Poll Results, Dating, And Parents

John Hancock
Wednesday, August 8th
Hancock discusses a poll where supposedly 47 percent of Republicans say the president should be able to shutdown bad media, How long do you need to date to know if it is the right person, and strange behaviors of burnt out parents.

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This is John Hancock. Their other brother or has done just that Wednesday is reading. Would have. Music my bill. By Tuesday or Wednesday. Almost a detailed soil could rest up for tomorrow our show. Real full hour. Panther football tomorrow night on biztalk 1110 WT pregame starts at 4 o'clock we're Jim's Nokia. We'll get into Eugene rob. Soon and mix mix amendment to play by play and first action. Which will last about three players for the votes. But I don't matter. I can't wait. Already have all my game tied to my snacks all lined up. All of tales. Diabetes type two is just so much fun sorts of things like football games. Food errors. Birthday parties see just well. Would you like another Kerry John. Are now thank you I'm stuffed I just build up on salary. Told him when the doctor says you got this long to live. Go on for a double fudge Perino on a pack of Benson and hedges ultra lights. And that's just the first hour. Don't. It's uphold. And you've probably seen it too. And I can't. Can you say we would would you Webb could you get away with putting out a poll. But not having really ever put out those. I mean could you say that you were. You had a poll and you all polled 1000. 38 people and does is. When their results came back but you never really did that you're just basically fabricating a story. So that you could make. In this particular case trump followers look like. Idiots. 43%. Of Republicans say trump. Should be allowed to shut down media. Now I'm sorry about. In less they went to the lowest common denominator. I don't believe. Debt a little over four out of ten Republicans. Think that this president or any president. Should be allowed it to shut down media. In first place is that not just over and an absolute assault on the First Amendment. So I read this these poll results. And the skeptic in me. Which I guess gets thicker by the day. I just kind of questioned whether to cut the poll ever took place or not. I have no evidence to say good doing it didn't. Or I have no idea of. You know maybe they lined up into does that say your how many people actually polled in this thing. And it's no I don't see a number of the so I mean you could've gotten. Ten people together in your office. Arm and told them the objective of your. Of your story. And and then. In north say and now this is. Emphasis. As reported. By the Daily Beast. President Trump's repeated cries of fake news and attacks on journalists. As enemies of the people have resonated with his base. With 43% of Republicans saying he quote. Should have the authority to close news outlets engaged in bad behavior close quote. So to me this is a poll. That the press has conjured up. Or that these people have conjured up. To once again do all they can to classify. Eight trump supporter. As being. Below average. In general understanding. Or you're saying. I guess I'm just really having trouble thinking that 43%. Of Americans actually. Think. That trump. Or any president that state fervently support. Should be allowed to shut down the media. To to to some extent my first thought was if that were actually true. Then you're not giving anybody credit for being able to ascertain. Whether or not some. Source is legitimate or not legitimate or jaded or not jaded. Or biased or not biased. So to me the idea that 43% of Republicans say that this president should have the authority to close news outlets engaged in bad behavior. Then now would say that's 43% of Republicans have no idea what the first amendment's about. Survey also showed that 36% of GOP voters disagreed with that statement statement. So is that bridge that it MI just part of the 36 that disagrees with that statement or. Do you think trump should be allowed to shut down media sources that he finds to be. Engaged in bad behavior. Would you be comfortable with that. When asked if trump should have closed down specific news organizations. 7045711. Did by the way I'm I'm anxious to hear you're anxious are now about when asked if trump should closed down specific news organizations. Such jazz. So apparently they gave them examples. CNN Washington Post in the New York Times. All frequent trump targets. All just as biased as they can possibly be they've proven that the last two. Years with this president. 43% of GOP voters agreed while 49% did not so when you get specific with the three biggest perpetrators or at least. Main stream big. Organizational. Perpetrators CNN Washington Post and no New York Times. 23% of GOP VP voters agreed that the president should have the right turned it to change them down to shut them down. Could be 23%. Think that does the president should just be able to turn off CNN. Sorry that you see here you guys gonna go home. Your bed me. I just can't believe that this hole has any. Validity to it also little 45711. Did I. So cold today in the New York close at 43% of Republicans say trump should be allowed to shut down the media. And the more I read it I thought to myself. I don't believe this bowl ever took place or if it did I think it was. Somehow or another preordained to come up with the because I know more believe that 43% of Republicans think that this president or any president should be allowed to shut down the media. I I think it's an article that is written. With an agenda. To make the trump supporter. Well look like a road. I'm we've seen those articles before. So anyway that's that that's do we we read our material let me take a poker a couple of phone calls and no super we go from here Liz is up on WB Taylor's. K I have been meaning collier RYT. I'm Ivan mental here fur cap meaning three years now and that. And I really like Tokyo I really like you're actually and I Ali you Neil Ku it now. We're based IQ are near its in the very conservative audience. And I could you know you're following racks are lobbying company that you can be litany air I I I like you are. No you know battered then it let it kind of call that that's not what we think we don't think our president should be argued that you know what has been. Whenever he he felt for the earth and yeah. He try only you guys really what arrow here and everybody gets all our labor are like chicken that there had got out. You kind of call or you now I don't remember you do. Split Liz your make in the same point I just made. How either. Later you're gonna be in a provocateur or are now trying to. I started off by saying I had a poll here that I didn't believe even took place that was my opening line. But I'm I'm maybe I didn't hear that by I I'm I'm really allowed I just got a car and I'm in here and I'm like why why did he keep doing. EK. We wanted to get slipped into people stirring not aptly the eniac and we. Are bunch of other ancient but that is why I traveled to Delhi the G. Because I know it mark error that I'm not gonna go yeah. We we always supporting Murray needs to be supported were patient with things like tariffs enough and I ran and a North Korea we've stated that over and over and over again. I don't we don't walk lockstep with him in everything that he does I don't agree with everything he does I don't agree with anything and everything any politician does. I'm not going to sit here and lag my tail and be a good boy just because I've might hack somebody off. I dad I admit I like he'd be on effect or what they need. Honest or honest immediate smacking the biggest story and they're like colonel because they're sell us. And frank I'm bleeding from an eating aircraft. And it can we need need your guy I like you know he could be dead to the apple that I because they're so reckless or any other I. And they don't realize what they're doing the country. Well I'm going to be honest in my opinions. And I am not all of my opinions are probably going to agree with yours. I know RMI going to stand here and agree with everything that this president says or does just so I can hold my dear audience. Now well I don't you worry about that because we are the one that. The poor illegally and you know trimming try out. Palin is you know like you know how lives are European on the radio works. What a radio works cattle like gay best and worst poll if you finish first in both sides you're doing your job. I have as many people that listen to me that mania find a difference with me as people who like me. Like you change hill a I feel like you are not right. Now you'll you'll hear what you wanna hear because you know what you've given me no credit so far today. As ever having supported the president and I support him on a fairly daily basis. But not in total. I. So you hear what you wanna hear I think. Maybe at I had it could be I appreciate all you've called before we go we've gone through this site