Pop Up Markets, The Bible and Fishing

Carolina Outdoors Podcast
Saturday, November 25th

The Outdoor Guys stop by a local pop up market for dudes, visit the new Bible museum in Washington D.C, get pumped up for the Panthers game on Sunday and round it off with a little fishing. Get outdoors, pick up your trash, and listen to the Carolina Outdoors.


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Killen until Chile's brought Cuba the outdoor shots from Jesse breaths. Well good morning and welcome to the Carolina out or bill Bard gave put them at Turkey sandwich let's do a radio show that India target standpoint and do our radiation and a number of remarkable the has that mandate for our Dicks are hell I knew that was coming up dukes of course are. Goodness debt debt is what separates. Good patriotic Americans from from those of Russian spies as quickly in the midwest. What's that are aware were. Oh. Well first of law let's turn Qaeda ago anyway welcome everyone dealt to Carolina outdoors the boys have their Don Yeager the voice right here build RT. Every Saturday morning via the airwaves and news 11109 and three WBT. Or join us via podcast ever did that Jesse Brown digital experience Jesse browns dot com. FaceBook that sort of thing you can join in the of the segments that way. Hey Don of course you and I think of Amazon right and we think of a big river in Brazil aren't right or catch funky parish would break faith it and that's right. But there's some kind of shopping platform out there don't don't go there that's right don't go there were gonna bring on Wilson from Wilson's world. To find out what we can get it did a poll listed that we can't get on this shopping platform got Amazon we can't maybe even get it Jesse Brown here in Charlotte. Dude up on Lusa yeah pass OK let. And Lester here are so good we got an. Art. But a couple years ago where. You find local people and they go and they pop up and Albania and usually into open or gel and that's what would later today. Shot at 11 AM with beautiful. I think that handing bounced out into pop market Purdue and the people who love them so it's open for everybody. But I pop market and not believe it went and got your door lightly or throw pillow than. Yeah man yeah that record and comic books and 8 o'clock warriors and all that and that wouldn't pollute the ball about one important question the wearer. Starting five point five distribution street right there and help and its artists all of this Saturday you must all get together it that it has got the seat every lap which has a large air space. A work in over the art gallery area that we got a great big room. We've got down 25 vendors are set not by all local and I got a guy who make the lands that are collaborators I got a guy and wallets in his garage and the of course time Bandelier. A grandfather. And he went and bought up all a bunch all post office. As you post office boxes and he's trying to mend the bank and a great for your desk a great gift. If you got a bad overdo it that's our shot block. I guarantee you I'm so adorable related and that you're not find any where else about a major gas well. At that I've got I got a minute gap do I comment here's well and nineteen eat I'd cheat that's pretty cool. Most closely enough votes enough bar that I look good job behind the couch tournament. What are they headlights. That. It brought get a lot from that Big Bang on you're talking you're good read on manhood when you wanna get some attention. And I'm not that well you can't. Hide it and just write a lot on you got a lot talking about it's called latte now exact away from that that in the bill teeing character or hear that part to. The yet solid confident at the top 2525. Distribution treats like pre market. We've got the truck up there would actually. Burger and again and it all kind of good stuff. I beer tent is sponsored by triple A can't get to the local beer you're looking at the local but aren't that bearcats and Charlotte regional bank. By not prop quickly to let him borrow that projects everything. At it be able to bring donate a clash and central and school supplies could not think about the kid that called implied that army or were trying to help Malaga. Are you gonna do this every year because I think actually a place to dump my garage right now. Well I'd cut and it has to do it again it won't be you next year or so. He didn't need that need that on the keyboard you got might have we got out. Can't I heard today which would yield you about. And I got some vintage stuff in there couldn't have been did you vote. Oh well yeah and you know we were so yeah but. A report. You want information check our web site will also robot. That means that they do to pollute. Our I had thought that do seven Chris craft and have a place a bid the blues there that's for sure. They're just get. Black quarterback dollars fly rod this Don Yeager has about three million fire odds Betty Orioles then your name and I doubted I'd be a big trip whenever I Kenny walked in your garage who got that right you have to take something out to put something him that's for sure though we are clear olds an old maps and gaps username and I got it. Wilson at dinner we asked your favorite I don't bitch you have purchased from. Are that you expect departures