Pipe replacement, Insulation and More

John Hancock
Saturday, March 3rd

John and Dave answer listener questions includin, piping, insulation and more.


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Well into asking John and did we get answers to your home improvement questions sponsored by The Home Depot. Lennox dealers Charlie Comfort Systems and a College Station either. Amusing 1110993. WBT. Dude morning everybody welcome to home from with John and Dave I'm John Gordon with The Home Depot and I'm paved oval. David no good morning mourners there Paz get a charge it to all the cool things we can talk about this morning good luck lion one is already lit up. Someone knows you can call home improvement with John and David talk if you dial 704571110. How might that basket let's let's get stuff let's let's talk today. Hey Dave good morning how are you this morning. Welcome to home from which on a day. This is the part we talked if they hit maybe maybe we didn't have a call. Their paper my caller pretty areas. I'm such and we would miss party we wield a bat single there what's up this morning. We have a situation where we're. We need some confirmation it seemed as something that's being told or something factually true in the port area. Look at what we've built some of the problems that area that the found out years later. That they may have used some pork plumbing. Pipe. And some of the homes and you've heard anything such as bet. I'm yet there's been a few instances of that over the over the last couple decades. Different manufactures different types of pipes. There's this pack step further and throughout Orangeburg kind of stuff they do that did the big supply in her inside. At the important work now it's your talk about pacs or or Polly B lane he. I think the problem. Is it inside your house they've gotten. Yeah there always known that. They aren't burned and their record and and it replaced with a blue tonight. Whereas. OK so it's inside your house. Yeah well we had a problem in bed out. Probably ten or twelve years ago and now we've got problems out tonight as well. Okay is it is despite gray. That's your arm problems with. Aren't we yeah. Cut. Yet Polly Polly view lane. And so their problems to browse with a pipe and a lot of problems with the fittings. Without. That number on. It already is orange OK so it's there it's the on dirt tax. It's a read it's a red packs pipe as this it's splitting. Yeah yeah I can do is it edited. Just get on our just on the hot water side. Well we just ghetto. Emerging power water we just had a hot water heater got a bite the dust. And unfortunately it was upstairs so it is now the ceiling and there is wide open right. And then. It goes so. From. So our question is that the camera is why Blackwell and what quite an they're okay. We had to pick out the square foot home historian. Technically it opened up and it up and down okay down we have a cap back. And that bank and their refrigerator. Okay bars and what are the bike has been up Eric. We had a lot cater to people back. And that that fit for the water out there OK so we received a surprise victory it played a tight game. And and how you know pulling it from down. Pollute from there's the Downing Street bailing them which are already it out of there. And I won't have to pull any sheet rock out because that will already be done you. It for a top ten dollars. A high. Number. Is that it doesn't that sound reasonable to have that were down for thought about our report thousand dollars. When it's and I mean you really need to see this the scope of work but is it are they just on the piping are they doing. Connection I mean they're making all the connections obviously but are they are they get there early get a reinstall the drywall and finish it paint. Or narrowed it yeah yeah maybe they said that they don't do that and they said that they would make it too good about it cut. And several light of that marriage and that that long did it dry while we would have to do it act. Now right. But guys let and that's all we're trying to get to the bottom of south. I mean it it's it's really hard for us to say because it John or hire licensed plumbers thumb and so we've we've we've really not familiar with what their overhead is or what what's involved in the re piping and we have a pretty good idea. Oh it doesn't sound and reasonable to me it's been there's a lot to it. Because it's it's time consuming as well as problem. There is problem is what movement's time immaterial as what's driving it right so sure you've got connections to make. Terror at every at every point. From what you may wanna do you have your agent and the only gotten one price for this so far. Yeah I would I would recommend getting at least a second price may be a third I really don't have tons and tons of time. But bombs. And David what about. All about the pipes are goodies that they be able to look at that giver. Are they kind of idea may very well may but it usually these companies that. I'm guessing your deal or somebody that's what they do or re pipes. There's there's companies out there a specialized. And they just they do you know how to do not do more quickly and the bright and they know what it costs they note that the and they know how much time's going to be involved and generally. I'm speaking certain. They're they're at and there are good. You shot what I've watched them in action and they're good. OK and there's no relief this says that is there at. The class action lawsuit over what this product product. I'm pretty sure it is there now. Now whether it's different now we're talking different. This is a new era this was some from China looking at which one is it buzz I think it's the der packs hunter packs. It's the the red to orange looking up pie soldier home. I point eight want your Euro. In credit. Saudi out I think John's right I think you eat you look at another company did. But it's it's probably worth the try. Get online and check it out. They've camera bit Dora pax is does it still appear to be open. If that's what the product is if it is and and this one is talking about. Dave remember there's we've had we've seen two failures we've seen failures at the connection points correct with and then we've seen failures of the pipe itself. This appears to be related to the connections. So if your pipe is splitting wait a minute to be oxidation up. I get online and check it out and there's a place for you to register and so on you may wanna commit our check that out guys. Yeah they're definitely in the clock back and locked it going on with that but still I'm now. Take note I am not a lawyer and I am not first in these areas but I don't look at it would appear if one goes online. And and not to Wikipedia. Bit there is up a class action. Lawsuit. I was in some stage area of some manner that nicknames. That product but both DR. Our problem eight years ago what would the and outwit the can called leaks would hear what we're hearing is happening now with other on the important now. Was it a fitting that the pipe yet supply explaining it was fitting suit. And now not out situation. Okay. So in and here's here's a little list I assume this data were right on top of a break here or and and we're gonna look we'll recoup what you guys on hold recycle ratio we get good information you hour off the air sort of the way forever and avoid back to home approve more time to its own. Welcome back and this is whole crew with John McCain I'm John Gordon with The Home Depot. I'm Dave noble. David did you get to a David Cameron square where they I mean they're well I think a little. Poke around I think on the on the and it appears that there's it's just a real careful what I say about. Products right kids. If there's a couple things out there and it's worth having a look at to make sure we got it right tennis comes if you look at the if you look at the yeah it shows up with their pacts and calls out other pacs products on yet. We good to talk to somebody informed of that space I would think that that plumber person if that's what they do all the time we're probably known as well. Well that's exactly what we talked about off the air. And Vietnam debate they're gonna certainly they're gonna check into that they're going to Nelson needed a drywall repair person can't. And potentially a painter so we're gonna get a connected it asked Jon and Dave dot com. To help them find some some quality