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Saturday, December 2nd

Rebecca & Greg Becker of Jamison Realty, and Preston Sandlin of Home Inspection Carolina join Paul to discuss the advantages of home pre-inspection, and answers to your real estate questions.


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Investment advice provided on the following program is on an individual basis listening should not consider today's discussion has a recommendation for. Any investment and she carefully evaluate before investing. DC you'll only list each. I'll let. You each. Hello and welcome to the show your real estate today I'm Paul Jamison your host with Jamison realty with Keller Williams Jamison property management we're so glad that your witness today. Happy Saturday. To low overcast there today. Why we got a hold steady out of their way got a full plate today. With me in the studio for the first time. My dear friend Rebecca Becker an agent when Jamison as well as her husband Greg both clients and also. Fell OO workers and agents on our team sorry guys thanks for coming in. Yeah thanks Greg Greg thanks for coming in. You'd be here in thanks Jack Gregory as well meanwhile a couple months ago I guess. Put the Mike's a little closer your mouth so people can hear you're a little bit further out and a course. Back. For another debut mr. Preston salmon with home inspection Carolina Preston welcome I'm glad via thinks I'm Paul yeah man good to be good all together. Rosalie. You have good basketball down there and our dear friend back on the board. Like it's like old home week George is back where it may thank you friend for being down here today miss having year. George George oh good me for a long long time man and not hate that they change the schedule but it's good to have him. Are so we're gonna talk about a lot of things today Preston's got some announcements we talked. Source oppressed and about a month ago I guess we were talking about this so home inspection. Three home inspection preliminary nowhere corrections staff we're gonna talk some about that right I'm gonna talk a little bit about property management. There was a great article in the November 17 Mecklenburg times about. How to choose a good property manager. And then as always I even pick on the millennial through a little bit. And those are your that are out there listen and know that I like to pick on millenniums. But that's okay that's. That's for and I have three of them. At W three of them that I I have raised. Some. Too little stool and does say that out loud without thought bubble can you knew that the fact that he's a delay it long enough to take that award for winning sleuth in the no so anyway. Well we'll check back where were OK so. In the investors corner. The property management and and their backing you've been around that Greg you've certainly been around that two. It talks about how to pick a good property manager here's a couple of great traction with talks about it says. First starters. Make sure that the property management company. Has more than one employee. More than one employee I wonder why. What do you think. Think makes a difference and there's more one employee and a half I thought I. Yeah I think I'd I I'd want someone who's it's going to be attentive to it to our past whoever's in the house and you know issues are taking care of them and and and and items addressed. You know so Preston. And I get to chime in on you a little bit general. You have rental property but you don't use property manager so you are a one employee company. So. Need to properties. A terrible on meet new people will symbol lower at 2 o'clock you're known for 200 books. There. So darted to talk anymore about that affecting you think I got the point across. I think. Can't I can't list I don't know I shut it they'll stick around to do it it's Canada our. This legislation that would hang can't that would just be real happy with that was okay. Here's the second thing in if you wanna know about Jamison obvious you get a Jamison PM dot com. We have created silos in our business where we have time different. People on our team that handled different aspects of the business. But I'm I wanna get through this how to choose a good property manned yourself. The next thing as it says to work or other property manager irk or property management company. There has owned rental properties themselves. Do an excellent and makes a lot of sense to because I think. Administratively. Personally. And not theoretically. You are. Your deal with somebody that understands the ins and outs of what that business needs does. And comes across on a daily basis when you are not agree correct. In the objectives that that those who own rules that would take. Yeah it's interesting because. I'm. In a property management relationship an proper way. How do you think the property manager works. Think I'm manner. That's right here. For this year early. Are true client. Is the only right. And tenants don't wanna hear that yeah you can you can remove a third. A property manager. Is one that is able and has the capacity to do. Routine inspections. He. Now that makes sense is there's now makes sense because I think we have found over the years. Surprises. Are I'll name a couple and for those of you that managed rental property out there and a man found out your windows fine. And that is. All of a sudden an animal shows up that wasn't originally there. Or two. 430. Gosh horror. They're been some people that have come to stay. It didn't leave and haven't left in the two week period which the contract dictates brutally. Third. Sometimes. The air filters have he's changed like never uncles and Lula okay. Routine inspections are a big part of investment property in property management and if you're out there you wanna chime in 704. 