Porch Pirates, Kids First and Tax Reform

John Hancock
Wednesday, December 13th

Hancock thanks the WBT listeners for the contributions to Kids First.discusses "Porch Pirates", the Tax Bill and more.


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This is John Hancock. Who's having a very good kids first day. Yeah yeah. The lobby of the radio station in the last 45 minutes. I've had angels appear. And about 35000. Dollars. Which takes a lot of the pressure off that we've been feeling the last couple of days so long. Thank you WB dealings. I. Yes. Boom Shaka lock them. OK so on. So we're having a pretty good kids first and we found. Do we we have a guy. His name's Charles. And number of years ago four years ago five nautilus. Turn assembly walked two and and a subject for 101000 bucks. We will we will we had no idea who he wants. And it was at a time when no we really needed to and how he barks. And then the next year that donation increased and the next year that donation increased in the know last year that donation increased and and this year they're Danish and increased. And Charles Jones a couple of successful businesses in town. And so he'll lower right has to check from one business and you'll write us a check for another business Norris a check from his personal account and when you add it all up it's substantial amount of money. And have. I I kind of hate that we've become so dependent on. Charles. Four probably. Oh I don't know. Not half of what we make. A third of what we make some place finish third to half of what we met. But but but we heard about it you know do we know we keep saying yes to kids. As the years go by and we've gone from 244 years ago to help but notice 75 to a hundred kids to an ally helping someplace in the neighborhood of 802000. Kids and com. We've got we we we've got other things that happened are in around kids first. We have. Somebody's that ministers of money that we spend on net and this was a money viewers did you donated that we spent. But somebody donated a couple of cars to us this year and then they took them to love mechanic Matthews. Mechanical or something along those lines. And they had him. Fixed all you know men mechanically fixed sounded. And they they gave the one correlate somebody and and will give another car a way to somebody. Mean in in the next five or six days. That hasn't cost us a dime that just is. On somebody that got pulled into a share and and kids first gravitational pull. We gave a lady and her son a car last year at the kids' Christmas party. And again that was a car that was donated and and mechanical services that were donated and this was a lady who was doing everything she could to try to make ends meet and this allows her to a keeper job. And no we think that's important. And it allowed her son to have transportation. Which we thought was important in Nam but like I say that we didn't have to spend a dime of the money that you've donated two kids. Oh we wouldn't do that. You'd donate money you expected to provide Christmas were a kid and that's what we do with the money that we get. And but they're in bed but these other little side things kind of just materialize. So our Charles I was expecting Charles today because. Or share until we Charles was coming but I. Until last couple days I didn't know Charles was coming or not he's under no obligation to ever show up. Nobody's under any obligation to ever show up we have people come in and out of our orbit all the time. We have families. That that come in and out of our orbit and stick around for a three and four and five and six years and under kids grow up and and a a move onto other things we have companies that commander and stick around with a string you're two or three or four on the night. And they are move onto other things are and in some cases they stay where this but I mean you know we have people coming out of orbit all the time and that's fine that's the way it works. I'm very we speaking of our orbit. Now we have people that we've helped. In the past that now volunteer. For us to help others today. We have people that have given. To us in the past to help other people. Kids who didn't find themselves in a year of need that we then turn around and help. Com and that's just one of the things that I gonna love about kids first is that we have the ability to. Absorb all the orbits that come in and out of our of course here so Charlie came by today and drop off three checks. And it takes. A game where we're not quite at the gold that we had set to do what we need to do but he they have been debated boy it takes. It takes a lot of the pressure off the we've been fill in the last couple and ask us for some reason or another I don't know what it is but we just were way behind this year. And then the last 48 to 72 hours. A star office started to happen. Yesterday on line we got to a little bit more than a thousand dollars in donations. That's a good day for us on line and to our kids first in the Carolinas start orcas they come minute turn ten and fifteen and 25 and fifty dollar increments and sometimes more than that. 1020250. I mean you know it but. And so we had our we had a good day online yesterday. And the speedway motor sports children's charities couple days ago came through 8000 box that's huge for us huge. And and they had only come into our orbit like two or three years ago. And then ask god save it who has been loyal to us since the get go we we get on Doug 5000 dollar check from Scott. And none and and that's I don't know how many years now that is for Scott but only me its many many many years that when. What winning gusted to be into the year Scott takes care kids first Scott's been known to show up at party from time to time. So I'm. So. I got I get I. Then they'd think they page me here at the station and they say there's a guy in the lobby. This got a check for you and I talked trigger while that's Charles. But I knew it was coveted it. And Charles has a new grand baby Calvin Julius. And I got a new grand baby. So I went fell on my iPad and I've picked up Greg you know pulled up a picture of a million. And I headed on out to the lobby. To give Charles a big ol' hug to finally see him once a year. And I come out of the door to the lobby. And it's not Charles that stand in there. It's another guy whose name I think is Dennis. That Dennis had called George yesterday. Here in the studio and said I'm coming by tomorrow. With a check. But we I didn't novellus. We ought to be greater if that happened. So I walk out in the lobby and this is not you it's not Charles. Yeah it's. It it this did this gentleman I guess whose name is Dennis. From mom. Oak mountain mill works. And. Oak mountain mill work company up into Estonia. Any hands me a check for 5000. Dollars. So. I am. I just wanna toward general manager few moments ago and I said don't my department pulled in 35000 dollars in the last twenty minutes alliger department doing. And and he wants my sense of humor usually a pretty regular basis anyway so I'm. But anyway I I don't know the good lord just takes care of us and listen we still got work to do we still got to an auction tomorrow that below were bring us some more funds and no we. We still to get to our goal we still outflow of ways to go but we don't have as far to go is so we did when I woke up this morning. And on and I'm. I I don't have the adequate words to to tell Dennis what is Jack means to us and I don't have