folks to take care of that and then also we talked a little bit I just wanted to put this out there because we need to share this with. Our our listeners because if if you're in up in a fairly new home. There's a there's a pretty good chance that you have some type of up packs a pipe and they're there and this is a great pipe don't you don't get me wrong I mean it and Polly B Blaine was to it just. It unfortunately we've become the Guinea pigs out here so. But they here's John as the common the common thread and all that is his chlorine in the water there. And that is what spray can down the lining in these pipes it's also there's so some problems with some of the brass fittings that they used believe it or not called zinc application. And I I've seen it as well chlorine also needs it's caused by the chlorine and so it's if there's some issues so the best thing that you can do. It is is to investigate any any our whole house water culture that has charcoal on the front end. Our our water's pretty good in this area. You know but she. I can smell the chlorine so strong there when I drink it so I think that's probably the key. And and my my my point you David camera was listen just. You don't have to put the put the filter where the water comes and they can run that water line. All the way around up to a convenient place where you would put this filter may be a garage or closet. I'm you wanna get a somewhere where you can that you can control the water you wanna have a valve on either side. But where it's easy to get to the filter because of promise you if you put it in the crawl space he should not take it yet you won't change it you'll deal to say I had enough of this. So good installations. How I want the coolest installations I ever saw John was a different mind. Freddie and now we'll where we're we're saying prayers for Freddie Freddie has been having some health issues and the great guy good friend. But he had a plumber command and they used an ironing board. In the wall box and a state district took the iron ore out of it. And put this year and it did and he was able to drill up and threw. And another put the filters in there and it made it real easy pulls it down the days when you open the door yeah you just opened the door right there's your filters sky's the guy about the forum. And that was a great great plan enough. Made it easy and it's it's right in their laundry room where they'll think about it where the water is end says that it's a good plants are. I just think that folks ought to be thinking about that should put that on your radar start investigating and in gets to show off some some prices to get it done. It's not expensive this is not expensive equipment like water treatment equipment or things like that it's just a basic charcoal filter I have gone on the house I don't know do you need to be licensed to install that. You're opening up the main line if you. Yeah anytime you mess with the water user you really should usually is a licensed plumber yes. Somebody at the sunlight it needs to be done I'm not sure that needs to be permitted but you need someone familiar with. All that in the valve doesn't code and stuff exactly. But it is outside the super thing I'd I have worn and it takes me back. Maybe three minutes exactly that got to change it and it and I use the charcoal filter that day he drew say hey can replace it every. Like six months right. And I typically replace ours. Com and sometimes. Stream what's most often two months. Then. I outs it and it did does it gets a chlorine out. Although I do like the corps because I noticed with so much cooler in the water the tips of my fingernails are turning point. The problem that must be Corey. And but if it takes a smell chlorine taste out of it. But the other thing that that the filtering does is it gets some of them mineral. Out of the water is so as far as a watermark or things like these two wrestle with when I lived up there absent that the filter. Are no issue down here. Our waters I mean we're Poland comparable sources brought. Absolutely and it and it's and it's just I just think it's against thing and if you have other problems with your water. You know go ahead and and and take care of all that right then try to keep an all in one place. I'm mixture used a couple of tips make she is out of valves on the in in the outside you wanna be able to close off the water completely because. You know what water backing up on you out of the house and drained it down cause an air in this in the system. On the other thing is is make sure that they're just just ask him for full power Alps. You wanna make sure you put valves in netter to the same size as the pipe opening because a lot of times. You can get it cheaper valve but it has a smaller opening and it protest but now you've reduced the flow of water in your house so when somebody flushes the toilet here in the shower you're gonna. Well you're you're feathers or come off. So. My feathers there are any. You go from. God and he's pulled pork ballots for a added value by the full port valve that column. Well as you say remember the one gentleman the recall wasn't there wasn't a question of pressure so much as volume you know he reduced yes volume when amid so very valid point. Beyond the other thing that the procedures air travel lie and I was an office building. Are maybe 34 weeks ago and there was a big sign. This wasn't like an employee who thought hey this doesn't taste so good I mean there is an official side over the two drinking fountains that said. There was a challenge with something in the water and they shouldn't use that foundation go use the filtered water pose like La. We've come to that Eric. It's around the corner it's kind of scary. Be mindful which put down the drain some talent is as is eventually may not be so. John might not be our lifetime but there's going to be people we know to be their lifetimes than us so watch the water. That's a great player we we should go look it up again and it came up our house I'm from. Honest septic system so in some senses its eye catcher more careful or other senses it's probably not as big an issue. But armed. Barb was away I had some old Tom what's said nasty painkiller that you get when I had oral surgery thought that everybody is abusing proxy OxyContin cotton or whatever. I have some engine fires like this sort of talk coming and I don't think we can duke had no that's our addiction is beginning an it would get it would go out into the Leach field. Ultimately everything the leetch feels he'll back down to the water table. And obviously really just be careful. Yes you do and that's that's. That's a huge problem there's and some of the bigger cities. A friend of mind his son in laws as that's what he does he studies water he's been all over the world working for universities and I municipalities about. About the water. And that is a huge problem with you know it's not only things like glycol the they they had they're having trouble figured out how to get that out the water. But drugs are the next things that are in the water and some of the baker cities they say dole if you drink the water I don't know that we're here in Charlotte I don't think we're like that but. There are some bigger cities and are gonna name him but. Scary. They tend to be the bigger cities and to be the bigger cities. Accord gunnery we're going to be up on a break you're let's just throws himself out there real quick I want to talk we've got some cool stuff. While I was re nothing in my journals like construction ceiling of the box they'll. They were talking about a whole house but it actually was pretty good advice for arm for a current house some are putting pads and they're cool roof installation thing it will. Either agree with their poke holes and we're into our level returned home from which Sunday's Sunoco welcome back this is some of them were done hey I'm John Gordon with the because I'm Dave noble. I'll start it was a good call from David Cameron and and claymore ago. David this kind of slipped through some things real quick. I got my issue by the journals like construction. Fact I'm probably a week behind Tom. And I like that magazine insists its arm is a really good stuff that it. I don't know if I'm sure it's pouring blood. Not for me arm but it's there were two things in there that I thought were kind of interest English they did a little. Article. On an. Older home