57011107045701110. We're not prequel recorded the day we are alive we're actually here. You've got a real estate question property management questioned by itself fix invest inspection do whatever. Anything having to do would your property your mortgage 7045701110. Pick up the phone. We're here current. Next. Preston yeah here's another look at software. Not only critical in your business but also critical in the property management business. Why Beckett do you think that is so we use he has to do the money intent. Software checking credit scores checking credit scores big one wanna be able to get things screened. Record keeping on trust accounts taxes taxes all of those things are really really important. Related to how to manage property how to communicate about property. One of the things you know what what if we didn't have. The portal where tenants could call it could email in repairs. Man oh man he might as well just. Put it up I have a separate hotline him. We manage about 400 need some are known to count right now properties here. And another 400 in Greenville and you know without that system. And then the vehicle ability to pay online and pay our owners online and then have a compliant. Accountable. Balanced everything that you need to do it's important. All right next. Is. The the feet. The average fee is 10%. To it. And it's pretty come. Some people do it for less but I'm won't tell you something. Shear is something somebody told me and I use this all the time if you think a professional is expansive power and amateur. They are angry because that's gonna make a difference and I think we had a hard brake feel when your George coming up. Anytime okay. All right so after the break we're gonna talk to Preston about the home inspections. And we're gonna share or demagogue Packard correct and Preston salmon here my buddy George to show your real state today here on 1110. 993. WBT stay with us welcome back. To show you real estate says today I'm told Jamison Jamison realty with Keller Williams James some property management your host we're live here from the WBT studios. He can reach us here any question you may have about your home fix it do it changes. Inspect that well that care for target kisses for whatever 7045701110704. 5701110. Should I sell now Russia cannot sell now what do I do get ready what about the holidays. Anything you wanna talk about related to your home that's why we're here. But we do have a lot to talk about and I got back to back from our team Greg Burke her husband also. An investor part of our team Preston sandal and with home inspection Carolinas here. Now I guess it was about a month ago when a press have been especially as we did a show. Did you and sandy and I did a show we do. Hum and we talked about. Spending spree listing inspection. At the time. Com. Sure there were a lot of concerns regarding the date right absolutely. Actually it was a depressing shows clear waterless but that there was a bomber killed it was a newly visible askew when you might have but now the the buzz has come alive. Yeah yeah. Well and then you're not very excited to. Pass until one thing I noticed he came in here without you finished. It's not unlike a annually and Breyer I'll tell ahead. Well OK so limited to arrive back armed you know in our industry. A lot of the I'm inspections software companies have been. There's the B a ball. By a lot of companies that sell leads and that sort of thing and it's very scary and it was a big. We'll brouhaha in our industry and a lot of people worried. And they're even came out this thing about free. Pre listing inspections. And the scary thing about that is still at the the cost of an average inspections about 450. Dollars you know higher or lower depending on square footage. And all this data like it needs a new roof you know water heater. Can be sold this leads although it doesn't belong but that's a whole another story its trying to steer. Could add up to a lot more than the cost of that home inspections so the scary thing is. Somebody who's unscrupulous could pay for an inspection and then sell all the data every which way to learn so home inspectors would Rhonda just working for unscrupulous status sellers. But I was really down about it and I just got back from Seattle and I met with the CEO of porch. And we have tentatively work something out that I think will be beneficial to buyer or seller real estate agent. Just just the right way to do it. Do we have done is reduce ultra short. Well on the way this works is it's a pre inspection we don't know the advantages of pre inspection you find out the things