenues 1110993. To BBC. They have if you follow this get a night on FaceBook. Thought better WBT on FaceBook and and it was a big goal followed there's. Sprinkle stove and have a terrible you know you post stuff all the time and and I'm learning how to do it I'm a little slow on the uptake of the comes technology. That's sketches or semi final. But it is there are some cool stuff. I wonder how much more this. This man afford indictment the gates indictment is going to. Continue to divide us here in the United States senate and the reason I bring that up is that it was a new poll new poll out. I know we love polls right. Around cancer ME emails I've gotten over the past week or so that that when when when a poll is mentioned. And yet but what about those polls about the president winning. But Hillary Clinton handed him his button is Lance and I get a understand. Combat this particular Serbia I found having interest in and and I think it's pretty accurate. Since 70% of Americans say that political tensions. Have reached a dangerously low point here in the United States. They say that the current political atmosphere and divisions are at least as big. As they were during the Vietnam War. It's a pretty strong statement. That's that's up to me that that's very very strong some of the numbers that came out of it. But just 14% of people view politicians. Ethics as excellent or good or good. Those must be the people that they ask questions of who had just come out of a coma. 14% still think that they are excellent or good. In 97 and territory 5%. In 1987 and ambushed 39%. So to say that we are losing. Faith in our politicians. Would. Would be an understatement. Given you an update on metaphor engaged and and their charges right now we'll be debt free in just a moment. Well at first I want the caricature ski with ABC because something that. Others it was a conversation in addition to what was going on with the Padilla a indictments over the weekend and that was just helped squirrelly. And goofy. The beast smell of corruption seems to be surrounding. This power company deal in Puerto Rico but this is should this is gone by the wayside is that correct Aaron. It has put a Rico canceled the contract put this Montana firm like fish energy would never really seemed to have. The kind of robust presence that would be necessary I'm but it did however come from. The secretary of the interior Ryan think he's home towns so it had that work euphoric although federal officials had always said. They had nothing to do with the contracts. He faces I have absolutely nothing to do with white fish receiving a contract any attempt. To time me in the are completely baseless mean. I know I can be skeptical at times and there are times where I I try to give everybody the benefit of the doubt. But when something looks too much like a coincidence. Then I have a hard time believing that it is a company only has. How can fulltime employees right so how they were going to suddenly rebuilding entire electric infrastructure Puerto Rico seemed a little bit farfetched. However. You know the it did it raised enough questions I think that the that they have a governor moved to try to cancel the contract. What one thinks it really kind of I'm really raised the violent my throat was doing you know the fact that part of contract was that they would not allow any sort of audits at all of the process. Well I mean I think people this also exposed just how. You know people who have Puerto Rico's infrastructure had been. An and and and how you know is so not I did you not to say inept but good. But how difficult politics are yeah Ted Kennedy even was able to get tested to this point whether you don't think he had any thing to do with it or not. So I you know it was it was a bad. It seemed like a bad deal for our for a number of reasons from the outset DO NN and at least now it's been. Scrapped and perhaps you know I'm a much better more efficient Beno contract can be had to. Get this infrastructure up and running in and out of the weekend. There was just 30% of sub normal output the all in in all of the island so you know and it's been awhile since hurricane. Yeah and and the death tolls. And it's over 700 now as a result of the year the aftermath of that also. Things are getting better there and are not getting better error into to rescue an ABC uptrend on what what happened there and I integrated did it just stinks to high up I mean absolutely stunning stunning. And I did mention that that was a part of the contract. And it wasn't on the Puerto Rican side it was on the white fish side. That that there would be no oversight no audits. Into. Costs cost overruns or profits. Are on the part of of this wife Michelle organization British energy. The same town that that lines ranking interior secretary. He's from. So an update on metaphor engaged they're charged with a conspiracy against the United States into an ABC throughout the day is going to be updating this. And of course we'll stay on top of that for you to hear the news 1110993. WBT. The first charges brought by the special counsel looking into Russian interference in the election focus on the man who ran the trump campaign for five months Paul Matta for us. At a grand jury handed up a twelve count indictment against president trumps former campaign chairman's comment afford it accuses him in a deputy Rick gates of conspiracy to launder money making false statements about registering as a foreign agent. And counts about foreign bank accounts court records said man afford and gates hid tens of millions of dollars have been come from their work in Ukraine by laundering money through US and foreign corporations partnerships and bank accounts CBC's. Or deter ski so what's next ABC news political director Rick Klein says it depends. The one person over the weekend is that you watch here is how to Muller played at hand if you played at slowly he's trying to draw out a response to president trump. A lot of people thinking and issuing pardons may try our Muller at one point those are options are in his arsenal but right now he is based at that it'd be undeniable. Our fact that his former campaign manager is indicating criminal charges. I'm Cherie Preston ABC news 954 is your time so what you have a long list. Conspiracy against United States conspiracy to launder money unregistered agent of a firm principle. So maybe he's in legal terms your language and can you explain this confirming here. Fairly also were being charged with false statements seven counts of failure to file reports of foreign bank in financial accounts. In discos for both men affording gates. Some go both ways and and some just one we're just the other. Medford 68 years old you don't look sixteen years old to me well I think he's Milliken hell lot older than 68 when this is also done. And some of the other things that did that are tied into it they will raise questions and I'm sure motors gonna dig into as well as the rest of the team to. Are there are some of the other relationships that meant a forehand. And men forty and gates became involved and it was a failed business attempt. With Russian Oleg are polar bear Pasco. Who is a close ally of Russian president Vladimir Putin who did the deal was this Russian guy was put to invest a hundred million dollars in a private equity company. That man a fork in gates would manage both do you have a project this phone part. And then did a Roscoe. Suited men affording gates for mishandling his money. And to add insult to injury for man afford. Do you thereupon Oscar has offered to cooperate with Capitol Hill investigations. Are in exchange for community. Do you ask for immunity if we didn't really wrong. Well. I don't know I've never had asked for. Smells funny don't. Use most road you know you know the person who is. Happy east that this indictment. Came out today. Tight time to just right to Kevin Spacey but oh yeah. Yeah accused of very. Of sexual misconduct. We're very with a fourteen year old years ago. There was I think was on the silver Star Trek fan of the Star Trek movies then came down so disappointed that you really are really neo I didn't ever Elin never thought that. I was kind of guessed that he was gay damn backyard but not something like the other hand. Here when the story came out. I made a note on FaceBook about it. And we've had so many reports and Harvey Weinstein stuff hasn't gone away similar