Preparing The HVAC For Spring

Home Improvement
Saturday, March 10th

Zeke Acosta of Acosta Heating & Cooling and Scott Shelton of Charlotte Comfort Air join John & Dave to discuss how to get your HVAC ready for Spring.


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Well into asking John and Lennox dealers Charlie Comfort Systems and a College Station either. On the news 1110993. WBT. Do morning everybody welcome to home improvement with Dundee runs on board with only about. I'm Dave Goebel. I'm Scot Shields or Charlotte comfort test the thank you coolest. You give god thanks for joining us this morning always appreciate when you guys rolling and lots of good stuff happens house all go and do. There there there haven't they're snack that we all I see this that I expect that affects this moon we're journalists we're we're we are let's not interrupt that if you don't wanna come we don't want to interrupt those chicken biscuits and chicken biscuits this morning yeah. Some. Thought I salads chicken biscuits David thumb. You've mastered this chicken biscuit and radio show concurrently so what's this go ahead and kick this thing off the are you are you jealous I am jealous but remember I get to do this in market Janis says right you know that's big added benefit. There's tradeoffs on everything right hand man it's just the balance assault bounce. From what we have a great show. We open up lines immediately last week we got fired up right away so if our folks are out there were at 7045701110704571110. If you saw something awesome at the southern. Spring home and Garden Show Powell feels about it where we're just sit here that the most say we're gonna well most it will take your calls. But with our our guests Arlen ex partners it and then be office. Then now a lot of conversation that I typically around a heating cooling things and were were headed right into them you wouldn't believe it. Last couple mornings but we're actually headed into the cooling season. And numb them put four words things down that we could. There I'd like us to get kind of focused on as we go through the show certainly will just take calls as they come. But bumped. The last few weeks we had and this is more than usual calls but there's always a fair number of calls about hey it's too warm ups there isn't too cool downstairs or. Here's a hint and this summer's gonna you know it will be more pronounced. Then there's probably some things that we can do that address that some systemic things and I'd like to talk about that count are. From the zoning your systems. Heating and cooling additional living spaces David and I have been talking. About planning. When you didn't think about moving to an outdoor space weather that's I extending your living space outdoors and it by enclosing it in India having conditions or in closing it. Screened in porch to make it that at least a three seasoned. Room. May be off foresees a room by heating and cooling it. And then some more get ready to publish our next newsletter and I'm not too proud to tell you. I wanna make sure that we talked today about this at top three things. There's we could do that to the top three things we should think about as we get ready for peak. Grueling season and now we'll talk about them today we'll answer questions as they come up and then mole publish those those things in our newsletter which should be out. Whom depending on how today goes. By the end of the weekend. So it's everybody finished your chicken biscuits. Oh yeah. Yeah. But Chris it's OK I. A public now because I didn't wanna deal though it's ticket. Actually pick a bit that's all right eat eat more chicken there there's a plug for chick filet. And allows both time and again output you know you can't steal. Trademarks and stuff like that you got to get everybody totally didn't treat most angles. Tom price goes so Zeke and Scott. Back up the microphone just a little bits and crumbs get on it in nom welcome aboard. There's there's no crumbs left as he usually got about this stretch there is an extra risk of those currencies are men and. Because by the time I get there I'm just gonna have another cup coffee at the break that'll begin. Seriously. We wanna take call 704571110. Can you guys. Have a lot of a lot of information and and our callers have great questions. It is good but what what do what do by miss a free to say like the three things in Chatham the zoning. Heating and cooling additional spaces. Well also. Indoor air quality products it's not going our ice has really get it allergy season Ramos described and write that down your 100% right. Because we always talk about there's there's there's there's a lot of confusion I think. Com. I don't wanna say snake oil counterpart but there's certainly products out there that that. Are much better from an air quality perspective than others. And so we'll talk about that is and then also I think indoor air quality becomes. Relatives if you energy as we start to tighten up our homes. It it in and you don't have allergies there's other elements of indoor air quality right. That we should that we could talk about. Then and hear hear what you guys opinion is with respect you should have been integral in your system or do you just get cast standalone things. And Inchon shake her mouth that way soon. And that's you keep us busy for a few minutes and David we. We should also have probably some emails along a path that we can share is has returned through the morning yes as usual. Always kid I always appreciate that you do in that always presaged did this hoax beat have a way to get in I have an idea that I don't all share up off their first just or external say anything silly on there David but there's I was talking to Don up over this week. And she has some cool ideas and may we talk about those a little bit I guess sure whether customers are with our with our listeners. Tom we're gonna be you right up against a break we're about fifty seconds away from a break so pitcher argue grab a cup of coffee and end and gets and think about these topics if what do you have scenarios were Tutu called upstairs to warmed bouncers vice Versa. How are kind of on some seasons and and you wanna know there's some things we can talk about how practical how expensive. Are you thinking about outdoor living spaces let's talk about the get in closing additions and things like that. Let's let's ask questions or make you get a good information and then let's get ready for spring what's it gonna take to to have our systems functioning. Well and and and comfortable and efficiently so we don't have to take got a second mortgage to pay you. The bills we'll do all that. If you have questions about it and we'll talk or return to home improvement with John and days. Welcome back home brewers on a day I'm done or. I'm Dave double figures roster would probably eating gluten and I'm Scott Shelton with Charlotte comforts you yeah. Guys thanks to be with us this morning. Talk talk a little bit if we could we've had a David I think in the last couple weeks we've had and it seems like more calls than usual maybe I've just made better notes. Where folks are concerned that it did the they have a single thermostat in the house a controls. You know the upstairs and the downstairs. And the big concern is here when I get a cultural officer as you called downstairs or get it comfortable browsers too hot upstairs. And that's probably only going to be more. Prevalent as we get into the cooling season. Didn't. Talk talk about that and what some solutions are know that there's not just one fix for everything but wouldn't. Say it's sort of put a single thermostat in the house must be size that it that at least in some manner that's acceptable and how they make a more comfortable. What you others probably tens of thousands of houses. Our area than it. They didn't change occurred until January 1 or 2010. That required. The ability to maintain a Ford agreed. Temperature to control room to room or floor to floor so you have a two story house. Prior to Tony Chang you would have won thermostat down stairs and I would always be six to ten degrees warmer upstairs rather or summer or winter. I'm weak excuse that we we do a lot of zoning on the houses and it's the kind of gives you your house back instead of to make it comfortable downstairs. Or even in the bedroom upstairs when you go down in the morning in the summertime you'd almost have