Policy versus Rules, Big Foot, Food Waste and More

John Hancock
Tuesday, September 26th
Hancok talks about NFL Policy versus NFL Rules. PhillipMorris, "I Read The News" and more.

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A. This is John Hancock. There are other roadside Tuesday as we can make everybody good. And for what is gonna be pissed us. Stunning weekend seventies. Goal. All good. Well I have more on the NFL. Including to subside notes from most some things that we talked about yesterday. Sunday night TV ratings were down nine Kia aside so with the players in the NFL anthem battle no smothered. It's mother's side notes on not toppled all of that. I thought there was a pretty good do editorial today. In the Charlotte Observer. And putt. Ron Rivera's take. On the peppers protest and some other things were pretty good seem so world solo touch base on all out. That that that. You do play a Tennessee football people at Tennessee football on me just PM. I have a few teams. If you don't like the draft more than electro. The actual week to week. But and some of the US who will play fantasy football and ESPN. When they start doing none. Decimal points. Is it this year. So you can be awarded points something or other forward. Which means it'd be a dead tie breakers are. I mean there have been times in the past when I've tied. And. So I have I'm my good don't know the name of one of my teams as PF flyers. Over the old ten issue when I was kid. And I was playing another team called a team reaper. And going end to the game going into the. Was Monday night games at the Oakland game. Sunday night game is opened and okay. I I had spent all my players by the time Sunday night's game was rolled around and he had two openings. He had the Oakland defense and he had done Michael Crabtree. I was leading him 85 point four to 84 point six. I was gonna lose that game there was no two ways no doubt about it used in you know I mean he's got to Oakland defense and Michael Crabtree. And I leave him by. Point one it. The Oakland defense. Scored zero. And Michael Crabtree let him by point eight Michael Crabtree scored a point seven. And maybe I beat this dude 85 point four to 85 point three. Now if I was him. I beat. Beside myself. But I just saw that because I know I guess they say do these updates on and teams or whatever it is that time teams remotes. The fantasy football up. And they say your team's losing your team's losing your team's losing and and it the end when it's also and then what they say hey your team on your team on this team loss of a I looked down at all for my teams and I and all for a 11. And I said no they can't because that one guy I'll let no one guy by blow you don't point what their role as. So I beat him by a tenth of a point. Which also in that particular league keeps me undefeated stated in two and one on three you know. I feel bad for a. Ought to send him a note there's there's guy you'd. It just sucks. And I don't wanna trash talking. So they were and it's sort of I was sorry to see the paper this morning that Philip Morris died. Philip Morris is more us costume which many of you all know from Monroe road. But we had told Morris on the show a number of times. He was. Our show men. Extraordinary. But in fact. He he used to work for the circus. Circus ringmaster of for a while. We had him on and in none ninety's. Some time or another. Because bigfoot came up. And he called me on the phone and said. The guy. Who put out the grainy video. That is the origination of bigfoot. Bought. One of my gorilla costumes. And that bush the legend of big foot. And so we had him on and he came in and he documented and showed us. That in 1967. As as the paper states this morning. A customer named Roger Patterson bought a custom. Custom gorilla suit that was used to film the famously grainy. Footage. Of the hairy bigfoot striding through the woods of northern California. And so. Is he that was one of his claims to fame but it also. Bigfoot hoax. So I hear bigfoot come up now and de dire dale county or wherever these guys are you know FitzGerald just talked to some dude about. Bigfoot genetic. I just always think back to Philip Morris who basically Brit now when Phillip Burton divulged debt on our show. It made the national news. But I've never seen a re printed the story today in the air Charlotte Observer doesn't it knowledge that a continuation performer I'm not look at for the attention bully me. But I mean he pretty much discounted. The legend of big foot that day and had to receive and had a and it did the whole nine yards. It's a David just character he was a long time Charlotte TN they say you'll or you'll remember Morris appearing on WB TVs. Big bills clubhouse and horror theater India. I'm late Friday nights in the 1960s. Younger ones you'll recognize doctor evil and his sons Scott from the Austin Powers movies a character that Morris created for area. Local TV and stage show back in 1959. Infected his son and daughter I think that own more us costume now. Which is just grown to. Unbelievable. Proportions I minute that they they're Morris costumes fairly run Charlotte company. Now ship's. 28000. Packages. On a day. Much of it wholesale distribution. And all over there forever be. Linked to gorilla suits now he had a heck of a business. Out there on Monroe road where everybody would go around Halloween and stuff like battery punitive Superman costume Rosetta cause arousal or do you go to Morris custom I mean he'd. He did a bang up business there but. His side business so to speak he and his wife Amy started this costume company out there Charlotte home in the nineteen in 1960. Supplied stage shows and circuses in TV and movie studios. And over the year the business screwed basement operation moved to a small shop and then a retail store on Monroe road and then 300000 square foot distribution Sydor. In a university research park I think we had him back on when he was opening up that facility. He was all excited. He Scott Morrison his sister Terry bay now own the business but their dad worked until about eighteen months ago Philip Morris. And this is pretty curious as Halloween approaching its the company is busiest time a year the 250 employees. Are shipping costumes all over the world. And Scott Morris joked in a quote today. I acknowledging his father's death I don't know what he was thinking leaving us at this time of year. They'll hold a memorial service for him in November after the busy season events. But he was character he was I listener of the show at least a one time. And he broke though world and I dues about big foot and himself on the Costa under while Roger Patterson. When we were doing nine to noon. And soul rest in peace old Morris one there one of the true characters I've met in this business through the years and what a gentleman. And I was really start to see that on the front page of my newspaper what what a pleasure to two I've been able to as say I knew him. I am Gail. FaceBook message me today and sent me the rule. These specific rule. Pertaining to the National Anthem. A 62 dash 863. Of the league rule book it states amended so as accordingly. So I wrote back and said thank you very much. And then I went down and I did some homework and found out that's actually not the rule book. That's the policy manuals. There is nothing addressing the National Anthem of the National Football League in the rule book. Now I've tried to find the technical answer to a big difference between. Policy and rule. Arm and I and I think policy is. It is as best I can tell policy would be guidance. And role would be. Do not breach. So there is a big difference between having something written in the policy manual which is 200 and something pages. Or