in someway we call we've under the. This war absolutely not I. I I I'm happy maybe and I called my when the app parent should tell you lay it seemed a little different sound. Now well I'm just a little different. I I'm just a little sarcastic yeah. Now mind numb. And I'm just a little bit my own person I don't I don't take my marching orders from anybody or any philosophy or any party. Our well being so all right thanks to Colin Chris is up on WBT hey Chris. I meant I don't there are human. I'll defend her let's have a man that cut politically. Like a female version of me and my per cent stake and not that I'm agreeing with what you said. But they're just think about hurt and then it got to got to get a car and today I'm the most biased openly about I know lombok struck my guy I let him have a pat down a lot of stop. Because the dog bit agenda and I older than the pushed back if some guy that's early locally but that's what I you know that's what I want him to do so. There are no wait that 43 year org six or forty or 28%. Of his supporters. Shut dentist I mean you just talked to a girl who obviously are first instinct is to support the president as you know we're gonna don't hear that. I mean that I that I am supporting the president I'm saying that I think this is a propaganda piece being put out to demean the trump supporter. Yeah I don't know what she's not gonna go anywhere air saying. The truck you have that right and neither am I obviously heard your Linda dating Jan I'm not a and I. I know I don't don't be a part of what we are with you I'm with you and and I think it just what I'm trying to make the point is. That Liz you and our vision attacking your bravery. There are lining but I didn't I didn't hear it I'm here. Branded shoot the messenger editing the live shot the messenger chain dead quite but she's still not. Does say that trough should have the right to shut down and got that not true but I guess I guess that would both of you. And open every season on the road against the Buffalo Bills on Thursday night as the competition steps up to a new level from training camp in Spartanburg. I'm Jim though he would love Panthers update after this. The fourth summer sales event here. 0% APR financing for 72 months plus 1000 dollars or critical us cash and a great lineup of Ford suvs. Some previous Tony twenty telling yourself umpires home. Temperatures figure to be a bit lower in upstate New York for the Panthers opened their free season with Thursday night's game at buffalo. The bills have many Carolina connections with coach John McDermott the general manager Brandon being. Players like Kelvin Benjamin starlet Tulane Palin played in Marleau and LJ MacBreak. Meanwhile Panthers linebacker Shaq Thompson looking forward to playing tackle football after the constraint of training camp. There's something great this is just back in the fall on the crew and another 18% of our teammates I'd take care of our players and actually gonna I'm percent lie. They are mean and actually gone down to the ground tackling and actually write a really compete into the ground. My situation football's outcome will be another game and now it's time to get back mentally and physically vaknin and. Are joining Greg Olsen has enjoyed the challenge of learning norv Turner's offense but also is ready to see what it looks like against another team it's really been a fun camp I have to admit this is probably as I can't. As best I've felt and more guys I don't know I just it's if I've really enjoyed this camp for whatever reason. And I just didn't get into the get into the regulars get into the pre season games and trying to get out of the monotony of just practicing against one another all the time is this kind of a welcome. Site Panthers are already downed their final three practices that whopper when they return home and those will be Saturday Sunday and Monday. We'll movie camp backed up to Charlotte good deputies talk 1110. We had just got a call and we've had done a couple of a movie more. To know where Jerry Klein is and I can't tell you. If you're close enough to the family that you can now contact is a sister or somebody like that too and they can tell you about. They've requested some privacy are none so I'm not trying to be a jerk or anything but I can't. I can to divulge that information so low because understand the position I'm in that regard. I'm 43% of Republicans say trump should be allowed to shut down the media this is a poll that I think has devised Jamaica. Trump supporters. Look like rooms. And and I know through all of the ins and outs and that's that's the others in the poll but it back to me. It's one thing that was kind of telling in this thing is it doesn't tell you how many people were polled. And down I can have a strict guidelines that if there's not a thousand people or in a poll Bennett doesn't. Its validity is questionable. This one never tells you that. So. To meet this just almost looks like a propaganda piece. It has been put out to disparage. Trump supporters. As not being bright or not being. And and so that's why I brought it up in the fourth in first place of my intention really was more in support. Of those of you who support trump I don't think that's been taken that way now spilt but as some but. But doesn't surprise me because. I get email from your all every day and even when I spend most of the day supporting things it to trump has said or done. You all still here. Only what you wanna hear. I can talk forum. Three hours about a positive things that trump and say one disparaging line about Sunday many did or has done a -- that's all you'll hear and that's what shall respond to. So that's on broken in my life on the London tickets paid for a so no problem there. Over to Wilson we go I think this is our Wilson hello Wilson. Yeah I'm on hold for them for rock rhetorically asks do you use you may provoke. I you know I have a call in a while but I heard that and and I had to call that. I'm in you look at that advocate this and that it's almost all your talking about right from the New York Post. Yes so I saw this two on our light weight and and it its so we because when you click gonna what you're saying they were second year. You called it right from the start saying that UBS. They didn't get there but maybe not for the reason you think it. All they did that thought it was a 1003 people. Adult age eighteen plus from all across the lead the United States 323 Democrats 306 degree Republicans. And 207. Independence and it kind of breaking down and really get into the meat it is exactly 200 Arnold the chemist at. Here's the thing which I think and part of this the same poll period as the majority of Americans 85%. Agree. That the freedom of the press is essential for American democracy okay so that 85% Rick we want freedom of the press but then we kind of when you break down to Republican and Democrat. That's where the number you're talking about get a little squirrelly. And then John mr. cheaper rocket to work. When you get data to you realize they're bottom of that discipline on line poll. So these are people sit at computers let nothing else better to do and they'll just say well I'm a Republican rob a Democrat so look like no. I'll bet he even if you tell me that 43%. Of the whatever you said 360 some odd Republicans that re that reacted to this poll. Think that the president this president or any president should be allowed to shut down media I don't believe that either. All knowing it shouldn't because 85% of those same people of the overall all think that freedom of the press is important what I'm saying here is this was an online poll well but got no idea who they're talking to somebody clicked other Republican I'm Democrat and it mean debate you called instead could be a whole thing is now. What keeps them I don't know all of maybe there's something that Eric keeps the press honest but what keeps them from Mon not taking 5000 responses and then taking a thousand of them so they can get the results that they were looking for. What you saw this in the post in the post that the notorious to running whipped beaten worst possible headline Tibet people. To pick up the newspaper to do that you know the post the post is not a reliable source for anything. It's more entertainment you go to cynnex. Yeah no exactly that's why it's so I'll save it you're right when you say you don't believe that you shouldn't but when you kind of get into what you realize oldest of them all on pole at Morgan is go yeah how many of hazardous click and whatever online these give we've got Albrecht has a strong ground. And Internet and people generally. Or read headlines and and move on we. And yet I don't spend the time to get to the rest of order to get it the meat of it. It irresponsible in the post to kind of put that out there that headline. On the windy you don't know what you're saying and there it is complete BS this whole thing don't believe it at all probably anything in the post but I. A solid same headlining kind of wanted to get