reports of men. Going after men who. After them. And now we're finding out about men going after men. Who went after them. The other day Ellen DeGeneres was given a rap crap because of some sort of comments and then and things that you did about care Katy Perry's breasts. So that's woman. Going against the women who went after a woman. So what's what's the only. The only one missing so far is a man going after a woman for going after a may. Hello I'm sure that's gonna happen. You know what in Hollywood in the world of politics there are a lot of folks. Who are praising the lord hallelujah. That animals and can animate objects cannot speak. Fill in the blanks on that went to look what's on the clock now WB. Thank you very much the Obama campaign organization Obama for America. Paid nearly a million bucks to these same law firm. There's. Clark and Hillary and the the DNC used to funnel money to fusion GPS your Brothers. There's a lot of folks and and I get emails and and tweets honoring the basis saying you know you're mr. covered the story with a Kostunica story. So. It is certainly is worth mentioning. You know the big news of course today the twelve count indictment. Includes conspiracy against the U that the unions that includes conspiracy against the United States and conspiracy to launder money. And by all accounts as of the very very moment there's very little if anything there. That ties into the quote obstruction of justice or via the collusion allegations. That are that are. Circle around the other president and his administration. So via the dossier. Obama for America began payments to us this law firm in April 2016 this is the same time. That the law firm hired fusion GPS to look at the ties between the trump campaign. And Russia. Now. That that's a change in my understanding. That's that's a change in my understanding because originally what I thought. Roy is that the other Clinton folks screaming get the Clinton folks in the Obama folks sort of paying for this fusion GPS research. True. Get dirt on trump. Not looking necessarily aimed at times about campaign and Russia and collusion. So will this news could mean that President Obama and other administration officials may have all the Clinton Campaign. Help fund. This there's dossier. We don't have area of put a timeline on all this yet. So it's still kind of confusing to me in endemic as one of the questions that did that that came into my mind on this one. Is. If this is something that that Hillary. And Obama. Painful were. Why would have Obama shared this. Reads with trump just before the inauguration. It was near the partial benefit to this. So back to to the timing of the timing and nature of these payments to us law firm. Now raise some questions about whether or not. Orpheum Obama for America was funding GPS confusion GPS. And how much. How much Obama and his team knew about was in there. How much did it about the contest before it was all made public. No question whether the president or his in Owings his lackeys. Knowingly used this document. To justify official government actions that are then targeted. President's political opponents who were named in the dossier. Which that that seems to be the question that that most folks that that I run in two or email me wanna know is. If this dossier. Was created and they couldn't verified the contents of this dossier. In this is what led to fights a war that's. Against you know for example metaphors and as some of the folks are on the drug administration. Then wouldn't that be considered to be inappropriate and what Maddon mean some sensors couldn't be considered to be. A political wedge shot in there for maybe even a lead. But. But the timing on this still. Back and forth and answer he said she said and then you had this one to the other uranium deal. I'm still trying to get to the bottom of that went to European that you know the scoop on that in you know really what went down on that. Or whether or not it was actually a paper plate then pay opened up my RIX because. I see money I see money that has been transferred. I see the allegations that this was inappropriate and looks kind of bad. But I'm still waiting for that smoking gun that says absolutely. No this is on and Hillary's back. So Daniel writes and generals a regular email. Charged with twelve charges. No collusion exclamation point. You should be ashamed how your report the news. What do. Were there were very poor rob just would not inherently wrong with a menacing Arnold. Did I ever say that there was collusion. No I just said that. Daniel via listen or if you were listening what I just said was that none of these. Charges in this particular indictment have anything to do. At all. On the surface at least with any sort of allegations that there was collusion. With Russia. Are there are some interesting coincidences. Are there certain people that are tied into an involvement on this that that mimic a stretcher hedged only yet. But as far as direct sort of evidence that says you know what this is this is gonna lead us down the collude. Asian trail no no I don't see that at all conspiracy against you it's for digital watermarking unregistered agent before and principal. Upgraded the a foreign principle that he was working for was a pro Russian Ukrainian group. That in and of itself doesn't necessarily mean it was a bullet in the gun either. So they're no shame on you I thought you pay better attention. It's got a WBT dot com you wanna join in the conversation about through email or 70457. Elevenths had a break and back issues WBT this style you don't. Folks like really. Let us. 1016 is your time here they're devoted my name is Scott Fitzgerald's. One of the issues is hit the ground here. Indictment against a metaphor for Israel as well one of resistance in the business partners mr. gates. Some us and thus for some. From attorneys that that I've been following and reading online initial thoughts of what it means it's hard to know what they mean for direction in the future of the Moeller investigation. They are corruption and financial crimes unrelated. To possible Russian collusion. In the election so will be a different direction here Chris what Chris slicker we spoke about an hour ago former assistant director with the FBI. And at that point in time the indictment hadn't been unsealed. But now it has its and you've done some digging and how what has piqued your curiosity. Well it's just so far more extensive indictment that what we thought this morning apparently while we were talking the dike the indictments were unsealed it's a twelve count indictment. They carry some pretty serious charges including money laundering false statements. Foreign agent registration act violations it's pretty much the kitchen sink so it's from the far more expensive than what we have thoughts. So when when they list the charges. So analyst just call that mean in the outlined its eight. Are how much is underneath a how many how many different sub pieces of data were underneath that house specifically that yet. Well there's. There's a broad conspiracy and usually that's a narrative at the beginning of the indictment this that just delays things out which it does in this case that's its online. Then it lays out twelve eleven other substantive charges which includes. False statements conspiracy to launder money laundering money most of it revolves around. Extensive income generated overseas. And efforts to hide betting come and then plowed that income are those. Proceeds that money into real estate in the United States particularly in new York and Alexandria and other places. And then to make payments to fix up these places and then just generally other luxury item so it's pretty pretty serious and I'm. You in a lot of this money seems to go through Cyprus. And there's been a lot of folks who raise eyebrows about different a business dealings that have been centered on Cyprus. That surround both men afford. A lot in a lot of folks in power not to cheer the United States would include the Russians as wealth I remember correctly. Yes Cyprus has been known money laundering. Venue if you will. Used by all kinds of different. People in these are legitimate and illegitimate. So when you hear the word you know when you're Cyprus is being used to move money my my suspicions go up pretty quickly there are other venues as well British Virgin Islands. Isle of Man size say Chelsea a lot