Potential Supreme Court Nominees, and Fireworks

John Hancock
Tuesday, July 3rd
Hancock talks in depth about the potential nominees for the next supreme court justice, has a discussion about fireworks and mishaps.

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This is John. Or is up. Day before fourth of July as we can do. Yeah big gov our horse play going out tonight. I'm in sky show tomorrow the largest in the southeast. And a whole day of a pretty much fun no presented by clicking particular governors highway safety program WB jeez guys show 28 Jane. Well the things that's been lost in the translation. It kind of bugs me. Well I department not my day I do but I have yet to see any other publication. Anybody that's writing about sun sky show anybody that's listing fourth of July events call it what it is WBT's. Guys show. It's ours it's been hours since 1976. In the bicentennial. We foot the bill for you know it come on. And no somehow or another they did this a few years ago and now we raised holy hell about it and I guess for just arisen holy hell about it but it WBT's. Sky showed 2018 and we're pretty proud of that belong Germany in the legacy of at all or Wednesday July the fourth tomorrow BV NT ballpark get things started about 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. Oh with a big street party. And then the biggest fireworks show in the southeast which is brought to you by fox 46 Charlotte my thanks to them for having me on this morning in NB generally nice to me. Fireworks soundtrack will be aired here on news 1110993. WBT. Special pregame street festival right there it meant and Martin Luther King boulevard. Are right there in front of runner bearden park. And I gravel blanket a fireworks that game starts at 605 tomorrow it is a sold out BB AT ballpark there can't be a better place to watch it. Kind of designed that way. You wanna sit Mets stadium. With that building that backdrop. I mean I think it's the best Minor League Baseball parkway and among the best baseball parks in the country. On promote views standpoint not a bad seat in the house and then when you add fireworks the largest fireworks display in the southeast. It's managed perfect evening. But 2 o'clock tomorrow law they'll line have all sorts of things going on food trucks in kids' activities and now. So luggage have done a roller bearden park and not toss a blanket out and now sit down and enjoy the fireworks they should go off about 930 depending on no win the game ends and all of that stuff but we estimate probably about 930 tomorrow. And it should be a full thirty minutes from what I understand. So. The pregame festivals brought you by condor flags. 01 of the really great things about the fireworks display is that we use veterans in. And off duty service member is part of our opening ceremony a love that part of it it's an honor for them it's more than an honor for us to have them. And kids' crafts live music going on tomorrow a lot of food to drugs and they just counted five or 62 trucks Marmol kitchen will be down there with live demos and samples. Thanks to corona premier. So watch tomorrow's today both Thompson will be broadcasting live down there are from. 37. I know he's doing this whole show us so I assume it's this'll show and an hour as well. So would both be doing that and then Bo is at the Blake me Harris teeter. On Saturday from 10 AM until noon not for a peanut butter in July. So why if urinate Mecklenburg County or gassed and Tony Harris teeter biased jarred peanut butter and sort of the barrels which are probably hidden right there in front of you. There are hard to see you just kind of walk past them. But we're trying to fill those things up with peanut butter for second harvest food bank and who's the fifth or sixth year that we've ever done that. And I'll be broadcasting from Ohio hometown Harris teeter in Belmont on the 21 of July I'm looking forward to that end up a looked enough. The Belmont barrel today and there's about 45 more jars of peanut butter in it that are worried yesterday so. I hope that means we're off to weigh a good start. We got to fourth of July stuff when do I travel for the fourth of July was written a thing about that today some products that actually can still boast that their made in the USA. Some baseball statistics that we just stole out of a Parade Magazine. And actually understand baseball statistics after I saw these pictures or vote for hot dog so there are all dressed out and stuff. Jack gets your attention to what. The Dixie dog from the Atlanta Braves. Version of pulled pork. Coleslaw. Barbecue sauce and pickles. You get down to at a ballpark. The top hot dog. Add to Arizona Diamondbacks Chase Field hot dog chili nacho cheese sauce. Potato tots. Sour cream reminded green onion. And take to those. The royal blue dog actually had take to the news. Blew changing the blue cheese and anything as far as I'm concerned. Ice cream. Feet. But it whatever. Blue cheese and bacon top this they serving today Kansas City Royals Kauffman Stadium. Red onion. And then they cracker Jack and Mac dog. You're not looking at media does you are you the first few hours thinking yeah that sounds good they got thing a way to met him no maybe not. Pittsburgh's PNC park. Hot dog Mac and cheese Cracker Jacks. Pickle there fresh red and green hall opinions. Well no not until you try it. That's kind of like I mean you waited did we do it onion enough pineapples. You know you think I'll and I wouldn't go but it does for some reason other does it works. Yeah I know I'd try that. I did the the American she's gonna drowned out any bad effects I think so yeah I think what you probably get out of that is they almost a sweet Mac and cheese. With Douglas and tax your little crunch to it yeah. Wild and crazy toppings swapped tots for a chicken nugget such as. They went all the system together they are baseball park. So it will talk fourth of July and all kind of stuff and it's nice to have you here the S Secret Service is saying we were at the gas pump. They are warning us during via a fourth of July to a be careful that the credit and debit cards gamers that gas stations apparently over the weekend last weekend. Secret Service agents went looking for devises in 21 states and they recovered fifty nines gamers. From the 85 locations nationwide. When you when your use and Lowell. Like even when you go to your ATM. Or you're at a gas station. Do you ever pull on that thing. I do when I think about it but I don't you know I don't like I've filled up with guest today I didn't. At the Harris teeter. I didn't think that it did two pull on the thing. Was that the ATM last night a dead into the dimple on the thing. But. That's not. Foolproof either as that I mean they can get a chip on the inside of that. Think somehow or another and our go to the software. Your world reliving his days. Go back to this story about February of gas pump credit debit cards gamers if you're a travel enough and a lot of people are. I am a part about travel on the fourth of July and noticed a couple of seconds. But the US Secret Service is warning motorists. And businesses. And police. Some of disturbing surgeon criminals stealing credit information at gas pumps. And they're installing these tiny devices called spammers. Now. Whether I'm what a well informed on this or not. I had always been led to believe that this givers that we were word about were ones that had kind of gone. Over the top of the existing scammer. And so if you pull on number. And it being you know they if they come loose obviously you've got yourself up. But this thread this. This article it for the first time of anything I've ever read said. How did thieves get into gas pumps to install the scammer. They can buy commercial keys that open the gas pump online. Well you got no chance. I mean that to mean makes it sound like they are diverting. The information. Electronically it doesn't make it sound to me like there's anything physically. Being used at all. Commercial keys that open the gas pump online. Or they can open it install on it's automatic search how that works. And you gotta figure that if they were all under the olds gamers that there have been the crooks are always four steps ahead and everybody else just like terrorists. So why if their one method had been devised stood it'd been known. Stymied. London they just figure out a better way. The devices. Copies credit card information wind customers pace givers. Matthew O'Neal's an assistant to the special agent in charge of the criminal investigation division of your Secret Service and he says so what happens when you go to your local gas station. And you put in Europe payment card you pump your gas and you drive home. But in what's in reality happening is. During the transmission process the scammer is acting in between where you put your card in and the point of sale terminal. That's translating the data to the financial institution. And they're stealing your payment card numbers. So in essence not only is that pump reading your numbers so that it can charge the appropriate institution. For the gas that you've just bought. But somebody also was stealing med information at the same time so that they can utilize it. And then that's when it says how how to run thieves get into gas pumps to install the scammer is a man the answer is they can buy commercial keys that open the gas pump on