from dutifully says. Well latchkey I got a it's called or male for he does all kind equate these that would welding the well that country. But he's also very creative he made me an art to DQ provides an up and I love start to see that light sabers out there all kind of Star Wars stuff that you may I eat the I think this year he's a big guitar. Hassan had been of that so that's my favorite but one problem that they got it goes on junk yards and an old clot incorporated in court that mentally debt glanced. I don't adequately aren't injured five man should determine the cars man. Yeah great about it and did. An up and running. So we got booed by our major bite into the pop art it would insult that everybody's welcome the family. It's very family friendly no politics not like that just come out and brute and that coming outward and school supplies and really opening up watching. It again let's speak on that really quit because this is for I mean they're going to be vendors they're making it happen period celebration fellowship so I'll let kind of stuff but. The Charlotte community tool bank and classrooms central or the there who benefits from. Dutifully says so that's one more reason in the community to participate. Well now and again it. And I cannot continue to let me and that's about it. Yeah to make and they such great work we get a lot of these charges and not prop groups a lot of dog and neighborhood beautification I don't think that somebody else. And told work well they do that all the tools to use and great I didn't do that. So we're trying to help. And get them new tools to replace or supplies and clashing intercourse or print the pampered and well obviously an agent Alina show up into a benefit. The clash and central so I'm not. Stop and I later next. It's gonna be great and I think I'm twenty I've distribution. You gat. We're gonna let she'd get a book before you do give us all of the places that we can find out where are well Wilson's world is a carried. We're also not content and quick. And I would add to it now also had to do it on Twitter. And agree not good credit and it's got a world dot com. You've got it lists and no more talking from you get to work out there and thank you for what you're doing. I stay tuned for more on all of that. That's our weather report right there Don Yeager and certain boom Willie worms and the person I'm a bit. And so forth and so forth and so forth earlier. What are the things that we have every Jesse browns where we hang our heads through the week it's pretty outdated data Pulitzer. Is he get that book by Christopher asked line did eighth generation Charlotte in Charlotte signs of the times. It's kind of advantage throwback book of photography. Coffee table book if you will. It would be a mix imperfectly with all of that a perfect gift because that's for sure all the press and nobody's got it that is exactly right I've read that and already you won't hear that when you're that ten years ago. Well special thanks to Wilson from Wilson's world for joining us on this segment we're gonna take a quick break the voice service they're Don Yeager the voice over here. Bill party where the outdoor gas here. RW DT. Yeah. Oh yeah they didn't Alter any. All I just don't want your old. Government and these eight. And. You got my parents always told me. I felt march they were rock on the Carolina I'll door wearing on down and tell us about our next guest has our Don Rem back in here where I could get in trouble for that opening thing Hussein era they've so Mel Brooks the fifteen remain current ten commandments there's something going on in Washington DC Don. The log on our president and Hillary etc. I was dom got nothing to do the ten commandments on the we're gonna we're gonna find out what's happened. In Washington DC some of which may be includes the ten commandments because our. Next guest on the Carolina outdoors is doctor Tony's dice and you may recognize that name is. 25. Year president of central Piedmont community college. He also taught Sunday school at at the it's church of Christ here in Charlotte. And he's made it big time to as far as a Sunday school teacher because now he's the executive director. Of the museum of the Bible in Washington DC doctor Tony's ice welcome to the Carolina outdoors. Well thank you bill I'm pleased to be here. Where we're excited to have view and oh we chat to study up a little bit on our. Bible at least as far as a museum but doctors ice this thing is like the Smithsonian. Tell us what inspired the museum of the Bible to happen and how it gets put together. Well I'd be happy to deep green you might know that family of be lovely family at Oklahoma he was collecting. Biblical artifacts. And he began to realize you know it did very little good to have these artifacts and a warehouse so they came up with the idea of let's create the first. World class museum to the Bible and so that's what we've done misses a first world class museum. To the Bible. In the history of mankind and I think it is happening in our generation and in our nation's capital that's really pretty great thing him. And I today it's say it is a world class museum we have. Museums loan. Exhibits from their museum to other museums so we have the Israeli antiquities gallery they have never