Politics, Misconduct, Restaurants We Miss and More

John Hancock
Tuesday, November 28th

Hancock talks about the politics of the looming government shutdown, more on sexual misconduct, local restaurants we miss and more.


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This is John Hancock. Well on the lobbyists could come down and out there. An asset to the cup if you look at for me I'm not here. He left. What I thought it would have been that easy. There are there other are as a second day back from Thanksgiving as we conveyed. All day long yesterday something kept a lingering in the Mears said you've forgotten so. And I know how dominant no kids first pretty hard. That's what we do when we come back from Thanksgiving we start on our three week campaign to raise thousands of dollars and bicycles and toys and none. Well for our kids first effort our 44 year and a take care of a thousand kids homeless and near homeless kids who wouldn't have Christmas of their work through the generosity of the people who listen to W BT and so are we hit that pretty hard all hit it pretty hard again today act upon taken. What am I forgetting. By the way hello hello Scotty FitzGerald who is listening to us this afternoon no early hang out it's cruel. And wherever you are senator must be. I don't know is it cool weather here. He follows in an online forum. And pagers or something like that. What wasn't that I was forgetting yesterday that we always do that did that kicks off to see. And there hi there Hala there we are as she. Tuesday as we can give ya a low Aretha Franklin we kick off until we've done that for how long TJ. Yeah years decades. It just it's it's just gives you some energy it just puts yeah. It just makes you wanna go to the Internet on giving Tuesday and go to kids first to the Carolinas dot com and make a donation to a net. You know kind of opened the I Hancock Ed page at WB teed outcome because vital information for a kids first and row we'll talk about that is the afternoon goes on it is giving Tuesday this is kind of a new phenomenon no it actually started beckoned at 2012. By the 92 street Y in the United Nations Foundation. On somebody was using her brain you have Black Friday and then all of a sudden Cyber Monday until somebody decided while we're gonna have to. We need something for Tuesday. So it's like Ash Wednesday. Good Friday. Yet to come up with somber Thursday. Night or Monday Thursday came right. Gotta fill the gap. So now all of August of next year we'll be looking for somebody don't come up with some creative idea for a Wednesday. I don't catcher get your mind but first they don't divide. Women Wednesday. We need Wednesday course that would only apply to about 37 states. And half of those are medicinal that's us that's not gonna we're that's not gonna catch on and besides that it would never catch on in the south. So. Problem. It is it's what they call giving out Tuesday and it's it's a way to show how powerful social media can be as they forced to encourage charitable giving and sharing acts of kindness. And you can go to all sorts of web sites. Big ones. CNN fox or and so forth and they'll give you all the national agencies. Or you can. Go to KF OTC dot com and make a donation there and help some local kids have Christmas. So. And giving Tuesday is being spread across 98 countries it will probably raise about 877. Million today. We don't need a 177 million. We need about 70000. That asking too much 177 million dollars changing hands today for charity and we're just asking for like seventy grand. And if we can make seventy grand today then no you wouldn't have to listen to me do this for the next two and a half weeks. But then what fun would that be. We love listening to John crawl. We like the fact that John doesn't sleep well this time of year. Giving Tuesday all you need to do is pick a charity that you trust. And no visit their website and and donate so there you go on that and. And I guess I have no other magic words. I mean. It was back to what just going to be a serious part of the world. Luis Martinez ABC news correspondent reporting this afternoon the North Korea has launched ballistic missile today that would be though. Now the longest stretch of time since. Trump took office in January that they have not to conducted the test but to apparently that a streak has open is over. Latest missile test by North Korea. First and over two months according to a US officials so we'll keep our eyes on that as the afternoon goes on and continue to. Check in when Mike Doyle over it to a WBT news. I've Nancy Pelosi and in no Chuck Schumer I took their ball and went home today after a Donald Trump tweeted this morning there Ross was to get together for a kind of a coup by our meeting on the December 8 government funding deadline. And trump tweeted out to do and think there was much. Much chance of that being successful and so on Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer pulled out of a planned meeting today with the a president that was. Also to be attended by Paul Ryan and no Mitch McConnell. The a five of them. According gather at the White House. And discuss the government funding deadline. And a ways to move forward. I am hopefully pass a short term measure that would you know keep things that are riding along at current levels get a spending bill passed and or are allowed government shutdown ordered the case may be Tuesday morning trump but not overly optimistic about it he was Serbia was backed a tweet me again. And he said he treated out meeting with chuck and Nancy today. About keeping a government. Open and working problem is they want illegal immigrants flooding into our country unchecked and weak on crime and want to substantially raise capital letters taxes. I don't see a deal exclamation point. End of 28. And so. Pelosi and no Schumer issued a statement because they don't. Really understand how the Twitter machine works. And they said given that president doesn't see a deal between Democrats in the White House we believe the best path forward is to can you continue negotiating with our Republican counterparts in congress instead. Rather than going to the White House for radio show meeting. That won't result in an agreement. We best leader McConnell and speaker Ryan to meet this afternoon. So while I assume that trumps mention of illegal immigrants has to do with the the deck a program which has got another what two and a half three months to run on its deadline neo. And deferred action for childhood arrivals. Because the Democrats that I don't think it's any big secret wanna use that as leverage on the spending plan. Time to include money to continue Decker. And and I Children's Health Insurance Program we talked about this will be yesterday that'll probably come into the equation as well. But but not with a meeting with the president they. Opposing Schumer said do know that I got. I just think it if you got that invitation to the White House that it was yourself step curry. Would you be excited. Oh come on TJ if you got if you got an email today said hey TJ. Seems to get Tuesday off we wanted to come to the White House. President wants to I talked to you about the the. The details of port operation. In brother governor. I go to our pre. Just open to meet Colombia or maybe a vodka. Maybe I should remember a myriad. And they shouldn't be talking about this on