Paul Ryan, Syria,. The Eagles, Craft Brewing and More.

John Hancock
Wednesday, April 11th
Hancock taks about tonight's Eagles Concert, Syria & Russia, The Craft Beer Industry, and more.

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This is John Hancock. Other cameras Wednesday is making big. Eagles and down tonight. I'm Dolan head. There's several conversations with people about death. Whether or not there of the Eagles are nuts. But. You'll lost Don Henley you probably couldn't do this if you lost better with all due respect to Glen Pryor was my favorite people and you know than Joseph Walsh. But I almost still considered Joseph Walsh of BA infiltrate your and I. The Eagles are formed coming battle and Iran steps good days. Will be different band. If you weather and found that spectrum. Salma looking forward to that Vince Gill and a deacon fry Glenn tries 24 year old son Nara filling his void. And and I'd paid. Pay the money to go see. Joseph Walsh. In fact there was Joseph Walsh concert America should be going. Can do that it needed to McCain's kitchen know which I've never been to before Sandra looking forward to that familiar with their mission and now what they do and so look forward all that and quite frankly I'll probably just BO wasted piece of junk tomorrow. So to an end. It's wasted piece of junk Thursday. So that will be that. Paul Ryan announced he won't run again and the other former us speaker of the house John Boehner has general 180 and he's joined a canvas board. He was adamantly against it for a long long long long time and and all the sudden. He got past although. Smoke. And mirrors. And started to find out that maybe there were all little bit to a more. Our reasons. Two take a look at this and one of them being. Veterans. Talks went all that presents new desire just turned read about to go red for Rio came on. I mean trump Syria Russia. Michael Cohen is lawyer China. The Zuckerberg date to. Before the house started this morning is still going on it's not on TV. I mean it's not on the TV channels that I. The cell like it was yesterday. But anyway we win we cannot be read just of what he was saying yesterday. What hotel that you think you are stating and them. Washington. From his day with friends. Odds of that that that enabling our kids there's they had Texas teacher who sent out a blogger sent out. She was frustrated one day and she was telling. Decisions and in you know parents got to quit enabling your kids. And the thing is gone viral. 400000 people read it now. And we'll share with you is so well boomer Von Canon trafficker read the news today oh boy and and so on and so on and so on. Jayme Murphy died. Jamie Murphy as say a former army shelf. Lived in Concord. And he's the guy who used and the Christmas dinners. Took that operation over from his mom. Passed with the age of 88 has been in some mud questionable health from some time. Here today he and I've crossed paths I don't know ten some odd years ago. Me with my kids first organization men and he with his. Concord organization and he needs some help one year and we helped him and we need some help one year was samarra. Those things and I he helped us. And that's about the only. A communication I ever had with him so I certainly don't mean do word insinuate that we were closer tied or anything like that but. I certainly knew of a Jimmy Murphy in the work to do did up in Concord didn't know what he did for the kids and what he did for. He. Tradition of a feeding poor people up neighbors primarily. Back in the thirties and and then do a Jimmy takes over the deal in 1968. And by the 1980s he's like feet and thousands of people each year. And and he gets out of it what do exactly what I get out of it and and that event makes him feel good inside when he grew when he sees them. When he does stuff for other people. There's an annual event. He got around to the point where he was distributing toys are no groceries and and clothing and and then you know all we're at the same time kids first was cutter expanding in the same way of I'm they've expanded now to do things three kids at Easter and to do things for our kids that their Thanksgiving night to feed families at Thanksgiving kids first test. And during the summer. Sherron go through an awful lot of pain do blood to provide meals for our families because once the school lunch program is over for the ones that when school gets out then you got a bunch on her kids are and Rondo. There are so our kids first it's gonna turn into a yearlong. Obligation and and so same with that was they were Murphy. 2008 he out organized his last dinner the newspaper says today before a newly formed foundation established in his name by the Knights of Columbus in Concord took. Indianapolis took over. He had had some heart attacks and some strokes and I annual Christmas program was taken over by volunteers. Which was led by Canon pharmacy. In recent years as. Murphy's health do it continued decline. But the mission was always fulfilled. And just to Zimmer for still here. And then end at 2009 volunteers from Toyota of Concord in the compare us county building associate industry association. Launched a 125000. Dollar fundraising campaign to build a new house. Former feeder up. To replace the dilapidated one that he had lived in another stored mountains of student in preparation for Christmas every year. He was just one of those souls that didn't have much himself I don't think but. A bit but make sure everybody else had what they needed. Chinese have passed away at the age of 88 and Concord has lost so one great citizen and no this area's just lost a good man. So I just wanted to acknowledge Jim and all the people that have helped him over the years to continue to fulfill his mission. And I would hope it does some point that input Sherron is a still trying to do kids first. Now long after I'm daughters have to Wear whatever the case may be that. That the people continue to. I'm told to let her fulfill her mission and and helper in the ways she needs help but. Nice job Jamie Murphy. And and godspeed and now god bless and a sailor villager imports. Some I'm sure that they're. Probably hang in on the same neighborhood and the cruel. And pay. Them for TV's. Five TVs in the studio. And we don't have sound on any of them obviously how we can pull sound augment. I and salons on fox and once on CNN and ones on. WB TV and no one's on whether scanned doppler weather scare and in the the other one. Kind of floats all around but it's essentially on ESP no. Probably 80% of the time. And so on Amber's the one scream with channel three on an every day has got Steve Harvey on at this time. And every day. Almost without exception. We've all noticed this in the studio he's got great looking women on the show. I keep on waiting for the scandal to break. It just can't be coincidence that he just continuously has. Good looking and I'd attractive females on the show. And I phrase assault correctly in my not in any kind of trouble for making this observation I'm like. Okay. And say babes. And say chicks. And and I should be okay. Attractive. Rather than hot. And say anything about cleavage. Should be okay. There's no cleavage on today. Now this is a bit sub heading on this says gold diggers is that what these are. These women. We don't know don't have sound we can only assume. They are maybe that's the name of the band or our group for a. And it's going to be a scandal donor did go this way. And it took Charlie Rose. Charles you've those can be in a scandal. Certainly Steve Harvey. Could just. It could be an area scandal. The administration is considering a joint response with the allies in these suspected due Syrian chemical attack. Russia and and Donald are going back and forth get ready for our nice new missiles the he warned yesterday. The the administration official also spoke with several allied nations yesterday were kind of made reference to this yesterday briefly. We were kind of tune in on oh Zuckerberg yesterday. They. Several allied nations a spoke with administration officials yesterday but took possibly launching a joint military response to the suspected chemical attack and Syria. And and quite frankly that's problem what does the United States needs to do not just do something on their own. So France and UK were in no extensive consultations and oblique Saudi Arabia may be and we just sold