The PGA, North Korea, "Wild Words of News", and More

John Hancock
Friday, August 11th

John talks about the PGA tournament, North Korea, Erik Spanberg from The Charlotte Business Journal joins John, "I Read The News", and "Big Weekend".


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This is John Hancock. And you re an IR almost where Charlotte studios since I walked in here about 1130 so love. I don't know what it's doing at a quail hollow I haven't Tuesday about suspended player or anything along those lines and they may play in the rain as long as there's under no lightning no problem and a very good communication but does this storm. But. It's I mean it's sons watching Nadal operator right now are just about time that you think you're almost out of the woods new cells develop and a move on up and visit. Just turned remarked oil if you've been inside and out air conditioned building you walk outside your glasses fog up and in a hard created is a steamy. Outside. So give us on the golf tournament is so we go on throughout the afternoon they're either hold terrorist Friday as we can be kicked off big weekend at 5 o'clock. Your chance. Maybe your final chance for this go around to a 1000 dollars. Comes up at 505 in the market off to big weekend for thirty or read the news to Leo boy 4 o'clock we talked air expand bird I don't know if he's out and one of the chalet is he maybe hanging went mr. Harris out there at. It took quail hauler. So well willow we'll talk to him are good deal of what he writes about today has to do with quail hollow or the governor's appearance there or whatever. I'm Rory McIlroy looked like he was. On his way to not making the cut earlier today but he's two over I think at this point last tomorrow looks so he looks like he's a recovered his game. To us some extent and Jordan street this two over his one over for the day. So were all watching him envision just heard with Sherron. North Carolina. A guy Kevin prisoner is in the clubhouse that eight under. If he's in the clubhouse or do you think at this point Texas he's been done for some time. You think he's back at Ballantine hotel. Watch and HBO or. Somewhat found and Rickie Fowler. Is three under and I he's in the clubhouse. As so low anywhere we'll give rise on all of that you're born Olson Olson the guy who allege yesterday or was tied for the lead yesterday ultimately. Is. Started on the back nine so he's on three now and he's four under four shots off the pace so he's remaining pretty go steady hit it much sumo. Did that at three under. Brute Brooke's character is so three under he's so on the fourth hole. So are. They did did you train in their like it's raining here it's. And gosh I hope this is an indicative of what the weekend's gonna. Gonna hold for them you've got to figure that and if they get delayed today. Then you get more rain through the weekend. Then at some point to just become so almost inevitable that they're playing on Monday. Probably too early to know be speculating on that one. All are you look cowboy a lover or a cowboy hater I'm talking football here are not necessarily guys where ships and cowboy had so little army. If you're cowboy hater the news is that Ezekiel Elliott has been suspended for six game he's got three games to three. Three days to appeal if you're a cowboy lover that's got to be some pretty bad news. So why is is interesting them because he was suspended for domestic violence case in Ohio. That prosecutors in Columbus. Decided not to pursue. So there are no. There are no legal charges against him but. The league revised their personal conduct policy into what he's fourteen. And case. And so that gives the commissioner Roger Goodell authority to suspend players for at least six games in domestic cases with or without a conviction. So Jose he'll delegate has been no suspended for six games. And that can help to cal always. So while bail appeal but I doubt very seriously that is appeal wolf. Ball will go anywhere. Have to be careful about how what I say here because as you well know I must surrounded in my home by Buckeyes. My wife's a buckeye in my wife's ex husband is a buckeye. The father of for our kids. I think kids are Buckeyes. I'm the kids are huge Ezequiel earlier fans. And I haven't been and is regularly offense that he threw Urban Meyer under the bus following the Michigan State gave my buddy showed his true colors after that it happened and known. So I'm not I'm not. In big on his character I certainly don't concede his talent. But anyway suspended for six games and we'll see where all of that goes via letter to Elliott the NFL special counsel. Said that advisors are brought in by the league quote. We're of the view that there is substantial and persuasive evidence supporting a finding that Eliot engaged in physical violence against ms. Thomson. On multiple occasions during the week of July 162016. This is the his then girlfriend was named Tiffany Thompson. So he since then has added some off field incidents. Since he's been a fourth overall pick in the 20s16 draft. He was seen in a legal marijuana shop during the pre season in Seattle. Now technically. You know I was seen an illegal marijuana shop. During our vacation to Colorado about three years ago. In fact. There was video of me purchasing. And I know that for a fact because we put it up on our website. But that doesn't I didn't break any laws. Tom saw I you know I don't know that that would necessarily be an off the field incident although. Of the National Football League doesn't really have a a differentiation between legal and illegal when it comes to marijuana. Although there are some owners like Jerry Jones and others that think they should probably relax policy. And then net. LA it was caught on video pulling down a woman's shirt during a Saint Patrick's Day parade in no Dallas set this best spurring. And that may be an extremely bad taste and and and women would probably not like. The representation of what that says but that that's not illegally there. And then he was also involved in a bar fight in Dallas sale a week before training camp. But I got to kind of figure that if you're. A player of well known visible player in the National Football League or. There's always going to be some jerk and a bar that wants to. Either shout trap bet you or. See what you made of. So I don't know that I that any of those necessarily on the face of it without knowing all the facts throws any kind of a the red flare up but tone we'll see were all of that goes I have for the likes me I don't follow the cowboys well enough and all my families and Texas so I I probably should. But I've just we just never been cowboys fan even though that's were a lot of my roots come from. So I don't know who do you have for as backup running back. To about the kid that they got from McFadden. That they they got from the raiders a couple of years ago we are pretty good season for him I think he still is he still on the roster. So. Tar we'll see what that and osu would have with the ciskei and suspension and enough quail hollow is going on as we speak and we'll keep rise on that. Mom and act managing email yesterday from a guy by the name of Tim. He said de John I was the winning bidder the ice cream truck auction in the kids first auction last year and yesterday carrot and sticks and stones. Ice cream truck. She's a while it keeps us abreast of everything that's going on now from a food truck Fridays and this that the other and were they are knows on the weekends and stuff said Doug. And yesterday Karen came to my home and rock kill the supply my daughter and her friends with the ice cream could not have been a better experience. The kids were having won the last two get together before they head off to college so this would like you know budget eight girls as a bunch alike eighteen year olds. And