here but it. Yeah you're right I wouldn't know either because then I'd probably run into a mall on URI Lanka and boot. Who wants that. Blue. Moon. The problem. These senate Republicans are considering a a trigger for the tax increases to reform legislation we talked about that yesterday Steve Danes and Ron Johnson enough. Anybody that's got a little bit of a problem that's opposed to via tax bill written in the senate right now. They're trying to appeal is so they can get to sing god go on and Ambien get back to. Now get back to the house and reconcile therein you know I still wanna get this thing to the president by Christmas. Which. Which is less than four weeks away. Four weeks from today Christmas was yesterday. Crews in and and correct me if I'm wrong five weeks from today. Is it New Year's Day. Know when you have a headache. Some of the ex top Conyers staffer has accused him of inappropriate sexual advance and attaching. So it's just a matter of time I would think before he basically. What checks himself into way. To therapy for sexual misconduct. Therapy for sex. We'll misconduct does it work. We read deal recently earlier exit I don't know a few months ago and we kind of said no are really doesn't. And I think the answer to that is still well. Probably depends on exactly no one heard. Doing their four. But there's a new article about it to gives you a little bit more information and I'll share that with you next sexual misconduct therapy doesn't work. Leave Busby has thrown his good name and they are ring for the Alabama senate seat. Boot. I think that Saturn L I clothes and all other news today. But I haven't heard anybody else talking about does I think this kind of inching I don't know how. How legitimate it is but it sounds like it might be something that the people of Alabama why wanna pay some attention to. Com as of Monday heated even have a functioning web site he does now. In fact he's got a giant countdown clock on it. But they retired marine colonel. Has thrown his hat into the ring for the Alabama senate race. And he thinks he's got a shot he's running as an independent. Fifteen days to go before voters go to the polls leave buzz beat. Is a sixty year old former vice chief of staff to John Kelly who is now the White House chief of staff. Who oversaw the Marine Forces Reserve and now he says he believes all the reach her recent controversy surrounding our Roy Moore the Republican candidate. Has opened the door foray yes centrist to run and win. Quote if this were a military operation the left flank and right flank. Are heavily guarded I think that gives you an opportunity to run straight up the middle close quote that's what he told the Washington Post. Now Alabama. And a former. Marina. Colonel. Retired. That's seems to make some sense. And this guy's obviously held them responsible positions so. I he retired from Marine Corps in 92013. He has recently focused on sculpting busts of our veterans for the approach of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. He says he voted for Troy open 2016. And supports repealing obamacare. He's running as an independent write in candidate. But this would give the people of Alabama and out. Oh without giving up a seat. To a Democrat. Which in the senate. It's pretty precarious right now the margin of error is already razor thin. Busby says the accusations against more have created enough distaste. In his mind it to disqualify him. But he also remaining did did they created enough just days in in this marine's mind and to disqualify more. And he said of Morris opponent Democrat Doug Jones quote the people of Alabama are not going to be represented by someone who supports a liberal abortion policy close quote. So Bob. Tools they were all that does but I I've read about that last night and I was thinking to myself gosh this guy's. Not that I particularly know or or maybe I'd you know there there may be more to the rest of that store. But that's sounds like a pretty decent out. Not for everybody unless you're just really dedicated do a Roy Moore and I suppose that the that the problem here is that you would then split the vote that people who would otherwise vote for Roy Moore would vote for leave Busby but not all the people would vote for league Busby and so. Consequently you would. Actually give the democratic better chance. Two win the race. With another name. For consideration for serious consideration done in Alabama. We'll watch your prize amount I think that's pretty adjusting back to Roy Moore Washington Post yesterday register reported that a woman came. Unto them what they fake sexual misconduct allegation against Roy Moore. And that the woman is linked to a conservative group project right the brightest. I'm. Known for carrying out undercover investigations that target Democrats in the media. The they YO woman approached the post earlier this month with allegations amid allegations against more sexual assault involving a sixteen year old blow blow blow blow up. So that that's what's got to develop down there. The the democratic senator Mary land rose office us and we we don't comment on investigations real or imagined. Or imagined. Stings. She said. Which is kind of interesting because there's also a story that's getting lots ink right now. And it has to do what we're. Trump allegedly. Saying. About the 2005. Access Hollywood tape that is especially come up again recently with a all the sexual harassment. He's now questioning. The validity of the tape. That's the story. But there is no. Authentication as to who started that story. It's get lots of banks that trump is now privately requesting the authenticity of the video capturing his exchange. With television host Billy bush. Who by the way got nailed by a golf ball the other day and is in the hospital. But this is according to sources. Not named. And then the next paragraph in this story that I'm looking at right now which cabin have come from ABC news. The first line reads president Donald Trump is now privately questioning the authenticity of the video capturing his exchange with television host Billy. Bush trauma. According to sources period. The confirmation. That trump has raised doubts about the video to advisors in recent weeks stands in contrast to at least two instances. It where he'd discussed. The video's content without denying or raising questions about its rhapsody. So. Yousef the story up according to sources and then you confirm that as a confirmation. And then you talk about the absurdity. Other at all but you don't have any validity to the story. Now come up with a source name a source. Give me some name I know put a microphone in front of and and they'll say yes. This is what he said to me or I hit eight here it is on tape or. But right now as far as you know they're just making up a story. Confirming it themselves. And then watch unit go viral across the country so that everybody who just basically casually reached the news is say new himself Joseph about the president. He's denying that Tate or heard on Access Hollywood. You know the one worry I mean we heard him say what he said. He's even come back here your you'll recall right after that happened even said that he said that he apologized for it. But is a non story story. According to sources but sources. But confirmation. Confirmation of what. You're alleged sources we you don't name. I can think they can