a whole bunch of weaponry to a Saudi Arabia so. Now we'll see were all of that goes. Be a war of words with the Russia. Has intensified. Yet there's a Russia investigation. Junior have you heard about that now. About. However Russia helped this guy or win the presidency. The if the US tries to launch missiles in nasseria they will be shot down in the warships replaced their launch Romo become targets that's what the Russian embed as an ambassador to eleven on so does. Tuesday night. That if there is say a strike by the Americans in the missiles will be downed and even the sources from which the missiles were fired. Those words. Were responded to your bio president trump who are no Wednesday morning addressed the news and a tweet telling Russia to quote get ready. Because there will be. Coming in nice and new and Smart. You shouldn't be partners where they gas killing animals who kills his people and enjoys that. Guardian reported. A Russian Foreign Ministry rep addressed a tweet saying Smart missiles should slide towards terrorists not a legal government. And then about forty minutes after his sep first Russia themed tweet came a second one. In which the president said our relationship with a Russia is worse now than it's ever been and that includes the Cold War. There is no reason for this Russian needs us to help with their economy. Something that would be very easy to do and we need all nations to work together stop the arms race. Question mark close quote. So all Moscow's United Nations envoy also warned against US action on a Tuesday it is said that Washington will bear responsibility for any illegal military adventure out. I carried out in response to the suspected chemical attack and so killed the scores of citizens enough. What was it 24 hours ago that the president said they'll be doing something in the next to report a 48 hours so I assume are a bigot when reporting go for Europe. If that timetable stays true. Vacillate Ned does the F. Was a speaking during a meeting in they UN Security Council in which the United States and Russia blocked each other's attempts to set up investigations of the alleged chemical attack us what took place of the UN yesterday after Hayley. Ambassador Haley. Ahead to spoken today before trump has such canceled his trip to Latin America to oversee the US response so we'll see what happens in near the telegraph reports that. European traffic controllers have warned aircraft that strikes in the region Ari strong no possibility. India next to 72 hours so that's. That's ratcheting it up kind of like just some of our kids this days with the North Korea that's you know I'm so we've seen that. The rhetoric there is second. Pretty pointed in and pretty thick so we'll look you prize on that in and in him and supported anything that we seek. Our president still miffed about the radar no Cohen's office is a personal lawyer. Blue we are now finding out probably was to us seek out the records of the payments to women. And is that justification do our rate lawyer's office I don't know that's the debate right now. I am so Lovie talking there expand bird on a Friday at 4 o'clock video latest edition of the Charlotte business journal will be. He must be in deep depression today because is a second job as a body double for a Paul Ryan apparently is going to be ending though Paul Ryan announcing he won't run again. House speaker. Ready to devote more of his senate time to being a husband and a father which is always kind of the standard. Line excuse. But he did note today that. His own father died when he was sixteen and that happens to be the current age of his oldest teenager. And he says I think we've achieved heck of a lot and and and here's you know. Lot of people do and annals analysis on knowing his time and they are speakers salute shareholder to them just a second. But polarized decided not to run for reelection and know what will be a pretty. Uninteresting election coming up around the corner. House speaker's office made that official with a statement this morning. He will serve out his full term. Retire in January. Been in the house for twenty years spend the speaker city's proud of that that the ball what's been accomplished he is ready to devote more time to being a husband and a father. I did not seek to position told his colleagues that serving as the speaker has been another professional honor of his life. Thank them for the trust that they placed in him. This is kind of been rumored for a long long time. There are many that think that wants the tax reform. That had long been one of his goals past that there was say. A feeling that he had to achieve what he had gone into Washington for a and that this would be a good time for him to bow out. Jonathan no swan now writes Rex Yeltsin he told MSNBC that another factor. He's staring down the barrel frankly of potentially losing their house in November. I don't know that Paul Ryan minority leader is particularly. Appealing title. So well well not that has anything to do with an all or not I guess you'd have to ask Paul Ryan. Whether or not you get an honest assessment answer on that my guess you'd have to ask the whole rock and so rob. So why the NR CC chair. Steve's devers drive to defend 240 GOP seats this fall could be overshadowed by. People jockeying. Between now Kevin McCarthy the majority leader in the majority whip Steve's police for the speakership that. That may or may not exist by the time we get to January. The. The office that they'd be party in the presidency are generally doesn't do well to mid terms. And I can't imagine that. The daily tweets and in the in the inability. Well and the daily. Attack. By the press. And the inability of people to actually sit down and reason. Whether or not you personally like his style all the president's style or not. To actually look. And be able to end bit of love a clearer picture of things like go the turf war with China and and knows what's happening with North Korea and how they view they covered the Syrian thing I mean all of them all those answers will be available as soon. The terrify a fight with China I think is especially interesting right now because in order to gain any ground you're going to have to walk up to the line that's what trump does trumps negotiator. He doesn't seem much too deterred by a dud of the above the possibility of losing well good negotiator walks into a negotiation to is ready to win as they are ready to list. So. I don't like what's gone on with the stock market is down again today. But I also understand if you're gonna level the playing field that you have to play hard ball on nine and hardball is is hard for those of us who work. Sitting on the sidelines though with a stake in the game. But nobody else's taken it to this extent. So to some extent it's what we've been kind of scream and for a for a long long time. A businessman. Who can push politics out of the way and and maybe accomplish things that a share politician is either incapable of or. Not driven to. So we'll see what happens so what the F speaker of the political prediction on no McCarthy vs police. Thus goalies almost certainly prefer to McCarthy. But all eyes will be on no trump because he has close relationship and McCarthy and his endorsement of the Californian would be your crucial in the regards for speaker. The GOP they say will be fine without our Ryan that's what. Perry bacon junior of 538 writes today he said when the party embraced trump as his nominee. It essentially rejected Ryan's style politics and the figures and X rays browsed it. A McCarthy and police are better fits for trump GOP. And then. Who want so Ryan's Wisconsin seat. And I'll be watching to watch on the democratic side this would be a guy by the name of Randy Bryce they call him the iron stash because he's got a trademark mustache. And Republicans will have some time until about June. To decide who they will run against this former iron worker and union member. Who on Tuesday announced that he had out raised Ryan's campaign. 