The Power Of The Master Mind

Kandas and Larry discuss how having a mastermind helps your business.


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Welcome to brag radio which is all about being rich and generous. Every week your host Kansas and bestselling author Larry going to show you how to be rich and generous by investing in real estate. Broadcasting around the world on the rag radio network from the flagship station W BT and beautiful uptown Charlotte. He drier host the rock stars of real estate Larry and Kansas. Olaf if Russia. Or Ukraine on the right down the. That's the maybe I don't know. You messed me up and then added Larry Dolan and yet Harry excellent excellent to feel better this I mean you were like dragon last couple that. Alan exhausted are you feel better and I'll love it and we're. So glad I'm glad you're going to be so loudly this show. Because you were as dry. Up or down a bit away from home for a whole week. But I and he had to get up at like what 2:30 that morning. Alan relive. You're done with that long ago don't even in the ligament. I can't remember what day I did watch it. Good for you good for you. So. Last week we talked about creating your vision pleaded goes your business. Or your career your business or ever should be based around your personal vision right. Brian for. That. Yeah lovely irony. So yeah yeah hook. Ted's going to open text while sitting dale yards earlier in the so. Anyway. We're talking about your personal vision lastly if you didn't get a chance to hear it it's episode 100 right it was our hundredth show. That's right right so now this is one walk along honed during a 101 right. So. We will talk this week about the power of masterminding. The power of masterminding Powell does not like mining for Jim's mind but it does not a month. A gold nugget or tail. Yelena. At. A little more loudly this week I'm excited for you. Yeah. Going to be a that annual all. Right and you did most of the the pocket last week and you don't align genetic. You know well I would just the premium to jail now what was that you did a fine job. So. We'll talk a little bit about mastermind you know a lot of people. You know that they have an interest in some public rules state or business or whatever and and and and they that Bobble. Maybe that'll subscribed some podcast. Here or shows us this shows like this. Or listen the replays of podcaster whenever. And but the thing is. You know you get to a level eventually you know you might you might even do coaching mentor and whatever but you get to a level that you want to mastermind with other like minded people right. Well you I think again that's part of that you want to you wanna be around people that are about the same caliber. But I think to you warning get to a point where you can give just as much as you get. You run you've grown that you pats and experiences you have some then. The chipping gift to other people to keep them from doorman latest on the same stuff that you did. Right right and that's the power of a mastermind. Because I must remember is that you're not really sure mastermind is okay. A group of you know about a dozen people get together right. And they take turns and they share. What they're doing their business you know. They'll they'll share something you know here's what I'm doing in my business here's something that's really really working well right now and in its deal with the mastermind is. Topics specific like it's a master mind group of rules state investors more to master mind group of people who are in the car business. We're bank and think business or yet where you where you got Kinnock and a commonly. Share. Where you're not correct common kind of maybe in payment interests. Yeah. That's exactly right and we're actually we actually. Are in several masterminds and we have our own master right answer and and usually when a person gets to the mastermind level. They're already like and rules state there already full time. They're already full time like with hours you're required to be a full time in the past that's right right so you can contribute and give back. Right so you can help others to be able to. You know you can you have something to share plus you still wanna learn because you realize you don't know everything right right in your. It's like Norman Schwarzkopf says you run him in desert storm remember storming Norman storming Norman. So I after failing to reach and it showed me that sanity here army. He can he. I don't have the knowledge old so I Norman said you can tell the caliber person but how much they would learn after they know. Right. He hit some people there that liked electorate no at all. And then what you can't be that you can't be hard Lenovo right and so that you could tell the caliber person how much they want war and after the you know in other words. The more successful you become. You should steal war to learn because you should realized even as Smart as I am even as much as I don't know. And I'm not me personally I'm just talking about whoever. Even as much as you know. You can still learn more there's still other people that have done more. You know bin where you haven't grown yen or ideas but called I don't have. An exclusive own human right not strength of an exclusive. And whenever we go to war mastermind of the week we host Arnold or whatever we have. Well I'll learn so much. Well yes oh