President Trump Calls Off Meeting with North Korean Leader

Vince Coakley Podcast
Thursday, May 24th

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Good Morning America. I was elected to represent. The citizens of Harris exposing my. Saturation there are too many goes on the street we lose 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says to the world. Well we're gonna negotiated better deal I mean that's like OJ Simpson saying don't rock find the real. Good morning and welcome to broadcast it's amazing to me how you can have a plan laid out. In the finalizing today's rundown. And I'm trying to I always try to look for something positive to share it at the top of the broadcast in fact. My intention. Twisted talk about the wonderful developments apparently with North Korea. May have blowing up. One of these tunnels they've been using for nuclear testing. But that's story has now been displaced. For the party a new development. Which is not a good one. Just a few minutes ago. The president has announced he has canceled the Singapore summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Yeah it is canceled previously scheduled for next month. June the twelfth just a few weeks from now this would have been the first face to face encounter. Between a sitting US president and North Korean leader. History. That will not happen now. The meeting. Is referenced in a letter to Kim Jong-un. Released this morning. Sadly based on the tremendous anger and open hostility displayed in your most recent statement. I field is inappropriate at this time to have this long planned meaning. That is. What has been communicated down. As I mentioned this news came as North Korea made a show of dismantling the nuclear test site but also and heal some sharp words. From the North Korean government about American demands regarding denuclearization. There have been doubts. Growing in recent days about whether the summit would actually happened. North Korea abruptly canceled talks with South Korea. Angry about joint military test with the US. In the Korean Peninsula. Much of this letter was written in conciliatory terms including praise for North Korea's recent release of three American prisoners press and also appeared to. Issuing threats. The conjured memories of his war of words with Kim last year you talk about your nuclear capabilities. But ours are so massive and powerful I prayed to god. They will never have to be used. Will. Earlier. The North Korean official. Called vice president Mike prince's remarks like being Pyongyang. With Libya ignorant and stupid. Pence it's in North Korea could end up like Libya if it doesn't make nuclear deal with Washington. Remember we talked throughout this couple weeks ago about Libya what happened in that circumstance. Boy that really worked out well force didn't. I'm not so sure that's a good idea. Maybe the idea is communicating a threat. By the same time we certainly do not want. The same kind of situations going on in Libya. In North Korea. Certainly not in our best interest. As a person involved in US affairs I cannot suppress my surprise it's such ignorant and stupid remarks gushing from the mouth. Of the US vice president. That's when that topic could North Korean officials say that. The vice president's comments also echoed those of trumps national security advisor John Bolton who had suggested the US. Could pursue a Libya style denuclearization. Planned with North Korea. Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi was eventually violently overthrow. A move to US support. And as you might expect Kim Jong-un. Is very concerned. About regime change. I just hope. That this is dealt with very very carefully. I know some if you have a great deal of confidence. In the presidents. And the people around him. I he hope. I'll just say I hope. That wisdom prevails here yes I get the idea of negotiations. That sort of thing. Now this can go into I don't wanna get into the weeds here. Because some among us especially libertarian mines. Are very concerned about the presence of people like John Bolton. On the president's advisory team. People who might be more characterized says on the hawkish in the spectrum. And I don't. Necessarily discount there can church. I didn't mention and we had extensive conversation about what happened in Libya. Now tape in granite there'd they're very different situations. Very very different situations. But we also have to remember. Iraq. Afghanistan. How of those situations turned out force. We can think. Very long and hard here. Because there's the potential here for a real mess. I mean it still blows my mind. Here it is totally eighteen we're still in. Afghanistan. Why. Why is that. And we could have a more extensive conversation about the inter connections. We were talking about the Federal Reserve the other day. And it's activities. With the World Bank. I don't know I in this this is part of I have to tell you I can read these stories I can see what's going on. But there are things I suspect her unseen here. Then I don't completely know what to think about this I really don't. Are there. Dare I say it. Either machinations. Developing. Somewhere. At foggy bottom. With the intense. To you the United States involved in something we don't need to be involved and. I don't know. What we can certainly look back in history. At that time did not seem like the right thing to get involved in Afghanistan at that time did not seem like the right thing. To deal with Iraq. Fans. Looking back. At least the way we engage service. I think there's a huge mistake. We were. Dated by somebody. We have a conversation about whom. And why. But the more I've seen of world events and the more I've learned. The more I suspect a good bit of this revolves around money. So not even geopolitical stuff it's M a role in EY. I don't know I'm gonna get your thoughts. Your perspective. On what is taking place here. Is this just to bump on the roads or assists taking more ominous direction. With North Korea. Singles advantage startling number 809 to 1110. Common sense retirement planning tech's Brian it's 7130. 