175. Million bucks during. During quarter one. So the battle. Will be an uphill one true whoever decides to run against two of the Democrat. And CBC noting that that. Trump took derby had been distance by more than 910 percentage points. And in stepping down now this is what Jennifer Rubin. She calls Ryan's move a case of premature white flag. Waving. And we'll have wide ranging consequences. And further fire up the Democrats. And at the national reviewed Jim Garrity calls Republicans 2018 prospects Graham anyway but thanks Ryan should be fought their remembered Todd Lee said. Those scoffing good riddance to Iran. Now. Probably ought to look back at the John no Boehner and Dennis pastor days. Ryan's younger a better communicated more telegenic and even more avail policy wonk than his predecessors. And no most of is a potential successors. So lots of fallout coming out from mob Paul Ryan which of this that we kind of expected this announcement several times over the last. Six months. Been rumored many times and it and it did finally came today now speaking of John Boehner. Gainers in the news today. His thinking on they are drug marijuana. Has evolved. And in fact he just joined a Canada's board. As a lawmaker. He was ardently against marijuana legalization. In 2011 he said he was. I'm not Alter worldly opposed to the legalization out of a concern that it would result in an increase abuse of all variety of drugs. He reiterated that opposition has recently as 2015. He is now. Joining the board of A Canada saw operation acreage holding. Acreage holdings. And says it's one of the nation's largest multi state actively managed Canada's operations and that its mission is to become the world's leading Canada's company bringing safe. Affordable Canada us to everybody who needs it. The key they're being everybody who needs it you've got a somewhat defined that because Boehner goes on today to say in a tweet announcing the move. Then his views on the subject of Canada's. Currently classified as a schedule one drug at the federal level have evolved. He says I'm convinced d.s scheduling the drug is needed so that we can do research help our veterans and reverse the oak Riordan did epidemic ravaging our communities. He explained that the attitude shift came about due to veterans who were affected by the hope we oil habit epidemic you said I've concluded d.s scheduling can of us. Is needed so that we can do research and allow the bid the VA to offer is a treatment options. It was a joint statement with the former governor above Massachusetts bill weld because bill weld is also joined that Canada's board. And a further explains that canvas can be used to treat other issues that that struggle with like PST SD and chronic pain. Any added that by. Tensions between federal policy and states that have legalized the drug would be reduced and that would allow research and testing from federally funded institutions to be done. So a lot of never say never RO. I. And what are we two weeks tomorrow night NFL draft. Most sucker for the NFL draft terrorists have been. And fact kind of miss the days of of it being on a Saturday and surrendered just. Kinda like field bold bill January 1 bowl games you start watching know whatever game was the first 1 in the year morning started like 1030. And by midnight that night you'd watched what six or seven bowl games your eyes were fallen out of your head and in original draft was saying they're very good Thursday first round and enough Friday sat around in the no Saturday. That all the rounds after that or is Friday to round second and third remember George. I think it's one round each. But Thursday April Leo nineteenth. On will be the the draft 24 pick is what's Panthers have been mostly a make a move otherwise so lots of speculation as to whether an automobile wide receiver or us tomorrow good defensive backs in there they need to safety. I'm they could use. It's much out wide receivers in this draft they're all those seem to be or come in and to tell no this weaken. So I have no idea what they're gonna give. But. I know what does 6101025. WF Lindsay is gonna do other do and they. Pro football pre draft roundtable what they've done this before this is always excellent. It's gonna be down to deal word judge deal worth the neighborhood grill on a morehead street which has got a long association with urgency and that's a great place to do it. And that will happen on draft night Thursday April the nineteenth starts at 6:30 PM. 2999. Gets you what'd the F 2018 ESPN draft guide and a buff day and Corona beer and all that kind of stuff they got a draft expert. I. ESPN's scouts will be moderating down there frank Garcia a former panther himself. Will be a down their college football hall of Famer and Super Bowl champ by Dre' Bly will be down their former Philadelphia eagle and Carolina Panthers linebacker Omar Gaither. Will be down there and then you get the F Lindsay personalities are buddy Chris Kroger earned a Kyle Bailey had no Christmas plane. Who does mornings over infancy and no T bone who has. An unbelievably great last name. Tebow and you don't his last name us. Hancock. You know. I UH you want to if you want tickets and all of us have go to like get my perks dot com you might want to wander around there for awhile to just don't by the way I think there's still specials open their own flights a beer all against off. Go excuse me get my perks. I'm dot com but put that on your state yourself well rounded edges of the draft for you wanna go go down to deal worth grill because they got all those people down there. I and the atmosphere will be great. And the a barrel B flow and and the food will be excellent and the expertise so when they finally do make that 24 pick yoga some are pretty good analysis is due up. Hui is a no and and what his role be with the Panthers and what that to hold it fills and then obviously. What they need to do and rounds 23. And a pig we've got a fourth doing bad like two in the third herself like them. So on Thursday April 19 two weeks from tomorrow for all of that stuff to be found. Concert tonight Eagles are in town. There's a study out says it turns out they're going to live concert does more to lift your spirits and doing yoga. So maybe Albie are tired tomorrow maybe I'll come about fulfilled maybe all be a big LB. Zia and tomorrow. Our researchers had to volunteers Wear heart rate monitors and sent some to a live concert others doing yoga session. And then others to walk their dog. And these cycle metric tests carried out before and after the activity showed that those who attend the concert for twenty minutes. Had a higher level of wellness that no other participants. When no matter what sort of a soldier was good or not it's not just an accountant wouldn't. University of London researchers said that every one of there was Jerry in the loafers playing instead elect Eagles. All due respect to our chief engineer. I university about London researchers say those who attended the show ahead a mood boost of 41% in those. Who did yoga saw a 10% increased. And those who walk their dogs saw a 7% increase. I'm just thinking to myself how are you gonna feel when you don't have that dog walk anymore. You should you should enjoy that while you have the opportunity. Previous research has linked high levels of well being what they a lifespan in Greece. So going to a concert a week could potentially lighten our lengthen your life. By ten years. And hours of what I was thinking general Ed BC Nick Price of our concerts these days and let your daughter to Jerry in the loafers. You could give you a Florida concert oh. Do you even wanna know what I spent on the tickets to get into the Eagles tonight. I you don't wanna know. And I don't wanna remember. So they went looking forward to it and judges wish. Jo Walsh and quit calling me got to ask you quickly get together for dinner every time because it's a Colorado connection I guess. Anyway Georgia he calls again tell him no. Hello can I can't talk and they're showing upsides of going to a concert and for my well being 8:4 o'clock. So you Leo's other news. President still seething about the raid on his own lawyer's offices the FBI agency raided the offices of throwing his personal lawyer and apparently were looking for us the story out of New York Times. Apparently we're looking for records about payments to our two women who claim that they had affairs with the trump. But there was a rush that was talking about this yesterday. Women knew of if not brought down a presidency have. Certainly altered the. Effectiveness of those. No of the operation you gotta figure that Monica Lewis or Lewinsky. It may Bill Clinton owns less effective than he would have been. Although all of their