the adequate words ever to tell Charles how much she means to us. But I just I'd like I can only hope that. The spirit of the lord catches these people on Christmas Day that they wake up on Christmas Day and that they know that there are kids that are. Having a Christmas because. I'm of their efforts and our efforts and and and that's why we do well what we do. So. Thank god boy it's. They've been pretty good Wednesday. Learning Perry from Perry is fine antique and estate jewelry have known him forever. It's. As I given us pearls again this year. And they're not the big old. Your grandmother's pearls are really nice twenty inch strand of a graduated cultural pearls with a fourteen. K white gold class. The pearls measures three point eight to seven point six mil. Metres so I don't I won't say they're small but they're smaller than what you're thinking you know they're not that. It it's very it's a really nice piece. And the says circa 1950s. Valued at a little over a thousand dollars and Ernie Perry does this for us I think every year that we've done. Kids first I'm nuts right now I'm not so sure that Perry's hasn't. Been a participant in our auction fur on every. Ever since we started doing it which is probably twenty some odd years. But anyway those will be a part of that I don't know if they're up on the website yet or not but those will be a part of via web site or of all part of them. Now a deal tomorrow. That the auction tomorrow between three and six caucus so well. And then I get around. And this is all on them this has nothing to do with corporate. I hear from mom. Mandy Davis. Drew I heads up the miracle or office in Belmont. Not even the one that I go to I gonna share in over their own Randolph road. And as she says the little staff in the Belmont miracle or would like to donate to kids first seems to make more sense than to to give to the kids instead of exchanging gifts with each other and so thank you Belmont miracle ear Mandy DN Angeles and media check for 200 bucks yeah. So instead of exchanging gifts among the office they both thrown in 200 bucks to its first sold like SA and its. What we're we're having a good Wednesday night good couldn't be more thankful. Awards smiles on us I should always remember them. They're pretty interesting day news wise. The tax reform bill looks like it's so well on its way to a passenger early next week. In Alabama went to bed last night. Roy immoral is ahead on woke up this morning and I'd checked my iPhone and iPad I get overnight messages and you know updates and is that the other enough. I was kind of surprised to find out of the Democrat Jones beat him Roy Moore hasn't accepted it yet but I think by and large ship. Another solo figure out that with a 100% of the vote in it's not within the 1% margin for an automatic Kara recount Malek editor waited too looks like. For the first time in what is it 25 years Alabama will send a Democrat to the senate. And so the so the whole. The whole Roy Moore controversy. I did indeed cost the president they. A Republican seat in the senate and eight and above that that big a margin to but to lose so up. This'll make a just little bit to a tougher for. Now for the administration Doug Jones became the first Democrat to two when a US Tennessee and Alabama and over two decades. And I don't know if that was unexpected or not yesterday morning it said more immoral is an was leading the polls and there was one that came out yesterday and it showed that Ted good Doug Jones was ten points I had her. I was on the along those lines so rom. Controversial campaign. Nationwide attention. Put Republicans are really uncomfortable position. This was contest that was for the seat that was vacated by US attorney general Jeff Sessions which I find some irony and considering that. The president has voiced some displeasure with the job that Jeff Sessions has done over a few occasions during his. Early part of his administration. And it's his seat which was in a garage Jeff Sessions of what nothing else was a sound Republican seat in the us senate. And now all of a sudden that seat belongs to a Democrat. So. Maybe that's a lesson learned for the president on who you assigned to our positions. And now that can come back to haunt you if you wanna take somebody out about. Unless Avaya prime seat. A vote that you can count on. And no open it up. Or at least open up the possibilities of an upset which is exactly what happened yesterday Jones 49 point 9% of the vote more 48 point 4%. The Al margin of victory is a well above the half a percentage point that would do I have but triggered a recount so well. I also want to see what happens with all of that that senate seat welcome back up for reelection in November of 22 money but. That's 22 warning that means that seat belongs to a Democrat all of eighteen all of nineteen and now. And toward each morning so while. A Jones victory was yeah accredited. Two and I usually high turnout of black voters. Charles Barkley was in the was in the N news a day before yesterday saying c'mon Alabama. Now the election will reduce that Republican majority 51 to 49. Luther strange Jewish the year Republican that was appointed to have replaced sessions as an interim senator. Will probably remain in that seat until early January so that means they'll have time to pass their tax cut bill and and vote on any. Year in budgetary resolutions. So they'll have a fairly sure vote up to that but then when you get into January after that. After the window for legislative success narrows. Considerably once you put a Democrat and to that seat so. That's what does essentially happened yesterday there are some Republicans who were blaming Steve Branyan for a mores Alabama senate. Election loss that seems like a stretch. How about. But earlier blame and I guess it depends on whether or not you believe the accusations against Roy Moore not. I'm and that's up to your own individual tastes are a terror. But Steve canyons. Political strategist who rose to prominence so what does trump campaign and and status the chief strategist until the president. I enjoy left in August. Reputation as a genius behind the operation getting up blamed by a lot of Republicans Roy Moore is lost. Canyon backed more in the Republican primary and then strongly remained in his corner and that included speaking at rallies for him by despite the allegations that came out against more of sexual misconduct and an assault involving teenagers and all that stuff you're familiar with a all that's story it's been dominating the news now for a blast a few weeks. It's also been reported that ban and now I helped. Convict convinced that trump to endorse more what you did. And after last night's. Win by Jones you had people like Mitch McConnell the senate majority leader he blasted Bannon. Who is gone back to his original low position as the ahead of our bright pardon news. And business insider rounded up some reaction Steve law whose the president of the McConnell aligned Senate Leadership fund a pact said. This is a brutal reminder that candidate equality matters regardless of where you are running. Not only did Steve Bannon cost us like critical senate seat in one of the most Republican states in the country. But he also dragged the president of the United States into the fiasco. And I just looks to me like a fingers to point. It's a sure combined any of that. You put to you you put forth they candidate who became of questionable