to Wear a robe it's so cold upstairs. Her just to get it treatable upstairs right correct. Camp so when he said zoning more cool what is that and Mike how many walls she had removed to make that happen well a lot of times we can take what's already there. This equipment still is viable region just reconfigure the duct work and installed. Motorized dampers or brain and a second thermostat upstairs. Can make their existing system work as two separate systems. So so that means I'll have a thermostat upstairs thermostat downstairs. Correct and I heard you say you install or bring you you actually do you you said you did brain surgery I just never believed to protect victims at. It's not it's not ideal it's it's better to do when you change equipment because I can use verbal speed equipment and multi stage out dory season we can. We can do a much better job but. It's equipment's. You know 567 years old and is working fine it's really hard to recommend replacing it earn. But at least then when medics that system has to be replaced its already set up than they would they would not be nearly as expensive to reconfigure. So when you say it's not ideal it's not like the principal or the idea is wrong it's just that you you're equipment won't operate you won't get the benefit of like variable speed. But you'll certainly get all the effects of the comfort correct. Well something of this radio so you have a two story house and it's 18100 square feet and it's 900 square for you don't each floor. And you have a you know three ton air conditioner for her. And you only wanna Cooley upstairs role if we use the existing equipment or you're still. Using three tons of cooling in three tons of air flow to blow up there yeah so yeah so we have to have relieve some of that excess air put him what's called a bypass. And it just re circulate that excess air but it. That verses what you had before it is it tenfold better. I got it Parra OK so. And then then it's not you really our terror now. Walls are moving drywall you just put them you're putting a damper in some horror and then the main trunk line right and then split it up. Right you can't return you know take some of the year slow for you to supply. Just the other supplies Bill Cunningham are basically. Saying things that they are flown put back into the return. Turns so you can elect. Moderate and modulate what's coming back yhency don't really give up a ton of energy efficiency correct right. Okay that makes good sense so so somebody has got us a such a scenario like that Ken can call. Are qualified folks out to say hey and then and I think I want to select what. I want to talk about like making sure people don't get kind of hoodwinked into buckle we got to put a second system and only got to do something this way more expensive than them what that really needs to be. Yeah I mean was someone try to do. Yeah there we see a little bit everything but the usual. That. There's a there's daylight a lot of houses I have a bonus room over the garage current and that's the hardest room in the entire house to heat and cool yeah. I'm using the existing equipment or we won't pull out as much humidity Israel would do if we have smaller units because were. Marie circulating. Pre conditioned air. So we don't pull out as much immunity but it you know if you if you lived and ask for years and it's always six or greater ten degrees warmer upstairs. Putting in zoning off of that system does not expensive it can be 34 maybe 5000 dollars depends on. Hound dog quirk is designed and and what it takes trustee. Get that additional. Terrorists are our and in some cases rejects them into three zones and make the bonus room a separate zone as well. And I there passes a little different but did you do have options if your if your house is relatively new and you only have one thermostat and you're not comfortable. Content and then there's other ways I mean there's other things too. John we were talked in the we were talking at the break the first break about some. You know folks that are gonna put a sunroof mono Warren. And a room edition on and that's one of those that's one of the key things that Scott as he talked about is that they get calls from contractor singing I needed to come put a couple of ducks. Into this room want doesn't always work. This you have to you have to create capacity. Tom for that so indeed DS system is is designed for what was there. And then you're gonna you're gonna try to rob that and in feet another room especially a sunroof. But so social overrode his huge well that's shame code would require. It is a separate control for a sun room if if any of the outside walls. Are more than 15% glass so. It's kind of hard to build all been in that type of environment that you don't have. More than 15% exactly because well that's usually the idea is to bring clarity cast. Players you welcome to my outdoor bunker and Nancy. The six by six inch glass portal to support our Florida it's a gun portion. But I don't get Duckworth to a lot of times we can still make that some room. Controllable. Yeah I guess an essay zoning is sometimes we get short cycling. Well you can do about it so what's shorts likely well means if your cooling and so you're running a three Tony see the 900 square foot second floor. If they cut all and run three minutes and call them in five minutes later do that again and again and again. Tonight. And that's where you get the temperature being cool but it is still feel clan because it's not taken the moisture on there all that stuff right. Then continue re circulate that cool air through there returned a you're running cool air cooler air cross out of effort to cool you'd you don't remove as much humidity. Can't. Man it's just not easy it. There isn't even assuming if if you don't have the very well speedway it like Scarlett saying about the short likely broadly you know. The unit takes anywhere you don't on the average pay ten or fifteen minutes to. Our kids don't think efficiency is partially skinned fresher smell that pass from cooling perspective right in the correct it's gonna cut off. Before it is less so for parents say you've given me yes you do run its return unit. But here he could have a fairly high efficiency unit of British official in less than there you're not get in the efficiency out of it because it doesn't get a bit capricious. Let me ask a dumb question if this system consistently runs and never get is allowed to hit peak efficiency is that. Does that shorten the life of the dirt just up minimizes the benefits of the design. Put the longer you run the better all the shows like your car when you start off where they were you know most yankees starting off from from its stoplight uses more gas you know. Never fails the same thing with the air conditioner when it starts up the uses more energy. And you can run a car you know fewer and our 100000 miles on the house ways not the same we have 700000 losses. Stopping go traffic can I get a brilliant content. I'm so I think I think that ruled the take away we'd like to have for folks is look this is if you've got this scenario as a question. And and consider this is a solution arm just we're gonna get close to break again but one more thought. But didn't ZR Scott you said every house is a little bit different certainly we know that but is there is there like a certain. Size house or certain design that that you just would never consider this you say hey we gotta kind of go back to the drawing board do this over again. Tri level that the tri level that they try to slow roller weren't descriptive I don't working in between the two floor. You can't you two can't get at it right. But I can be done many hours but does brilliantly over about a threat here. And that's where it was Joker how many MO walls you have your mood that you really are seriously have to do some work on that right right. Okay start that's great information. How we're gonna come up against a break before before we go I disliked when we come back. Let's talk a little bit about wished we took the topic Davis started it with you don't get an an addition or some outdoor living spaces. Let's talk to kind of take a deep dive on an. Are a really high he should be thinking about this before. The the three outside walls are up and then somebody's can't say hey can you run a little bit extra stuff work. What kind of planning should we put into that. So make