into it but they dig there about people but it was online all divided which is collect. Well I think we've all learned our let them on line you're blessed. See you got a new boss. I don't know I didn't have a he's aghast Toni a guy saw a picture of I think in the guest Jodie does that today about him being honored to. By some are advertising. So is against audio guy that doubted that didn't pay cut displaced city. Now now we're hoping that I'll that didn't happen but I'm. Now weird way I guess scenario they Allah and in he's talking about our our our new our new management said that at least he should draw we had a retirement airboat even local to Joomla. And Mel you know it's kind of cooled at that date you know we're we're we're we got people that are some weird that it lived here that been part of the television station WG CV for such a long time. You know we're we're here only China major local locally owned TV station really in the Carolinas so it's it's it's kind of how we roll over there you go any farther to Georgia for commercial Alter or all of that everybody can look at the elite that lady is thought that they you know changed all lady you have no idea who yergin and that's exactly look confident about it they giddy because this is like 1990s. John Hancock you don't need to be hanging out while people -- itself up Colin. Dot com dale OK don't get it got all riled up again could go their way. Yeah but I don't have as much fun to remove more resilience through. It was more fun in the ninety's when people within a conversation and say thanks I enjoyed Fifth Avenue and there was a certain amount of support to it. You gotta get new jingles John Hancock provocative tour. In our work on that I'm sure our budget allows of that. Paula good my friend I've seen Hillary. Sort of the jingles paid for these days sixth straight quarter. The offensive. Chirac here. My feet. I. She has about our lives that are better I should do support all of my listeners. Floyd viewpoints and that's exactly what she said but remains innocent but it got me to think it back to my old days when I was a rock jock. Discuss those planned rock and roll music didn't mean that you liked every song and play. There's consultant out there by the name Holland Cooke. Thumb print a month. He wrote a piece apparently haven't seen it but Larson pointed out to me. He wrote a piece recently just said. If you're rushed nation. Then you should. Jump on board. NBS troll pro trump. As you possibly can bait. But that to me is to assume that everybody who does this for a living. Is just all horror for some mentality. And is it real there there were all put on some sort act over here. In this talk radio thing. That. That none of it's really real that it things are being said are really felt. There were all trying to manipulate a certain group of people to listen to us. And and quite frankly there's probably. I wouldn't doubt that management. Would prefer to fire was. More pro trump. Are then my mail. But if you. If you listen to me I'm very pro trump within reason. So I'm not your enemy. But I'm not going to be who won not either and when they need to get somebody in here to 20 Kerry. The pale all the way that they wanted to be carried. Then you know they'll find somebody else and then and then there's funny those guys out there. Talk show in a box. What we call you find them. I and they then that's fine noted that though this slot below open up in the near future. Ex couple years. And and that's probably what they'll replace into it so just be patient. It'll all work out. Anything worthwhile is worth waiting for. You can get some fig jackass and here to us say what you want your it's are around the corner be great. When in other works out for everybody met here on WBT hi. I think about worse but wait I'm a little bit Wilson to Lebanon near where it and forty minutes and he jumped to problem is I'm not Muslim and those programs are. Because I. You know. I I've got a comment relative to what you're talking about others are. First and normal people jump on you robot you know all day and the First Lady like you're carrying torture and we appreciate. You hear the kind of guy that I've been listening it's simply got to Charlotte. You'll artery and there's a ball red Kuwait and there's a bold blue cooler air well. We're the first time I involve album you know and I'm and you can all stand behind some legal I guess right you don't. I mean there's there's people out there mr. Hancock says it's Barack Obama and add to the cure for cancer they'd find fault was that and vice Versa you know. Wouldn't wouldn't take it or use it because of the Georgian you know it's got to be roaring concede that it ya know and vice Versa you know they're just people that are stocked in their ways and but when what you believe in based in fact in the first place. Presenting fat so those people vote in her opinion I do or something that will unrelated to that that I told you maybe give me a second. I'm their panic trade US murder has been down their guard bubble had followed my hood ornament on my truck. And I want somebody my truck the other day and they are true that. The car washed the automatic and rip it up when he can have another charity of vendor and some more that I can get another woman also topic comments on here thank you sir. All right oh weld and write me and and maybe I can scrounge one up. There are few of their hard to come by. It'd be really printed so many of them and we only got so many from the night's. But I'm sure can probably 051 map so if you love. If you look if you email me I don't know how I would understand it to it was you from anybody else but. Send me a picture or no hundreds of it's gone it's gone. Of at that you were just gonna tell me the arm broke off most of the people that I hear from the Mike broke off. Let me get a mark on nine WB TA mark. These are. Some I agreed that a poll probably on and not let. It seems to me that we've had immediate call for depression. Thought that they think are not true journalist and then you have open I think of the Fairness Doctrine. Have been recently we've got hurt senator Chris organ a Connecticut celebrating. Her out of the media sat down. Alec tell. I think that the left nearly big about the censorship in South Park. So my dad did you don't agree with the poll. I'm not at all I. Mean I've got a lot of friends that voted for comfort Simon. They're not the only political. Folks where they've really soft but then again that. They don't want it must shut. Well I nighter tell mom IA impact if there's anything that I'm exercising on a daily basis it's a bases its patients. I wanna see where we are in two years' time and I'm excited by the prospects of that I and I like the fact that we've got a guy who will us stand there. Who with all the opposition and even some of his best many advisors basically saying to him I'm not so sure this is the right course well. He's got a mission to according meal make America great again and there's some things that he think we are really. A falling behind it and traders want a woman so long mom I'm anxious to see how it's hard line stand I don't summoned his antics exhaust me. But from a standpoint of what he's done and what he's proposed a regulation cities gotten rid of that all of that stuff well mom. Hi I'm excited by the prospects that we finally have somebody in there that doesn't really care from a popularity contest. What his poll numbers are. Why is my jazz. What his final results might be. Friedman a Gaston gazette about day. This is a football coach up in Gaston County. And they have mixed martial arts. Fighter. And he was three you know. In now. In his fights. That was the case. Yeah. All of his wins had to come by knocked out and no technical knockout and last night. He fought Greg Hardy. The former defensive end. And I had read some stories about. About this guy to bury us to barest Gordon. Regarding beating and seventeen seconds. I I haven't. I haven't seen the actual. Match. I've seen Greg Hardy in the ring. Will this menacing look on his face and his tattoos and he's a big doody looks like he's in great shape. And I'm not a great party supporters all B I'll be rooting for somebody very. Kick his butt but it good luck on that. At he's I you know he'll probably do pretty well no more in our professional mixed martial arts I think he was three and I was an amateur two as though is. As a as a professional or maybe he's too and oh now. After a destroying this guy last night the city just. He charged it Gordon right out of the gates earned a knock out win and a mere seventeen seconds back the guy up under the cage unleashed a blinding array of pledges before the fight was golf. Let's see who was the last person to see that kind of. Oh that's a cheap shot him. Anyway I miss more than. And they all love. At the appellate court are Rowe lives. Best and worst of polls if you finish in the web best of and the worst of then you're doing some right and Greg Hardy will be your wobbly supported by some