Preserving Your Capital

Bulls & Bears Show
Saturday, May 19th
The markets flattened out towards the end of the week. The Online Trading Academy is talking capital preservation this week on Bulls and Bears.

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The following is a sponsored program on WBT. This is a paid program from my training academy stock trading and investing involves a high level of risk Amy can lose a significant amount of money. On the entry canning its personnel to not provide investment advice or make investment recommendations. Nor are they in business transaction trees are directing client accounts. Welcome to bulls the bears I'm your host Adam at Cisco sit back and relax and enjoy and a great day weekend and fired up excited. So many things going on out there in the financial markets so many things happening here in the Carolinas and just pumped up and excited to be here. As always want to thank our sponsor online trading academy a school that teaches people how to trade and invest in the financial markets. 401K is ire raise independent cash accounts understand online trading academy is a school that teaches you how to self director of portfolio. Talk to them give them a call 8887508723. At 888. 7508723. As always it studio coast of the Bulls and Bears. Senior coach of online trading academy a friend of mine meant to remind you coach Steve Campbell is gonna chip yeah it's the weekend man. Los talk about our markets were moving dramatically early in the week and a flat dollar a bit toward the end of the week. Intercede because. We're looking at the macro picture of the markets the last few months. And it's been flat and I wanted to discuss that with the listeners in what that means for your retirement accounts and what how that can possibly hurt you long term. Lots of things to talk about we talk about capital preservation. That a great asked the coach call coming in about Social Security which I'm excited talk about so lots of talk about good to see you here in studio GA. As always good to have you here behind us behind the glass do what he does. And as always is is excited to be a man absolutely don't forget that over to FaceBook like it's a Bulls and Bears radio. And of course 447 if you have a question for senior coach called a coach hotline at 877. 904 trade that's 877. 904 trade and he called Coachella 24/7 if your question ends up out there. A nice little Bulls and Bears prize pack will be sent out to have some great stuff some lessons at T shared it's really a great little prize packet you know the good thing is. You question helps you it might help some other listeners as well so thanks for your participation that absolutely like going on out their champ one of the things I would like to talk about his understanding. How individuals right now aren't a lot of people are at the peak of their market that a lot of people in the 41 Keizai raises there at the highest they're counts ever been. One of the things we like to discuss is how to preserve protect their capital before the next correction. Let's take a few moments let's talk about how one would go about protecting me the money in the 401 k.s the I raised truly understanding capital preservation. Well. It's amazing that we look back to January of this year January 2 the first you know market opened the student the first day the market opened for the year. And we looked at current where the S&P in the Dow is the Dow's essentially flat for almost six months now. We've gone on a train ride and come right back to the station we left from. And the problem with that in many 401 k.s managed diary positions because that's the ball go what people have that listen to Bulls and Bears. Lot of people in foreign k.'s fourth freebies for 57 accounts TSB some sort of company sponsored retirement account and it's basically you purchase mutual funds every fourteen days or so you pick. A mutual fund choice serve of multiple choices within the 41 K and every fourteen days you buy more shares of that fund. The problem is when the markets flat for six months. You're getting no growth in your position. And yet you still getting churned with fees and one of the things we talk about your Bulls and Bears is that. Those fees a lot of times there exorbitant over the course of a 25 year forward K household lifetime. Those fees can be as much says 155000. Dollars actually that's the low end of the scale. And that'll be the low end according to the Employee Benefit Research Institute which means you'll pay over 150000. Dollar 125 years. Whether mark goes up down or sideways to that institution that manages that 41 K. And a lot of people when they really hear that number 150 grand. To manage my money. And yet when they look at the balance and therefore going to it's really not enough of them ever tire on the math doesn't seem to work. And we find that a lot and what's important is that a lot of people think that the 41 K is a pension and it's not a pension it was not meant to replace pension. Those originally created to be a savings account to be a force savings account. With a tax deferred status when the first foreign kick him out that hole was designed for was designed to supplement pension not replaced pension. Pensions went away. Because companies couldn't afford it's always about the money folks. And what happened is a lot of people studded treat their forward came like a pension. Expecting that it's gonna last you into eternity and through if you retirement years and the problem is is a finite amount of money. And it might not last you and what we have these in turn these turns in the market where the market goes flat for six months like we've had just