life as in built in 1797. I think so I think that constitutes old. Com and the there was not a stolen you know he shin an old stone Foundation's arm in the northeast. Pop. And they were trying to figure out how to has sealed the stocks are also that part between the foundation in the you know in between the floor joists. With values and foam. Because they're afraid if you tightened up phone we've if you tighten it up too much with home. Then it because it's an old house it was built to brief both true old fashioned way. He could create some drying out problems. And so that puts of a deal together they used. Nick talked all the did its joints first you know around who would know wouldn't. And then the Jewish and then they use. From rocks are Troxel. Two. To filter they cut it what's that there's a there's the rich and the more rigid board. I got a right you have to look it up so it's not like fiberglass insulation that they pushed in their right they wanted something a little bit more arms a little bit more rigid in that that they can actually cut around some mechanical some stuff. And it's efficient teacher because it was a brewers. Iraq's old fiction. Then I'll I'll find it their MO talked sure but. Well comfort sport rock so comfort for we talked about rock salt. They have a son David sound deadening products they have a bad them. It looks like insulation it's actually sound deadening it off folks who put between interior walls to didn't it didn't noise transfer. What they did and then they taped from a breeder will barrier over that and boom done and and it doesn't everybody was super expensive it does look like it was tedious. Because you deal with the star foundation. But I like the idea of the the rock salt comfort tort. Do you any easier work within just Jenna and Barbara glass eye opener yeah I like that something went. Some had just like I said it's boring but I liked it huh. I I I guess the other reason that I think it's kind of cool shot I have more room in the basement we call the dungeon room. Can they original builders of the house. Had a Bulldog. This is Georgia after all and down. And they kept the dog in this room and they would. Hose him down I guess in this truce has got to turn in the middle floor they get this crazy Brit thing it's this goofy. Anyway. That room I need to do something up and those around the the box office because I'm I'm taking on here are Coles depending on the time of the year somewhat and make me give that a shot. They don't like front uterus a fight your house not to Archie get ready to run. We are worse where where the planning stages Zaun trying to make some decisions like our trying to decide if we're gonna foam. I'm were investigating some some other options just using some of the foil face plywood for the rift acting to reflect heat back out. None. My understanding is if you use that you can what with the light colored roof you can you didn't shave about 30%. Are thirty degrees off from the attic temperatures who makes that. I'm it's a first term apply believe is the name and I'm not sure there several manufacturers on her there. Com and assert reply used to be that old goofy remember that's been like a thin yes when Arnie likes and up that they used to put on out I think they finally found a use for it they glued it to be say. As it was manufactured in 1973. And it's not a machine news. That's hey that's my thought they had a great idea just want to ask structural I think. And it was fine I mean if you put it on a house they were using diagonal break case says trust or is this not it's not structural. But it does have a purpose because of the album book the soil face collective property of enemy exactly so we're looking at the bad and possible foam that we may use a combination of both. Because we may use some foam and then a bonus room that's going to be over bras because a lot of times is just no way. Zhou two protect that that room well you know we've army times we get that question right here now and then we're gonna have a tough fairly large bonus room I just simply because it's over a large is going to be a three car garage band. And I make and it deeper Macon the whole thing deeper because all bill Paul Light truck and there'd be aware of ride a bicycle around it expenses twenty year old truck here yeah net expense upon him. Hi so that they do why we're talking about this I also was reading. There are parts of the the journal like destruction are awesome and then they always got some cutting edge stuff in there and then they're talking about a net zero home. And then I'm gonna get the definition that's probably wrong words and at times some technical sense stronger nets are home I think is one that doesn't. Use any more fossil. Fuel or non renewable energy sources that it produces. Then armed and renewable energy source like he got sore knee you know you have to manage to balance and it's tough and it's not cheap. It's used in the average consumer probably cannot do it. And these guys were working on what a way to do that. And and stay in a budget so they didn't wanna have to use. Special root systems and things like that and they came up with a way David that they use just know this is a really really low pitch troops so there's probably some. The uniqueness of design to this home also which may or may not be appealing. And to some folks but they. On the bottom core of a trust they. Nail or SP. And then make taped all of those joints. They blew cellulose insulation. Standing on top court of the trust into the cavity and then as they were below and behind them the roofers were common and decking the roof and then. Putting problem. The shingles and then that or whatever the it is I don't think an article called out what the final product was going to be on the roof. And I thought well that's kind of cool you could sort of creating a big. Piece of we don't quote me like but like tough far right because you've got. Hard exterior surface and then you got what creates insulation value to our value and then the thing on top of its your make in this package and installation. Which sounded really cool but on the other hand I was like who ought to about moisture. So we got pat com. Coming up here and we kind of break coming up your pet don't go away were to take a particularly want talked view with your your question or comment. This is home improvement with John and David you've got a question or comment or 704571110. Gives a shot what shall we go back to these after these important metrics welcome back this is home improvement with John and Dave I'm done Gordon with a Home Depot I'm Dave Goebel. We're gonna talk to cat from South Carolina right now packet morning on home Pruitt town and they are you this morning. There are you get it done an excellent. Thought I heard you guys are talking about different types of insulation and trying to tighten up our own an increased share our values. And I do metal roofing installation has part of my my job and others a product out there that we use. The brand that we used the task of sword guard. It's actually thinks so quiet role and it's about half inch thick at Scott and aluminum for earlier type model one sided and reinforced fiberglass on the other. And now we use that a lot of times on the home. And it really does well reflecting India. Via radiant heat that comes through a couple of groups. And and where's this party place this is an on the bottom of the rafters Thursday underneath your rattle. And it would typically go underneath for the metal roofing and between the pilot and the root itself OK but and they do sell retrofit where you can actually get it in sixteen and tribe or to. Truck twenty orange Wyatt. To put inside between your left Joseph it. Right there if you if you'd if you did that pat you were pushing up against the roof deck is that the idea yeah. And if yes then you'd probably use like those tiger called integrity integrity to hold in place yeah. My as a couple a couple of years ago I actually did an add on you all my hall and I ran out the entire columns. Through walls and I put it on top of the lord Joyce before installing and be. Plywood for the floor. And in the summertime. You can keep that thing like a meat locker America's so called. And then it electrical bill was ridiculously low alma. Unlike that which had do kick up and ask your question. If we push up hole for once second would you mind share and an email