be. Nancy Pelosi. I'm not saying it is. So I this is dead is the biggest non story story and in the newspaper and it. On the the then the president questioning the Access Hollywood tape. Because as far as I know and it blows and if somebody can correct me on this if there has been a source that has stepped forward. Didn't it feel freedom of email that to me so I can get corrected. But right now you're just it's just hearsay it an end and in fact it's really stupid hearsay. Big story. Big story. The recent surge in accusations of sexual harassment and assault has prompted some admitted offenders to seek professional help for the emotional. Or personality distortions. That underlie their behavior. But he's therapy for sexual misconduct. Does that actually work. I will get over their eyes that I thought I was going to right after the news but I had to I had to get to the sources story the absurdity of it all let me go to Jack broke quick on WBT hey Jack. Paying job NATO but. I am old enough to remember job board there what about. I bet that you are bigger step in all of our way we currently there. You know and could some make it out there. But what a record of thought about it that we have a border that what are the other we know that ever spoke to we're. Are you probably got some local spoke turnout. Well my it can't stop them or they'll want more educated population but such. Now I'm Sheryl I'm sure the state Alabama's Lavinia right now. Well there are other urban. Well it at that did did did did and your source for that is it is your source that sophisticated is not a sophisticated voter base is. And then every every every time we hold them bell they are you don't hit it low level and third they'll let. Alabama always are doing always always evident when it comes the voter turnout. But that doesn't specifically tell you who vote who does turn out what if for all we know what if it's what if most of the people who turn out to vote and Alabama are actually college educated you you don't really know what the breakdown of the actual voting turnout is. Nuclear property right we're. But it is very they'll post it later that are such. You know so that it just I just pointing out that you're stereo typing. And yeah I am I agree with them I'm not gonna not the a little bit. Thought so so the boy it is so it so the point it has now that we've gotten to that part of it another but the point is there not a specific cases sophisticated voting based. So does that favor this marine colonel or not. Oh I think so I think it's paper or more they remain as you know all I'll say what oh yeah a lot but. How about sweet spot but most people are so far less or Rivera. Now I liked the ride like the marine colonel that's their right and although I know like I said I think that that could do that could be Benedict. That can actually her Roy Moore split the vote and make you more likely that the Democrat gets the office. But maybe the Democrats gonna get so few votes down there that. Oh you can afford source of erosion I don't know Bob Quincy Jack appreciate all you know I gave her a hard time rock. Or more. I. Our administration's surge of accusations controller errors and I'm an assault. And a lot of Amara seeking professional help further emotional or personality disorders that underlie their behavior. But there's no real evidence based program. Then hire many of these psychologists know of for the sort of men who have been known in the news recently. That's according to wait veil right who is the director of resurgence special projects at the American Psychological Association. It doesn't mean that these men can't change their ways with professional help. Or maybe they can just quit being dirt bags. Brett. These cases. Do you think that these cases are curable. With sexual therapy. Or do you believe that these men actually there are really seeking help. Or are turning to therapy as a public relation. Reason now they may it may be they do it for public relations reasons and then somehow or another something and gets through to Amaro while there are doing that and it actually has an effect on. How they see people are may be the harm that they've caused store. Maybe. Offenders to seek professional help for the emotional or personality disorder should that underlined their behavior. My journey now will be to learn about myself and conquer my dreams the words of Harvey Weinstein October. Kevin Spacey announced he would be taking the time necessary to seek evaluation and treatment. Whatever mix of damage control or contrition they rep percent. Pledges like that suggest that there are standard treatments for perpetrators of sexual offenses and in fact there is no such standard treatment agree resistance. Even the notion of sexual addiction as a standalone diagnosis is in dispute according to this article in the New York Times. There is. There are no evidence based it's a quote from bill right again there are no evidence based programs that I know of for the sort of men who have been in the news recently Heather doesn't mean men can't change their ways. The evidence that talk therapy and medication that can curb sexual misconduct modest at best she says. And virtually all of the it comes from my treating severe disorders. Like had a failure or exhibition is a more something along those like those would be powerful urges that cannot be turned off. There is still a reason says this article to think that may be these therapeutic approaches can be adapted to treatment of the men accused of offenses ranging from. Unwanted attention to rape. You're really looking at two categories of people says Rory read an assistant professor of psychiatry at University of California one is what I call sexually compulsive behavior the other is reserved for people committing non consensual act sex offenders. The first group would include like a college student who's in failing. Because he spends all of his time surfing porn sites with a guy who visit prostitutes so often that it threatens his livelihood or help. And therapist can treat those types. And almost like they what do substance abuser. But it is not at all clear. How well an addiction based approach works if at all and that's especially true for men. In a more serious offender category who are more likely to respond to confrontation. Confrontation. Where all explain the confrontation aspect of this when we come back. Under is 1110993. W beaches. I. We're just had a conversation with the guys better Alabama funniest start with the numbers are examples things. Therapy for sexual misconduct doesn't work where retirement is New York Times article are no evidence based programs that I know of of this sort of men who have been in the ruse news recently said bill writers to director of research and special projects for the American Psychological Association. You have guys that are going in seeking professional help. And so the question always is kind of being asked whether or not did you know there's a me he isn't a public relations move or. That they actually want help are they turning to therapy for actual helper. I'm and so we kind of went through this the evidence that to talk therapy and medication can curb sexual misconduct modest at best. Still reason to think that there's a therapeutic approaches that can be adapted to treatment of men accused of offenses ranging from unwanted attention to