recently. You're paying two to 5% on average in fees and getting no growth in the position. That's the definition of insanity in the problem is as it happens all too often in people never ever ever hit their goals because they run out of time to grow the account. Because those flat years of earning nothing it's actually costing them money and that's the real problem with the industry and for a lot of people. The solution is learn better how to protect against lost. How to weave those fees or get those FISA laws possible and the key thing is Adam is you know if they learn how to preserve capital will eventually hit those retirement goals they set. Well that's the key thing is preserving that capital why would you wanna give back twenty or 30% the next correction. While I do not wanna focus on protecting and unfortunately the average person they are focusing on growing. And not protected in their for their will take advantage of the market going up when the market is down they do not understand how to protect it. And their fortune at the average personal lose whatever the market takes well they'll lose in the feast in the fee structure and they'll lose in their position because. We're sitting in a place right now the markets overnight we see these dramatic swings in volatility. Daily daily swings now moving 234 points. On a day which never used to happen now it's common. And so people have gotten kind of immune to it so that volatility in the price movement. Is something that people are starting to accept both had no growth. The market's basically topping out and we have a saying in the business that tops take time well we've been called for a significant move down for awhile. And it's just a matter of math and when it happens. If you're not prepared for you if you're in a 41 K. You gonna give all those gains back you gonna turner went into a loser and the so many things that the average person be do the listeners. To protect him preserving his loss in a dramatic move down and were calling for. And you have to be ready it's not time to insure your house after burns down you can't afford the premium the premium we mourn the cost to fix the house. And so right now does a lot of things that we can do as individuals. To protect against loss in eight dramatic move down prize. And it all involves understanding first of all that you need to have a capital position in place and second of all how to protect that position how do I preserve capital. Most people in forward K have no idea how to protect and preserve capital. What I love about the Bulls and Bears and on like shady canyon a sponsor is our whole design is built around showing you an on duty understand you need to do something to protect against loss. And be prepared because it's not a matter of if. It's a matter went well again that's absolutely a chance because if people don't think of this market's gonna correct itself whether it's next week or next year. You know they're they're mistaken it's gonna happen and it only goes up and only goes down it's bound to happen that way online trading academy understand there are people that are nervous are people that are scared that you don't wanna give back the profits they have their count. That's what a class specifically on capital preservation of this class is taught the campus it's a 500 dollar value what I love about this opportunity is for some of these brand new the market they've been in the mark for years. This is an opportunity for you to learn how to protect the money they've grown so far. Rihanna take collars ten to 28 is a 500 dollar clasping of the forward and take callers to and that's when he via the phone call 84451. Trade. That's 84451. Trade for callers tend to Tony to get this 500 dollar class on capital preservation. From our sponsor online trading academy that they 4451878233. 84451878233. For callers ten to twenty. To get this 500 dollar class on capital preservation from our sponsor. Online trading academy again if you brand new the market you've been marked for years he had money in a 41 K higher and you wanna protected. Does a huge opportunity for you you do not want to miss out on this because tenets won it 844. 51 at trade does that mean champ on Bulls and Bears. Welcome back to those casual for the fifth third as. Nothing well jealous. The center it's absolutely always have some last have a good time here in studio over to the head over to FaceBook like is that Bulls and Bears radio and of course 447. Have a question for senior coach call the coach hotline 877904. Trade if the tape 77904. Trade. And the number one question does get chances are you available the answer is that now been happily married for eighteen years dobbs ardea. Yeah. I'm jumped to its every dialogue you have your your legs yet she's got them. Just either Davida get time always moderate back from gays or baggage studios but yet you know one of the things that we like to talk about your rumbles of mayors understand this market goes up the Smart goes down. It's absolutely Paramount that individuals realize. They can make money both in an up market ended down market you want the best in the world explaining shorting in the market. Let's take a moment let's talk about how to make money in a down market. What's essential vehicle one that you financial goals I mean think about it. Historically speaking in the markets either overvalued. Or undervalued affair by which means it was or night it's gonna fall. Once on a guy's gonna rise or its fair by its at least stays the same for awhile that's what we're seeing right now we're seeing in a flat market. Now what's great about the most successful traders and investors in the markets