Pregame-Podcast Episode 4

Pregame-Postgame Podcast
Wednesday, September 5th

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While the pregame post game podcasts I am like Chico Jim's Okie from highly 51 and cough that insult starlet. We're just making our way around town every week yet we've left downtown erupt and is really the only here in Charlotte we've made her way out to the suburbs to a four can be inciting and I guess every week Kabila where's Waldo where in the world is the pregame postgame podcasts is we relish being Nellie tickets that are hats or something close and they people who like this life studio audience and uncle my recent combined of course be morally KGB had ten minutes of then it's of course it's not lives of my time you don't know what left the left but we should bear acutely hide stuff. That's at least get your picture IFF a the giant gold and he under the mushrooms. Result of the brick where is Hokies nights at the compared with the this a big week get ready for week one cobble is coming to town. Turbulence right before yeah pre season is over regular seasons here. Like our team. Like at home opener for us first time in five years so that's happened. And have played you like Dallas obviously got a later start all the nation will be paying attention to this one to put. But you also the injuries to the offensive line is that those guys look like they're sooner than later again back like. Daryl Williams enemies so to Luke. My Alec I like where this team is shaping up they need to be good news divisions we talk about past weeks. With the Atlanta and new moralism negating any words no one answers to be tough that's your. And you know what's interesting you know looking at I know it CBS sports. Sporting. Sports Illustrated because what USA today. Looking at all the national prognosticators don't they have like five or six people they'll do their picks. In it I mean Panthers are really nationally getting disrespect it for team that you know we have ten new news only obvious move from being the MVP. He's healthy this year's seat and to meet this team looks more like going in that's when he fifteen season. Than anything else but we if you look at these national project projections can't there's a picked. Third in the division and couldn't have Brett barely anybody hasn't is being even. Wild card team the SI have seven and nine. But have you look at this roster yet and look at what they did last year and to me it looks like it improvement over last year and and just what was seven and nine now. And again that's just not worth anything I guess it could be motivational bulletin board material for the team probably not let down. I just if I was not a fan after fan and broadcaster I was living California. For New York I would look at that team ago I don't think there's seven enough can no recognized him. Not enemy the divisional go through New Orleans and it think just because of what happened last year and losing and owns three times you know at the Canon. Beaten and beaten and and I think it'll be and yet the Soviet the big test but. Offensively is to Eunice only weapons and you know one thing but the offense while we talk about this in the past episodes but you know. You know I think the minute coach guys up and of course Daryl Williams back enemies so thrilled that this week. I think that'll be make people feel better but I think with seniors passed in the camp sometimes can make up for deficiencies in there. It's because like Lester the running game and me get this season like no other terms of all the years of him right in the football. Because by default that the pursuit traditional running game wasn't it done what Jonathan Stewart even McCaffery terms of yards per average. He had a kind of take it upon himself to be the running game I think later in the season after beginning the season not running at all and you have people gives and what does he dissent lot of weapons he does have to run this year. And then there's camp saying we'll lions got a war meant the the lions gonna roll right guests inside I don't think he's gonna give up running may not run as much needed last year by he's been a lot it's I think it's always been big to put it why would you want to take away an entire. What are your best weapons out of the whole office which is him just improvising an average running down field covering the receivers and there's a fifty yard gap what we do not want your quarterback take off and run. I can't take the opposite view Jim I think he may run as much maybe even more because of all these different weapons I think he's gonna have opportunities where he's going to be able to make. Decisions as to whether he wants it you know if he thinks he has a five yard gain in the past they think to get seven or ten yards on the run. And he in his better Elaine in May be it's not as a dangerous run I think he's gonna take. I do to a big you know so. To me the biggest question mark heading into the year. Is will the office of one BO OK right because they've not only had the injuries they're gonna miss and at time together is a unit it's a valuable time to have him pre season in camp. And and not saying that's going to be. A season long thing but the might be a period of adjustment as you were guys back here you missed plays here and that is great news is. You've got the five time Pro Bowl right blows that's all