rape. Said are Rory Reid to look into two categories of people. One is what I call sexually compulsive behavior the other is reserved for people committing non consensual acts sex offenders. And then it says that it's it's it is not at all clear. How well such addiction based approaches work if at all and that's especially true for men with a more serious offender category who are more likely to respond to confrontation. And that's where we ended all confrontation you think confrontation. Confrontation itself like being busted or being touted. As so many men. Are now publicly. They say is enough to court to curtail or end bad behavior in many cases particularly when the offender has a lot to lose in terms of money and standing. And there's been a lot of people a little lost a lot of standing recently. And I wanna sell knows probably going to be some of those names that we seem go by that are gonna start losing some money out of the deal as well. They've already lost money on potential earnings. But lawsuits and is that the other will probably our crop up sooner rather than later. James can't or is the director of via Toronto sexuality is Sydor. He says people who commit sexual assaults often minimized their behavior and one way to counter that is by having patients be more accountable. And adopt appropriate language describing their offense. For example a perpetrators needs to describe acts as an assault. Did it did just say I forced my hand down her pants rather than I went a little too far. Now does that sound at all like the Al Franken apology yesterday. When they were asking him point blank questions and he was basically walk around the corner trying to make it sound as it is is. As. Feasible as he possibly could. Without. It me you're gonna admit. To a fault. But you still can't quite say it and that's kind of what this was saying this doctor Reid says he held stations cultivate victim empathy by having them attend court sentencing hearings. Were victims read detailed accounts. And the impact isn't sugar coated so offenders can start to understand how an assault forever changes lives. Course than you would have to have some. Kind of a conscience inside of these people. Is it Harvey Weinstein has a conscience. Yeah a wife he had kids. He had that didn't seem very didn't seem to care too much about that joy if you are sitting in a courtroom com. Yeah I if you it if you have no conscience Y I we you know victims reading detailed accounts impacts not being shorter count and a coated offenders. Starting to understand how an assault forever changes lives if you don't give a damn about other people's lives. But maybe it does have an effect the effect they say the evidence is weak for empathy training known offenders. Mike casino is the director of a forensic rehabilitation know our researcher at the royal Ottawa health care group. Oh go back to doctor Wright for a second of the psychologists association he said repeat offenders social assumptions. Are often work challenging in no therapy as well. Quote this is worth trying for instance the serial harasser. As these assumptions that for instance well. I'm not hurting the person because I'm not touching her or I'm touching gently. That's not a big deal close quote. And he says these are just simply inaccurate thoughts and it is possible to break them down. But only if the harasser is willing and committed it and genuinely humbled. It's therapy likely to be any more than a ruse to buy some sympathy and worst perhaps an eventual return to the field. So they wrap up the column by saying what to make of the harasser who is entirely unrepentant I don't think we have a diagnosis yet says doctor cantor and we certainly. I don't have a treatment. So in kind of a roundabout way the article that we read a month ago or something along those lines was more along the lines of this study you know people CG seeking no therapy for sexual misconduct. Was crap. This one offers a little bit more validity to it. We you have to be seeking it for the right reasons. Not necessarily see seeking yet. All right as they as a public relations tool or as a way to try to eight get out. Of the situation that you have already created in the New York Times. I just thought it was kind of interest to Supreme Court. The Supreme Court is got a cell phone tracking case in front of it was a really high stakes we'll talk about that when we come back and they a couple of seconds. Armed today is giving Tuesday and our kids first effort is underway are 24 annual kids first effort to kids first of the Carolinas something we got involved with 24 years ago. And have share and on hopefully and this week beginning next week. And we'll talk a little bit about how she started all of this but when I ran into were and I'm assuming that was in 1993. So this would be my 24 year she was taking care of about fifty to a hundred kids at Christmas every year and now we're taking care of close to a thousand kids we've impacted 34000 kids over the last one to four years. And we've done it with your help. In your donations. In your bikes are big bike tribe so many people are familiar with the south Mecklenburg high school beyond Friday December the fifteenth that is two weeks from this Friday. People bring by bikes primarily but also toys and no money and so on and so forth through trucks will be out there and they'll be a ton of people. And they'll be a great atmosphere there's probably Entertainment Tonight Santa's visited us a couple of times enough. It's a lot of fun hundreds of cars and trucks roll through with spikes and no more we get 700 bikes in three hours last year. The next day Saturday December the sixteenth from 1 o'clock in the afternoon until the wee hours of the morning or at least late that night. Is volunteer day and that's where people come out and help us wrap all of those unwrapped presents so we've collected thousands of them. And set up the gymnasium in the students sinner for the 400 plus homeless kids that are near homeless kids that will show up the next day. And we throw big party for them close to the public because a security reasons and otherwise. But by the time that is all done with we entertain them we feed them. Lots of them go home with Christmas trees and decorations but they all go home if they've never received a bike promised before they go home of the bike. And they go home with the presence and toys and clothes and shoes. And and that's why overlook and for if you go to the Hancock page WB ET you can find more information. On how to make a donation but essentially we always need money we've got to raise 65 to 70000 dollars in the next two and a half weeks. And obviously toys and we'll get to our details on the adopt a kid program coming up soon. And now bicycles are always big guy asked the question a few years ago the kids still want bikes. I was thinking you know with computers and everything else but yeah a bike is still a big deal there were kids. So but we also oh win when we become aware of a family that needs help one of the first questions we ask purse sizes. So we can get a new clothes so we can get in shoes. People write me all the time and say hey I've got to mused bicycles. When you take used and I always feel I'm grateful and I write back and say no we only used we only take new. But let me can I give you the philosophy behind that. The kids we deal with. Have nothing. For