line. Once the criminals have the credit card information yours. Then they're able to print fraudulent credit cards by the thousands. And use those cards to make purchases. There monetizing the stolen payment card data in multiple ways in the easiest way is that they'll take the stolen payment card number. And then will read in code a gift card. Or credit card. And then they will use that to buy electronics gift card stuff like that that they can sense on the gray market black market or open market. Secret Service says that millions of dollars every year being swiped from credit card in formations and came to a gas pumps and and they. Says one reason and it's always you visit can be done so quickly. So. How do you avoid debt well you're looking your best shot is to go inside and pay. And I know you're thinking right now we just always have to do that but now it is good don't hold on. I wanted him to go inside. That would be like Everett wash my cereal bowl. Yeah I can't eat cereal present I'd have to clean the bowl. So they say pay with cash may be the most effective way to toward. Now card theft now who wasn't that we just heard that is get ready to go. Oh shaken steak Steak N Shake. Jake Jack get ready to go cash flows. They have indebted to location here yet but in some locations across the country they won't accept cash. I've been a couple of situations were you. Were the person at the register has almost been confused when you offer cash. Boom boom and I were talking the other day and he had bill for like a buck 58. Any handed them. Two bucks. And he's an all hold up saying he reached into his pocket they had eight cents. So we handed the eight cents she had already rung up. Buck 58. And the two dollars so the cash register was already telling her. What did give back 42 sets. But did he get to the eight pennies. And he said it just got to be. Anyway be careful out their Secret Service warning that a gas pump cards camera says of her as July judge to force travel. Is especially precarious. This year. The other thing is if you're planning to travel somewhere to enjoy the rockets' red glare. An and you might be in for a car long car ride you might be on that right now listening to a news talk element in W retreat. Google has developed an interactive tool that can tell you the best time to hit the road in order to avoid as much traffic as possible. They are used data collected from last year's fourth of July traffic to create graphs depicting the best times to avoid traffic during the Independence Day period. And which they've defied by the way is July 3 today. Through July the sixth that would be Friday in 25 major metropolitan areas and generally. If you're headed out of town to celebrate the best time to leave is before worked a traffic begins today. With so that would have been already passed like early this morning. The boomers said that the traffic already has been kind of bad. And I said well maybe that means we'll have acquire rush hour so we'll see how that all translates but apparently. It was pretty obvious to Berber as she was in the traffic senator today that a lot of people were getting off work at 11113012. O'clock because that's when the traffic problems for started to occur. So maybe we'll have a little bit of acquire rush hour as though we get further into the afternoon if you're driving on the actual holiday tomorrow they say you should leave your home between 4 AM and 6 AM to minimize. Time spent in traffic and if you want to the easiest ride home. You'll wanna hang around after the fireworks until about 11 PM but whatever you do. Avoid being on the roads during mid afternoon and if you really want the best trip possible don't come home until the fifth or the sixth. Welcome back to happy time. But who is that. That's a James hunter. It did it kind of sounded like an of one of those old pay welcome back to happy time. Yep. We're talking new Florence and she's making cupcakes today. I president comes in to a overruled. Either himself for an underling and ordered the American flags are flown at half staff to honor the victims of the shooting open to. A Merrill India capital gazette newsroom there was a story that was circulating as of late last night in this morning the city had denied. The the original request. That had been made through the State's congressional delegation to fly. Leg said to have staff. But the president ordered the flags lowered to this morning at the White House and go on no federal property around the United States the Press Secretary or shoes at press chief. Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Said trump was asked us to reach out and verify that the mayor had made the request. And upon doing so Sanders called Buckley herself. And this would be Indianapolis mayor get Gavin Buckley. And the president asked that the flags be lowered immediately after that conversation so well wording in the order made. As a mark of solemn respect for the victims. So. Any act controversial decision perverted. Especially given no trumps tester relationship with the media that would not probable Leo set a real world. The president's former longtime personal attorney. Alone this story. May have us and oh warning message to a trump blood and an off camera interview with George Stephanopoulos Sunday Good Morning America yesterday. Win now. Mark Cohen. When we got some slimy attorneys in the news these days don't we between stormy Daniels. And in this Cohen guide. My wife my daughter and my son had my first loyalty and always will. Ali put family and country first. And he just kind of comes off as a guy who. And at this I put country ahead of first I just thinking to myself and I don't think that's necessarily vindication may now. Or maybe that's just a code is under investigation by the southern district of a New York for potential bank fraud and campaign finance violations and the FBI raided his home you'll recall. And is office and it's hotel room earlier this year. And it took thousands of files and he hasn't yet been charged with anything. Wouldn't say whether he'll cooperate with prosecutors but he didn't judge dismissed the speculation that he might. He. He was asked how he might respond if trump or his legal team came after him and tried to discredit him and trump said. I will not be a punching bag as part of anyone's defense strategy. He said I will do IA he previously had been declared his loyalty to trump. This is last year all do anything to protect mr. trump in me I think you said saying you know Vanity Fair. I'm the guy who would take a bullet for the president. But he took issue with some of Trump's attacks on the Russian investigation. And the FBI and he told Stephanopoulos. I don't agree with those who demonize or vilified DB in the FBI. Funny all the sudden you become an ally of the FBI after they've raided your house is no telling what kind of information they have on and I don't like the term witch hunt. In all repeating the previous denials that he had any involvement in with our Russia's interference in the 2068 election he also said he didn't agree with Trump's recent tweet. Saying that Russian president Vladimir Putin claims Russia didn't meddle in the election. So on all the sudden now the attorney colonists. Putting family and country first. There will break into. I'm proud to be an American. Com. These drugs are as yesterday had four Supreme Court justices. Up to. The White House to I talked to him. Brent Cavanaugh is the name that kind of came out almost the day of Kennedy's resignation. And then you have judges Ramon calf George. And he was up there yesterday. And I'm wolf harper. And then you've got this lady by the name of Amy coney. Barrett. Female. Young. Attractive. And that attractive as a new thing to do it a bit. I'm sorry you observe what you observe. Chuck Schumer wrote an op Ed piece in the New York Times yesterday in which you urged voters to put pressure on the senate to oppose any nominee who would overturn Roe vs. Wade. And eight in that will be the arguing point for all that. But there's a guy by the name of Andrew. Stole one. Who is a Chicago based attorney and then a junked. Securities law professor at northwestern university's. School of Law in Chicago. And he writes a piece on fox today that said trump should nominate. Amy Tony Barrett to the Supreme Court to save his presidency. I'm sure what you just dissect it because I think it's cutting interest to. And what it. I suppose you should be opposed to using a Supreme Court. Justice. Nominee. As a political tool for reelection. Or to help you or help your party. In the mid term elections. In other words this is not but it's gonna be used and it is used and it will be used and there's really no way that you could avoid it. Enceladus Andrew Stallman attorney from Chicago. Writes that trump should nominate any Conan Barrett to be the Supreme Court. To save his presidency and I'll tell you why. Well as some of the stuff and he said when we come back in just a second. Not relevant to an evidentiary WVG a Genentech. So the two names that have kind of been bandied around in the early press earliest Brent Cavanaugh for the Supreme Court justice to replace Kennedy. And Amy Tony Berra. And I saw Amy Tony Barrett on TV yesterday. The kind of remember and not really but kind of remember. When she. Went through the approval process. For the seventh Circuit Court of Appeals