14 minutes after 10 o'clock. This is fiscal clean radio program at 21 minutes after 2 o'clock on the Vince Coakley ran your program over on the text line. It's 71 threes here are seven drilling regional lying north Koreans are acting like they destroy the new site is because some clarity blew it up with a failed bomb test. We also have this you started off strong but we surely waiting for your end cited truck rhetoric. And also this bill from Greenville. Sure you surely you know that we're still in Germany and Japan since 1945. Yep. More examples. And should you know I think we need to have a conversation about that. Winner of these countries. Going to assume the full responsibility. In and I think Donald Trump even talked about this where these countries going to take the force wants voting for their own security. Fans. At what point. Do we. If they don't take responsibility. We send these folks a bill. I I think it's a fair conversation pat. I heard Bolton was a hard nosed straight shooter but I've never heard of him being a hawk does he ever track record of this. Or is it just talk. From his detractors. Or fake news from his detractors. Well that remains to be seen. The main issue is the president's trying to I grinned dies before negotiating forget about putting the cart for the course he used the courage. Like a rickshaw and the horse will catch up. Already. Right let's get your thoughts your perspective on what is taking place here. I mentioned earlier that we had a place where. News changes very very quickly. Before you go to some of your calls. This was the story I was going to start with. North Korea appeared to destroy at least three not just 13. Nuclear tunnels. Observation buildings a metal foundry in living quarters. At a test site. In a process observe bright invited international journalists so this is not just a matter of them prieta news release they had witnesses. We're actually here. A CNN crew for instance the remote mountain site in the country's north and witnessed explosions at nuclear tunnels to three and four. From observation decks about 500 meters away there among two dozen journalists invited into the country. To observe the pro destruction the site. So. They've done this. No Donald Trump his concern. Was the rhetoric that is been expressed in recent days. And eight species. Both sides have certainly had their share of rhetoric as it's been exchange over the past few months. British Cisco. And it's. He is this just a bump in the road that's the question let's try to call from standing clover good morning stand. Not that are here on our exports are the first point here is that something about the money. And if you look at our Iran or Korea can't say they're all 80 yeah they're developing nuclear weapon. We're getting the money. And and then if they're the fallen out got to reassert. Tobacco this continuation. What it fewer financial institution and you work financing. And my money on loans to countries who have court almost not against each other. Would you be interested in and seeing the kind of hostility basically reviewing and extreme thing come about our. See this is the kind of thing I'm talking about stand there's there's an industry associated with this. You can't make money off of peace can't hear. My hand and your airplane is sitting in protection or Britain under certain column really I'm went into our back you know the whole thing is there were no weapons of mass destruction Velika. This intelligence agencies from Israel your air Britain Germany France. All over the world that he had them I felt picture dominoes to commute in my adult people yet we didn't find them. So what are against you won't oracle weapon now Campbell we liked it or not. So yes those are all open questions their stand ants IE this is where I'm convinced especially. After you know it did its interest in how this ties him a conversation about the the Federal Reserve then do the creature from Jekyll island where he talks about how so many of these events. If Vince that I thought had nothing to do and I was a young person at the time when some of these things were going on. But they were actually. Activities funded by arrow and CIA. Dance. I look back down I just think. Who knows now what what's going on behind the scenes who who is actually pulling the strings here. I appreciate your call standing you've you've raised the central questions. That I think are appropriate to raise right now John good morning. That's good morning we do vehicle walked out on area of course ultimate. Goal yes. I can't who at that point has the media for the most part though temperature. Obviously you do if you walked out. Front. Basic negotiating tactics. And we just witnessed or are predicting that about a week or go to premier programs. That's exactly. The negotiating professional startle and other word what provoked parent could blow up. This tunnels this this report report. So you middle finger you know what their Congo look forward to seeing how well the he's participating in the end in this and inviting this. Negotiations. What provoked the it obviously which trumps negotiating tactic. So not only did we walk and isolate that Garrett and retain all the leverage. Larry Bowa stopped them for forest. Masterful negotiate. So you think this is still on track. It works it was on track from the days it trumps. I would be glad to meet. With Kim. Also a year ago. So