ahead of time. You have time to get it earned you know you do eliminate that. Did last minute negotiations you know thinks he fireproof or whatever. You do it on the front end. But the problem in the past has been about this so it didn't just you know the sound and wanna pay for because they got a lot of the stuff coming up. But here's how this works the so pace were initially. All right so the home inspector does the inspection. Bomb they loaded up this would be on line and hit an email goes to the seller and says you know. Before it goes laugh and it says would you like. Estimates own business on the repairs that need to be done now they can say no they can say no in not to never goes anywhere. But if they say yes and this is told in the front. The end of it. But they'll get 500 dollars worth of credits towards the payers. So then that offsets. The on call stoves the pre inspection does that mean Simpson Tomlin okay contract and American upper if you let them so then it goes lot. So what you see is kind of like a car fax were ever that. Palaces listed MLS it would say get my inspection did the inspection report. And it's like ten dollars. That ten dollars also goes to the seller because the real estate agent in the home Spector can't take it in plus that a little bit more back to itself may actually could make little money you know possibly. But the whole thing is here as soon as that report is downloaded. The listing agent. Gets a text or email saying this person just downloaded the report. Arms in the listing agent can call that person and say hey I saw you downloaded my clients report is there anything I can help you win it would you like to know more about the house. They can help the sellers sell that house a little bit quicker. Anything it just does is it keeps all the information. Where it should be so display. On so it's I think it's very beneficial poem and also no matter where it goes whether it's still below or anywhere else. There's the code get our report comes back to here. So that your listing agent. Gets the person so you're listing agent who's looking out for your best interest can call each person who downloads that report coming up I seen a lot of advantages to that so you know. Where that data is going exactly exactly and you know like a senate if they if the seller does not want to share that that's totally up to do. You know Preston and one of the things in America you can certainly chime in from our real state perspective. It is. The initial strength. Of having a pre listing inspection yet and I think that's one of the things we haven't spent a lot of time talking about it. It is especially on an older home. You know and that's where. I see tremendous advantages. To prove inspections and I pray I pray this get the problems. Exxon. And you can they thought he can turn that house quick car here and Seles then you have to be able to step into a scenario where you have a lower. Well let me put it this way all right you've got a house in him that's built in the eighties and you do a pre inspection. You show the pre inspections that the issues with the house were handled course from the seller side more economically than a third tournament the last minute right. And parent. And I'm a buyer and I don't look at that and I see it and I see that everything has been handled. Do you think my offer is going to be stronger or weaker. Stronger yeah that's a salute my point exactly you know what you Walken and two bogeys and you're not gonna lose your due diligence and bats where I'm go. Yes exactly due diligence of Republican House they announced be in your house has been pretty inspected we've already found the warts in we fixed them. You know possibly might have some warts and if I have to eat locally from the deal as much due diligence so there's less risk with loans prints it. That's right. So. In OK first of all I won't tell you that. Not only am I'm I am I huge advocate of pretty inspections especially on older homes correct I'm an advocate of inspections even on new homes so let's let's let's be clear of where I stand related to all that because. Preston has done. Reports remain on brand new houses and they got 28 items in the graphics so let's let's. Now let's lay the ground work where it needs to be right now. Sure bet but from from a value perspective. Preston. I think it needs to be clarified that as a seller group a pre inspection whether users programmer not right. Is clearly. Advantageous. To getting more money for your home I. I completely agree your home's gonna sell faster and for more money and you gonna eliminate potential deal killers down the road. And tried to do another scenario complete. Well let's say I'm under aged I'm selling your house. And will go both ways when it com the normal way you know we missed it. And I think your your own inspector comes in front of 20000 dollar problem. And you guys have already negotiated the deal you're like me 20000 dollars there's no room in that Ford. But let's say we did a pre inspection Paul found out ahead of time the 20000 dollars maybe comprise surrounding get it for thirteen doubts but I try to get multiple people. In the that's a little bit more palatable. Not to mention the problems fixed cost you don't want the person they did an emotional bottom low but the house so. He just got time on your side to negotiate check references and yeah if you got more time you got a better chance of getting the repairs done for less money and better people don't. Yep you know it's interesting because I think to your point. And Greg you know this can you do a lot of of repairs and are pretty handy. That when you're looking at a house. And it needs something. I don't care Moscow wants caller right now just some simple for our discussion let's call it carpet. OK it pros can't talk about part of house carpet it's trashed him. It may practically. Cost 2000 dollars to fix what do you think the buyer's mind picked it costs. 