last year. Now has failed Chicago lawyer. A Chicago based attorney by the name of Andrew stole month. And an adjunct securities law professor at northwestern university's school of launch cargo. And he writes a piece an opinion piece today for talks. Saying trump should nominate Amy Conan Barrett to the US Supreme Court to save his presidency. The Brent Cavanaugh was the first name that came through and one of the reasons that his name came through is that he. And does so I had broad that it does have done it clerks forum Anthony Kennedy. So in course. But interest Stallman rights to date to save the remaining time on his term. Preserved Republican controlled congress. And placed himself in the best position to win a 20/20 presidential election president jet jet trump should nominate. Judge Amy colony Barrett. Of the seventh US court. Circuit Court of Appeals to fill the opening of the US Supreme Court. She's young he I'm not dumb and he's into what he did kind of permit purposes but if you see her on TV you'll immediately say wow. She's a young and she's attractive. Neither one of which everything to do with the nomination but. Just so we know over talking about here. Barrett is one of four federal appeals court's judges who were candidates obviously for the High Court appointment. Vacancy created when no justice Anthony Kennedy decided to step down. Attorney writes all Barrett's nomination for the Supreme Court would likely cause the most vicious confirmation hearing since that of for justice Clarence Thomas. He would be well worth it for conservative members of congress to provide president trump has legislative base. Barrett is a judicial newcomer. Has been a judge for less than a year she doesn't have an extensive judicial record that Democrats could attack during the confirmation hearing. The senate battle over Barrett's confirmation would cement trust between the president social conservative voters in the members who represented them. In the house and the senate. Her nomination would energize Republicans ahead. Of the November mid term elections. Which is is something that you wanna find a way to do. He continues he says Barrett is only 46 young for Supreme Court justice she could serve on the high court for more than three decades. Senator Dianne Feinstein Democrat California opposed Barrett vehemently during now Barrett's senate confirmation for the seventh Circuit Court of Appeals last year. Blasting Barrett for her deep Catholic faith. Calling it dogma. Feinstein specifically referenced at 82006. Graduation speech were Barrick made several references to god. Barrett told graduates. No matter how exciting any career is. What is it really worth. If you don't make it part of a bigger life project to know love and serve the god who made you. And find seemed in like that at all. And that is as this attorney who writes for fox today and Andrew Stallman. Says precisely what conservatives. Want to hear from a potential Supreme Court justice. Bear its conservative credentials are impeccable she wants clerked for Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia. She taught law at the University of Notre Dame. Has reported conservative views about protecting religious freedom. Is a member of the conservative Federalist society. Reported. To belong to a small tight knit conservative Christian group called people of praise. She has written and spoken frequently about the importance of her Catholic phased. And in her belief that life begins at conception. For those attributed know who she was. Some of the people who make up the prime listening audience to this radio station. You've just fallen in love with or haven't you. Because all of those things that might be a negative to Dianne Feinstein and is most definitely a positive. For not only a conservative. But they Christian conservative. And then evangelical. Barrett is written and spoken frequently about the importance of Burke Catholic faith and her belief that life begins at conception. And while the president has said he's not gonna ask the candidates whether they would overturn know the Roe vs. Wade decision which by the way the majority of Americans favor. And niche by the way an awful lot of and it may not ever happen because of precedent. There's an awful lot of people on the Supreme Court right now who believe in precedent this is law that was decided in what 1979. Anyway. Stallman continues. Crucially Barrett was already confirmed by the senate eight months ago and a 5543. Vote for her seat in the seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. She secured the votes of a few critical democratic senators from moderate states including. Joseph Manchin of West Virginia and Joseph Donnelly of Indiana. Winning the support of a few Democrats could be the key to winning senate confirmation for Barrett. Mansion Donnelly and Heidi hi camp in North Carolina are skewed in North Dakota are three Democrats facing tough difficult reelection races who could find it difficult. To a pair opposed Barrett. The president is not guaranteed the votes of all 51 are Republican senators he points out John King McCain and Susan Collins and more powerful. But it includes Andrew Stallman and his peace. That one of the most under appreciated reasons that Donald Trump won the 20s60 election was that many voters were motivated to cast ballots. Quite a vacancy on the Supreme Court. One in five voters interviewed at exit polls said Supreme Court vacancies were one reason that they had voted. And the best hope for trumpet 22 when he in the Republicans in congress this November isn't energized base of conservative voters so there's a vote. Floor may be the nominee that will hear about next Monday. Amy coney Barrett. I'd be able to hear the contest and there's the David whizzes doing the story on channel three about fireworks still looks like toys. That's a little scary and what's the point I mean what is so like Iowa who could dim they're. A look at the TV screen and I saw this little I don't know what it was Teddy bear L footers open. But obviously a cute little kids toys. And then I look at the caption underneath candidate talked about. Fireworks it looked like toys. Pradesh is the worst idea ever. Are your save its fireworks are shot is gonna be had to go to. Is gonna go to duke beer go to a lot of two ones that are organized like sky shoot tomorrow night. I'm laughing at myself because I no. That Belmont talking to people right now are on their way out of the parking lot of fireworks place in South Carolina to bring you back here to North Carolina. No where they can amazed their friends and just blow stuff up for a now reports that. Bibby and on the county line. Where the state line. That area over there by Carol Owens. Animated I've done one strip is just nothing but fireworks display places learn new cheap gas. So all of Watson knows some of people there yesterday and and that they don't even try to hide. I drove it. Hour and 45 minutes to get here so I can buy out fireworks has where they do and snakes so therein blames bill. So he went out bottle budged off nine a's had gone back to North Carolina with this technically illegal fireworks and I get a in it you're responsible love fireworks than you know been that's one. But inevitably will hero of somebody. Like John Pierre Paul or somebody you'll blow his hand off because they wouldn't pay attention or doing some stupid. What's the stupidest thing that you've ever been around and terrified edited to our fourth of July I can remember a guy when I was a kid digger Roman candle. And shooting balls of fire. Towards us. Bottle rocket fights. Yeah. Then I you know did dumb. And then just blowing stuff up. In the eighties and is it DMA eighties there was a cherry I was really amazed that you could flushed down the toilet and they wouldn't go out right. That's when John got John Phillips at by different in my neck kicked out of school and here's a sophomore was so I think it was a username mayors a cherry bomb. And even if you flushed him they still. So that was the deal you'd like those things and then you flush of an and they get down there in the pipes and also may blow and it was just. And so can he return ire on halfway down the hall Haydn and one of the door in sets and John Philips is run and in the boys' bathroom door and throw an animated on the John. And just about the time that we're looking around the corner. Here comes mr. route all the principal of the school and he's just he's walked right past the the Dora the. And we just knew what was good for Peyton and I mean I couldn't have been timed better if it'd been a sitcom on television. Justice I mean right when he got even with the door. Came Phillips. Climb out of that door like on the like his pants were on fire. Runs injury total I mean literally runs in to rule and about the time that he started him Enron's failure but John blows up. This wave a water comes out. And Kenny and iron down there that I have weighed on the all I just got tears coming out of my eyes I just I've tried standards. And I was last fiscal John Philips Arena. Don't try that omits it's not funny. That was. I should call John because Persia Johns. Jon Stewart info on Islam and opened a Washington State and the life. Who picked that you probably wouldn't into. Do bell auditoriums glass everywhere and so. Well what's the big point but anyway can you remember early