intelligent decisions you know promote return to home improvement with John and they welcome back this is home improvement Sunday Times Dunn scored The Home Depot. I'm Dave dull and Comfort Systems it's tough with the prospect. And we've got was opened surprisingly quiet this morning everybody sleep and then if you have asked or been asked the question about your heating or cooling and you just don't know this is the perfect time to give us call. We'll take time chat with you and they'll help you think it through and solid and we got. To folks whom that's a long time and Charlotte a long time and not trustworthy so were having him here because it's. People that we think. We can send your way and never worry that your gonna get anything but good accurate honest information so it was guys we appreciate that it kind of takes a load off our minds of those we try to answer questions for people's well so thank you for that. Let's take a deep dive though David when you and I were at the spring I go home and Garden Show we talked about planning. For outdoor living spaces. And then we kind of gravitated to a planning in general last week we spent a little bit more time on it just as things come up in between callers. But more of the things it always happens must always one of the things that that happens a lot is you get this great idea for closing in a deck to make a screened porch. Oracle are kind of a sun room or closing in and are making permanent. Closed in sun room to make it actually parred the living space. And we've always talked about. The structural components of that and him and I got an outline for for next week and the week after will spend a little bit time on a map from objections and that and structural. A perspective but what about heating and cooling and how should we plan. When we're when we're saying now on the mound for a lot of built in addition. Tom probably should get a hold you guys before. Then there's the GC says it's time to have run some ducks. Right well I'm why you have to address that mean you have to address a couple of things at him in an hour on the subject of heat and air but. You also have to make sure this capacity in the end it in the electric panel. So if you know as far as it's one of the things that ship to look at because. We talk about zoning system. Armed with it but sometimes you can't I mean sometimes there's there's situations Regis it's it doesn't make sense to try to get duct work to that space. Would this just cost prohibitive so big you have to go down the road of neither are many split or a wall unit. When you need to. The mini split is always a better choice it costs more but. But she could do a wall unit they're awfully noisy and their date they leak. One on you know all unit you're thinking of like just a regular through the wall kind of heating cooling thing or something this complex is like a looked like a hotel you know yes and not yet that's what is that that's a Pete tack right breast and I say that right. This end and down. So it did again. If you have to do one of those units you have to know if you have the capacity in the panel is there room. I brought them an average wise or space wise because sometimes you may have the average but you don't have big breakers space left so. You have to at a panel wolf. That all has to be best to be figured in and in the price so it did it it. You know what what was up. You know a 1520030000. Dollars sunroof and you know you can just you can go ahead and 101000 dollars on most likely so. But you have to let you have to think about and you end. Free planning that that has to be part of the estimates phase the smoke it you need to know that before you could figure anything else out early. Good morning guys don't have the right GC he's going to harness all right here through the process right. But all too often people talk to G season and show that's for you yelled to myself and they pull their own permits and then they try to get it done on their own in the end up spending more. There are a lot of times than they would have if they would have just tired of professional that would walk him through. That's funny you say that because we work a lot whiff multifamily. Folks right so they and it got a unit at every so you. If you got a 700 unit complex you have 700 heating and cooling systems. How to stay on top of it and I was talking to each element in Texas and he said you know John we just finally gave up. We figured that. Haven't they because they had there'll there'll maintenance Tex install these things when they replaced a right they just. Tenet Spanish and not only do we probably lose the efficiency of the unit because of me I've got installed correctly but we figured we're losing about. I think you set on the conservative side 700 dollars. 700 dollars to 800 dollars per unit of lost efficiency firm in his Texan mrs. regular caddies Fossett needs to be changed and she don't get it today because. The main sectors are trying to figure out to HD CP senate so. Com well that's in addition a single to center. If if let's save. Customary is planning to add some room and they had David command give them a proposal. And then as an hour into our own and then they called us and they called the you know framer and briefing guy. What I would charge David is you know fix what I would charge the customer if they're doing it on their own would be. Fifteen to 25%. More. Because they're gonna waste our time there are close to say you nasty capitalist pig or why do you do that though because we're gonna lose a lot of time because there's. Homeowner does not know the process and they're gonna have a south arguably start trillin and for the DC you're gonna step to start doing the things that the GC would authority told. The customer which is that yes I'm asking the questions that David would have already filled me in all right. So yes not not totally get and I'm just trying to make sure 'cause it's. I'm not a single advanced to I don't call that I know that is gonna take a lot more effort to do that job for them vs a GC. That's all launching dissent. Let's put it like whoa what's that deal. Tom I select that makes me a makes good sense and and David I think you said it we talk about a lot about just didn't somebody out there and pay in. A general contractor to do that as cement and end and hadn't thought when we had armed. Ron Dennis with us member he talked about that it's worth the investment to get all that done and then all that information. Let's talk to Sally from Charlotte sell your morning and hum approve or John and Dave are you this morning. Good good morning how are you Graham I question how important it is to have be a bit cleaned. I changed myself there's quite frequently but you know I feel we've ever tighten the net. Getting your bench scoring will be back in doubt or whatever it's that important. Does does your supply air the warmer and cooler come out of the ceiling or out of the floor. Our floor. Actually I have both they have four in other parts of the house and in the ceiling and others. Do you have a shot back or vacuum cleaner with the pros. I do that. Then I would just clean from the floor in about three feet and that's your best benefit the Duckworth it's in the ceiling well. It's hard for trash to get in there because it's overhead. I'm in the Florida unfortunately have tendency to end up as a dust up canyon and so okay. So clean yourself. Has that aura that geragos and all the pull it off concede the hosed down in their gently and you'll hear it it'll it'll sound like you're you're catching something. OK okay because cleaners do a good job and a lot of times they think. Do some damage to the duct work to get their equipment attached. Oh OK okay through different wreck the regular old elect trucks vacuum cleaners is ticket counters aren't you can go. And try to sort out whatever it went over there okay. Just be careful be careful with the metal parts from other vacuum cleaner it's it's better if you have all of a hose that's that's plastic or rubber. Composers don't poke through that again you don't want to go through with a sharp bench the so it is is probably in May be flex ducked underneath there. And I know it's seven instead of aluminum but you know heart OK you're fine then figured gap is still at that aluminum. One so this okay all right well. They could I was gonna have a parent because I thought. We're alaskans or