5000. Have no idea right and that only reinforces your point Preston yeah that basically says. People don't know what it cost. The I really. So they're gonna go hole right cash how well perception well and not only that. But you know some people would say they would get their cousin who does carpet or facilities area community commencement kind of had a brutal remodeled kitchen to. You know which you take away that ability. By doing a pretty inspection for them to get you down on the price. Because of where papers could you fix the reporters you got to build timely and economic. Yeah and I and again and Chris organ a pick you up after the break you got a great question so you obese you will be on hold through the break and we'll get you right after the break. But but I think the the most important thing in this discussion news. There are multiple. That it takes. Two to get an inspection. More than pays for itself so we've got a heart break here and about ten seconds so this is. No we're good one minute how good well then throw Chris on here we're gonna make him talk fast that the head caress. It's thought. God man so you wanted to know about is it too late for an inspection. And it has already have my outlet stead and I hate to sound like a great good idea that relate to and what I'd be able to get the benefits Amare. There with the parade that for inspection at that point. When he's brought that has the program hasn't started yet has a problem not the aligned programs right but I mean we still do pretty inspections that's it's going to be about three or four months of think well it it's gonna be okay. But I'm glad that your interested if shallow drilling here and I. Well yeah there are so awesome. Getting it's it's a fascinating program and it has a lot of advantages so. OK can I get trapped into doing that create the pre inspection. You can't absolutely absolutely had that 54 twos 6575. 54 to 6575. All right we'll be right back here on out. 1110993. WBT smiled back. We're down here rocketed out here and WBZ studios July. Show you real estate today thanks for being modest today. I'm here with Rebecca Becker Greg's record and Preston Sam on the home inspection Carolina I'm Carl Jamieson your host Jameson realty. But Keller Williams Jamison property management we're talking about. The home inspections and we just gotta call them about. Some excitement around that and the preliminary inspections and even at the home is listed. George asked this earlier factored could have been an absolutely came. Some of the things I think I think Preston and then then you know I think let's let's talk a little bit more about. Some of the things that. And how what that report could really get used practically. Some of the things I think we've really covered by the fact that. This isn't gonna end up being more like a car fax kind of scenario for house we can set them and I think that Harris. I think it's moving in that direction and we like it or not yeah. Well then if first I did like it I think. But I think it's coming one way or the other in the more I think about it though is the end of the day if it's done properly in the consumers. You know they're looking at three houses and they can look at the inspection reports on all three have really benefits to consumers. I mean nobody you know Basel car and has it inspected after the factor makes an offer and gives them money until you don't expect that momentum. You know if you can look at the inspection pour on the front end it might alleviate a whole lot of headaches hurt man you know something. And any seller's market and even for a seller and fur buyer. It's competition. And a new oil spike yeah imagine or whether having 101215. Offers right away. And you know you can't get to inspection done until two weeks will mean if you already added don't you know that. You know one of the things that people don't understand. And you know baca you've seen this happen before is you get how hard house never get listed it'll get. Five off first. And then. A week later. The prior walks away and professional due diligence money and now you've got a listing with a blemish ruined so what went from hot commodity goes to a blemish commodity even though it's not the fault of the seller. Resolutely to it to be color don't expect to report that caddie you know. Yeah that's. Nets were on the go on Preston held an intelligent human inaugural my Euro mark your mind reader yeah yeah of ESPN well imagine though if it would have been pretty inspected. They can't same thing because when they made offered they knew it they they knew whatever the problem will battles they may mile point he was so. You you you you know you your first step not your finishing step but your first step is to get those offers right right and keep down excitement high. Very nothing can flatten out excitement more than home inspection bad once you lose the home inspectors you to. Americans this. It's not your fault paralysis pins but took some cock dollars and you know this wanted to doesn't I've never killed a do over if you've committed SuSE. Stupid that was pretty good person. 