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Saturday, March 3rd

Marty Ivey, Sam Ivey and Martin Ivey from Ivey Exterminating join Paul to discuss pest control, craw spaces and real estate.


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Individual basis should not consider today's discussion as a recommendation for any investment and she carefully evaluate before investing. This is your real estate today. Who's talking 1110 WB TV. Well hello happy Saturday. Afternoon Aaron we're so glad you're with us today a lot of pretty dead is to be in the Carolinas so nice. It is certainly a chamber of commerce can today. So we're thankful that your out and about today and listening to us this is the show your real estate today if your first time Lester. Just what it's about. Your real estate. Ten day. Food. I'm Paul Jamison your host. Jamison realty with Keller Williams and Jamison property management and investments we are so glad. That you are here so thank you for joining us today. If you would like to participate you know I don't believe this. I got that try ivy in here would mean. And I got the main man Mardi triple trouble that's right I got slam and I got Morton I got triple Miami and here today. My son's over in the corner who said not put baby in the corner he's over there. It's we don't is there are just beyond go forward if I did well corner. We got would just sit on the board the day old red if so here's what happens okay so mom lets you know here's the scoop bridge. If you wanna call. 7045707045701110704. 5701110. If you wanna call inning you wanna ask a realistic question. I'm a bug question her crawl space question. A sell out by a property management and investment question. If you want to talk about. And what to get me for my birthday next week if you wanna. Talk about what to get Marty for his birthday I I'm always and yeah exactly. So if you wanna call 7045701110. Am. Can talk about. Real estate. Anything having to do that questions you may have. We'd love to hear from you and were very thankful that your out there listening so don't hesitate if you got a question I'm promise you there's somebody else is probably. Could learn from the answer. And if we don't have that answer wolf find the answer. As. And all of the fascinating things that lasted just looms when we showed is out in the field I have people say. Was shot called me and to question and in and they tell me the question Russell did you calling in and it's a ball thought it was stupid and it was I didn't want to sound like owls like he has a great question. Yeah and all these questions I hear and feel they're all great questions and we would love for you to have calling here we should try it it just we. That's what we're really look forward here for an hour yeah so. So we would enjoy that question from you if you like. So again. If you really wanna ask an embarrassing question Martin's never been here before yes I asked and he won't be a good Green Hornet Breck Girl for us to Arizona so -- Sam now is old hat at a Marty's been with me for 89 years sauces have a ten cents sector was about. Yeah they're all up bill Lowe the I don't know what to say about Jesse though I mean you know I seem to go through producers like water so I think he's like say candidly about the tentative on opposite me. He's you know in the big he's better here yeah yeah pretty good in the bloody good he actually answers the phone and he's got always own teeth it's pretty good. OK if everybody. I remember that amount put that on she's our Fareed it's a good. All right so. Marty what are you gonna talk about today I've got I've got my stuff what you've got to know about well go talk about my favorite thing. I know what it starts will it be Luke's artwork please. It's termites eat at. That termites have Tippett. Leave they really don't starts the season really doesn't drop flag until typically around Easter this year is it's extremely early. And we this is the term right mating season's the start of it. The weather's been very very conducive for all insects to pop early and we've never seen the insects pop this early. From termites from corporate beast and mosquitoes mosquitoes Rory out cause we're seeing bats out now in usually don't see the bats out TC the most in. Ornament hold on so you said that. The termites are out out and there is this is mating to mating seat so horrible Omar who are they shop and on Amazon. Are they. Why am aren't they crawl and are today saying in our today by N. Rings what they don't termite. Mating season which is what we typically green in the industry call the swarming season. Stars and typically the spring and is when the termites emerge and they take flight. And they take flight basically to pair a male and female. When their flag and the female she fans her Furman in flight in it less than male finder. It's so usually the only chance that the homeowners throughout the year gets a chance to realize. Bet they have termites in what we're fascinated by is ahead one this week had a promoter Collison a day ahead. These for an answer come out and that they had been coming out every year but they only saw home one day in that's typically what happens they swarm out. They kicker wings' awful lot of time to come home viewing scene and say shall see just bunch of wings laying everywhere. Using the sunny side of the house forward but are there the houses in the most light in the house. And they'll