the most part. And any thing that they have might have has probably been handed down to them. And so if they've got a bike I guarantee you it was a used bike to Starwood. And we want this to be so. Our moment that they remember we will we will want them to walk away with the impression that there are still good people in the world. And and and we wind when that kid gets a bike we want that to be his bike we want. When we don't want that bike to ever been owned by anybody else we want that to be his bike her bike. So that's why we only take new bikes. On the other I guess we're in kind of an arrogant sort of way is to have saved him because we can't. Because you all have been so generous with us over the years that we get enough spikes that we can guarantee. That all these kids get a new bike. So today is giving Tuesday this is an international day to find a nonprofit and two and to give to it and if you're feeling gun impacted by that and you'd like to out of reach out to a nonprofit. You won't find us on any of the national web sites are the Charlotte Observer or anyplace else you'll just find us right here. And a couple other radio stations in town and if you go to kids first of the Carolinas dot org you will love. Find a way to donate. And today if that's the way you would like to fulfill your giving Tuesday we would be delighted I'll tell your right now that there's an easier way to get to the web site and its KF OTC. Kids first of duct Carolina's. KF OTC dot org or KF OTC dot com we'll get you to the website and if you feel like making a donation today. Let me thank you ahead of time. FaceBook announced yesterday that it's expanding its efforts to prevent suicides and they're gonna start using artificial intelligence. To identify post videos and streams on FaceBook live the contains suicidal thoughts. Not exactly sure how that works it'll they'll also be using that technology to prioritize the order in which its team reviews these posts. They will begin a limited test of this eight I based suicide prevention effort in no march. On nut texts posts. In the United States it will now be though he be using these tools and on no text and video post globally. Except for in the European Union because of data privacy restrictions there. If they. Post is spotted that could indicate suicide risk. And a team reviews it and determines immediate action is necessary FaceBook may work with the first responders to send help. It may also reach out to users through FaceBook messenger with resources like a links to the national suicide prevention no lifeline and and so on and so forth if you I'm not exactly sure how that works and certainly another sure about how artificial intelligence would spot that I assume its key words and and is that the other. But if you would fall into the category where you can be detected. Then and you're doing it on FaceBook FaceBook live haven't there been some actual suicides on FaceBook life. Then you're seeking attention. I got on you know I'm not a psychologist office. But I would seem to me that if you're if you're seeking to do it in that way you're almost begging somebody to stop. Got like stand in on a ledge waiting for somebody to come doctors. There that the media won't. Go through it. But. But that it'd almost seems like if you're using male public forum that way you're viewed almost screaming. For help. So introduce the other technology works and how FaceBook overtime somehow or another figures out a way to we'll find tuna and whether or not it's effective or not if you bridal that is. As time goes on psychologist speaking out simple method to a starting the day with confidence to stretch. The got a granddaughter that's all she doesn't spread she must have more confidence and all of them visit the family that's part of your I read the news today oh boy which is coming up next. Tuesday November 28. Two more days to go more in December. On Friday. 332. Days into the year. 33 days ago. On this date November 20 1995. President Clinton's side of the road bill that ended the federal 55 mile per hour speed limit. Think he did do something good lawyer's office. Can you imagine now. 55 miles per hour freeway as you're ever that all of you here you never lived of those. It was a fuel saver deal. The we've come out of 55 miles per hour. 55. For those of you don't know that's what you're doing a 35 miles of Motown records founder Berry Gordy 88 today and I hadn't seen him in a long long time and tell us the O Mark Twain thing the night Paul Shaffer is 68 years old today. It's giving Tuesday which this year seemed like a bigger deal than it's been in years past all that around is 2012. But you're supposed to give to a nonprofit. And I mention kids first to the Carolinas done Oregon recently. Vegas. Is the most sinful city personal finance web site quality of released a report in the 20s17 most sinful cities. They determined this among the most wicked places in America. Their data crunchers compared more than a 180 US cities based on seven sinful behaviors. Anger. Hatred. Jealousy. Excesses vice is greed lust vanity and laziness. Which actually inequality is that many people are looking for this day. He most sinful cities are. Las Vegas. Orlando. Yeah Mickey. Mickey has anger issues. Mean he has Lusk vanity and laziness this year is no big goofy. Miami Saint Louis North Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada. Detroit Baton Rouge Tampa or New Orleans the least sinful cities. Cedar Rapids. Who have been Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Aurora. And then let's do this is that Illinois or. Got to be Illinois right. Because there's a roar in Colorado to I think there's a lot of over us San Jose Santa Rosa these are the only sinful cities. West Valley City, Utah Brownsville Texas. If you lived in Brownsville you would be. Angry and hateful. Just because the weather. Pearl city Hawaii in the least central South Burlington, Vermont know him. Just a giant could factory and it. Oh James Franco and Kevin Hart will host Saturday Night Live and no December just in case you're wondering James Franco will host Saturday Night Live on December the ninth. December the sixteenth. That a bit Kevin Hart. Will guest or host to know on a Saturday dialogue so there you go that. Prince Harry asked for permission before you proposed. He's a traditionalist at heart the royal who announced his engagement yesterday to Megan Markel American actress. Ask her mother Doria right loads permission before you pop the question. The way you do it guys. Look obviously I didn't. I don't think I had met Susan's mother. Before I ask for the very. This isn't had been married once before does that everything to do with that. Because at that point the mobs just say yeah okay like they're great whatever country Kansas taker and dog. Not gonna pay a lot for this awful. However that's no different. You can visit. Room. The winner not the first text message. It was sent 25 years ago today. Sunday December the third marks the 21 anniversary of the first text messages are sent records next week. Sunday. Neil pap worth a 22 year old test engineer for a company called seamer group. Which is now known as air wide solutions. Sent the first text to a mobile phone on December 3 1992. From his personal computer. To a Vodafone network. To the throne of Richard Jarvis. The text message read it. Watson from