and and and and wildly booed and hated by others. And won't make any difference they'll still Philip Arenas still sold tickets. Pretty sick stuff. It's not thing. Parents do very stupid things when they're burned out. Now I've got a ten month old almost to the day. Granddaughter. And mom and dad both work. I don't know how they do it. I think they just run on love. Because Emilia. Not that I could possibly be just a slightly biased grandfather. But Amelio is just cutest little thing you ever saw her life and just has great facial expressions and grill personality and every time Mario spend time with her. I'm just seeing. A human being. Cultivating out of all of this. So I think the way that mom and dad make up in the Energy Department is. But based on love and adrenaline. And they say. Parents do stupid things when they're burned out. Like trying to wash clothes in the toilet. That's burned out. Pouring baby formula and of their coffee. I can do that I can see that. No updated did you not think about what you do in a bigger we would have to be. Stoned and. And burn out to be washing no clothes in the toilet. But. Texting their boss thinking it was their partners number along knows some of the funny things that parents admitted to doing when they're tired and burned out there was a study of parents. It found that parents spend over 33 hours a week directly on parity related tasks. Such as taken the kids to schools and activities and playing in cooking meals and all of that stuff the average parent only gets about 55 minutes of time. To themselves every week. I mean I get 55 minutes of a time to myself every day. At least. And dad's typically get about twenty minutes more than moms. Those surprise there. 65%. Of parents admit to hiding from their kids. Just to get a break for themselves. Seoul where do parents Hyde. Will some of these are just weird. Hiding out. Reclined in their vehicles driver's seat. Now I've done that. Every now and then I'll come in here and all. It'll be like 130 years something like that and I am I am so tired I can't even see straight. And so the show doesn't start till three. So I've gone out and in my truck and moved over and they parking down off to the side over their kept air conditioner on and put the reclining seat all the way back as far as you can go. And set my phone and I'd taken a 1520 minute nap in the trucks or somebody drove by the truck they'd never see me. And unless it's cold outside and you see the exhaust govern from the car you wouldn't see. So I can relate to that went. There are parents that have admitted that they hide out on top of the roof of the house from time to time. Or under the sink. You get to be a fairly small pair when you're like a jockey. Or somebody with a Napoleon syndrome. Which by the way I've got a story and are in the news today oh boy this says the Napoleon syndrome as weird dessert Israel. So anyway here's some of the stupid things that are funny things appearances they've done when they're tired. Had tried to wash clothes in the toros one of them poured baby formula under coffee I I could see me doing that. Texted their boss thinking that it was their partner's number. Turkish our fully closed. That's that's that's totally exhausted and and. I've gone out to the mailbox before learned T shirt and boxer shorts. Get halfway down the driveway and think but you know at that point nobody's gonna know the different strive invited between a pair of gym shorts and a pair of except me. But I mean I've done stupid stuff like that before. And I'll be stopped in traffic out don't want now. If oh wait legs. And tried to make a phone call with the TV remote. Don't think I've done that but I have taken a landline phone at house. And tried to change channels were there before. And then been tired and a footer and left the house completely naked. Now I don't think I've ever done that. Opened the refrigerator looking for a pair of shoes. Waited for a stop sign to turn green. I'm whether it's a well we've made it differs to that and stopping at a stop editor section that has no red light or stop sign before done that before. Drove to work without dropping my kids off at school first. That's better than forgetting your kids in the backseat of the car go and enjoy your shopping server horse started cooking dinner at breakfast time. Seriously burned out I'll give you some of the places terror hideout when we come back into the second. Famous article Iran enjoys my parents who really stupid things when they're burned out. Talks about how much time you don't have as a parent and stupid things that you do when you're tired. And then. Weird places that parents say they hide from their kids. Reclined in the trucks driver's seat. Did you make those things go all the way back. Also gives you chance to get a map. And with the truck this says a specialized truck truck could be said Opel higher off the ground. So a kid smaller kid wouldn't be able to see and. On the roof. Under the sink. Behind some bushes at the mini golf course. A. So you take your kids to the manager golf course menu hide in the bushes. Horse barn. Under the bed. Think I can get under the bed I'm not so sure I can every kid that they did have to bring in jaws of life to give me out of there. Calico get down on the floor with a baby you play with the behavior district twenty minutes to get back up and or no right stitched it. When it you know just hop up anymore you kind of have to. Take one hand and then the other and and one foot and a major bugged elevated to a certain level of men. Hope there's an arm of the chair some like that that you can leverage yourself a little bit with. Colombian gotta love getting older. Here's a guy says that he hides behind a wash your dryer that must be the same got to hide under the sink isn't not a lot of room there. He should be what do you call and of bugs he bugs. But even his stocky enough he couldn't do. Under the staircase. And somebody who doesn't have the chicken coop that's really want to get away from your kids. Yeah yeah over the nose plug ends unduly bta and then. Time Harry is are you. I'm good. On tape saying. As a working mother I was always extremely guilty when I took my children to daycare and I had the day off. That that's the first thing and then it started doing something really stupid. I left my pocketbook at hand not one day. And did not discover that my pocketbook was not in the car until I got all the look at down the Spartanburg. You get what I didn't have any gas. And Ali keep changing and not my cup holder. Says I had enough gas says. Give back fill up a little bit and then get back Charlotte. Wow so how much Jay do you remember how much change you had a news curious. LA Atlanta and between four and dollar and anything less should have been doomed. We have. That's and now you know that there are start to think it. If at some point you went in and told somebody. Probably somebody would have helped you out. Well I think Taliban and the man behind counter. It's great for me pat because I did not hat that was all the money out head and that was public aspect it put into my car. And he said he prayed for Leon back to Charlotte. Have seen I think if I'd have been a guy at a probably wanted to fight ahead anybody in my pocket out of probably footage another gallon or something like better and deserved. You know mail it to me because I think nine out of ten people that you would do that forward mail it to you and probably mailer more than what she gave him. I know I would have that day can bet that was one of the scariest things I've ever done that thank bill. Dad in the right homes nerve wracking did you keep on waiting for the engine to start to a missing. Well pretty amazing and I appreciate golf thank you very much. The president look Trump's lawyers today sent to a meal or a counteroffer. And where all of this goes I don't know but that'll be one of your bigger stories today. Giuliani said in reference and negotiations over rail possible interview between a trumpet nor Robert Mueller of the special counsel. The should be over by September 1. He said we now have given him an answer he obviously. Should it take a few days to considerate but we should do to get this resolved. He have made a counteroffer. Today. Giuliani did. Senators going to be an interview let's have a if there's not going to be an interview let him write his report. Giuliani also indicated that. Mueller might be a might as well go ahead and just write the report quote he has he has he has got all the information he needs. The interview would provide nothing in addition to what he already has close quote. CNN describes. Giuliani's. Counteroffer in a very vague terms the New York Times maybe goes a little bit deeper saying that the counteroffer. The latest in eight months of negotiations between the two sides quote and severe words of the New York Times. Suggested a narrow path for answering questions. And the time. Times New York Times also observes. By making another counterproposal. After months