character whether or not that was were real or imagined. You've you've put forth they a strong enough shadow of doubt about this guy's character that not even the people who Alabama could do basically took still look to the other. None of the other way the Drudge Report who I don't put much or credence and anymore but are not that I had ever actually think I ever did. Went and had a banner headline today they're red band and a busted. And John McCain. His daughter Megan McCain who's a conservative host of the view who tweeted. Socket band and so. Apparently Steve Bannon is not having as as good today is as I am no kids firstar so that's the way that went just. I mentioned the house Republicans seem to be nearing an agreement to pass that tax package. Negotiators have there have been no war working towards an agreement. This would die ease the he had on Americans living in high tax states and a and a piece of corporations that Dakota lost to us some tax breaks that they were. I'm not happy about negotiators were working to expand a deduction for state and local taxes to allow. And individuals. To deduct income taxes as well as property taxes and they were all working to eliminate the Alternative Minimum Tax for corporations. I negotiators had agreed to let. Homeowners deduct interest on the first 750000. Dollars of a of a new mortgage. And for most of us you think 750000. Dollars. Well that's aiding the rich well I guess it is but. When you get into some of these. High income states California San Francisco and our new York New Jersey California states like that. I union and drop 750000. Bucks on a house. Pretty easy. Armed. And it's not necessarily mean I'm sure it's an okay house but it's not necessarily as lavish as what you would think governor you're drop in 750000. Dollars on a house here. So but that looks like that'll probably go through probably Tuesday or something like that next week and that'll give by this administration Mayo victory am under. Lenny interesting to watch deputy attorney general Robert Rosen Stein in front of the House Judiciary Committee and we'll talk about that next. Euros and orders this blog every idea or dishonest. Lawrence Levi is called it's splendid isolation. He might theme song in retirement. Splendid isolation. I Justice Department released 375. Tech's last night that were us sent between a veteran FBI counterintelligence. Agent. Who worked on both Hillary Clinton private email server investigation. And on special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe. An and FBI lawyer who also worked on the Russian investigation in which they were critical of judge Donald Trump. This lightly colored in things like an idiot and a low it's low with some human. Pain in the I that's where you could see that is complimentary or fewer in the the guy's name is Peter struck he's got to see in the middle of his name under annoyed what's the point that. No one has it says it's like soaking why does he have and asked. Why can't just Vizio okay. When you had a wider waist a continent. Now Peter does that struck. ST RZOK. And a Lisa page you were also romantically involved. Also said a negative things about other presidential candidates including Bernie Sanders in no Martin O'Malley and IRA and John case sickened they. They said things about Eric Holder or know. And said of Hillary Clinton I'm worried about what happens. If HRC Hillary Rodham Clinton is is elected but but most of the insults were about trump. And they also expressed dread about the prospect of him becoming the president. Well just recently Mueller removed struck from the Russian probe in July just so soon it's says here just as soon. As CEO learned about these tax. And and the lawyer the other lay the idea though though the romantic interest page she had already moved onto another assignment. So these tax to surface. In a Justice Department inspector general investigation of the FBI's Clinton email server inquiry. And so today. Rob rose and sty and the district attorney general. Tom. Faced the House Judiciary Committee. And and they grilled him pretty good. Although it's like any other committee hearing it depends on whose party is gut the microphone to ask. There were a couple of Democrats that just couldn't. Praised the FBI and lavish. Oh warm regards on Iran broke listing. Fast enough. And then there were people like trade Audi was watching gallery today. And I was thinking in net. It was probably what two years ago. Two and a half years ago. We were talking about who might potentially be a good candidate for the Republicans to put forth in front of Hillary Clinton deserve I knew it was going to be Hillary. And no people were Colin up and they were saying trade Audi. And I remember at the time I said to people hear his name recognition has national name recognition is not great enough it'll lead it'll never happen. And night as I watched reality today and I've watched him on several occasions over the last 69. Months a year and a half. You got a Lindsey Graham who can't get in front of enough cameras fast enough. Who after he threw his hat in the ring on the last primaries. And got what. Point 3% of support. Now he is hell bent on being in front of a camera on every issue every time every talk show every everything. And he's obviously he is clearly trying to distance himself from the shadow of John McCain and I don't mean put distance between you and John McCain I mean. Dude dude dude. To put his name out there has not. John McCain's lap boy. But. To get to name recognition so maybe he's got a shot next time around. And then you got tray dowdy is not trying to get in front of the television cameras. But who is coming off as the kind of conservative. That are conservative. Wants to be. And baby by the time we roll around three years from now two and a half years now two years from now when we start thinking about candidates for the next wonder if if trumps not an automatic. Run for office again and a guy. I've been may be trade Audi does become. Morrow bay Naimi entities because watching him with Rosen steam today was say a thing of beauty. But rodents Dino appointed Mueller and is overseeing the Russian probe since Jeff Sessions recused himself. Sits down before the House Judiciary Committee today and gets grilled. And even though you have this trove of damming did damage. Text messages that we just talked about. He stands pretty. Pretty loyal to our Mueller. They are Republicans cited everything today from the group political donations to past work represented by democratic figures and allied groups including Clinton foundation and they brought up every thing that we've talked about and Russia's talked about enough. I Jerry Nadler Democrat from New York. Even know oppressed Rosen stain over whether he had just seemed good cause to remove Mueller from his post. Rosen scene said no suggested that the probe was being conducted appropriately but boy when you start looking. That all of the ins and outs and a text messages and who funded this and who funded that had. Four there's certainly room for questions marched 4016. Paid judge text stroke Procter and said god. Trumpets they load some human. And she writes back and says guy he's and that he had no and then she writes that he writes her again and says oh my god trumps an idiot. And this was a guy that was working and Mueller. Campaign know while there this is one of those unbiased. Sources just try to get down to the truth. It