address yourself than with arm twister with favor Chris. Are we we publish a newsletter every month that it would be great just to get a few minutes with you traits and emails or maybe get on the phone call. And talk a little bit and an end and we were the most sure that it in the broader with our with our readers are also. And and if there's anybody else there intricate and have product or home builders there's a place in South Carolina just great read outside a Rock Hill. It's not classic metal chair and that's where I that's where I buy their product to sell that solar Gard inflation and and finish in the metal roof and got all that you know. Right so are you an installer or union. Yep yep uninstall or a tech great. Yeah idea that what you. Q will foot jump hold if you don't Montag and just grab a quick email address and then we can exchange some emails and connect. This this week would be really great if we Kosher are watching to send us a note and our website. Best John David dot com. Kinda going to be very we'd love they love to get more information about that we could share some of that with our listeners but don't go great call pat I appreciate it thanks so much. This sum from there David who. What will put that in the newsletter and that I've got a couple things are kind of point that direction we're fortunate super hot in the attic again you know. Because I was up there and ours ISI just think we have hits you wanna get all that messing around on up there. Now forecasts that crazy how to get around. Now I think you should be to our senior property and you have a lot of trees all we do over so you'd I mean I know that you haven't hanging over the house but you've got. Our directional shape. Can you know it's it's way better. I'm probably have to take a big tree out because it would put a driveway issue and an unarmed regret that because it shakes a house really nicely. Hello I think as soon as our movie there's enough around that they can't appease the smaller trees robo ball is taking off yeah they'll take off because I don't actually get some sun now but. But it's a delicate balance. It's good it's all all blessing our blessing zero complaints. But other than my own clutter. It found that David had what we're talking about an attic so. I had written this down because again once I. Yeah all kinds of things happen in my brain when I read the jail C but I was reading about soundproofing. And day. And I know you guys know about this product but I I had never really mess with that it's the party patsy ever used plate heads. But I know OK so. These and you can get them fire stop and you wrapped up out the back side so the not the living space side but the back side. Of electrical boxes and you know junction boxes and things like that. True they in this particular article they were talking about soundproofing. But remember when we're talking about air one of the things we talked about last week the week before we said hey before you go through all kinds of crazy gyrations in your attic how much is sealed off the places where. There is a movement you know from the on conditioned space into the conditions based and vice Versa and these pads are pliable like honey. But they're so easy to install could you just basically wrap the box that sticks to it in you don't have to take a caulk gun and get around every little crack and crevice. It's pretty slick I like you that and go figure you combine a dominant ball. Who said that shape us. That's a shameless promotion say they're sponsor usually begin next week Mitt and they are great sponsor a long time sponsors so we appreciate it to 23 years turned. Some got three. The so I just a great product I thought there it am great idea was shown a lot of us and we like sharing great ideas. Montauk to Jay from I think day. Jay from Matthews Joseph pru which owned it are you. Good order armada hurt just half of the last hole were both. That would Omar wrapping more laid out better I just called in some of these products out there won't block those who don't vote. Huge. Pile all be careful about what you put an end quote until. Good friend a debt. They have ghost and no one quarter of our house herself both though are a lot. I would be extra insulating that corner of the house but yeah I did. Bought it it's it's it. Yet now that's a great toward we're gonna come to talk to pack his son I would love to have his information in our our monthly newsletter and I'll ask him. She can she wrapped his whole house. And bid doesn't it didn't seem like that there was a cell phone issue. Finally wrapped them up room addition. All right it was a room addition yes so he probably stood up and you all you know it's great point it's a great point I know calls. I extent have to look at. Today I mean I'd be like rap in my entire body and that stuff that you would make myself nonstop. But that was such sourcing walk into the office who this is Jim and but he can't columns that should come talk to employ don't want talk to me anyway and that's not true or not anyway. The the other stuff and I'm kind of all over the place again this morning with lemon Melissa Bartoli three years was new look that the am. Brett and the inside the house. Or can we talked about pipe had. Beat the thing that we didn't get too because I think pat called David I wanna get your thoughts on that kind of what I thought was cool way. So do the roof in the net zero house but I also hedges that. That little red light go opposite your moisture moisture moisture more show how do you keep from tapping moisture what do you think I mean. Well I I mean I've I've tried so we'll put a disclaimer David is not a you know an engineer and birdies just thinking from many many years of common sense. Like Teixeira I think when you tighten up a house which which would how many years we've been talking about Florida getting it you get a call from someone and they say you know art all of a sudden our windows are. Our Condit saying we and that's a good thing has moved more promise like real mold Reverend Wright well I mean a lot times that the conversation turns in the mold on the ground the window sills and and whatnot that. And and we asked if he'd have you have you changed had he done anything to my house alone alone on this awarded to put windows and failure with the new windows and doors she put insulation and yeah we put insulation and saved we tighten up that you sealed up the house of dire trapped in the moisture so. That's fine and we wanna save energy Bev from there you've got to control the moisture so. The club through ventilation. You need to use ventilation dvds and in the bathroom you need to use it when your cooking and it needs to be vented to the outside. So that's that's an issue. The other thing we talk about this and and next week we'll talk about it even more because Scott and Zeke will be in here talking air conditioning and heating it's Kitna beat that time of of season further AC right there. What what what are we need to do there will Scott and Zeke talk often about. Book you know four states compressors are multi states compressors or talk about variable speed. That all of elation or your fan we've how long we've been saying you know keep your fan run your fan run your fan. Well they've they've solved a lot of those problems with running their fan all time by putting a variable speed. Blower or her what a what a great idea now did you do did you use that your system and in. And yes had a multi whatever they call guys and that's actually the officers one presented a series one. Like a year two years later must try the one that Vanessa won it takes that yeah exactly sure because you get the master bath up there and that's Rihanna you you can really. It's more of an issue I think more sure wise in the arm in the summertime right now insurance more humid so absolutely suck and that's and that's where the unit this gonna run well so. So say Gabi I think there's a ton of things you can do we'll talk about. We'll talk about we got some cool such as who makes you get your check list them before it gets hot again work welcome back this is our number two overall approval with John and Dave I'm John Gordon with a Home Depot. I'm Dave double. We're gonna talk to Vinny here in the second disc well let's just get him and then we'll go to these other things many good morning you're on home improvement with John day. Good morning paper we got