in and week we come back with so many ideas office right. Well. We're doing better at that. We're doing better with not as much coming back with new ideas that comment back with better ways to implement. And and better ways to ion. Kind of get the best get the most efficiency Iowa we got. Right right and bastard you got to realize. That you can do everything. You can't. Preach it now. It. When you look at me like that as you've you've been preaching that talent on that snippet. You just can't do everything but you don't learn all of that gathering found that inning and a. Done thank in you can't do everything so but I do trust them so all of time. And I get good ideas on and all my ideas are they all have their own hair. But that's a very PC way of putting that I learned that. Let's. Slow you know. You really can't do everything and you need to focus on what is the one thing right now the good book bad LA as in what is the one thing. Throw that for me. Every note held out the book that to the book. Amanda pneumonia and in it. Right well the one thing visible by Gary Keller started Keller Williams. And he talks about what is the one thing that's gonna move the needle most of your business brightening and the impact they make the most and keep him out on direct line to result. That's exactly right like I'll give you a give me an idea give an example. I have been holding personally. Interviews. When we're recruiting acquisition people or salespeople. Or closing person or whatever and our business. I have been running the ads. I have been calling the well. In our latest mastermind. There was one of the guys there that he said look I never interviewed anybody unless somebody else that's Donald management team has interview first. And said they'd like com and he recommend them. Right. And neither does he got to understand to think about a mastermind is. We've heard that before. We've we've heard that before and I'll write the first time that idea came up. But when that we currently not hurt it the first time it didn't carry and mean adding Carey is meant to wait as it did this come because we weren't. In this situation. That's right so come when we heard it this time it was like oh yeah and Nina makes perfect sense now than before I didn't. And it really think twice about it. That's exactly right and this is a guy in our mastermind. That we've tall many things to as well but when he reiterated that it's like why now. You know we should really start to answer yeah there's yet. We really should start doing that. So no matter where you are in your business you should get involved if if you're not ready to be in a master malware you can give back and actually contribute. Didn't start with coaching or mandatory but if you're in a place where you can give back where you're already doing rule states full time. We can help you if you'd like to get our master mind group we have a few seats available right now you can you can call canvas right. That's right. And same on as always 877 Larry go you got that call no hourly and talk about anything and everything so masterminds as is one of those things that we can kind of go into. Our coaching programs are another thing that we can go into. Basic you can hit the investors can't just get started somewhere in reels thing it's what you're in dissident. The investor's kit Atkinson an out here enough 877 Larry go or text to brag BR eighteen to 803. 89760630. Welcome back. Racked radio. Leading the world to be rich and we teach and we'll stay become successful. And then we were. To go out and beat him the right be rich and right focusing all that generous right. And this means something different to tell everybody it's not like there's a right generous and around generous it could be being generous with your money. They could mean being generous with your time right. And and then what we found this late event within our master mind groups that we attend and the one that we've got. A lot of people and you know get to the point where just cut a check. Is not good enough. You. Did you read what I just wrote them packing fear paper not just writing it to. And not seen that one wow we just hearing that a scary on Avant just look at. Let's sneak a hold so so there does come before we even talked about that and our and our master my meaning. Just the other day. That. There comes a time when you don't want to write a check yet you need to get physically involved you need help others find something that your passionate about right Candice. That's right for me is kids we and I am. Matt and not have two beautiful girls and we love being around other kids in one thing that we know that we want to do together is to give back to the kids. In our community. In our local district in our local community. When it comes a sports and when it comes to life and money comes to be and disseminate it can be there for them there running kind of held showed in the way. And you can't do that with a check that takes time. That's true that's true and it makes you feel much better when you know you're contributing in your helping others Raikkonen. When you feet. And it and it is sounds really weird and it's IE can do is try to check because your time constraints then that's fine if I you can do is tired. Know that there's people that are able to give the time that you can't there's nothing wrong with that don't feel bad about it