year Goldman Sachs year citadel is your individual traders like Paul Tudor Jones. They all understand that down is good. And see for many people the problem is is that would be in for we've been biased have been program I think it up as good and down is bad. And down is good it's just price movements see if we can learn to profit from price movement. That we don't care about the direction. And so the way we are able to do that in the financial markets one way. Is to do what you call selling short a short selling on giving example what that looks like. Let's just say you open a brokerage account and you decide that you thought GE stock which traded around fifteen bucks a share. Was gonna fall the twelfth. Now let's assume that your ride and we we don't know what's gonna follow not a new could be wrong but in this example let's assume that you're right. And you decide that what it's at fifteen you wanna sell it now here's the beautiful thing. You're selling it even though you don't own it now that's with a disconnect happened for a lot of people lot of people when they. Hear about short selling or selling short as it's called for the first time they get. They kind of can't wrap their brain around how can I sell some if I don't own it. Will you broke girls and their allowing you to sell their shares into the market on your behalf in other words. When you hit that shore itself but in your brokerage platform you've broker sells though she is a G into the market at fifteen bucks a share that money comes in your account. But you can't use that money could you sold the stock if fifa dean. And because of that you got paid to sell it fifteen the money is now on your account that you can't use that money to go by ABC stock because. You have to buy the stock back in other words you have to replace the inventory backing you brokers warehouse. In order do that if the buybacks it's because you sold it to enter the position. If the buyback to close the position but here's the goal. Buybacks twelfth. Because of my buyback to twelve what I just do well I sold it fifteen. Hit the sell button my broker sold the shares into the into the of inventory into the market somebody bought it. Money came in in my account when it falls at twelve I buy back one I buy back the moment I buy back at twelve the inventory goes right back in my brokers warehouse. And I keep the difference. I sold fifty I bought for twelve to three to all the shares stays in my account. On a hundred shares legislature in a box 1000 G is I missed just made three grand on a stock and never owned simply by shorting it. Understand something folks this is a game changer if you've never utilized it because. When we look at market history mart goes down as much as it goes up and it goes down faster. If you can only make money one direction when it's flat or when it's fall you lose. You're never gonna get your financial goals are so short and was short selling is what separates the wheat from the chaff in the market. And becomes an essential skill will be because of you don't learn it. Then you're gonna give all those returns back on the market falls we gonna sit on the side and missed tremendous opportunity in both of those. A never gonna receive no light to reach those goals set few self defense and what I love about that champ visits a skill set it's a skill it. You study puts in time into a couple months go by. You haven't known to take it from you'll get nervous she'll get excited to get excited about the market having movement you know he should be excited about the opportunity that nervous about what's happening. And a lot of people don't realize it's just a matter of learning and sitting down saying I'm gonna make the decision Miller had Davis what's amazing is people they hear us on Bulls and Bears they cius around town. They always ask me what's a good stock I love that they welcome to me go this is the guy you know this is the senior coach he's on the radio Bulls and Bears. They say what's a good stock and Alison Lacey want it's publicly traded. And the kind of look at me like I'm strange like that's the answer but I know what they're asking me one that I think's gonna go up. I don't need to go up I just need to move in that moves his profit there's an opportunity make a profit and most people don't understand that. And that's what separates. The successful traders from the masses want things my meant to tubby years ago is fine Elwood everyone else is doing and do the exact opposite. And everyone else's look at the things to buy and then look at him open a market doesn't go down. When we can proper regardless of direction we don't care what the market as we just need movement and movement is opportunity in you know I love people always say to me what do you Dumars can do tomorrow. And he's gonna move. And that gives us that opportunity to make money and when you really understand how to do it. It really can get to that compounding growth curve that's gonna help you reach those goals you set. While that's that's the game changer that's what that's the whole idea specialized knowledge you talk about all the time champ. When somebody can get that skill set that knowledge of the average person next door neighbor there coworker doesn't have. That'll be a financial game trip and we start to look it we can do it on a macro level I mean with things like exchange traded funds ETFs. That track the S&P that track the Dow that track the NASDAQ. And so we can have the stability of an index at one price falls I mean just a great examples earlier this year from January 26 and now we mentioned the first session. The market's fallen 7%. You could profit from that some percent move