swore to that area no kicker wings off in the apparel male and female and if they make it back the soul. There's a reasonable chance we'll start another colony the fascinating thing about ideas. Is people book calls they only see this happen for one day period they think it's not a big deal the house that we look at issued this week. Probably hit 20000 dollars it had been current since nineteen. Seven B NAND. You gotta be kidding and they hit OK repair work they had him repair work had known it was hap hazzard repair work. But they'd never drew a dealt with the termite issues in owls like really. Oh my god why so and so so that I our listeners are clear. If you see far enhance. Or something that you think is one finance kicking off their warnings and so to see a bug kickoff following I gotta try this think about what that looks like but. So they're kicking off their wings and you see a pilot wings right he's a real under so sewed drill it down what what color are they how big guard today. Com. And you know do they look like a black can't. Give me the digit the the aunt has a narrow waist like a female live this termite swarm has a fake waste like a male. Via the fascinating thing about him is is typically the performers. Originally workers and they were fed a special batter actually they were deprived of something in their diet which is a juvenile Harmon in it changes. Then to cut become fertile and change color in grew wings. They're not allowed to socialize with any part of the colony. We'll say go through this transformation they usually pushed off so once or married they can hang out with their friends anymore king Carl the France that I got off. There have been around special diet but may not all that bad and I hope I'm looking into yeah I'm looking at all common thread like Flickr on the middle nothing like that can't hang out with your friends are a special diet. Cutoff right no not like not like the human species where they can come back home and get zero bedroom back at Manning had they murder and they're not proven whether prayers you know that you don't go home site we need to recent norm writes who's this guy. I. But I don't think I can match what's fascinating to me all in the moment you really think about in depth what's happening today society what was really happening is is now all households are most spouses working. In there's nobody home so they just come home in they see these wings cast and sunny side area their home. And they just kind of blow it off. And it you know just how she got termites not a guarantee that you're gonna swarming their goal scorer inside the house but for the next three not this will be in the season. And it's my favorite part of life book called the legislation knows that all though the whole world has cycled and we're back starting a new cycle written we're ready to run. Yeah but I guess that the challenge that way have a were about two minutes away from break the challenge that I have is when any. A work when I go to homes and them get re enlist on I'm amazed. At the number of homes and have dropped their term bond. And he Derek yeah yeah I mean I saw I am two inches 252. Blessed and I. The average cut termite contract annual termite contract is about a 140 bucks. I didn't have cable bills bigger none. But then that's that's an annual fee that's not a monthly fee just an annual fleet. But what slowed so fascinating about that is you've got related back nailed it she's got both spouses are working. In your busier in things all through the cracks more. Yeah oh okay so what if somebody's let their termite bomb blasts. They can give this call at bug out a 7043341616. And will come on take a look and see what it would take you reestablished. Well okay. Yeah I am Mariam and I don't know about you Sam you you see it in the field as well all all you guys are out in the field. I'm surprised. They're out at. Pumps on as far as how many homeowners that have a house on a concrete slab. Think that they will not hit termites. Because you don't congaree looked termite or work its way through a crack. About half the size of a credit card again and and found wood and destroy your room and a lot of times thirty. Nutrient. This assault would season for me. We'll do was yeah I've talked to undecided who could accomplish guys. Who well I have some. Full little way to start to show on apathy Martin's head from Marty. My son Alex in the corner Jesse on the pardon me Paul Jamison here. They show real real estate today talking about anything you want 70457. Oh. 111070457011. Tend to call us and rescue us from this madness will be right back. On 11109 and actually WT. For sure you're real estate today Paul Jamison here Jamison realty with Callaway and Jamison property management. You're Marty IV Sam ivy Martin IV the ivy triple play. And of course Alex whose form. Career. And then just see who's up there protests are were here are 7045701110704. 