stupid stuff that happened fourth of July I mean bidder looking back on that you think. That could have been. Really. Tragic. Now we altered the whole row black caps and look those up and you know look that old thing popped. And and then when you think about all those bid good fireworks. Did you finally walked up to our runner up to and say this thing's not going to amend an area occasionally one would go off. I'm why we didn't all desire or something nine in that regard and that's where you have to be careful asunder and go off leave it. Well it's LeBron just limits of only the lump and then the sparklers which were supposed to be. You don't kid friendly. When you find out those things light up to like 2000 degrees. So. And it but then the safe stuff is just. Boring snakes. I'm always at the U lived that little plug her pirated this correctly. You looked a little plug in and it just kind of turned into our worm elect a black worm. Whom. And our. Just stupid stuff. Tim's up on W bta Tim. You have acute and I could. Never do comedy sometime spark parent and their little or what part action and I knew about 1540 minutes of firework that apps that I could regain US I think it would limit it. All at the Pennsylvania. And north what you get by auto works. What Virginia or Ohio remember my dad what the West Virginia came back a bit big stash. We do they get an album what I want my game around it in his our little war spate select you fire up double bag and I wore down the went out and about forty of the armed European gunpowder. And put it in the paper bag in my MG twelve years of age. Walked down the porch. I had to upload I witnessed. Matt in the outright that they don't have white ethnic little part outsiders lingo don't let the guy who bet that. They brought it in and out ball fired out and got me and the fortune. And it. My name. But it all ten or I wouldn't work out but all of the overall she rule that breaks the sheet and she didn't hear the I I want that doctor would gawkers and a little bit farther out you may see it likely to talk about the power. Now I doubt guys that are ought to I've never liked that I had a chemistry so one time more I took iron and Sullivan put them together and I created a unbelievable explosion I don't know what that was all about but. He had the gun powder stuff and a paper bag probably nudge your best move. And you know if I want to start Arnold a demonstration. At a at a South Carolina. Aspiration for a lot pork store but we're almost there almost got three cars below my diet demonstrating that the Fed cup the year but I wonder well. Now all right Barry I appreciate children have a great day in a safe fourth of July. But the problem right off goes Tim hold on Joseph and company are just sick of. Got a valid that statement fireworks stories and we're not trying to do not condone your responsibility was fireworks but I was watching all these. Video actuality his son Ned TV news yesterday of people that are driving all over Vermont North Carolina and against South Carolina gets fireworks that are typically only. Go here and no amber urging people to be careful but don't we started talking about dumb stuff that you may have done in your life with fireworks and maybe there's some humor and your. Well maybe there's also weigh. Maybe we make somebody think twice before they do some really stupid to over the weekend it was certainly hopes so Hancock to Billy BT god can my friend's neighbor was shooting tents. Pegs. Out of a fifteen foot length of pipe. Things went south when the pipe tilted towards my friends kitchen. Tent paid went through the kitchen dining room and exited the house. Everything after this involved Lori Ers and a but threat. Not to Joey go on WBT hey Joseph. Hey man big fray and expand. Make its quake was not in my brother was six months stepfather started to take out my mom won't ever trip the smartest. For video we in the sports. We ended up out of Florida home fourth the little month jail overnight motel. Or shape. My step that it is terrible the box sparklers bigger and you know what what can girl sparklers well. I tip my honest pretty windy out up to line up here. Jack called the wind and it landed her spleen on top of the key Ito bar which are the proud golden. Mixing our member I was under the bed. My little brother was down by the lord I just both trying to that are out there market you're my stepfather dumb mother. Look butcher's son that this so we ended up. Packing up the car that toy taken off in turnout the next morning boot he cut Edberg in the current yeah you think. Yeah it was a scary when you know what spark ware has global slowing the come off the end of that you had just sit. Little tiny plane going CNET Sorrell startled opposite Tiki hut. Years you kind of panic yak a kind of blacked out there with a bad night. Yeah strong and a 2000. Degrees spark probably not the best mix. I remember a great show meant thanks Joseph I appreciate very much living donors villain Russell on WB TJ Russell. I mean I did on outplayed you don't let them know I'm not. Yet though that they'll upload the coming how Wonderwall stood there yet but they're light and and I. Parked it on the boat came in and out of opt out there like illuminate debt that the 88. And they could not let you. The about it last all of about that the money got but it blew it error Obama say they put their work that I'm not at that. Not like that out not to warm up but then it cool fight and get that motor. An outlet and I want is Leonard who have not let our article about it but it did he get the quake. Like I'll leave that alone out there. And and all the way we're gonna accomplish inside politics how old out. What they did a while opera is a Republican. Candidate I'm getting knocked around because it's the did you ever been a flat and I'm totally new lineup but now he's got a lot of our last if you let. I suppose though but as opposed so although I can't understand I can't imagine the circumstances litigation brawler arousal appreciate all very much better. You think he's from the south. I detected the slide accident not to not sure but I just have a villainy may not be originally from Milwaukee. You think he's at least been to the south maybe he's lived here for awhile now. You are again to fourth of July and you start getting into our products. That's still boast that they're made in the USA back and even in the ninety's we had a guy they used to travel through here and. Early in the Internet he had a website. And had written a book that I used to have a copy of I lost track of him for the year but it was so he would write this book. We we at the time we're talking about automobiles against primarily. How hard it was to Bly. I mean people back then we're trying to figure out away to have you'd just by our American. And it's damn near impossible. In this day and age and then this was twenty years ago. Where you know you you take American name plates. Chevy Ford. GM. But then you find out that the cars manufactured in. Mexico or. Made with parts that come from Sweden or. So it got to be a deal or you were trying to figure out what you don't. Who and you buy. That they'd actually. Is. Made in the USA. And there's an article about that today are with the fourth of July in mind 24/7 Wall Street put together a list of companies whose manufacturing. Remains in the US. Although they used the word mainly. Because they because there's some wiggle room on a few of these brands. For instance. Only a portion of their products domestically. Some. Only make a portion of their products domestically while others import. Much of the materials that they need to make their products from overseas and so while a firm like US flags supply. Boasts a state side routes American flags in general. Can't always claimed to be made in the USA. And can't Wear that sticker because many are imported from other countries with China being the main supplier talk about sky show. Well when we were due and it downtown. In people forget that period a time when we were doing sky show downtown that'd turned into riots for about two or three years and room. I'm that's who we fled dealt with the tonight's to go out to Fort Mill we got out of downtown got to the point were on not only could we not make a profit off of our fireworks show buddy Jay got to be too volatile to lead to be doing those things downtown anymore. And that was part of the growth of uptown which you forget that we went through that period of time where you couldn't do anything uptown. Because of fights and crime and so on so were. Barrel for the year so we were down there the big controversy. You have the one conduit no one here that and I think this is the first year that I was gone after it quit 99. Were they just had an unbelievable rain storm. And they fired off the fireworks anyway because it was rain or shine but nobody could see of them cause the clouds were layered solo and I remember our general manager just took a beating for that. And then the other was a one year we were handing out I guess I think we do this still American flags. And they also had made in Taiwan are made in China or something like that and people were just. God there was I mean the phone's over here just never quit ringing and people were not happy. Try to find little tiny miniature flags American flags that are made in the United States deadlock. And items were handed amount this year I wouldn't guys haven't seen one but I guy wouldn't be surprised if they say made giant either bathroom. Thought that counts low level get into American made products we come back a. Arrived July the third. So we're over the halfway point as well below the year underneath fourth day of the year we have a 181 days to general. 