whatever in there and I well I. Now everything is real quick you're right it's on the floor and you. He can pick up and there. Can't pick but I will say it is a good practice to have someone come out and clean your dryer vent. You know yes. Great point every couple of years heavier drier in clean down and you will be much happier in your power bill will be lower because of the. Okay well that's a step that the good thing ESP one though Richard I don't use my dryer I have one but I'm an out there girl I like to hang my clothes that. But I do for you. Yeah I think it's better but then you should clean your backyard okay. That's a just kidding they're all right what they thanks so much for your time I appreciate it thank Shelley day. Ambulance. All right we'll take a little break welcome. It was done at the time John Jordan with The Home Depot I'm Dave noble because there was this country. And I'm Scott Shelton with Charlotte Comfort Systems. Thanks for being with us guys always appreciate great information to share. We've got some lines open and in worth 70457. OO 11107045%. Don't know 1110 give us call. Great point. On the dryer vent clean out we talk about a lot of different things HTC wise and that's one really. Did you forget about comfort there's actually some risk and danger of a fire in their right. No. All right let's go we were we were down the path of I was planning for that outdoor space right so the additional space. So what were so we're we're kind of OK the GC should do this senate and there's disk costs affiliated with that and and let's not you know BS anybody there's if you do this thing right. There's some upfront costs. That you have to consider them being it is what it is big it is just comes down to elect when he was healed Napa commercials right pay me now or pay me later. Then come. Don't talk about like what so what should the steps would be I'm gonna I'm gonna put a new addition on my house. This I mean we ought to do like you know micro step by step on like big chunks what's that you would be taken. Balmy night I think the first step is it that. You know conversation I generally have as are you staying you know how long you gonna stay here is this is this gonna put you out of this is gonna pitch out of touch with price in the neighborhood. You know if you're only gonna stay there for a little bit of time. Maybe it doesn't make sense is you know maybe save that money and put that towards your next house but you know you hate to talk yourself out of a job but. Yeah have to be honest about that sort of someone's gonna stay there in their their intention is is is to be there's a well they say they drag him out by the thief. Then he you know file means that's that's not such a big deal at that point time because eventually it will catch up. But I think from there then you have to make sure that it's possible to put the addition there are such things called setbacks. Common you have to be within those. It's you have you're gonna build a house she can always get a variance but well you can apply for various it doesn't mean you're necessarily gonna get the variants and just Bissell setback just means you can't beat. Closer than X number of feet to the lot line exactly NN end to end the wave of the way neighborhoods are built today. I'm and have been for really the last twenty years or so close together you have gonna make mention postage stamp lot you have to pay attention to that and I think they're beat I think there are some codes. About going up as well. Grow up as height wise. Yeah there's there's some you know multiple reason why you think about this at your neighbor. But two stories on top of a one story house and they blocked the sun out your your are your your yard can change you or your plants can die you can have problems through a you also have fire issues not that. Protect her plan and you know I'm a calmer canning is in the process and has been for a few years to try and creating uniform. Building voter development code or zoning code so that because it you can go into to sit subdivisions across the street from one another and you're able to tell her Judith and comprise a project asked. So they've always had they've always had it but it it's a neighborhood could impose more restrictions then then there's so there's always the minimum. Amount or restrictions but a neighborhood could impose even more so. Com you know things like a garage a building you be put it detached building. A lot of neighborhoods won't allow that. In if they do allowed Haston Mets the house exactly so instead of being able to build a 25000 dollar garage you have to break it because the house is brick. So is that in most neighborhoods are gonna make you follow some some type of a rule like that because it did that keeps the neighborhood. Values and noon for Alitalia. I think what the cities trying to do is to make it easier right while solaris is that only half. Because if that this sort of wanted to build a new project downtown and wanna take a block and they wanted to build hotel entertainment and retail. Drawing the plans and has done and is ready to be built getting the permits and getting all of the pieces and parts approved is. I could be 6912. Months or longer. Which Sears point of cost of time you have served. Let's get lets you keep from a Charlotte then Linda from Lake Wylie chief Demorrio fruit with John they are you. I'm doing well Larry there are excellent we helped. This so called about. Into the issue and have what some insulation I don't know her lack of insulation warehouse slows. Was that a bomb to probably back in the eighties. Com. And when they did they did it. Very haphazardly and if there's two story house with a worn story at bishop and her or the fees dead space send me I'll call the attic. Was never insulated in the addition. Now there really is no ad experts basically it was just. Two birds can ceiling rafters where the roof on top of it and negotiate our ground there and there's no insulation and bad. That feeling avoid mentioning. But got a couple inflation contractors and you're completely. Different opinions. From on how to approach. One guy access to custom hold on the sheet rock in the ceiling. I'm below and am almost six cents or solar cellulose. Legal political void about it. Then touch to ceiling and other guys comes in certain not a bad idea because you don't have any revelation out there. Which I understand. Because there is no revelation could there is no ridge I thought. I'm slowly built next guest says no recovery and when displaying and cellulose Borland cellulose and we packet tightly. Sort completely and they both have very legitimate reason Bob or what sound like legitimate reasons on why they would do it but neither are match closely. And what was the reasoning for the packing a tightly. Well it says there is no colonel there is and it's soft on the outside. For the very low pitch groups there is no revelation that the pop short stick skate sort and you know so does nothing and I thought well hasn't beaten not breathing or in my concern has to. Condensation build up and as well. Exactly you're right in and that's it you can and not only that you have to have you have to have our thirty met in in net in that attic and and you have to have. He do you have to have a of a vapor Ari baffle. And it does any deed and originated the F soffit vents it's not a completely sealed system so you. You're halfway there but you're allowing air to come in near you just sound worse half way out worst half or so so in reality what has to happen is the drywall has to come down yet to create a ten inch space so he may have to add on to the rafters. Then you put your baffle all the way up the ad ridge there and you install your insulation or you can take the drywall down and you can foam. All learning you can take the roof off of it you could foam from the top or. David though it's Joost is a single story house with a two story addition. No but it's a similar to the story house with a single story addition so he's got basically a shed roof on this edition that has no insulation Minnesota doesn't have a ridge. Islam to put ridge vent on so he's got a tee probably put a flat roof this is and I'm mechanisms that are suite addition. World that's part of what it was intended for more than a master suite we use it as a process and preferably yeah it was. After this format so it's basically. Reversed