you're not concerned at all this is just you would be a bump in the road person here you think this is just. It's just a matter of time before they come to the table and just do so. We is certainly much more humility then we've seen in recent days. It's not necessarily have a and humility it's about winning and negotiation. Well here's here's the bottom line John if there's no humility. There will not be a deal is what I'm saying to you they're gonna have to buckle is what what you're saying Johnny be if the goal here. If if there's going to be anything worked out they're going to have to. Eat crow here and recognize. That. You know they're not going to be able to play games with the United States of America is now we want. Her. Well again and it's been a professional negotiations is meant neither party needs to be looked at as a bare its. Drops not to trust not a person embarrassing the guy just like you non interest in the bears and put the he disinterested in the one thing and that's what's best for America. Protect we will see how this plays out. Here again the coming days. And coming aboard an expert on the subject. To further our discussion 29 after tip. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 36 minutes after the hour 10 o'clock on the Vince Coakley radio program and so I am seeing on the text line apparently there's some confusion. And certain. Certain portions of our listening audience over the key word. For this hour because I'm a nice guy I'm going to give it to you again. The keyword is actually item IT EM. Take it to the bank literally. The opportunity to win 1000. Dollars. So. Just wanted to put that out there. For those of you who are desperate to find out this. Word this key word number if you have text in the past few minutes and said apparently that was the wrong. Mean when the wrong word given out so make sure that you have the right. Over on the text line some of the responses. To what we're discussing with the North Korea. In this and other interest in how you guys have some really great ideas here. Really good idea starting this won the mountain at the nuclear site. Is collapsing China's forcing them to close it. Perfect move bribe prison trumpet takes any power real or met or imagined away from Little Rock it may. Vince you know why we went into Iraq. GW was man Hussein had tried to assassinate his dad in this was one of the reasons. Another person on this North Korea situation smoke and mirrors not deal making. I think about Canada and all the Canadian Moody's. We spend on their military abetted heads up to at least 200000 dollars each speaker or a a a what kind of country would they be if they had to stay in a particular country on their own. And word attached to the USA yes that's a very good question. And then the a lot of people raise discretion because obviously there is a sense of resentment by some people by the umbrella. That so many people live under in this world. You know its richest people. Saying nasty things about America the truth of the matter is America's safer place it's a freer place just because of our presence. In everybody who has a brain any functioning brain cells they know that. Don't know minute necessarily but it's true. Vince this summit will take place about 46 weeks before the mid terms but it's Jeff. Crude is suggesting that. While they try to call trump a great negotiator with North Korea is clueless. Said sorry people won't see this man is doing to our country. Vince has been a massive amount of military equipment being moved up and down the interstate. As we are preparing for war again really. And boy I sure hope not. I'm also. Well there are people sending words of appreciation for me giving you the keyword for the hour you are welcome. In fact that's all getting out of takes lines they stream of thank years. Quote you are welcome. That is where your host is here for. I want to turn to another issue that is gaining attention BBC has. Reported on a story about Michael Cohen as you know he is under the scrutiny now of the special counsel. Bans the BBC's reporting. To mr. trump received the secret payment of at least 400000 dollars to fix talks between you came in Ukrainian president and president trop. This is according to sources in Kia have. Close to those involved. Payment arranged by intermediaries acting for Ukraine's leader. Petro pour Shiancoe. There was you know mr. Carl Lewis not registered as a representative viewed as you of Ukraine as required by US law he supposed to do that. And he's denying the allegation by the way. This meeting of the White House did take place last June shortly after. The Ukrainian president return home this country's anti corruption agency stopped its investigation. In the trumps former campaign manager Paul man effort. How point. A high ranking Ukrainian intelligence officer. In mr. pershing goes administration describe what happened before the visits the White House. Mr. Cohen was brought in because Ukraine's registered lobbyists and embassy in Washington DC. Could get mr. pushing co little more than a brief photo op with mr. trump they want it more than that's. Mr. portion code needed something that can be portrayed as talks. This senior officials accounts is as follows mr. Porsche eco decided to establish a back channel to mr. trump. The task was given to a former aide who asked a loyal Ukrainian MP for help with this. He in turn used personal contacts. Who attended a Jewish charity in New York State's. Chebaa out of Port Washington a spokesman for. These shabbat has asked us to make clear that officials there were not involved. Understandable why they would want to make that point they were just there. Just an opportunity for them to meet they chose a place. This eventually led to