The PGA, Disney, The Panthers and More

John Hancock
Wednesday, August 9th

John discusses how happy the PGA is with the tournament here in Charlotte, how excited he is for the Panthers to be back, Disney is leaving Netflix, "I Read The News" and more.


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Yeah. This is John Hancock. Hey there other other or as Wednesday as we can be abbreviated show today we are happy to make way for a pair of free gift that timing here. Houston Texans and down that night. First exhibition game. Can't wait. If for no other reason than the same reason and everybody else can't wait nets to see our Christian McCaffery against. We'll watch the network were. Where was Houston not the number one defense in the league last year. So love they way that. They'll be fine on the other thing I get excited about is. I happen to love our pregame show. So is OK okay cut off that toe for thirty you know Eugene in American all the guys so low wander or no throughout that and his. His his regular features and maybe some new ones this season as well. And then 730. We can all sit back and listen and or watch the game. Which will not feature of veterans enough starters for a very long but there's some pretty intriguing. Stories. Like a lot about six receivers. Quick guys. Go on after two positions it would seem. And Samoa defensive secondary stuff there are no targets are met Khalil out there tonight I assume. No cam. I'm Derek Anderson starts and so why you did I mom I'm excited do it to watch showed. To watch the game denied Bank of America Stadium would best. Stated mode earlier today the dog house is alive and well all those guys are broadcasting live down there are so if you're headed into the game got by the dog house and. And take advantage of their stuff. I thought I was inching lower down there are all last week they've Beverly virtually several acclaimed play substance last time I was and there are so it's really nice sounding a bars and all sorts of stuff and again beer and an opinion on this and then. But they got great big Jack Daniels signs all over the place. And I was sickened. Is that he works for my heart. I don't get that. There is a good friend of mine but. I don't know that I'd be putting his name up all over the place. Yeah well then yeah. So I guess you saw the paper this morning this Jose a column by Scott Fowler. Six takes it would take aways from nine exclusive interview with our Ron Rivera there was actually it's on the cover I think is. Is Scott Fowler talk and a Ron Rivera. And and then he's got this column six takeaways. From his conversation with. Now with coach. And asked about to McCaffrey on Wednesday. And Rivera said he expected McCaffrey to play about a quarter and a half. And he said McCaffery well. Clearly be the team's number one punt returner this year. Several thousand distinct and be exciting. And that he talked about the kicking competition because you got to Graham to know they brought some 'cause it's about competition and for him. I'm Harrison. But Kerr. So we'll see where all of that goes and has has a news junkie. Rivera said. He often has talk radio on in his office when he L works usually tuned to a news station like Charlotte's WB Tate. He also has developed a a friendship with a well known Republican pollster and media consultant. Frank Luntz. Says he's worked with me on my our press conferences and stuff like that and know when something comes up on a national political status scale. I'll ask MO what do you think about that and now he gives me uploading good opinion. Pretty good opinion. But. I'm sure he mustered drop my name. Best sellers not gonna print of the night until we don't go along with Scott but you just you're just don't promote. Well we do because we're stupid. I'm a wrench in fellow right now I could just say Ayers called paper. But we don't do. Well and then on the other hand bigger Rivera didn't mention it and I ask you about that a firearm injury. I won't be on the sidelines tonight so I won't be running into him on the sidelines tonight so. Biggest question just have to wait up good news from my Jeff Newton and they are folks over WB TV. Jeff is the as a guy who built my house he is also the guy who is building his third of saint Jude dream home that they are selling tickets for. Correction that they were selling tickets for. On WB TV and then in October they'll pull away or somebody's gonna win a house. On everybody in the meantime. Don't Reyes over a million dollars for saint Jude's in Memphis. And if you're not familiar was sages what an organization it when you take your kid to saint Jude's that there's no bills there's no. While they pick all of an up and it's it's an odd it's just unbelievable. Well organization and one of the ways that they do the fundraising and making ends meet. If they have builders all over the country build these saint Jude dream homes in which they regular they broke auctioned an awful lot of real bill off. So there were Acela 111500. Tickets to why this year's home. And it's sold us out. Three weeks sold out. Now they used to be that they were sell 101000 tickets. And they'd still be pushed unit in the last few days you know like why we're all got to feel left. They're sold out. So that's I mean that's just amazing news