1970. Some 200000. People heard Jimi Hendrix played the star spangled banner three day Atlanta pop festival opened and Byron Georgia two days later the governor less dramatic us. So that he would seek legislation to ban rock festivals in Georgia. Seattle is banned plastic straws utensils. A new study out of Britain shows that several cups of coffee per day mailing in your life more on them. The White House study are the White House is setting records for the number of people leaving. The world's strongest coffee. Was delivered to the International Space Station yesterday more on that as well and a paranormal researcher claimed that he found that I'm more. Just outside a Las Vegas. One in five Americans has stuck to their New Year's resolution are reduced available at. So how you're doing a survey shows that. Only 6% of people have stuck to their resolution 100% fell 14% say they. Mostly stuck with a. Mostly. I was talking to vex the date up to smoking fifteens there. Samsung phones are spontaneously. Texting do random context what could possibly go wrong bad news from Samsung no phone owners some devices are randomly sending your camera roll photos to earlier context without permission. Now that can be. Considering what people think pictures of used to is that Padilla pitched. Excite his moto are reports say users are complaining about the issue or no read it and they company's official forums one user says that is those that all of his photos of his girlfriend until his girlfriends you've been. Messages are being sit through a Samsung's default texting app Samsung messages which. Doesn't even show users that files have been sent many just. Find out after the give response from a recipient of the random photos that have been sent to them off its books of those symptoms spokesperson says the company is. Fordham quote aware of the reports. And that its technical team is looking into it. Total of 191600. Calories in 1280. Grams of fat will be consumed tomorrow by each of the competitive eaters. At the Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest in New York which of course happens on Coney Island Joey chestnut reigning champion. 72. Dogs what's the time period deer river. 72. And I would need a month and a half. SpaceX delivers goods to us space station a space X shipment arrived at the International Space Station on Monday they get berries and ice cream. And first orbiting a robot with artificial intelligence. Nearly 6000 pound delivery includes genetically identified mice for a study on gut bacteria. Had they should've gone to that party over there adult. Albemarle road. Andy around robot. Simon. But spelled with a C. Slightly bigger than a basketball the day one robot is are the artificial intelligence robot is the German space agency is the mid to assist German astronaut. Alexander girl us with science experiments. Simon's brain will constantly be updated by IBM so it's intelligence and roll will keep on growing. And they also sent super caffeinated coffee. Probably so they could stay up and keep our eye on Simon. No why do you it get the feeling that at some point or another we're going to be getting reports back from the space station saying that Simon. If this assignment I'm in control. And then we see the a German astronaut Alexander durst. Floating by. Untethered. I read the news today oh boy if you were wondering why you're still seeing posts from their annoying friend from high school on FaceBook because the social network announced on Monday. Several 100000 users were hit with a bug that unblocked. Profiles. That they had previously blocked. FaceBook said more than 800000 users were hit by the bug the issue was activated. From a may the 29 to June the fifth. I don't know if I've ever blocked anybody on FaceBook or not. I'll. There's probably about. Thirteen people. That I have their email just sent straight to junk. And and that I have put TJ in different. And that way I don't ever have to see you. Feel after you sit me about four or five really just negative vile emails that I'm pretty much got to figure that's all you've got. And at that point life's too short. So. And TJ says that the files is a fairly. So yards you guys just keep him didn't go. Com Monday is can now break out the champagne and celebration after receiving vindication with researchers suggest they're not the actually most depressing day of the week. Wins dates. And the most pressing. Despite predicted mood swings based on the day of the week the researchers also discovered moods remained about the same throughout the week. I don't know why Wednesdays doesn't give you an explanation for Wednesday's. Mondays this means of all the hall to go afterwards. Wednesday's I don't know what that. That you've already put in a lot of time you still have a lot of time more to go. Or maybe you're just like I having just hate the phrase hump day. If you are just really would like to eliminate everyone on the planet that uses that term. That's and man cater. And finally I read the news available at most people visit 25 different places in thereof daily lives we move around a lot less during our daily lives than you might expect. And based on data from 40000 people this new study on human mobility finds that we tend to frequent about 25 places at any given time mineralized. This was a study by researchers in no London in Denmark. And by Sony. And they found that people tend to have a maximum number of 25 places that they visit regularly. And if they begin their free putting a new place they probably stopped going to another keeping their total. Number somewhat consistent. If you think about it. Gas stations grocery stores. Pharmacies. Were. Maybe a par maybe if you read favorite restaurants. When he thought it would be a lot for me but your house. Your kids how's. Your parents' house. Your girlfriend of they also found that the more social person was more places they visited well there's the respect that I get 45. Then and it's from several people today Dave Rupp for fourth of July day before sky show presented by clicker and click at the governor's highway say. You program of course a discussion takes place tomorrow WBT sky should be BNT ballpark tomorrow Charlotte knights take on the durables about 605. My best fireworks show in the southeast brought you by fox 46 Charlotte. With the fireworks soundtrack aired on WBT par or should go off about 930 give or take depending on no game conclusion and all that. BO special free pregame street festival starts at 2 o'clock tomorrow with a free flags from condor flags. Street festival have but kids' crafts and and live music and there's five or six food trucks some of the good ones too. And believe and have via mobile kitchen down there that we use for a taste of Charlotte and other events with live demos and samples all that thanks to a corona premiere so. Panetta join us tomorrow gonna be a toasty one. And kid friendly events as well also check out the sky show details led to WBT dot com slash. Sky show. And they got frequently asked questions and all that kind of stuff and there are so if you got any questions about sky show in the street festival and they are veterans participation in the pregame and all that stuff. I was going to be a great day tomorrow boat Thompson will be broadcasting live on WBT from 3 to 7 o'clock like we say the soundtrack to the fireworks. Is a broadcast on nine news talk 1110993. WBT during a fireworks which start about 930 tomorrow. And go okay I'm going to be a part two of us some of the we've been doing since 1976. The bicentennial in fact. There may have even been a test year in 1975. To see if they were capable of doing it in 91976. So I don't know that for a fact what we were talking about that took tourist in the rumor mill but we know for us since 1976. Sky show has been a WBT event. And no nobody gives us credit forward anymore they should. It's always been a WBT gift to the city. And to the people. And our commitment to our community which are we tend to try to prove on a fairly regular basis whether it's talking about dad's or our raising money for kids over collecting peanut butter into. Harris teeter locations throughout the month of July with peanut butter in July so weakened. And I get to a tons of peanut butter down to a second harvest food bank which is going on right now so if you're and a Harris teeter in -- murder gassed in county. So Nairobi yesterday it's alchemy guys don't do it in Union County I don't know I think it's just getting capability of what we can handle. I'm Mecklenburg County is pretty is a pretty big chore. It barrels and all the stores and and I'm keeping track government and get animal picked up and all that kind of stuff. And we had a guest in counted because it's too stores and really they did have more by my request than anything else devoted to Belmont store to be included in us because that's. That's where I live now and in fact I'll be broadcasting their on none of the 21 Saturday the 21 from 10 AM until noon on looking forward to that. For a peanut butter July and this