here I need you know. The text message read Merry Christmas. The precursor. Are we told you load earlier psychologist simple method for starting the date new with confidence stretch. We were just talking about stretch and because my new granddaughter Amelio who was seven weeks old. Last Saturday. Is destruction is thing I ever saw Ramallah. She loves to stretch. And have tears she can be. And I Harvard psychologist by the name of Eddie I ask is we Amy caddie. Has come up with a simple method to start your day is right. They you do before you even get out of bed they say after waking up just stretch out as big as you can in your bed that's that. It's based on the theory called power posing. In which when you make yourself as big as possible. You are oppose mimics that of a confident person. And that tells your brain that you really are confident. And so you're making yourself feel more confident. With just being a big stretched pros. She explains when you pretend to be powerful. You are more likely to actually feel. Powerful. Are you Joseph Biden. Well good then I'll tell you another stupid thing and that is should we call digital assistants computer instead of Alexa horse series. Yep we're going off the deep end up. Like reminiscing. Good to have lived here for a long long time. And Kathleen purpose of the Charlotte Observer wrote about restaurant Charlotte teams miss the most and stocks helped launch calendars. We know one of those that people listed because she had asked this question of a few weeks ago fish camps pizza joints. The days when a special data included dinner at the airport when you could actually walk into the airport without. All of the post 9/11. Stuff. She said when I put together a list of Charles oldest restaurants that are still in existence I also asked which vanished restaurants do you miss the most and Athens restaurant was the one most mentioned. Our recent departures like blue in Greek isles turned up as well. The ranch house which they just officially have now torn down I don't Wilkinson boulevard building sat there until really just about 3045 days ago which they've now turned it into a parking lot. The at securian. Knife and fork Valentino is one of the first places I ever had lunch John kill goto made a Valentino is after we. Negotiated by first contract. Factor in November of 1990. Took three minutes. I told him what I needed to he caliber guys that I couldn't possibly come here that all the media for that amount of money he said you've been unemployed for six months come on we're going to launch. Was that. Lunch counters got a lot of votes she said Woolworth's and belts uptown wads on the east boulevard watts was still around well into the ninety's. The actors lunch counter at par Croat shopping center or somebody mentioned and their Vanilla cokes and mention this kind of gives us. Our laundry list and I won't give all of them to you British go down the align the a brown derby. Chateau the COPEL grilled. Which show that sign has been up until just recently. The drawbridge the drug said that from. Flamingo grill. Greek isles to commercials for them for a while her for brown meadow view steakhouse got to mention her lockers drive then a third Concord. They've they've only been gone 1015 years. Lamp lighter. Ladies Delhi Lynn murders fish camp. Little Italy there's meadow view man Giannone is. Man G unease was the a place where they took me to dinner when I was out there in my job interview on knowing east boulevard. But any guy he watched the need fairway they were. The peddler steak house. Rival an house that was Henry bogus favorite restaurant. Over there off folk park road the departed park road that you have to turn to stay on when you're coming off our road. Rhineland house we we used to go over there and not have dinner or lunch with the Henry all the time that was his favorite place in Iraq and ray would be there as well always and AJ. River view win. Which the river is still there we went they're just recently it's not a reviewer and in my anymore but and we went to that last night. No I don't mean we went there last night I know we went to the last night that the river view whenever had there was a line about 500 miles long enough. It was fish camp. You have anything you want Florida there was fraud. That's what fish camps our guests. Sam's Delhi sand auriemma OS NW cafeteria shake he's pizza we've talked about shake his before spaghetti warehouse. Spaghetti warehouse used to be down there are no what's the south and now on that beautiful brick building. Great points. The stork. The town house. Town and country drive then why adds white horse. What restaurant haven't I mentioned when I first got here one of the first things I did was ask a single. The guy got it had a date Garcon the one night and I and I asked that day has said hey I got a hot date tonight once though what would what's the best restaurant I can take her to. And people started calling and they all said. Slugs. Slugs thirtieth edition was down there and now what is I guess now the Wells Fargo building used to be their first union building the Wachovia building it's a bruise on the thirtieth floor. And it was steak house. And slug Claiborne. Was one of the movers and shakers here in town and everybody in town knew him. And by the time I got error that evening. There was a slug Claiborne waiting for me he's and I hear you're talking about me on the radio today. You Hancock. And yes sir. It took me to a table which was supposed to be the best. View of the house and now brought as a model wind. And and I absolutely great steak just exactly the way estate supposed to be done there's not that many places that could still live there are all sorts of steak houses in town. They don't know how to do a steak I want that char grill on the outside and not you know all that. But anyway slug Claiborne passed away a number of years ago by his son I hear from the sun every now and then from time to time. But he was one of the first opening arms that are ever said today I don't care what they think going to be on the radio. You're welcome in my place any time. And that article that Kathleen nervous road here for restaurants that Charles gives miss the most. I don't see slugs mentioned anywhere so. I'm happy to have the air time to say hey. Sludge Claiborne Arab everybody it's 505. Love that back up your. Tom Petty George Harrison Jeff Lynne and Roy Orbison. Those are just the back of singers. Travel wilders 505. Petty. And over time mental journal restaurant's phone starting third down there I'm still a long enough and as. I'm God's image email for the two that stand out to me the most so long was slugs thirtieth addition it got no mention in gasoline purposes hero the restaurant Charles Sheehan missed the most. I mentioned slugs thirtieth addition. In fact there were too slow exit. The coffee cup. Chris back has rights and says today. Icon because teacup. We should still be there there's plenty of room that worthy of foundered built their new building. And they tore it down so that builder that can build a subdivision there in and they went belly up there's no reason why that. And the best to my knowledge we still don't know or the coffee cup Simon's. Somebody lifted the sign. And I don't do a demo side dismissed the news I don't think they noted this day whatever happened in the coffee cup side. But it Dave Dave