excellent. Puck we help. You're all I would be neutral but wolf thank you what what he called. My question is this over a thermostat. And are set its own particular. War. It felt strict on their heating system quite so it would be tickled. Well B eight secrets and feed their part get treated to a brokered a what are your own world and our group work. It's bad call when it's slightly to reflect current. As it is this Dillard dial. It isn't it your goal and the only thing I've not marketed out about twelve years it's about nineteen year old spiritual system. Are you there are expected to replace that. And her and if so what he picked her but it's not what you do it but it's just know it's. A bit too. So just let me ask a question to clarify it so let's just say. It was 68 degrees in the house. And you put the thermos she set the thermostat to 72. It would c'mon. But if you move it up to seven before it doesn't c'mon and then you move to 76 it comes on again does that sound right. I'm actually keep your number I keep OK well we'll call. Our. Big worry is that part that gets sick sick or no outs and the temperature dropped them to be true. It's a picnic on supporting it's it's it's we were right and what and it up in trick goal at sixty great but it Biden but up it's beat the war. When it go 06 feet or it will. 663. And up. We ought. Like go to 62. And a quote it's the B word out of here is simple for. Walk in hooker and that's kind of what OK. So here's my answer. I don't know but I don't take it sounds like eight is as is it as simple as just replace that and what else could it be to do well then I'm not thinking of. Well I don't I don't know that it can be calibrated it's in his nineteen years old but here in. And doesn't necessarily mean that it's bad I can I could see a dead spot or something catcher not a Mercury switch maybe right but I don't know on a digital. So it's just sit there at some that's happened with the blue blood and possibly with the board and at the board the motherboard. We Jose's they see as always be the answers if they give a man ordered. Com whatever summit must charge a lot of money for electron device it's the motherboard. Are you heard that holds true with John de are also video I think I mean I wish in this. If you can live with that for another week let's see if you can hang out or two we'll check with Zeke in Scotland during your next week otherwise it's. Is yet heat pump system more arc gas our current fossil fuel and. It's not yet it's just a petrol and you. So it's fairly serious and then again I'm not I'm not concerned about it and what it felt that they are we work but that recurring token I don't know it's to be what's up yet. Well I think they're set up her two degree swing right. To changes sounds like you're getting that with some. Of the settings and not others. It's I mean that just sounds relax not work purposes should it matter which two degrees it moves. Try once it changes two degrees it's it's it's it should be it should be switching on the system south. I mean I would just. I would just buy one I would buy another thermostat you know you you probably won't get the exact same thermostat with a B in nineteen years old which you can get something close. It's fairly easy to change venue if he wanted to do it yourself you just need to be ensure that you turn all the power off. To the inside unit in the outside you know because of those wires touch together when you're taken him off. I'm you can have a problem and down so that's that they can be a problem but. Other than that you just need to tend to look at the color codes and make sure that the make sure that your okay. We otherwise if you have HB AC contractor that you deal with regularly this column of their insurance this was not that big of a charge to change. I like going you guys because I don't edit not all of them all we need money to make this call. And a great guy got booted fights are listing guy's arm. I know my wife want to say it's seat you know does a goat you know one of the new which permits that's the digital display to look like a trip to won't systems are all right and I are great that look like apple is sure. It's usually get something that allow for natural gas. And which is great I mean anyway here's here's kind of our theory on that whole thing. Use use your prince a programmable thermostat if you I mean it's only as good as if you don't know how to use and obviously some actually read the manual. But. We we we're big believers it's you can set with gas heat you can set the thermostat back. During the day when no one's home and then haven't come on before you get there to warm house upsets toasty warm. Will we really don't recommend use them that much in the in the in the summer. And it it's simple it's just physics if if you if you turn the thermostat off during the day. Turn it up turn it up high so that the air conditioner doesn't come on. The house will heat up and everything in the house will heat up then what happens of course she turned air conditioning on. It takes hours for all of the furniture further from the building materials. To give that he back off and it's gonna put it back in the air to cool it off so you eat. You lose comfort. Yeah and should suited. We weed out what to mercilessly in an email for saying that. Which I think. By an engineer we said it is physics if you take the general takes this much she does launching an animal like yes were correct. But the cost per therm of gas to replace the key to that's lost. Purses the cost per kilowatt hour to run the the cooling system to reduce the heat. That is why we would recommend that changed just sorry we don't take another what. Run email. It right back up but yes that at this elite group who have a special case. I think I was Smart just. The core Smart enough. Well wit and we're we're we're there's money savings Emmy we realize that but there's but there's there's comfort which is what we're talking. About there is covered and there is yeah exactly and it's an actually in the heat partisan it's a Kalish and and you didn't do you trust a subtle they'll do is make them that it does temperature swings in the summer time less and then heat pump users you guys know the deal you can't have radical swings any time of the year. Or they artillery teacher accent. And then you'll stuck in the power company right. Well you're really don't put your elected. So if you really wanna save money put some insulation in the addict herself at that. OK okay there we go label thank you you have a wonderful play oak thank you I appreciate the call really. Richard. Like for guys like I just on its own thermostat. We're gonna take a little break and we will chat home improvement when we return to home from it was done today welcome back. This is home to do with John today even John Gordon with a Home Depot and I'm Dave don't. Customize open gives power 704570. We 1110704571110. Give us a shout David oh. Is the is as allies let up era bomb and we just a couple of quick things because reached we talked about the front end. The down there's there's some ideas we wanna give you as far as and we'll talk about a ms. as timing callers permit but remember it depending on. That is what you've got going on this is our last month really marches are last month. It's a wrap up the count out. Are items of the wintertime if she she will flow of the womb is just getting caulking around all the crown mold or do wood molding or because of the dry air. We've seen. You know the bill would shrink and I got unsightly cracks get a flexible. Caulk and and caulk all that stuff up now. And and and then and then it's done in the hot weather couldn't go away and how weather but the nice thing about flex will caucus what occurs again. Next year you won't see it bomb. And I was in Hawaii were talk about debt and have been abused the that Alex flax cops get there and love that stuff yet. It's you know it's it has been on the shelf all that long. The united refugees it's a little is little more than the 99 cents stuff it is it but Perot we everything we've ever recommend that is a little bit more than the 99 cent cock cried cut. Yeah absolutely and and and that the minister reason for that. Prompt I got a couple of things let's go to circus she's here Sarah. Your home pru were done and they are you this morning. I'm great how I felt like we are behind all church but I've requested one concerns kitchen