70457011107045701110. If you wanna talk to us about. Are what we're talking about or anything having to do in your home. Or a home inspection or. Like we're talking about before why isn't your home selling. Why isn't. Why has it not moved forward or should you sell this time a year or any other subject you want related to your home that's why we're here are so. A couple things. Just to finish up. The property management discussion that we had in the beginning you can't finish on Charlie I don't know what more can you say okay I'm Carrie. We talked about. A few things that men make a good property management company. And number of employees. Whether or not they've own property before. If they do inspections. Routine any. The software they use. The rate they charge. But I I got one more to do it. Addressing maintenance. Do they address it and do you actually fiction do they communicate with the owner but do those things get done. That's the biggest thing we were laughing earlier about the that air filter. And I'm person brought up brought up a good point about the smoke detector what was a person you send some happened you. He added I had one burned down on them because a lot of times the Tenet you know sometimes they're tricking some mean it goes off because they're cooking. And you know to make it stop he disconnected or take the battery out but it never gets put back our and that's exactly what I have mine house burned down fortunately nobody got hurt. Unfortunately had insurance but that's exactly what happened they took it down and didn't get back up there so hopefully I'll address that we do here inspections. She yeah. Us open and we carry batteries when it's an air filters. It's kind of like you know we've senior filters that look like a piece of blaster yeah. When you know it's kind of collection when your lungs with fluid and expecting you to run a mile of it from Palin gonna happen himself. Are a couple of facts how have some fun fact show up for some fun facts absolutely can't. Median rent in our market. And 1404. Dollars on. Has reviewed. This hour compared to minerals like single possession although demand has slowed this quarter for rental property and president to the Christmas. From the rental prices have gone up one and a half percent. Median rent for apartments. Credit housing before we you wanna know what apartments median rent is. Funeral funeral flip this beautiful about here you would think it would be less than Osama say 12100. I'll go the forty thank Greg I'm saying it's it's more. Yeah it is more it's up by half a percent it's 1551. Dollars played him in a motel yeah that's Waverly salt. Just sort of pay more for apartments you'll have a yard you know it's our town it's uptown live a man. Uptown eleventh. What was that was it you Bakken it was said the talk our Greg on the way here about the number of apartments are buildings to five new buildings or some grown up town. If you grown to 77 and you just peek out the window if you're not looking down at your phone texting. There's a lot of apartments who knows attorney told police to DC cronies are pretty crazy Odom. Senate 704571110. If you wanna yeah it's okay. So that's a blow your mind and torn sixteen. Almost 40% of the homes in the US. Marine to. That's up thirteen and a half percent from ten years ago while I've heard people. It's. Two we lose he would have picked him to hunt to kill I'm good to have bush yeah I didn't ready hit it right now. That's on our democratic five for him. But no hope to do some like. Am I don't know it's not now after this. I'm going up Dominic I am going I am more in the Silent Generation problem that. All right palsy notices from the time Aniston's palsy truth. For hard 25% of millennial ages eighteen to 37 rental home. And 10% of the Silent Generation. Actually went that's over 73 continents generation quit yet. So. But if I was I wouldn't tell you because it's the Silent Generation. Oh okay. Generation X. ages 38 to 52. I'm not many of these suckers. I'm telling them Austrian between her generation of humor boomer at. Significantly more likely to rent a single family family home just over 40%. Of that Generation X. actually went. People in that 3852. That's me exclude. A charge on our youngster you. Who. Let's say. Over 50%. Of millennial. And 62%. And the Silent Generation rent apartments. Then 15%. Of millenniums wounds and 62%. Of the generation. Rent. Apartment. 