loaned to any of their artifacts. Outside of Jerusalem but they did so with this museum we have the Vatican they seldom loan things out. But they loaned out a lot of antiquities. And exhibits. We have the Vatican library for instance. Then we've got Bavarian library we've got to Amsterdam exhibit they're from all over the world is really really classic place. We are the largest nonprofit museum in Washington DC and the third largest museum overall. Well listen 430000. Square feet of space 500 million dollar museum with a staff. Of a 150. Plus people who were putting it on in this thing just opened what was the grand opening date. Well week we dedicated it to this past Friday and we opened it this past Saturday. And so as you can imagine would world drink and on the fire those appear that is really really. It's a happy place. And that's not your typical museum where you walk a little and read something about it you know in any case and I mean this very interactive we know that people learn best by. But I do need him by participating so we have. I think totally different videos theaters that we've got attractions to limit Children's Place called courageous pages of and David and alliance and in any event we've got. Three floors and they're based on the three teams in our vision and in our mission are mission. Bill is to invite all people to engage with the Bible its history. It's narrative that's the stories. And its impact downloadable content and impact of civilization like this book. Particularly western civilization. And so we'd take. Say an ecumenical approach we are. Nonsectarian. We do not advocate for anyone faced tradition we just present the Bible and people can make up their minds. You know the Bible is the foundation. For at least seven. Different. Faced traditions or religions and so we honor all of those but we just focus on. On the Bible and that's what we present we've used a hundred different. Scholars from around the world from all walks of life at all all religions can help us make sure it's as accurate. And authentic as possible. Oh man about we may be prepared to learn something from you 'cause I had here in my notes. I know three religions inter related with the Bible. Tom whether beads it Judy Islam christianity. And is mom what are the other four. Well actually Islam as just some business shadow Lee I am now maybe there's not a right word but it's not. It it has some references to the bibles some of the same story is does not directly an offshoot of the Hebrew Bible. As is christianity and catholicism. And the Ethiopian. Bible. And religion and be. It Greek and Russian orthodox so. And then there's this of Marion. Love religion so I think that covers about all of them but the Big Three would be. Hebrew I mean Jewish Jews and Jewish religions the Protestant. And Medicare like. Now everytime I go to your music ally I'd love museums but every time I go I walk out warned going. That really had some impact that was something I didn't expect to see there. What what would real one item and I know it's going to be totally difficult for you to nail down the one but what what is gone are absolutely astound me that I. Didn't think I was gonna see there and just absolutely caught me by surprise. Well that's a wonderful question the first thing is I wanna I wanna mention this and I'll get back to the one. Is there are two takeaways we want people to take away when they leave this museum the first one is we want them to think wow. That's the most incredible museum experience I've ever had. And number two we want them to take away I thirst for greater engagement. In this wonderful book the Bible. So the ones take way I think they're gonna walk out of here with this I never expected to see so much technology we put. Fifty pound soared 42 million dollars suggestion that technology. From our digital guide which. Outlines their route to more they're gonna go because. You can't see this could one day. And so it inspector it's gonna take the average person 98 hour days if they wanted to see everything and read everything. And then to the ceiling when you first walk in. It's thousands made up of thousands of LED lights. And it has like. Maybe twenty feet wide and a 140 feet long. Videos of biblical scenes going on all day long and that's in the grand home when you walk in this is just amazing. Then we have the world stage. Theater we've got an amazing grace the Broadway musical is playing here for the first eight weeks. You can get two tickets by going online museum of the Bible dot org. Anyway. In that theater we have the first war indoor mapping and video mapping. In the world we think. Where the singling in the walls can have scenery on them at the same time as you're watching something on the stage. So if you watching. John Newton and they singing about you know that this slave ship and values that have any conversion experience on stage. The same time because they have water in the ways and Siegel's slide around on the ceiling in the sides. That's just one example. Or a couple of examples. But we have a lot of technology a lot of attractions one of them. Will fly people out its its deals with the impact. Of the Bible it applies to virtually out of the museum. Over to the National Mall which is only two blocks away and up