of promises. That they were just weeks away from deciding about the interview mr. Trump's lawyers run the risk. That mr. Mueller could conclude that they are negotiating in bad faith to prolong the investigation. Which could potentially lead to a subpoena. Now the idea that Mueller would decide they're trying to prolong the investigation I can imagine that that would be the case but anyway we'll see were all that goes but anyway that's the news. As you see it today. In the primaries there were held yesterday. Republicans declared victory in Ohio's special election in Minnesota traditionally conservative district where the Republican Troy bald person. I held a fifty point 2% to 249 point 3% lead over the Democrat Danny O'Connor. This was the election to replace replace the incumbent pat to Barry who's there going off to another gig. But these two will run again in November this was so simply for somebody to take the place for the next over a short duration of time. Bristol this year and that they will face off again. So that's what happened with that yesterday via house seat in Ohio. And yet they yet Kansas. Where 94 point 8% of the precincts counted ahead co bock. Holding a slight lead over coy here is. The end. In that race. So mom. That's about the most significant of the two races that went on no yesterday. And we'll see what happens when we get to the mid term. People reading into this so what they want both sides claiming victory as they go one taken Angola claimed victory. 88. Eight. Games. We'll have an eight is your favorite number this is. 220 days into the year 145 days to go August the eighth 1974. Fallout from the Watergate scandal president Richard Nixon announced his resignation on the state affected the next day on this date in 1988. The lights were turned on at Wrigley Field for the first time making it the last Major League stadium to host night games. I never have really thought of that but so regularly turn the lights on on 8888. I had some friends once they got married 8181. I can't tell you the divorce Dave. I don't think it that is much. Vulnerability due to the bed. Roger Federer is 37 today doesn't often they want to date Donny most. Well now it's 65. Years old today. HGTV. Just bought the Brady house it's. Based further for a while there there was story go to run a Lance bass and thought it. But. The HDTV I believe. As Lance that idea. And good news to a place where with a conglomerate like. Two mountain lions caught on video or stay off fought in the middle of the road in Montana. Look at NASA's I guess the middle of the road I don't know if that's necessarily are rare. It's Montana. Not like it happened in downtown deploying. Beaches and Massachusetts were closed after the sliding up they are great white shark described as the size of up. Volkswagen Beetle. The event shark the great. Jordan a whale. Can I don't want Connecticut woman says she was in bed when a bear came rushing into her bedroom. What do you do and had kids. Fairly you Brandon raving about Chile about his forward yeah. Bobby Johns announced that its sales are down hard to believe they've gotten so much free publicity. Arizona Cardinals got a challenge for you. And a fellow Arizona Cardinals in reducing there are. New menu with a video 28 teams season. And section 102 at University of Phoenix Stadium seems ready to a double is the step for man vs Newt headlining the menu the cardinals have created a borderline insane murder called the gridiron birther challenged. No murder which is priced at 75. Dollars weighs in at seven pounds. Oh and there's an incentive to try to eat that. If a fan Guinea the birther in one hour. He or she will get eight cardinals Jersey. And recognition on the video board. Debbie what few can overall they side corridor. Murder includes five. Third pound burger patties. Viva hot dogs five brought worse twenties slices of American cheese. Eight slices of bacon ate chicken tenders twelve ounces of Fries along with lettuce tomato pickles and tankers laws. Between ten inch bugs. Well this is just made for the diabetic in the all that for free car cardinal Jersey. Which wiped. Upward eight a game Jersey would go to what about a 180 bucks 200 bucks. It's inevitable. These courts will become part of the Olympics and inevitable that competitive video gaming also known as these boards. Or would that be a sports. I think it's he's worked. We'll someday be part of the Olympics the president and CEO of log check. A company that makes computer and mobile phone accessories. And has begun to sponsor Tom as he's sports teams told CNBC's Jim Cramer. That luggage checked met with the the International Olympic Committee couple weeks ago competitive gaming has swept the country as high schools and universities warm up to the idea of creating programs and scholarships for students who excel of the games. University of California Irvine. For the first universities to offer. According gamers 5610. Bucks and 2500. Dollars to join its league of legends. And Oprah watch teams. I'm not so sure I think that that's an athletic. For the Olympics people. So. You see people with pets that barrier rarely change their water or if they're outside pass. Just continue to throw a bag of food into the bowl and never. And if you're not cleaning your pet's food bowl often enough. The national sanitation foundation says that our kitchen sponges and dish rags to the Jervis things that are home but you know what's number four. Your pet's food bowl. We love our pets but we don't love omen after regularly wash their food and water bowls the second Germany is staying and houses the kitchen sink. Followed by the toothbrush holder. Now my little dog is it the most pampered first place and Susan cooks for her well. So there's never play a main jeeps amendment throws in the dishwasher and so she's doing is getting clean blade. Oh and as for the water. We found out that she's old white dog somebody told us a long long time ago we had our first question that if you give him distilled water. They don't get that rusty brown look around there appeared in you know I kind of stuff so we've been big if we giver distilled water. And she doesn't she just watching big. Tom and dog bowl probably gets either changed or wrenched out. Every 36 hours. Max. Storm on the way home later on villagers tell them look cheers. She's not really aware of because that's all she's ever now. So I don't data anymore. The servers and other Susan frowns on. They've had I known that. That death till you part thing that never said anything about dating. Not a thing. Anyway I did actually I don't wanna David Morales. Did you think an awful lot of marriages stating others so they don't have to date. I have no desire the average adult needs to go on nine that's successful dates with the perspective Parker before they're ready to commit. Night. But how many gates before. Well let's get back to commit nine. And while they are quarter of those surveyed believe that they have experienced love at first sight more than one in ten think it takes at least a month. Before long love blossoms. And then how many months before load. Bone loss of its. When the flowers die. All right we're jargon about you need nine successful days to trigger ready to commitment over here and Mozilla Micah Billy bta Mike. Hey John how are. Wonderful. I don't really agree with the water successful day. I had. I think it does go very young. And incorrect person. And Merrill. I'm that I wrote that. It later were still together. Yeah boisterous and gates just. I don't. Well. I got up by the court where it got hit him. I think I've. I think I had one what I thought was a love at first sight back in about 1980. Comment that didn't work out but. Remember that one none as being no pretty quick palm and no was Susan. No I don't know we kind of gradually got to that point and I have my story was Susan I guess is all like other other I had finally got to the point that we had dated for a couple of years and at game time to either make either. Either make a commitment or oh we're gonna move on and now. We actually at one point decided to move on a minute took me about 24 hours to figure out that I just blown it in. And so that didn't do that that moving on now became a commitment pretty damn fast. But I only had our own. Over. Well we actually in the very. End we say they own and I'll. Thank you know who I guess maybe our freshman year in college. Simply decide to get married in certain. We didn't hit it. And then. Did you say color early that would allow did you go to the same college Mike. Nutter you're doing Howard who are dealing in Charlotte. I'd say you were still within. Visiting distance Fredricka. Brought out the small town where there was no university. Bomb every art art class kind of scattered and went here there and everywhere and so a lot of a lot of relationships. That that we thought we're gonna be pretty serious god divided by collagen. And so mobile Bertans above didn't. Yeah yeah how important are drill bit. Well partly jedi