Michael Cohen the president's lawyer trusted fixer. Mr. Cohen was paid 400000 dollars there's no suggestion by the way mr. trump knew about this payment. There's also support for this account from a lawyer in the US who is uncover details of mr. Cohen's finances. Michael lemon that you've heard of him he represents the porn actress stormy Daniels in legal action against president trump. He said the suspicious activity reports filed by mr. Cohen's banked to the US treasury showed he received money from Ukrainian interest. So there's corroboration here. Trust mr. Cohen the two ukrainians said to open the back channel for their president also denied the story. The senior intelligence official in Kiev said mr. Cohen have been helped by Felix cedar and convicted former mobster. It was once Trump's business partner. Mr. Stater. His lawyer has denied the allegations. Ukrainian president's office initially refused to comment but asked by a local journalists to respond to stable was issued calling the story a blatant lie. Slander and fake. You know this is going to be standard answer all of these. All of these two bit dictators in third grade readers. Are going to use. The White House schedules said early mr. pershing girl would drop into the oval Hart office while mr. trump was having staff meetings. That have been agreed through official channels. Mr. Cohen's fee was for getting mr. pershing grow more than just an embarrassing. Brief few minutes of small talk and handshake. But negotiations continued until the early hours of the day of the visit. Ukrainian side they were angry. This mr. corona taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from them for something. It seemed he could not deliver great up until the last minute Ukrainian leader was uncertain if you would avoid humiliation. In fact they're sourcing pershing gross inner circle were shocked by how dirty this whole arrangement with Cohen was. Mark Kunis. This is going to be interesting to see where this goes and again this is everything to do with Russian collusion now this is another. Another matter and I would daresay as we had Andrew McCarthy on these issues a few weeks ago saying. That some of these issues. Could very well have been addressed. By other prosecutors. This does not have to be something that mr. Mueller is involved it. Yup he's got some sort of connection to Russia. And something about collusion. Rail it's under his purview otherwise. What's he doing involved in this. I think that's fair question do you. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 49 minutes after 10 o'clock on the Vince Coakley radio program over on the tech slide. Difference I believe between the other wars in Iraq and Afghanistan people who took us there had no intention of winning. Freak out of Greer. Kind of curious cheer about if there were opened hostilities that broke out with North Korea what would winning look like. Just curious. Quite curious way I remember. A few months ago somebody telling me. They thought something was going on our service takes about military equipment being moved around later in fact I know who was it was a friend I just ran into again. For the first time in knew how long me. 78 months. Who went away. To serve in the military. He was actually saying based on. Some things he was seeing going on behind the scenes he was wondering where where we're gonna get involved somewhere militarily. And I sure hope that does not take place here. Also this message sent to me from Charles who says this. Mr. CE never thought meeting would actually happen. President Pete supreme leader to the punch. CP RK where is also planning on canceling. Back to the rhetoric but you know I wondered about this too whether they would get the sense that may be. You know this little guy is just pulling their chain. Tends. This person saying basically this is what they suspect it may erupt you decided they were just cancel before. He canceled so it makes it to. So we don't end have been barest. You know that's the worst thing you know we Europe available in your holding out a hole I can't wait till we meet and then she. Rug gets pulled out from under you. Wouldn't that be embarrassing. And you know the media would have fueled with that. As they do with everything else is usually you need to serve the many new material. There's no doubt about that. Why don't we are taking the opportunity to take a look at the day in history as we traveled down I 85. To torture our good friend. Mr. new car himself and mind so I'm not gonna let you live that down. Why would Saddam be embarrassed that. I'm just miss my routine. That we have for questions for you on this 24 day of may. 1844. What has god rots. This message. Was sent by one Samuel Morse. How did he send this message. Morrison didn't. Why. Is it's not quite that easy and you give you another opportunity. He actually in Phoenix okay. He. Sent this message three certain device. What was it. It was the very first message sent by this device. Eight telegraph. See I had these thing Ryan. This didn't have devised had that that was the only thing sorry about I was so happy that I got that variety Nixon came in its current no. Kids who can. We move on to 1883. A few years later. And this and saying linking Manhattan island to Brooklyn opened up. What was it. May Holland Tunnel now. All know all much more obvious. Linking Manhattan island to Brooklyn Bridge number and I knew your kids in the sense that 1935. The first to have her. GM of this type the reds beat the Phillies to whine and cry asleep fields. What was special about this particular game in 1935. I know it's baseball and you hate it. Major League Baseball did something for the first time with this particular. He didn't. When my. This is really