around the capitol and into the capitol and into the Library of Congress and does that lasers shoot out wherever there's biblical text on a monument or on the ceiling to adjust. And then applies down all the way to the Lincoln Memorial and it shows you how pervasive. Biblical scripture biblical text is in our culture. Well you know you're inspired me because this sounds like a high tech Sistine Chapel. That's right as a matter of fact we could put the Sistine Chapel on that theaters saline. Or even on the inside when they first command. It is is really exciting and I'll tell you what people say to me. Could I go down to visit with the visitors is that ultimately I can't the first thing is they had elected museum and they and they and there are. The most often reads respond by saying it's incredible. And I think that's exactly the the right. Among the fire wedge and then the second thing they'll say is how can I get involved enough it will become a member. You know because. Yes the greens helped those greens bought the building and brick and renovated it. 500 contractors today for three years but now that that fit we don't have anymore money from them we have to raise all the operating in dollars. On our own and that's about 36 million dollars a year or so we need members and donors and sponsors of exhibits. All of that can happen at museum of the Bible that so hard G-20 4 years as a central Piedmont community college. President is doctor Tony diocese now they executive director of the Bible museum. In Washington DC thank you so much for joining these outdoor jazz here on the Carolina outdoors. I've built large they have to post Thanksgiving and as for a time for the serious member of football. What happens right right we get serious now or too late to get answers. No it is not a loser and happen to get serious aren't we just fresh off a battle week here in Carolina panther country. Everybody's rested we gad Greg Olsen back in action we gat wide receivers back in action and open up a cam. And after I. It's that doubt but normally TJ. Hey with that we're gonna learn a little bit about something special that we have going on in the Carolinas. One of the most successful enemies in my air quite hear fan clubs. Is in existence right here based in the queen city of Charlotte, North Carolina it started up in 2015. We're gonna advised that clip trail on right now at a time that Alice soccer team paying club helped inspire this NFL's. Most successful and club. This act of roaring right welcome to the Carolina outdoors. They're good morning guys thanks and have men appreciate. May tell us about this tell us how soccer team com and clubs helped inspire what you started in 2015. Maureen Ryan. Yeah absolutely so we've actually been around as a group that was our ninth year now where we started out detailed Charlotte. I mean that we decided one particular tailgate on the road so naturally who handle the easiest destination since they played at every year. You know it's short three and a half hour job down and so. Are we started taking trips down there as a group and now organizing. That the Boston hotel on the ticket to the game for. All of our friends and and and members ended up. Really like you know like you said 2013 we we were looking for a way to make everybody who traveled with first the select a part of the group so. You know whenever possible when Richard oil dri that they just can't stop travel company we were just playing these trips but. You know ultimate goal was to get people to really buy into what we're doing as a in union and and so part of their scope. Fired effort to do that week we look to the American out walls which is the united state and then national soccer supporter group and just looked the template that they created. Enough for their group where they have you know over 30000 members across the puncher the well over a hundred cities that have chapters of their organization and just click or a stretch to create the membership program in the and that's what we lost in 2015. And we reached out to if those six other cities. Around the country that had panther group about organized at the time of estimate that he won't participate in what we were doing. In 2015. We lost what seven cities that had chapters so the roaring right organization and we all started membership program so. And I as of today we got 36 cities that have whole chapters and were over 5000 members worldwide now. Well of course the Panthers this Sunday airplane in New York in roaring riot I assume will be well represented when you say the Panthers scored touchdowns. Especially in and a way stadium. And you see. Cam Newton give the ball he'll give it to a can't the fan in many towns that's a part of the traveling. Roaring riot girl. Absolutely. Your not a good role at the beginning of the season we got some. All of Cisco. That's one of the things though explain to people when they talk about going on the road with would. When you're sitting with the collection you know hundreds of tent or stands out in the weight gain stadium know it doesn't matter you're a lower level upper level. When you're together in your Beijing always when the whole team and you can hear throughout the entire stadium that the the Panthers can hear it on the field they can convict