argument the debate that I think went on then hero was so whether or not character count that are not and no then when it becomes this party's. Decision on character than it gives us the answer is no but when it was their party's answer was yes. And and then the fact of the matter is that from a are effective standpoint or you know being the SE all the corporation nor being the president of the United States are being elected official apparently character doesn't count. Results count. Winning counts. Anyway the bad blood a big yeah I Kennedy. If Kennedy of JFK had been alive today. With all the Internet although. Back and forth and lawyers and person. Cable channels and. He wouldn't gaga arrived and he got. It have been OK there have been a liberal for us. But I mean never did still. Saw the search warrant. Seeks information about tech Karen McDougal she's the one Playboy playmate. And apparently was paid a 150000 bucks by American Media that's the a national enquirer parent company but they never ran the interviewer and apparently the publisher or somebody is a friend of Trump's and so there's an allegation there that. That was to essentially. Based on her to an exclusive interview in the middle published interviews so that was place money in general weird sort of roundabout way. And then then you got to. Stormy. So unclear exactly why the New York investigators are examining other payments but dared critics. Both claimed that they amount to illegal campaign contributions. From mark Cohen and American media and. And the president's or campaign because they helped trump Wendell White House spike keeping up political damaging no stories out of full public view so Aegon. It's say if that's reason enough to toward terrain the president personals lawyer's office. Lets you would decide on that want. The president gets an ally. Who thinks that they the Mueller. Team blew it with the raid on none trumps the attorney. And that guy would be Rand Paul's. Of all people that are kind of come to the aide to the president Rand Paul senator questioned why the FBI raided the office of a Michael Cohen sitting that they action was. Quote a great overstep. And no Miller's original Russian investigation. And that was it not information that Mueller had that he passed on that essentially led to the raid. So this doesn't necessarily really have anything to do with the Russian investigation. It kind of came out of. Rand Paul said going after someone's personal attorney is a great overstep I think in the authority of the prosecutor that's why I have opposed to having special prosecutors for almost anything Paulson. Any added that he thinks Mueller has abused his authority as special counsel and that is investigation has gone off far beyond what they just set up. And then there's all the speculation about the president going to fire Mueller we've gone through that before and lenders big headlines today that he tried to fire him twice before and and end at this point that's kind of where I just going to media minutia. Because at that point you're not gonna get the right story you're not gonna get the legal story not gonna get a accurate story you're gonna get the story that November the pole station or the Ryder wanted. The angle to get across such that you're gonna get the angle you're not gonna get the story. But that's depressed today you don't need sources you just need sources said. So low so adorable just kind of way and see were all that goes. And then now you've got to the tariff deal with China and and president. He Jin ping the Chinese president and that trumped the American president. And at trump. Thanks the Chinese president yesterday for his kind words about lowering auto import tariffs and because they economic tensions I mean you know we've seen in stock or stock cars down again today. And at trump said yesterday bull make great progress together. And that came in response to the Chinese leader saying that he had renewed his promise to significantly lower import tariffs. Including taxes on automobiles. Until the stock markets rise on that. And then today they've they fell again and I don't I don't really read about Joseph why they fell today. But. So I don't know where this puts the US in the economic dispute in China and all of that stuff but these are remarks from the Chinese president. Those are pre existing commitments he said that before. And there was really you mean there are few if any new initiatives to all of that. So. I mean does so is this any thing. Isn't enough to defuse tensions if you're promising something you already promised but not necessarily delivered well I don't know. We'll see where all of that goes Theo senator. Marco Rubio. Said the offer of opening China's market is a total farce he said it was unbelievable to hear the Chinese president's about to open Chinese markings. Even that is mar that is a government. Has dramatically increase control over censorship of the Internet. So there's also to moving pieces go and and is there is anytime in politics or any time. In this particular administration because they're gonna bring this guy down by death by a thousand paper cuts. And he invites. And we need us. So why you're going to the Eagles concert tonight. Boomer. Found a set playlist. From the Eagles show at the United Center in Chicago. On. March the fourteenth. Now I don't know how the Eagles work. The eight Brothers as far as I know literally sit there backstage and devise they liked the idea that they can play anyone of their songs and any time. And they've done like three nights at red rocks where they've not played the same song twice. So I don't know how the Eagles work but I mean if this is representative of what the Eagles will play tonight all share with you before we don't wander out here in the next. Well hour and fourteen minutes for those of you who are into the Eagles concert today as MR Zuckerberg. WTF. Another day. This time in the house and we'll talk a little bit or what he said in the US senate till we come back a few seconds or Carcillo to Dan on WBT hey Dan. Hey are you receptive and do you. All right you're talking about it take any minute everybody vehicle bumper sticker I saw it. 69 and I go uttered a bureau and remembered but it basically said. If Ted Kennedy had a Volkswagen very jet Quebec it would still be alive. I won a lot of other alive I mean remembers 1969. And I got married joke affect me story or at least her parents a story but I don't know that I get the bumper sticker we got to explain. That was just doctor Israel receded erratic driving around the Philadelphia area. I just I don't understand the significance of it maybe a dismiss an at. Battle well this don't they should be done Volkswagen bloated. Now but they're car turned upside down. Tissues she essentially drown because the cards are submerged in noted in water. But good bad good bad in a way I do remember that I was I was working men know Wilkes-Barre Scranton Pennsylvania. And do and afternoons and program director out there and the anniversary of Mary Joseph compact mis death came along and I said some disparaging remark about Ted Kennedy or something like that and the phone started ringing. And people and no looks very Scranton or were on trying to remind me that Mary Joseph compact these parents lived in that area and I don't remember if they were clarks summit or were they were up in that area. But that I should probably watch what I said on the radio regarding our marriage are prepared me in the and and Ted Kennedy because I probably had the ears of her parents sought. I was one of my great lessons and radio you just never know who's listen and you better watch yourself some. Dan appreciate golf. All right good literate they enjoy it I'd offer goes and no we will do the same back. I'm Bob. What. And saw an article that it isn't ten states. Where your chance of dying young and is the highest bit. Bob. And I'm really thought of the conversation we had about a week ago on I think it started with OP shorts. And somehow or another we are talking about West Virginia. And then somebody else called and it was from West Virginia and talked about deal your problem of Thurman also talked about HIV. And I think suicide is that. And the articles birdsaw milieu I saw the headline of the article. I thought to myself. A wonderful West Virginia is number one. Just based on the conversation that