was pretty good to watch mr. Rosen Steve. Squirm today beloved that when that happens. I like squirming on national TV. All right hey there power over to John Hancock radio program of doing real well today about you look out the window do you think what a beautiful day you go outside to go out cold day. I was up a bright early this morning around. Mailbox give my newspaper and it was every bit of 44 degrees outside little bit of a breeze blown pretty chilly outside. They are if you're still planning on to order presidential aligned for a Christmas you've probably got to get it done our record on line sales this holiday season are leading to a delivery delays across country and up. According the Washington Post yesterday via. Excited a pilot who works for area comforted that delivers packages for Amazon. Is saying that there expecting it to get worse in the final stretch leading up to Christmas. You kind of wonder did at some point when. They went over extend themselves. Because. Really it is changed so drastically in the last three to five years. To the point that Black Friday is not really what Black Friday used to be Cyber Monday now is relate. And any evidence that there's not even a division now you have as many online sales wore a Black Friday is so to speak and that weekend as you do for Cyber Monday even Cyber Monday is that it turned into. Anti climatic. Cymbal crash. And then just Amazon prime men now Wal-Mart try to compete and everybody else doing this that the other and free shipping has become. We we've almost done with free shipping were almost take it we almost expected now. Almost like we did during a recession when you buy a car and it was a zero interest rate. So now what I see a television commercial and it says you know low two point 9% financing yourself like reg key figures are not. Unit charged me to borrow money. You get spoiled on some of the stuff palm. I can't even tell you have any packages have come to our house. But we ordered all sorts still big stuff little stuff. Back to hundred no article in the Kansas City newspaper about porch pirates you ever been a victim of a porch pirate. 70457. All of attend are former program director Herbert Jason Jason got to. Stuff lifted off his front porch. I ordered something one time and it never made it past the lobby in his radio station. I don't believe she works serial order. But I didn't know what happened do it to for a long long time in a note found out somebody to do it's been dismissed and apparently that's where the some of the packages had gone. So that's as close to a porch pilot a pirate as I guess as I've ever gotten although wanna bring up the subject because today. I got around. Oh order. And dash came up in chief Giordano wraparound front porch. And and then she left and I just happened to be standing there. Looking out the window ate a bowl of cereal. And so. She drives up my fairly long gravel driveway. And walks of my sidewalk and I got to wraparound porch on the front of the house and so she delivers an on side porch. Which is where our preferred. And then she jumps back in the truck and then she leaves. And I get ready to leave the kitchen area where I am and walk around the corner to the side boards to open up adored Terry grabbed the box that she's just delivered. And as I looked down the driveway they are parked next to my mailbox still out on the highway not in my driveway. Was a job truck. And again I was getting out of the truck. As I opened the door. You get my package in which case he got back in the truck and drove back drove away so I I could no I think it'd just been coincidence maybe he was. But I want to I thought to myself a wonderful I just avoided B and. Porsche pirated. Anyway the Cyber Monday sales were up 17% from last year and animated the biggest online shopping day in US history and that came after strong online sales on the Thanksgiving Day in Black Friday as well. So UPS said last week at the huge number of online purchases had led duke. Package delays of one to two days but then they told the post that they are now back on schedule. Retailers are trying to avoid the delays say and are increasingly encouraging shoppers to buy what they want online and pick it up at the store. Wal-Mart kind of leading that charge for one offering discounts to people who picked up by their orders but you do kind of wonder at some point. When do they over. Promise. I think about the guys they're working for FedEx and the Postal Service and UPS. And it's already not out of the realm but to see a package show up which are how's that 8 or 9 o'clock at night. And maybe those are overtime workers or maybe those are holiday. Though don't overflow or some like that but I mean they did did he did FedEx and UPS have got to be working at their Max right now. I don't know if you work for them if that's a good thing or not I guess his job security but then on the other hand used it fury if you're a driver for what you've just got to draw the holidays. And to some extent I guess you kind of got to dread you'd hate the way the world is going right now because. Even when it's not the holidays. Amazon has changed. I don't that's what's happened and of Molson in and retailers is people go online and I don't buy ink for turner today I go through a lot of ink at the house. And copy stuff off to bring and you're not talk about in the said the other. So while but I act I got aggravated an office supply store for printer ink. In years. I just ordered on line and it shows up on my front porch. Ares dot com razor sharp on my front porch. We found. A granola last weekend at that Belmont specialty store on I'm sure they're gonna hate me for mentioning this we liked it so much I went online found out I can buy a four pack for 31 bucks. Still expensive. It arrived today. Front porch. So we've where we've got to taxed the system. And it's not gonna get any smaller IRA if you work for FedEx or you work for UPS. And you've been there for awhile buddy John reaganite. He's always worked for FedEx for the thousand years. I would assume his job security is probably pretty good right now because he's he's so high on the totem pole he's been there for such a long long time that. It is and that's the way of the world now bring me my stuff. Now the porch pirate thing have you ever been a target of reports pirated anything and anybody steal. Some of them from your Christmas or are otherwise. Guy named John wrote in and said we. We've not had porch pirates steal packages. Of our Christmas decorations but to have this fall after my grandmother passed away we used her. Our last two orange pumpkin bag suffer leaves someone walked right up to the house and stole those. There was a local story last year about somebody has setting up a sting to catch. Porch pirates box was located with the dog crap. 70% of homeowners expect to receive a package this holiday season according to an article no Kansas City. Kansas City Star believe this was in. And and they're telling people that's why this new program they've got with the cameras and we're very we're well aware of the Amazon delivery guy can open up your door and set a package up on the inside while like that I did either. If for no other reason I don't wanna run the risk to somebody let my dog out. Porch pirates are becoming more and more common last year eleven million homeowners reported having a package stolen. This lady who word don't pack distort our. Her