5701110. You wanna talk some real estate you have questions. Call us thus far we're here rob. Has been most patient he's on hold bringing not just how are you rob. You're an arm welcome to Saturday. What sort how can we help you friend. It. Obituary writer at the end of that last conversation about the termite. Inside the church although I'll. I have our house on the lab that they accept to a great because that is exporting around down this hill vomit. Boeing bought the house. When you tell what could try my army the marine command respect his first has built like Eddie. And thank him out there all the guy did was parked on the base that knocked on ball in that OJ gets out he I mean those. Plans. I'm very it would candor straight at me just look I'm not a mark that what they do work. Can terminate your art have Chama Cha. But well I don't Morton and it takes a it takes it takes really a really a trained out of look. Termites have characteristics of termites blank pick with 1520 feet neither direction in trouble a couple of thousand yards in a fourteen day period. He does typically through the top five inches of the soul in there's a couple of reasons for that the reasons the ninety reasons is as were most of the natural food source is. In this for the soul is the least compact it. He's taken his soul particle he's grabbed what this man doubles and he's building in me a look around how way. And he lives in that how way then how wait provides him a constant humidity with a favorable working condition. And it takes him sort itself from his putter curse for his enemies is number one predator under Gramm is the aunt the aunt eats the termite. Not a fact if you were in Africa. Said new percent of your bat in Africa who beat termites warmer but calls are high in fat and protein. But the point that I'm trying to make uses the calls the termite when he stacking the solar particles together would dismantle bulls. He spitting in sailing those sore particles together it'll around how weigh in he's doing that with the sloppiness fecal material. It calls is a lot of dehydration. You know a lot of work so he likes to hit a heartland. In the hard. The hard line provide team with cut his workload down in half he uses the heartland is have this tunnel. So the point I'm trying to make he is the biggest heart planet tough provinces hole. Is the driveway. In the driveway please decide Walt which leads to garage is porches and radios. And word mister martz always show up typically brought his porches and peddy guys because I hit these heartland to follow not. So we pay hard attention to these areas and look at these cracks if we can see him. To see if these termites for sealing these cracks up with with but tunnels sometimes he split tolls will actually be exposed in you can actually. CDs but tunnels you're they're famous in garage his special we've got stored items and garage as you saw bodies out intact and you see these tunnels come up along the foundation. Yeah about Marty you've found a man in houses of the chief inspector for me. You found him in. The issue molding she molding you found them in the wall well you have found them in multiple behind right bridge behind the fridge you've perhaps I mean because these are plumbing lines bridges in bathrooms areas got plumbing lines it leads let these termites come up through these spears players especially around tough Beers because they blocked these tub plumbing lands battle slabs homes they block them out with would do a lot of times it'll kick those forms out there exposed to but they don't. They just set the tone of over top of receive got direct wouldn't sole contact attorney that tough without blocking out is that plumb line to come up. You take somebody this highly trained. And is more than really highly trained it's almost like. I'm not closely clairvoyant but he is almost like they've got a six if they do make they'd they'd there. But rob rob there are dulled out here that can come out sniff a mile. Drive gosh demon that it's highly trained. We'll beat Nadal in every time. I mean I've had their company here in town is great selling stuff. We're not a sales company were technical company but I beat debt over a hundred times Lou stuff that he's missed enough finals. It's just an all those things it's you've got to know what to look at it. Tap alone based boards. Usually I mean can give recent indicator yet you can listen to us salmon sometime you can tell that baseboard sought it is soft and as traitor or is packed full of mud and it'll make a difference turned let's say. But in most cases you look confer. These telltale signs that termites do termites are famous about coming up through the expansion crackle home and eating sheet rocking baseball worked wa. Welding the paper off the sheet rock in treatment baseboard calls baseboard from an Al soft wood is just easier for him eat. It's insects especially social insects are termites the social insight he's gonna do what's easiest and it's really fascinating to see it when she get looking at it. If you're not comfortable with a him. You need to get. Find yourself a company that she can be comfortable with that technician that can come out and explain things to you know irrational manner. Intel you're risking your not reduce your risk pool almost slab home. Or basement home it's going to be areas adjacent to large. Exterior concrete areas that are in tough having to sort porches an idea whose and garage is those are going to be your primary risk or or slab home. Does that answer your question rob good. Ordered being coerced or create. And you won't return are not doesn't it is is small bit rob this is crazy statistic in the Charlotte area we have. Approximately three termite colonies per acre that's an average in the term ice her here to help break down the ecosystem there helped a breakdown would. My yards a great example I can have a limb follow in my yard and summer months warmer