we had with two callers that'd. Either done business then. Or lived had lived in West Virginia. So they say some of our states are falling behind others less developed countries. When it comes to premature death says the university of ball well Washington epidemiologist. Ali among cocked mock god to. Who's a new study. Shows a major disparity in death rates of people aged twenty to 55 in California and those and West Virginia. California being on the good side West Virginia being on the bad side. The ten states with the highest probability. Of premature death. Among young and middle aged adults into any sixteen blamed on factors including OP yards. Alcoholism. And suicide. Per the Atlantic. Number one. West Virginia. Followed by Mississippi. Alabama. Oklahoma. Kentucky Arkansas New Mexico. Which I've seen in no polls like this before always surprises me and all of that's from poverty or what that. There's some really great areas of tell us just a cool shall place ever and and New Mexico and no Albuquerque and Santa if they certainly have their merits. But New Mexico's catalog Wyoming. Today is to instant it's been discovered but it's not been discovered you know. People have been the New Mexico are generally we're going from Colorado to Texas. I Louisiana came in number eight Tennessee came in number nine. And South Carolina. Number ten. So. When I saw the headline and I'm really thought vote West Virginia I'm really thought about the conversations that we had last week enough. And no it's amigos were all like spot on the money. As to up. As to the information that we got their. There. I don't know if you follow can stand up comedy very much but. Everybody from Richard prior to Robin Williams to Jerry side felled him in just about every name you can think of at some point or another probably. Either got their start or got a break or got the exposure that they needed to launch themselves. Into the upper stratosphere of a national comedy and a place in Los Angeles called comedy store. And the lady who ran the comedy store. Is so wouldn't it really is a lady by the name Mitzi shore. And if you ever watched biographies on any comedians you've heard them talk about Mitzi shore. And Mitzi shore happens to be. Pauly shores mob. Which now explains how he got in two of comedy at all and god any kind of national break because. Always probably not at the top of his profession. But anyway one of the most influential figures in stand up for more than decades she had just passed away she's a she was 87 years old. Her son is Pauly Shore. Comedy store was two years old when Mitzi shore took over the ownership after divorcing forcing me club's co-founder. Comedian by the name of Sammy shore. And virtually every major comic from Richard Pryor decide told Robin Williams use the club as a stepping stone. Returned well honed their acts they're after getting fame. Mitzi was an extraordinary woman and leader who identified cultivated and celebrated comedies best performers that's what the comedy store tweeted today. Adding that she helped change the face of comedy in leaves behind an indelible mark and legacy in the entertainment industry and stand up community. We will miss her dearly the comedy store will be closed today. Back in the eighties. And ninety's early ninety's. When the comedies I've come close were popping up all over the country and the headliners that went on all the big TV shows and so on were all over. That was kind of that was due to the comedy store. Punch lines and comedy zones and also clubs still alive today they're paid eight pre game because of the work of the comedy zone so Mitzi. The Mitzi shore dead at the age of 87. All right it's. April the eleventh. Wednesday hundreds in one day isn't here 2018264. Days ago. 5065. April 11 Abraham Lincoln made his last public speech. 1882. US patent 567265. Issued for the blocked caught. Dark rivers reported earlier this team here but. Block block. It was alarm clock mounted over the bed dead at a set time dropped two dozen small wooden blocks of a sleeper. So Wakefield. Can't stay. Bray is a block yet I believe. According to wallet out the best places for millennial RDC. North Dakota. And Minnesota. Eight. Federal judge dismissed a class action lawsuit against McDonald's consumers and complained that fast food chain were charging more for extra value meals for the items on the meal. A would cost if you bought everything separately I think the court decision les said. Com you can probably figure that out yourself. Get up to you to. And two Milwaukee TV reporters got into a fight and one has been arrested that's all we want. It happened the night that they announced the Panthers. The judge Jerry Richardson thank you thank you thank you night. David rule of WB TV and I don't know who was but they were basically. I'm not you know playing. Knock each other out of the way with their hips type deal. And know that almost got your fist right. Taxes are due on Tuesday. So maybe that's little Lotta you'll be doing this weekend. Emancipation day on Monday so that's what you get to Monday in the fifteenth to Sunday so you so you're getting like two days. Do it midnight Tuesday night. FaceBook. Has begun alerting some users that their data was swept up in the Cambridge analytical privacy scandal I haven't seen mine yet in fact I went into the website that a coupon. Horror with through the process where I'm supposed to be able to find and it's not available to me out. I thought that was all coming out two days ago. Notification that appeared on FaceBook for some users on Tuesday told them that no one of your friends used FaceBook to log into the now banned personality quiz app called this is your Digital Life. And may have noticed says that the gap misused the information including public profile page likes birthday and current city. By sharing it with the data mining her mug Cambridge analytical. As many as 87 million users who may have had their data shared we're supposed to get a detailed messages and on their industries to starting this week so no. We'll see it again imagine with. Because of a show 5000 FaceBook friends I'm not in there. Surely one of you took that stupid quiz. And probably more. You don't have anything to do with me being Johnny's favorite television RPM I think your personal sense. However I really don't fall for the fourth stuff. It's not kiddies out there when I tell you who it is you want dog it's a fascinating story but this is so regulator for the opening act of the Eagles tonight. Odd times. On the playing. Cold nights and freezes me. It's not her day TV then it's. Oh hole. God know when it's cold iron and didn't really time. They moved we need that time. JD industry Jack you're known as the top five I JD industry shut songs or at least. Those. Sounds like. Shyamalan. And noticed. Cover John Malone and wants to wave my terrible. Watch we're not me. He gosh I'm gone. I can't number three. It gives you vote. JB in the straight shot. Okay. And this is the man that often are for the Eagles tonight 730 JD and the straight shot is a country blues and roots fan. I and it's frontman and guitarist is the former Cablevision systems corporation CEO. And Madison Square Garden company executive chairman James L dole it. Had a very big and. Also do a you know there was. We. And and. And these are easy to lose. A new land toughness to see him thru here love. Campaign. It's too yeah I mean you're more tastier. Although taste after oil here feel I get there early trivia showed tonight 730 believe this wouldn't know they are duo played JD and the straight shut opening up. They're all like. Kemba were they are on the fourteenth. That would be Saturday night. But Jimmy Buffett's opened up world. Jimmy Buffett of course just ago weathered out of a concert here rescheduled forest the 27 current. So I Judy industry Chet knows somebody boomer win and to the website where they have above the set lists. And pulled up the Eagles set list from the United Center. Add to and Chicago. Date that they played on no mark's marks the fourteenth. They opened with seven bridges road. Then they played take it easy deacon Friday. And fri sun on lead locals then one of these nights. Then take it to the limit with Vince Gill on labor locals tequila sunrise with pencil lead. Witchy woman into the city it's a Joseph Walsh salon. I can't tell you why how long. Again deacon Friday