SM we even had over the neighborhood kids come by and Medicare and happily took care of them as well I just wanted to let you know it was a great experience that we had and I would highly recommend Karen and sticks and comes. They were great while they are great and thank you for the emails so I had reason to our readers so I had a reason to remind everybody that six and poses great. China has a pledge to neutrality. In less the US strikes north Korea first. So some of the latest in developments in our ongoing. Daily dialogue with. And Kim Jong-un. And his regime. China's government said it would remain neutral at North Korea attacks the United States but that it would defend its Asian neighbor if the United States strikes first. And and tries to overthrow the regime there. Quotas the United States and South Korea carry out strikes and try to overthrow the North Korean regime and change the political pattern of the year Korean. Peninsula. China will prevent them from doing so. And is reported by the global times which is a daily Chinese newspaper which is controlled by the Communist Party. Some other Asian Pacific countries have come out and supported the United States Japan being one of them said the sweep of the nation's military ready to shoot down North Korean nuclear missiles have a missiles if necessary in Australia. I described the prime minister there described. I his country in the United States is being joined at the hip. So while. So anyway that's that that's on what's going on in that regard the Chinese response followed a number of hot headed to proclamations that have gone back and forth this week. And be yesterday the president said let's see what Kim Jong-un doesn't know gall of Guam if he does something in Guam it will be an event the likes of which nobody has seen before roe what will happen to North Korea. So. Anyway China said no you have to let them hit your first. That all worked out of bomb shelters are selling fast in North Korean in California. In response to via comments about North Korea from the president. But no Montebello California. The fire and no fury threats vote led some southern Californians to our goal seek bond buying bomb shelters case of an attack. Like the bomb NATO. Which is actually. Decide to be built underneath your house during construction. Oops too late now. Oddly bomb NATO has a seating area bunk beds and storage space. And then there's the fall NATO model which is designed to fit inside a ball home garage. They say the high demand comes just days after trump threaten North Korea this week with fire and fury like the world has never seen. And reports suggests that. That that North Korea has mastered one of the final hurdles tuned to to be able to strike the United States with a nuclear missile. The fall late oh by the way starts in about 101000 bucks you wanna get one for your garage. And if you wanna spend more than that candor some luxury model bomb shelters so one no model starts at about a 100000 dollars to about 500000 square feet of the living space. And that includes all the comforts of home bathroom bedroom living room kitchen. And is designed to be built. Out twenty feet underground. Does that don't protect you and a nuclear thing. If it doesn't. You wouldn't be asking for your money back anyway right. That's all that goes and no Mike Huckabee. Are in response to all the Talking Heads on television in the politicians flapping there gums about North Korea thumb. Maxine Waters and Susan Rice both I think that the United States should appease Kim John Noonan net we should give them must something good and returned to their promised not cause trouble. And. The Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee solution to the North Korean problem is so that we we send a Maxine Waters we we launch Maxine Waters and North Korea. And have her talk with Kim Jong noon. He says that within a half an hour he will kill himself. His tweet was. President of the United States has said dispatched Maxine water to North Korea. To talk a little jump. After a half hour with her he will drink whatever he gave to his half brother. So why he's civil assists and Maxine Waters and after a half an hour I don't kill himself from the will be. I'm all for that. First of all I think it's you don't now if it works out B grade and second of all hum. We'd be short one Maxine Waters so that's the sound like a win win to me. We're talking about a little bit earlier ZELLO will appear is so we'll feel a six game suspension according to weigh a statement released by his representatives so love. Your statement says we just learned about the NFL's decision to. Suspend mr. Elliott for six games for allegedly engaging in physical force against the accuser. Mr. Elliott and his team of representatives are extremely disappointed with the NFL's decision. Our offices have been engaged in this matter since last July and have worked hand in hand with the Columbus prosecutor's office as well as the unifil in their response. Investigations. Accordingly we are fully aware of the body full body of evidence that exists in connection with this matter. The NFL's findings are replete with factual inaccuracies erroneous conclusions. And it cherry picks so called evidence to support the conclusion while ignoring other crucial evidence so the Ezekiel oil OT mullah it will load. Appeal his six game of suspension which was handed down just a little bit earlier this afternoon. I'm Colin crap on a couple of other polls that the cut while last night. The first one us at CNN poll I don't know lighted dismiss or there. But it says nearly seven in ten judge congress to be a failure so far. That's the headline. Nearly seven in ten judge congress. A failure so far. No other reason that I went and an up new deal that was as he now. Congress hasn't done anything for. A decade. There there's no such thing as compromise anymore I understand some of you don't want compromised but I. But I but I diet I think it would be better for the country if all the sudden we found middle ground on some things. And maybe even just occasionally. But then when you get into the actual pole. Approval of the current. Republican. Leaders in congress. Has dropped from 39% in January it is 44% not. 68% of Americans judged. GOP. Congress. A failure. So the headline makes you think that they've taken a poll on congress but you get into it and it's a typical CNN. Whitewash. Of the party. That they oppose. A plurality 38%. Say disagreement among Republicans. In congress. Is the main reason for. The a lack of new laws. So. They do this poll. And may come up with a conclusion that nearly seven in ten. Judging the Republican. Congress. A failure so far after last month appeal replaced plan died in the senate on the health care deal. Self. So that is a shred. Just another biased piece of crap from CNN. Whose credibility. Is zero. And less of course. You are the choir that they're preaching to just like so much you. Fox can do no wrong because they're speaking your language. Second pole. A poll found that 52% of people who identify as or lean Republican. Say they would support postponing the 20/20 election to ensure that only eligible sent citizens could vote. If it was proposed by president trump. We're worried that come from. Who dreamed that up. That had do have come out of one of the state to legalize marijuana. The survey published in the Washington Post. Interviewed a sample of thirteen 125. Americans from June 5 in June 20. And focused on the 650. People who said that they were or leaned toward the GOP. And the poll also found that 56% say they would support such action. Which would be taken to stop alleged voter fraud if it was supported by both trump and the Republican members of congress. They then go onto explain a little bit later on in this. Poll. Our survey is only measuring reactions