congratulations to channel three for Beers at your response. West got to make saint Jude's feel like over a million bucks. So I think that's. I think that's pretty good all of that kind of stuff PGA of course officially starts. I tomorrow but you still have all of sideshows loses that the other end they departed via policy on whether today. And and we'll know whether they would let you know out on the course whether or not there's dangerous weather approaching and if that word you go cases they suspend by whether. Not air horn blast signals. And needed to score board you should keep your eye on the scoreboards and the boards around the course plays suspended seek shelter immediately. And down. You know if you're if you got passes to hospitality suites. You can never go there are or you can go away inside the the main answers the championship shops and a sold and so forth and spectators who choose to leave quail hollow during our weather warning or delay of play are eligible to be readmitted to the course but only on that day. And if any portion of the round is played tickets for the day you'll be honored on that day only fans can know bring umbrellas to quail hollow in case you're wondering. And and use them on the course sets course. And then they asked about the ticket policy if an entire session would be lost to weather. And PGA of America responded quote. There are many variables that go into postponement rescheduling and treated ticketing. And these decisions are made on a case by case basis close quote. Saw an answered your question. We don't really have an answer to that question. Dedicating their civil laws that will remember that next time we had the PGA championship for first place they're gonna move till may. That was announced earlier this week. Al but there's an article written by Katherine Peralta in the Charlotte Observer today that says PGA championship 100%. Will return to Charlotte officials us. Apparently they had a press conference today and got a huge vote of confidence. From. Not only for quail hollow club but for. For Johnny Harris as well. And biggest golf tournament and Charles history and according to what we heard today it likely to come back. The are championships have been determined through 20/20 three. But the PGA of America's CEO Pete the Rockwell. Said that the championship quote just really sets up well here at quail hollow. Which show was awarded the event in 2010. Actually from what I read and a little bit earlier this week Johnny Harris actually knew that they had it in 2009. You had to stay mum on them. Of course or court of course we have to get through this week and I would say that we we can't wait to get back here it's 100% and our plans to bring the PGA championship. Back to quail hollow. So they that they were all full of praise for Johnny Harris in the city of Charlotte enough. Send a Charlotte has rolled out the red carpet this has the makings of a really wonderful championship. So you know it's one thing to say hourly oh and happy to be here and optimistic and we figure but I mean does say yeah now 100% or we'll bring it back here. Well I don't know Johnny Harris is involved with the you know it's. Going to be done right and and you know what's going to be received well he disturbed. He just tell us that that golden touch and stuff like that so that's the way that goes Korea's get enough. But to make the understatement of the afternoon Korea's get a little towns. Trumpet North Korea exchanging threats and many the commentary on on both sides about toe whether or not president to it was at its it. It into there's no relation between us in the Cuban missile crisis of of them attempts missed. And I was just kid during that many of you were probably just kids string meant to bring you remember. On I remember. I mentioned this several times because. My mom all the sudden built. Survival shelter. In the basement of our house in Saint Louis. And Hillary's rival remember that is because she had two boxes of sugar cubes to honor that I go would sneak down and not eat them. But I don't know that I I knew that there was a crisis going on I don't think I made an appearance. Don't necessarily need to scare the BGB's out of their kids. So I knew that there was some tension is going on in the world and at the Russians had some. The ships down there are off the coast of Cuba and non that we were concerned about it and I certainly grew up in the air all work. We knew that Russia was our enemy. Edit and intact. We still don't like we still don't trust Russians never have to because it's been ingrained habits. But this is about his chances then come. And the Cuban missile crisis is nearest I can tell that that's kind of the same feeling good we get the Washington Post published a story yesterday a north on the north technological advances which cited US intelligence officials and they. And a confidential Defense Intelligence Agency report. Not that the north has been able to a miniature rise a nuclear weapon meaning that it could mount them on missiles that could potentially reach the United States but. Janet re enters the Earth's atmosphere without burning up that's the one question that you don't really know and then could it hit targets with accuracy and that's the other question that you don't know but. In