the rule book. Which doesn't have a page 62. And so are the so I think that's flying around the Internet. Is true enough stated in the policy. Manual but it is not in the rule book we'll get to bed just a second let me over here it's a little read on WB two or talk about Philip Morris who passed away Morris costume. I pay full pay rate how are you. Hey John door while working out here and outside and thankfully in Charlotte yeah well wait till this weekend that you wanna be outside permanently. On their kin wah I'm a native Charlotte Jane and I grew up here during the late fifties early sixties and what doctor evil every night art theater 1130. Not central nervous system fight or flight is. Very acutely developed because of him. He would open up the show and say ballot come to the house of you lose the committee chose some scary movie in the knockout that I would go around without the tree out. Nobody wanna go out there that we need that monster blow up there. He was is the ultimate showman out first time ever given to the radio studio guy he just was all energy just was de Rossi was fascinating and I you know I don't by the time I got here in 1990. Everybody knew Morris costume on Monroe road. And many end up with two locations on Monroe road but I mean that's that's for UN and it was the most extravagant costume shop I'd ever seen now. I wasn't here to grow up with him on no big bills clubhouse and awe and horror theater but. Well but it sure was a pleasure good to know him and and and learn about him and I know his history here. Well he sure made an impression on me at all. And Amador creeks out think him yeah. Well very good day take your her collar appreciate okay baba. It's Philip Morris my my condolences to his family. Although I love the quote because this is their busiest time a year 250 employees shipping costumes all over the world. Com 300000. Square foot distribution center. They now shipped 20000 packages a day. Not bad for a little costume shop to started in their home. And his son about the passing of his father I don't know what he was thinking of leaving us at this time of year. This is classic quote. Absolutely classic quote. Willow read. These specific rule. These specific. Policy. Regarding the National Anthem. And I think in the rule book is the passage that many of you have sent me but it doesn't pertain to the National Anthem. It pertains to just about everything else. Stickers and arm bands and helmet decals and patches and and not end and so on and so forth so. Anyway well are you with some information just couples like it's so when somebody comes up and says the rule book says you can say you know I assure the rule book doesn't say. Policy says. But some guy chewed me out. It's earlier deciding what they don't shoot the messenger do and not siding with anybody I and I saw this on line none of this morning and and like everybody else that gives a roar back and to thank you. And and I'm not driving gala either I think. And then you know I'd asked yesterday if somebody's got a copy of that rule please send it to me and she did. But then we went in and did some homework and found out actually it's not the rule it's a policy. And policies. Can be ignored it and rules. Cannot. So the National Football League and as the commissioner and the owners they didn't ignore a rule. They just disregarded a policy. The rule book. It is in the policy. You'd be official name of that could be the 2017. Official playing rules of the National Football League at. Doesn't address the National Anthem. The. 2017. Official playing rules I'm trying to find the name of the official name of the Europe. Or via policy brokerages like 200 and some odd pages long. But everybody is writing in saying the NFL does of all their own rules well actually in this case is Donna rules to policy. Airpower pretty thin line but rules have to be followed policies are more. Suggestions. Or something along those lines dug up on WBT hey Doug. Hey John. What it semantic then I mean if your company has the power these that you can't stand her repeat. Personal email on your company computer. And here Condit continually be doing at. And they decide to fire you or you go to them they will go to the college the it doesn't believe that IKEA yeah. Well if you look up regular I tried to find out they actual do a difference between may NFL policy NFL rule and it couldn't find one. But you can find several sites that site that policy vs a rule. A rule is written in stone and a policy is not. So I mean it to some extent I agree we did is semantics but. If you if you're looking for binding our our true definition then technically it's not it's not. He is. So if they wanna wake nor their own policy that's fine they couldn't necessarily ignore their own rule in fact. Rules generally our government issued. I'll read Aaron got to run but I I don't disagree with your I mean to me it's semantics still. But on the other hand the end did did did the NFL's its own entity. So if you are or you're not getting you're not gonna get them on a loop pole. So I don't have to listen to you. And leisure season ticket holder. And even though they don't have to listen to you Bobby you're on WB TI. I have and you and a policy whatever. That thing about it is they ask are they might get married a much Lin and the greatest country in the world. Haven't that have and I'll tell them like that kind of money. You can't go to another country might just count the money. They had been asked that mattered tank in Arab freedom but it was given you I doubt in my head and the flag represent something greater for us. I got divorced you're out of work and in the military you know and and as I blew up at a time when Durant was not there and how therapeutic yeah. Would I went yeah what I had panicked a bit that they if that was big change whatsoever. We wouldn't have made opera that he had someone not. Winamp and down what was had to be done for us to have these great and let in this respect. Flag. This country I never mind not mind it's not the way I wanted to lay. That that don't disrespect the character in the flag and playing their advancement two or rather the freedom and opt handed anybody in this country. Can attend Mike of their separate their lot and he's got to have that opportunity. I agree were there that what they're doing and. The ones that what one of the one of the freedoms people died for is to First Amendment right. Well they do ask does that exactly Iraq. Let you know they have their back to look at that those gas that that the slain in the grave calling them what Eddie did that. In there's not a First Amendment. And love that you have bad merry go out. I mean I didn't like the Supreme Court rulings that said you have the right to burn the American flag either and anybody I would seek torch the American flag I would lose all respect for but you have the right to burn the American flag in protest. So I mean AA in essence people didn't die and for the right so we have in this country only the ones that we agree what they agree they died for all of them and the First Amendment is one of the prominent wants. And and so why whether you agree with what they're doing now and you're also not taking them at face value they are claiming it. That they're protesting the racial inequality in this country. And claiming this has nothing to do with the people who died of the people who served all first responders so you're not taking them at their word for that that's fine you don't have to. But they are exercising their first amendment rights and that is something that people have died for. In this country you can't go to other countries and exercise this kind of freedom either. Well that's what my sister very frustrated