him confirms that. On the or the best experience in Detroit win. The Panthers where we're just dominated alliance that the timing that we were chanting so loud. After the scored a touchdown camp and children and acknowledged art arts section because he could find as he did here certainly that's just a great part of what we do. Being able to go to these awaiting a hostile environments and and creates some analyst with Sanders. Well and along those lines it started off as kind of the unofficial fan club burping and union out of the Carolina Panthers. But Zach at the through those nine years and especially the last two two seasons do you feel. A little bit adopted as. The official bringing another Carolina Panthers. Well we we definitely have a good relationship with the team you know we like to handle the ocean so we can at a you are saying and then have control over are there and things like that but that would go else relations and are you happy. That we're going out and encouraging fans to travel support the team and we going to do that the right way and sort represents what dollar sent base is about what to Carolinas are now. Stands greater sense. I'll switch and data that southern hospitality with this weather chilled it Cho little or on the road. And we had several it's not and so they're pleased with it you know they they help out help the camp. What to official out tailgate through to the roaring cry. In Charlotte we we caller than called tailgate with the purpose and we're located all the cedar street and attack it from the practice field. Problem really great setup of the members to we provide students on links and entertainment. On and we get about a thousand people that come to the tailgate every single but the cool thing trusses. While we take some donations we so if you drink tickets that are at our tailgate. 100% of their goes towards the campaign outbreaks so we don't use it as a war properly there. We just at the service we provide tour members to come and enjoy that until gates always somebody on the Foundation's well. RA you're listening to our guess exactly trail firm the Rory riot is the Panthers. And union is we will chapters all over the place he's done Jaeger on bill Bart C in you're listening to the Carolina. Outdoors. And Zach along those lines. Where have the unions grounded in the chapters that are part of roaring Ryan down. How have they grind and where is the furthest place that is his currency. It's so and obviously. Closer to Charlotte the easier it is to find out in the collection effort and so throughout the Carolinas north and south we've got. You know pick concentration of a chapters there but you know like you said it's. It's truly eat the further away from Charlotte to be able. To sign that cluster experience ordered created chapters so our requirements that must have a minimum of twenty paid members in order to become bowl week. We call full chapter so. Are we have we have awarded you walk they're like oh Seattle's. Getting them out there on the West Coast is always on. But this year we actually. We established our first international full chapter in Monterrey Mexico so that. That was really cool something we're very proud. To have that many out pain that they have been in Mexico material between Israel. That's right our exact betrayal at man next question is east. Officially or kick in hard court 2015. What a great year does it to start because. I. Live fifteen in line Cam Newton was in BP had NFL. Tell us about fifteen to sixteen and now this year the 2017 season. You know we take a lot of credit for that it was tough guy and I. Absolutely. Again they went like this that would that would agree utilized the new concept with C the chapters and and with yeah with the membership you obviously we're in the schools and winning certainly helps everything so they're really propel us past our first year goal. You know last year we still received some growth with members and and people still excited about the he's that the couple little bit of disappointed with the six and ten record. It would be alt C addition in all the being crushed capturing. And Kurt Samuel at the beginning of the season can't Petraeus certainly right back in it we see that reflected in our in our ships. Obviously silly it's that we passed by a thousand members this year which is to do. On the we just seem you'd and our away games on the it would have been four away games in the ought to ought Coker the numbers have been great sponsor new people travel for the first that. To sit through rewarding for us when. They go on a trip and immutable in new trends and have a great experience and now you know just to give us what truly good positive feedback in and come back again in the next year or so. The good season you know we still got a quarter of the left I'm headed out Saturday to join our Big Apple arrived at York. Got to cut their defense sitting at a lower level in our section so we will get. The game ball there from a camera media like about two hours ago has. Sounds perfect to me and OK so we got the home game tailgate and under control baton some of the things parties and go on through the week. Tom did travel with the team to all eight a way games that they play and into the playoffs that's also part. Our brain riot. But