little scary out there right now. So and pretty darn scary out there. Saw yesterday aaron's studio we're doing some stuff and JJ says to me tea and Disney's gonna do their own streaming service. But I did know they were leaving Netflix. To be that bad then that that's been so I ides why you know like I adults in the future. And if you want want want want okay I got strategic. I should. It's not the first time I've missed something K. Oh by the way your pants are on fire just or Wong Wong. So that's big news. Now this doesn't happen until the end of 2018. But. Disney movies. I have such as those made by marvel studios. We'll have a new streaming home come 2019. Disney announced yesterday that they will launch their own subscription service in 2019. That will become the new home two films from Walt Disney studios. And Pixar. And marvel and Lucas film and all the others that are under their umbrella. And those 2019 films would include Toy Story four. And the sequel to frozen. And the live action remake of a lie and king. And all of that I I keep reading this they can you know. I haven't signed up for Netflix and yet but it may be as early as this weekend. Armed. And Disney's head while they have a good relationship but Netflix accompanies your exercise an option. And it's an agreement to leave the service. So the films you'll stay on Netflix until the end of 28 chain. While marvel television shows like a daredevil in the defenders will stay on Netflix. So. IAA I mean as much aside. If I had kids I'm about to have a granddaughter so. At that point maybe I'd sign on to Disney for her although. I think my wife has every dvd of every classic Disney movies it's ever been made so well. So that would not dissuade me from joining Netflix. Because it's not got I wouldn't be more interested. In documentaries and stuff like that and I am mom movie's. But that's still that's a huge movie and Disney company are bought a majority ownership of a streaming company called bam tech. 401 point 58 billion dollars as part of their plans to start their own video services. And and the first one up will be under the ESP NN. And will offer our coverage of multiple sports and launch an early 28 teams so the press release from Disney said that the ESPN's service. Will feature approximately 101000 live a regional national. And international games and events a year. And so that would include Major League Baseball. And a major league hockey and Major League soccer and Grand Slam tennis and college sports. And then you've got individual sport packages like MLB TV an NH LTV and MLS lied and that'll also be available. Meaning that you'll conceivably be able to customize your streaming access. And skip paying for what you won't watch. So ever changing world of access to. Entertainment sports and an otherwise I'd I had just two iron and I find an all kind of fascinating. Now as long as we're kind of in sports mode today. In addition to keeping our eyes on what's going on with North Korea. There's a couple of sports stories that I found interesting and since we're talking PGA and world get psyched up for the panther. Are broadcast which. An hour from now will be fully underway in pregame. With the James O'Keefe. On no news 11109293. A couple of sports stories that I found to be kind of mentioning and one has a rally. Dad is going to be supporting a Colin Capra nick there's going to be held outside of NFL headquarters. He hasn't been signed to a team yeah there was some speculation that maybe he would get. A gig in Miami. That went to. Cutler. They merely as a jog out to Keller. Well. Because he's just so charismatic. Jay Cutler is that it Demi needs it ever effect they were talking about that on TV last night his press conference. And they were questioning this guy just does a really seemed have a passion for football. But he does have a passion for ten million dollars a year after he thought he was retired and don't go be on TV. That's the other thing and understand why did they sign him to TV. So they can I increase sales of nerve bricks. If you do river those days back in the early to sell lower. Foam bricks that you interest throw your TV set during up Monday Night Football what Howard Cosell. There's there collection of civil rights groups that are planning a rally in support of quarterback Colin Capra nick outside of the NFL's New York headquarters still do this on August the 23. He hasn't been signed to a team up for the upcoming season and there are some that believe that it's because of his kneeling during the National Anthem. Eight games last season instead of standing. To a protest racial inequality and no police brutality. I his name has not come up in recent weeks you know cause injuries are hitting teams this'll happen again somebody. Hope it's not tonight. But as as somebody. Will. Suffer another devastating injury or a back up quarterback every ticket Derek Anderson got hurt tonight. And I don't think very hard. And in fact now I'm concerned senate. Better than I mean I think he's a key player he's not the starter but boy you would have to find somebody to replace him that was competent enough to come in and because he's I mean he he rocks as a backup quarterback panel like Matt Moore and no Miami they don't have confidence in him obviously is the starter. But