seasons. And I'll get termites in net Lian the final pick at limb up within seven days in yard I got hot popular. But nick yards fair game what you don't want is you don't want to get your house and yes it treatments or are. Our they sound like a big deal but they're not that big a deal I mean we come out we do these treatments. If you know what you do and mean. Who we've been in business since 1954. They hand a lot of we have a lot of our people call us that says. I've got termites in my house. The termite connect paint paint stop home. He knew call. Hit they've coalesced color you have us come on take a look at we get into that sales crazy but it happens all the time how does how has rob didn't let you give us call rob 7043341616. Or bug abbey dot com. Thanks rob thanks rob thank you so much request. There about 704. 57 know 1110704571110. If you've got a question about real state I don't care what it is boring we are here to take it. So. Marty to finish up this segment let's let's keep going on on non drinkable for earnings and then I'm gonna talk next segment about on some investment. Mistakes. Oh and he wrote not my own and I've personally but from things that happened. What could. You said carpenter being zarrella can't believe that yet. But because also this is crazy the calls we had three or four birdies. In the mid to high seventies harbor beach apartment earlier this year never seen a pop this or that there are usually. He's sleep late. In late April middle of night where may have popped early. Carter believes. We'll drill hole phenol command fly and she can drill this hole in the last. In thirty minutes perfectly round looked like a drill bit is thrilled. So what do you do come out of tennis racquet prince I come matching they date. Then the female who's black in the face she's got inflation attache and signing abdomen. She can't sing you know she's not likely to lift a finger in hole which I've done which what the products brightest thing in the world. But for. If you. From broker she can sing it and she's got a stinker on each pump motor roll through here but the one that detection doesn't. Compare that. Sam. I don't present and so hard and let it. Ideology and I'll do when he hits them hard and let him and hold on. But this motor all plays got male who is now but but you have to look at the males got a little. Like a discount yellowish but it really white. Spot only it's on his head and he'll give any face act like he's gonna do some became do I mean thank each and he just he tries to intimidate and bully yet. You can't do anything I don't think he does is provide. Pleasure for the female she drilled. Hope she does all the work. That's what I'm talk I don't know since he took her right latency I don't know. The southern 457011. Then you go zero on the show your illustrated today ask whatever you need whatever you've got we're hear here on 1110. Many 93 WBD stay where this will hotels and be able to sit out. Marty's you know vote on what else is there much talk about Reynolds good. Okay just don't you take it and you just and you get a struggle here. Fully protect so enough of that poor imitation by many. We're gonna get back to where we're supposed to talk about. Real slow moon soldiers who can not okay so. This is the show your real estate today if you're just tuning him. No it is not a show about Elvis it is a show about real state anything having to do without here with Marty sammon Marten IV. And of course my son is here our series can hang in in the wings but we've got. So thankful Sherron who was patient. To wait for question about termites and if you're like share and 7045%. Don't know 1110 callus if you ever question about anything heaven doing the real estate. And of course. Marty will pay you if you call and ask about termites. So Sherron send him the bill. Okay I actually help you friends. Well he was mentioning earlier than a lot of people have dropped their turn my power lines out of coverage and so forth and I and it and that it should only cost I don't know 1200 dollars something like that. But I have I'm roll over 500 dollars a year and I won't mention them the person that still whenever the company that's done it but they have these states. They put these states all around account for the phenomenon for years now and say you know it seems like a big expense and I'm just wondering if I could. Get rid of the debate has them and just happens to have somebody come out on fear and check in you know pay maybe one or 200 dollars and at a what I've been paying in. Right now I can't speak for Marty Sherron. I'm we've got your number offline I guess Jesse did you get her number okay. Because where we don't want a mansion near combat company either but I'm gonna tell yen Marty's already gonna tell you. There's a better way to go here there there's a chair is much better way to go you can give us a call 743341606. Or if you like all have our office call you Monday since we that your contact info. But what I need to do is there there is a chart for the initial treatment at the annual fees would. Which English she got a monster house I mean with the Martin Rossi monster monster footprints it really depends on the footprint. I'd I just can't see your annual being in anywhere in excess of probably a 150 dollars after the initial treatment. The problem with the baiting programs and we used to do a lot of baiting programs. But cut to the chase is the problem with