gable off the back of the house in Yemen that it. Now it's not it's not hang hang almost second we we got sick little break here keep Linda Betty we see you out there were coming your way as well this is home approve or it's on a day. We'll be back after these important messages from welcome back this is home from with John and Dave I'm John Gordon with a Home Depot I'm Dave Goebel. I'm Scott Shelton with Charlotte Comfort Systems we'll secret pasta with a custom vehicle. Thanks guys that we got to get sticky squared away here and then we're gonna jump over Linda and Betty armed chief thanks to wade through the break we we're just clarify an armed you've got to basically issued a group comprised of a two by ten roof. No insulation and at and you've got shingles on the top two by ten at a low pitched. And then drywall on the bottom and you're like how to light insulate that because were just blown energy dollars through the roof literally. So and in the big concern you have is a matter what you do you you've got an issue with ventilation and. And condensation moisture buildup mold damage so whole thing you're a 100% right. Didn't Tom Davis I'm inclined to agree with you that led the drywall comes down and and you. You do some thing there whether it's sprayed insulation I think the easiest what whiff to consider. The revelation and everything would be spray foam but well let's let's wrap it up for off. Add to keep the best we can't it is you don't do away with the softened fences and spray the foam. We ended the two choices are our. Obama and they did make a shed roof of vent right leg goes up up at the top because it's a very few further whether overall this before the wall in the Bruce me correct exactly. And so he would have that choice or the other choices foam. And you can do you can do either one of these from. From the top or the bottom but my thought processes is the drywall probably already has mold spores and it. I'm just simply because it's of of the situation hot cold hot cold Tom. So it is I probably would do it from the the inside and then foment and the end. I'm I'm it's it has to buy tens and I'm I'd be kind of surprised you know fed has to buy I sit I sit to attend maybe it maybe sit too by Keith I'm sorry. Didn't you know I don't know that they had maybe two way that it. Crews prepare to yeah son did if you if you fall may you don't have to have you don't have to extend the Joyce down if you put insulation you're gonna have to you don't have to extend their ceiling Benazir vaulted on the inside there's a fault look the ceiling. Noted that it just literally broke serve so you if you tried a lot of losing the head hide in there at the at vote at the short wall so. I think foam and it would be there would be the way to go now there are companies out there that can drill holes informant in there and they put it in their by the pound. I think is and and they say they're pretty accurate I don't I don't know how you do that I have I'm. The non expanding phone. Yes yes you have to be precise and if you're if you're a little bit heavy you're gonna replace drywall if you're a little bit like you got a gap in your back into the concern about condensation. Yes salt so I think chief. Let's just put distance to a couple bullet points. Take down the drywall. Spray it. Replace drywall will be though from a cost of acquisition and energy savings cost of ownership your best solution in our humble but professional opinion. Perfectly prepared. Any recommendation on contractors to do. Ten Austin. Austin insulation. For their. Turnaround forever good people. Aren't good they'll throw thank you very much your answer some questions about follow. Being in guided. Maybe not the most accurately or virtually you and your spot on always trust your gut sir pinky than it did did you send this email. I did a good couple weeks ago and did did you not get one I send it back and think I gave that information I thought I did. I'm Paula did not have been written they didn't come through predominant. Possible but I did not notice certain as there are okay well and I'll look back there and I thought lesson that I remember up I was thinking this is based on whether you're gonna act at at. You know I thought man is a so ration we have we had a new thing going on in the area so I would appreciate it keep they thank you beneath it. The great one. Linda from lovely Lake Wylie good morning Linda your home improvement which on a Dave how are you this morning. Oh billion proven thank you hope you guess are we are. Thank you. Sleep spat they used a kitchen. And that was wont to tendered out and make it into. I'm proud with and recruiting other our urban Galley I'm you well we're coming to crawl is. They just can't pay or tell me now I have not making that. We can pretend that we are planned break down how okay and the British. I don't know the camera that would go to and laud but do in this for the about a fourth of what we have already. And we're live thank you keep Owens and cobra gonna pay him. I would have somebody paying them and not only gonna add about four. A new cabinet met maybe you get somebody to build their. The need now armpit Fayette. And then we take the old ones spam and still play with them get out here are a bit better care that he better have kept my card. And also necessary when. So was that you've got to the law are their strong their functional they work fine correct. Guerrero OK so the only thing I did David you correct me if I'm wrong but the only issue that becomes aesthetics how does it look and it's gonna look. Like you got old cabinets on the wall and new ones and and you made depending on how. What the design of the existing cabinets are you may be able front camera maker to attempt to mock him to make it look the same church and and then you're good so if you like what's there and you can get the camera guy to make it look the same. Rock on with your bad self 'cause it's gonna look good. Our you have to send send send this email I can I get you hooked up with a guy that does both so he'll economic harm because spray your cabinets and he can make cabinets that won't that won't even look just like Caroline and he helped paint a middle all look the same when he's done I've seen it complicates things they've done and it's such outstanding work. So proudly that well but you can't currently sit you know that they know what it so well there is just better get taken down by. An article appeared in their prospects optional. You're not you're if you are well if you like him interviewed the rock on you good. I don't grow up and it'll layup broke he hung in the thank you Colin thanks for waiting. All right we'll take a break don't go away though. Welcome back this is home from what was done today I'm John Gordon was going to be. I'm Dave Goebel. And I'm Scott Shelton was Charlotte Comfort Systems. Thanks guys we appreciate your being with us we're gonna jump back on the phones here and talked to Bobby Bobby good morning Oprah went on and Dave how are you. I thought I'd hate. I have a there oppose any mandate yes I would that'd be it. And the maintenance they're thinking is there usually ends an eight. I couldn't get through union made as a bully got a list he'd. Came in Dade. Up you know they didn't order. I guess. That's what excites. Is that so inept and it got my out yeah I netstat. That I headache did I get data either. And I I was really not think it because. That advantage and I death go all the way through the Gaza can do they want and you. There when had you dead little flags red dust came I out. And it gave me as look you know I don't have to have my. Now you find it in his state you know it's Britain's. I. I get that sense dictated that I need to get the common. This is there. Not fall much I think I think the best thing to do on the easiest thing to do it just be by eight to bub bub of cop that something but it looks like mortar. Our and they stay solid Home Depot you'll find it in the concrete dial and it's made by us a cica flax. Okay tickets clinics I. And just you could just buy a small team is all you'll need it you can you can. Brushing out you know just just just mold it around with your finger with a paintbrush and and not I don't know if that's solid baster water base. But the other thing he can do is they sell small bags of mortar. I'm and you can actually take that mix it up just like cake batter this