of a lot of the island. Banking havens shall we say where you can incorporate and even by a bank which is essentially just a briefcase since some paper. So what about gates that they had that they release went for gates are not yet because he hasn't gone before the judge yet. Well that they're both named in the same indictment. So it's. It is the a conspiracy indictment conspiracy have have at least two people so Baird both named in this indictment. Along with a lot of other services as this said underlying charges. There are unknown co conspirators that are mentioned here so. You know this that this could be the first. Indictment there may be more superseding indictment stated and more detail and more charges. It just depends but in this case. These counts carry at least twenty years the money laundering count to twenty years each conspiracy count to twenty years pretty significant exposures. Death and considering he's 68 that that might take him to lie in it yet it truly has become one of the things that. Then David Green this morning is that to gates was once involved in the business venture failed. With metaphor and then a guy named all led Europe Carrasco was a Russian oligarchs with ties to right Letterman Putin's. Bombed and do what Deborah Pasco has offered to cooperate. With the investigators on this side of the ocean in exchange for immunity arm. You don't you don't ask for immunity if if you didn't doing wrong did you. Well they're pot is a Russian oligarchs as you mentioned most of the Russian older have ties to Russian organized crime. And he you know directly or indirectly. And he's he is well. Out there in the Russian citizen is he you know he could just sit in Russia they wouldn't extradite him back here I don't think he really truly has any fear. Some indictment here in the United States. And frankly I don't think the US government would be that interest sitting granting him immunity knowing Mueller as I do I doubt he gives someone that would that kind of stature. Even transactional immunity. Gotcha. So. Bigger deal than you had thought when we first spoke this morning and if so how much bigger. Well much bigger because this morning we have the rumor or the what was being reported was she simply tax charges. There were filed very quickly to avoid the statute limits air get under the statute limitations. This is far more expensive it has it has. You know tax fraud. Sort of tax fraud court to it because it is it involves lying to his tax prepare. Failing to file file certain forms on foreign bank accounts that you must file if you hope for a bank accounts. Repeated denials that he had foreign they had foreign bank accounts and then plowing that money. I heard him directly and indirectly launder their money back into the United States so they can enjoy the proceeds. That's seventeen million other that total amount that they let's have a 175 million. Yeah and when you're dealing with accounts in ledgers and transfers of money. The old adage is follow the money and when you follow the money that's easiest way to connect the dots between people and entities as an it. True I mean that's the cliche of follow the money. But I will say that is following the money can often be a very very extensive paper chase is somewhere in the mix there's going to be some live witnesses say that some color to this going to be interesting to see who they are rendered I'm sure his tax prepare. Has set some things to say probably some of the other people involved in the business of his own. In this family are involved as he is entitled some of the properties and is kids' names and told a couple of one of the kids to lie. Two and a bank appraiser who came out to praise the property for a long. Yeah and I know that. Two daughters at least I used had an extensive text conversation or several. Text conversations were essentially very you know they accusing father abroad money your money with blood on their hands and I would imagine that they would probably get called and there's no immunity you're there's no there's there's no excuse that they can out and offer a visit. There's a spousal immunity but not that well that immunity but it's you don't have to buy gets your spouse. But that doesn't apply the children take my children that have been thrown under the bus right in my pocket. But yet you can. That they're gonna all backed up almost throw a quick curve ball you lecture here. As we talk about this side of things and you know what's affecting the Republicans. There's still a very loud clamor to try to get to the bottom of the other Clinton uranium deal how much attention if you pay to that and do you think there's much of anything there. Sure I mean I might betray my. My my. That they had pedigree here but I know pay to play scheme and Vietnam today. I believe that there are indications. That the foundation. There was indeed a pay to play type of scheme. Now I don't know whether they're investigating. The FBI still investigating as aggressively but the B. The sale of the uranium at the new dimension to that. And it's so it's going to be interesting to see where that goes I do believe that frustrated that the current director of the FBI. There's a straight shooter and they're not gonna hear much about it if they are investigating is that he he's learned through. There's some of their mistakes that that former director coming made it I just don't think we're hear much about it if it's going on behind the scenes. What do make a difference Chris if it were a pay to play for a toothpick factory as opposed to pay to play for uranium. That they would I mean pay to play a state of play because it but when you're talking about uranium and you're talking about in the nuclear environment that we're that we have now or were. So many countries have gone new regular and our our rogue nations. And which is. He certainly upped the you know that the global risk of a nuclear incidents. You know uranium is is probably the most serious heat has topic you could have or or subject matter you can deal went right Syria. Got you. Anything else we need to keep an eye on the day Ernie had thoughts roll around of that heavier surf. Well it should be interesting I mean these are serious enough charges that it palm and a Ford has something to say. He's he's holding he's pulling a cart now I mean is in the sense that that. If there's something out there these are serious enough charges to stimulate attempted to. To provide India a nation if there's a deal to be made. Breaking news the officials say out of the White House trump won't call for Mueller to be fired. So at least he's. You can see it's a prudent move at least for the time being a Japan's. Sure remember that you talked about this morning that he's he should just sit back and let the facts play out. But misses this is far from evidence of any kind of collusion whatsoever being in touch on man this is where it's remotes. Says it never know what should read that in this indictment at all. No no I agree with the under percent and again Chris I appreciate you look into the indictment and and breaking it down and and given us an update on the yet again Chris worker former assistant director. With the FBI. Always great stuff I'd love FBI people and other brains work you know it it's not like you're dealing with the low level thinkers and so many people just read a headline and then react to it. Without getting the facts so you just presented some two years. Complex investigations gonna take some time to unfold and develop we're just still at the very very beginnings. But for those of you who are saying well gee there. They're not do anything but I think we can put that argument to rest break him back in their news on the way on news 1110 knotted at three WB tuning. Should John writes in and now you go through this got to WB two dot com is my email us at WBT's concert Twitter. When you always go to FaceBook friends. On FaceBook there and comments always welcome. So John writes since they got Paul Mann a port now they can go after the real Russian scandal. This CA and deal. It. That's a robot to do spell check and I think that I think that's wrong about your finger up there real Russian scandal which involved the Clinton called me. Monster whose sponsors. Obama. These people are the real one that really broke the law and that trump. Which is possible you know which is possible as judge if you were listening