faucet. We turn on at the hotter it it comes out full blast and then all of a bit but when you try to get this is just quit. And then when you try to Jergen backbone no water from south. We are well. Thought Knapp C water. Sounds like he got a pressured some problems with the cartridge and a who who who I was there there that you it's only awesome yeah the problem and right yet. There Ali other bosses they're fine and get it unfairly feet. I'm do you think outside the cards you're just before in other office said he thanked ready to strengthen the cartridge might help. Yeah acts as I start so most inexpensive thing you can do and as a matter fact dependent on which what it is if that the faucet you he can probably call manufactured get a free cartridge. Well this visit report Mullen delta delta and on both through that I think I think most all of them are switching over to that that I think they have to. But does. That it you just get to know you just need to know which model number it is and all that stuff. IPad will try to figure that one out. Is an older it's an older Fineman on health and a brand so I'm kinda that it actually condominiums where I'll check that out see what we can work out. Has probably year. It's probably your best you least expensive option first come Sarah start there and okay. There sounds like a good plan anti can't find a model number the name then that then then just basically shut the water off. To remove the cartridge and remember different manufactures the cartridge comes out different ways if you get stomped. On May be open up take the handle loss in need to expose the cartridge. And then get on on the video on YouTube and see if you can find a video note though I bet it'll be one in their little tight had a taken out. Don't like if I just want one quick question David to the could it be some then could there be something lodging in the cut off self. While I could be it could be a cut off valves been in garden. But it is repeating this is what's weird I guess while yeah but it could be something bounce and sometimes the book overeating and a cut off valve well that the valve underneath the sink Sarah. I'm sometimes at a ring world will cut loose end in it'll bounce around inside there it's it's too big to come through the supply to bow and it'll. You'll get you'll get pressure first and inaudible we're gonna do us you know sometimes they break off in pieces it'll come up. Earlier in the show we were talking about chlorine well that's one of the things that chlorine does to the black rubber products. Com in the cartridges and all that little blue wears them out so well. I had done that has some water issues that the condominium where that had to cut off the water they thought it back on solid. That is very well could be should debris they have they could be degree will you may wanna do before the cartridge pieces turn the water on. And then get underneath the sink and cut the water off at the cut off valve and bring it back on turn off bring it back on to see if you can dislodge that Loeb and see that doesn't solve the problem. That I go to the because at the same thing could be driving the issue in the cartridge. I ran downstairs blown up the next question that for us. We're gonna be reflecting higher would debt. And I know that there are a lot of information out there about composite decking and you've been hampered he talked about it in the past. You have the I'll have a boring and or. That you recommend more than other since there's different ones on the market. Here com more I want to a pretty good on tracks when I was disappointed with the with their product their people were absolutely awesome in the end and help and output of one please and all of their product. They've come out with a product now that has a rap on the on the top of it. Then it doesn't do you don't have the state issues and you don't have the molds mildew issues. Romney used to get surface mil do but it cleans off. Palm and so if you're gonna look at a product I would recommend that product and I also think five Iran FIBERON. Has a similar product out there but you're looking for some than. It has you be able to tell when you look at you'll see kind of a rap over the top of it David those seem to be the best solutions on the market right now and in I don't claim to be an a wizard. Yeah ours and all that stuff. Ours at decking you have to prod right now. But if you want it if you want it if you wanna do something a little different scenario in the fifth followed up all the situation is right you can actually dot. That put bad for fairly decline fairly dark close to the cost of about tracks that. Com because. As a way to go on top of the existing deck reflect at all. We've take off the decking and then you would you would attach this this this this great it's called Soka system you can look it up it's called silk a system dot com. And end but basically attached to that joist and then you come in and you can you can put down immaterial. Lay like garden. Well we'd block. It's really what's the product are you talking about the other room. Fabric it's like a fabric in the end but did you can lay your Stoner travertine and then you can toss sweep sand in between it or you can just let the stone float on top. On the cheeky newspapers. You know you can buy papers at Home Depot if you wander you can go to. You know as the top Al garden and get pavers there you could use travertine. We have lots of options but check out that website in. The web site and Soka silk a system. Still good at them yeah. Okay since it we've got a grain port on and it is a very very long day and a half of it screened porch so obviously under that. They're acting bad you're in good shape there right. Yeah so we're that they are so this would. We play all pop and probably what we we thought that someone had atomic they're taking the joy out there were just gonna put in new joys but not just gonna. Sure not write my body said it in the old that old to lay out ways that they had to put it once but thought it as badly as. I'm yet you can you can do that you just BTU rom. That the pen now what your putting on top of it. So. Just follow the manufacturer's recommendations you can't go more than sixteen inches. I'm if you're running tracks and obviously the economy run it and if you run an angle you gotta go to twelve got to reduce that space but they'll tell you all that when you get the product right so so you would just be putting Joyce. A lot of times he viewed the Joyce Serb are in bad shape so even with the silk a system you would want to change them out to simply. It's simply because you want a flat surface now you can have pitch on the deck which you do want. The run the water off but you wanna get rid of video dips in and crowns that are that are in the the word itself. Let. You what do you uses grayling if you use that system to needy. That road the once and yet that's what we've we've views stuff we're actually views powder coated aluminum subject pitcher you're going to very low maintenance Dak. Once she put stone on it and or are the tracks I mean both of those are low maintenance they just simply need to be washed I'm right and then depended on the stone you may wanna put a sealer on it's it's it's totally up to you but this just a clear Matt sealer. On the SP put on every couple of years but that protects it from stains. And multimillion your bootlegs and easier to clean it just like we talk about concrete. But yet a very very cool product but it it you know it it it gets warm obviously that's out in the sun but so does the plastic backing. So write something to think about. Well I won't let this is probably one of the bigger return the party is done in the past in the history does his best so I think about it. John items that get we'll let up we can help. Thanks sir appreciate call we're not we're talking to you next on home approval with Don and Dave welcome back this is home improvement was done in days I'm Jeff Gordon with those people I'm Dave noble. Right now Donald wants to talk about slayings have and so my favorites land is made of bacon. Donna how are you. Okay how are you. He's from make it a potential fatal financial mistake I haven't sold a lot of talk crawl space I have never had a that wasn't either on a basement or across but now I'm thinking. And selling live and buying this cute little cottage does help. That is gone flat out the