make it does make it a little clothes sticky consistency you can just pack it in there with your your pants sort of. Or rubber gloves on. Are so either way we either either one work so this'll plastic tubs for a quick creek that you just pour measured amount of water and in stirred up sir I really don't know. Drought grow marry it. It just. I'm not just look around you won't be that cold tub Buehrle didn't need at a painful. I what Nancy evening did it death go all the way through eight minutes net yeah. And it because they not only problem would be something get had been metal. Yeah I hear it you know that's it's it's it's fine you if it's it's that's Morris static but you do have the opportunity for out. A black snake or somewhere in a crawl in there are so. Well I had I had panicked and I called my detonators. And we're taught you know altogether about it when he called that I felt well. You know god is that the deep and I may be in counties. You'll be you'll be fine but but yeah you do you do want to seal it up. Please but not third probably. It would have been found if you know of Tacoma. You can't buy over the the and and you can use that as a backer but Geneva on a dig a little bit of that out and face and off with so New London yes that's suitable for the sunshine a phone while holed up in the sun. I had any a lot of a lot of the rich dirt came out. I'm not a lot that you know it. Put its brick on its brick on the outside right but here is when they drill that hole a putt at pulverized some of the brick that's what you're seeing and disk because we live in in were though where the red soil and the color of brick are identical looking ask. It's skinny can be confusing but you're you're signed it some clay cap world you have more. Politic like you know you and feel of. Yet in mind or like or like it if the termite told. Could you could look that way yet but you're you're good it's it's probably the brick dust. And when you close that off are you can use if you use a foam you wanna use though the orange can't I think. But David's right it's not gonna hold up to that ultraviolet from the sun and it's gonna look not so. Thank you have. Yeah at this ceremony at the tank yeah all right yeah this is just a bit and it turned back to powders LaRue did. And today and as well god she is. Did have blood AM related stove crave being an opening that big dance Canada if I keep my eyes that. Can't determine when they have developed. Don't put him in the winter clothes and some have right now I hit it out. Summer's coming your warm weather is coming. And we are now commenting that they can't Qaeda or not. How low. And calls small part of the part of the problem Bobbie is that. We we get the warm we get the warm air that clashes with the cool air in there and everything compensate some insulation in the blue at the duct work the piping everything. It's moist the duct work would drip water the pipes will drip water. That water will evaporate it'll it'll get drawn back up by the what is the would dries out so. But the best thing is really of a closed crawl space sealed crawl space. I can't live without feeling about that. That. He says I've been keeping it'll play that my AM maintenance people say you've got low. Yes well because you're you're not dealing because they're still ground moisture there's still moisture gonna come out of the ground. Even if you stop the the condensation that happens from the warm in the cold air clashing so. What needs to happen is a vapor barrier needs to be put down in any probably needed a but but look but if you live in this area and you have a crawl space that's not sealed. Odds are there's going to be mould sure mold is not necessarily a bad thing just for causes there. It's only a bad thing if it's a mold that your body doesn't like dry you have an allergic reaction to it. Don't let the word scare you. Well I think he had a putt but it did give India and I felt. As you lay out to kids big bid. Scared you more sugar pill it's a symptom of what is happening in the crawl space. Is that eventually it's gonna need to be dealt with. So that he could guests did. You're not hate that they have a unit you know that everybody is as little bit more than air conditioning that Gordon taking heat in there. The two mile in this big. Perfect just spend the extra money just encapsulate. Whale and I'm thinking of calling god says I think they would be a bit steep. I've called drive pro and drier hotter and that those two guys give you their opinions they won't charge you anything in the both. Tell you honestly whether you do or do not need or what you do or do not need. Our. I glad that they do appreciate you taking my college morning. Malcolm thank Jason Bobby we appreciate call I don't but I. 70457. Know 1110704571110. Kelly good morning home from which on a day. Good morning Daryn day's pay. Dope problem that I got a friend got a problem mom. Based senior citizen but they could dig understand me that's their goal and I'm forty feet up. And bird that step and make it a nip in the six Stucco and the it to begin to repair or. The tank. And you need day he. Stucco person. But I yet America are an outbreak of Novartis. Yet try does cedar home. Thus thus Stucco or Charlotte plastering. They feed our home our vocal track removal. Tents out and still Matthews series good guy and then now Charlotte plastering they've been around forever excuse OK great I appreciate that you welcome. Thanks Alan. I thought about. Muted by. 704 or 5% don't know 1110 give a shout. Were we we talked about and tell our additional living spaces and and mortgage Caroline here to second but wanna get some but the bit TS sync and also like the top three things we need to do and as we charged on the path to spring here. Hi Caroline good morning I'm home from which our Dave are you this morning out of. I'm an idea that lady that the cabinet room he can sometimes it's just new doors. He could have glass put in the once he had men who hunger and my came here late. Why can't I listened to a radio I get so much static most of my outlet moved. I had a part inside about that before it can really appeal a little bit. Do you Kiev fluorescent fixtures law enforcement fixtures and hence now. Then from. The it's possible David I think the other thing that can cause that is just to lose ground somewhere in my right engine. So. There's there's what. Mean a lot like a little mix so lose ground there is our what neutral I should say at least neutral and you have a black choir and white wire. Then and did did runs power for everything that you do in those white wires get connected to what's called a neutral bar in the column in the breaker box. So you could have a loose connection in the breaker box or you could have a loose connection with a white wire. On on the outlets that you plug an end to end and that creates some of that static issue. But then also influenced by every parent is the lightning has been real real the F thunderstorm in all eyes glued to TV. Not necessarily a little different issue that's three Mississippi hit from like nineteen and it's just bad luck right there. But I but if she does have a loose neutral or a loose ground. Anything with electronics can actually get static electricity from that's exactly you know hug and the lightning strike and I bet it would work a little chess partner. Caller electric and yes at the ground. Haven't checked the neutral a neutral bar that panel we'll check the panel just Tommy won him next tighten everything up. Okay and end go through the panel and make sure everything's safe so the poll panel cover often though got through in the off we'll check all the all the connections make sure everything is tight in there. What they have to come and it has RB electrical outlet while he can't find anything in the handled and he will. He'll start with the most that the simplest and most of the easiest place to get access pick Caroline don't go away is willing surrogates are Holden at the real answer your question completely. We're taking a break your folks don't go away from improvements on Davis come right back welcome back this summer through which on a day I'm John Gordon with a Home Depot and I'm Dave double. He could. The move and I'm Scott Shelton with Charlotte comforts us. Joseph Lynn one of the things we talked about opening up to show was the top three things people should think about. And get ready for