to all hypothetical situation. All. So nobody's released proposed. Debt may be we would. Postpone the 20/20 elections to ensure. If proposed by president trump does that just not sound like you're just trying to get everybody all worked up into a lather. Did you hear about the president's thinking about doing. He's thinking about canceling the 20/20 elections Intel we can be absolutely sure that that are all elections are rigged. Know somebody pulled this out there. What the word record is TJ but. Aspirations. Our men. Because. There would be an unbelievable. Amount of opposition. From I don't care what party you're in. There would be widespread. Opposition. Including Republicans if all the sudden the president of the United States proposed. Putting off a little election. Under the guise that we're gonna try to clean up the process. So two poles one from the Washington Post and one from CNN. And how many trees had to die. For that crap. The one that did that to invade the hypothetical from the Washington Post was one thing but the CNN poll. With the headline grabber nearly seven in ten judge congress to be a failure so far. I agree with that. I think that's for a lot of our frustration is come from. And that's not the Republican congress or the democratic congress that's not the congress that started off with though Obama. And and then lost in the mid terms that's not the congress so we've got now which is primarily Republican. Although not Republican enough to I'll be able to get carte Blanche on what they want. I'm that's a congress. That is so mired in their own colors. That they can't figure out a way to progress. And have positive aspects of their age and do things. That they were elected to do. So. I don't know and then another thing I guess is so why. The hypothetical from the Washington Post and the CNN crap poll why. Has anybody been aware of any day in the last 20 I don't know since January that would be termed a slow news day. It's beverages I don't know that I felt real follower row are wary is a pillow most of his work good in the addition of the Charlotte business journal out today has to do with the real follower surrounding quail hollow like the governor being there are no should be Major League soccer solution in North Carolina would be. A Charlotte and Raleigh. It was like I'll let him to that question. I have mr. Spann bird but but nonetheless I just seemed like a typical Democrat answer to me that all share a passion. We get we'll do we'll just give both of them where's my check where's my state checkbook. And they are used state land and holier than on. We've we've made it a little bit murkier peer let me go to live Kendall you bta Luke. Paid job and of course I think you're the most highly respected. Any any person speaks as Charlotte I mean that sincerely. You have looked a little statesmanship on the which we and that and our country but there would be just a moment. I think if you hit the nail on the Edmund ago if you could describe our country right now no leadership I would think the war would be pathetic. And that's Bartlett or president and that goes across all domestic policy. While they're on vacation or there'll be an ideal time to do. To really you know we have career politicians. John McCain. You know the grandstand play he made with the times mail that was personal court trial. And everyone knows he campaigned. Nine that day on that he would re till he would fight. Each cell work 24 hours a day you get a repellent what did you do so. Our problem in my opinion it is and I think I I can't agree with you more used to better than me. But we have our group of leaders and our country starting with Donald Trump and I voted for Donald Trott a half but they're butcher and skinny neck. Part AS you know a lot. They that they got a real conflict it probably never really been in the battle in their lives they record towards. And they do not represent. The majority of the people in this country. And you know I think that I'll double Trout I have to say as a leader statesmanship. When we get threats of missiles now privately he can get on the phone talent I won't lie to pluck a Christmas tree that. You know so public and the rest the world how other statements such as will be a very unwise. Thing to do that yeah old car and stand there and and and John McCain and Nancy Pelosi had made a living. And at the average person knew what these people make and benefit. And money that they get from you know. Dow down and look I'm gonna catch a right there are so I get a chance respond to you before I have believe I appreciate the call but there is that there it is right their money. I'd you don't have to go any farther back than Charlotte Observer. And two days ago three days ago Tuesday. Talking about beer distributors that are thought poured cash into the North Carolina campaigns. So we'll take this down the local level but it's the same at the national level they're all bought and paid for. That's a that's exactly what it is are all bought and paid for. We eat the little people who were voting big deal. We got no pull at all. Bomb North Carolina beer distributors use political contributions this year to reinforce their battle with craft brewers. Pouring more than 90000 dollars into campaigns of influential lawmakers. And when you read the article you'll see that those influential lawmakers lawmakers wag their tail. The distributors may be contributions and they turned back this effort by craft brewers to to raise the self distribution cap. And no John Marino's quoted in the newspaper he old so old Mac. I brewer and he said you know they're they're doing the work of those who paid a and that's exactly what's going on. And it's happening at all levels they are doing favors for those who gave them the most money close quote that's for John Marino set and he's right. Much of the money went to legislative leaders. And committee members who helped kill the push for Kraft freedom led by two Charlotte brewers Marino's is one of them. The effort is to raise the cap. That pitted north Carolina's fast growing craft beer industry the little guys against the wholesale distributors. The big guys. Who had given lawmakers nearly a million and a half dollars over the last four years according to democracy North Carolina. And now Marino and this other guy with the other brewery are Charlotte's note all brewery. They're leading the fight to try to raise the cap on the 25000. Dollar a barrel of craft real production if they do one barrel more than that. They have to be distributed by the big distributors. And and then they would control the sales in the marketing and delivery and every aspect. Of these companies share things and how they get the power they buy yet. And that happens at every level so as long as we allow all. Elected officials to be bought and paid for Dell take the money and will get the screw. Head WP PY. Well my my my look through the heads are again. Just wait long enough and that's bad faith turns out he had been with this for the last two weeks because he's been at the hospitality tents at quail coroner's. IR quail hollow IAE eating. The other. John you can't just sort of throw yourself into these kind of activities you get to gradually work your way up. Some how much have you spent at the merchandise tent of this curious. You know I I donated my 32 dollars per cap to ward off the sun and other than that I've behave myself that's pretty good. Yeah I could not make it last week otherwise I had gone when they are allowed to did the public to our show up because after I saw both Thompson walked through it I really kind of wanted to see it and I'm not a golf enthusiasts but to. I'd probably shelled out for a half or something kind of a souvenir just because. It is it's here. That's how they got may yet actually you know highway I'm not my lone trip