you also do dom and event and one of the events as a sellout I think is you do like a river cruise with Cam Newton. And those sorts of things what are some of the upcoming thing that members can sign up for its ours is dancing with Rory riot that way. Yet soda that was really have been just one of the perks of being able to partner with ams foundation. We were able pop audit bikes luxury car cruise boat up the lake Norman and then a couple of hours on the water to England. Advocates comet camp. Literally born this season where we're focused mostly on dispute await game trip got the New York trip left. Blowing which is going to be a really big trip throughout this war right now is act which more what in the world. If it's going to be area in new York and New Orleans approach to of the original seven chapters so it's all the great is because see those those people out. And then obviously. Finishing up with a plan that he at the end of the year so we're. We're really focused on matter right now that we owe it to produced some some stuff for the offseason that you know people together whether it's going to school. Well this practice still gates indices were some. Some cooler than that oh that that ten foundation. Who always getting a group together and that's really what it's all about just. Bill does communities so that people or are in a friend during football he's out out of football season and would have to come all the other. All right well roaring riot dot com is where we should get a week can also be a member of brass sign in register for tailgate learned about chapters around the world now. From all of that sort of thing Zack and if you don't mind a fast say this but cowboys Steelers and raiders fans need not apply. Failure what but the prerequisite to really Leo these the only audit you can't stand but. Go back to a February or. She's hanging out and databases. Our main goal is. They'll be a jerk. Look all the bases including cancers and a every. Everybody will become as you're going to be remembered Java was that you spew it. Sure. You heard it beard do not be a jerk but exactly trail Lauren Ryan it's a big team good thank you so much for being on with the outdoor guys. No I think he does it. Are built largely were back on the Carolina outdoors and before you cook up slap bass right there we might go away and muddy out thank you may be right might be like a world record something's. And what how can we found this out. What pound test to educated on I don't know I'm a pretty big from here what did you care to win it says and anybody touch outline of the book tells well all I worked well how many base is a gravel did you stay connected iMac Glen area is not a fraud here chickened out his throw right now. We're Delaware is all they assigned. Well that's what most of us think about that they gloom we say the letters IGS. Aid to international game this association. But I think they do that in a whole bunch more. And we talked about world records of wonder what the biggest all class this is on record. Do you have any idea biggest to have the biggest goldfish just the biggest old fish or camp Leo welcome her mammals are behind me that's not the GA you get me on that home before yeah exactly we're gonna find out right now as we invited the president. Of the IG FA Neal Horton to the program and found out about his gate with the idea FA what they all have going on Neil. Welcome to the Carolina outdoors. All right great to be here at noon today. I think probably. In the real world record. Fish out during their broad and every lie told ever possible can only imagine they'll. You know I was ever have. Stretchy tree while we're stretching there are so yeah I'd have to agree to that. Log out this early on my father told me never let the facts were the good story. So. In your case your kind of book company out there that rooms are good stories sometimes or keeps it in the straight narrow but a whole lot more besides world records. That's true you know we're. Conservation base recreational angling organization we've been around since nineteen or not when you American. Museum of natural history. And you know we've really always been about. Ethical and angling and sound science and the war record are obviously. One of our major programs and trying to represent the pinnacle achievement. Anger trauma Walt. But we do a lot of things we have about conservation education programs. We have different kind of angry recognition including our Grand Slam quotes you push planned memorial planned quotes. Are true contrition or. So there's a lot don't know about yet and beyond the war records all those well maybe that's one of the major focuses them and it was a kind of pinnacle of achievement in our sport. Well debugging data ID FA dot who RG to find out what that world record databases filled up with the before we move further and talk about some of the newer initiatives and that sort of thing what is the biggest all class this. As a world record. I've got he's got to start stop me no matter how you know big guys who look I would imagine that it is short. Greg why but I would I would have to look and this one more reason to get to the web site to. Yeah probably one of the more complex issues. Big decision that we have on record is. Mister court so