now. And we do have their drives yeah and you know innate I guess they doubt camera right there what their door and let me out there have a rotten not agree whether. Well that's exactly right but I mean on the flip side of that day have think they have the right to had to do something that you. It then they did they have the right to disagree with with a faction of this country I'm not trying to stand up for anybody but I'm just say and you can't complain about the First Amendment. Bought an end there every time it's exercised and it doesn't agree with necessarily something that you agree with. Three with the right to it and you know the problem and I'll write them an that we should really to try to work on the pattern of Kattengell aren't everybody. Everybody has their has the ability to do you have ourselves and that's what might just underserved. M amen to that amen to that and I did the racial thing boy I don't know we're way past due on our maturity level on now I don't understand why that's still such you know such a big issue. How badly and I am an and you give I'm Natalie thank and not 58 year low and I'm really that do different things are ram or those who say that we're immigrated here. I never had problems as stock did you have my. My access tab. Probably not non cigarette that's the other thing wouldn't matter that we were working you know I work in a building that's got just about every nationality and teller you can think of male and female in foreign countries and and brown and I you know all my note how we all get along just fine so I I I don't quite know what quite understand what the problem is now. I am and I let alone anybody how reverend Martin and I do understand now being an African American in this country probably creates challenges that I've never had to deal with that. Larry brands that are. And by the lot of them are always I haven't Obama and anybody. Now they Bobby appreciate golf. I remember being a hippie in Wyoming wants. Bell and a real fun experience. An analysis because of my here. So I mean that's still way I can ever relate it's good to the extent it. You know people get a hard time just because of their color makes more sense to me then get Nestle because you have longer. Didn't get it then don't get it now. I am them floating around. Claims that page 62 and 63 of the NFL rule book dictates that did during the National Anthem players must stand face the flag holder helmeted narrow left handed refrain from talking. Mihm claims that failure to follow this policy can result in fines suspensions or forfeiture of draft picks. But it's not the NFL rule book. And the lack. Which does not appear in a 2017 official playing rules of the National Football League it's part of the games operation manual. Which is distributed to all 32 teams according to an NFL spokesperson by the name of Brian McCarthy. And he said that. The policy has been in place for several years pre dating protests. That began during that 2016 season. Its policy it's not a role he says. I think more people are getting confused is roles that's like holding. Or defensive pass Anderson's parents that's a rule this is policy. Not not quite sure what is different generation is between the two either. McCarthy confirm that the league will not assessed penalties to players who either did not take the field for the anthem. Or who protested. In a publicly available 2017. Official playing rules. Of the National Football League the word anthem is not mentioned. The only section that could potentially applied to and from protests in the rules. Not to be confused with the policies of the says. Com's under the section on player equipment uniforms and player appearance rule five section four article eight. Deals with personal messages. And and how that rule begins is and many of you sent this to me as well. I in the last couple of days. Throughout the period of game that day that a player is visible to the stadium and television audience including in pregame warm ups in the bench area and during post game interviews in the locker room more on the field. Players are prohibited from wearing displaying or otherwise conveying personal messages either in writing or illustration. Unless such messages have been approved in advance by the league office. Items to celebrate anniversaries are memorable events or to honor or commemorate individuals such as helmet decals. And arm bands and Jersey patches on you player uniforms are prohibited unless approved in advance of the league office close quote. So while this does address conveying personal messages. The entirety of the role as related to uniforms and wearing items that convey a personal or political messages it does not at any point mentioned behavior. They can days personal or political messages. Outside of prohibiting players from quote oral Lee promoting equipment. Apparel or other items that Kerry commercial names or logos slash identifications. Of companies and less approved in advance. So it's all command issue managed to me as well. But one of the suggested searches in the NFL rule book a 62 a 63. Com. And another is NFL rule book pages age 62 or it. 863. The NFL rule book has instructions for players to stand at attention during the playing of the National Anthem. But that's not true. It's their policy. Initiative. Not the rule book. That. That physically and designates it and apparently. According to the National Football League. There's a difference. They don't necessarily enact policy. Apparently. But if it were her role been so those of you are saying they break Teradata donated follow their own rule book well technically you're wrong. They don't however. All of their own policy suggestions. And I don't quite get the big difference Indy in the two of those either Brad you're on WBT hi. Yet thank protect my called on. I think that the engineers you know ballot a large organization that affect America for you're energy has a policy manual for government. They're behavior and all aspects of their operation and Al. The game in the case of the NFL. And that's what they are not the rule book war is the execution of the game on the field. And maintaining a fair and balanced competition but does that Wear the uniform are included in your in the rule book that's where you find everything about. Holding him and ask and I'll. I end a policy thing would be almost between franchises as opposed to general rule of the game. Yet certainly take each individual branch out a big opportunity to. Invade around nom. Policies often behavior employees much like Jerry younger self help or a suspect in pretty dark blonde on how he expects the cowboys to be expelled. But the rule book is just for the rules. Having to do with the playing of the game and it must agreed to violator of the uniform thing that's been the go. At all it back in 1980 but Jim McMahon used to Wear hit they have. Any personal messages elements or the commissioner he grows well and got I'm sort and so you have a lot of that respect is being a good memory Brad appreciate all think you meant. Heavily relatives of flight now estimated at probably a bigger shorts jury today than. Only and it fell. Take me. Bob. Homes watching Jerry Jones last night taken me. With the Dallas Cowboys got booed pretty good and Arizona fall. And I got to thinking to myself purpose Jerry Jones. Jerry Jones is like to gather though of the of the cool parent. Dead you know well would. By the kids a six pack of beer or Friday night tournament record at their house. He. It takes risks with players and and torrents over everybody. He just I don't know or jury seems to be kind of like the cool parent he wants to be he wants to be that. The kids' best friend. So I can close holes prize to watch him