history of that house is two stories it's only 800 square feet. It apparently was not originally a half a it was a studio or something and and that a lot but Parcells not quite as Al this structure itself was built in 1959. And that was the main structure. In 1909. When it lands but parceled off. And they added I guess the second story they added another square footage to make it up to residential zoning and that point it became an actual. Little cottage down home. That. Always on the same slant but it was never moved it always was on the same slab. That's what they say they would of just can't go word of the military or whatever but that was the scenario whether it's kind of little Mexican shaped building is cute as can be now it's all cosmetically remodeled. The only thing I didn't like there's a definite happening bathroom just as the shell or Otellini note. And that's upstairs and I would think and adding a tub and I ask a lady that I know that her husband the plumber and she thought oh my god she said just. Just putting it had been that bathroom alone could be a nightmare and she said it any Holland on the flaps if you do you have any kind of plumbing work or anything like that she's gonna give bankrupt Tuesday. They can't find the leak and if they do they have to chair out that I made it should scare the tar out of me so I yelled opinions. On lap times especially in. Context of the 2000 beside them when it was built. Well well neck. Eight go ahead I mean she's she's right I mean it I guess it depends on the our federal bankruptcy but on it it can be very expensive you would have to use. It basically have to move out of that downstairs if you started cutting at 400 square feet I would think. It has its amassed a soft cut and break up concrete. Because so there's always the possibility that she can have a plumbing problem. In the air and it can be in a house that was bill yesterday are could be and a house that was built 1959 it did. It doesn't matter it just depends on what they used the quality of the work in and Murphy's law. So yeah you have that to deal with that's just that's just. That that's just part of the deal. I'm if you have a slab and something goes wrong with that yes he is it's one of the probably one of the biggest disadvantages. Is that she had no access to. But then under structure of the house. And I think the pilgrims in the disadvantaged that department Don it really is for for additional things or or convenience access. More than the disaster kind of scenario that your friend is painting. It's true it could it could happen but if you know. If if if you live in an image into. City where tornadoes can happen they can tear down your house they can record everything it can be a disaster. So don't live in cities where tornadoes can happen. So I'm trying to do this long term for you and actually I'm not retard in bad health I live on Social Security only and that helmet PR is a lot smaller than my present yourself in the allotted time and money on the maintenance is more energy efficient. I was doing it so long term. I keep myself solvent. But you know if like if I have a plumbing problem here the first part of my crawl spaces almost like a basement you can please stand up from the beginning of the kids tell that you had a little bit. Though I know that it would be easier access so I was trying to delay because it something's gonna happen I would be probably one it would happen to. You know Murphy's system that would be best analysts forever just routine bombing things that they thought I was that would have always speak that much more. Now four years your disaster. Is a disaster. Data keep me on serve a disaster is disaster that are on a slam or on across based. But but the routine stuff that you wanna do there is access to the main plumbing line end and you would be able to. Ten and fixtures and do things without digging up your slap right if if that was if that's what you wanted to do and it sounds to us. Like this scenario that your in the financial decision that you making the fact that you really like this house it's soundly built. Hum the only slab question I would have David is it to add a second story. You know was a slab adequate you know that to support that and obviously it was armed and had to be inspected ten. And so on so well we assume it to where two good point good point Obama. History according to the history the main structure was built in 1959 which is about right because it's been my area this whole area here these homes were in the fifties now and on they advertisement for the home on the market it says 1999. That was not a 1990 output the age now Lorca list. Attract back the history. That's what he found out. They apparently got it to the level in 1990 when I was parceled up but even that lot you can kind of think that direction that this turned. This left the building in the backyard of the house in front of that every time. Does this this reconstruction or whatever they did to make it up to the code to make it a residential home that's been in place since 1990. And she was able to Trace that it and I have. That they edit the second story I'm guessing because I was told that had been eight studio prior to that so I'm thinking that would square footage they added. Might have been the second floor that the mayor now I'm not sure that too I just know that in 1990 they did enough adjustments to it that they can list that is being built them. But the agency said the actual let happen at that time was put in place since 159 when it was built. Sure at some some my question everything has a life spans so there's plumbing underneath there that. It has some type of a lifespan and we and and chances are it was cast iron in and copper. I'm so it did it's it's it's probably in better shape than than somebody cast iron over time does eventually rushed through and and you can have some problems with it. I'm so I'm I'm just being honest here so yeah with the things that can happen the other thing is in 1959. We're not sure that they put a vapor barrier underneath that slap. Exactly we have no way you know any of that but you did the kind of plumbing problems with any of these doldrums gonna happen maybe not what you call a disaster but you know like a leak personal but I mean is it always think given the that would be a gigantic deal with the slip out serve that only if it's the big. We're really can be second gear prom with any house that has cast iron pipe that was put in 1959 eventually it starts to rust and flicked off. Talk about like repay our such items as opposed it and like it really happen in this house here would call it as opposed to there. It's like. Pro it would be it would be it would be more expensive we've done we've had to do work where on and investors hope rental home. Where there was a sewer line break beneath the slab and we had to go and cut the slab. Access the pipe. Man make make the adjustments do some work outside to make sure that the fall on the pipe remain the same that the dream of work. It was it was an expensive operation that probably cost about arm. I wanna say you know I'm the number that comes to mind was almost a thousand dollars by the time everything was done. Have been on a house with a big tub crawl space that would have made even you know. And would have been less per debt. Just because I can't we can't backtrack to get all would be killed well Darryl things were done that's the problem and I'd say the bottom line is I. Everybody is just stay tuned ears station for the financial advice guys because. Yeah when you get older if you don't have a lot of money that I didn't hear you need regulations though anyway. Yeah I'm just trying to get my options together I think I'm I passed on net. I am my own. Yeah thank you thank you Donna I think. Just because of age the whole idea of a slab isn't bad but the age issue in a type of product use of that time could be a challenge. According to take a little break your folks at home to mortgage on a day were talking we come back welcome. This is almost blew it done and they if I'm John Gordon with a Home Depot I'm Dave Goebel and we are officially in a lightning round. They they wanted to to tee up a couple things that we we. Wanna make sure folks remember this southern. Our spring home and Garden Show is happening again this weekend. And this is a Time Warner things that we'll talk about arm in our newsletter is. We