on lead vocal leader Dick consume a lot of lead vocal work here. All 55 they played on March the fourteenth. Vince Gil do in the leads on match. Peaceful easy feeling best of my love new kid in town it's guild of the a lead on that as well. Love will keep us alive lionized. Next big thing. I don't wanna hear anymore. Those shoes that'll be a good time for me to go get a beer so. Already gone. You can try and lead vocals victim of love. And then they gruesome mug and given to walk away which is an old telephone 49 song from a Joseph Walsh is a days with the James gang. And then heartache tonight and then they do some more Joseph Walsh stuff life's been good at. And then they don't do funk 49. And then they followed up with ended the concert with life in the fast lane the encore was hotel California rocky mountain way and desperado. So I don't know if that has anything even close to what their shots atlas will be denied but that's what they do in Chicago so well maybe that's what you have forward to it. To look forward to it this evening Eagles at spectrum senator it's not sold out. At least the ads are still running tell me it's not sold well. So way if you decide at the last minute you'd like to walk up to the box office and and don't pick yourself some Eagles at the spectrum tonight I think you can now probably do just that. Yesterday. In the testimony before the senate judiciary in commerce committee's. Zuckerberg. Indicated that FaceBook might one day offer a paid version. If he was panel led into the question I don't remember exactly I don't know if that was Dick Durbin are. But down. You recall that Sheryl Sandberg had said earlier. She's the second in command over their. That if they were to go ad free. In other words not compromise your information for adds it would cost you. And that's all I don't know if they point like estimates there would be de L model for that but does. Paid version. He seemed to reveal that a paid version of FaceBook is under consideration and response to a question from mark this was from senator Orrin hatch Oregon. Who asked to FaceBook will always be free and Zuckerberg said well. There's all that that there isn't there always will be a version of FaceBook that will be free. The answer. Many think leaves the door open up for a version that users. Do pay for. Which would also get you around the ads and gets your around which is pretty standard procedure. I don't know what the cost would be a vote would you pay for FaceBook. You avoid the hazard have enjoyed to work. I guess the premise would be. To keep your information from being mind. But I'm not so sure that the trust level anymore says that if you paid you might still you might avoid the ads but doesn't necessarily mean your information would be my. Felt I don't know how that works. I'll apparently the craft beer industry buzz is wearing off. And there is they are town in Arkansas that is ticketing people for having ugly cars on their property. And in the big list of the 125. Best places to live in the United States. And Charlotte. Finishes 22. Developed. Tell you what they had to say about us. I'll schedule all home who broadcast via birds a few seconds independence is open which was not a case yesterday and so were those of you had not towards a Matthews you'll just have your normal pain in the butt traffic not to. The increase to a pain in the butt traffic. In the. State of Pennsylvania. Into stories. As to how they are are reacting. To be increased threat to schools. And how teachers might tell fight back. Two interesting approaches that. I don't believe I've ever heard out. I used before. Out of the box thinking. Pennsylvania school district. Didn't mill creek township. Mill creek township school district just outside of Erie. Has bought hundreds of little baseball bats. Distributed miniature bats to 500 teachers last week as part of they are training program on how to deal. With school shooters. You superintendent William hall says it cost the district about 18100 dollars to buy 616. Inch. Baseball bats in the ballparks you've seen them. Great trip company Euro Ford junior role in the and they had. Pink. Also child abuse in this day gauged by the white. Superintendent doesn't it but about 600 of them. And they included some mud that there will be replaced in offices and others in our common areas he says the bats are. To give teachers a chance to fight back as part of they are procedure. With the Akron among Trojan. Threat assessment run obstruct and barricade to join forces attack and never give up that's what. What that stands for. Threat assessment run. Obstruct. And barricade joined forces attack and never give up that they acronym Trojan means. Paul says that all the bats could be the last line of defense they are meant as a symbolic reminder that fighting back is an option. John mass the only who's president of mill creek education association teachers union says the bats are there to make people comfortable with the idea. That they can attack and not simply. Going to Har. Blocked down and just hide. As we've been told and are trading up to this point. I know I'm thinking the same thing you are what does a sixteen inch bad gonna do against a shooter. But maybe there's. Subliminal message there to be had now this follows on the heels of another Pennsylvania. School district. Teachers and students there are they didn't get bats. Superintendent the blue mountain school district in no school go calorie. Raise the plan and he stayed lower house subcommittee a meeting on education last month. They want arm their kids with rocks. If an armed intruder attempts to gain entrance in any of our classrooms they won't face a classroom full of students armed with rocks he says. They will be stoned. He tells buzz feed that the plan. Is a. Last resort but he cautions the media against mockery he said we have some people who have some pretty good arms. They can chuck some rocks pretty fast. The rocks are only part of an effort that began two years ago wind hi slows guys named David also. Superintendent the blue mountain school district. Brought in they are company to train teachers about school shooting a block kids in lock downs and maybe made some changes every classroom door for instance. Has a device installed secures the door shut. And no staff is trained to barricade that door. But as a last defense each classroom now has a five gallon bucket of river stones. Which obviously some people are ridiculing their notion including some lawmakers opened Pennsylvania but there you go. Bats. And rocks. As a last defense against a shooter classroom. And heard the approach show before. Says there doesn't want to mark up until Ramon what do you mob some of the privacy of your own mind I. Ranks number 22 on the best places to live in the US aid. We'll talk about Joseph what they have to say about Charlotte nice things. Video attribute the top ten list Austin, Texas is number one that is surprise me whatsoever. Colorado under prepared faring in the top ten. With two or three entries. On Denver being one of them that would not be my choice. Denver just too big old city with a whole lot of traffic period it now. But there's you know I'm in a lot of great restaurants and a lot of good things that the Denver has the Charlotte has culinary and all of that kind of stuff. And a great view of the Rocky Mountains so we we don't we we do Cadillac that against Hillary. Although if you get open a Bank of America you can seeking out. To say it. I don't forget tomorrow night is opening night for the Charlotte knights had BB AT ballpark like the way their ads are run 2018 opening night. Thursday's seven all 4 PM. Big capital letters huge letters yankees. And then smaller under it is affiliate. Yankees' affiliate vs night's big enough now the Yankees are in doubt know the Wilkes-Barre Scranton. Franchise which is the Yankees. They did that used to be Columbus, Ohio today is to be the Yankee. And anyway opening night tomorrow night down into BB NT ballpark go Thursday Thursday a dollar soda three dollar draught Beers five dollar select craft draught Beers. And opening weekend though they'll be there all weekend long it took three weeks to go down Saturday I guess I'll let the let that get her no Sundays so you've got some good baseball days ahead she. Casual dates and times flow will be announced till later but sometime between