a moment ago your Chris what risks workers say. That. He knows a pay for play scheme when he sees one and that looks like you're paying for play scheme. Little concerning uranium. So as far as the there is there won't know the fusion GPS deal. I'm having a hard time seeing how that one at its surface. If it was already done and they paid for it afterwards whether or not there's collusion there have been two but then again we're going to be seeing it is. As one side gets fired up. And starts to it to taste of blood in the water then the other side's gonna say whoa hold on a second we need to to sharpen our teeth as well. So. I think this is a matter of time. So just hang on. Jews handle it. About red milky with ABC's gonna be joining us your momentarily to -- to get some updates via. Also the latest. Trump's ex foreign policy advisor. Pleads guilty. Public topless and he admits lying to the FBI in the Russian probe. So. I asked them they don't like that much. When you make a false statement to the FBI that tends to get their dander up just a tad. And then they don't like you very much. So that they hate Jewish is they don't like the fact that that you wasn't truthful with them. So it. There's interest and dude do you does it feel like there's going to be an acceleration here or do you or do you think it's just going to be a situation where they dump this. And then we got to wait wait wait wait wait. I asked him if you're like a bit of the quickening. But also a and has other folks have shed and an indicator. Men if we're just might be the the one they wanna turn into a puppet. It's like cook with the sockets are open at the bottom and they're trying to figure out a way to get their hand up into this puppets at the they can control. Amanda Ford. And try to get him to turn on anybody else and are gonna do is turn on one person right if that person to command. Start asking them questions and then who knows how the dominos will fall. America resemble loyalty yes. Would you go down for somebody else. No if you tighten and what do tiger to get killed. Now many of Charles taught her. Don't look at this I'm like yeah I thought about the red red tape and I. I don't think it would I don't think it would go down. Not fur. I don't offer up a political. Partner Laurie you know business associate. Not a lot meant that I guess the president how bad I atlas. You know because. The only reason that they would bring you in for questioning the try to use you was leverages. If they had leverage on you and leverage or something that we could join trouble right so. You'd be a guilty dude to begin mid to. I don't know these moral dilemmas all these questions that are swirling around here and more information become an hour we will give another update from ABC. As soon as it comes out. I'm its interest in there's a you have a discussion out there. That it's that many PE. SP hand. Might don't football. I'd be a huge change wouldn't. In the span of less in five years years pianist in its narrative transformed from that having mighty colossus. Going to be hard look tale. But the rag tag where we're this comes out of the other Hollywood reporter. And there are discussions and people are saying you know what it's not total Roma possibilities. There will end up to open football. Do you any good and a powerful poignant. Lot of empty seats in the stands over the weekend holy Moly you thought it was just gonna come to be here and there. But no there were there were quite a few of them I've drifted from my fantasy football. I don't know if that's related but I haven't I haven't tweaked. The demon in the weeks she so when you see you drift from your fantasy league football. How how much use I've never done fantasy football how much of that is related to actually in your mind your phantom for what happens on the field at. Minute by minute look I would watch every game as much as I could. And even if the two teams I don't care anything about just to see some wide receiver and pull formed a catch a touchdown or something right at Abd I've totally fallen out of that. And I keep thinking is it because of all the NFL swallows because of all that I don't know I just thought I moved away from it not intentionally not that I hate football. But I just don't feel that same. Let that sparked an hour for like I had like last euros really gung ho now for the Panthers yes. I'm still don't know for them but yeah you know the rest of us talking. Whom do you think. Jerry Jones is gone after Roger Goodell. And that there's a lot of owners who are kind of holding Roger get Roger Goodell accountable for not. Being stronger when it comes to this home kneeling deal do you think if he's a sacrificial lamb and he goes by the wayside that folks might forgive. It's interesting thought break him back and only combatant update from ABC about the other latest almost or within we meant for. And there's to try to update us on what tax reform is gonna be like when that when that rolls around on Wednesday but. As of right now it seems to be a non story of break him back on WB TV. So the other president has responded. To the announcement of the indictments in the unsealing of the indictments from earlier today. Paul man forties the other main guys focus right now at least he was a couple moments ago but the other trump tweet relating that would sorry but this is years ago before Paul Mann a port was part part of the trump campaign. Foot wired cricket Hillary and the dams the focus. Also there is no pollution. And did that is Xenia when we're afterthought. Now. The one that could be a problem. George Papa doubles Missouri trumpeted. He's he's pleading guilty to lying to the FBI. And or impeding. The Russian investigation. So. That's an obstruction obstruction of justice charge I would imagine cavaliers in many ways will be able to get around that. We'll talk to a doctor David Schultz about the committed more than fifteen the Smart as a there is a law professor somebody it is quite learned in the world of law. I'm sure he's gonna have some interest antics are unknown on how this is all. How this is all gone down. So palm and apple was pleading. That I'm I'm gonna guess that might be more concerning to trump. Then man afford. In a puppet topless is pleading. That kind of came out of nowhere. I'm not a my gut reaction to that one is that he's probably cooperating. And and that. That can't be no fraud. Well. So is it still nothing burger. As far as a collusion goes yes as of right now we don't have a single bit of evidence that there was any sort of collusion. And by all accounts and all reports that I read and even what the folks Hussein on TV and different to the TV channels. Compass fine as of right now. But there is nothing that directly points a finger at him yet. Put I don't know that I would. Consider myself to be out of via the woods of nervous. There's not typically have an investigation works you circle the wagons. And each individual wheels that you grabbed. And Japan into the overall story in the overall travel on the overall truck. Jason Nathanson joins us now here switch gears into a story that. I think took a lot of people by surprise and and that was the world of Kevin Spacey. It we're on a roller coaster of of harassment and an inappropriate sexual activity are we Jason. Yeah on this through the allegation by Star Trek discoveries are Anthony Rapp. Because the Kevin Spacey tried to. Use them when that was just fourteen year old telling bus speed this was thirty years ago at a party in 1986. And I haven't species apartment in New York. They were bare Kevin Spacey apparently was drunk. Wrap claimed space he tried to pick him up like we've grown pick up a pride over the threshold. And then put them on the bed. And tried to get on top album he was trying to seduce me wrapped as trying to get with me sexually. Wrapped him eventually push space he often loved. And then it's space he knew this story was coming he was contacted by about it apparently several and asking for they've mentored you know as some clarification whatever. Space see that immediately last night put out a statement tank that he's beyond horrified to hear the story I honestly don't remember being counter would have been thirty years ago. If I did behave as described I'll wrap the sincerest apology for what would have been deeply inappropriate drunken behavior. And many comes out as gay and it's almost as if he thinks