down most people sit in forward case just churning fees and other words. The market should not going upper Dow's kind of moving sideways in every month you paying fees and it's just depleting your count over time. And so we can profit regardless of direction up is good down is good all does it puts probability in our favor that we're gonna deal profit more often. And once you start to include debt into your trading and investing. What it does it allows you and not be afraid of those market conditions in other words. Were calling for a significant move down the S&P is a hold the Dow's wholesome but because it has the falls been going off for nine years it's overvalued. When it does fall if you're prepared you can profit from the move down not only protect against lost by. Go cash your liquidating your position. But put a position on analogic a profit when a false and think about that. You talk about think about the long term effect that would have on your investing lifetime for 25 to thirty years that's the real key. Is that you're not stagnant easier in the market going down a move inside we just a little profit if he can do that you can reach that compounding growth curve. That eventually gets it that retirement lifestyle that many people looking for. Well that's the key champion able to build your accounts protect your accounts make money regardless of market direction. To get to that retirement lifestyle and online trading academy. A lot of people understand people want to short some people want to get the idea of how to make money in a downward move they don't know where to begin they don't know I guess started. Warm while they don't think they can do with their 401 k.s prior a's in the money that they already have. And that's why online trading academy as a class specifically on shorting the market. This class is a 500 dollar value every time we given away your Bulls and Bears the phones light up when live a few seats to give away. You wanna be callers Tenet 25. 84451. Trade that date for four. 51 trade for callers tend to 45 to get a 500 hour class on shorting the market. From our sponsor online trading academy that 844518782338445187233. For callers ten to 25 to get this 500 hour class on shorting the market. From our sponsor online trading academy. Again if you have money in the market you don't understand how to capitalize and a downward move. Via the phone call right now 84451. Of trade is adamant champ fumbles in bears are. There isn't Osama niceness is just. Welcome back the holes of players that heroes that this guy have some laughs I was a good time here's video hang with the fellas. Diverted to head over to FaceBook like guests at Bulls and Bears radio and of course 447. Got a question for senior coach college coach hot line 855. 90 trade that they 55 Niger trade if your question ends up on air as a prize pack Bulls and Bears prize that you know little fear The Beatles easy to operate as a backup bass lessons to his job. Lot of times people think of the market they think of long term investing they think you know the buy and hold strategy they think gov put it in there and they'll be fine in 4050 years but a lot of people that I know that trait of this and utilizing BYU. Is that they understand that the market can generating come on weekly monthly annual basis that the market can generating come where you can get duke forward can be consistent. Let's take a moment let's talk about that the average listener doesn't know how to generate averaging come and activating him from the market. Let's break that down. Well when you hear the word traitor and a lot of people V unit were. Looking at charts all day long listened to information in you know go through reports of medicine that could be further from the truth some of the most successful intra day traders that I know. Have full time jobs careers in the generating income in the markets on a daily basis or weekly basis. And there are only tune in maybe 3040 minutes a day into the markets still looking for good opportunities. And made utilized what we called automatic execution platform where. They're laying in give me in here get me out here get me out here from wrong. And allows them to create an income and if they have a good track record of good systematic approach to making decisions. We can really change for a lot of people give them another stream income we talk always about multiple streams in come here Bulls and Bears. The markets can be extreme income and what I love about BC new coaches online trading academy is that people commit to the academy all the the world 42 global campuses to big goal. Academy global Internet base and who got a great great establishment. And what I love is people come and they say I think he's election income. I do it is to 500 bucks a month summer bucks a month can the markets provide that they can now will lay. I can't guarantee of success and anything but the ability to make money in the markets is there if you have a good plan and a good system in place. And the so many ways you can approach the markets to generate income I mean there's. Options and futures and currencies and leveraged products an idea of digital currencies crypto currencies like. Beat Cohen theory him. These are all things that we can utilized on a daily basis. We're off to be sitting in computer for hours at a time to generate income and what I love about the academy is that many people. They're this that can supplement their income and are looking for a way to. Make ends meet the in the month than they really stuck to get a system down. And eventually in a lot of them are able to started duplicate their current income with their marketing coming