that and I totally opposite trade turn those guys have been great. So it is as long as they can keep those guys available for most of the team's desire. Yeah that's that's going to be huge and as long as Taylor mode and apparently Taylor mode is the key to the universe that at I mean if anything ever happens that Taylor mode now earth falls off its access to to get the win at any position fix anything. Make the line better probably be back up quarterback they needed them to. And he'd probably be like a third second third sideline reporter right and he needs I think anything I mean that's a more difficult challenge that would take a few weeks suggest you might think given time by Taylor mode to probably make it out. Elegant and honest. They transmit the first left tackle this is another question. Too is like with Ryan met through a lot for half the year at least. Mode I mean this could just be his thing in just his left tackle right and they'll have an interest in decision made later on they mean he's got at least half a season. And part of it is not a lazy good there's really nobody else. I mean they've tried Daryle Williams before and left tackle he's not nearly as good as he is at right tackle right that's going to be key areas the course defensively. Thomas Davis for the forceful first four weeks the NFL told me candy in man. It is PS cells so a lot rebate. And I paid good money for pure delight lower level than to take a lower level I'll think that the lower level so I've in the club so yes disappointing for Thomas city connector of the games. But Jack Thompson what it in the mean of course subject legendary he street it is to do it the last few years on 3 January and that that role. So I think they'll be fine if that the other idea buffalo package anyway when they bring the safety Gallic Colin Jones or if your shot golden coming down millions of such that buffalo package so I think that refiner. Well you get a big test and we bullet Dallas because tells likes her on the run applaud their team that has. Had over 2000 yards rushing last year's first time they have done that since I think 19901999. Season as he Vallely it's now back for a full seasons or that's going to be big test their week one in the running game shut out for Dallas. They'll go as the physique those cars were in the Dallas perspective on things as when he was. Healthy that rookie year they won thirteen games we at the six game suspension last year they won nine games. And with that the domino effect that press got wasn't nearly as good as quarterback rating went from his rookie or what 05. Dad 86 last year because they didn't have that having to respect the run game once. As securely it was finally suspended this season long protected fourth as a suspended as nothing from last year. Just a great challenge and opening day I don't think this is like a thirteen and three cowboys team and it's a good team. But it isn't saying situation and hasn't had back to back winning seasons for the first time since the re jealous about an apple might well what does that feel like. And I think that that maybe partially that the mindset of some national people's answers. You know historically have not been able to do that knowledge of the three year run they would playoffs three straight years. One of those disseminate what yes yup well yeah. I'd say the back that winning still we're still waiting on that they happen one of these years a psychedelic the team I think we're going to be unit. I have my fourth and Final Fantasy football draft tonight. It is too many enamored of the stamp Panthers dot com like Jordan Gross amount of votes against Hillary. Pick six players ever to put that atlas detector five teams assess every week I'm exhausted Mike and I need a regular season game become less that five lineups. I've done for pre season games mean and the regular season football for. Okay I I I start off my Tennessee football season with fifteen yard penalty so. Was in this facility all of us so I'd I duly listen guys and I used to work with and Els at the intimidator is and you know. There all the place now at once where's the Diamondbacks on the networks in in college some of them are like athletic trainers and little all the country the want to and we can do this draft is at night. And so he pushed it back because I had a night's game we can do it last because seasons as a dollar stood on September 5. And a couple of guys accomplished since its benefits and because everybody works in sports Connelly it's like 11:30. Eastern time draftsman. So what went out of town yesterday. I'd get a project and the school. And I had not podcasts and item. A charity. I'll tell you how cities some volunteer work on the board had a meeting that's what's kind of runner on yesterday I got home. You know we put John to bed and I went to sit down and just played on that much stuff. Next thing I know at 6 o'clock in the morning totally missed my draft. Just. I heading checked them up too afraid to look at my job to get our draft them. He is there not a draft yeah it was an autograph so you've got like eight kickers and they kickers I've three quarterbacks FF FF debris all over the waiver wire today. I think the I probably. I'd probably have the activity defense but I. At the party you know he'll yup it's that thing you know I mean you won it once it one draft yet one job to do you like about