August the ninth in the third. Team. The have their free season mullah take us to buffalo. Oreo game against Buffalo Bills at Ralph Wilson Stadium. And then the second pre season game. Will be the Miami Dolphins here at Bank of America Stadium August 16 through the torn is simply scenario and then the New England Patriots will come to town for a pre season game following Matt. And then we're on the road to Pittsburgh which is our custom to play Pittsburgh in the west pre season game every year. And that'll be at Heinz Field again this year solo buffalo away Miami and New England at home. And no Pittsburgh and that makes up your pre season schedule for the Carolina Panthers draft. Is it coming up two weeks from tomorrow. Which can't wait for anxious to see what they do. And WFMC one so what are 2.5 and 610. Has big draft party. Pro football pre draft roundtable. That they'll start at 630 got to deal worth neighborhood grill on morehead street 2999. Get you the F 2018 ESPN draft guide and above say in Corona beer a whole bunch more in the got Steve meant from ESPN's scouts down their draft expert. Who will moderate the whole thing. And a frank Garcia a former panther will be there are Dray Bly college football hall of Famer and Super Bowl champ will be their former Philadelphia eagle on Carolina Panthers linebacker Omar Gaither will be down there. And they'll join Chris Kroger. And Kyle Bailey and Chris McClain and Ahtyba and and some of the guys though on era to W opens the if you want more information or to get tickets is good to get my perks dot com. Get my perch dot com the big draft party Thursday April the nineteenth with the F Lindsay guys. Starts at 6:30 PM and will be down at the neighborhood grill on a morehead street solo OP can now join everybody down there. Four that. Craft beer industry. One of the things and we'll get to this when we come out of the F 530 news. Charlotte finished 125. Rescues eight Charlotte finished 22 in the 125. Best places to live in the United States. And out craft beer was one of the things that they. I mentioned it or heart craft beer. City. But the craft beer industries because they say is wearing off. It may have peaked in one sign that the industry is a grown a little less frothy. More craft breweries closed into when he seventeen minute anytime in the past decade and while the craft beer makers saw saw more growth in production. Then the overall market last year the pace is slowing. But maybe they need to weed out of fuel. I don't of that nationally means that the the buzz is wearing off but. It may be very booted. The cream is rising to the top. A new report by the brewers association Joseph that craft brewers saw a 5% rise in production volume and Tony seventeen. Yet with that growth comes an increasingly crowded playing field and and that leads to more closures of small craft breweries soared 2017. There were nearly a thousand. New brewery openings nationwide. And a 165. Closures that's a closure rate. Of two point 6% and that's a 42%. Jump from 26 came when a 116. Craft breweries closed. So everybody in their mother wants open one up it's college or restaurant every everybody thinks they can run a restaurant no they don't get into the reality of situation and find out that. That maybe they can't so we'll look. Willow Woolsey were all of that to our gross. Dubai. Has started to test a Smart license plate. Going to they are Smart digital license plate they'll start to attesting miss next month technology I'm telling you. It will be able to contact emergency services have there's a crash this is your license plate. Communicate with the other cars about traffic conditions. Display an alert if the plate or the car is stolen. The digital plates will also let fines and parking fees be automatically deducted from your owner account. And there could be privacy they say and data security concerns. Us since the plates we'll have a GPS and and transmitters on them. All that works I don't know but you've just got to figure that out. Suing your license plate can be talking to the license plate on the car in front of you so when he slams on his brakes you're. Your card knew it before you knew it we just gotta like the new technology now that. They GMC Dakota pickup truck I'd. Drive and got one of those load these things you know there's a car in front of you think goes off the most obscure times. I mean in some cases it's kept me from. Millen somebody when I'm are not paying attention bit and other cases it goes off and you got a car like a hundred yards ahead of you. I retired about they. WB DA's got. Editor and John great thanks. So our perspective is. We actually not convert commercial here we actually. I operate a brewery a lottery and the distillery all here in Charlotte under same group we'd like of them. Pretty unique concept. Gloria I don't care if you plug your business who are you. Well I appreciate that seven yards products. And we can be found at seven York stock probably about 1015 minutes from downtown trawler. Go the reason we have a global license. Well I am the one battery life and quite frankly is. We never intended to go commercial. Whip our beer and wine because there's so many great people already doing that here in North Carolina. But we teach classes for votes. There won't learn how to make beer wine and I'm in the law currently in North Carolina is just slow. People can drink a beer they may be a big club boot. We have to have a full blown brewery life. Not play in those old Mac or anybody else. Now. Well I think you're exactly right now I get like any other bill booklet sometimes probably you stole. Pitted I don't they have great meg getting bigger mistake oh my gosh I'm like that operate a bribery. Wind they'll like give the other business now at a 5% of your time is spent on people and customers and very little you know actually to do with the ball reprocess them well. They still have the competition now with the major breweries don't they were you can only distributes so much of your product before you have to get to distributed by a major breweries and that's still one of those sticking points. It is the current state legislature has done a great job on expanding. The capabilities. Of local breweries across both state. But they're still a long way to go to we also operate a distillery we have. Six products sold in North Carolina maybe this store shelves. But wouldn't commentator tour of our facility. There in the limitation of only in buying our products. Per person. Per year in your household. And the bills that have to maintain a database from all that forward while so it. You know but that is better than last year the wall got to tell you bless his luck and you sleep one bottle per person per year. I mean the state bolts to get you into their their facilities and I guess and nothing wrong with that list. But but the legislature have working really hard. Two I think leader who wrote the budding industry you know strangely enough a lot of folks don't rule out. Our purple bench and North Carolina will look stronger alcohol pollutants stay in the union. How I had brag area I guess I had no idea although. Now given no given our prohibition. At times a non NASCAR roots and all that stuff that might seem logical. Well intent prohibition one hospital lot longer here in North Carolina. The legislature of North Carolina. The federal prohibition bill back in nineteen no way. When the rest of the country waited until might think what he's up there and then we didn't open up ratify the 21 amendment. Until 1930 gateway and short fidelity group very creative and everything but the. Prompt pay out they should and those guys and you're seven jars per products is what is the name your company. We flew over the coming and we can be found at seven George dot dot com thank you very much Don you bet thank you for column I appreciate it very much. Yeah. Best places for me US news and world report Charlotte ranked 22 out of the top 125. So we'll tell you what they had to say about Charlie when we come back on the other side of the break coming up. There's they Arkansas town that enforcing a rule. Banning people from having inoperable automobiles on their property because some people find those cars on slightly. Says and I went down a street the other day. Not far from where we are. It's kind of like you've ever gotten off the blue ridge parkway in some