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Charlotte at Six
Friday, March 16th

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Stewart conservative victory for taxpayers. Why didn't you worked with president trying to pass tax reforms to make American businesses more competitive and reduce the tax burden on families. We're terrorists were just on track to being president now terrorism poses troops military plan Robert Pincher would have trumps strongest supporters food. 87% of the time and it was my national right to life trusted conservative Robert pictured are Robert injured and I approve this message. Well Robert injure may have a proof that bad but it's not clear he did any fact checking on it so now we're going to dissect it line by line. And consider the truth. Why didn't you worked with the president tried to. Past entries for. Well it is true that Robert pick injure voted for the tax reform bill but we can find no indication that he. Worked along with the president on the issue. It may seem a minor point but we're not sure exactly what Pitt injury is referring to do. Mark terrorists were to stop trying to be president this statement as far as we can tell his faults. Mark Harris like many other Republicans initially supported other candidates for president. But Harris who worked to get evangelicals to vote for trump. During the fall election in 2016. And the next statement in the pit in your head is also not accurate. Now there are some bruises troops military plan. That statement is a classic pick injured tactic of misrepresenting an opponent's position. What Mark Harris actually opposed was the recent budget deal. Nearly every other Republican congressman in North Carolina voted against the budget deal because it means a massive increase in the federal debt. But there was money in that budget deal for the military so pit injury is trying to spend it. That Harris doesn't support the military because he was opposed to the budget deal. Now there are some bruises trumps military plan in addition the visual in that television and is a fabrication. It shows a headline supposedly from the Charlotte Observer that says Harris opposed trumps military plan. Trouble is the observer never ran a headline that said that. I asked injures campaign consultant about that he acknowledged it was not a real headline but text they created. To emphasize their point. Clearly don't take everything literally you see in a patent your campaign ad. Robert didn't hear one of Trump's strongest supporters booty which. 87% of the time. Clearly Robert danger painting himself as pro trump trying to make Mark Harris seem anti trump even anti military even if that's not true. Inaccurate ads even adds an outright lies are certainly nothing new in politics. It's very true many political play at all over the place sometimes can be very misleading. Allan Saxe a political science professor at the University of Texas in Austin he tells me the misinformation. By candidates is deliberate. Eden is an edit the leading. It did feel that it isn't it kicked it over and over again people begin the collegiate. And that happens a lot to say it and they didn't say it. And yet the average guy like myself watching a television commercial. Up political ads that whatever. At the time that the information. That the key to it very much. And probably have to think charted out here. It's very typical to refute it. Somebody is going to defend it and we do want to get into politically. It's not good. And another thing that's interesting about this particular ad. They ran a headline. It looked as though it came from the Charlotte Observer will turns out. They acknowledged they made up the headline it wasn't really a headlined by the viewer were nickel wow that was in in the newspaper. It sure looked good. And and that's true that happens all the time as well. We attribute being cute institution in newspapers television they can debate if they can't. And it's not exactly what would say it but they can't it's too late one Detroit without fear of what can they make that in print on your playing. It's very typical but the other side is say wait a minute let me explain exactly what happened. And later on that if they did try to play good double play it very very difficult to get yourself out of that box so. Centered around. Yeah you know it. This strikes me is interesting because just last week we of course were. Talking about the Russians putting out false ads in the campaign it truthfully US politicians are doing the same thing. Oh we got that they had called pop up tick through at. And we did that for years.