talked about last week on the shoulders of great things you can do as you begin to expand your living space to incorporate outdoor areas up all the way up to outdoor kitchens and audio visual things. But you gotta have a plan so visit the show check out some of the folks that are there but but whatever you do. This is a great time to begin the planned sit down with somebody Connolly had a house so that. If you're gonna do things in stages you do things in the correct stages. And I think the other piece Reese we talked about the other piece I wanna talk about his as optimal planning perspectives. I'm seeing all kinds of outdoor furniture start to pop up. Outdoor equipment. All the things is people get ready for the springtime so take this time right now to do a little bit of homework then you know check out if you think if you're in the market for a lawnmower. Do some shopping. Decide do you wanna make an investment that's gonna last X amount of time and didn't you know or do you wanna. Do you the Honda thing or some of the our higher and stuff to have a higher price tank but then also have you know much longer lifespan so. Tom just says some things to think about how. I can't remember what I forgot that wrapping up things on questions on inside I think we talked about the addict we talked about caulking and stuff like that right. We did we did it tested email yes you say is everything out there. Yeah Arnie Arnie send us an. He said that he he wondered though if there was any type of device. That you can put underneath the kitchen sink where you have your your pull out for your faucet Massey pull out the and the sprayer. Any says it keeps getting hooked on his supply valves. Underneath the underneath the faucet barring the sake. I'm so it's something that I've done before which is it's a simple fix I'd disuse something that I had with me but. I took us some foam insulation that you put around a pipe that splits open. And I just cut a piece and I just I just put it over the faucet over the handle. And I left them a little bit longer so that boat that's. Nothing could get underneath it couldn't get underneath the hook. They know what you're Smart man so it was just so well is this what I had with me and I needed to solve the problem and not make another trip back to its to charge the customer so. Tom that worked out well. I'm in really what you can do with that John as you could take after after I thought about that a little while later laid in bed at night Tom. Did you get take a hot glue gun in you kid you could cut that foam even longer and let them foam go down to the bottom of the candidate. And just and just tack it down there so if you ever had to take at least it would be no big deal is pop it loose with they yup putty knife then but that would stop that but if you ever have to turn the faucet off you to scrap the foam Paula back and you can flip and often talk about if he had to do it for speed Vietnam but. That's probably the simplest way but many got me thinking is there there's nothing out there like this may be we need to invent something. It a hypocrite Patricia chargers for Africa and so eighty health that they hope that helps that and the the other thing. Probably not so much I'm placement because the sprayer is is offset to one side typically. But although the kitchen faucets now that have the pull out spout rabbit hole. Spout pulls out right like a spring here and meet you there may be some complexity with that by I hate. I hate put those things and. Yet they could be a real problem say yet to spend a little time when you install them. To two rout. A lot of times you can use the supply line to keep that from happening turn to keep everything pushed out in front but. I've seen. I've seen some pretty big messes underneath sakes it's tough and depended on how many things underneath their said he could have above water pure fires. Of course should know Simon are you garbage disposal. I gotta be like that little guy from oceans eleven you know we can like. I thought to get honored or do anything gaffe that that's it and it seems to be hit harder harder these days Burmese. They are making the catch but smaller this unknown yes yes and documented fact the same person does not fit in the same cabinet. Clearly must pick cabinet. Moment thus investigated that it's it doesn't actually did tip we should we should include then tipped. Yeah it's it's it's simple it's that inexpensive I think that you can buy that foam insulation that splits open. Offer a couple of bucks for a six foot lake so you have more than you can possibly need. But but that'll work. I would like to take a picture on in my sink dished to demonstrate that but. He really wouldn't matter 'cause that it's all off on a different side maybe somebody else what I don't know we'll figure out that's. I think that's a good idea well thank you on the cuff. Did he didn't think anybody at midnight kind. Kirk there's about something about a lot of stuff that I can. Learn yes somebody asked me today how to I sleep with so many things going on. And I use an old Lou Holtz line I said I sleep like a baby a wake up every four hours and cry. They go wears them overall and there's one there's one more out of Ralph Ralph writes in that he has eighty whirlpool. Range and that the surface burger light stays on even when the burner is often what what can that be. Can't say probably have a couple of things that could be from the one could just be of a band of faulty switch. Or faulty a burner light on the sensor is isn't is gone bad. Or it could be the knob that you turn around that's actually a switch that switch could be bad so I can either one. That would what do you murmured the appliance. Yeah service is that service of now there anyway there's a apply its web site out there that she can go to you that if if you were used to pitcher model number in and you just arrived affairs are described the problem that it will help you solve the problem and then you can of course by the parts there which is the reason they invented the the web site. But very cool nine I've I've not actually fixed a few things in my own house using. Using that web site. The last one that I saved and I don't know that striker I think I was appliance from. Prepare clinic dot com that's it. Is that OK that's it that's that's sort or something along those lines but it's it's those words. Can't prepare us it is it's www. Repair clinic dot com. Think outside you do have to but use the model number with with a brand in the search in your query about what you're trying to do you thumb and middle. You might have from wade through some things that you get to it in non I should help. So I still have on here. The. Once it the best that site ever. Yet it's like you have to pay epic pay a fee to get that but that is that best tech website ever. Got to do a good job I've I'm on my music by belong to that for a little while yet to project it's good stuff all right and but dark. Two we have let's. OK we oh my gosh for a were working in close to the death topping our and I just went by fast gaffe on the first two months of this year. She don't even remind me two more months and are. And horror. You know or it's another whole set of challenges what all good already so no no legitimate complaints for sure. He jumped. I think this. They and what if I could sneak one more thing and here we talked couple weeks ago about armed them podcast I'm Tracey good turns. It's a former CEO of The Home Depot frank Blake awesome character. And now we were saying if you if you know somebody that's not a crazy good turn like done something good to help someone out in the home improvements based. You know bill to the back held to the renovation so much that she is a note it ask John and Dave dot com because I like to share that was Franken maybe he would Dutch. To get a chance include that on this podcast so. So don't forget to do or just check out podcast crazy good turns it's a breath of fresh air. Amidst all the news that shows up about everything bad. All right we really appreciate you being with this this week we hope it was as informative for you as it was enjoyable for us and always wanna remind you that the most important count on home improvement that you can make. There's a wanna make your home a happier place to live and don't forget to work on that project this week and we'll see you next week I'm home improvement which on a day.