that's a good guy to have on your bench lots of experience he can at least come men and and no play the game. So cap or nickname came up in Miami it came up with the Baltimore Ravens. You get that gig either both eventually I was somebody else the raiders ravens owner Steve biscotti the ski outing the C Gotti. Steve. Made very clear that the cavern X last season protest was a consideration as they weigh their decision saying signing him would quote upset some people. And asking. Pray for us. ESPN other has our reported it to a camper nick has agreed to stand for the National Anthem is your biggest signed to a team. Well not a big fan of treated. Like his movies I just don't like him. That comes from a long long time ago with a high of where he was surrogate for the knicks were in town and I eat. Well I was on my way out with my little. Backstage passes and and and he was on the way in and as we passed him. I kidding I said to him hey welcome to Charlotte it. I don't wasn't the knicks were playing or some other team that's a what are you doing here the next darted down. And it just ain't never acknowledged I was even stand and there is smaller didn't do anything. It's early dealings. But it and that I got over it I hate waited his support for the rally yesterday morning saying later in the day that. He wouldn't be able to attend. But he would be either quoted spirit and solidarity. I like Katy Perry. General apparently obligation should just didn't know she regrets that they are agent but the concert. And ticket sales sucked. Smaller rally in support of cavern it was held at this spring outside of NFL headquarters smaller meaning. But Torre for people. But what if so the other story is Joseph west is a senior umpire Ed Major League Baseball. And he's been suspended for three days for comments that he made about the Texas Rangers third baseman Adrian Beltre. A read this in the USA today. Guess it was late June. And west. Doing his 5000. Regular season game. Was asked who's the biggest complainer in baseball and he said oh I've got to be Adrian builder. And explain every pitch you call that to strike he says well overall low. I had a game where they recently and the pitch was right down the middle and he tells me that ball is outside and I told him hey you may be a great ballplayer butcher the worst umpire in the league. Use stick at Torre said a hundred Belcher. And Beltre told reporters yesterday that he thought Wes suspension was unnecessary and at the umpire told him most soon after that he was kidding. And and quite frankly I guess I'd never make it as an umpire to that would that's that's out like Mike Douglas sarcasm dominant. You hit the ball call. So the world umpire association so they were told that the suspension was for court appearance of lack of impartiality. And the union said that joking interactions between umpires and players are they are routine part of the game we disagree strongly with the decision to punish Joseph west. Simply for sharing a humorous exchange with a player. But then on the other hand he gets three days off. Maybe don't come under really hot stretch. I. They are broke out there that wants to or run independent candidates for political office so far of outside the two party system. And they think that maybe this would be the right time for them. No we've been screaming for a overall long long time. Well people think they want him but then they get to the voting Booth and they vote the incumbents because name familiarity and that's the secret advertising you know that's like Coke keeps on advertising everybody knows what Tokyo's. Why would they advertise everybody knows Coke. Did you know Coke expires. Susan to me last night said there was like six cans of a Coke in our room and our garage refrigerator the greatest invention ever by the way garage refrigerator. I'm. And she said yeah throw those out with the trash tomorrow they're expired. They did expired in July oh whoa whoa whoa what. Loses this is what. Mean I didn't do good last. Forever but. I thought it was like a twinkies and if he ever had thrown out. I anyway. There's a group thinks that it's the right time to did I voted for a movement to elect independent non party candidates. Without historically unpopular. Republican president. And a Democratic Party in the wilderness still trying to find its bearings according to Politico there were. Someone. So it's called the centrist project and they have about thirteen candidates looking at runs for governor. And senate in note 2018 and they have plans to create shared infrastructure. And funding for a slate of campaigns around the country. And there are explaining they're goals the centrist project's website says it quote. Aims to strategically. Elect independent candidates to office who can breakthrough political gridlock. And serve as a voice for all of those. In the sensible center. Not as traditional third party but as America's first. And party. So the group hopes that the model will. Won't will be Alaska governor Bill Walker. Crew bomb. Did not is to be an accurate. That we USOC. He's a lifelong Republican he quit the party a couple of months ago right before the 2014 election. He. That they they picked a Democrat as say he picked a Democrat is lieutenant governor and running mate any