Chris is right soul food. Great restaurant. And then the other one and that. Got no mention. The penguin. Which was the home of the original. Fried pickle. We're guys here he went on down there and. And in and out they had to do that started all of that owns. Yankees. Which is another restaurant to someday we'll all miss a big pieces. If there's any restaurant and tellers to edit it very biggies would be one of lord don't. And the cell when Pope would be the other one. Just standard than my retirement stand there behind the bar and shoot the breeze which people overall were from. Discussion about the show restaurants that we have miss the most Kathleen Curtis wrote about it over the weekend but we think she missed a few. Take one coffee cup slugs thirtieth edition frank he's up on a 70457011. Jenny frank RF. Simple I'm John are you think you I'm good. Hey there are a couple of doormat lives. We only launch it and you can watch what both true greats are what you jobs and all of a sudden turn you know I would. Guess I could cut. All of those. Amber. Maybe you know that I am a big part they're all parents. Of Hamburg they certainly Tyco. For example often. Roland put on the grill and I would. They're so I would love her record that goes to a restaurant cook. Oh lead into our own won't really talk to you about that was model that would just. And not let them out. We weren't. Maybe remains like this you would Tory and our marriage and our early years and while we're on our anniversary. We would splurge and go to slow career. Longer without only independents yeah. And we did that every year we got married and sixteen arm and all our great. Anniversary which was August extinct I think news we were out there listening to a radio and they broke him. And in my house fellows there. So while form that you remember. Who won you know very well remember Gloria continue on with that. Want to hear it love it does only download or doesn't there was all where we're really. So slow or apartment or robot required by GAAP slugs slug was Cecil Claiborne was one restaurants are supposed to be it. You museums has stated that gives his day of you know gives the guys they get greedy agents front door and I were just it just page that he's just what restaurant jurist most of it. Say you're absolutely right and the food was absolutely wonderful series have a vote. That's exactly right frank I appreciate you all knobs along and I'm and I'm Reggie got through a McGovern Chilavert gym on WBT take him. I have to agree with him out. They are but I'm and it could help Charlotte. Overrun. Was as share and am ready. You're having an yeah. Yeah. I love that place I worked it one summer but it would have been great it may take any. A lot of the the door hotel are down and out and it would just get it the right place. I've been there I went there once and it was right when long after I moved here. And I had a date that night a girl that are probably owe an apology to it was her mother that listened to our W BT and and set us up and she and so I took her to dinner out there and then Bennett and probably. Well I probably are an apology. Bid but does that zealots MI went to hotel Charlotte and I've been to the place that it is now and I can't remember the name of it and I don't. Want to talk. Yeah out and I tennis and I did a great experience their wants and I had a terrible experience they're wants. Yeah I can't remember that are not let ultimate hungry fishermen they had to do it I don't eat play and enjoy that they had won out at the lake. I'm I'm right there at. Luckily bridge. It now. And he don't think I'm 49. Great location unbelievable low to Asia the best river bar in town the food. Could probably use some improvement but they. The setting is perfect. Yeah it hey I thanks I appreciate. Bausch guys listen I Tebow just to do the best ribs in town and and now. And in the guy who did the ribs divorced the owner's daughter and I think that there ended the ribs. But still my favorite places to watch so the world go by. Reminder kids. First of Carolina's dot org. How were at the beginning of our campaign but we've got a very short period of time to raise a lot of money and the bike drive is unknown Friday two weeks from this Friday at south Mecklenburg high school 6 to 9 o'clock. And we'll have a food tricks out there enough. On and the parking lot will be packed and it'll just be greater and more wait and see what that frame warehouse truck hopefuls and again this year because ought to remember how many they had last year's 200 somewhat one. But those guys 78 guys work out together one of Ramones for more house they. They are they're just under their distillers has started a tradition but by and large its people like you in cars. Bring your family so on and so forth. Both Thompson will be doing live broadcast another gives me a chance kind of wander and me and poke my head and people's cars and beater dog and meet your kids and it's is its in and be colder than. It always is. But it's his greatest night of the year missed 700 some odd bikes last year in three hours. And say it's just all shows the generosity of Charlotte 44 years ago I met this lady named Sharon Sanders who was opens them almost a near almost gives an over the last 24 years we figure we've impacted. About 34000 kids. And obviously that that that takes a lot of resources takes a lot of toys takes a lot of bikes takes a lot of close new clothing. Such excellent shoes a week when when Sherron hears about somebody that needs help. Or somebody calls Sherron and says I need help and adjusting this year were getting. It's been a tough year on some people. And this year we are actually getting not a whole lot better fuel more than a more than just a couple. Are people who have volunteered for us in the past. And now asked to sit there might be able to don't get get get help and we don't make people crawl. And we don't want people to crawl and we don't want people to feel embarrassed. Oh wait that's what we're here for is so deter. You give us the resources to our be able to help people. And but that's Hormats good for now is the resources. So if you would dog this giving Tuesday. Which is this new data Holler usher in the holiday to go to a nonprofit website and make a donation if you would do a pick your kids first of the Carolinas dot org you'll be opened local kids. I don't know what are it were 97 cents on the dollar that goes to the cause or if it's not 97 cents its 94 I think it's 97 but I don't wanna. I don't wanna state something that's not true. But our administrative saucer RR next to nothing. And we we we we we do good work and we do it all of us you need. Share and volunteers. Jimmy Nick's barbecues and with the strolled good long while I mean everybody's. So. So help us help us get off on the right foot and not hopeless today if you can KF OTC dot org or KF OO TEC dot com. The wall taking their kids first to the Carolinas dot org. I'm ticket to more phone calls and enough mud up off the restaurant so does judges to be forewarned. Bobby's up on WBD anybody. Hey Don thank you think about how you heard it or level quiet or in open war. Victoria station the board pay it you know he's he's which used to be hitting a ball. It's Victoria station used beyond old pine belt yet so right in there now I remember that one and the white horse was where. Well gore. No door in the war I