there's. Marlon that was over 15100 albums. If you do. I've got online and you can you can own website and you we were organizing colder international war. Arm and a cover this mark spectre. Talk about unbreakable records. You know mr. Cho fish caught improbable aren't I was so 1560. Now while more. Is a cover story on that. In a magazine it's got some other. Pretty cool. Longstanding. And then war should records that are that are featured in footloose. This quarter we'll tell us about tour headquarters in what we might see there. Our headquarters and main feature or. Which is right near Lauderdale. We opened he's CO then all I and there are. Background. To get out late nineties early two thousands. We actually root. Are all playing recently. I'll sprinkle Colorado some sort sprint you'll usually. We're Johnny Morrison's bass pro shops are dual. Do you war wonders of wildlife museum quarter. And his deputy got haven't heard about this yet or should take a look such an amazing. Our caller ball float for a situation and and commerce but got all current law like that it's. Aquariums. Quote discretion. Salt water they need to go concentration of Al the world light turnout or enthusiasm and we felt that all the pain would probably get more. Our foot traffic and more are all there in Springfield and so we moved it caught you there were discovered or halt in production. About two weeks ago that our headquarters we still have EK period liberian dishes which orchestra. Collection of our angling literature in the world when we have a lot of our actual. I really important to artistry still of course. I would love to people about the when of this. Well interest when no way enough my grandson was just to Springfield of play you museum there and so forth although I haven't got to go yet but. Certainly all my left after seeing the pictures from left. So great facility there and now well worth the the drive to Springfield throughout the midwest. They are absolutely absolutely we are the outdoor guys here on news 1110993. WBT. You're also able to listen to us via podcast at Everett to Jesse browns dot com. Click on podcasting you can listen to all four segments of each week's programs he's Don Yeager. I'm bill Marti in our guest is the Newark president of the international game this association. Neil Horton and Neil I say that it that it knew her because out. He spent some time it's Cisco and then whenever to Miller cores. And since all of that in September you took over this job you mentioned the conservation. But what are some challenges. Of this new job especially in lied of number resent the natural disasters and and at the destruction a destination fishing spots what are some of the initiatives that your kick in in with the idea stake. Well you're. Into those challengers are quite perplexing part of September. Therapists spate of of hurricanes. And fires and out of the west. Significantly impacting recreational there's trees. Starting with the keys you know an enormous impact on the east. Our group in Atlanta but not finished the keys when I was younger and to grab a lot of our special eventually. And I drove through either. While the week after and was just it's taken aback by the devastation that I saw. And so world things that we did was or the world wide angle usually are go to war. Com was close to contribute to. By FBI's yesterday and then and then we and true to contribute to. I'll local angling associations. So that they control captains. Crew members mates guides outfitters. It would cover from. Natural disaster dispatcher he's quicker than nine by and get back out on the water. Sooner you know first responders do a fantastic job. But FEMA comes in doesn't work well there's insurance. Other things that help people out but but even with all those things. Recreational and orders. We need to come back he's serious. The former England captain Scott debates why actual well to return to normal. Everything else to be normal water can be wrote in your. You're your electricity etc. but the customers are not coming to chocolate but and you've got a real economic problem and the war are really bizarre way. Try to help out that we Borg given. I 101000 dollars to the guy trust which is pretty you insure warrant last. Captain descent got association in order in Portuguese. And also to Colorado by truckers association which. If you look throughout Serbia all actual birds problem yet another generous stricken from the foundation yesterday took 101000 dollar shall probably going to be making another. Disperse like yours soon and our next to beat Puerto Rico which obviously got laser. Major impact from Marie. And also looking at uttered in the Caribbean or can be helped pull out the stroke or. Hurricane season. Well as we can tell that you don't have to be a world record holder to be a member and participate in the IG FA Neil Horton. Thank you for talking to the outdoor guys here on the Carolina outdoors we encourage everybody to get signed up for membership and learn more. About that I GSA it adds CFA dot ORG. For Neil Horton import TJ Bob he's Don Yeager I'm bill RT we're glad to achieve. Are listening to the Carolina outdoors get out sat ticket to trash him we'll see you next hour right here on news elevenths in 993 deputy tees Carolina outdoors.