that by coming out has gave that this is gonna sort of you know. Let him wash his hands of all this here. And Samaria that just stirred up a hornet's nest is gonna make a lot more people even angrier at him. How many many are furious that emperor for a trying to deflect. With the with the statement coming out and beat. As if implying that one has anything to do with the other which is something they gave many gay people have been trying to fight for years that being gay somehow. Would it makes you had a file or makes you attracted to young boys or young men are underage children. Which is you know not the case there are certain people who are predispose that I got but just being gay has nothing to do with that and now. This puts those two together in the same story. And you know a lot of people said that's sad setbacks big setback to gay community. Years and years and when it comes to progress. Yep. What about. How hard do you think it is to be a guy in Hollywood right now that has never said anything. But is known about all this for years and years and years they're gonna be painted with a different brush I would imagine. I don't it would be mean and well be beyond that though there are folks who probably have been hinting hey you know what we should keep an eye on this stuff and and and I mean meant. That you know some bad stuff going on towards or are women here in Hollywood has been going on for years. But like Boy George Clooney and day and Matt Damon you know they came out and said yeah yeah over the bed bit but they knew before. And that's gonna cause some problems for them down the road and there's going to be a lot of men I think in Hollywood who will eventually we'll find out that they knew and didn't speak. Flood I mean yeah that's possibly it depends on the story you know on a case like George Clooney. Those that you you said he didn't know about being in that it would we know about heart went scenes cover but didn't know about sex assault. Allegations Damon said he knew about this stuff would quit Paltrow but at the time. Paltrow was dating Ben Affleck came and heard about it from Ben Affleck. And debt did that at that point dot you know everything was fine because Paltrow was working on another movie with Weinstein is so. Damon was like what is at my place to say anything I've now heard about this sort hand. You know yeah what do what what do I do what's my responsibility yeah some a lot of people are wondering you know being short if you've heard these farmers. What do you do what what could you have gone you know if you don't know for sure you don't know specifics it's not your job to investigate and not necessarily signal I think a lot of people and in Hollywood though. More than that are questioning their own behavior. Have I ever done anything that was inappropriate have I ever put somebody in a position that was uncomfortable. An assistant. An actor somebody you know is it might have been behavior that you thought was okay at the time let's Harvey Weinstein said India's initial statement. But now looking back yeah that was probably appropriate that path I made that when I was drunk that night at the hotel whatever. You know I am sure other stories about and those are gonna come out more us. Right and then the ladies are looking back gore or even the demand. Who look back and go okay well I guess I thought it was OK at the time you know just like the other perpetrators as I thought it was OK at the time. You know the other people are saying well if I was looking at about maybe I need to revisit that in my own mind and then go oh me too me too so I think we've opened up a can of worms here. That. It's or poor pandora's box and then now this story can't get put back into it again. And I think people you think you damaged that. Probably shouldn't be damaged and I would like we're finding out what helper you know there there are more and more people. Who or point fingers at him as he has stepped down in English and how long this is coming how far back can we go office. How far back do we go OK you know what that that was a very different person that. May be. I don't know maybe we need to move on and forgive. I don't know. You know I know in my particular situation we're you know I was sexually assault and I was a kid by babysitters. I'm moved off and I'm forgiven or so ago and an hour to see the B word anymore so that's whey I didn't call and but but he certainly he certainly was and you know. You take on it Corey Feldman sat down on for his first TV interview a long long time. Since launching. And in the sense launching a campaign to to finance a film that would expose. A Petit file Reagan I'll. Punter Matt Lauer on The Today Show. I hated reveal any names. But he says he eventually will release every single name that I have any knowledge of he had written a book report and talked about it but it putting the names in the books because the publisher would let him. That's why you want to make this film and take matters into his. An update on what's going on the other metaphors situation the gates situation you're good on the other side. And then doctor David Schwartz who is a very brilliant legal mind. Hope this breaks down what the man afford thing means to. And what confidant Louis could mean. It's been a news site crystal gets your calls too that's all the way decisions eleven Jan 1993 compete here. For the latest on the investigation into coordination plus it's between us trump the Russian. The former campaign aide to. It's what guilty to lying to federal agents working for special counsel Robert Mueller this is all part broke into the. We call them what you felt campaign and rushing for certain George profit novelist pled guilty. 21 count of lying to BI agents about the nature of his interactions with foreign nationals who he thought. Had close connections to senior Russian government officials. Well this happened Mecca beginning of October but feel the plane was unsealed today. Shall things the first person. That is gonna face criminal charges that site interactions between trump campaign associates and Russian intermediate Eckstein intermediaries. Shall trump made to city played a limited role in the campaign and had no accessible to the president. So and this might be I don't know did and didn't hole as well. Before they had before the break Chris we were we were talking about Spacey and the day and allegations of you know inappropriate behavior. And harassment which used to be rampant in Hollywood and you've got a story Chris. Chris you still there. Chris solo one Chris per lot to crucial three. His ego. Oh era. I wonder what Hollywood is gonna do about sex scenes. From here on out and we were heard of a story where. Mean if you're an actor and you're with an actress and you're having a loved seeing. Could there be inappropriate behavior there. Mean I guess you'd almost sort of have to set the rules of the guidelines at a time. The ground ground rules for right. Special clothing raining that what they do have the other Hamlet so I don't know what the column but clearly certain apparatus are you. Apparatus is that they Wear. While many were only upside ailing Miller worm on the downside there. You know leave the front lines. Don't know I years later you're costar can come around saying well you know while we were shooting that scene right eat he moved the apparatus out the way rhetoric and grabs alert you know anything right. This Spacey thing I'd say it's just hard to believe there's not a big big flood of other people coming out of wood works and I kinda things and that he didn't have other things. Well not seem based upon a Weinstein. You give me do you think that it's ever an isolated situation was somebody. Or the door is just one example. Tend to make you think there's going to be other examples that come down the line. Cosmic like doubt never saw that won't come all of sudden here's this you river via people. Oh yeah I mean a big old river rising big old river. Spacey we'll see if it's a dribble and stream Laura if it becomes the big money run hi good morning you're on WBT love scenes in the movies what do you do now. Well you know what I think they probably have some signals setup disliked in pro wrestling you know when they get. When they get on the my advice smacked the mat three times he all automatically sentence saying this is by. Pin number sentence maybe they slap assert a brief