gear he hostile. You know you got Larry and EU didn't last that. I'll think of all of our last night that very warm out there there may be. I have doesn't have a didn't quite successful marriage. You said you've been married 52 years. But even library or long. Carter or it. All right and L in retrospect even though you've had a really long relationship is somebody your son or a young person word askew will. At what age you think people should don't make commitment or get married what would your answer be. No it probably be truly or actually six now probably. So where my children. Actually my commitment they've got married and that brings. I mean give marriage laws 42 so I and I wouldn't tell somebody 420 but I really would tell mom. I I would tell you get out your twenties. Yeah not that bad. Oh aren't. Segue into. Until they were in they're. The late thirties before they start ever under children and yeah. They were both. Teenagers and me they were talking networking. Not only. JJ back going back stability it who are particularly who. Not Hillary concentrated only her career. Again I'm. Do they had some trouble you know getting pregnant and they had to have some help along the way in. But then I'm. Little certainly. Or even. Twenty obsolete picked somewhere in that area. And didn't. He would truly concentrating on his career but then they had children. More than a year now there's aero it would. All lead into place in my family. Now I guess that MI can appreciate the call everybody carrot. Takes their own experience and Annette. That forms their opinion. My folks. And about four years together before they had me. And and that did so that was always one of the things that they kind of but be known that they thought stood that if you get married don't have kids right away it takes some time to enjoy each other and and do this that the other. It's a story about the general ray. Shall refining and redefining success and and they're talking about millenniums. And it's had nearly 40% of millennial would take a pay cut to have the freedom to travel the world. But it and I'll share this with the U wanna come back on the other side of the F 5 o'clock news. But in essence it smaller kneels saying that in their twenties. They're not as focused on careers as they are living life for having experiences and and I would. I'm I'm all for them. I think you can and I I didn't mean to blow through my twenties and not really have a whole lot of direction but I did it. And I think you still have time to recover in your thirties. And get your focus on and go out and have yourself a really successful career but I think your twenties. You should try stuff that maybe. Is not conventional if you were going to be a comedian. Moved to Los Angeles or New York. And spend a few years and say you'll you'll you'll survive the environment you put yourself in them. Everything I read the news about the average adult needs to go on nine successful dates for the perspective Parker before they're ready to commit quarter of those surveyed believe that they have experienced love at first sight. I did knitted ended. Up more than nine now but the one I got now. That's that's long no love. On no more site not look him anymore. Pretty damn content with. Would be a good lord do. And I said that during the hall of fame thing I don't know how it all works. But the very reason that an awful lot of people couldn't put up with me before doesn't seem dude. The deal breaker with her. So well my faults or faults we. It's just a solid second big. Pretty damn lucky. I'll get to your calls in just a sec because there's people who wanna tell me about love it's her side in this that the other but let me go back to this millennial fingers I promised I would I planned has to be interesting. When I go up another teacher at Keller institute. On a one day a year and talk to young broadcasters that have been assembled. Usually about 25 of them that are going through a process to have good. Okayed to be a part of the killer institute every year. I think about some of the times I'm when I'm talking to a mud that their parents must just be cringing. Because I love firm believer. That I don't believe that you go out and purposely blow off your twenties. But if you're gonna take some chances. If you think you could be. I would I wouldn't suggest this if you're an athlete because Euro window is small. But if you love aspired to be a great singer or a comedian or an actor. Or. Whatever. A drummer. I'm sure there's a million professions and I'm just not thinking of right now. Then your time to try that and pass or fail is in your twenties. Com. I've got a great sense of humor whether or not I ever could have cultivated that in 20 being a stand up comic and I'll. We've got a girl that works for us here. Kelsey. Caylee. Who aspires to be a standup comedy comedian and is still one. And she just cute as a button and by that I can see her on the stage I can see your face doing comedy I can see her. She just has the disposition for it and and will she ever be make the big times I don't know. I know I half a dozen musicians here in town. That. Are working their tails off trying to do what the David Brothers have done. Will they ever be though the same level or higher than the David Brothers of its share of Paramount. Odds say no. But if you're gonna go do that do it in your twenties. This is ever article our Reza says minimal o'neals are forgoing the traditional career path traveled the world nearly 40% of O'Neal's would take a pay cut to have the freedom to travel. 23% said that they have taken a career path to reevaluate their passions. Well one of the things you probably don't wanna do if you're going to. If you're if you look at for the freedom to. Pursue passions or. A particular. Line of work. Or similar that is do it don't look don't get married. So that's why I you know I mean one of the reasons I was able to in my twenties. Flip around and do this that the other girls state to state and live here and lived there under that meant even in the eighties. Doing radio and end up picked everything up accorded job that I didn't have to quit I animated. And went to Wilkes-Barre Scranton Pennsylvania because I wanted to program a radio station know what they called a full service radio station with a news department I want to do and I wanted to see what that was like a wanted to get my hands. On Santa Monica. And that I left there now when did mornings in Jacksonville for a while. And have a wife and have a kid at a cat. Now at the time I had a Jeep and a cat. Loaded up their Jeep with everything I can fit and then packed up the cat and we headed for Jacksonville and Jacksonville fired me. My loaded up the cap loaded up as much of the stuff is like you get into a hundred per load nine drove home to Colorado just as brokers like a day. Pulled in the driveway and some head under and called named on Anthony and said. 19 John gets their jail and a give me a call asking movies ever heard a WB to eight. Month later I packed up the Honda Prioleau in the cab we headed back the same direction we just come. For some job in Charlotte, North Carolina. I'm. 43%. Of these millennial say they've both taken a career break to reevaluate their passions. If you think you can be I've always wondered if I had gone out to I'm a firm believer that if I had gotten out of high school instead of blowing my twenties. If I had gotten out of high school and headed for New York or Los Angeles. I would have figured out a how to survive and even New York or Los Angeles. And be. I. If I'm gonna blow if I'm gonna forget just spend. 6810. Years finding out I could not have been a stand up comic. Then that would have been the time to do it. Because I really didn't get back into radio after a brief stint within and no work study and know some college radio stations. There was a seven or eight year period there I couldn't get anybody to hire me anyway I spent and in nightclubs I was installing background music systems in. You know cafeterias down in Texas I was a whack job her drive and around Texas Louisiana and Mississippi. Oz but no records and tapes and Eckerd drugstores I was doing all sorts of stuff just to make a living. But all of that gave me life stories. Gave me weird experiences that I can talk about. Years later. So I'm a firm believer in not taking your chances in your twenties. And maybe you are blowing your time may be your waist Ender time. Maybe you're not. At least you don't play the game as I wonder if I could have been a standup comic. Or wonder if I would've failed. But if you never try. Now your parents or did kill me for that kind of advice. Actually I am actually talking to mostly parents. Because they don't want you to take those chances they want you to go out and get a college degree and then meet the perfect her old men have 2.3 children and. In the suburbs and live happily ever after. I'm all for are taking your chances in your twenties and going out there and see if it's that dream your wildest dream could be true