I do know last night. What surprised to see some of the players to add and our org or the cowboys to an at all the good dividend and I've unlike any other team. I just was a little surprised to see your Jerry and there are. But they're all us and give eggs comes off to me is one of the cool parent the better story. Sports story today. And for a show that's not necessarily a sports show it sure has dominated our conversation the last 22436. Hours. Four assistant basketball coaches Arizona Auburn Oklahoma State and southern cal but there are other schools that are verb and most of as soon. Was some improprieties as well are among those arrested on federal corruption charges Tuesday. Just heard this during a Mike Doyle's newscast after they were caught taking thousands of dollars in bribes to steer NBA Destin college stars towards. Certain sports agents and financial advisors. The F coaches named in the court documents. Include Auburn's chuck person. Oklahoma State's LaMont Evans Arizona's Emanuel Richardson. And USC's Tony bland. I also charged in Manhattan federal court managers financial advisors representatives of a major international sportswear company Adidas you just heard. Coaches have some of this is the AUS attorney Joan Kim. I acting US. Attorney for the southern district of new York at a trip press conference today news conference today. Coaches as some of the nation's top programs soliciting and accepting cash bribes managers and financial advisors. Circling blue chip prospects. Like coyotes he said. Any employees of one of the world's largest sportswear companies secretly funneling cash to the families of high school recruits. And when you start to get in near. Other people named India documents and includes a couple of Adidas executives. And and NBA agent who was fired in Maine. And the president of the league initiative which was a program of the Adidas sponsored family AA you programs name's Jonathan bond Augustine. And financial advisors and a former NBA official. All and no on and on and on and on and and as. Since. All of the money they were lied and his kids up with the agents before the became professionals. They were all funneling money off to kids and families who were in high school and are getting amend certain colleges or encouraging them to go to certain colleges and and then get them to sign shoe contracts. When they went pro and. And there are taken money under the table for. Bird appoint these kids the right direction and it's also for this'll get to be a huge story. Huge. It's not nearly as much fun as the National Football League. But it'll budget to be a a huge story. On Sunday Night Football ratings are down again now I am a preliminary metered market resulted BC sports coverage of Sunday Night Football down about 10% vs last year's comparable match up this was the Oakland Raiders and end. Washington Redskins game. CBS touted some gains and it's Sunday daytime NFL coverage. At least earlier in the day. Up about 11%. The regional football coverage at 1 PM was up about 11%. So whether came out there and NFL sponsor Nike decided to publicly take a side in the conflict between president trump in the players and the owners over the National Anthem protests. And now came out and support the player's right to carry out the protest. Against racial inequality and police brutality Nike set and a short statement today yesterday Garcia yesterday. Nike supports athletes in the right to freedom of expression on issues that are of great importance to our society close quote. They are so far as I know the only NFL sponsored it clearly take a side on this. So those kind of the updates that we had going into this thing and and the other one is the argument about. And really I say just for your own clarification. So that if you're sending this memo around and it says the NFL rule book. Says this about the National Anthem the NFL rule book doesn't address the National Anthem. The policy manual does. And so with the quote that you're reading. It's being passed around everybody is not from the rule book it's from the policy manual. Arm and everybody this call me and saying listen to vibrate policy I get fired. Apparently they're in Vienna Phil plays by its own rules. Which they have forever. So I'm not. For Oregon set up just say and I if you send out that ma'am you say this is from the NFL rule book technically you're wrong it's not it's from the policy manual Michael you're on WB 28. Very John thanks stick in my culture. It's real quick and and so I really do with me. I don't necessarily LA anything with the players early adult I've got to with the NFL. Last night for the first time I guess I shouldn't. How about fifteen years I did not turn on the TV and watch any other game I did not. And not I didn't kill me I survive that. I'll woke up this morning I'm fine. Waldorf what my wallet. I have bulk of the meetings I bought a lot up over the years. No more. Yeah I you know it gave it I mean a lot of people said that the last couple of days if people are really adhere to that and that will hurt the NFL and one that hurts the NFL Libyans and see what the reaction is but you it's kinda like when you hire somebody in a radio station and they say I'm never gonna listen to that radio station again and you know while we find out they do. Well you know that's only. Ratings won't show it. That's the whole thing it's it's done. Like anything else it says their ratings will show it. I don't shot lead last night now that you showed earlier about earlier games. I grew up a group steeler. A huge steeler. This Bill Burton LC Greenwood. Our Mel I'm an all of but I am I am on the guy didn't hurt by it. I really am and bears and it has nothing to do personally with me even the rule book. It's just. I'm just embarrassed by it and and and and I Shia. One thing I can't control lacking control a lot of bank America and control mob while you're embarrassed by what. While I'm didn't stay or just state that tight until there's so many ways to protest. But don't take IR I turn all the football game to have a couple hours a gentle waves from all the politics. And I think that. Well I mean negated that that's that some utter frustration to me to. In that then we we talked about this with the Emmy Awards are just on I can't watch warlords programs anymore because they they've turned end up. Well awards ceremonies have become more political than political shows. You're. You're correct it is that it's it's just stay. Don't know it's just what made. A day just under psych issues Sam aggravated. I just thank. Some you wish you would say the NFL players hey I understand. What should therefore and your urine urine entertainer you're not necessarily out our policy wonk. Well it is it is true I again I VI I I turn it on I've enjoyed it I'll look NFL watts for many many years like. Like so many others. But it comes to a poll com. You know I'm a Michael sat here and because glee out of anybody. Whatever but I actually in control one and I and I know. I can control my spending. And I just choose. Com this thing up so much a player thing with me this is mean Indiana well. I personally just may I don't know how anybody else looked like it but this says you know I'm not one after no player. What bottom line is put them to allow it. But the cannot fail. Now I'm Michael appreciate skull thank you ma'am are meant poppy goes or comes Gerald RW BT hey Gerald. I just a quick comment number one. The player similar protection. Under the First Amendment among border. The First Amendment and the bill right particular from the government. And employer cannot hard. I don't think that we stated otherwise but there but they know that the NFL owners in the NFL commissioner have chosen not to do