time. I. Slap the Tyndall Peter great. But you know. I can't get you you're probably right that there's there's some sort of a signal of every going too far. Other than just knee in the dude you know in the plums. But you think for word for quote truth city cool were you an appearance of the truth. That there needs to be some sort of improvisation that goes on you know you. I I wonder if they're there will be factors. Or actresses who say I'm I'm not gonna do sex scenes anymore. Because of things and it had in the past to her or not feeling comfortable. Wouldn't surprise me at all. We know that I have they may already be safe and that and that is just not Mahan told there might be some actors or actresses who already have a reputation of some impropriety or you and the if age is not Vietnam it's not out yet. Well there yeah I mean. Mean there has been abuse well definitely on movie sets before I mean the story Marlon Brando. In the last tango in Paris. Do the actress I think she ended up killing herself. Later in life basically said that he raped her but that wasn't supposed to happen the way that it went down it wasn't supposed to happen that way. Com on the set but that in the breaker. That's the that's despair Ilia and then and I'm trying to remember what movie was the Donald Sutherland. There's a couple of folks who know they know and have admitted that. During the filming may actually work. Go and that they were actually make him the beast with two backs and Sola poke. Are you. We appreciate your call may hear an awesome day it is thank you Tyrod taking care. None of it and wanna be in that business. Don't think there were it. And you know and another thing if we start hearing Hollywood spouses. Say I don't want my spouse. In a movie. Word there's a romantic thing. Like oh what is what is Nicole Kidman's husband's name. He's Brad Paisley has not been enough for a Paisley either keep their yet he he was all upset about one of the movies that she was in recently. Heard TV shows and doesn't wanted to have a new relationship quote on the on screen because. The last one didn't make him very very happy so I think Hollywood is going to be changing here for sure that's all going to be CGI from here on out. Women in that CGI molested my CGI. Bringing back 1110 issued tonight by doctor David Schultz joins us here momentarily. Legal insights into what is happening. With the investigation and the Robert Mueller investigation that's on the way here on WB two pretty much -- appreciate it does good about themselves emling university law professor. Political science also worked with the university of Minnesota in the essentially compassionate doctor shows. So the indictments are out there unsealed. As somebody who thinks for me in lawyer's point of view what do what jumps out the most to you. The first stop the twelve indictment are are related to bend forward in his private capacity. On the terms of his workers as like potentially a lobbyist and agents. I'm under tax fraud and so forth right now they're not connected to. I do at the trump campaign or the trump administration. And so that's the first thing that people need to be clear about here is that is that right now we don't have a and called your. Or were into the etiquette can extra opera however however pomp. That'll be something it's curious to see you in terms of you know if it is gonna go farther the net but this is as far as it went. No prob could could could write police say at this point that. That this is Paul been afforded by the capacity would we realize that he had these problems. We got rid of the campaign manager. And and and that would be a perfectly legitimate thing to do. But again we're very early in our stage right now. Right suing either nobody didn't care or he did know about it so this decision it is a the only two. Real possibilities what about pop adopt bullets. Who. Who lied. To the FBI when they when he was asked about his contacts with foreigners and that sort of thing your arm is that closer to home could that potentially be more dangerous. That can be more dangerous at this point I think also what Paul metaphor you know I heard various stories and you probably heard also. That you know that there's an overlap I can with my metaphor as the private agency campaigns there's also some stories here now. While some connections and that meetings with people such as such as precautionary. Point and so forth. This the part that you called this the part that has to be sorted out here because. All of that could be very. Very serious too I'm not saying this is not serious I mean it's really pretty major indictment for somebody period called the truck administration but again it's still haven't connected directly to trump. It's or the administration yet. Gotcha and fewer and you gotta go leaves them just a moment in if you are running this what would be your next step is the as the special counsel. Special prop counsel at this point is I by trying to see if in fact I think there's some somebody higher up I might try to see by give do plea bargain. Yet our government deal use leverage and exactly the bargain all the way. Probably lesser charges and certainly not gutless person walks free trade and blunt they've got something really cute if I get this is pure speculation but until then they Cordoba. But let's say metaphor head hoping that connected it to Donald Trump. If I were Boller would it be worth keeping an immunity to get that out it would be. It would be Heidi a Daschle's I know you gotta go and I appreciate your time and and working this in here today. That it initials Hamlin university professed her political science and law same thing with the university of Minnesota. So yeah the popping up was cut. And it's into using that word just kind of find out about this now I. This is the first I've heard but he was actually. Arrested I think back in July. And entered a plea deal on October 5 all of this comes down to. Popping up was met with a female Russian. In march of Tony sixteen in this one was allegedly introduced to prop it up close who at that time. Was area of foreign policy advisor for the trump campaign in introduced as a relative of Putin's. Which ties to senior Kremlin officials. Plans also say that up probably doubtless is cooperating. With the US government in its ongoing investigation into what ever. It is that happened so. Rod and reel and get some worms Tim we talk about a fishing trip. Thought they would affiliate there Republicans need to get special counsel do on a fishing trip on the clintons. Well I think that's good that's that's gonna start here if you if it hasn't already don't you think. Well I don't know what starter not that but you know this is just like what rush talked about six or seven months ago. It's a bit dark and are not them but they'll find something I'm among the people that had absolutely nothing to do with what we're supposed to be looking for an ecologist. It it has nothing to do with Donald Trump. And collusion with the Russian nothing. So. Well. All right it may be too soon to say that it's nothing. Because. I I don't know about human I'm I'm not I'm not an investigator. But if you're trying to put together an investigation. If you look for loose threads all over the place would get as opposed to directly going after the guy I mean if they've if the guy that you wanna. Going back going back years before that time campaign is that how far back you go to find something you know. Our special counsel could find something on every single citizen in the United States of America. If you bought something like feel river South Carolina brought up in the North Carolina had failed state sales tax on you broke the law. Okay a plan that they're just fishing for anything. And that's all this is the fishing trip. We need to get at this trip on the clintons because there's a lot better care more popular and sharks were rejected charts in a word or need a bigger boat went permanent ones. So so what are we miss on the clintons I know that there's the connection or the ball within the whole dossier saying okay uranium. All of it. Is that they're Clinton foundation guilty I mean the woman destroyed 33000. Emails. Saying that there were private that's a lie our particular hour or art. Could be in the I'm sure they're gonna dig into it that's what the president is a bit bigger let's get a big bow and that's selfish. Well I'm in charge of