given that choice of may get get the markets generate my lifestyle income. And so that choice comes with time in repetition in and experience and data points that show success but. It's available in C in Europe to be that Smart or love about the financial markets less insulting you have to be Smart to be successful. You got to be will follow plan and a system. And what I love is that most people already working in an environment where you have. Some sort of protocol some sort of process that you follow the Matt if you do get the markets and in 3040 minutes today maybe an hour day. You could generate an income from the financial markets because. Up is good doubt as we talk about that earlier direction doesn't matter if we're able to proper regard to direction and we can do it daily or once a week. This really can take people to the next level and give them that second she mean come and ultimately. Maybe you know another level financially it's available and what I love is that you have to be Smart he's gonna be teachable once you learn a skill. You can start to the process of being successful over time and ultimately. That'll help a lot of people with that additional income stream. Exactly you know let's have that additional income streaming go to many places a lot of people would help other people with that. So you'll pay down debtor paid on a mortgage with that some people just reinvested in just grow their wealth long term. But when you get to a point where you do it on a monthly basis you know first in its game changer and the key thing is this. Europe have a ton of money to get on the field. I mean I've met people that literally have less than five grand that we're able to participate in the financial markets to stop to get a consistent process built up. And it's exciting because when you have products like futures and currencies and some of these leveraged products that are available for us to use. And you know how to use them responsibly. We can really take you to a bigger return with less capital investment which is what everybody's looking for. And we've seen it time and time again so when a lot of people he had or treating they think arm of the time out and have the resources out of the capital. With a very little Lotta money in a very short period of time you can be successful in the markets treating for short term income if you have a plan in place. And once you got that planned on stuff to create that track record. The sky becomes a limit exactly the sky's the limit to huge opportunity for a lot individuals out there there's a lot of people wanna trade there's a lot of people that wanna get started they don't know how to do that they don't have consistency. And that's wow online trading academy as a class specifically on active income trading for income is a 500 dollar value whether you're brand new to the markets are you been trading for years he don't have that consistency this is the game changer for you as a 500 dollar value taught right at the campus. We're getting given way right now we're gonna take callers ten to twenty via the phone right now call 84451. Trade that date for four. 51 trait for callers ten to twenty to get a 500 dollar class and trading for income from our sponsor my trading again. That's 844518723384451878233. For callers ten to twenty. To get this 500 dollar class on trading for income. Again if you're in the market you don't have that consistency you're not able able to count on that on a monthly basis this is exactly what you need. If your brand new you've been in their for years get a grip on this pier of the phone 84451. Trade that they 4451. Trade for scholars tend to want a date for four. 501 to trade is that a champ fumbles in bears. Welcome back the bulls the bears are roused out of it's it's gonna have it's a blast and it's that favorite time of the show it's time for ask the coach we yes there from Dalton Georgia. Hi my name is there a bit of an event on Georgia my question is I'm 26 years old. I keep hearing that when I wasn't able to retire but I won't repeat any of security. It mixture room and it though wild wild weren't even need this security and if we're with the week yet. Well we don't know an essay if it is true but there's a high probability ministries there and thank you for the question. The problem is is that the Social Security fund the money and that's supposed to be sitting there for retirees eventually collect back based on what they paid in. The money's been used for other things I mean the government is over extended use money out of that funds of that fund is essentially bankrupt. It's insolvent and they say by him before 2030 the year 2030. That there be no money left in the count and so this isn't the problem is is that for everybody pays in every gets paid out on what everybody's pain and and yet they use the money for something now somebody's gonna vezina get paid out or they got their raise taxes or move it from somewhere else so here's what I tell you. I can't unequivocally say that is not going to be there when I can say is don't rely on it. If you're reliant on it as a soliciting comer retirement you could be very very upset later on because it might not be there. So prepare for the group the best expect the you know what they say expect the best prepare for the worst. The worst might be that you pay and then there's no money for you to take out eventually when your retirement age so our belief that Bulls and Bears is that we can't rely on that. I mean one of the things got a realizes that the retirement system in this country. Used to be built on what they call a three legged stool you had pension. It's still security and had savings which