anything about past. Correct and now they are thank topic or are you should be considered as. Maybe removing their tax exempt status report to work several billion dollar a year. Nabbed several people have said that if for pro football teams feel free judge may feel uncomfortable accepting money from us cities to a builder stadiums and so on and so forth. Well maybe they should do be a little bit more careful about video of people whose money they spend and many image that they portray. He did his mom's not going to be happy. Fixer upper get ready to start their fifth season and they announced today this will be their last. They bug me you know they got so many irons in the fire and or get creditors to us also 400 target and they just announced that. So Libya they probably can't afford to do this year when he. They've got an empire going on now. I here's the other story Darren can't good rider been in the surf for a good long time writes for a pro football talk. I and he reports today that did Jerry Richardson no one of the last NFL owners to speak out about Donald Trump's comments about player protests. Is now hearing about it. Daren Meghann. Reports. That according to Joseph person of the Charlotte Observer Richardson is scheduled to meet where they group of players today because they're upset that he's created an environment. Which isn't exactly friendly to dissenting voices and they fear ripper repercussions if they speak out. I his statement Richardson's statement which came a day after everybody else's it seems which doesn't surprise anybody that's lived in this town for any time at all. I had a very stick to sports Tony said politicizing the game is damaging takes the focus of the your greatness off the game itself from those who played it. An and I don't know that there was any. I guess some little surprised to hear that this a meeting or that that statement. He's standing up for the gamers to stand up for the game my it to some extent you stand up for the people who play it and played it. State and upper. Forward. His business model. Which is the most popular sport the world over and remember that this week. I Ron Rivera made it clear he is expected his players to stand and salute during the anthem which is expected to which is a military background and is and is. And any apparently talked about some of the issues and is a Monday team meeting with the players but because his most decorated player was the one making a statement they say he needed to address it. He set I was trying. That is a quote from our rivers on peppers. I think he was trying to find a way to do it the right way. I think he was trying to make sure that everybody understood that he has a tremendous amount of respect for what the flag stands for a for military personnel and for a first responders. Peppers was pretty clear in my opinion about why he did what he did he thought he was Jennifer's Brothers he thought his Brothers have been just by the president of the United States. They had. SOB is that's what they were referred to. That's good to me that's that's what the protest on Sunday and last night has been about its ability it and it's it's a giant. Oh player flipping the bird to the president of the United States. You do your job we'll do our job. Don't call me I don't refer to me in now way. And just my mom because you don't have the new agree with. A good group the way I go about in protest racial inequality. So I thought they were protesting the president of the United States I think that's why the numbers went over 200 as opposed to six the week before I'm not so sure this had to do with anything with the military. Or people who died for the country. Or even racial inequality I think this was all bunch of players saying to the president United States where you shut up. You don't have a dog in this fight and don't talk about us that way. You got bigger problems. You're hurt and North Korea Mr. President. Tuesday September 26269. Days in the year nine. Nine BC news. Day is just from. I gave fourteenth Federal Trade Commission was established in 1960 did the Beverly Hillbillies premiered in 1969. The Al all Abbey Road by The Beatles was released. 20s16. You're in the road today. The first presidential debate Hillary Clinton faced off against Donald Trump Hofstra University. Set a record is the most watched debated US excuse me in American history 84. Million viewers. I'm not all workout. Serial sex stir Anthony Weiner gets 21 months in prison that was announced yesterday 24/7 Wall Street are read the news serial boy is listed the jobs that are the worst on marriages number one. Casino gaming manager. In baseball Erin judge you do is fiftieth home run breaks the long standing rookie record. Mark McGwire one of panda experts are warning that meth has been found in Mexico's 7UP. Sales are historic. 80%. Of Americans living paycheck to paycheck according to a new survey are read the news today oh boy career builder. Majority of Americans are caught in a desperate cycle of working just to make ends meet. Career builder says nearly four and 578%. Of US workers living paycheck to paycheck and many racking up more and more debt. That number was up 3% from 2016 continues to be filled by. More by Americans earning less than 900000 dollars a year. Only 9% of full time workers making over that mark say that they struggled. To make ends meet. And in mr. Graham. Which I totally don't get. But the kids do. In that now owned by FaceBook. Now has 800 million monthly users. Said Monday that that added another 100 million monthly users it brings the photo sharing app to 800 million monthly active users up from 700 million in April 500 million our daily. Active users. My wife's vulnerable. I mum on mr. Graham I have no idea how it works. I think we've put our post Super Bowl pictures. When I was out there are for the Super Bowl in San Francisco wonders to ground. I'd cinema Susan and she'd most of that and at that. So hard other registered similar continued to be. Florida Keys all officially reopened to tourists on October the first if you had to delay your vacation to the keys because of hurricane Irma you can no follow through with your plans to visit. Nicky is well officially reopened to tourists this weekend. Although officials originally target October 20 as the date the keys would welcome back visitors that date has been moved out by a few weeks to October 1 because. The keys of completed most of the infrastructure repairs that needed to be done. Almost all power and water have been a restored in the area. Cellular service is a working well they say although. Restoration of Comcast cable television and Internet is a lagging behind other utilities. Here's what I wanna know those of you know Key West. Izzo Lewis back porch. Technically. Was it still open. And is it stated if you get down there is it. This was a song that was their website still there this is the song it was a memorialized by. Jimmy Buffett. The hurricane season song. And very wonders on over two of. Louise back porch. It's a great far. Right on the water and restaurant. And I just wondered it's been a twenty years since I've been down their source of wonder fifteen years. I would just wondered a goal was it even still there are still open and be. If you're going down there since our Irma. Is it still in existence is it still standing in some way shape form or another TJ's give me a thumbs up so. A bad place to have a drink. Or floor. Learn their FaceBook page. Lose backcourt show will be open for dinner this Saturday. Thursday day after tomorrow. Well I'd like throughout whatever look I love to go to q.s just to see what it looks like. Or maybe you wouldn't. Yeah you're about the Caribbean islands and and vendor vegetation