attending stretch I don't know if this was the first ever night game. I I don't know why they waited so long but it was the first night game what Lou tell me this mr. baseball would you have done that correct. I would not that's what I'm telling you it's at this a tough one really tough one. All right how about this. I know you'll get this would pay on this pretty much everything this is a flight I would of love. C. I would have loved to have flown on this thing it's it debuted in 1976. The creation of the British and the French. And unfortunately it's because of a serious accidents mother mishaps they have. Don't use it anymore the concorde you're absolutely correct you wouldn't have flown on the flights. Yeah I think there would have done it. Would you of sailed on the Titanic. You know I probably would have done that too. Yeah I teach yeah I probably would have as long as I wasn't in that that's where is that when they called it steering section. You know down there world the media have no lives were end is near characterize them steerage and sorry. Yes we miss none not a good place to be. So any case we actually had some questions. Another story are gonna follow fund maybe we'll have time to come back to in the next hour. I have a great day of their lives on the music. What. This is still Vince. Coakley radio program. From the heart of the Carolina. Bringing the DC fans into focus the lens so the liberty. This is no Vince Coakley radio program. 1106. Vince Coakley rip your professional people have absolutely no sense of humor. And they don't pick up iron. Just drives me up for war let's start with a call. To end the upstate to go to Greensboro and Jeanne good morning Jeanne. You have to recycle like Europe commentary regarding the the trump blood North Korea. Meaning that this knuckle took sharp. Two point about it. Trumpeted type. You know military style there's no question about it. And what that you have to know about North Korea that guy they usually don't all of it from. What North Korea has done. Kim Lil Jon Merrill kimbo Kim whatever and whatever name. These are extremely paranoid man I'm sure you're group that he has yes they yacht circle. Highly militant Communist. An individual and home he must go and or or. Certainly interact with and this is his defense to circle I'm sure they felt they again at any level. That but gill Campbell is going to bring down their own power base. That there would he'll probably go after him like like she usually Julius Caesar Specter indicated a Roman empire. Nudge secondly. I'm also very suspicious of the Democratic Party. Polluted polo pretty good and chuck sure much kind of an emissary I have to talk to block guilt can we say don't worry wait this out we're gonna get rhetoric trumpeted. Yeah he's a political idiot anyway. He can you cannot. It. Brought you ha ha ha ha ha broke it wouldn't be a surprise there's a telling these folks who do appreciate your call their gene. There's one thing's for sure that they definitely do not want anything positive to happen here. God forbids that's there were actually be something successful after all of these stupid deals that worked out in the past. You know I said this before I compare the Iran deal. To the North Korean deal that was supposed to lead designed to keep the north Koreans from getting nuclear weapons against rapid they got nuclear weapons. But at the time Bill Clinton got a great deal of credit look at the diplomacy. To outsmart yes what a brilliant man. Described to Brian and Charlie good morning. My hero there's no worries right sir no wonder are there how the Republicans we're gonna. Previous to create this had to bury the lead it was also. And then the man whose every arrow. Know your cold but Kobe they know everything about it. You really. Think they think they know everything about their merits and technical and popping never been off the block. I was so. One of our award you what what sort of bogus say they've got another good here are merry go round. I saw the pilot what it would probably look. Turned into Britain or so so. Well and pray don't you think it's premature to be talking about victory or loss on this thing is that pre. Trail when he announced this. Hollywood vitriolic. Our historical all of and they know what a pay phone as you call the very near what what what it was not always. When your mom was there OEU especially. Important covered at all the betting there and they are all he. But nobody could still. Won't let me ask you this question. What it has in comparison to what's happened in the past on the North Korean front. And you name a president who's accomplished anything of substance. Nor would lose their own little world Brian you didn't answer my question rye man had lol you didn't answer my question. Quote here or no word what Herbert then so can you identify an administration that is done anything of substance. That's accomplished anything of importance on this issue any president. Current. Thank you I appreciate your call there Brian. And you know it's it's. The federal flight said this on the year yet. But I. I've got a good friend who used this phrase and I I think it applies to me and it's a good time to use it. I wanna make it very clear. I am not a never trooper and I am not an always stripper. Which you'll find on this program. He is intelligent discourse about what's going on. Through the winds of liberty. That's ritual fight. I'm not gonna jump on either one of these man awakens if you're in one of those camps. This is gonna be an uncomfortable place to be. If your desire is to. Just having continual drumbeat trump trump from trump trump trump trump you know I can enjoy this. If on the other hand. You're just waiting to drag this guy down and beat him down and