Saturday a boat Thompson will be at the Blake Tony Harris teeter. Between 10 AM and noon so I hope both here and Blake the area that you'll buy some peanut butter toward the barrel but you can do that. Well there were there are not all the barrels or and all the stores now. And does sometimes are hidden in plain sight you may be go leaning against one measure looking for. But if you buy us a jar of peanut butter of dead near the store in July and and toss it in narrow it would be much appreciated and food banks. Don't get a lot of peanut butter people tend to give canned goods and and no and stuff like that and we just learned last year that you know I mean peanut butter is kind of been recognized now or the last couple years and I know this from my diabetes and all that kind of stuff is a super food. I'm supposed to eat something every night before I go to bed and they could say they consider a dollop Bettina peanut butter to view about who's gonna thing is like any. I have no problems without. So loud kids requested into food banks and I'll get a lot of it and it's a good source of protein and and I can say it's it's it's great to have food for the food banks to have solo we liked the name peanut butter in July. Thought it was cute made a promotion out of it we've been doing it now for about six years and with your help will raise. A whole lot of peanut butter for a second harvest food bank so. Help us out of your Harris teeter store Mecklenburg are aghast and county and come down cius tomorrow for sky show WBT sky showed 2018. And and there you go. The world's largest flying American flag is end. Estonia. Articles been sent to me by a number of people today. What is being billed as the largest flying American flag in the world is on a flag pole and Gaston County near routers mountain erected in 1999. You conceive for thirty miles. Flag is 65. Feet tall. And a 114. Feet wide. Now hoping to the flags that they put to on the football field. Because they they take up the whole field don't think. Well it's not flying Auburn on to say and that's. That's ugly guy I mean did did or do they cover the whole hundred yards. And then how wide as a football field 1540. Anyway this once flying. Each stripe at the flag is five feet tall each star measures more than four feet across. It was organized by gas don't you I am that's posted 920. And according to veterans who had traveled across the country to raise money for the a seven year project there are two flags that are bigger one in California. A bit neither of those is flown. The world's largest free flying American flag. Hangs over the George Washington Bridge it was put there in 12013. But the world's largest flying American flag flies in gas stony 65 feet tall 114 feet wide and down their bike routers mountains north you're. I would be visible by 85 right. So other go there and thanks to the people who vote Il may have that infamy so why I have that information I appreciate that very much talk baseball a couple seconds. As to. Good baseball for the daughter. Nights he durables. In fact it's. And baseball game down there tonight at a fireworks started to be via TO ballpark tonight and it's USA vs Japan I believe. I tickets still available for that. And then sold out tomorrow night for the Durham bulls don't back in the town for a fourth of July and WBT sky should follow the games so I hope you come down to Romero beard and darkened Froyo blanket on the ground are. Any of the surface parking lots around there we'll give you a great view as well and then cost you anything to. Went to find a parking place and I am now and watch the fireworks all hope you'll make sure WBT's special part of your. A fourth of July held Wednesday. It costs more than a penny to make a penny in fact the US Smith lost 69 million dollars making pennies last year we'll talk money next. Good discussions over the years many both of the last few years. But eliminating the penny. Because the costs. More to make a penny than it does do. Well live than a penny. Last year the US mills lost 69. Million. Dollars. Making pennies. Now how many of us. He's a water bottles. That abilities coolers. Inverted water bottles you know big ones. They're mostly made of plastic today I have a glass one sits in my office. At home not here. And I've been thrown spare change in that thing for years. And it's probably about two thirds of the way filled. And 80% of Hispanics. How many people have. Jars or buckets sore. Mean how many pennies do you think are out there not in circulation. If we all took our pennies I thought about this for kids first before. If we had one day where everybody brought their spare change in and we cashed that in how much money could we raise for kids first. And I don't know how many people would participate in them. There's probably a couple hundred bucks in that. Inverted. Glass bottle at the house to discuss quarters Nickels and dimes and a two. But but primarily a man if you look at it it's copper. It cost more than a penny to make a pending the US men produced more than eight point four billion. Of the one cent coins last year. At a cost of zero. Zero point 0182. Each with production costs and shipping taken into account. That means 69 million dollars was lost when compared to be Penney's total value. Biggest loss in nine years. And that's probably because zinc. Pennies are actually made mostly of sync. With the small amount of copper. Has been rising in price Nichols. Which are worth five cents cost seven cents each to make it. So they're losing on those two but dimes and quarters cost less than their value to produce. Which ends up making up for the losses associated with the pennies in the Nichols even so there are petitions around that. On the Internet to abolish the penny and a nickel. And just round up to the next. This finger rounded up I'm just thought about this but to and I don't know of terrorist you're still doing this or not but over the past last couple of months. When you got to check out they would ask you if you wanted to have your bill rounded up for the service for service members. Yeah why wouldn't you. You're you're you're your bill comes out to a 38 dollars and 27 cents. Rounded up to 39 bucks give the money you. Veterans or veteran services are so like that I thought that was great idea. No the thing I'd like to see Harris teeter do for its first it. Vigilant around up for kids first. Anyway you know you know ten year period area Evernote for you or talk about real money. I we're tired a little bit earlier about products made in the USA we're talking the flags are hard to find a that are made in the USA. And they had down. Most of value of flags there will be handed out tomorrow and tonight. Are probably gonna have say China on them more Taiwan. But there are ten products that do make a patriotic showing. Plus their main manufacturing location. And when you start talking about companies one point four Wall Street put together a list of companies whose manufacturing. Mainly. Remains in the US. Because there's some wiggle room on a few of these brands. Tom some Preston's only make they're up portion of their products domestically others import much of the materials that they need to make their products from overseas. We've gotten in discussions over the last 228 years here about cars. You think you're by an American main blade but you might be better off to buy. What is at Honda that has plant up in Ohio or BMW in South Carolina. On the yard by a Ford or shall they which is made in Canada or Mexico or. Or elsewhere but anyway these products still boast that they're made in the USA. Guns cigarette and whisky brands topped the list mostly all American products Ben and Jerry's ice cream Waterbury Vermont. American made. MER KAA in American. Merkin. Bud Light beard doesn't locations across the USA to make it right there. COLT firearms West Hartford, Connecticut. Hallmark greeting cards. Lawrence and leavenworth Kansas I had no idea about leavenworth Kansas. When I went to military school Salina they used to take us out a bit wecht eleven birth would go down there into the army base in the army desert. Beat the living crap out of us. Jack Daniel's whiskey Lynchburg Tennessee. Marlboro cigarettes. Richmond Virginia. That are Winston is what everybody in my generation started with. My dad used to smoke Pall mall known filters. My grandmother smoked viceroy. When I quit eighteen years ago sixteen years ago when her was. Benson and hedges ultra lights. I've look at cigarettes from time to time. In grocery stores and stuff like that Saturday or not they may be intimate images anymore. And what are we decided five bucks a pack. Which can be like a hundred bucks a carton no fifty bucks discussion. You know where Tesla cars made in Fremont California. Wilson football's. Eight Idaho. And beautiful Atlantic beach Florida. I had no idea US flags supply flags. Bergen and give me RK AI is Merkin made. I don't water and local phone calls don't come out very vesta veterans were upset about a plan to Normandy beach. I'm surge. Ford 75 anniversary of that may just have a point first where wander over and sale ought to fill in Delhi bta felt. And it job thanks stated Michael Scherer thanks to Colin earlier than call back or two than it would bleed off at 430. Don't worry. I'm you know let that that bastion of Americanism BM RA. We knew little joining NRA or membership