62 pursuit of the Silent Generation over 73 years old. You know I want I know some of those apartments are called assisted living. But you know until they are still parts okay and are so. Why how can I did a segment. For you when we pressed him when I did Billy. What should not in this current speech now assumed okay is someone do that and it. What's your mileage price BI got a brought about another while much to play thirty seconds. OK first of all won't tell you what your list price should not be. Who. It should not be what you all are what you need to pay off your how. It should not be what zillow says it's worth it should not be how much you invested in the property it's tax value what your neighbors so fork Q what's your home is worth room with room to negotiate like a used car. Are you wouldn't be right back after the break. We got much more to go here on the show you real estate today is they would Wear black. Show your real estate exam hall Jamison Jamison realty Q what Keller Williams Jamison property management. We're here having a good time I'm here with Rebecca Rebecca backer Craig Becker and Preston salmon with home inspection Carolina. He sure we're talking about everything having to do with your home. And now what I was doing at the break was I was stand them up and waving something about now how did not pressure home. I shows so all finish of that. What you oh is this just how you don't price it. It's not based on what you are what you need to pat off how much you invest in the property what zillow says it's force attacks by what your neighbor saw pork. What your home is worth less room to negotiate like used car. A number that the agent tells you to make you happy or what it'll be worth it certain things happen like Columbia Koppel apocalypse that. That is not how you price it here's what you need to consider. Realtors are not appraisers we do not set the market we interpret the market. If you did two appraisals right now they would not match I don't care who the appraisers work and lest they were like bipolar. All right so how long is an appraisal good for. That a how long is an inspection report to do things finished exactly. So remember you get an appraisal is good for uno. Day one. Let's me crying. In exchange does term. Okay how does your home compared to the others in the neighborhood so when I look at compare apples like this morning on a listing appointment that I was on a print out the pictures. Of each of the listings of souls so hi Ken looked at them since they've already been sold can't walk through them now surround contract. And C or or active. And compare them and make sure that we're talking apples to apples is not just what's on the outside the square footage it's also what's on the inside it's been a day and that's exactly and days on market that is a huge. Three gave her. A price and Tammy years it's a school play. It's back on March 2 Josh Wright absolutely you know it's always have a great time to set up. OK. So do you think it's a good time here to sell right now. Yes. Less competition. Yes exactly. I was telling friends this morning. So. If your home kitchen. Right now. It's with a real person. It's was somebody to Scotland. Made plain mean they wanna I wanna see it and they won't see you Teresa. And I'm so pressure right now this time a year but I'm guessing. Your. Volume is down a little bit in home inspections in your becoming your primary months or run run pretty parallel mine yet. But. Here business is still pretty darn active right now it. And we had a big day yesterday I had four closing try to remain. It's busy yeah we live like twenty full inspection system. So that's pretty darn good for Friday. That they get usually try to is actually below Monday's usually they need to. Currently all the stuff that went under contract Thursday Friday you know was predicted to and it's a really nice weekend weather was for myself look at houses. Half half half I pitched like really anarchy it's like went home and you lose. And you know. One of the things Brescia while I have you here I wanna make sure our listeners understand. One of the services that you offer is radar yes this one in the world would somebody do you rate. Well radon is being number one of calls of lung cancer in smokers and number two calls you know. Deferred nonsmoker I mean predicament it's in English and number two cause of lung cancer behind smoking I'm gonna back in this what. We want that it was in smokers I've mention this sorry would you elaborate on for a smoker to what is it gonna say he's sorry yeah. But one of fifteen houses have carried on in the only way to note is to test. And it's actually a big part of the realtor seen this year and you're probably gonna see almost done I would. So more than half the people jet it would check. You know it's like 275. Dollars well how would you if there's a long and fifteen chance your house has hurry up let me get to be some moment. And if it does he can get a radon mitigation system. They're not terribly expensive there about 15100 books in is loans are maintained that they do good really good it's it's a manageable problem. Yeah I. 70457. Jury 1110 if you want a doctor Preston or myself for Gregor Rebecca were all here. To talk about your real estate so give us a Karl. So. In the end going back to the way the inspection them and I think. A lot. I don't