spring with respect to tell heating and cooling and obviously cooling for the spring season can can you give us some guidance on that. I only. We keep talking about it just. Have an assistant terrorist. Before that. Hot weather hits. Being built to. Find out what you'll look under it. Chunky and assume he did start thinking about replacing. They can give you an idea you. PH. In a lot of homeowners through Charlie asking you hold hitter I don't know our phone have been their three year group. You know that the soon. You know you might have a twenty year old unit and moved to maybe start thinking about a replacement. You're listening as you know indoor air quality elect mentioned before we're there's. Because of the galaxy incumbent. Filter filtering. Filtration. Unit. If you have. Farewell speech unit partial saying you know to kind of push you through it yet you know he unification. While you are burning. What closings is. People don't think about their air conditioner analysts not working right. And all too often if you had an air conditioner in the past that had the old style our Frederick 22. You did didn't require much service because the internal pressure inside of that or fridge and Circuit City indoor the outdoor in the piping in between on. 1090 degree day would be. 280 to 300 pounds of pressure per square inch. The new average which has been in use since what 20022003. The old refrigerator in the equipment went away in 2000 intense Lou. You're old and he didn't really have to take care of it as much and you may have moved into a house that has the new refrigerator and you trying to think of that unit like. Same one that had the old refrigerator. From the new refrigerator could have 550 to 600 pounds of pressure per square inch on the same 92 degree days. And if your filters are clean and her outdoor coil in your indoor coal or not toeing the likelihood that you could have a leak or. Another failure is it sure namely high so. You don't ignore that unit 'cause odds are it has a new refrigerate. I'm so. It is a great refrigerator works just as well as the Olin the problem is just has twice the internal pressure. So if you ignore it. They repairs could be expensive so it's just so much better of a practice to take service service it. Have somebody look at it in the spraying I mean it's been sitting idle for the last six months. You wouldn't leave your car sitting in a driveway for six months without at least charging the battery or checking the air in the tires so. We spend so little time in our cars were we sell a lot of time on our homes and it's. Think like your car you can have your cartoon or you can take it to the shop we have to come to you. Do it at your convenience let's service the equipment let's. Make sure that it's ready for the warm weather this coming in and it's just one less thing to worry about. Give us more about. What about outside liked Tom. Just getting out there making sure that the leaves haven't been blown up and I guess if you get a service they're gonna check that they're gonna take that cage off the top and suck out the any Weezer debris from down inside the outside unit put. There's a general practice is making sure that foliage like you the F plants close by the having grown up to appear slow things like that. Immature so mature reads now you know grown up against Letterman New England through to the cabinet you think that'll be good bit. Are nothing this industry is I guess is. Not an average finish is that the humor. Everybody talks about in you feel they are passing thing year. Through our equipment has to any award these sort of you sort of consumer a false Social Security. Because. That's the pot hole is the part in the in the manufacture and didn't I ain't they playing. If it wasn't service. Sure and but nobody you know. But servers just let's say you go buy a new car and you drive it for 25000. Miles without doing zero maintenance and these the engine blocks up. In the car makes its way back to the dealership what do you think they're gonna. He didn't do your stuff. We're not gonna fix it because you didn't follow the warranty guidelines you know when Mitt you will be experience you will fix it up and Acosta you don't pay for well so like when we put a new system we include a ten year parts and labor coverage on everything we install from Lennox right. And we do that for the simple fact that hey if you have a failure down the road it's covered. But the other side of that is to make sure that you do your maintenance because if you have our warranty and you don't do twice a year service. Did voids the warranty. So gives you protection but it also mandates that you take care of your investment. Got a try to that's good I mean it is so this doesn't sound hard this is not difficult stuff to do. Get a get a service via a service plan or at least get a service called taken care of arm work on the indoor air quality piece of it don't forget filtration and armed. Really meaning reboot it boils down to Q I guess I edit three by saying get outside but it's really two things because get a professional out there to do so that you protect the investment if it's new. And you you maintain that as it needs be maintained I think drinking and get on a soapbox or so. Slightly. And track you don't even need to be in a soapbox because nobody can see you just go ahead what I'll just tell you what I find the most and it's been I've been in this industry for over thirty years X-Men and infirm. Almost fifteen we have these. It's just a sympathetic. To frustration for us is this. Aim is or if we if we came to your house and you needed a new heating and air conditioning system. And let's say we gave you a standard option and it was 6000 dollars for complete new system and and and 8000 dollar and 101000 dollar option. All too often people would buy either of the least expensive. Okay we've put that there is a point of reference and for comparison but there's no features other than a little bit more efficient then why you have now heard. No humidity control no air purification of air cleaning no. Remote access through the thermostat just. Kind of like maybe a little better but almost like what the builder put Illinois house was built for him. The average consumer would not spend an extra 2004000. Dollars again equipment that creates comfort instead just heats and cools maybe on evenly no additional control other than can taking care of temperature. And we live in Charlotte the problem here is not that it's you know 75 degrees and have since 95 outside. The problem is or isn't 95% humidity outside and you don't know what the humidity is inside your just not comfortable even at 75 or 72 degrees. People would spend an extra 101000 dollars on a car that they spend a little bit of time in and would not spend just a little bit more to get better equipment for their home that they spend a lot of time it. Good advice I hang tight for a second scoured take little breaks folks don't go away. Welcome back this is home improvement with John and Dave I'm John Gordon with a Home Depot I'm Dave Goebel I'm Scott Shelton a Charlotte Comfort Systems. In addition to tougher with the prospect it and we'll play. Say one more time guys Jen really appreciate the time he's been with us and there's a thousand things you could do on Saturday mornings there were grateful that she could be here with us Sherron good information. And guidance with respect to HTC we appreciate the partnership and the today and integrity the child bring to the business. We've got some lines open but David I think you had a caller that it would in Salem but there was a question came up about bath time. Yeah they were wanting to know about re finishing a bats others they were something if there was a way they can do it yourself they thought they were there was some spray or something available at Home Depot on and then there are kids there is but I wouldn't do it the that's the thing. Yeah I mean you could certainly try it that a lot of times you end up in a bigger mess up it's mostly the perhaps. You eat you really have to do the prepped properly in order to get the new product the bond thumb so. You gotta be halfway decent getting their product on there because it gives it it becomes hard. Didn't get away for a yeah you can't provide once once she gets so far along you can't go back to DC something's they are better touch that it's not gonna look