it. Writer for our random question of the week yeah it's a success because of doping days to get random quotes about wanna make it count football player thing because I think is a good question we had a fantasy draft last night as aero drafting. You have to live and I would one pay at the wide receiver this year who not not a player a wide Reese what were asleep to wide receiver is gonna have the best of what we've fantasy yet fantasy football you're out of all the panther wide receivers who have which. They count anchors Samuel oh please OK yes thanks guys right now right. Nests. And at no one wide receiver and thinking fantasy angle. These again functions. To start with them might be like it's the common away from I think by the animal could DJ Moore then by the end of the year. And go for sixteen games not just that their team we fantasy schedule I think by the and it is a start out maybe like just beat views that. All of towards miss potential placement of sorts DJ Moore suggested to him and buttress that category. But DJ Moore is potentially really with the the run after the catch makes a big places here. Yeah house yeah I'll just say my sleeper pick would be Torrey Smith and he might have a sneaky good year. Yeah but I think I think you'll Futch is I think edit he's done for good pre season come off last year I think he's. You know continuing to grow I think he's gonna put up some big numbers and plus with his size I think he's gonna he might be got they look at and that in the red zone I sneaky guys gonna be I think he can do that Ted did roll. If Samuel ever appears time is gonna be bird but the engineer Burt but at the Snooki tells memory of those two touchdowns what was it seems. But he start really get in the flow last year aside these before and watch I'm excited to see the Timor because you know they haven't had that wide receiver has said. That Tenet extra degree that that Steve Smith that it in its it's it's some it's mental attitude holds its ability it's a mixed in together. I think he's going to be guided. I think you're at the he has an opportunity to be guided down the stretch to be guys that can those two but what's going to be interesting about all these wide receivers and you know we can put. Mickelson. Let's Friday night at tight end but I think it's more difficult as which receive radicals demand it be in the guy again is because he's healthy and these camps security by Google Voice I think the key thing that the looked and I and I think we know the answer is to. As it's been around team this year. In years past. I don't get the sense there's going to be a problem. Like if if the god isn't it before target to game I don't think there's going to be that quality and I don't think this team's gonna be like that I think this team is gonna be happy. You'll see Jerry is right just complain to the media Hillary got torn out and I think they understand come what I think also when they came and I think they understood that this is going to be. As for profits it's going to be. It's built on variety right and that's that change week to week in terms of who might be featured in you know here's the plug for the post game show pregame post game podcast right. A miner told us and we won it was one of those games were. The stars play allotment in there was a lot of what receivers you know granted it was maybe more so than normal game because it was pre season to look at different guys that. And I think they like thirteen different targets in that game. And in my camp but that's we want we want. You know that it's that you trust me to 71 receiver you know clean Olson and running next seven as tackle eligible Taylor mourn let's and to dive right. Is that apartment numbers of before his old. But yeah but I think if if you look at night Greg Olson's YouTube I wanna see him a 56 targets every game at least but I mean I think. If the catches are 234 guy but there you know six MED I think you you can that would nice of Mike you and I got Brett for the postage or. No it's going to be a sheriff Doran and I pressed and asked our he's got NASCAR responsibility just first two weeks he's gonna start off on the IR. All right good deal well he's really behind it hope we'll catch up in the third week so catcher Mike is Jerrold Post game shell. Will be start with a pregame show and WBZ 130 later kick off this week we get mic back in the Booth with in Eugene so there we go home opener Dallas Cowboys a reporter Mike. Not wanting a moment we had nick and podcasts here to cast. And he was talking about him him and dad and his interest I did not know that he has is. Contract it is a general contractor's license. And he's also married to people these guys Internet preaching license also to us yeah. You did some. The garage once in Chapel Hill to try to get a contract light and as he built a garage. At a previous house now. He makes enough money guys that building his own garage but I think you would like you absolutely I don't McDonnell item with the collapse on him on making it for the lady tilt as like you know people look up for general contractors and keep on asking. I think I was like I'm busy. Good to have side were in this business and it's all day at a back a play might as mom and dad always says is get them back a plan. Our Michael we talk about one and out next week or for Atlanta after this when you got it thanks wasn't everybody.