porch. Surveillance cameras campers to thieves swiping nearly 600 bucks were the Christmas just offer reports earlier this Christmas season. Media package deliveries have increased nearly 30% they say since 2012. And during the holiday season a number ramps up even more. Yeah they say important that homeowners be proactive and find ways to protect your packages if you live next to somebody who's primarily home all the time haven't delivered to them. Or haven't delivered to work. The owner of a company cabana tanned and Kansas City. Offering up her tanning salon is a place that people can have their packages delivered for safekeeping. Attending business would have a fairly small group of regular customers. So that's something you could offer in limited at that be a great business for and practice. Not necessarily to the general public but people out of signed up for you know long term membership stuff like that hey Jim. If you want to have your packages delivered here and you can. You you you know. At that saved somebody's you know nog and there. He says she's had done the owner commanded cancers actually I have an empty room here that we have figured we could store everything in. And then you can message me to see if your packages here and thus when by picking up. Experts say the best thing you can do to avoid a package theft is to have a delivered to a secure location that can be your office or a local business or UPS store. Amazon locker is an option for your nephew was still want to have a delivered here all their recommend asking a neighbor that. Keep an eye out for a but anybody the victim of a porch pirates if you are 70457. All of intent at all come talk to you and just couple seconds. Tomorrow favorite FedEx driver attacks Meehan says also in the Charlotte area a lot of Walgreens and Harris teeter drop off points for FedEx packages so maybe that's. I had an option for you as a well we're talking about forge Feyerick severe than in the target reports par at 704571110. And do all rubber we go here Robert. Don't let you know yeah and pedestrian Merry Christmas to include them. You're welcome and they'll listen now that's not been a big move towards clarity piracy if you will but it gets conservation and seeing over the match is an area. And I'm wondering how they're doing it logistically and seeing UPS. Coming out and the guys coming on golf carts. The drop in packages off some wondered who exactly how that works for the bird in a big truck full of you know I can help out to a site in an off loading. Some golf cart side of the other doing a play and that you're seeing in this here. I'd be announcing concept if you had a big truck and you were. Nudity united I don't know that'd be shifting values tag for 23 years lived in a neighborhood called Cameron wood off of park road and it's huge. And so you could essentially do that pull up to lose to the to direct sitter and no open up the back door of the truck and load up golf carts and hit a neighborhood and no clear it up pretty quick. Yeah that's true they're very that's sensing I. What are campaign employee doing what kids first and everything else they thank you I appreciate and consider it some way does logistically how they're doing that I think it's pretty adjusting our concept. How they get to golf carts there. Because I would take up room in the trucker do good news for. But this can I mean your really can you got these neighborhoods that have you know thousands of houses that are more a thousand or more houses a number. Gosh if you had two or three golf carts. You know you know you knew the neighborhood you could you could work from central location and and knocked down a number houses. On and a pretty in a pretty quick go sweep and not be encumbered by having a big truck and just stop and go and move in this than the other so. Come back and talk to you more of you know just seconds you're online all alone put to I read the news today oh boy off a little bit so you wanna do a. I hang for too long so we'll we'll get to our read the news or won't talk to you but one way or the other will do something and next I knew rock and roll hall of fame. Members were announced today. Sister Rosetta far. Which is a really adjusting. And all for that Moody Blues are finally end after a long long long wait Bon Jovi the band. This early just John Nina Simone. The cars. Dire straits I heard the the former governor talking about dire straits visibility though they have like two hits. Yeah at least the I am a hall of fame. Good guitarist by the name of mark. I'm fired up Porsche cars on hold off our that is available before at least a segment store so I know what that said overdo it Jeffrey go and Billy VT hey Jeff. The German writer Greg I'm great thank you very much so I what do you know about the or UPS guys. Or they'll retired after thirty years jumper brown truck and I'm glad Donna. Let them do it all the travel that you all watched. Did you look imagine. They're out there a ladder trucks at night Portland so the brown oracle sicker. After 1130 at night making deliveries. What if drivers well actually you're thinking a little different than what we're doing what they do now which are most part you can look at the front door. We're trying to such as tech shop around to the back door. That's where there's nobody there were terrorist undermine its report. And that would protect certain that you're Warner about the golf cart you know normal air shall by the fortune UPS certainly isn't there neighborhoods. And the driver will load up their garage and UPS from Ranariddh golf cart. And that's also delivered that got our regular new dirt Christians lived. Terms of these guys are probably are retired UPS guys that that are working out of their home and delivering to the neighborhood which they obviously know. I don't know if not how it all the the regular driver driver helpful. Driver helper you yes or hiring in the river and no no matter Latin drivers. And usually. Open what I really want to work can now elect Barack. I'll be darn well so there that's a genius that's a that's a great idea when now when you are driving. Am in his whole deal changed now when you're driving or you ever on and a house 103011 o'clock at night. Well that's 1139. I can leverage our medical and more of. And that would have been primarily during Christmas season Ari are you guys always slammed. Where else but now the approach and your round. Toward your gore out there during Christmas Salvador were deported three hundred fifties that 400 biggest upset that. Well normally would be about a 160 shots today and let them sort them residential neighborhoods. So window when they load your truck up in the morning. You you you kind of know what you know what you're how much work you've got ahead of view are you responsible for a truckload a day or do you at some point go back and reload. No you do whatever it was a lot of truck get buried. Miller and if you if you can just imagine and I mentioned the black one you've coached or will they slam all the way. What I used to do that and I haven't spoke to who was launched more good mobile on this route and one person in your Christmas present to you mr. rubio. And I had a thought Lamar outlet for that where else children might help the world war the question of the whole truck to reload. Sure it worked out of it then go back to tradition excellent and very that there are a lot easier not whereby it has flexibility now as far as