right well guess why it yeah we look at our new look worse than it was before you touch itself. Tom but they're some companies in Charlotte that do that professionally if you choose not to do it yourself. I'm one's long standing near remember bath crest of Charlotte. Great great company they've been around long time. Do good work keep it checked with them if it's if it's that that's another surface then nom. You have. Miracle method is out there. Bass bidders Nam and surface specialist. It's believe that's with a name and they do they do all types of surfaces. So there you go hope that help. Good deal thanks recover that. So just just a little bit of a recap and then so Scott I mean I think your point was we we had to take a break their you know where you said they wanna be on the soapbox. Basically I think you just saying look folks. Just apply some common sense to you know to high you think about it 'cause. Com you can eat you do you spend less time in your car every single day but the differences you like look at it you get in it you touch it. That they actual driving part of it. You don't drive your HG AC unit right EG you touch a service that is so you don't have that that kind of every single time you look at an awareness. And it's easy to forget that it takes. Is much you know time attention and love. It's does your is your auto dust smoke. Cars are an emotional. Purchase we're you know we're car culture we love our cars during. But the average person has a car three years the average heating and air unit is twelve to fifteen years. Buying the common denominator. Without looking in and making us you know well thought out decision between you know good better and best. It didn't you get more savings you get comfort in legs it percent to haggard if you get a little bit better equipment you did. Utility rebates. Manufactures rebates. And long given time. When it's there you get tax credits and I don't care about any of that comfort is what we sell if we can control humidity separately from temperature. That makes your house comfortable makes makes it a better place to be and I mean. We've all seen word. Somebody builds a million and a half dollar house and everything that you see visually aesthetically is beautiful. But the heating and air in the plumbing. Oral exchanged a few would have gotten if you bought a track how serve you know condominium. Which is really basic. Basic equipment not that is bad but it's. Yes so but beloved puts the onus back on the on the HE Sheikh industry. Right so calm and and you guys are good example but. Number one are we training our technicians to speak intelligently about the system that they're working on or installing. Number two how is he incentive structure built. And look it's enough for me to say do this don't do that and it put put you create some concern in the mind of of the of the consumer and he knew create some opportunities. For biased opinions. When you in center service technicians are too. Did you to tell higher pay if they sell more stuff. So do you grow a bit of a risk. And if the person is it really well versed in their incentive to us sell more stuff you run the risk of I was trying to sell stuff to customers that don't do this either wrong or not needed. Or some combination of the two and and then we have some problems right so hum I think. You know from my soapbox perspective and in a person and industry who gets held accountable and and needs to be held you know when you account bill he's great. Hum so I just think the decibel and attitude and that's one of the reasons that David and I are comfortable saying hey look you call one of these two characters. And they're gonna help you out 'cause. There their long term benefit the best that they can do is get you the right thing David you said it very early on he says sometimes it doesn't make sense talking about an addition. Sometimes it doesn't make sense to talk yourself. Out of the I out of a job like and in addition it just didn't make sense sometimes the best synergy to make is to talk yourself out of a job so. I don't know if that's that's my soapbox cattle could take to touch on that the norm in our industry now. Distancing of as your technicians with. Commission. I'm not a fan at all adults and that is productive for the business and it's not good for the end user because they may be buying something meant. They may not need to. I am a proponent of pay for performance period a discussion I don't believe in seniority drive and pay I don't believe that a lot of crazy things under the and you do your job better than anybody else you get paid better than anybody else. However you point out very accurately that they could create some biases. I'm so RC Zeke I think I cut you off. I shouldn't say it just took the hero. You start paying them. You actually you know they've performed as they got you know that don't have to call back they don't have that. You know right that the customer complaints and you know be the other way around it you know customer referrals and a good reviews. And that gives him a little I'm not. You know as far as peace because you shoulder of the thousand dollar repair and you end up getting an extra hundred dollars a day. That doesn't mean you start good free free to wonder is not good for for for the companies are good for the homeowner trying our best not what you know we just don't do act. But more companies then not now pay their guys a very small. Or zero hourly. And incentivize them my commission and its. I concede a point of view the owner of that company because it fixes their overhead they knows that it. You know that that technician did 2000 dollars in sales the day his overhead burden was fixed percentage of that. That the negative is is you can take guy and it's a really good technician whom maybe today only has one customer. Decision very much for your mom's house he. He doesn't find things wrong he doesn't make any money that's I think that can not lead you down the wrong path then. Instead of just taking care of your customers and only recommend and what you think they need. It's time I I made a very strong as a person I'm not casting aspersions on know people that do it and they're good people. Anything that started with good intent can can always further iteration. And please we're not saying it's wrong. Because they're there's a thousand there's more I believe my experience tells me that there's more honest people doing the right thing out there than there are criminals crooks. And you know guys try to hoodwinked. Right but. So anyway so sorry that soapbox time over it. But it's my bad. But I I just wanna call out there we really hit some things or get some get get get some advice that there are solutions. When you have this this scenario that it's too hot upstairs. And interest in cool downstairs or or what is called throughout there's too cool bouncers or some lose some solutions for that call zoning we talked about. We get some planning and and make an intelligent decisions with respect to Tom. Getting when you were you thinking about putting. HC AC into additional living spaces or when you're adding additional living spaces. And then and consider indoor air quality. As you as you get ready for the spring. And and that was one of three things we talked about from from a perspective of getting ready for the spring get a system service issue if you don't wanna buy into you know our long term plan market. Yeah at least get some counter service done now before the spring. Get outside just inspect and make sure you don't have to education and things grown up around it and M and as we said addressing indoor air quality so I think. I think we we covered a lot of good ground again this week and and we appreciate John. Our thanks and his. Club David I think where we're close another break cherish or the end. We are. So so hot I'll say it officially we really appreciate what you guys chief for us thanks so much for being with us. And folks always always wanna remind you that Tom do we do we do this we hope this is enjoyable for you as it is it they're informative for you mrs. enjoyable for us. And we always wanna remind just the the most important count home improvements which can make. There's a wanna make sure home happier place eleventh so don't forget to work on that project this week and we'll see you next week on home improvement retirement date and dial star star 1234.