believe there. The rest of the good. Pricing stuff behind them on the fact that just make sure you look at the data. Know the neighborhood and work with somebody who understands how to price the house should just doesn't wanna make you happy. I mean that's probably the the biggest thing we call it in the business buying molesting. To get their sign in your yard with their high school picture element that I mean and you know and pray that somebody calls that is not how you do real state at all. A candidate doesn't want to a lot of days on the market like he says its price thrown into and that that he relishes it just blemishes there is so there's. National Association of Realtors says if you do not get a showing. In her in two weeks or you do not get an offer after ten challenger price to move. Blow were attacked. And camera that was okay. Anyway but. So the so oppression back to the the home inspection right now this time a year can. What are a couple of our most common. I think I already know the answer but what are some one of the most common. Issues you are seeing on the news reports as we come into the fall. Com well you've got to change of season gone so a lot of believing when you when you when the season changes. Windows the you know there those dual pane windows the ones that they face south. You know you just it was called windows of the seal breaks were broken seal. You know. But the good news is they're usually on a ten year of warranty. Soon as I was eighteen years old. That's a big thing people firing up that are furnace for the first time. Sometimes I think got a cracked heat exchanger something like that because it went from hot to cold. You know and if you have a carbon monoxide detector you should be able to tell us. And we're the other big things is you know I think people clean the gutters or whatnot they can have some damage around the patient's soffit boards because the the war can't train properly and it just goes into the so patients suffer boards and. I just figured in the gutters after the plants and everything back in rhythm guy. From the trees and stuff can go down that you know. I've seen some the Christmas tree in the early in their daughter can control and he went down lights on it. Very. Glued to Terry I've seen more trees and gutters lightly as astronauts got a bit bizarre. So. I got a question earlier that said if my drop the mood priced as my commission dropped why absolutely because you know because the pricing your house went down my commission goes down. Ursula so. Yeah absolutely not in percentage. It only in. In that calculation. Yeah I mean are realtors not trying to do not sell your house floor you know they're trying to sell your house with the proper price all right so. You know let's let's talk about value Furman you said the word back right so. Don't you think from Preston's perspective. Everything we've talked about today has has a value. Related to Mike writes Chris slash Jorge called earlier about he said. You know there's a value to help him in having that and a value to the potential buyer. Right tell us how home sells one a buyer or sees its value. I threaten or they choose us based upon the fact that they see are down the road who so. All of this stuff we're talking about. Is it is a place where the communication of the listing. The communication of the report that tool in the inspection whatever has to have value when it has value of good things happen. Tony's doesn't have value. And not an example. Crickets yeah exactly him. And and I think that's where I get frustrated when a home gets multiple offers. Five groups come in they see it's value they write the offer. One then the person walks away for whatever reason may be good reason maybe not decrease in May and then irregardless of that. It's of value in it and that it has and so. I have I have a M. I think that I use or communication tool that I use okay good basically talks about. Helping to make sure buyers. Prospective buyers. And other realtors understand. What happened to move through and why. And you know what I've come to the conclusion that people don't know when Russia to help. Yeah. So there's a home has a value we we have fan tenth enough thing. We have a Packard we put in homes now called good to now. They talk about how you things that unless I was standing in there I couldn't take it. I learned the truth from him and you know this whole pre inspection conversation Preston and we would know. Arrests you came out here and told us about all this stuff that was going on and really explained what the value proposition one us but I appreciate that you did that. Into looking into the she can push ups they have been in the past how much time I graduate from Tony seconds. Okay. Beckett and Greg thanks for coming thank you had Preston thank you thank you thanks for being a great partners Jamison if you want to reach Preston 704542. 6575. Or HI Carolina. Dot com threat homes which can only do HI Caroline all of them a little ticked even okay her. Also have inspector for intricate stuff comes home to this but I'm Paul Jamison your host. 846 down 8463663. Thanks for being with us this show your real estate today god bless we'll see you next week.