was 41 K originally was meant to be a savings account. Pensions went away so securities bankrupt which leads 41 K a fourth seabees are company sponsored retirement accounts and the problem is is that it's a finite amount. In other words you can run out of money in the problem that most people have Sarin this is the big concern of most baby boomers is the gonna outlive their money. And that's a real weary and so you're alive and also security. As a supplement then that's fine. But if it's not there any you would need to live your life style that you're going to be up against the after rely on family friends. Some other alternative method so our job our job as people who work for a living in. Have the goal of building a retirement is to start to be more diligent with that money in other words. We have to learn the skills of handling it better and the problem is is that. We don't learn those skills we do is give it to somebody else we get a job would go work for companies they we SATA for the forward Katie lure us with the match the company match that Laura and and now our money goes in the some mutual fund that we don't know the manager we would know they sat next to us in the car driver and on the road. We don't know many times we don't in the opening statements people don't even open their former yankees Davis and this is their nest egg is the retirement account. And they expect by osmosis and by some miracle that by turn their return is gonna be enough money. That's systems set up to cause you to fail. The average are top 41 K now this country the end of last year was 91 grand now don't get excited about that that's before taxes and that's the nest stake. 56% of those accounts. Of those of those of 41 K accounts have less than 25 grand in the and Social Security might not be there and the 41 K bounces are enough for you to live your life you gotta do some different. And so we get Bulls and Bears believe that you can do better by self directed by learning the skills. To take that money that you're putting away for time and managing yourself. You can do better because you can make money whether goes up or down and ultimately. You can learn how to protect and preserve against lost utilized different instruments that allow you to make more return will less capital. There's so much available in the great thing is there is. It has nothing to do with your IQ it has nothing to do your base of knowledge is about the markets if you have any any kind of led ability to learn a new steel and other words. To learn something that you've never learn before by following a plan you can be as somebody who self direction money in your wealth and we seats. We see all the time people have taken over that money and they're doing better and the good thing is is that. We don't need to rely and so security if we know how to grow our count regardless what the market does Social Security should be a benefit to us. And it should be supplement to what we already have and what we built because of reliant on it. It could be in for a long hard road to retirement and we don't want that so I appreciate the question great question. And a lot of people don't think about that when you're younger. If you get older. It could be a real concern later on and the fact you're now 26 thinking about that. Kudos to you learn the skills of self correcting I think they'll serve you better and you want to rely on Social Security. Exactly and there we appreciate the call and obviously if anybody has a question brass coach call the coach outline. 85590. Trade debt the 85590. Trade. And there's been nice Nestle prize back Bulls and Bears prize that in and hopefully she thought that people think. Because a lot bow reliant on that and here's the thing folks you know your 401K. Is not a pension. It's savings account that is at full market risk and your pain fees every month the summit in manage. And yet you can make you grow the market goes up to the market collapse or fall as you can lose it all give it all back perhaps Mitt one fell swoop. And that is not a good plan for a long term success. So what I love about terrorist question was she's concerned about having enough money retirement and the traditional system that many people follow on the full one K plan. It's not gonna get them there. And we see the massive and it's not art it's not our opinion is just math and when you start to look at a map the masses doesn't work he did do some different. Exactly that's on the different you know is not dramatic is just getting educated about it online trading academy the sponsor Bulls and Bears. They understand people wanna take control they understand what they're someone like Sarah's 26 for some reason they're sixty they'll want to control their finances don't want to control of their retirements. There's nothing wrong without there's a course of the academy called self directed it's a 500 dollar value course. We're able to give away is courses some blistered right now from online trading academy. Where will take callers ten to twenty is a 500 dollar class on self directed your portfolio pick up the phone right now call 84451. Trade that date for four. 51 trade for callers ten to twenty B a 500 dollar class on cell directing your portfolio. When you've never done it a Dana lifer you've been trying to do for years as an opportunity for you realize how you can manager own accounts how you can self directed ultimately take control. That's a 445187233. 8445187233. For callers ten to twenty get this 500 dollar class and so drinking your portfolio from our sponsor on the entry again. That date for 451 trade 84451. Trade does that mean champ on Bulls and Bears. And yeah. And I know. You know. I mean. Welcome back the bulls the bears have I was at the Cisco have a good time to see you always flood here bulls the bears. To read head over to FaceBook like is that bulls or bears radioed of course. 