the baiting program is a low probability you'll all probability as more steps than any program the more likelihood of failure. There's a lot of steps and baiting program there's a lot of stations are a lot of things that go wrong with a invest out of the exterminators control. And what we got we we tried to eliminate as many of those programs is weak head. In Indian we ended up spin over 300000 dollars our our company's pocket you're back to every program that we put into. An offer. Treatment with terminal which is a much superior treatment. Yes she's sharing this thing has and and what Marty stone is is a realistic I used to have good years ago the baiting program and Marty replaced it for me so this isn't a plug this is me telling you my own issue okay. Because I'm counting on the fact that the blind termite is going to be attracted to big to exactly that spot where that would bait. Its own and not swim between. Right well that's what you're hoping for but believe or not it happens in the main reason it happens that they don't get in the baiting program. Is because those programs those stations still full water in the termite or not go home yeah that's why I went ahead and change I took mine out. And it turned out being cheaper for me because the payback is pretty darn quickly if you're in your house a couple of years yet you get your money back you get your money back yet so. I understand that peace haven't. I mean salmon and Maarten I'm sure you can chime into a share in the fact that you know a lot of these dating systems are still out there. Yeah but I think the better system to go with his food good determined or. About our guest or however you pronounce it from terminal area Birmingham has a silent a tournament. You know what our guests but anyway does that make sense to you share. Well I have because out of you know like get that I am and you know Hamadan climbed to you know whether they continue with their friends. When they come out and I kind of question that you know they deeply brochures analysts blame the explanation that to have it. It keeps them away from the house to keep you know whatever hand out. And I got to really been confused as to what to do. Or nearby and a lot of brochures and 500 dollars an hour I'll have our office call you shared and I'll come out and myself and look at it not tell you what I think's best for you. All I would be great thanks so thank you care so much for college here pro LT very much I appreciate it. Alex come appear to the microphone now had a territory for Marty correct. Well probably some people understand. There are two different type different bees that actually looks similar. It's been recovered or B and the most common friendly bumblebee. Well although bell friendly is that. A diversionary tactic they're very vocal staying do you prefer that. And could actually a bumblebee can be very aggressive at times. But they do look very similar the only difference is is the carpenter believes the mail has the white spot and the corporate B is a larger bit. Proper number is larger is lord how much larger I would say some time in in some cases depending on the type of bumblebee it can be as low it's twice as large. Yeah but don't sell low low low bumblebee short. He. Also can pack a punch. Well if the stinger in the motor oil or oil and I'm still I'm still stuck on network yeah so samphan and Murton before we switch gears and and talk a little bit about some other things. How do you guys treat for carpenter bees what do you guys do. Well that's a great question we can come out we can spray your yard with a backpack blower we've come sprayed with bullets and get hung around those plants where their comic come around. We don't spray win flowers and balloon closer pollinating. We want take care of our pollination cause that's important for sustainable. Our environmental purposes and how little we can also spot treat the whole as well we have some special devices that we can get up there and get into where they're getting. The other side once you've treated for carpenter bees is you need to go back. And you need to plug those holes cause otherwise next year. If you're neighbors got harper bees that FEMA is gonna come back it's she's gonna see a hole that's already bored out she's gonna go right back into that means they don't use would party. Don't recommend and what. How happy I thought I what do you use. Well you can use little room for all discount Rolla packed it in there concurrent or you can use in school put that in there and then you can patch without pain and and how slow it is and. All right so I'm gonna keep guard timer on this from Marty but I wanna I wanna know now I'm curious. You mentioned before that the mosquitoes are out so when your treatment for carpenter bees should we be start in this the treatments for the skeeter shifts. Either time is cut into your martyr your time around I want to talk about. But yes they've already started they sock help prepare the mail me. At a I able America but. Very. Yeah. But yet they. I already thought Collison bats are out we never you just talk at all while life god the other day. And he he agreed with me he had never seen the best out this or. Yeah I mean camp in particularly when we're talking about mosquitoes in the first a mark on that's right cannons are kind of bizarre we were talking about an office the very funny. Thirst for more reluctant to talk and then the miscue flew