to the merchandise tent was on that sun day. When they meet let the pub again I would just really curious to see personal I had seen it and it's like a department stores you've probably heard but the second part without just. Really interested to see whether people would show up a new sound board but they had a really. Really strong turnout and I'm told by others I haven't confirmed it yet that they. Added it substantial restocking because of the robust sales and at all seems to make sense based on what I'm saying that allowed people clutching bags to quell this week. Yes some tells me they don't mind the restocking your son and they don't have that if you put up a tent and in that mentioning that they would call that a tent that they put up this is big is a football field you love but I mean. I don't think we ever had a tent like that or what camp and up around horse toothed Reza weren't Fort Collins. No idea I mean more to come home if you can't. Like debt now that's exactly that's exactly right. Well let me get to a couple of other things before we dive into via PGA and stuff the governor was that. Quail hollow when you better chance to talked to him a little bit. And and he was talking about the Major League soccer solution will just be won't put it in both although you kind of walked amended that question. Yeah I did and I and I also knew that or arrived felt pretty confident that I was going to get any answers somewhere along those lines. Although you know I think I did giving the opportunity to pick one the other could that would have been even more fun. Yeah that that's totally obviously concern about betting that's typical Democrat to me those easy no longer. Still both of his all my money but that at bat besides that there already use and steal land in Raleigh anyway so you know what back. K I just figured that that was it that a politician would naturally answer. What vote because you know you can't pick one or the other because you're gonna take heat. That that that said oh would you consider Raleigh to be ahead of Charlotte's bid right now because you actually have you talked to. James Mitchell I know some other people amid do you want to continued. I don't know all right good unit they pretty much given up on the first two teams. That'll be announced in men are now kind of opened at they get they're acting together for the sub for the last two teams. Yeah I am would indicate that that counted of course. The political side clearly seems to have given up for the first few teams are right. But market risk groups the private investor group that would pay the franchise city. She says that they're still very much it'd and they tech guy saw one marketing Smith lieutenant said that the course yesterday. And I need help that they've been up to the MLS all star game speaking without orders. You know last week's so. While I still think it's a very long shot. I think if they're going to try and still. Go after this thing the first round but BE you've seen what's played out I mean the fact that the county is willing to hand over the landed at city to avoid. Spending money on this tell you. Pretty clearly that dead there's not a whole lot of interest in using taxpayer money to this right now is to Cooper. No doubt let's let's just cut Cooper this what. This is Mike virtue is then I'll go. He is the what is his title chief strategy officer I believe Missouri markets this group. Was and I don't know that we've gotten a clear answer on and I don't know that I would expect markets to give your Clarissa but I mean was he just stunned at what the county did. I don't know that's I would think so because everywhere else I've spoken to has been very surprised by it I certainly was. But I have not gotten a straight answer and I don't mean that rhetorically I just haven't spoken market so I don't miniature. Yeah you know the Smithson now and include Marcus. They know they'll never get. Defeated. Body. Negativity. I mean guy I have I dive fully believe that Marcus Smith thus still feels that he's got a strong bid. And he'll figure out away their problem solvers they figure out ways to oh overcome their obstacles and sometimes that is to. The astonishment of some people and sometimes that angers people know but these are and this isn't a group that just basically says. Well yeah and John you know what I think what's going on here is they are trying to you do the math on the how much that they can put in how much more they can put in Q this stadium construction which is a 175. Million dollar total. As well as Spain a 159 our franchise seek their balancing that against OK well if they wait to. And the franchise he goes up 275. Or terminator 245 million you know way out of those numbers. Shake out I suspect that's a lot of what's being discussed right now with Marcus Smith and his group. Can you not buyout got to build a lesser stadium capable of expansion if in fact the MLS turns out to be exactly what you are saying it's going to be. Yeah I think you can't I think the problem is that. They have already gone to delete instead. Here's our site. Here's how many seats. Here's this stadium will build view and the fear. I suspect is that if you go back to the MLS and say well just a great all that we're gonna build something smaller we might build it somewhere else solidly. Once all that uncertainty kicks and then the league says you know what will look at another place and seat on the road. The governor was that I that the golf course in part he said. To recruit business coming off of HB two and some other things this was an opportunity for him down. Not a hobnobbing with was with some of the elite who we're gonna be out there anyway I assume that's exactly what he did. Yeah I eat here they did not give us access to you know they're the rest of his itinerary but if that would be a very standard thing for any governor to do. Pat McCrory I believe went to the US open at Pinehurst in 2014. You may want to check them have them fairly sure he'd you know it certainly is represented through there and I think he may have been their well. So that that's one of the arguments for bringing in these kinds of events the funny thing that that the governor said yesterday what. That since the PGA of America says they're a 100% sure they're coming back to Charlotte. He'd like that to happen net during his first term which it is impossible of course because they can't come back until 20/20 fourth earliest that. Yeah and and nothing's gonna happen during his first term. That I would say is he's got a had never heard he's got no shot motor and it's a first term there right he's gonna have to get a little bit more of friendly legislature. General assembly before you start accomplishing knows some of the things you'd like to accomplish speaking out that was my next avenue. People bought people bought both Glock was gives me the CEO of PG America. But I gets asked is there a chance that the PGA whatever come back and he said oh yeah 100%. Yeah I can you know say if someone asked me Garrett this week on putted well you know he is that GS. He can be nice for the PGA you know being ninth. Well I don't think it is because there are dealt another way you do that question and you just say well we opened the it took steps will look at this temporary would you say. It's a 100% certain. That's a pretty good had a pretty forthright guaranteed did you come back and why not they're making oodles of money. The term is going very well you know they've had no a little bit of rain that's not really helping Mitt the organizer to take control obviously so. I think you better word on balance. You had a chance to talk to Jim Nance. And asserted by boat Thompson an area interview with him Mo this morning. That was a really good and Jim Nance has strong ties here in Mount Holly in and so on and so forth but. Explain to