should come true. Did you learn to survive in the environment you've which filter it. If you've got the guts to take the chance that you probably have the guts in the talent threw up persevere at least on some level or another. Right off your phone calls in just a second about needing nine successful days before reiterated to commit 70457. All of a dent. And all right and let them on the stretcher Russian holes ago what is story about oh we need dead ninth successful days before were already to commit a bump. And that would be true for many in our generation or not but the average adult needs to go on nine successful days of what they are perspective burger before they're ready to commit. They are quarter guys say for guys they're good guys longer than Dell's elsewhere anyway I've never used that word in my life. Guys longer than a ladies. In boosting the guy when Jim Joyce and drag them that guy into it. You have to make your command that are gonna have to I'm memorandum map to go off and my own direction. Okay. Or two I'd Jerry we go on Nardelli BT major. I. Think I'm forty I'm glad you are always in. That's wonderful. I am today about 42 wedding anniversary and congratulations. Thank you. And I got married. A month after it turned eighteen so I wanted to get married at fourteen but my mother would let me. And now we're reborn Mississippi. Never let those are I am a big trouble notes. I'm an army brat I was born in Texas but a little bit much until. I'm not occupy my average start at Fort Bragg went up that senator Gregg I'm sure you are not from the. Fourteen same guy your marriage no I mean you wanted to get married to visit same guy at fourteen. Absolutely and I we do it all over again you know historically people got married much younger and there are far the removal from that. The greater the support that is that bidding I think there's something to be said we're getting married young growing up together. And changing together and then I think that your way. I think it's a great idea. Now I I think that's true too obviously you know I took two different paths. If I if I had been married I never would have had the freedom. Two followed career course that I did. So in my case not being tied down early was a good thing and the other part of that was when I look back on my failed relationships. Man I thank god for that that they that they were failed relationships in retrospect. Because of who I ended up with. And not my weight is the only way I recognize that but my future there may not Mary husband he still could he. Box now and urged it sort of hit that you'll be barefoot and pregnant. But pregnant not every. Well. And I believe that there if I showed up what you bought but the thing is that we are comfortable man all week. You know we're older and we have accomplished a lot. Especially financially and are alive and we have supported one another I don't think individually or possibly with someone else. We wouldn't have caught the very thing that now we have to bring him to. Retired. Admiral Mullen there yet my husband at that I've been home to prepare you in years but added. And we had a you know we don't you think they enjoy life and all of that yeah I don't I could could've done that without each other. Yeah well I don't think I would nobody I mean I'm I'm looking retirement down the road a couple of years two years of like that. Well as well and I don't think that I would have had the maturity. To save the money and do I do what we did without oh without my Wi-Fi I think you know without her direction and without her stability I probably would have continued do would try to stay the the youngest old men and down. Want to sleep thing to say that you lack intermediate the opposite. I would have been immature one in and without my husband I wouldn't have matured. Now. Yeah well now she dare she very definitely. It became the reason two to think about the future inserted just think about the now. No doubt about it and well listen grab your leg and after 42. I did that I I've I'm getting now were were getting ready to turn 24. Missile. Got to do another eighteen years. I'm willing to do that I don't Albie around that wolf. Hey he'll be here and can congratulations on 24 a lot of people don't make it that long yeah no I beat you make it at five you're good at a lot of people's divorce before years. Yeah the side I don't think there's anybody else had ever made a longer than 24 months. So. So obviously I've found the right person or she's just extremely tolerant. Back I couldn't speak about but it would be bad but bill lately I mean she's extremely tolerance. So hey a happier at the university Gerri it's just talk to you. Thank you let me wander over to show reached her second facial Reese. How are MM. A guy. And our growing oh yeah I'm hearing male and female voices this is interesting. A word traveling. We did everything together. I think we met on a Saturday Night Live proposed to me on Sunday night and we were married on Friday afternoon. Had a we had a church wedding I even made my mom like that in that five days why all in November 1 we will have hit. Fifty years. Mercy sakes what they did you feel like you beat the odds. Oh yes and back then eleven days that the live married he went back to Vietnam for the second time they're thirteen months. You really got to know it together to write letters. And then maybe that was it may be that was maybe that was more real than trying to put on face in the front and had sometimes young couples do may be up by having to do it it with distance between you. Ami A you were you really got to know each other more on our real basis. Well we came to Charlotte, North Carolina after he had it secures city. And that the leak about love love this city and new you know we only knew one person here. Then you know we've been here the extent that they need to. Now. Well congratulations fifty years that's that's a milestone new. Mom happy for both David appreciate your call. Thank you. You all I know the next voice the asserted John FedEx driver. A big. But big bent they they solid Republican from Union County and I I talk about. If I had to do it all over again in my twenties I do head off the Los Angeles or New York you know see if I could have done stand up. That's exactly what your son's doing right John. That's exactly right it's funny but it will hit between Italy Turkey exact opposite ass. I got married when I was nineteen. I would celebrate our 33 anniversary this side a I had two kids by almost on security video right. I could not. Just drop everything and go you know if I want to change jobs you know I had responsibilities like and it just drop things I had a plan. You know any movement like that I send news now Tony narc well when he eight. Eighteen months ago while he kind of beer per year to. He beat he gave up his money loaded everything up in his car he drove to LA in the last eighteen months. No he's been gone standup comedy and auditioning you do that noting if you that they made a major. And you know good two or three guys an apartment. And drives over during the day and never been carjacked credit where he's become an expert at a putting. They do together so people like Tony book or whatever their IPO he's making notes scrape them by the DNA BP was married there's no way he could you let. And you end it and it's always been there longer than a year and a half. And is he he's happy with the what he's done. I think throughout the I mean you know. But he can be you know the remote daisy doesn't have to develop together what he's gonna hit it what his action is. And you're right if you're gonna do that this is the time to do it now. Why you're here why he's even though he says that the ten year plan for him you know. Nobody gets you have discovered overnight even overnight to tell us now so you know he had the long term plan won't do what he's gonna do my wife wants him. No no payload you know you need to date somebody or something. He had no interest in dating anybody because he's like. I know that takes my focus away from acting and you know. And that might lead big you know a serious commitment and I don't want to be that our focus on. Trying to make the comedian or the lack there. I am by hand by by having both those options as he. And then turned hero my question is in other words by not focusing just on comedy or just on acting do you think he's cut himself short. I'm not really because I mean. Even Gary Gary don't you know understand that you don't you know income. If you actually want a couple contest out there is where standout. As some of the major Arab interests but you know that's only want to fight tonight here in the wake. If you stand up amendments during the day or reread of auditions and beat back a commercial that you know. That's our are Kim got a big chunk of change dollar that made that month literally you'd be here. Plus it's a new era in an adrenaline rush that makes you he said okay oh they are mired you know when I was living in Charlotte I was never in a