don't know if that was before my time or not. Yeah but El Prado and so that was before York you have before 1990. Yeah oh yeah I got from the Belmont area over there yeah to do more fit and applied or this last. You sir about volume colorful early this little hit the ground. If you do that feel wait a Ramallah. I think that we stay in divorcee logical streak one that. Yeah I remember Victoria station I in fact I met an older radio announcer that worked to kill us for a while is name is Mike but she was here for a short period in time one of the big influences on me enough. Well I and he knows I and his wife and I committed to Victoria station one night I was just off. Well I think what I was. Hey here's dispose and I hate it when you were golf. Not I have visited your fair state and city of Denver Colorado like here and had a blast well play. You have got a great place to be from it you know what Carolina is a pretty good place to be out. And I agree on his wife's getting home and not say what I did less stable outlook live in the airline. Yep they're up and I I understand exactly I feel Bobby appreciate each call. Laughed like it was another restaurant that is today. Does Charlotte. I think we may have mentioned that from the original list but Kathleen purpose that got the start of all of us. However my mom came to town one time in Susan I don't know if we were married or were dating or married. Took Marmol on the lamp lighter old school dark. Good. But I have to moderate and morehead street to. Where that building used to be. And and you do that a lot of Charlotte. Every now and then all wandered around independent so we don't know by your officer where granddaughter of the slows Matthews now also best and easiest way especially during off hours and on weekends is to I just say Jews live right down the street. Seven before. From Belmont to Matthews. But we are going out and not take that. You know and as you get on Independence. Day get on a 277 wander on down there there's is that one area early that you still remember. The hot doughnuts now aside and still be and there are. And the lodge array shop is to be right next to Drury in that general and manager Chris agreements owns over. I don't know who it was from the are greater at gas Tony. Gassed and development corporation is simply to care package this week but thank you very much. Says hey John welcome to Belmont we're glad do I hear your loving it as much as we do guest and outside they sent me all sorts of stuff T shirts and beer Stein and and no cruise season. And all sorts of stuff so thank you very much I appreciate that. If you ever wondered what happened to our money Edwards. He just won the grey cup up to the Canadian Football League. Our money efforts to Edwards who I was a path or for a while let app state to two national titles. Gave them their biggest upset win every day at 34 to 32 win over Michigan in 2007. Help the Canadian Football League Toronto argun not to come from behind victory in out in a blizzard beat the Calgary stampede or should the so a big picture of our money Edwards with that very infectious smile his hold on the grey cup so that's very cool to see our money Edwards. It's very cool to see him like it a living out of playing football and that's pretty cool. They announced the Grammy nominations today. Who are these people. Record of the year. Red bone childish Gambino. But it pilot never in front of me I wouldn't know whether the bandit was red Boehner the band was childish Gambino red boat used to be a band. But now it's been able assault. Esposito. With. New risk funds say Daddy Yankee featuring Justin Bieber. I know he has. JC the story of OJ. And OJ's eons. Kendrick Lamar is that not the artist album of the year humble. I can't imagine that won't be a record of the year because I've actually heard of it and Bruno Mars toward a forecast edged toward a four K magic. And I know who Rios but there when you get farther into the list. In the slot and have a clue. The best new artist category. A leash or Kara. Co lead collegiate sounds like somebody I should know that I'm not sure I do. Little woozy vert. What are my fades. I've got bad enough. At that on. On rotate. On the iPod when an exercise in little news revert. News one of the best new artist category a nominee is Julie Michaels. Who if you'd asked me artists that we hadn't she the exercise. And up and. SZA what did you say is Cesar. Says. Like sizzle. SDA. Marc Gerson just want Erica asked him it at. The Al White House is. Are considering banning its employees are using personal phones all at work Donald Trump has been vocal about press leaks since taking office one officials said video potential changes up. Is driven by cyber security or concerns surprise they don't have that stingray thing we talked about earlier this week in the White House. I and we talk a little bit earlier about why we shouldn't called digital assistants computer instead of Alexa or series. And just oh by the way if you do they won't do anything under her bed at that would be sort of for starters throw my idea a bit dead and work. I thought it would be cool if you could name them yourself. But you have to understand that the words the names they give them have specific consonants or specific. All lacks. And so that's what basically makes it perform. Is because it's got some hard continents or Siri has. To sit and eat at it so they can compute them. Digital assistants or moron. That more people are putting in their homes have a names like Alexa and Syria and a court cannot. But the SI article in salon argues that we should digest used computer. This is put this is this correctness gone wild by the way instead of the awake word when we call them. There are few reasons that they give one is that these devices become more common will be saying those names more times today and by using company's name over and over. It lets the company functionally and emotionally permeate our lives. As. So alarmed. If in the heat of something you scream out Alexis a Lexus name my guess. Maybe you've gone too far art computer on the other hand is neutral. It's also easier to have a standard name for instance if you're traveling and staying at a hotel you wouldn't have to know the name of the particular digital assistant. But they room has if you just use computer. And then the author also says that giving the digital assistants human names. Blurs the line between devices and people. And also criticizes giving them female names. Saying that it reinforces. The stereo type of women as subservient. That's why I'm here. I know I don't mean it's fine but I mean. You're bigger than column Luke I don't care if George. It TJ. I don't care pulmonary audit and had to be a female name. Nickname on dog name's rovers spot. Spot would be a good one k.'s spot. Anyway. I've talked to me like somebody of salon just as ways too much time on their hands. And Bruce Springsteen announced yesterday. That his run on Broadway his sixteen weeks series or performance. We'll be extended additional shows now set for February 28 through June 30. It probably works pretty well from him it's not that hard drive from New Jersey on in two runs into the city for that. Charlotte have six would Mark Harris is coming up next I'll see you tomorrow at 3 o'clock. Kids first to the Carolinas dot org if you're looking for a place to give on giving Tuesday.