me the rotation idea that you wrote about where and it doctors I'm not so sure that I quite understand the idea that Nantz thinks you could take. The US open in the PGA and and have a similar pattern of moving sites. So that the US open and PGA championship or obviously only two majors. That American golf courses in pursuit because the British Open is overstated. Captain obvious here and the masters and then I guess every year or so of the US open. If it comes to North Carolina is almost assuredly going to be at Pinehurst so what Jim mantra saying why it. With some of the changes to the PGA schedule that include. The PGA championship no longer being in August that being played in May every year starting between nineteenth. Hit idealize. How about every four years it comes to quail hollow and then the year after that it comes to Muirfield village you know. In Columbus, Ohio which is Jack Nicklaus this course. So Q of the four years you go to the same spot the other two years' time you take it all over the country. And the region he said that is because. In May you have the Wells Fargo championship and you also have the Memorial Tournament which is that the Nicklaus course and so. The point that Jim Nance is making it you have these two. Well established courses that can handle a major that are already on the schedule in May. Why not just sell them out every four years for the PGA championship and many other years you have the Wells Fargo the memorial so. It's an interesting idea that there are so many pieces movie right now with the reshuffling of the entire PGA tour much of the PGA tour schedule. That it's going to be awhile before we figure out exactly what kept you well. And that doesn't that's not only anchored in respect for the course but that sounds totally anchored and respect for Johnny Harris steel. Yeah and you heard that again and again that this week you heard it from players you've heard from people. Like Jim Nance. I heard it from brown Peter Kostis results he may also. With CBS you need to hear it every where you go I think. It's pretty clear in the golf world why this is PGA championship this year and why quail hollow has made. Such rapid gains may remember John if fifteen years that have like a long time but that's pretty quick. Four course to go from hosting Arab annual PGA tournament has seen a major championship. I was thinking about it yesterday and and we'll take a break and come back and talk to your best thing about it when you and I first got here it was Hugh McCall it was in Crutchfield it was bill Li a duke. Those were the kind of the power brokers that took called the shots. It's Johnny Harris now. Yeah really does say and it did that say eight big shift and yet not only. It is a testament to John he's staying power and is growing influence but then the other piece civic John is that. The other companies that you were calling for children and people led Arnelle. National slash international companies in this CEOs may not be here much or even if they are here. They don't have the time to devote to Charlotte that they want it so. That makes the people who were are left. With that kind of clout all the more important. Yeah although I don't think anybody has got to club that you McCoy all aria that in his time I remember ninety and 91 people would calls they want to and you do something yeah I mean it was here was a matter who was elected her. Who was governor it was a how can you allow this to happen may also that was for you are welcome back and talk more quell all in just a second or expand Bergen new addition to Charlotte business journal. Is out today Charlotte business journal dot com. I don't suppose you can put a dollar amount on no status and know what does the PGA brings to Charlotte and no bragging rights in the future kinda like having the DNC event. You off point out and what are your articles Eric that the recent PGA championships the or Charlotte to a tournament will at a hundred million dollars worth of spending hotels meals transportation. That's according to PGA of America. But you point out that independent economists say no probably more like 10101000100. Million there's a little bit of a gap there. That's it yeah I am what you hear from independent economists when we talk about these. Economic impact numbers again and again they say move that that's a point over once bought and and that's generally the numbers so that. That's how we're getting to the ten million than they. Can't just say that what those estimates leave out is. Neat. Spending that would have occurred at restaurants and movie theaters and elsewhere around town if the major Witt wasn't here are so. I think that are reasonable position is that those numbers can be really inflated but at the same time period is the cash gates. There is the spotlight and there and spending nick comes what is so. I think you just have to take it with the big grain. All well and proves that if you can do this you can do other things that may come down look like it's it as well. The big point because you know you've been around here you've been in Denver as a group you have to establish that track record to you. Keep these kinds of events coming and you court to have to get the first couple before you can start building from there. Erica all sorts of stuff from the new including and it's a really interesting article that I don't have time to talk to move up but cooking for 50000 and how they have to have all the supplies delivered midnight which is not necessarily that the company diseases deliver I do. And and you know they start off or early in the morning to cook breakfast absorbs over it's pretty instinct thing. I'm a real quick and I mean real quick on me they did they announce the PGA championship all moved to may we really don't have any idea what that old dude the Wells Fargo Dave Stewart. We don't doubt apple will find that out and 2018 when they get the schedule for 2019 net formal start to figure out in the future. Would you feel that there would probably BA loyalty to Wells Fargo. That the PGA what do at least try to make sure they don't get bombed dates out of the deal. I would think too they keep their Jian is how much is Wells Fargo willing to pay so that you have that cup purse it's suitable for. One of those prime date. Follow the money yes sir there you go Eric spared bird good to talk to you again and all of talkie that's right thank you ma'am. Beltre daycare there's Denver senior staff writer Charlotte business journal Charlotte business journal that come back. All right eleven days in August already. 223. Days into the year 142. Days ago. 1909. SOS distress signal used for the first time an American ship the arapahoe and it happened off Cape Hatteras North Carolina 1929. Babe Ruth became the first guided 500 homers. And he did it without medical help. Well alcohol. Barry Bonds. 