is gone. I know the whole thing remained Caribbean islands so beautiful to begin with sitting up on the side of the old. Masked by a tropical forest. Eat dinner looking down into the days and solar and so forth. That would mean eligible for girls are more people would have been patient Kevin's up on WBT hey Kevin. Hey John how are you good. Good here in my take on a lot of this protesting up and I under your ninth inning get into the ordeal of you know the reason for it however. For those that are upset of the NFL players should protest and during the National Anthem and think it's this respecting our country. I'd challenge then Q. Tell the folks that are walking around in the stadium that are paying attention to National Anthem and those that are standing around them. You. Better holding private conversations. During the National Anthem. But that mr. equally disrespectful if not more disrespectful. Just got an email telling them. If you're not telling them to shut up in just stop moving. In your being a hypocrite if you're mad at the players protester. Just got an email from a lady named Elizabeth had a pretty much says the same thing she says NFL players are under fire for taking a knee during the National Anthem but what about the people daily and events its stadiums who walked through the concourse. Or to their seats during the National Anthem no one ever says a word about these people's is that I've attended and worked a lot of events and I'm always upset or those people. Who don't stop to show the respect for the flag and what's going on around them so you're not you're not the only one that. It feels that way yeah respect is a two way street. John doe no two ways about it. Sure so Kevin thank you very much. He's right never looked around and are the national and. All right to the bat phone we go and Bob is up on WBT hey Bob. I do about it. Now remember you from the end Amanda congratulations on your award Q. The but the start but there you know a couple things here. Your last caller and the military does. Come apples and oranges and kind of ridiculous that people that are. Many walking around in this and you trying to find their seat or get some eater I'm not even walking around her try to get a receipt and protest they're not the ones with a platform not the want cameras what do you out of both. How they are much lower than. But. And I also understand these. First Amendment act I don't want to lead people or you know these players are exercising their First Amendment life I don't understand how this is. Exercising their First Amendment right. How neat because you know because you have freedom of speech in this country because congress has not made a law. Prohibiting it yet but that's what that is exactly that First Amendment that says that they will not prohibit. I hung and they haven't because they can't sell in this country you have the right to speak your mind. Well. Okay. No not exactly the government will not prohibit such things but that should not and it does not. Exclude. Workplace I mean that's not I can't go to work tomorrow. And start calling you know mare employees' dorm or more mud and Ers. You know I can't let you be wary also word fed them and you know could. Other government they've been they're good they're not using racial slurs either I can go either Brooke I can go to my work and I have freedom of speech I can say anything I want. With the within the guidelines of the SEC I can't cuss at you right now but if I wanna do in you know I did does so my job gives me I mean I I have freedom of speech. I am exact day huh. Hire me you do exercise my ride her coming Omar and our armor that you could easily get fired or something I don't already know sheriff did freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom of content from consequences that you thank you so much that that's what that's what everyone Bob that I haven't. I admit I but I don't think anybody who's pro testing in the NFL right now is is necessarily complaining about the complaints. That they I think they knew they were gonna end up in the cross hairs. But Kerry David your question was you don't understanding that the the First Amendment thing they're exercising their right to voice of the road to to voice their opinion. There which in this country that they have which in other countries they don't does in other countries are our rules against it. But exactly but certainly under the First Amendment doesn't say you all our like you just said a minute of the First Amendment does not protect you from consequences. Of to a speech yeah well I mean these these players eat in the league and the owners would step up. And say hey you're hurting the game you're hurting then the league you're hurting the brand. Stop doing it or you're gonna lose your job they would be within their right to do. Up to date they want but they haven't done that and they haven't done that so technically the owners are re exercising their first amendment rights still by allowing it. There are very Boehner burger mean coward I think well it may be but they they owners haven't told them that you can't do that or you'll lose their job. Well but let the First Amendment is not what's stopping their owners from doing that no. About what that I'm not that the one that oh that's where I wanted to land I decide to I don't understand why everybody keeps saying the First Amendment allowed them to do this and allow them to do without consequence. Because right now we net nobody ever said that allows them to do without consequence. You've you can say whatever you want. You that doesn't mean you won't become too good to meet you might you mean you're right you could you could. Indeed depending on where you work you could get fired premier jobs for exercising your first amendment rights. Apple and but the government hasn't stopped you from doing not much and the government and aren't I mean that's exactly right because they can't because the First Amendment says they can't. Indians got an M doesn't intend on their First Amendment right to either. One more time. I think Donald Trump expressing his personal opinion about the players doesn't you know doesn't in Iraq or it interfere with their first amendment rights the other. Yeah now I agree and Donald Trump us to pay the consequences for what he says that the election box a knife in the press and everything else he's not freely consequences either. I agreed harbor so thank god for the First Amendment. I had a great all right I I but the judges did Steve you're on WB Tate. I John Howard you know day I'm good now. Cut I'd check written in my arm and work for an NFL team. In regards to rule book and policy the rule book in their pharaoh applies to begin. The rules of the game what is our exporters. All the various rule what are the penalties. The policy manual deals with what the teams can and can't do what the players can and can't do. So it is not just a rule and maybe rule it just deals with two different thing. Given Hillary's and we brought that up earlier was the man that's going around the Internet says it's part of the rule book it's not part of the rule book it's part of the policy manual. That's Illinois and we were Macon. Now that that's correct but I don't think I don't think. The policy manual. It is not in forcible I think. He did deal with a totally different subject and he did it's that's the area you know where they're the NFL and time nor. Our deal worth players off the field activities little bit of policies and they import from pretty strong. Who enforces the policy manual. Isn't a commissioner well any cities chosen not to. I in this particular case he's chosen not to probably because the owners don't want him to. Aren't probably very gray