right past the Wu stalker out there to lead the points up. All right all he had. No news ever cheaper. But the fact that if we had some jokes about that are there we are going and I know and I think that so. So one of. Thanks I wanna make sure that we have a chance to talk about who has. A lot of what Jamison does in. The big portion of our business has always been buyers and sellers and we spend a lot of time talking about that last week we talked about the house and all the preparations for a house can they're ready for sale on all the different things you can do. One of the things we haven't spent a lot of time talking about is if you're purchasing a piece of investment properties. What that looks like and some of the things. To be aware of when your purchasing a piece of real state for investment as an individual investor and let me first state. Before we get too far into the subject because. We've got. A few things to cover that. You you wanna make sure that when you think about investing in real estate. My philosophy isn't there you completely throw your whole investment portfolio out the window. And throw it into real state. Any in financial advisor or investment advisor will tell you you need to have a balanced portfolio. And the older you get. Those risk tolerances change. Sometimes you don't wanna put as much money at risk. As Sam or Martin who were much younger then Marty and I would do. So you take some of that money out and you invested in more cash flow type. Secure type. Collateralized. Investment. You know one thing I always have said about real estate you can blow it up Bernard knock it down whatever it is it's always worse something. And that Dirk is always worth. Some time especially if it's in a good location Spencer right so. My point in that is just saying look. If evaluate the investment based on where you are and believe it or not. The majority of the people in this silver generation where we are is. Now looking at those kind of things as they either make their. Personal home into a piece of rental property whether they've got a family home that's been passed on to them from their parents that they are making to an investment property. Or they're actually acquiring it or. During a tax free exchange it for so many different ways to look at her track. But first of all I wanna make sure you you understand a lot of folks actually use leverage leveraged. And you know eight even in the eyes of you know Dave Ramsey's of the world there's good and bad leverage right. Credit cards are not a good place to go viral stuff it. But. The way the interest rates are still having a little bit of a mortgage is okay. So those kind of things you do you look at but. Make sure when you do that you plug it into the mathematical calculations. Not just on the returns but your own personal budget. The worst thing that could ever happen as you body that these are real estate and you start stared at me going. 24 hours after we've purchase it where's my Tenet where's my Tenet where's my Tenet because I can't make the payment. If I don't get to ten. And I say to folks walk I'm sorry and we talk about this early in the relationship. That I'm more about. But what not to you know are there who not the war so. Not just put somebody yen but make insurance the right person that goes yeah. Wounds that's coming into a music are what that means that we're going to a break but won't be back to talk about this more 704. 570. Do you 1110. They show you real estate to do it. Stay with us here on what Marty sammon Martin. My name's Carl Jamieson. 1110993. WB 280 all right well. Well a good way to finish is she noted there were in the final segment of the show you real estate today are poll Jamison in the surreal to Keller Williams Jamison. Property management and Jamison property investments your post. Thank you so much for being with us on this beautiful Saturday here when Marty RB Sam IBM mark and I me the ivy triplets in here. Being Marty the senior of the triplets. Her throat but it's the elderly statesman. Was rumored corrupt couple. And from work here yeah so. How fiscal. If you are tossed 70457011. Then 704571110. We're talking about investment property we're talking about making sure. You have the ability. To go vacant for thirty days or so. Even if you there's lots of applications are we're share would Marty at the break I've gotten people that have come in with 800 credit scores and I'll still don't mind. Because if you're living on the edge of disaster. If something if you have a hiccup in your personal finances guess what they're gonna do. We're not gloom Pagliuca. And we're no nonsense goes on. The day that rent is due the day after you get a letter for me and then very shortly after that you get a letter from the county. Mean as a sheriff attached to it. We don't mess around well you made a good point. About them. 5% penalty see him in the maximum penalty in most counties is 5%. The maximum penalty on credit cards as much or more than that that's cheap penalty you know. Compared to those excellent bright and it goes on your credit rating the way we report it so you wanna miss you wanna pick up you gonna get one that's Toronto. I try New Hampshire and we have. He's really nasty as dollar goat tee and you name his ball and has no hair he doesn't Wear a big hat okay. And his high school picture is not on his business card part. Number true. Well I tell you what I saw another one