1984. Ronald Reagan joke during jail voice test for a paid political radio announced that he would sign legislation that will outlaw Russia forever we begin bombing in five minutes. It didn't go over real well. But in retrospect. Maybe we should have listened Oracle's. And this was the date three years ago there Robin Williams committed suicide. I'm revealed shortly after his death that you've been suffering from severe depression Parkinson's disease and diffuse Louie body dementia. Still one of those celebrity just don't get affected by many of them. And try bothered me and Robin Williams really bothered me. This Robin Williams miss when Fries are they're not both around doing what they do. US diplomats are suffering hearing loss after being targeted with us some sort of sonic weapon in Cuba suggests they both called Assurant over burglar. A woman sued. And exclusive matchmaking service after is sent her a set her up with nothing but losers. Or you or you're expecting. I'll women and India are posting photos of themselves out late at night in protest after a male politicians said that women need a curfew O. And in New York City they're dismissing 640000. Arrest warrants. You powerball Mega Millions both top 300 million dollars Mega Millions stars drawn tonight. And the drawing is estimated at 393. Million dollars powerball tomorrow night 356. Million dollars. In the seven years since all US lotteries began selling both powerball and Mega Millions tickets both games have never offered prizes so large at the same time. When both lotteries and you walk away it was 749 dollars or it won't be the odds of winning both of them. I mean the odds of winning one of Omar. We we read the odds yesterday and over the Reuters I can just tell you this right now. You're not winning. I'm not winning. And I have a number. We are winning. And I'm pretty sure I'll live said that how many times TJ and so far I've been 100%. Right. The higher batting average than rush. Agency advises on not possible lizard man during vehicle ups have you heard about this. You know what DO solar eclipse hype and all the stuff that your reading you know gosh just wait because the closer we get its just gonna get more more ridiculous. When it is and it's a week from Monday. A supernatural encounter. Well luckily several government agencies are on top of that already highlighting none. Social media the possibility of paranormal activity is the sky goes dark mid afternoon August the 21. You know in the Carolinas we have a history of blizzard man and bigfoot sightings. I don't know what that has through grade alcohol but I have a Phil under some tiger and there are the South Carolina emergency management division had some of fun by tweeting a graphic that said. SE EMT. That's the South Carolina or emergency management division. Does not know of lizard man becomes more active during the solar eclipse what we advise the residents should remain. Ever vigilant the lizard man was first spotted in 1990 or 1988 by a guy by the name of Christopher Davis he was that a seventeen year old from Lee County South Carolina. And he was a driving you said about 2 o'clock on summer morning when he got a flat tire your assault. And after he finished changing any claimed a red eyed devil appeared about thirty yards away. He was able to get into his car and drive as the alleged creature jumped on the roof for India through the thing off he said and was able to keep the guard keep up with the car at speeds of up to forty miles per hour. And that's story gathered international attention and are reported that blizzard man sightings continued all the way up until the last what was when he shifted. But I think now that this story is starting to circulate around there will be somebody that will see him. Did you ever convince yourself that you saw Santa Claus. I remember on the first house that I ever remember living in in none Hilbert is no Denver. I must've been spy ever six or for something like that. But I you know it was sun Christmas even mob indebted maybe go to bed in Nam so I you know when your 45. And I was so I'm convinced to this day although I know and I didn't but I have been detonated just his real sick and possibly be. He cracked open the door and I could see his face look. Again on me through the crack in the door. Sentence and tell you he was there. He looked a lot like lizard man. Four of very old big focus right here it was a one of the two on Julia I'm telling ya I do wasn't I wasn't even drinking green alcohol back it was just a weighted. Does eight or nine to start doing. Are you the app first born in your family. I'm the only born in my family all the latter half brother and half sister. But I mean with my mom and my dad I was an only child. First borns are supposed to be the worst drivers. TJ. Who just Carter's car out of the body shop. Following a mile footsteps of Scott Sullivan. The eldest child of the family is supposed to be the most responsible the leader of the new dad also says one of the worst drivers. Of privilege car insurance SSD driving habits of over thirteen hundred motorists to find that the youngest children tend to be the safest. They found specifically that 89% of older siblings are likely to speed. 47%. Cut off other drivers 46% hog the middle of the road. I was behind towed to a first foreign investment additionally 17% of first horns admittedly two admitted took applying makeup while driving you do that you your. And 30% said they used their phone while there are behind the wheel overall only children were the best drivers. I didn't make this up to fit me either I'm just going to right now. Reason new. Be happy you lived in the Charlotte area not Durham. Toilet blow back could be an issue in North Carolina. I'd never even thought about. Although it seems to me that maybe we'll read some stories about. Do you really think of any way you go work worst way to start the day at. Work. Or end it yeah hi I've. Especially that it. Officials are warning residents keep territorial lids closed for the next two months. Although there still be some. Not like sealed. It. I know residents don't you know another you are toward our critters like snakes and rats are you have to worry about blow back city will be performing a routine cleaning and inspections of a section of a drums. Sanitary sewer system and and part of the project involves. Jetting out of sewer lines and according to officials. Jetting is a cleaning method that uses pressurized water sprayed through specialized hoses. Which can result in air escaping quote. Via inadequately. Vetted plumbing fixtures. And if that happens that could cause blowback which is 18 royal arrays sewer water splashes out of a toilet and releases fellow voters and to the bathroom as well. It's not just the orders. A water management. Customers are being told to keep their total has closed in order to avoid potentially having sewage blown out of their toilet and into their bathroom. Which is not your good thing when it. Clean up while floor. Are overflowing toilet did cause flight delays at Orlando airport. Because all sorts issues in fact a multiple flights in Orlando international airport delayed over the weekend last weekend. After a editorial that overflowed in the international arrivals area of terminal one investor officials are investigating what caused the overflow but. It appeared that someone was trying to flush the contents. Of a suitcase. The issue was so bad that age internationally. Travelers had to actually had to be bussed to different customs area. And then personnel were able to reroute the planes to avoid dead the of flooding that was taking place in the in the terminal and finally this was a big story this week. If you're gonna robs somebody. And you're going to use the restroom while you're there. Flush. It's not only courteous. I mean you're already robbing them. A man accused of burglarizing a Southern California home took a bathroom break he did not flush. That gave them the DNA that they needed. And that helped match another profile in a national database. And detectives tracked down the suspect that is home. I expert Gregory you're caught. That had that data that were Michael and I wanna buy the OJ Simpson's ex agent wants to sell the infamous white bronco on no upon stars have you ever watch that TV show. Is it is a good. I've never watch or what they do this event and it's. The appear on the cable TV show pawn stars next week I guess senator although try to sell the white Ford Bronco involved in the infamous slow speed dome chase spec in 1994 Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman you know murders and all you know all the holster. Gilbert said I'm asking price of at least 500000 dollars for the bronco who would pay that. According to TM CS sports and which which posted a clip of the show