they look if you look is planning on how much you spend a membership I have. My. Hey do your bag aunt. Everything ever got a problem meeting China. Now it's we our just talk and people have called since we started talking about doesn't this always happens about you know if you buy an American made cards still owned by an American company motives are you by this that the other does. There's everything's got to nuance to it these days it's just damn near impossible to buying. Solidly American made or not have some sort of did and didn't do it that says well sure it's made America but it's made with. Stuff from Canada. Chinese component of US south and Soledad good I mean in essence that's that's worldly. Right impossible not to in part all too well about my early are now. Course you know I mean they're also has to do with. I mean it's that's in direct relation to the death of our textile mills and all the other stuff I mean that's a way of life that's gone. Bill by the wayside and was a war we now thrive in different areas rather than manufacturing and stuff like that. Hopefully we get some of that back but I mean that's the you know I did this area should well know. You know go Feingold fine textiles towels socks elect that they even that's hard these days certified that are American minute. If so bill appreciate cult thanks very much over to John on WBT hey John. Are you done today. Q. Spirit Utah about preparing that amnesia is 600 to a thousand times eight show plan saying it got so where they need that sort of way. It critic that's also main separate government. If you look at it dollar bail. They called Seminole or America about bill OR fifty dollar mail art ten dollar bill that a lot about our fail. So utility at that they're preparing them better it's particularly a penny at times I think that Benny is great news gently used and reused. Yeah which well a little far I mean are astronomically outlasted the video long lifespan of love a dollar bill which I don't remember what it is but it's pretty sure yeah. It's quite a bit longer that pretty it's it's you discontinue that everything they can't shoot at our side. One and out austere but I by you know it would match led Miami to the turns to over it I. But and take demands that it how great are better than it circulated great circuit breaker re circulated. And now our crews are very any credit you know. I mean yeah promote the road from a usage standpoint at some point or another raiders can we get to the point where production costs are gonna far out valued the video longevity of epitome. Well I made that. Up for a night in your kitten and announce. Oh that would get your point or not appreciate your your call and there's some veterans but this was interest and that are upset about a planned concert. To mark the 75 anniversary of a DJ which will happen next June the sixth. Less than a year. Because it is set to be held on the site. Of soared beach in Normandy which is one of the five beach landing sites were allied forces stormed on shore under fire on. This Netherlands based organizing a regular crew called liberty concert Normandy are hoping to get 75000. People to pay nearly ninety dollars to attend the event. Which they can general educate millennia else. There website describes the plans this way. The concert starts with films parachutists. And stories about the landing. The stage is then handed it to several international top artists in DJ's. With the slogan fight for freedom the 75000. Of people present. Our president and the millions of viewers via TV and streaming are asked to stand up for peace freedom. And an inclusive society but there are some veterans who see holding met concert on that beach. As disrespectful. And even though the shout the the organizers. Liberty concert Normandy. Paint a pretty nice pictures that we just read trio. It's still gonna end up being a concert. On that particular. There's some hallowed ground. The you have veterans that policy holding the concert on me beaches disrespectful. In one case is. Represented by a guy at 95 year old guy by the name of a joke containing. And he told sky news the beaches are on that day of all day is sacred. They shouldn't be violated by pop concerts. Have been a bit further in London but not on the beach itself it's just rather bad taste he cents. The organizers contend that the area of the beach where the concert will be held wasn't part of the battlefield. And they say that the money from ticket sales is only being used to cover the cost they say. We believe the best way to share the powerful legacy of sacrifice. If by bringing young people nearer to the place where this history happened. As it creates an unforgettable moment in their lives. Well that's almost the material that you can have for a college debate because I concede the point of contention on both sides. And if the organizers are in fact as sincerest there're. Words and print material says. There's also a piece of me that says that history. Will that ever be forgotten. But he will become less. As generations go on. Then at some point or another hundred years from now on 9/11 we'll just BA history lesson. Or a brief paragraph. In the history of the United States. And whereas that is a monumental day and our minds around. As was the JFK assassination. As was a challenger blowing up Baz was. At the end of World War II as all of these Pearl Harbor. I'm sooner or later through time those are going to be dumb. Weekend. To future generations. That's just. Kind of part of the circle. I should tomorrow begins at 2 o'clock in the big street festival. Ferret out mint and Martin Luther King which is right toe orator Rome Herbert park and ride at the entrance to our video BB empty ballpark for the Charlotte knights will take on the Durham bulls. But tomorrow beginning at 605 of the best firework show in the southeast follows. Brought to you by fox 46 Charlotte with a soundtrack aired on non news talk 1110993. WBT. Both Thompson will be broadcasting down their from 3 to 7 o'clock tomorrow the are free pregame street festival starts at 2 o'clock. Three flags from a condor flags these street fest will have kids crafts and live music and food and we'll leave and have by the mobile kitchen down there with live demos and samples and all of that thanks to corona premier and you can check out all the sky show details. At WBT dot com slash sky show. So we hope you'll look come down and I join us for us guy showed 2018 WBT sky shoot 28 team presented by. Click it or ticket a governor's highway safety program. I and all got to revolves around that baseball game before we get to the fireworks and by the way. A USA vs say Japan tonight down there in Ohio fireworks to follow but nothing like you're gonna see tomorrow night. It's a it is you will be the biggest fireworks are displayed in the southeast and has been since 1976. When I don't you be tee started doing this for the city of Charlotte. Com. Reading some must have a Parade Magazine I think it was Parade Magazine. We'll get a now I can't tell which magaziner was. Baseball stuff. No crying in baseball quote from the now famous. A league of their own. Top five box office winners with a baseball team. A league of their own is number 142. Is too money ball three. The rookie number four. One of my favorite all time movies field of dreams. For so many reasons. The dead you wanna play catch thing at the idea that chokes me up to. But the part that gets me I mentioned as a dog hall of fame induction. Is when shoeless Joseph. Steps away from the baseball field and becomes doc. And then he walks. To go back into the field of corn. And and Shoeless Joe Jackson says to him hey duck. You were good. And that gets me. Because that's in some way is what were all kind of striving for is to have somebody that you respect. Not somebody just pulling your chain. But somebody who you respect. Save you. You were good. I love that movie and so many reasons. 1860. That's way a year that the Brooklyn excelsior is. Began wearing the rounded top cats with belong bill it was like the beginning of the baseball cap really. By 19100 the Brooklyn style cap took off with big league teams. 