right and he's certainly what the owner going to have. Talk deliveries and we brought this up and every because everybody was so but no on the Internet this is in the NFL rule book it's not in the NFL rule book. No it's not the rule deal would gain him. Hard I have a good one thanks Ben appreciate it off he goes we will do the same come back on the other side. Head into a final five petty enough. They're probably take another 2000 calls on this. Where there's a bigger story about. College sports lingering. Underneath the surface. But this is lower hanging fruit it's fine move five. Studying. This. To me. Message. Okay. Did enjoy a the space. It didn't. You. Hackable or phone calls and that we'll move on to get to lighter stuff to get you all low home we'll start with Jeff on WBT hey Jeff. Job. For crying out loud for golf lyrics meant what is that what the ambiguity of your show but they still logic. We particulates. And it for a protest and can't come down all. I mean that's that's that's just so obvious I'm I'm very disappointed in our ball. The best at what what this great country home are what LL. It's sort of protest. And all the water. We elected trough. But go to sleep or that the coordination work Eric John warning them at all what are the pot that the gold. You started off with the word ambiguity in my correct. Yes sir and I what does that mean. You are not willing. And in. And security mean college extract what are happening ambiguity is being opened to more than one interpretation. Eye of the beholder. Back that I don't see it may be the way you see it or you see it the way that I see it doesn't make either one of us wrong. No I thought well that and how you know report hey Jeff forward Jeff. Jeff. I'm haven't much too good today to talk to a jerk like Q what is your problem. You're. All the world and now. No I'm not on your rails I'm not on your chain but I I I'm not here for you to stand up and abuse I'd I don't know who the hell are you. Just like the pollute less worry if you can networking Walsh Joan Walsh saw opus bill. Up good luck pal. I dog died on me blocked. Addai did everything's gone well for me. I'll put a pleasant person. There's your. No wonder we have we can slide over to the the twelfth fan. And. I'll pick one more. Familiar to come with a lot of what god do I live we go on no news talk eleven did WVD Palin. John thank you particular culture. An excellent way you know in this. That they NFL and the players. In my opinion the play is much bigger than the president and much bigger than any thing that they're talking about. And ended the day god for this flag and Mimi and after that before that can. I think it's a disgrace. Maybe I know they have the right to express their opinions. I'm essentially back there ought to be a better way to do it. Well there may be eighty you know if you take them at face value they say this isn't about the flag or it is an dis against. The fighting men and women earned editors are first responders learning like that they say it's about racial inequality that's what cabinet originally started off to be I think they'll protest last week was a I was about Mayo president who love. Who basically. Referred to them and a term that they didn't feel was well it was very respectfully there. What I did I didn't like they're either I'm account supporter and I really wish he would do express is there a little differently sometimes. But I think he's trying to do the right things its worst. And enforcer are walls. And. Well it may very well be a leader in this or not that was not his shining moment. I mean I. When he can get a rise out of a crowd he tends to willow feed off of that and I think that's what does happen I'm not giving him an excuse I just to watch a long enough to kind of but I figure out what feeds him and feeds his ego and none and that's generally when he goes off script that's generally Rory gets himself into trouble there. You know they're they're there's are things that he's had done enough proposed and regulate less regulations and so on so forth and they'll certainly like but I you know I his his conduct. I is unbecoming a vote for president of the United States I've I feel are an awful lot of us. Locations. Well I'm. I'm lecture out my you can spread is still more ability I think peace. But you got a right idea is that when wind up with who what when the players say they're not protesting against the flag you don't believe that. There though they're not protesting against the men and women in the military there. I mean do not take go away we don't know the reasons that they say they're protesting you know believe that there. They're Kroger and against the government and very guess ergo they're they're protesting against racial inequality they're protesting against a country that they feel. Is not being fair to do or you don't all men equally. Now you know it is you can't gain control lead to an individual results but I think that I think the police in the hole. Are doing a tremendous job in their doing their best took cope with these issues that I will say they are so. I've been there about planned step Kern faculty from the area and uncle gets done. And now. I stayed at 23 1:30 in the morning watching his ball games. And went to work at 6 o'clock in the morning but not again. But I what is he done. Well I think he he he can't control team not to go to the right out. Well I gotta think he respects this president. Where. And it's still president. Well did you restrict the last president. Well I didn't I didn't protest in the streets and do things like that. I would I wasn't out what he did most so you certainly are I didn't you you didn't act that way you respected him as president. Are you respected the office. Yeah he was they would our president now. Well I you know this discouraged enough and upset me. You know just because somebody has a different opinion than mine doesn't. I'm Helen got friends that that I think their opinions are completely foreign to mind doesn't mean they're not to have friends of mine anymore. An idiot saying black whole country's going crazy over and over this cease united tune in and solve this whole country is going crazy at all. Country had listen we just spent two days talking about what a bunch of football players and on the football field over the weekend. I'm a edited to me that's old women standing at a fence post gossiping don't. And that's what we've become. Everything is our business we have news networks now that make everything our business anything anybody says. Even no matter what they say or what they say their meaning was. We don't buy that we put our meaning on their words and and we get offended by it so I've been everybody's running around trying to find things to be offended about I gave that day you know I got I'm exhausted by at all. So you I appreciate golf all right thank you yards altogether as and part and and guess slower will do the same. If we do we just nitpick everything. And and then then every there's been no matter what somebody says I mean you know if you if you take. And you don't have to believe what the NFL players say. Peter you don't you can put your own definition on what they're doing. That's fun. Does it make you ride but that you know they say they they've been fairly explicit about what they're doing all well. I don't think they've been very honest about this last week and I think they were protesting the president of the United States I don't think that they were protesting their racial inequality I think they were protesting the president of the United States plus we can. That's why there were six the week before that's why there are over 200 this last weekend. But. Buttons but now it's got to be a movement now