Gilbert bought the vehicle sometime mall late in the 1990s or may seek cowlings what are revenue you know. Who had been driving is a friend Simpson toward Mexican border and a slow speed chase it was almost he was most recently. It'd had been at the Al contrast east crime museum in Tennessee. But they're Gilbert's reportedly looking to a cash in on that now that Simpson has recently returned to the media spotlight. He was granted parolee over a call from prison last month in his. Nevada armed robbery case and and there's today and there's a documentary in a miniseries about him last year that got attention. But when that Cuba Gooding. When we're out of the Super Bowl he was all over the Super Bowl and and it was because of that show. I TMC reported that someone offered Gilbert 250000. Dollars from the bronco last month that he turned on the offer I. I'll get proven wrong on this because there will be somebody that pool table by a bit. I've been issued and get 500000 dollars for an quite frankly I think got to take in the quarter of milk. Let's anyway pawn stars and it should be up there next week so we're let me know how that turns out. I've why he had Kate TJ do you walk. Shin they bring that information back itself. I'm busy. Doing so. Never wondered how much food it would take before it would Julia. Like you would have to drink. Phil I don't know seventy cups of coffee and then you no longer be perky. I got stats on how much food you would have to be just before it kills three. Radio program I. Big old PGA boat show funk fest weekend. That's one of our favorite time of the year not just here's the PGA's and down but because the mid Atlantic boat shows in town which means do we get to here ray Kay Thompson do a vote for Obama. That's just sign that the hall was there is soon. To subside. Not yet but soon Charlotte convention center. August eleventh through thirteenth so through Sunday with a good great collection of in boards and family sport coats and fresh and saltwater fishing boats and C news and find tune and try tuna boats and every design you can trade you can do this that the other North Carolina vote shows dot com. It's the mid Atlantic boat show. The big summer sales Charlotte convention center all weekend long. John Hawke. Harry Chapin carpenter is in a town tonight and unite theatre 8 PM. She she just played my hometown of Estes Park I mean just played within the last twelve months as big news they don't get a whole lot of headliners of the best parts of the governor Chapin carpet under attack ever abortion pledge daily hotel matrix. But anyway welcome to Mary Chapin Carpenter to Charlotte I theatre 8 PM tonight songs from a fourteenth album the things that we are made of so it's what their blood guts tour. Downtown Concord are walks going on today as well six to 9 PM the that's over their 65 union street just south enough Concord. Julian McCullough. Is who you'll find at the 730 and 945. And tomorrow seven and 930 in 0:7 PM show on Sunday as well. And golf is unknown a lot of people's minds this week you can't imagine why but David Verity NBC sports and golf jet. Announcer is presenting his live one man show hauled off to work and he'll be at the night theater tomorrow night at 730 with that. And how I killed I don't know if modern always he wouldn't be doing the show you an energy anybody. So are you golfers in town for that to keep that in mind David thirtieth via Knight theater tomorrow after a 730. Cool. Yeah bunk best. Tomorrow PNC music billions starts at 2 o'clock in the afternoon no rolls on until about 11 o'clock funk fest tour dot com. Erika Badu. And Goodie Mob. A baby face will be in the house Bobby brown and jagged edge will be in the house. And. Doug. Annual ninety's weaning him pop R&B soul funk fest that also features Kenny babyface Edmonds. And nobody brown and Doug. PM at PO PNC music pavilion the jazz saxophone has to know Charlotte native Adrian Crutchfield. Who was so plan with the prince before a prince died. Willow joined members of buddy who's a band after after party at the rabbit hole. On not commonwealth that should happen about 11 o'clock tomorrow so if you look at some implied new information there. Inside enough that I stolen right out of the observer known. A pro record new divorce so hard work again we really need to keep given her credit for us a lot of her stuff. I Dashboard Confessional slash all American rejects at the Charlotte metro credit union amphitheater on Sunday at 730. Tickets and live nation dot com if you're interest in the net and on Sunday. Mr. k's soft ice cream we told you about this about a month ago 2107 south boulevard in the south and celebrating fifty. Years in Charlotte. Good people food industry they're given away orders of their original four menu items hot dogs potato chips soda is an ice cream. You're order is free if you make a donation of five dollars or more of a levee in county are the Levine Children's Hospital in the Isabella Santos foundation. Doors open at 11 o'clock on Sunday. I and they won't close after 15100 orders have been no fulfilled happy fiftieth to mr. Kaye is. Soft ice very very good stuff. I but again no cost and still has a display going on out party your big weekend out tonight gallery of spirit square. His first ever I show exclusively of concert photos taken in no Charlotte over the past 22 years. He was on the David Brothers almost as fast as anybody but he shot a lot of pieces slow legendary national international local musicians. He really is the photographer record especially. For music can note in this particular area he the show will run through via 22. And down. A he's got a new book out to those of you are lamenting the loss of the double door he's written a book called home of the blues the history of the double Dorian. And I think that's probably available now you can go to his own website Daniel constant CO ST ON dot com. But his say show us house down there tonight gallery and spirit square and hope to get just some big turnout throw that open now through November CNET time to get there. If photo that's what you wanna do Little League World Series is getting started in no Williamsport Joseph Pennsylvania. So that's party your big weekend part of your being televised weekend and all sorts of NFL games of course it's first pre season game of the year for most of them Pittsburgh in the giants tonight. San Francisco and Kansas City tonight I think about pre season games as you have to watch and for about eight minutes. And there's. Golf tournament going on somewhere in her. Yeah. PGA championship Charlotte, North Carolina that should be fun on and some of the people expected to win. When Jordan's feet. By two shots. Over par I think was the last time I saw maybe get too. So that puts him like ten off the pace. On tomorrow's moving day and they still got to get arrested today here and because they've had a rain delay out there are today and hopefully the weather won't completely messed with all of that the NASCAR guys are enough Michigan. The pure Michigan 400. The monster energy. Race is at 3 o'clock on no Sunday. In BCS. Then. The sports network John and Ed Nixon you guys race tomorrow at 330 is well also on the NBC sports network. And if you're wondered about golf. 11 AM for the PGA championship on TNT for the final round on Sunday. And then now CBS picks it up on ahead to 2 o'clock and all of that will be Jim Nantz and who has roots born in in no Charlotte Mount Holly and has family here and always close to broadcast from here so why should be a great weekend with the PGA in town you'll be careful out there. And and yeah. And. Somebody out. Sent me this link. I YouTube channel called asap science ASAP science. And there is there's a couple of videos. That talks about what foods. Can kill you in other words to better phrase that. How much food can you have before it kills you. Now I mentioned earlier it says here if you drink seventy cups of coffee you're no longer be perky. Seventy. But. Boomer does that. In a date. At the problem. Oranges. I know from just being diagnosed dive in diabetic died diabetic type two. A low mortgages. And since I'm no lottery and suites and all that stuff. I'm. Back airlock Georgia's two. Great and fiber but. That venture. I can Needham I just gotta be careful about oranges may seem innocuous but eating 111000. Of them could be lethal. Could tell you yeah it's an overdose on vitamin single period and. Water to chocolate bars that wants is okay. 85 won't kill you. Death by Hershey bar. You'll need about 850. An unbelievable perseverance. Thirteen shots of alcohol. Dead. And urges opposed there's some people have. Don't. Try to set the record. 