24/7 if you got a question for the coach college coach allied 855 at 90 trade that they 55. 90 trade champ talk about variety think is always talking about the markets. Having fun really wanna balls down to the markets no joke is not a hobby is not a place to dabble is not a place you know missy how it goes. The markets business you know goal Goldman Sachs street says the business individuals should treat as a business let's take a moment let's talk about that. Many business owners out there let's talk about trading as a business well let me give you an analogy here what if you could find a business. Where you had no employees. No workers' comp no liability insurance didn't at least a building. If we're about inventory. Net to about customers. The door vote walk in traffic coming in your place of business. And imagine if in that business if you wanted to buy something at whole still you knew would have good wholesale price was so they could buy and also Charles sell it retail. And imagine every time you wanna buy something at wholesale there was millions of people willing to sell through wholesale. And every time you wanna sell something at retail was million people on the pay you retail price for. And you never had to meet these customers never had to come face to face with them and you literally do from your home. Think about that you have to recruit people you have to sell product you NAFTA. Networker. Or house and inventory though some of these small cottage businesses that people have none of that. That's trading. And think about that this summer you right now that owned businesses in your business. Don't view. In other words you started a small business if you saw the dream you saw bill and equity the American dream land of opportunity. You stepped out faith and now you business owns you and other would you be bought itself a job and I understand that my heart goes out that I was a contractor I know what it means to chase the money. And to have people owe me money and have staff that didn't show up in all those headaches and problems. And I saw the picture of a traditional business says something that he'd reached the American dream forming. And then I saw financial markets are such trading and investing and I said holy cow. I can get there without a lot of judicial headaches now must and that is again anti gonna be successful just like there was no guarantee when you start your business that it was going to be successful. But people before they've gone had tremendous success in the markets and if I can learn this deal just like any business. I can take it to the next level. And that's what I love about trading and investing and we start to really bang the drum it Bulls and Bears is that. People think they're not Smart enough for sophisticated enough to be successful in the markets and that's the Ohio Wall Street. Big debate that you convinced of that the masses are convinced. They can't handle their own money why didn't the so many money that it is banging the drum on. Talk radio about give us your money which in some annuity that is not the answer not necessarily enough for you. And so when you learn the skills of self directing and you take it on as your own responsibility. If she'd like a business the sky's the limit. You know what the land of opportunity still available and it's here live in the financial markets you know what. Is simply a matter of you taken decision that you need to do something and then learn the steel and watch what happens I've seen it with. Dumber people in the people listen to us on the street you have gone on had tremendous success in the markets. And I love the fact it is no limit on what you achieve and ultimately you still own business and you still follow in the American dream that's the markets that's available to everybody listen to us. Absolutely champ being you know it's exciting and it's exciting to watch somebody to. Who wants to be in the market they don't know how to get started they don't know where to begin they're not generating income from market over a period time mixing you know it's start to grow. It turns into something you sometimes and other times it's just just another nice streaming come but a lot of individuals champ they don't know where to get started when it comes to trading they don't know how to begin. Lot of people are in the market entry is a hobby they wanted to get that next level treated as a business. Online trading academy the sponsor Bulls and Bears they have a class specifically on trading as a business but listen carefully this class is great for the person is never traded. This class is great for the person who's been in the market is not consistent or maybe they haven't taken the market serious. Is a huge opportunity for that anybody out there that's in the marketplace is a 500 dollar value we're gonna give away. How we're gonna take callers ten to 25 we're gonna take callers to the Tony five of the phone right now call 84451. Trade that they 44. 51 trait for callers ten to 25 to get a 500 our class. I'm trading as a business from our sponsor online trading academy. That's a 4451872338445187233. For callers to the 25 B this 500 are class a trade as a business. Again you do now on the side on this severe in the marquee are not having consistency. This'll take it to the next level 844. Five want to trade champ I appreciate being here this week jail is have any duty here in studio this is adamant champ on Bulls and Bears.