you hope he gets impeached. We're you gonna be disappointed too because I'm not on that either. I hope that's helpful. Chris out of Morrisville good morning. They had to go invent a nicer. Table and this trump saying he is a master. The negotiator. And you know in sales. You don't always get it the first swing. But there some posturing that's going on in the meantime. I think truck there's been a tremendous job. And I think that he has done a good job as far as making Americans proud. And strong again instead of just a lot of eloquent. Were adequate right Greta. Rhetoric I yeah I get a eloquent. Ironic. That the I get thrown out at and they understand and and I'm sure you watched as many of us did. Under the previous administration where we had this eight year apology tour. It was really seeking was and it's to watch as the United States was dragged down to the level of some Third World country. And made to look like we're we're the source of evil all around the world and we have so much to apologize for. Exactly and I think that's what he's he's beaten that turnaround man America is strong. And we need to have that mindset and move forward. And forget all that. Make it everybody hopes he'll get. You read about that appreciate your call their Chris and I VP importantly tremor run this North Korea story it still needs to be ridden. It's an odd time. What we're seeing right now is part of a process. This and one of the things a lot of people don't understand they don't understand process. We you know we get into the results. We're focused on the results and we want them now. This is a micro wave is actually a post microwave generation. I know because I'm one of those people I want something I want it right now. And it's. You know that's fine when you're dealing with stuff to put in the microwave oven door when you're talking about it's. Things of this magnitude. They take time and it's vital we understand that. By the way there's a story on this so called collusion story. And this is that a concern of mine for quite some time you just what's happening with our legal system. You're frustrated by and I remember doing so many new stories right CA murder is murder takes place or rape whatever it is. It's a high profile story. And how many if you wonder okay let's say this crime happens. January this year. The trial happens like the next year some time what makes it takes a long. You're asked that question why it takes a long. You don't Riordan is this idea of a speedy trial. Ever and where is this ever fulfill do you ever seen this fulfilled. That you go and get a speedy trial. I eat you know I should talk to a lawyer about this sometime on this program to find out. Do we even do such having a speedy trials and something happens and we were trial the deal within the next week or the next month or whatever it is. Greater minds than mine need to answer this question. Fifteen minutes after eleven. This is still Vince Coakley radio program heard it. 20 minutes after 11 o'clock Vince Coakley radio program. I was sitting up for this. Before the break the story in the daily caller. Robert Mueller reject speedy trial. Robert Mueller rejects speedy trial law to delay Russia collusion trial. Now before you read anything about this story. The immediate thing his says to me is. Not ready for trial. That's what stands out to me. They are not ready for trial. Special counsel Robert Mueller requested is Russia collusion trial be delayed in. Definitely. How does this make sense. I mean I I'm just you know maybe if you're a cable legal mind you can enlighten me on this. If you have the goods on somebody. And you have pursued. Had gotten to the point where you've actually filed charges against somebody. Why can't you follow through and prosecute case. Right he won an indefinite delay. It tells me you don't have your act together. That's what it tells me. And by the way this the second time Robert Mueller has requested a delay. It lowers previously flooded the court with two terabytes. True terabytes. A Russian social media. So here's what he's doing. He's asked a federal judge to reject the four decade old speedy trial law in the case against thirteen Russians and three Russian companies. And it asked for an indefinite delay. To the trial. This blows my mind. It really does its second time. The judge judge Debbie Friedrich eight trump appointee rejected the early requests without comment and ordered the case to go forward. Good for him. We told you about this company before. And the shenanigans associated with it Concord management consulting. Into the US hired. American lawyers and demanded a speedy trial. This is the company Concord management consulting. There are stepping up and saying hey we represent these folks. Are let's get in Iran. The speedy trial act is a 44 year old federal law that dictates the federal criminal case. Must begin within seventy days from the date of the indictment she did is. That makes a lot of sense to me. Seventy days that's not bad at all. This is cracked what cracks me up. The complexity of the case warrants excluding a speedy trial law and delaying the trial according to Robert Mueller. Could have something to do with the fact that you're a moron. Good speed oddest year. If you don't have your crap together. Why did you bring the indictment in the first place. This just blows my mind it really does and it really screams incompetence. And each reach out to Andrew McCarthy on this and get his thoughts. On how this have been engaged I mean I know he's not a fan of the entire investigation. And thinks that the entire thing is inappropriate. But I mean this to meet is the heart of the collusion case is it not there are questions. And they kept the data. If you've got I mean think about