of of the said that expedition off. Well everybody reads and call their their senator their representatives could ever get that this trip well. You got a phone call that's Obama don't. So what do we what do we what if we got Clinton to go down and they got trump to go down then where would be harder to get tropical down. I don't know I'm not attempt HM BL what everybody acts like they know that there's nothing there when we don't know that. We don't know that yet you can you can conjecture. But we don't know that for sure you mean you can't tell me. Go and ask go and ask okay how did the Russian influence the election outright probably influence this. They poured out through emails about what was going on with the Democratic Party got anybody asks Hillary Clinton. Did you get questions in advance. Come out from anybody to continue to debate wolf for sure after that. We have it would do you think the Russians got got the at the scene and hoax and it's. A third with a productive emails showing all the option going on there you know that black try to save these emails were made up the other marked their troop. Well Tim I think I think the desk is gonna go down you know I think he's dirty and I think he's gonna go down. And it would surprise me a bit if Hillary goes to out but just because Hillary goes down doesn't mean. That the top administration. Who won't go down they're not mutually exclusive. Oh well no you're you're a 100% right here here 100% right but. I think it's too soon to say there's no there there. When it comes to trump and I don't think it's too soon to say you know what there is some than their there when it comes to Hillary but we're dealing with some. Some we're dealing with a Teflon Clinton very well. We're dealing with corruption. What we've never seen before and our government. Here's here's the one concern that I do have and I hope it's not the case. If for whatever reason the president or somebody very very close to him. Had business dealings with the Russians that were dirty and they're holding that over his head. Then that may remain a minute they may not have anything to do with collusion but then. Would you feel comfortable having somebody who who is. Can be manipulated to control. Well I don't know but listen who do you think gluten would have rather had won the election comp or Hillary he hated Hillary. Why Nader but seagate near uranium. So expect. Can you lieutenant can you explain. How all the uranium deal went to me do you really Anderson art art art can't all of a what are hurt OK so why are you believe it without knowing for US there are no apparent to do what backcourt with Andre I understand that and there there was money and money was given the Clinton foundation. Com and by by all accounts according to Chris Wecker it was a pay for play but. I hear too often from people this happens she's bad she's guilty. When it's not based upon what you know it's based upon what somebody else told you. Well we know we're not gonna hear from there the mainstream media could not even talking about the dossier except in little tense second you know split. And you notice that they've already mentioned Nixon and destroying tapes and all this stuff. They're they're trying to just totally destroy our what's going on here let's get food why people support prop. Because we need to know what the truth is. And we haven't been brainwashed by the mainstream media. Well Jim you don't know what the truth is you know what people tell you the truth this. Which is honestly Tim and that's a point a finger making a judgment that's how America works very few people actually quote know what the truth is or even know what the facts aren't. All they do is relying on whatever media source it is that date. Did they call the gospel. To tell them what they're supposed to thing. And when it all comes down to you know what there are facts that are out there we don't have walls we don't have all the but my bet a dollar yeah I think Hillary's connections his problems with the flow. Forward here but I'm not so sure that the president is and I don't think it's too I think it's too soon to say there's no. They're there to break immaculate join in please do 7045711. Tap here's W reaching. Yeah. South Korea and China. The other wants. The two countries must like affected by a North Korea if they go all lot colossal lack. Of course United States well because North Korea's still threatens to to send some love our way and that love would be. In the form of a big boom the big some pollution. But now South Korea and China both little little honked off and concerned about North Korea sent another powerful blast. At the underground nuclear test site. Could destabilize. Entire mountain. And send radio like material in the hemisphere and that could affect both both South Korea and China. And and who knows where depending on what the weather's like. So it's one of the the directors of the meteorological administration. As roles of folks who deal would be that geological aspects of this particular mount mount non top. So a this is bad. Because this is this is where they've done all their test six nuclear test since 2006 all of them and tunnels underneath this round. And or afraid of us. I don't troika you know termites. They keep eaten away Richard foundation. They know to be stabilizing your house right. So they're saying is that the U these repeated nuclear explosions could be just destabilizing the mountain. And thanks could all fall down collapse and go boom and then send all this nuclear. Nuclear waste nuclear dust nuclear dirt. Everywhere. So there isn't that an unfounded fear there's been tremors coming from underneath underneath this mountain. Since their last test which is indicating that parts of this mountain underneath our our kind of fall apart and crumbled away. So just another another twist in the plot. That is North Korea. And then from our side of things. We've added day another piece of our arsenal. Into the mix there are military's military sent a nuclear capable B two stealth bomber. From an air force base in Missouri. On a long range mission to to that area of the world they did it over the weekend. This was the right after. Pentagon chief Jim Mattis. Highlighted. North Korea's accelerating atomic weapons program and they was talking to South Koreans there and say you know what. Things are getting ugly so the the B two mission. The reason behind me visible demonstration of commitment to our allies. And enhancing reed regional security. They make it. That just absolutely amazes me. That they would send the B two bomber from Missouri. All the way around the world. I always wondered that because there there are some some air bases and I in Montana. South and North Dakota I do believe Missouri. Other places like right there in the middle of country. And they cinema all around the world on these message Mitt missions and they're just I mean there are hours and hours and hours long. And you know I'm not a military mind by any stretch of the imagination sometimes I wonder what kind of Mondale and all. But would you guess that they have those. High value. There you know airplanes. In the middle the country's so that they could be attacked. Helena gets that you would have what are we not a guess that I would not have I would figure somewhere out close to the coast closer there somewhere remain. Work some overseas you know we've got Hamid complains you know B one bombers in Guam. So. Doesn't know protecting our assets must be so things not getting any quieter. Any inning simply there. There was a things are a FaceBook post over the weekend that I thought was really neat and. Then I was I was really surprised to some of the reactions to it. And the FaceBook posts and I'm referring to had to do with Walter jolts. And how Walter Jones has written nobody spends Sundays. Writing letters. Two servicemen and women and they're immune to their families of servicemen and women who died. And he's been doing this and has been in office. I think the number. Was like 141000. Maybe even over 141000 that is done through the years. Now. Sunday morning run two weeks after a four US soldiers were ambushed and killed. Walter Jones senator desk in his North Carolina office doing what he's done more than 111000 times in fourteen years. Signing letters to families. Of the dead troops. So was like common and and I said well. That's all I can say about that