just know that there's more to your life and you'll get there. Right right and you know being in a mastermind like we're we're in several viral illness as mr. before. But the thing about being in a master with other people who were current at the same level that you are evening. Is your able to see some of the things that they're doing for life style. Right that's right because we all have a finite number of days. Mean just like you mentioned last week and I find that lets the opposite implement. But I. So we have a finite number of days here on this or. And as you mentioned last week about you know one of the exercises you went through was creating eulogy in which he had ninety days which do you can't. If you think about those things when you get to that level where. Money is not as important. Anymore. And you wanna think about what about really passion. While really wanna do and that's one of the things that I mastermind can do the coast. Yeah we talk about rules state we talk about you know different things like automation here's some new marketing things that we're doing. And you know here's some new automation that we're doing here's and you you know app for this app for that or whatever. Here's a new pay structure of this or that but one of the biggest things when you get to the mastermind level it's doing life together and at all. I don't mean this in a bad way or whatever she says on the way but it's almost like small group at church or I. Is Lucas is a focus group yeah yeah yeah. It's it's a it's a group of like minded people and you get to the point where it's not just about the money or just about growing the business yet we talk about business. But I do in helping each other would. Yeah a lot of challenges I mean does ear you're gonna face challenges. No matter in benefits on both one of the gas money guests town biggest challenges this timeless he just he didn't know if you wanted to keep no money was stolen. Running and built it and didn't know. He just didn't feel the same fire with that anymore. And he's a very successful the business stands on its own that's right he's not even ended everyday. But his challenges and most of us would be like man hours are you know I can get my business like that well. I mean he'll sit there and tell you be careful what you wish for because win the fire what you're chasing. Is gonna are you catch what you're chasing then. What's next. Right and he was literally burning helped write. All old on being involved in the business and he said hey you know we do a couple of million dollars a year gross. And it knowing that's a pretty good income leadership. You know I need to hire a couple salespeople. And to sell more houses and which is what he does he sells houses. You know flip houses. And he said if I can get a couple salespeople and here I can get my numbers up to five million a year round at a million dollars he said I don't need the million. And it doesn't really excite me anymore in my you don't know what we started talking about was. Why don't you think about right what what what don't you think about. The because his passion now is not business his passion is help the people whose passion is being flashing to. Although it has always been. Yeah yeah it when you start think when you start asking yourself why I went wide fast start this in the first place well that's setting out to accomplish. Lie and you go five layers deep into why. And you kit to a more route calls of Blake gun they gather timeout last week the density his route. Was in connections with people. Right Vienna Dennis was is vehicle so this guy his town. His. His his root is true why. Was helping people really want it he wants it to be able to to help and be a blessing to other people and be a positive change. Help people in need in the right people were starting businesses that's right console the move as a semi he doesn't charge or anything to force that helped. Help others right right and says sometimes though along the way. You lose your why illusion that route calls us to why you work so hard to build what you got. And master not can help ground you again they can help bring you back that's exactly right and one of the things that that I shared with him in the group setting. Was you know the million dollars doesn't get him fired. How that million dollars. To all of the that he and his ties it or little ties to the result that he was against it. If I have another million dollars a year look at all these people like that help. I earmark that money. For this for this in advance of this. Exactly and then it will push him to get back involved involved in that business and to to be it would really wanna help people that make sense. He does to me. And innings total sense to me just having a little bit admin and a different perspectives that been back and haven't other people that can feed into your problem and and give you different. Alternative solutions that she that you can't see the because you're in you know he was he was so wrapped up in the burn out. That heat he just forgot and it's not a fault or anything like that it's not like it's a mistake he made or anything it just happens. But having people that on. That no year that love you and that can say hard thing last year. Out of love is part of what a mastermind in there as well. That's so true and I will tell you this it takes two or three meetings for