I'm watching TV and I'm seeing people from all walks of life taken knee. Really. It. Picks her up her is about to start its fifth season and HGTV announced today that this will be their last one. I still watch diners drive into dies from time to time but not earth nearly videos same. Regularity that I used to because you know after time you just kind of but every now and Andy shows catch your attention and fixer upper was one of them and these guys have turned and an employer. And so they're quote in the released today is while we are confident that this is the right choice for us it has for sure not been an easy one to come to terms tourist Joanna chip. Is to drive a band around Waco or. Servicing Eckerd drugstores were records and tapes one of my part of my territory of Texas Louisiana Mississippi. You put in Waco on the map you've done something. Plus I mean some of the houses that David did just. Good portrait of the show should be ending this some of the stuff that they do the big hawk of all know this that the other fairly certain to become stereotypical in orbit. But these guys it's there are mega hit some of the highest rating for the network HUGV ever. And they don't specify what's next but he did and yeah I've come on they got our empire going on know what's called a mini empire kind of furniture line and I think they just signed with it. Target. I mean that'll be huge if they've got. That they probably look at their bank account and said. Holy cow why are we still shouldn't. Come. They've got a real estate company they've got they built that market and now Waco Texas TJ as mom's been there. Now we are down designing things to make your own mirror your favorite place on earth there right. We are done working towards restoration and all things or helping out those who could do use a hand in fact. In all these things that we are just getting started. Yeah they'll just build a bigger empire but good for them. Well likable couple I mean that's why they day they did that that's that that's why the show took office because. Because they did just likable couple. She looks native American to me I don't believe she is but she looks it native American debate and he. He's just a guy that you he was your best friend in high school. Who struck it big somehow or another. Like former. Ever wonder how much food people throughout North America brought. We don't have a garbage disposal or house because we're gonna septic system a matter of and NN and I thought I was not gonna like that but I don't it's no big deal but. This kind of exhibited in some cases how much energy through tough. Got a garbage disposal you kind of do it gradually. If you don't then you cast section off your refrigerator and you're kind of you know because like tomorrow's trashed it. So I'd tonight all logos that house and all get all the traction now go upstairs and downstairs and I get it out of the shredder and the bathrooms and torrents over the last thing I'll do. Is look at the refrigerator arrest Susan reserving and and and so you know it won't. If they're gonna be like sell rate that we haven't eaten it's got limp or something so yeah I don't. Throw a lot of way no we don't particularly but I mean American throwing a lot of food. I never. Been diving and they are dumpster fast food restaurant but you know that there's got to be just tons of. So what's your go to method to determine if your suit in the fridge is gone bad well if you're relying on food labels. You probably are confused. And that's a big part of the reason why Americans throw away 29 billion dollars worth of food every year 29. Billion dollars. Courts reports that companies say used to he used at least ten different phrases to communicate when to throw a product away. We'll revisit this in just a second first. We. Rick has citizen review board rules against a CN PD Charlotte Mecklenburg police department the case in this officer welding gun new male suspects head. First time that the citizens review board has ever voted against a CM PD so that'll be the breaking story that'll appeal leading the news cast tonight to that's just now. Coming down the line we're talking about the American sorely 29 billion dollars for the food it is because of confusing food labels and they kind of been a a movement to make these things a little bit more. Definitive. Because. Cell by used by SARS or words you'd ever. People see the data on there are and they don't really know they think oh my god my wife is one you know. I mean if it says. It does this say expires as has been. Immunity vivid it looks like it's not good after 928 that's it's gone on nine Dornan not. So why this month there are several brand stores Tesco Wal-Mart Kellogg. Campbell. Promise stop using confusing phrases they're gonna adopt used by for perishable foods and best if used by. Four other foods so that a full changeover should does happen they say by 20/20. That'd take too long does it. 22 and a half years. Want to hold up. So there you go on now when. I got here for your your towels may be weighed dirty here than you think. My dad would never use it tell more than once. I don't fall into that category. But you know I've parlor rotate him. I mean tells you figures are weak mean tell. Pre two through three from three probably with me. To say go ahead throw your tells the neo wash their grosser than you think it only Marten AS mister professor of epidemiology. At the University of Michigan school of public health says that while those are people from Michigan. Okay when they Russian dissident says tells happen new offer the a perfect environment for bacteria and other germs to fester because they're often damp. Wet warm absorbent. And typically hang in a dark bathrooms blow than that last part Souza poppy. Sand. Yeah I do I wanna make sure there are not part of a hang your puppy in the dark out there since your hands get Germany. Out in the world you can easily transfer the gross stuff to your towels at home solo one study found that 90% of the bathroom towels were contaminated. Know with they are column form bacteria. Or organisms that indicate that the presence of disease causing germs and water and 14% to security E. Coli. And know your likely not to get sick from touching a tell the best slider defenses to wash her hands and kitchen and and bathroom tells often. Made I don't think my dad duo used to stay when using heavy users tell wants. But his theory. Was you never knew what part of the talented have been been aware of any given time I had a and he didn't want that part of the tell basically drive off his face if it'd been used previously Ben today two. And so he would he would use one to holiday. It. And you know now that I think about it he had a point I guess I just never really. But anyway that was it we all got our role hang ups that are a little phobias and that just happens to be that happened to be one of those. Sorry dad. The days prior say god I'm so glad I'm dead so I don't have to face the music group mothers and he just tells everything. Little jerk. I wish she was here I 'cause I'd have him on and he can talk about all of his cars that are correct and how much pain and consternation I caused him and I didn't think they were ever gonna get me out of high school. And back to use to tell a story that on the high school graduation night that when they. We're all sitting there when they ran off my name he ran down down grab my diploma instead give me that I earned it. At that. And any actual probably was a pretty right. Hey I was so good evening and I'll leave you would Mark Garrison of Charlotte the six and we'll see you again tomorrow at 3 o'clock and I appreciate you being here John Hancock Charles most love it and we are for a Tuesday. Counting.