some dodger surrendered under reform I'm very. Patrol does not the heart of the order stop stop. They're trying to cram a much volume control. Now unbelievable had no idea you guys had that many stops and they today Jeff I appreciate all thank you very much. Probably aren't yet America's utility I appreciate that very much Arnold and David Justice seconds yeah. I'm forge pirates the way of talking about it's FedEx and how to avoid court violence and and in an the last caller UPS gonna get a little idea of I love how they do it in no way and once involved. Yeah I would think that you reduced it they said they they load up your truck and you're responsible for that so if it's a boy when you're watching unload the truck or your load your truck up in the morning. When you be open for a lot of big boxes instead elect a whole budget nickel and dime little boxes. With the best forward Jason David hang on a governor you're just a couple of seconds. Unreal on our zillow David on net WBT hey David. Hey get that memo left cobalt UPS of common interest and. Yeah allied actors had never earlier I mean you know you see these guys running up and under driveway inside funeral to they could do much about it but this time of season. I I don't know if this is a great season for job security or it's a terrible season because they can't I mean Davey you did they pick out just who worked in their tails off. But I ate all yearlong now I mean it's the whole deal has changed yes Christmas used to be their big busy season but now everybody's getting stuff shipped all the time. I am. So. I get red packages stolen. Not personally but my daughter had tears spill under last week to intimidate. Wow. And apartment complex from Matthew and one carrier all Panama packet here. In one case you weren't sure Amazon account. And there was a picture book I'm fed delivered. To the front door but a long period. And I don't know who delivered it on but there was a picture of the Packard sitting at the door or public carrier directly taking. Pictures of the package it would make up. Mall to prove that they were all left our would they gave an apartment complex model would probably be more vulnerable than a residence but then as the more I think about that it's just as easy to law. I'll follow a truck have them throw some on somebody's front porch they drive away you run up and get that if there's no cars in the driveway you probably got a pretty good shot. Mark now they had David. On okay. True go to Amazon prime customers to call them up the name of our creditor turn pro ball well. Yeah now they're pretty good on stuff like that I've had them send stuff to me that I didn't order amid thome just keep it. So I gotta keep on hoping that does someday have a portion my said drive worked. It's Wednesday December that third game Wednesday that third game. Good good day for kids first. Way to set up thanks to bill is gonna help with those of the food needs we have tons of I don't know that we've ever had. Breaks go belly type rooted. Now and then you know my arrange that Ellis moment hello little girl that does that play it came over this ideal with the all of her friends to collect addresses. So that so we'll have a place for our kids they can go up pick out dresses really natural dresses and stuff for other gonna do guys like and there's. Fashion line to court by his whole nine yards a very very cool anyway Ellen just came out of the blue enough. Last count I think at a 15075. Dresses or something like that that if you've got from friends and is that the other. And it was her mom that basically attack to a francs two billion us from LA city out what do you need. So while we're getting. Trays a Mac and boomers know all sorts of stuff for most familiar and that your restaurant. That is called it. Yup true. Enough self or. So all sorts of things fall together today and excluding money and if you're restaurant. And you liked Elvis on on Sunday for a kid's party. Contact me and all which in judgment Sherron but we need of food to feed not only 400 don't. 500 Dick kids at a party on Sunday but also we like to have more than we need so we can sit at home because a lot of these kids almost a near homeless. Are out of school. And that consequently they're not benefiting from a the lunch programs in the food programs that the schools so this is a time when we like to send food hall back whatever they're calling home at the time. So if you're a restaurant you can help us out then joined now francs to belly and others we would be delighted to have you. Hancock at WBT dot com all of which are in touch with their share and or go to our kids struggle of the Hancock page WBT dot com. And you'll find out contact information. To get in touch with kids first of the Carolinas email address telephone number all sorts of stuff are located on the Hancock bridge. The WBT dot com or 347. Days into the year. Eighteen days to go. Odd tomorrow's history Friday of the night of our big bike drive out of south Mecklenburg high school also happens to be officially ugly Christmas sweater day. So was aware of those on out there on a Friday night Dick Van Dyke has ninety's to today what do career he's. Com and Christopher Plummer. Mary Poppins was on TV the other slowed down and watched it for about 1520 minutes. They've been back on these these unbelievable. I Christopher Plummer 88 today is the guys were replaced Kevin Spacey and all the money in the world which is coming out on their Christmas Day December the 25. John Davidson you ever John Davidson is for my vehicle and Campbell good looking guy. 76 years old today I haven't seen John Davidson a long long long long time that maybe there was a reason for that does talk a Ted Nugent 69 today and oldest Taylor Swift. 0848. Exactly. But she's been such as she's been a deal for such a long long time you're heard on that Tom Petty channel on XM the other day her. Acoustic guitar in hand. Doing American girl. And I don't buy up Taylor Swift records but I gotta tell you it was pretty it was pretty cool it was pretty it was at decent cut. Mary and Webster revealed that day it's a word of the year is seven has him. But to walk up fossils from New Zealand show that ancient penguins were about the size of a grown man. It's like a bat and then. Another former FaceBook executive has come forward to say FaceBook is destroying society and a new studies suggest that stubborn as an optimism. Our key to a longer life. Science. Rudolph the red nosed reindeer is a lie. You know dasher and dancer and France are vixen comet and cupid and Donner and listen. Did you know that all of that says Santa reindeer stuffed bears well their ladies. I asked. Wildlife biologist named imaging cancel live or tweeted. All in caps male reindeer lose their antlers and winner in females don't therefore Santa's sleigh is actually pulled by a team of strong powerful under rated women's. How messy judge has also seen almost 280000. Likes and over 80003 tweets she told me embers dot com. Mail shed their antlers in late autumn enamored female shed there's an early spring this has to do with the females need to defend resources during pregnancy. Not all veiled female caribou ranger. I have mail orders but for Santa's crude have antlers in December they would all be female its final five. And yeah. And you. News eleven denied it entered a leave it deal will overreaction. Orbison never sounded better. Well no I take that back he did some