everyone to start to jail. Right to get when you are still very idea when you first get started took to start to jail. But but I can tell you this I could tell before he left that meeting. That he when he worked at the beginning when he was burnout about you know president would do that I don't do it I don't know. I don't world work in this business anymore Ottawa builder now I don't have more sales people I don't want to do that at all but then when he started tying the result. To his passion was to me. Via fire pretty. That's right because I mean it's what can I do this money now. If he's comfortable he knows what his his his personal take on needs to being right everything else is lucrative at this point. So he's got this huge chart he wants to do these great things and now he has a drive to make more money I make the businessmen more money. The fuel what his actual true passion and. What his real passionate as a strike that's exactly right. That's really really good there's so many many advantages. Of a mastermind. And and Lancashire and it's not just. The business part in their own personal partisan. They're vulnerable place later years you did miss those people in their crime and it happens every time. And let's all of them it's just it's just a place that. And if you do it right. Fosters an environment for people to be just. Honest. And an open to open themselves yeah. End. Know that any thinness sets and then is not out of a criticism or something like that it's out of love with the cause of people are trying to help them. That's so true. That is so true. So we are helping us that this and we've likely Ares said a couple of times we've got a mastermind of our own. You've gained gimme a call 877 Larry go to shooting emails to me in though it brag radio dot com. It isn't the first show buyers that you heard. We usually talk a lot more about real estate. But this that this is thin now on Armonk flailing and we feel like we need to share. On some of the stuff with you got so 877 Larry go. For investors get six BR HZ to 80389760630. Welcome back I took this whole other segment three out of four. 103 quarters of the way there. And it put her name report they are in Africa that before we start Courtney in guarding you mean it's ignorant and I don't. They get their living music free people on talk radio. And I don't know. That he. They. It has on it is absolutely you an email out to fire on our internal staff. Taps in for their top in. Favorite sound did you know that's about. You wanna create a player for us on the line. I want to create a playlist for some we're gonna have we're blasts throughout the office. I really have that Compton I asked everybody in the office what are your top ten songs that motivate you that make you wanna get up and jump around. And make you money yet this so I didn't pin songs and really added tint but this is like adding hits the hole and jump around our. So I'm the guy for that early jump around in Florida uttered just the plate err I mean and then six that are just like my favorite songs. Yeah they would be jumper and yet. The regional for a city actually be the song Joe Brown this could be a goodly. We tell him mind you can't is not really an inning down around you can do. Yeah. Which it. Enough yeah we don't need to flip the camera around protecting its about it in it is that they're trying all the time. We need another go pro. But I did at this idea half full or I mean aren't about to thank you seem analysts here. Senior analyst added this assignment. However only four of them are. Like get up and new types and I've got an excellent but we're gonna put a playlist. And in all travelers arms and I'm now all right Neil if there isn't any Dem around in the. Only nine and a half of them of them yeah. There are gonna have been out a little and that combined. And I'll love it and that's exactly right they're going to be either Van Halen pink Floyd's easiest. Are you know we're select that. So anyway let's get back to talking about masterminding bright yet you're still reading your song list. Again this slick and artists to look at and aren't. That's funny so. Couple of things I want to share about masterminding. One of the last masterminds we went to. We shared some ideas of some things we're doing. And an even though there people they did it you know have a successful business. In other question and in their own market. While that is great that agreed idea. Like one of the guys gave up to me and he says Don Hewitt he was just when we were taught in the and he was asking some questions he was buying some some property. In a resort area. And and these condos. And it's going to be like it's going to be. Sixteen months before the condos are built right. So. He's got about dental. And and pay for them but it's going to be sixteen months before the start bringing in income goes or what's called pre construction. So is how much going to raise private. And pharmacies. Right how many of them do that. Among race card and a allegedly by an irony and finance these while actually gave him about 45 different answers right. He came stump blaring and that's just why you can't do it. What I have noticed though is sometimes. Some people in these in these atmosphere. Have the same ideas. Right. He thinks a lot before like he speaks about an idea. So he'll be up walking around the room you know all politics and in a