he knows how to take care of important things got a picture. And then my my new FaceBook friend Brian. His comment was term limits. Him it's worth it's worth and follow us on FaceBook it certainly is worth it just to watch some of the some of the back and forth and some of the comments. That happened here it he'd there's a lot of love there. And the love this is distributed into a different directions for different people on a lot of supporters of the president. Well thought of not so much supporters. It's changed in no way to be part of the conversation which is what it's all about when all is said and done right. I want you to be part of the conversation and 70457011. Tennis telephone numbers you would like to be so I'm a break and back and then they'll talk about a very very bizarre situation where. I'm a suicide attempt. Turned out to be something way different I'm sure than this young man had anticipated. Sauce standby it's under way here on these women tend three to be preaching to. I'm 48 as the time Adam Scott FitzGerald. Body does it make a difference. As to two football fans would make a difference to you as a football fan if Roger Goodell was away. But Jerry Jones. It was the other leader there are very seventeen our conference call on Thursday discussing whether they could halt pending contract extension for the commissioner. And obviously one of the reasons they want to is because this whole war this net National Anthem saga and owners who were unhappy. With the Goodell and and it's beyond the end to deal. Could have NFL handled via reallocation to team still way. The bungling of the Ray Rice domestic violence case. There's a lot of folks saying what you know what. You don't get to have this many missiles over the years like Rodgers has had and survived it. So the league would be done 24. Tony borrowers to a to approve of Goodell firing. And they make it close to it. Probably not just enough. But if he does go down and the owners and start to what to sack up just a bit. And and make their stance known when it comes to. How they feel about the other snub and dealing with the abdominal. With a with a changer. Change your feelings. Some got to change and CN that is even Jimmy ESPN is even thinking of of not extending their other NFL run. Baseball. Regretted we've had some great World Series. Three World Series games. Typically even World Series came you don't necessarily beat out. Sunday Night Football. Did last night. At times they are change. Terms nurtured Tony in front of a cop everybody acts differently. Everybody has a different tactic as far as what they think is the best way to I don't know try to try to get out of the the ticket. And when he gets caught on video. Sometimes it's very very funny and this particular case there's any woman whose area. She's a representative and she's up for reelection. In the not too distant different distant future. And dashed when she gets pulled over by copper name is Jennifer Schwartz perky. Listen to how she handles this. He is is gonna lower this book for. Took up to Augusta. Fearful. Employ an ambulance. Gonna sit down and things like this tea bag. It's like his opponent six job national. And yeah yeah. They're telling me these really. You've got a lesson here. Yeah. Am going there every. Well hello I was. Beginning every bit the Manny gonna let me explain this to. Yeah yeah. Reportedly have video right here in this whole conversation you're recording your job and like I said the reason why pulled you over was because you're gone 4330. Was. Thirteen over okay. Do everything. That's that was your words okay I had hit 43 and a third for just thirteen over you did admit to meeting your on your thoughts and your son I don't know what do you. Come home. I don't think they got to me and I was on the what we've talked about and then I'll get his thoughts on. They tell me what you're what you're doing here with the dignity and I can't leave her job media and I didn't know I. The nicest I'll never grip oh yet. If you're a police officer comedy right now you can you can hide your identity I just wanna know what sort of training do you go through. To be able to stay that patient. I mean. Yeah Seattle to give or take it. And then. I would insisted that she take an ambulance ride obviously a man we have some sort of breakdown here we're gonna take care of this for you here and say we have a special hospital that's right we're just we're just looking after your best interest. That's what we need to do for you. Hum. That was just. It is funny is as it went on. Her acting got worse and worse put me in the beginning. I'm surprised you didn't pass out from. You know we'll I'll handle. Let me play an ambulance. Wanna sit down and things like this tailback. Morrison are and I can explain it to you and and she is somebody. That is representing. Some of us as Americans. Let's in New York so. Explains. Looks like it's Korean president and yet we have the. I know people who get panic attacks. And they don't look like that at all that. You know. Usually is kind of a quiet thing you know it it it seems to me. So everybody had much different and very reacts completely differently but I found that would be quite funny. And for the members have never seen anybody rant like that when they pulled over by police. And I certainly am never react to that we're gonna get pulled over by the cops but then again I've only been longer plays a violent. You just never know putting me in a little Wonder Woman backed into me in the gas station a few months ago she was extremely indignant. I pulled up my cellphone it's him I get your name you choose not to do that you have to do that. The police. So what ya know what you're gonna hit me right. So because you recordable yeah I did then Ike dike come back out of my car with my card to take a picture where she hit me Jesus did it in my car. My wife sit right here. As I said we don't you tell that to the state trooper when he gets here Rick as you know assume he says a state trooper will take pictures of the cartoon in the middle. Julie put that on the web site that's sounds awesome I may amazingly in Dayton and I would love yet and she hit me. Additionally have a video off the check you having to Santo an atmosphere like this this. This is the kind of stuff that we need for the website was like all night not Charles how people respond this way. People and it can't live as I understand your insurance is gonna go through the roof that's right I understand you're gonna get a ticket promoting violation that's false that's exactly right. Get generally when you back into somebody it's it's very difficult to prove that you're on the wrong. I can teach Charles postal settlement that he's very animated about that myself. She and Louis. Saw those are the latest is to make sure that you are are. Continue to be kept up to date. And you were not that far away about ten minutes away from rush's take on this. And I cannot wait. You can you you know he's been thinking about this all weekend long when they when they announced that the indictments were comic. Of course he and his brain went into overtime. And now that there's new details about it and nobody's got a better take on and so as of right now. Meant a fort and gates both indicted. And a long list of charges including conspiracy. And conspiracy to it took to money launder. There's a lot twelve different counts. False statements other charges that sort of thing. And the other one that has come down and this was I think this was surprise to some folks here. And that would be former president from foreign policy advisor George pop about Willis. It's. He's been popped. And he admitted to lying to the FBI. About the investigation into the. Russian situation. So as good as we talked to several legal minds earlier in the right now there are no there there. The man reportedly gave us. As usual stuff prior to relationships with the president trump as a candidate. Maybe not as a private citizen. That remains to be safe. And ask you what about an event tied to him as a private citizen could be very upon where we stand right now with a similar investigation. No good confidant fullest that's a different animal altogether. Because it involves investigation. Vision and that's sort of lead the wave that their look at this surf fly. More details coming up we'll stay on top of the story here. Bad news eleventh as a united country WB two.