better but jitters out and as well. Pretty good stuff. Apple will let you pre order apps. You do it is or give other apps you just can't. You can't bear the thought of waiting on Nero phone Jolo the exact moment the new weapons released they've editor feature on their App Store pre orders. Have creators can now I'd take a pre orders for up to ninety days in advance I thought that was probably more of a benefit to the apps. Creator. To see what the demand would be before they went through the further expense of actually produce agree. That's I don't think that's a solar what does Horne if you're worried that your goodies on earth won't guarantee your place in heaven you don't have to worry about that anymore. Now. That whole deal about you know. Religion and knowledge. That Seattle based company is offering to hold a spot for you out pearly gates and we'll even throw in jail money back guarantee. Reserve a spot and heaven dot com. You know I write that down to eject. Jack to a comeback and a few moments with a list of names of people who probably should write this down because that's the only chance at it. We have. A reserve a spot in heaven dot com sills travel kits complete with boarding passes certificates and 7101 booklets and you know you're nowhere around when you get a third. And they they are for the chance for you what to enjoy yours and filled life with very consequent while lowering the risk of eternal damnation media kits are intended to be a gag gifts. The endless of course you have no sense of humor which patient could buy one thing and actually works. Return an email to people in the cap lock is on and so I'm not paying attention so that's where you end up with like the first score the first letter small. And that everything else's stuff like that but I just don't have time to go back and corrective surgery didn't emails back for me and they look had a funky. Doubted your radio show iron. And it. Matt Lauer is gone in the ratings go up. I can just tell you right now from a radio experience. You don't like that when that happens at the when you're going to preserve his and other wallets voluntary or not you leave a radio station or television station you want him to tank it. You hate to see them flourish in your in your absence. The Ryder reports that to viewers are flocking to NBC's today show now that everybody's least favor wake up guys no longer delivering the news. They write that today is not only capturing its usual lead among people love between 25 and 54 and for all of the ink that's been talked about with today and they're not number one anymore they trail ABC it's also worth. They have the number one to 4554 which just oh by the way. Is the key demographic for sales. In anybody that thinks the radio and TV is strong about our ratings anymore it is partially. But it's more about. It's more about that and it is our ratings ratings are important. Money is what media is all about. But anyway they that today's show is is flourishing in his absence that may not last as possible audiences were either of a major word if you are huge they allow right kind of left him I thought. I thought the older and curry thing got to kind of sort of bad taste in my mouth and not. It always got to know that Matt Lauer was jerk anyway. But I know that he was. Sexual predator jerk on the study was kind of an egotistical jerk. They they auction tomorrow we. Grabbed. Promotions person and no longer gunned down video promotions department today and shot a FaceBook live video that'll kind of show you the loop cheaply Jersey in the acrylic case autograph does part of the auction tomorrow the Tom Petty in the heart breaker autographed guitar. That's a feature wishes we shot this video. And just general walked through the promotions office which is like and complete chaos right now. But should just some of the items and this that the other so that video was up at WBT dot com and no we're just posted it and the John Hancock FaceBook page sorts hero. If you're one of my limited 5000 friends. Because until it considers 5000 Brothers turn into a fan page and then I lose everything so veteran. And says that fan page that is. It just kind of seems. Just all family we're not we don't know fan thing going on here doing. So our best seller about Matt Lauer a couple of seconds ago he's right up there with hurricane or Mon who was annual low ranking go vote favorite searches. We talked Huey Huey which told you today shill ratings are up. After Matt Lauer was. When was released. And now Google's annual year in search results are out based on search items that at a high spike in traffic and a 2017 is compared to 2016. So the mega storm hurt train her Mo was number one on that list in disgrace TV personality. Matt Lauer was number two on that list. On and not Tom Petty. Number three on that list. Because we passed in October. We got our hundred dollar bid dad to go on top of the 4400 dollar bid on the idea Tom Petty in the heart breaker guitar. Which means it's way out of my ballpark I was kind of open and I was gonna don't walk and I went home. But 4500 dollars for that guitar is the current bid to latest bid came in from a gentleman from Matthews I believe. And I'm delighted. And summer's gonna give investing is so much nicer in person that it is on no video or and photographs that's our Paula it's going to be a nice piece for somebody. Tom Petty and the heartbreak is autograph Qatar part of our auction which will take place here tomorrow from three hill 0:6 PM. Super Bowl ever for Los Vegas shooting never five Mayweather vs McGregor number six you almost forget about that fight this last year that was huge. Solar eclipse it. Still got a pair of eclipse glasses here in the studio. Just in case it comes back on announced. Hurricane Harvey. Aaron Hernandez. And the Phidget Spinner made the list of Google's annual year end and search items. Know your Christmas carols. Remember this from last year TJ. In the song the most wonderful time of the year people are telling you to bought. Be of good cheer. In Rudolph the red nosed reindeer what did the other reindeer are not tell Rudolph. Not let Rudolph do. Played those reindeer games there you go and it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere you go. There's a tree. Where. In the grand hotel. One in the park. As well. In silent night all is calm and all is. Why. Right. Which is not a classification that some of us all under. And hello holly jolly Christmas it's the best time of the year. We don't know look there'll be snow. But have a couple of cheer. I don't think they're talking a laundry detergent are linked to the that would be like washing your mouth though it. I'm Georgian Gwen Stefani Christmas special last night. Horrendous. I'd never heard this song apparently a few years old this Blake Shelton. The Christmas tune. Maybe not the Christmas Day you know common full name and I got so far too. I won't go tomorrow. Miss her around and strangers Christmas. So little. Gonna do. And okay. You know the news. Love coming full name and old EU RO. I. In fact. Go. Only. Yeah so. Me along we own time. Hello all they need time. 