boardroom table. Now walking around rent some eyes says that he's like I got no what you need to do this and Demi great. I don't know what to do hears about the actual week with it or discipline you can drive. You can do is. And while the whole money thing is Samantha said to you seven Allen does not ideally that's right. At the open. And twice in the last two day it they haven't tried that I defeated then he has you know line. Like transformational. Idea and he sent their Alec opting out yet nobody else at first but the even Iraq on an island and you look. I know right. That was also in the bookseller things I told him was he he kid you know usable because he darted vault for file these condos and pay cash so is out of his own cash. He needs to raise some some private money. To do this before things we can teach guys how to do but he he's he's gonna raise private money creation construction this thing. You know so it'll have to pay back the private money with payments or whatever prank so. Sure what how many of these you wanna by civilized MacDonald Tim album. You know he said there 100000 dollars apiece but about ten in the world signal for me for eighty. So lesson number 11 or two option album for a hundred. And now this is in Mexico say this is not in the US so. He can have he combined ten album. And have the bill would give him one right. And Obama the money on two and have the bill would give him one right. He can also buy two when he album and tell the and tell the private money lender. You know hey I'm partner with instant lending the money animal park which we're about twenty of them at the end of five years were gonna sell sell five or ten album. Right I'll pay you off the owner money you get half the profit grant and then he'll have to them free and clear threat right. And that's. I'm not fair suggestion of that of that thing stolen I would want today. There's many many many different ways and that was just a couple ways. But but he's also he's got his own wholesaling business you know rules they day trading business for him hard and AMP he doesn't even have an office. Now does he. He Eden like enterprise. Style. Note you'll fuels to work from home he closes the 150 deals a year yeah. And he has no employees. That's well they're Iranian people but he has people. They're not in his office that's right they're not in the office he has virtual assistants he has virtual salespeople. At least come into the web site they yeah. Central lead manager elect the motivated seller leads coming in who sent to Leo lead manager lead managers such an appointment. And then it. And then they sent an appointment to go out seeing how some can offer. Right right. So in the national. Oh on the website so he doesn't even have a whole business right now options open looks but you don't have. A business and office so it's just really cool to see the different types of business and different types of models that people there was one guy. At our latest mastermind meeting. Where. He actually. Does multifamily. Attorney and he was telling us about a deal people five years ago right. He paid 3.4 1000004. He borrowed. One point four million men running from private money. And management company coming in and they turned property around at least about that raise the rent over five years. And he just sold a property for eight point eight million dollars. One even really mean he thought about sonus. And I he kind of set his own pricey so I'm really Lanier and be interested in Los like to get a point eight and number exactly what they got. And he took that money and do it in 31 tax deferred exchange payable twenty million dollar property that he had no more money invested in. And now he's got. 300000 dollars a year in net income. After after the money after the lone bright right after all the expenses so he's he's pretty much up for life ended at 1031. Which means you didn't pay taxes. So Gaza is planning any of reasons to join a master. Right there into the meat and associate. With people like that now we do have a have a couple openings for mastermind. And you got to qualify it's not like something that. You know he would run in and you know that's it also be just pay the money and then come only and we won't make sure it's a good fit. That is somebody that can contribute so if you're enroll stated you're already doing rules that full time. And you wanna network with other like minded people call Candace right. 877 Larry go. If you're driving this. 877 Larry goes pretty easy to remember how we gonna say write it down dollar write down regarding. That's 877 mango or when you're not to have any Maureen Cassini knocks me info at Bragg radio dot com. You can text BR aid team. Two. 03897. And. 606 breed and don't have wouldn't say naming. Think. Welcome back to brag radio and the pianist. And Leonard was not the. Investor would really save you reconsider this is not favorite. Part of the show I think that every reason that we have tasted announced. And we have a student on its gonna among this week. Larry. Or you Claire. Are you having fun and make your money. That's awesome so tell our loyal listeners from around the globe. Dot and it's clear. The air it but it came out they are and AM at the rebuild her life and but you know. I do not have any bad. And it is doing a phenomenal job and it's even got no body and not. That great into them again. Love and