one. And he told Politico quoted a candidate comes up and says I'm a Republican or I'm a Democrat. People know within probability 70% of where they stand. With an independent it's like OK tell me about yourself. So he says however there's a sensitivity about being spoilers and races without being able to win the former Republican operative Matthew doubted. Crews helping advise the group said the greatest barrier right now. Too this is not money and not tactics of the greatest barrier to psychological. If you can break that by winning some races that I think the media starts covering a little bit more people that dead people say they want. But they'd like an independent candidate. And technically you would think that they be more appealing to look at how many of us are independents. Independents outnumber Republicans at least in this area do they not. In India in Charlotte I'm almost sure that the Democrats prevail. That's why you see the makeup that you do in City Council county commission and school boards and so on and so forth but I think independence. Are growing and Republicans are are shrinking I've been wrong. But I know independence or growing a bit independent forever for those for the one reason. I'm that it allows me to have. Play in the primary that I want to play him. So mom and and quite frankly there's not a there's not an election out there where your vote counts more than it does in the primaries because turnout so low. You actually have a say in who the candidates are. It inevitably will we get into races that all the sudden start produce candidates that people don't think alike that make all talk radio and go live. Flash I hell like the candidates are doing did you vote in the primary is all know. You should've voted in the primaries you've got a better chance there of picking out who you're not at all like in November than you would but anyway. This group thinks it might be the right time for a movement of to elect officials now we'll programming note if all goes as planned we're gonna do final five Teddy. At 405. And I read the news today hopefully will fall and petty. On average changes the sequence has rowdy Muir know about 22 minutes to make way for a tip or football would Jim's Oki and Leo can't pregame show. Texas turned down. It starts at 730 tamper pregame show started so for thirty. With the gym Sophia another company it is August the ninth 221 days and your 144 days ago club birthdays Sharon Sanders. From kids first as a birthday today. Maryland bowler while my all time favorite people in doubt got a birthday today Jerry valid court backing down got a birthday today. Jim Brock. A drummer that animated any level percussionist good do it. Got a birthday today Tony hey so used to do a morning show here in town was in our news department for a while the dollar birthday today. The live look we used to do the news doubt that magic 96 point one good friend of boomers got a birthday today. I understand body resist he who works on the radio and down. Got a birthday today. Just engage your honor. 1936. Summer Olympics Berlin Jesse Owens wins his fourth gold medal. Becomes the first American to win four medals in one Olympic Games and bitter right there with pillars stand in there. 1995. All undergoing drug rehab. Grateful Dead lead guitar our leader Jerry Garcia died of heart attack age 53. We'll never forget it. Jerry Klein works for us at the time. Rush to the studio but are more of the great broadcast that night as he's a big judgment. An NFL hall favored Deion Sanders is the Big Five load today. A lawn Moscow is broken up with his girlfriend amber heard because he's just too busy. Scientists I read the news today oh boy announced that they have found a way to make and out of bush shape part improve without exercise. All this technology just move in my way. And oh by the time at all. Come to fruition all probably not being able to enjoy any of a David Letterman has signed a deal would Netflix almost a new show six episodes. And the mansion used in the Beverly Hillbillies is now the most expensive US residents ever listed on the real estate market. 350. Million dollars. Thirty year. Mortgaged or peace. There are still more than a most. I've Beverly Hillbillies house has hit the market there you don't California a state featuring neo credits for the Beverly Hillbillies most expensive residential listing in the country. It's known as chart oil. Hit the market Monday. With a 350 million dollar asking price it was the home of the late Univision billionaire age or older. And she'll. He purchased the estate in 1986. Died in May at the age of 86. Home was originally built in 1933 includes 25000. Square feet of living space including a ballroom. Or world class wine cellar. A formal salon. And period paneled. Dining room. The exterior of the home was used in shots of the BC they never actually lived there. Although judge army has been a couple of nights are with that are. With Dave but who knows. I guess this is kind of cool I I like it bent down. There's a cool website out there. Opera fans not just heard vital records but old 78 rpm vinyl records the great 78 project. Is digital rising. The audio from 78 rpm records produced from 189. 