this if you've got two terabytes. Of Russian social media as evidence what in the world are you waiting for. Why can't you go to trial. I'm curious. Maybe Tom has some answers for a good morning Tom. I ABS no I argued about speedy trial what do you do about it people remember. OJ Simpson try out at eight jet sped up on the docket that you'd debt problem quicker than a lab which. May and it's been so long grew I don't eve remember I was just glad that holding was overweight pets are. Trout last too long time and try elected now not that he got it sped up on the docket. Quicker than a lot of people tutor. Okay yeah I mean I'm not familiar with that to be honest with you. Well I'm curious about this I mean did desist mystify you as you know do you wonder what Robert Mueller is doing yen. Rice is not ready to go. Then why can't I wrote it just you know what. Well here's the deal he's he's basically delayed he's asked for another delay in the trial. Of the Russians in this Russia collusion. A lot to do it well then anti us and I'm. He doesn't have a come over here B try to enjoy it. You don't think they'll come over here well they've got representation. That said hey let's go to court let's do it now why wouldn't do it in English you've got the goods. But he roller blade and Russian a multi mode or stand problems. And I don't think the Russians are but I think the council has already showed up their Tom and my question is is more gonna show up does he have anything. I mean if you've got two terabytes. Of data. And you don't have what you need to prosecute this case who argue how to get to be FBI director that's what I'm curious about. Here's what Muller eroded the district court can on its own motion or the request of a party grants and exclude a bowl continuance. If he ends of justice served by taking such action outweigh the best interest of the public and the defendant in a speedy trial. This case also warns a continuance and exclusion of time to accommodate the voluminous discovery at issue. And to allow sufficient time. For the court to resolve certain outstanding procedural issues unique to discovery in this case. Alla. My friend Andrew McCarthy. Passes spoken on this ride doesn't surprise me former federal prosecutor national review contributing editor Andrew C McCarthy. Told the daily caller it was too late for Miller to claim that the complexity of the case warranted a delay. Speedy trial rights belong to the defendant and if the defendant pushes for trial in the seventy days the government has little cause to complain. If the case was too complex the government have the option of holding off on seeking an indictment Intel was ready to proceed to trial. When a prosecutor files an indictment it is tantamount to saying we are ready to go. Thank you. And folks this is complicated stuff they've really isn't. By the way this indictment was filed way back on February 16. Charging. That these folks engaged in a multiyear conspiracy to interfere with the 316. Presidential election. Because none of the defendants for US citizens law expert today appeared unlikely the case would ever go to trial. Here's from McCarthy. Has said in characterizing this he drove the indictment more theater than prosecution. Yeah. Brightest and the surprise me at all. You know. I I get frustrated when I see people waste my time and my money and keep in mind. This is what this guy is doing he's wasting our time and he's wasting our money. You know I'm just gonna throw this out there I wonder. If attorney general Jeff Sessions can fire this guy for incompetence. Forget about the Russian probe. And all of that. Why not suggest firing him because he doesn't have his act together and that's an idea of. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 1136. Yeah on the Vince Coakley ran your program. From Teddy kind of on the text line ends who. Back to some of your calls as well. We have this mince any surprise North Korea's been scrapped does this mean trouble or to give back his Nobel price. I think each trumps China trade war with no times since there are key to dealing with North Korea and trumps. And Pompeo is tough talk comments before the summit didn't help. Also this someone made reference earlier to all the military vehicles and their movements inside drive trucks I can tell you what I've seen. There's always military vehicles being hauled around the country. And this one is a free thinker not beholden to any party why would I believe anything coming from Robert Mueller. Democrats can have it both ways. I. Makes whole kind of sense doesn't it's. And it's Dexter unfortunately who did not see irony in my statements in the last hour when I was referring to the Titanic. And I refer to the low lives in the lower levels this Titanic. That was not its. A serious comment I was being facetious. In talking about the unfortunate fact that these poor people were stuff like Sar Deans in that vessel. No I was not making fun of them this texture says. No lives you mean the poor couldn't afford better surprise she would say that shame on you. I hope you're being facetious. Because no I'm not serious. I agree 100% mister Coakley. And I was making reference the fact that I am not a never dropper norm I had always stripper. I agree a 100% fewer refreshingly elude the let us make a prone minds even though we know where you stand on some things you've always been able to be a good opposite of the other talk shows and I for one appreciate. What you're doing to linger a great job thank you appreciate this kind Woertz. This person those says whoa whoa whoa you're gonna tell you said intelligent discourse. That's one thing many people don't get is trumps great deal making prowess in Rio state does not apply and sensitive foreign policy