129. Teaspoons of pepper. Dead. Suicide by pepper the opportunity. 480. Bananas. You won't turn into a monkey you'll be dead. 480. Bananas I don't know if that's up potassium over loader. Ten and a half cups of sugar once. Not only would you be dead you'd have a huge delegate. And 29 tubes of earth but it's just. You'd be dead. Then they say stop it Tony three tubes. 44 of killing. You have really great breath. But but you'd be dead so there you go I don't know where or how you'll use that information. But. That's what they told me. And that's what I told you. You know those two console themselves so with the thought that there really is more alive than know be in really good looking. Many of us have had to come to terms of I mean it. That we made that we don't fall into that category. I'll bet you are you could be in for a shock there's a study out that says beautiful people are not just pleasing to the I but it seems that they're also wealthier and more successful in a good looking people make more money. Could be. Researchers have found that those deemed the most attractive make 12% more money than those regarded as a less good looking. Well don't you think sometimes if you're like really killer Billiton that area you know it's harder for you to get a job than. I'm all for attractive but I I don't know offended don't think that sometimes think. Like if you're a really good look and bond isn't just an old stereo type of a dumb blonde still command. Main reason for the apparent victory of the attractive people this that they are seen not as some more. Helpful and cooperative. Hit a so called BS on this study. The the main reason for the apparent victory of attractive people is a guy who's hiring what rather a look at bell and then. Didn't meet. That. Let's see I can iron John no or I can hired tip off. I'll take Tiffany for 400 Alice are. You know cruise. Like cruises we have a federal one for a while. I think it's going to be good to unpack commend you will wake up every morning in your new place. But then on the backside of that may if you Rhode Poland dual port generally like their place you don't normally get to stay there very long but it's kind of an I. There were up passengers on a luxury cruise ship recently there were a subject to nighttime blackouts and ordered by the captain to go without the usual entertainment for ten days. Because of a pirate threat. I'd be asking for some money back in 19100 passengers on board the C princess. So sure we haven't been on the ship. Paid tens of thousands of dollars for a 100 in four day world cruise. And we're told all curtains had to be drawn and the shutters closed so that the vessel could be turned into a ghost ship. New blackout occurred for ten days is the ship was traveling across the Indian Ocean. The Arabian Sea the Gulf of Aden in NATO Suez Canal. The captain told the passengers the threat was real and the ship quote must be prepared for a pirate attack. But they have a nice time. He also assured them that they could outrun any pirates. But just in case the crew also had set up powerful hoses to knock pirates off above. Of of ladders as well as a detergent solution that would keep them from getting a good group. You kind of go on a cruise to relax a little bit don't you. Not so sure that that necessarily would be my idea of. Potential pirates. At this caribou she will appear on the late show on Monday with Stephen cold there. If I watched that show I would see it but. Typical very launder. Anyway so he was a favorite target. Of cold air for about ten days so anyways gonna Gergen has to be ever hold a press conference that he was supposed to have after you know two days after he got. Jettisoned out of there and Netflix has its first TV series created by the yet Cohen Brothers the guys who are brought you true grit no no country for old men and Fargo or. They've created a TV series it's landed on Netflix it's gonna be called the ballad of buster Scruggs. Is described as a western anthology. It'll fall six different stories about America's wild west the Brothers to a low produce write and direct it. I expected to premiere sometime next year and act Kasten clues James Franco. Tim Blake Nelson. Ryan daily and knows so focused on. No idea who any of those people. I think I might know. James Franco. NBC wall shut down its comedy streaming service did you know they had one. Eric and if you're disappointed you might be the only one they it c.s so. Made its debut in January they'll be shut down before the end of the year. And it's time for a new social media cell feet trend. This one is called the heart shaped booed challenge have you heard this TJ. Women copping their hands into hearts and squeezing their boobs in dissent heart. Seems to me that if I got one of those I'd be in trouble. Obvious is having trouble convincing business to go cash flows. They get a percentage of each charge that would be one of their motivations. They're trying to convince businesses cash flows is the way to go businesses prefer cash sometime since they generally have to. Pay about 3% of each charge transaction. So so that means what I. What I debit card would be the so when a debit card be the same thing. There'd be a transition chief of. A star by Barlow last night about one container of half and half so I'd have it for the coffee this morning. Two dollars and 49 cents. Now Sergio guilty about it that I going into a 7-Eleven when you're like oh you know twelve and didn't bubble gum gimmick a ten. I'm. We talked about this I don't know that I ever gave the explanation there were two friends they were both having dinner this happened in France and they both died. This almost sounds like a murder mystery. Autopsy is in France now of explain the mystery of how two men found dead together after a meal died. French medical investigators say that UCL and pedo. Who was 69 years old had been drinking. He choked on a piece of ribbon that he could not chew reportedly because he had several teeth missing. His dinner companion. Olivier Aaron booed then. And I know the pronunciation about those names is exactly correct because I gave a fake accent to the minute that took that it. He was 38 years old he had a preexisting genetic heart condition. And they think he had a heart attack while watching his friend die in other words the trauma. Watching his friend go through what he did caused him to have a heart attack and the two of them die. And they're probably lousy differs. I've understood. So very go on now that's all I got. How would rather some more stuff together we'll come back and we'll do it again on no Monday panther talk on Monday night but next. Charlotte at six would Mark Garrison. And have yourself fail lovely weekend. Let's don't anybody go outside into a rain dance we're gonna try to get the PGA Iannetta. How postponement today mortgage up to date on that and a whole lot of other stuff that's sixty minutes so I hope you'll stick around. Have a good weekend John Mack got Charles most beloved and I am out of here.