the other day and I didn't triple take. When I look at that card and I looked at that person that realtor and just. Almost lost it. I just didn't know what to say enough is speechless when I woke up I was waiting for the excuse well I ran out of my real cards and I had to use things from high school. You accused me these are so. That location is another one. OK so what I tell folks and and again I usually am when I'm driving the bus. I'm drive and the location I'm doing the research I'm looking at the purpose I'm looking at the emergence. Over that market is going. Where's the investment bin what are they doing for infrastructure. Did they are they have they torn some of the old building down what's going in its place what is around it is a train going by. Question question question question. Yet at that at that that they hit ahead of that Kirk's. And that's where your real estate capitalization comes from if you look at the flip. I'm the wrong guy. If you wanna buy a piece of property and you wanna show our law it all up little little spit shine on it and you wanna flip it tomorrow and you wanna make a bunch of money. Do we have some of our clients that have done that yes but the focus. In real estate in really making money is house by house transaction by transaction and be prepared to hold it for five years minimum. People told to be prepared to have their contract. So location is important so I also like to drive by at night. More. And there you know I like to see if there's no place to park if everybody Parse or Karl on the street because they're driveways for big wheels that might whatever it is. I wanna make sure that I see that property but all of it's glory. And all of its yuck. Makes a big difference in Powell that is an excellent point you know won't make this example I had a bar policy last week we must do inspection. We would undergo inspection in in the background hurt. Pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop unless not a good sign TomTom model pop pop and I was like there was with males like possess talent tissue grange do you. And admire. Bad. Is that it was a friend of mine are coldest day emphasis is your son knows that he's done house you're shooting range. He's like no. I should didn't realtor mention it to you. And I don't think so as the sun column. This he says desertion range there assume we're pretty sure us of logistically speaking in you'd have to look it up but. I'm here we heard in cart how we was there and we left came back. And it was there when we came back so what is pretty close. Knew her not fit and it wasn't a Nintendo knows and you back at the Charlotte in the house backed up the short pistol range and you know if you had kids New Hampshire site on the I'm lover somehow or am I appreciate guns Iverson made two. Shame on you Dick's Sporting Goods but yet but my point is this is you got kids that I could see where that would be bid. Detriment to some people won't hurt German word and course are adding that to you are called back I got time for you but you're gonna go quick. So location is important. Miss judging resale or rent value. If the only source. Of value and orient you are using is. She they don't know of W. Well. Can name name. Do you not do that. Zillow is an algorithm has never stepped in the neighborhood and there's never senior neighbor it has never seen the condition relax it has never done any thing other than mathematics. Do you not use those numbers as a basis for making an investment in property period. I'm only the player. Very sales. Per carry. Repair costs. Underestimating. Repair costs. Marty talked about it earlier Sam. You know. Guys chime in I mean the reality is if you don't do your due diligence as to what's going all of that house you don't go home inspection you just kind of come in more than offer and you don't do. And go through those steps. All all alone. Now clearly proved it truck home BR 549. It is not good it is not in that is the worst thing. Four especially. For a landlord you into is it enough house to give up a lot of unexpected repair. Yeah you know what's interest thing is we've talked a little bit earlier about let those bonds laps. You know even to get in their crawl space. And really look. At what's going on underneath there. Doesn't do the value of a good termite inspection when you get your house under termite worker program. It's referees to bear we see some else going on some that really doesn't fall on our umbrella like a leaking pipe. Orally can shower pan. Or an air duct pleas for an open wire that is in hazard we're gonna tell you about if we see it. Then you know what's interesting is. There was a client of mine that had and we did an inspection. That was. During the construction finished right it's the plumber forgot to connect to the hype. Out of the tub. So you think about if we would not caught that and that tub when the food and food. And flow. Saul on all around million dollar homes that didn't get connected under a jacuzzi. And it leaked continues. How they get your Marty Sam Martin's. Sesno for 3341616. Or by having dot com one out oh million calls and 846 done at. Paid for 63663. Jamison realty Jamison property management Jamison property investments we're here to serve your worth anything you may need doing with. Your real state thank you so much for listening. Talking and actually the sugar mistake today here on. 111093. WBT god bless sensing units with.