1934. Buffalo, New York based new aero began making caps for the Cleveland Indians. And their manager Walter. Today. That's the world's largest sports licensed headwear company. Making caps for all of the Major League Baseball teams and the NFL in the NBA and other sports teams as well. And the law and striking which I've never understood. This technique used by baseball grounds keepers. My great aunt Helen taught they are dismayed to George Toma ones who have voted over a long time in Kansas City and then every major sporting event. They used to call George tubman told me and to see which is considered to be. But I don't think they had the the long striving. Back in his days is where they put a roller behind the blades of the mower that causes the grass blades to bend down in one direction. But how they do what they do while never. How you can make stars and flags and stripes and the arch in Saint Louis in the outfield I mean I just they're just a fun and unbelievable ways that they somehow or another bend that grass to reflect. I have no idea how they do it it's pretty impressive. Did you know that baseball's first homebuyers. More top hats and coats with tales. Or that road to teams began wearing gray uniforms because there was no time to do laundry. And then. Take me out to the ball game. Jack Norwood and Albert bond. Tells her wrote that wrote the lyrics in the music. To take me out to the ball game in 1908. They had never. Bitten to a game. Nor Werth was inspired to write baseball's other National Anthem by a sign of on a subway that red baseball today polo grounds. Nor war and bond kills her. Didn't see their first Major League game Intel 32 years and twenty years later respectively. And what crunchy snack got a big boost by the song well. Cracker Jacks. Which. In comparison. Now sock. What they used to be. They has to have more peanuts and I don't care you can tell me I'm wrong but they used to have more peanuts and yeah and then made in the toys. They used to be pretty cool toys and they're now there's like a fake tattoo or a solemn. So. Cracker Jacks and I'll still lead a. But there that they're not what they used to be anyway some baseball effects I thought were pretty uninteresting India paper the other day as we get ready to ahead into us guys show. Tony eighteen I had to a BB NT ballpark tomorrow got to be the best place in the world to see again. I am I understand Wrigley Field and Fenway and some of the historic baseball parks and says there isn't like Saint Louis Busch Stadium with fans are really know the game and I understand all of that but from just. Not a bad seat in the house. With an unbelievable backdrop of beautiful buildings. And and when the fireworks go off tomorrow would be BNT ballpark for those of you who are lucky enough to have a ticket not only to the game to see the Charlotte knights in the Durham bulls but a nice comfortable place to sit and watch the dough ball par watch the that's going to be a great night tomorrow. 48 WVG sky showed 28 team. I hope you'll love will be a part of that if you're not in the stadium going down and throw a blanket down on roller bearden park and and enjoy the fireworks with this. On the fourth of July in still don't care what the editorial pages may Julia. The greatest country in the world. Well speaking of mr. garrison we'll wander on over the WBP newsroom where he just sits in his or palatial cubicle at a yeah but end with a big old seat I'm back red Phil it's the I think we stole it from Santa Claus actually and and find out what's coming up for our Charlotte have six. Fourth tomorrow what sorts what's your role tomorrow. I'm boat tomorrow morning so I'll be back in here bright and early tomorrow morning from five to nine you love that are yet from them and are you love are you both Thursday and Friday to I'm both Thursday and then Bo is bow on Friday. This must be hard for him this mixed identity thing. But he's doing 3 to 7 o'clock tomorrow four Oz WB jeez guys show and and he's at the blade nearest Jeter for a peanut butter July. Oh my own and AM until a Nuno all us Saturday a soldier loads again he'll stay busy this or fourth of July weekend. Tom real meaning of the fourth you've got a local college kid who. I stumbled on him quite by accident he was waiting on me in a supermarket deli any started talking about how much she loved the fourth and when I heard his story I understand why because he was adopted from a terrible situation overseas. And so will I hear his story at 605 it's pretty inspire. Now public says matter of fact I don't know killing we which locations. The one in Harrisburg. Are now okay now and we can mix radar primarily Harris teeter but there's some file. But I got used to it to republics when I was glued in Florida a thousand years ago we heard and then I gotta yeah there's so they carry some stuff that. There HD doesn't so it's nice to have options have the both of them. I fireworks stores I can't imagine you haven't been don't do our heroines at sometime or another because I knew you go there every. Ed trade and we've been there again and their people who were just as one kid put it out a blow the world up. But then on the other side of that worlds are gonna meet a guy from South Carolina who. Nearly lost his legs to fireworks last year I mean talk about the real meaning of a crotch rocket I mean this guy got Powell who yeah but he's recovered. Just kind of enamored with that day area of the body Alaska put on a sergeant between now did and a salad enough fireworks have these fecal breaking news Jessica now. And Martha's famous and it. And does speaking out here and restaurant Tuesday bush never does seem more appropriate that we would have. The first of all you doing our ratings on restaurants when we've. Had they all parties that has led to hepatitis a shots and and Martha's famous. Potato salad which is led dual hospitalization. Over twenty some odd people so dirty restaurant Tuesday I assume you have a banner week for them. Oh man we gotta we got some good ones tonight there's an uptown restaurant with an 87 it's a name you know and then we have another restaurant with a 75. And the inspector walks into the kitchen and finds a guy sound asleep in the kitchen within dirty feet on the clean silverware. And that's a problem. Well apparently had at that they gave his feet and had not been dirty what I got to. We have got it what does it okay there if he had gloves on his feet yeah maybe yeah and is is mr. restaurant or critic. Visiting someplace today -- he has you know wanna know and trying to worries Dolan and I heard him talking earlier about sibor. Oh yeah Alan Charles morning news he did yeah yeah I cannot home. I think he did not and will we went there for the first time a week and a half ago because I still don't think anybody makes a better talk more than -- 5011 that's just my did I think under the Rolls Royce of talk shows. Bits of war is. And what a great concept and and they are cash they've got they popped up eleven locations or whatever does overnight so I must be doing something right now real. I'll have to check them out and have been there they'll vote given a shot OK fine it's all that's coming up Charlotte the six apart garrison who will now gather up his stuff and no wonder on in two the WBT ON news or are obeying studio and I just say I have shake Wal-Mart. There's a boycott campaign. That has been launched. I after an outcry. Over impeach 45. The clothing. And I don't know if this has represented a ball Wal-Mart are this is Tuesday. Just a buyer that may be should've passed. But new T shirts meant to promote impeachment of president Donald Trump have conservatives up in arms today these are shirts are being sold at wal mart's. Conservatives on social media are threatening mail boycott of AR retail giant because of his decision to sell impeach 45 apparel on the web site. These store that's selling the impeach 45 shares his so called old glory. And they produce several other novelty T shirts hats and mugs and I guess we'll wait and see what. What the responses from Wal-Mart whether or not they caved to public pressure and and take the now take the shirts out of the stores and offer their sites talking about fireworks living over here instill order chip on WBT hey chip. Thank god send that's basically bad. Completely random movie you'd look up based Barley the story of one share with you for a month about my bad about poppy appreciate. Never got and father never got around dark Robert Knight but. My dad and I are you appreciate that really got the meat bad it is banning the prohibited and that got part of our first. Beg your dander all of a friend it is and it's spring it's from New Zealand. And they need to put up one day potentially that they they're all I got sick and let the process will let me call Andy. And had been banking thing about it in the approach angle on this. Saying he thanked Israel Hartley was try to connect employees only want to play its course you poppy crop all of make. The deck it's from the carnage body are propagate and correlate them in a bit from New Zealand born that I'm glad I'm kind and spectacle is that you know you're about to drop a beat back. It's any Celtic hollowed out at that I'm telling that on churn out. They got the the pro shop. Don't think so let them brought out this card debt debt to play eighteen holes any tote bag while great are off bourbon. Is the Koran on bad ended up to paying the debt that's sandy I don't want money because they eat it would amount what scorecard I'd appreciate in his own our bit and I haven't any of that and that state is that accurate to turn to pay a broader converter and Carson. Another note don't I don't march I don't check the. It's. Not very very good it was just you know than these stories about you appreciate did you dub was autograph. Okay yeah that's got a got a big huge price over the scorecard. With faith signature on it and a three dollar that he never spit I aimed at bay in the Al. I signed pitcher wants against the cardinals. It they'll frontier field against it was like oh is all the Busch Stadium but I think it was appealed frontier feel body rests on pitch once. And that's that that's a big game because they they don't make a whole lot of sand eco faxes anymore. Does not sure don't want to let Mort I'm writer he thought about operated and the right play another opera popular break at I thought job ankle thank you chip I appreciate it every everybody appreciate everybody being here today what was CO tomorrow at WB TS guys show. Down into BB empty ballpark and I'll leave you with mark garrisons see you next.