places and you go like about a 200 cheater and it's just like casino to deliver its. You aren't you you're you're you're going to want to turn the car run record can go back to. She rolled his eyes nation's. Problem. The town is West Memphis, Arkansas the critics call into government overreach small. A Smart citizens know were broken down cars devalue. Nearby properties and make their towns and attractive to of people and companies that are thinking about moving their so. Last summer seventy year old Michigan man by the name of Ron Doucet. Was and still lives. But being forced to remove twenty cars per month from his or collection over 200 vehicles. The local township stops by every month to count his progress says they enforce the blight ordinance Orton and so being and right banning unregistered uncovered vehicles on private property. I'm in an interview last Mika is Facebook's CEO Sheryl Sandberg said that an ad free FaceBook. Would BA paid product. And and how that got into whether some particular article I have no idea. But anyway the town is ticketing people for having a good cars and there are property. Did they do the same thing with in some areas in North Carolina with people that read like furniture and washing machines on the front porch. Which in some cases unsure of property value. In some cases there's. All right over to the WBT newsroom we go where. The vacationing for holes a day back. Taking European trip. The trip around the neighborhood though part of a day with Phil one of the kids are raid DMV. Doing some title transfer stuff so it was exciting wow. You live artillery unit got to get out of that fast landmark challenge. But that. But it was nice to relay any writer for a few hours are well you know if you want to if you want to move to Wisconsin and now run for congress there's an opening day here. Is because Paul Ryan is not going to run again he's the speaker of the house is he afraid Republicans are going to lose big this fall he said no no no I just wanna spend more time with kids. And DMV maybe and maybe he's just tired of bending himself into a pretzel to try to act like he's no favor of everything that's going on Washington I think you may have a point characters who will and we'll hear from him extensively coming appeared six or five successive sixes and that today yeah that's at 635 and it's a fun story will meet a guy who has a literally reinvented. The American flag it's it's pretty cool story. Is it still road north of that well not always. So I'm not kidding you at I think we heard very Betsy Ross may wanna have a punishing but it and Tom and you have a story about EMT is an Alexa and out of those two. I am thoroughly fascinated by this but Dell one ambulance service is testing Alexa in the ambulances so the day they don't have to look up. Protocols they can say alike so what's the best drug for cardiac arrest and and keep working with the patient I'm not sure if I was a patient I would feeling good about that but. They're cracked mere testing and found. You know what if she says what mine says from time to time and that his mom I don't know I don't know. Because she's not supposed I can't ask physiologist now. A all right Mark Garrison back for our Charlotte have six and he'll be a hero just a moments away thanks mark appreciated. US news does their 125 best places to live in the United States. Austin, Texas finished number one anybody it's ever been I've been Austin long long time I assume it's probably get all bigger than what I would like that I love Austin, Texas Colorado Springs number two. Which is for your buddies living right now under. And lived in the springs for awhile. Denver Colorado number three just too big city but close enough to the mountains to be worth your time enough. Do more in Iowa for the other some like Omaha Nebraska there are some jobs out there that you just would never suspect to be is to. O.'s they are laws one of them. Fayetteville Arkansas number five Portland Oregon six Huntsville Alabama seven Washington DC eight Minneapolis nine Seattle. Not finished number 1022. For Charlotte. Who said Charlotte is a region that's equal parts old fashioned southern charm and high energy cosmopolitan. Bustle. You'll still hear you all. Charlotte is a metro area on the rise however it's it's has its own culture culinary sophistication. A unique feeling bad sub making it more enticing any more enticing place for people for all over the world to settle down this melting pot affect makes Charlotte. An easy area to break into your not from here. Well neither are most of the people they you'll meet. US news and world report just says say it's filled with new restaurants it's a standalone destination now no longer living in the shadows of Atlanta or Charleston. This transformational city is only continuing. As evidenced by the numerous construction trends across the skyline. Always remember when very wolfman was sort of driving through urinating eatery nine I think they're wrong their way to Charleston to see if that was a place from him I want open up this or California style pizza restaurant and he said they drove through Charlotte and so all the Koreans and decided to stop and spend the night may explore. It's kind of what because the original wolfman peace two. Went to make Charlotte it's home. It's climate says US news and world day is a more manageable than Florida's its housing prizes and living expenses are more manageable the New York. We are ranked number 22 is best places to live number 22 is best places to retire. We now the metro population of almost 2.4 million. Average salary 49600. Dollars median age 37 point one unemployment rate four point 2%. US news and world report and their ranking of the top 150 cities of the day in the USA ranking Charlotte number 22 says rent prices are slowly creeping up. The median home sale price in Charlotte is slightly below the national median but. Highly desirable areas like L Myers park conceal listings surpassing one million dollars. You spend pretty good penny in places like deal worth enough. I mean don't don't don't take a look at some of those craftsman houses and plaza midway himself to those Custer a couple of bucks. Talks about the weather and in our Charlotte. Our best way to get around Charlotte they make reference to the links light rail system but just to battle all the gets in certain parts of the metro area and you can rely on bus or the newly constructed trolley and others. Charlotte lacks one cohesive public transportation system that spans the whole region but fortunately. Traffic is it yet but other major metro areas deal with so. Relying heavily on your car isn't a significant inconvenience. You may think if you've never did you have a bit out of Charlotte the wind got traffic problems here but. Go to a major metropolitan area and come back and you'll find out that we actually don't our program director just manager from Los Angeles we don't even mention the traffic problems to him. They've urgent now area where Charlotte Douglas international significant say in its size of major hub for American Airlines easy to get virtually anywhere. That you would need to go. US news and world report ranking media cities were number 22 in the top 150 in the United States that say Charlotte is a regional small neighborhoods. Each with a distinctive feel and energy. And while there are plenty of housing options in the downtown area actually referred to as uptown. Many residents choose to live in the neighborhood surrounding media metros areas center of the north Davidson area known as node off. Features a vibrant arts community and is a a favorite among twenty to thirty somethings. More than 30% of Charlotte households include children under the age of eighteen. Parts of town that our family friendly are highly desirable as many residents either have failed miserable start them soon the Valentine neighborhood. His one such area an upscale community near excellent schools they talk about are thriving craft brewing seen. 37 miles of Greenway trails provided foray up perfect opportunity for biking rollerblading in running. I cultural rich met museum Levine museum of the new south Blumenthal performing arts center. And professional basketball and football as well we are number 22 out of 125. Best places to live in the United States. According doing US news and world report slush Harrison's next.