1950s. Over 25000. Recordings. Currently available. Which I assume it means that they'll be around forever. August from that aspect. Like that I don't know that you mess around necessarily sit around I've got to a couple of phonograph sold photographs antique sort of bought. One to place the old tube. And and remember another bit please seven DH and so and so forth you don't necessarily to surround it wasn't going to one of the yellow rose of Texas that are play on this one turntable we found recently that just news as can be. Not audio file quality. But but but pretty attached to. The Little League World Series will play through the solar eclipse. They actually kicks off next week in Williamsport August 17 through the 27 so that covers the the total solar eclipse of the forthcoming coming up on August the 21 Pennsylvania's not within the swath of land that will have these sun completely blotted out. Are there will be a partial eclipse from 114. To 3:56. PM eastern time and at the peak. The moon will block out about up there are 75 to 80% of the sun. The stadium will simply turning its lights on when the eclipse starts so long so play never really have to stop. Organizers won't pass on a bunch of glasses that lawmakers say if two or check out people outside action. But I really thought about that events like that there will be going on during. Chubby people choose chubby people. This is her all the judge the people. Not surprising that people tend to choose partners with similar interests. Like you know economic class or save raise sore. But the same body fat contents study and now Scotland founded barrier person tends to a pair off with somebody in these same amount of would you say blubber that I've dated and it says here it just seems wrong to me. You see the thing on FaceBook about the guy who talked about is hurting girlfriend it was getting ulcers agreed to need to sit I've always been. I've always been attracted to bigger girls. Somebody for everybody. This has some researchers word because a foot two Chevy folks so appropriate their kids are likely to become Jovi till. Well. Chubby Checker. Burger problem bad. Study comes on the heels of another study that says hanging out with overweight friends means that you're likely do well let yourself go to. Guard eight. I noticed organizations are looking for more young people that. Underdog it's educated got a better probably does have been no on the beaches of and a drill. And we walked onto the grounds of our hedonism. And believe me. It's now earlier or Jordan series. Not all low potential Playboy bunnies sang and out on the beaches of hedonism it was more like your banker it's. And your school cafeteria lunch worker. At an apple. It was sort of nudist groups in camps crossed countries still have a hard time recruiting young people. We've talked about newness before and every time I do know I get email from a person here in town. That is a member of a news organization and they remind me I'm welcome to join them anytime there on. I'd have to be a lot better shape roving. The man. The American association for nude recreation estimates 90% of its membership is older than 35. Elevated that is kindly stated. Then that would be like us saying that we think about 90% of our listening audience is older than 35. And now. Yeah up you know coffee good for the memory of women. I drink a lot of coffee guy I don't. I remember most women. Well that's not what this means drinking more than three cups of coffee a day help protect older women against some age related memory decline. Read the news available. I end up moderate workouts may be better than intense ones and I'm all for that the re search arrest suggests that moderate exercise like walking could be is good news. Or better than intense workouts when it comes to us certain health. Measures I'm back on the treadmill Nelson Soviet type two diabetes designation. What was in a month good mood tomorrow officially. And walked about 63 miles since then. In a study of 240 overweight middle aged adults researchers found that moderate exercise. But not vigorous activity improved participants levels of a blood fats called try groups are good triglycerides. Meanwhile improvements in good HDL cholesterol seemed depend on how much study participants exercised in. And not how intensely. I get a better reading on that tomorrow morning at about 830 when I go back for a follow up visit with my doctor and see what my blood pressure is of zero my cholesterol is and I generally lost oh hole and await. But the my pants are looser. Which leads me to believe that I'm not does I think it's portion control and a lot of the stuff on meeting now in lieu love like go walnuts and nuts and stuff like that is higher in calories. But is is good in stuff I'm supposed to be doing right now. I got a meeting with a dietitian and a couple of weeks so I'm anxious to get down and sit down with urine and and figure out a more concise. But we're staying pretty conservative on what we know. My blood sugar levels are down to the 120s now which is what they're supposed to be so low we've traveled a pretty good distance on that absorbers. Everything is good if you ever get a diagnosis of diabetes type deal. I just attack and just take it as a wake up call from the good lord and and just go for it and hi and you'll feel pretty good about that so I do the Panthers next 77 non.