commercial. I've never been no I've never done BM rob I'd never we're done I've never met Pauly Shore I'd never done any of that stuff. And so I've already accomplished more than what I know would have done sit on my hands and journal. Exactly yeah he can you know the other thing you know he'd go to Charlotte or wherever I land that need to be the big. This year in this small arms or you go out to the big ocean mayor and biggest loss this year note to grow to be a big issue in the big foreign. Well the other part of that is is that he's driving new over so he's got to know Los Angeles and he knows his way around town and it's gotta like my son went to Savannah Georgia and worked for four or five years. He'll always have Savannah he'll always be able to go back to Savannah and have that kind of feel like a second home to Miami night. I think that's cool liken my my my my parents grew up in later in Dallas but I mean I we're I did a couple of stints in Dallas. I can drive around Dallas I know my way around Dallas I noticed that the other I know my way around Austin I know about my way around Wilkes-Barre Scranton I know my way around Philadelphia. Areas that I've worked in another sort of and so forth. And that is so I did just did it's all party your growth it's like it's all part of it taken the small town out of you and and and and by and put a little bit a culture in your bones. There are reviewed here from reporting in an LA we're sore and no hint that says that's exactly right. Well I know you're proud of him and not separate and I'm proud of his guts because. It's hard to do what he's doing nor at least it's hard to initially. I'd jump in the car and head for the great unknown no iron wonder if you can and nine I two firmly believe if you've got. The moxie to give it a try than you probably got the character to at least to survive whether or not you ever become. Jerry side and shoulder or not is not really the point. Exactly and you know who set them up and Michael Jordan are much you miss every shot that you don't don't take. So you know it if you don't take it out you know you're not gonna succeed whether he younger if you take shots at least you might. Now and they can't say no if you don't ask. In Akron or they can't say yes if you don't ask either so hey did I give him my best and and I appreciate golf. Thank our program that Alter egos. That's I'd. When I'm told broadcasters up there at Dirk tourists. Who are already in college studying to be communications majors. Yeah you if you got a wild hair if you got a wild during go do it now. I I you know. I'm not discouraging them from college but. I do kind of a deal with Berra said you know you can either follow the path that you guys are on or you can follow my path and that is. You know drop out of college get a whole bunch of meaningless directional as jobs. Squander. Does that the other you know spin records and I and I go to. Already knew the way you're gonna do it quite frankly also tell them you guys are already. Acres and acres and miles and miles ahead of where I was you rage. So your path makes more sense than my path to it but for me. My path. Do what all that stuff. Odd jobs in weird stuff and different locales and went out worked in Fresno California for six months. Somebody bought the radio station. I was out of a job. On my way back through Phoenix I got a gig. Stayed in Phoenix for about nine months got fired. Why did you get fired John 'cause I sucked. Tailed it back to Colorado. Is tomorrow jobs. Moved to Texas. Got fired. Went to Colorado. Gunfire went back to Texas dud fired. I don't know. You survived figured out. There's day out fix all right over the top Charlotte right now and and I'm just tell your right now. Then there'll be a law all. And then even bigger sell is gonna come over from there that's the one that really stretches right now from Lincoln did all the way down below to clover. So why it's sitting right on top again Estonia right now and will. Soon no mail Belmont in that area through their of that across the bridge in not so the cell you're seeing right now that you may be experiencing rain with our rate now. Is just the beginning of even a bigger cell that's coming our way you are I think once the second wave hits they're though will be. A little bit calmer but to have whenever the crack of markers and to literally be two newsroom get ready grew up coming here there was a crack ousted him off plus nine. And the same time I saw the light I heard this crack a lightning. And the next thing I know everything was off K not I'm not power power stayed on but a cable and I've got Internet and no my phone is sort of through a spectrum as well known. So by the time I got up this morning it was all fixed I don't think it took him too long to get a back online again but I mean it was. I did it was one of those flash is alive and thunder at the same time I look the more that I looked out the front window to see if the house across the street was on fire. I am one of those less like judge sitting in my role home studio doing some freelance work and come bang it scared me to death income because you're right it was like the lightning. And the thunder were like all at once yeah. What's the what's real deal about your supposed to be able to count seconds between now thunder and all I hear whatever data and figure out how far away it was but. There was there was no count on this I don't know so but does get ready because if your car is storm right now your got another one coming your way this is. Not just a one hitter the smaller of the two is what was on top of Charlotte right now. I DMV frustration. That that's new this. You know it really is in part because they head of the DM vetoed called a press conference in Raleigh today to say. Well yeah would understand it's bad sorry about that but. Now I you know I too would deeds and make it part of the DMV used to be a but I gotta tell ya on the in the last ten years or so I've actually had pretty good experiences with the DMV. The people behind the count on her I think are a lot better than what they used to be. Tom is either it's never fun and there's always lines and sometimes you've got to wait a long period of time them but I don't know that that's. Well the lines are really bad this year is seasonal of course got a lot of kids sit before they go back to school they have to get through driver's license but also we have a lot of people showing up for this. I knew you would license that we all have to have my 20/20 there requires more background checks and paperwork and a lot of people are showing up with the wrong paperwork. And it's clogging the lines and that's part of the problem Toobin it's pretty bad I mean. We've talked to one woman it's 605 who spent three hours at the office in Mount Holly and then to be told sorry you'll have to leave. After spending three hours in line and that's having a line in and nothing know nothing frustrating about that detects from. So if you're going to Atlanta be careful leave your phone alone you added there are now our hands free state which means if they see you weathered in your hand they pulled you and they are even setting up. No they're just looking to see if the phones in your hand and and they radio ahead in podium. Well now. And that's pro with a wave of the future I think you're right could create success success tonight it's a great one little restaurant over an. After a miracle cure for the owner he'll love this story. And you pay your promo said alive and took him and I thought and means that literally yes that's exactly right bill all right martyrs or be ordered and your justice secretary next hour and he'll also get to do these storms that are up. Not only on us right now and our Charlotte but also are imminent for. For the next hour or so is it there comes a west to east. I'm looking at doppler radar right now it's about cleared to Estonia which means McKay had bill and Kramer tuna no Belmont and all those areas in through there are about to get to pound it in this literally. I'm goes from a clover all the way up to the north side of Lincoln to and so it's a pretty big sell Westport Davidson. I think that sell well you've got to there's a cell adjusted Davidson none on you as we speak. So low was some pretty active weather coming west to east be aware of that we'll keep you up to date on that there is a severe thunderstorm warning it was originally room reveled for a central Lincoln County southeastern Cleveland gallery. And Gaston County. But I don't have to wait for the next went to tell you that. Concord in a vacuum Bergen all of those areas to do their Union County you're gonna probably see some rain. In the very near future so batten down the hatches and get ready for another one of those coming across the plane storms though they can be pretty violent at times and we'll just have to hope that we all love make it through this one and I get back together again tomorrow at 3 o'clock from Jon heck I Charles most beloved and I am out of here. And.