'cause this grand. Home. Wherever his home do you wild that's where you are from Christmas. Blake Shelton called home. It's not only phones can mean. I can control and. Well I mean I can't figure out what you get somebody Christmas. Harry starts jump. How about KFC a selling I'll holiday shirts or hear about these have you seen these. Well I'd come on every summer your life fellows fried chicken then you may want to check out KFC's web site last minute gift ideas a red long sleeved shirt. With colonel Sanders phase swearing AS SATA had one of the offerings I don't know which colonel Sanders are using yours of the Norm MacDonald the Arizona Sanders isn't that. The F fast food company is also a selling two types of wrapping paper one roll featuring pieces of fried chicken and they asked Santa hat. Or did so well against what could be more Christmas isn't that true meaning of Christmas and everything. Rod cheek in. And the other has or colonel Sanders and Santa hat. Few roles will run you about seventeen bucks a while the festive shirt where is about don't want him so KFC. Holiday shirts and wrapping paper. Just in case. You haven't been able to find totally ridiculous. Yeah okay. Okay. Early on about. How much money to small Saturday. Well look at Santa Claus and I think. This just another goodness of his heart dungeons. Never really thought about getting paid. There is rated deal last night money magazine. Tis the season for mall Sanders. What kind of money do they make. And they found that a professional season to Santa. Can make as much as 200 dollars an hour and even more they earn that I'm just telling you right now. The Santa there will show up for our kids party on Sunday. We'll take on 350 to 400 kids and about an hour and fifteen minutes hour now. And emanate wow they yearn. There are also Chris Kringle jobs advertised that pay as little twelve dollars an hour. Overall they say working at the mall as well as doing private and corporate events can net us stand up to maybe 101000 dollars and holiday season but she worker for that though. And Earl is all about that before if you're just looking for supplementary and cumbersome like that in rendered via. I've lost 35 pounds I thought I was headed for Molson and us that the I don't wanna be be anemic sin and you see the guys that. Whether or better viewing the custom just hangs on him. And the kid looks at him like. Edison to support. It. Are you homeless are you Santa. They have the silver sprinkles popular additional holiday treats us because they have sparkled on mean their ad doesn't mean they're good for you. In other words the F federal. Drug administration says so don't eat the silver sprinkles. Sony the Larry sprinkles either not an order that you're going to be a US Food and Drug Administration says a silver sprinkles. Simply aren't credible now these they're the ones that are about BB sides are about like babies still. I mean that does those things are. You have some grinder is to pop into those. They are rose to popularity back in 1970s. The years sober sprinkles and even back go in the FDA asserted that they were they are decorative nonfood item as they are coated in. Well like metal to give them their shame. California's the only state that has banned the sale of the silver. What they call on bridges. I have no idea and that the emphasis on their because. Thought that would make me sound smarter. Since the since a lawsuit in 2003 purported that they were harmful if ingested. So if you're a company party news he's almost over sprinkles you bosses trying to kill you. And you should get extra on your bonus for that I think if you can prove that is trying to kill you. I your dog likely has a much better understanding of how Europe feeling menu do two his or her feelings. Dogs are better at reading you than you are reading now Helm. She we all think we understand how dogs think in what they're they don't have a clue. But. I know every time I get on the telephone to dog disappears. And that has to be turning somewhere so it's she probably taught me when I was yell and scream at somebody or something like that which you as a puppy but the other thing is is that. I always talked to her baby talk all food through Google looted but then when I get on the phone and I go into our radio announcer voice. So Bob. So I don't think she likes radio announcer voice. She likes high pitch baby talk should not all are worried about that. Would talk contribute dire friend talk for me throw. I University College London professor Sophie Scott says owners may yet be totally off the mark when they're trying to gets there are a dog's feelings because. We tend to view our dogs as small children. She says an example of this is that there was a study that came out earlier this year that found dogs just like being hugged. And most people say well I don't think that's the case with my dog which she says this is a good example of how bad humans really are at reading canine emotions. I don't know Wesley. And she doesn't like you pick her up she saw attempts now the other one that we had Clapton is the greatest dog ever. Who we lost a year ago last July. He was the anti western you could carry him around on his back and you just picked him up and may use it was not your typical hyper west Ian. His ears never went up because he had really thick fur so we kind of floppy ears. And I and he was just a man he was just a sweetheart and you can carry around on your back literally carry ran it back and and he did like to be picked up. But down. Well I say that and in this. This expert here is basically saying no. More on what images tell you you're wrong. Menus the password as their password more than women. We will read the studies the worst password you can use as password. As far as Sudanese say an editor Mark Garrison just walked two and because that's how will get into his computer. Surveys regularly show that our password habits are horrible the worst men. Men are almost three times more likely than women used the word password is or password women are about one and a half more times likely to use their significance. Name is their password. I don't know I use anything as a password anymore because there's too many entities that make you change it every guy that bad guys had to change my password here at work. And it seems like every time you do that. With all due respect intercom. And every time he do that it indeed the whole system is screwed up fur. Plus nowadays when you change your password did you have to go change password on your iPad you have to go change it on your Mac you gotta go change and on this that they had rented. So I quite frankly I just shouldn't everybody have my password is have to go change the thing. So and finally. You can now stop forwarding funny emails. Now if you like to forward funny jokes and mediums and no and videos of core workers. You can stop. Now 77% of the 121000 people surveyed. About working emails say a joke in humor emails are not welcome they're tired of them why because time when we have time for a matter of time for a you don't have time forum. Most survey respondents say there in boxes are flooded with enough emails and your jokes and mediums are helping plus. If they if they want a bit of humor they can always check either a social media theater something along those line bosses your jokes and funny emails are interesting at all. Almost 90% of employees said that owners bosses that managers and former Joker. Funny emails should be spending their time on something else. Like working on Miron Reyes. Something along those lines take Charlotte at six with a Mark Garrison is coming up next and at 3 o'clock tomorrow. The WBT his first auction begins that you can go check out the auction items at WBT dot com.