that's great. That is great congratulations. So tell us what you do and. Well Alan. And the eight. Half. An hour apart. And it's 1965. That are there. That cap it. Aren't. They in that it's a Bentley and apparently it is. Would you put some life back into. 1960 ones 55 years old. Like the people that eliminated the. And it worked here. It appears. That's also that's also so are you doing a lot of work to. That's the way that I totally rehab always works that there that's normal. Oh battered by everything. A woman to watch shopping and make governor Rick. Well that's where it all in one. You don't even leave the trailer park I. So so how do you make your money on this deal tells the deal how did you get it how are you make a month kneeled. Why after a bout at. That the any F I bet that would Eddie my and it and it but you know what that. Mary Ellen. Day. So. And it bought it and it got wrecked that car idling at. And doesn't it is bad about the bike trailer it. So up there with borrowed. Eight kicked out and Brett. You mean as that private money right. See we were just talking about this Obama's I. What what kind of interest rate you pay them. At. 10%. And. Here. And we're gonna subject to achieve you know. That Ahmed Al. Alter. And that allowed out I don't work out an album out. And cash app and actually decided that it is subject to work rap but an owner Kerry and thought for a little more because and the at and so we're gonna do that it did apotheker. Ed walk away but it ended up better. Doubt. That's good that is. So while I love I love it that's awesome and you found this deal on Craig's list can you believe it people say active for a deal a unified to deal. That's because you're not looked grim right Claire. Yeah. Little. I got to look at it at the eight ball up. You know what the definition a lot is right. It's where preparedness. Meets opportunity. So if you don't know how to put a deal together. You never would have been able to put the deal together that you found on Craigslist that was already a deal right. You wouldn't know how to do it but you knew what to do and how to do it that's what sets you apart. Well you know it is that a lot of education. You know or don't car about other bad. Our meetings and Aetna Aetna. Let other people doing. And eventually I was thinking today that expect that makes some more now. I'd bet and accept you know start. Through this step. There. That's great you were on took action you you have are filthy rich is trading right. That's great that is great enough of those listing that's a training that we have that shows how to do exactly what cleared just did like him. That's right. That's right so clear why don't you aren't aren't just a little bit about how you are given back or how you're being generous. Well. In the particular. Project out of that area at work. But it didn't have a crew. And I ended up finding. Victory outreach here. Where. They're directed it happened. At an urge. LL. And all. Well at work it work I'm still. There might ever break road. Into the work about. You know not have no such thing. And they'll pick up like there really liked it and like that. I. How long did it take him to complete the rehab or they still working on. I actually have a clean. Rask and expect. All the kind of bury. It LL. You know or didn't but it. Up. That's not too bad more. Does not too bad at all. And how many were working on Allentown. There all daily struggle to you know kind of accountability thing but it worked for. How can people get involved with this type of and outreach program and there are community did they what they Google or how to make it. How to make it Canada's saint said that the cheated out of this. For the rehab. And you know I go to a local church and third round. Excited errors or church there. Something. I didn't find my actually my other contact about paying more still got actor. And I at great. Idea. That's awesome it's win win all the way around right. That is great. You know pay the air up there and all that app and out of the big bad. You know everybody else. So he's still looking for some more dealers getting more deals and pipeline. I am. I am looking all. Actually. Thought the earnings. Not at things like. That I talked today probably about. It. Good so you see your you did another deal and you got a note you bought it you sold at a profit and now you can you can sell the note. And cash out at a private passive investor is gonna take that note to. And they're going to create a passive income maybe the retire but that'll be active they wanna be a passive investor right. That is cells from credit we really really appreciate you being on the show today you've just been also upended the hell. To be a lesson to others. And we appreciate you being the model of what bribery is B roots. And generous and help others that this. Thank you so much I keep the good work. A few area and thank you can't dissent in Iraq but today's rant radio leading the world to be rich and generous. More information about Larry and it's about on today show or get a free investors get. Call 877 merry go that's 877577946. You can also go to right radio dot com. Make sure to tune in every Saturday for ranked radio. Leading the world to be rich and generous married and it was for you on invest in real estate in the many ways realistic three to ideal investment. Your news elevenths and 993 WP team.