matters. Trump style as being a bulldozer chainsaw which at times it's not the solution. Robert Moeller is delaying. The trial to fatten his accounts without our tax money probably does need the money by the way. Person also saying Muller illegally collected all that social media evidence. Dan we have this person is dispersant patrol I don't know. You may not always be a never trooper northern always trump her. But your more often always say never chopper then you cards in always trapper. That is funny I give you credit for humor I love that. Have you heard something as stupid as excessive force in a combat situation. I have not. These jerks Derek dodge from can get this far North Korea. How they know this is a part of his strategy of playing hardball. Something tells me initiation meeting crow again on this before it's over and they very well could be. That's why I said the story has not been written yet hold your horses Jamie good morning welcome. Albert Allard. They're all that are affordable saw all but one thing out I'd love listening to usual. Thank the great in our own something you gotta agree that you also are. I deplored the safe bet all the Moeller. On this court and that's speedy trial. That the candidates must be in court you can't do have your lord your beeping here to represent chief. Their trial you must be Inco. At the trop to go to its fullest. Remote so here's what here's my question though the lawyers basically saying hey we wanna go ahead but this thing and I assume. If they are gonna go ahead this thing they must be. Planning to have two presents. These people and a courtroom otherwise they wouldn't be saying that or they're just calling their bluff. Because I wonder whether he thinks that they don't have the goods and first place. No they have to be their started the trial that's where that's not the reason Robert Mueller is given for this though. No debts debts or if the court system but that the misdemeanor or whatever you have to show up in court. If not you can be held in contempt of court. No no no that's not true Danny because I do know that if a person as a speeding tickets. You have to appear you're you're your turn and go for you. Well yeah you know it was talk that we talk a speed and take Whitner talk McCormack chart. Right okay but here's here's the point I'm making. This is not something that's being advanced by the defense it's Robert Mueller who's running to delay this thing in the question I'm raising his wide Danny why. Okay what Mitt Mitt Mitt McKay you fly. Because let's send it out to be in court if you felt guilt debate what to bear if you sell into that they're watching they're you have this show up. In the speech let's didn't. What are you wanna call look that do not show up did they lose the case. Now we have a texture who's actually written in and says only lawyers are required for the start of discovery this color is dead wrong. So if that's true. No no I never remember this are you an attorney by the way did he. Discovered can take place at Indy car. Before the trial Jan. Could discover it get place but it turned over to defend that's what they had armed they. That would spotter discover it has already taken place. Right it started I I agree with that what the question am raising here is. We're talking about the fact that the Mueller wants a delay let me ask you Danny why does she wanted to delay this. Well operation are you possibility that because he bust some Bayer. And he had every right to deploy it to get them they are you can't do. I play at that if you had a cocaine gates. They don't fit it decided that okay umbrella or you go there oh now they got enough evidence. It's a great read much about sort all watch about her. JUN they'll put a player okay. You know that biggest polluter. We just put it stood up though a flight risk. You just get these you didn't get help somebody. Even even a US citizen let's say I'm not gonna show up very coy about it minority at all. But if they are being guilty Ed up somewhere across the country you take a bullet back there I'm worried that. Immediately I mean those are. Interest in perspective you've shared your Denny I do appreciate your call. We have some other folks sure are very eager to discuss this I hope. There are legal minds among us Chris I've got about a minute before the break here in Greenville Chris welcome. Well thank you been on your program. No I'm not a I'm not a lawyer and people only mind. That I mean look I think is that there and and our Rush Limbaugh such. Few days ago also. Motors I don't like Rolen. Indictment out there very weakened further the EO. Basically is trump or the lack of it begins trumpet try to perpetuate it wherever and now he's I think his talent dumbfounded because. Oh my gosh elect showed up the court well I don't actually have any evidence for anything but now he's he's trying to. Deal. That her own fate you know what can I do now. And that's why Palin has nothing do with. The guys at the actual participants not throwing up ordering and like that at no evidence they have nothing really unmanned. And he had no reason to indict him in the first place. Yeah and I think the big thing they cure a touching on Chris is Sade. He's after some bigger fish we're very gets them remains to be seen. 49 minutes after 11 o'clock Vince Coakley reaffirm that I put it out there and. I'm still waiting to hear good answer as to why I mean I read the legalese garbage from Robert Mueller in a statement as to why. You're likely delay in this particular trial. In this trial actually involves Russians. So I mean I would think at the heart of the collusion investigation. That would be the easiest thing to prosecute don't you think so. So Bob are you gonna help us out here you have any insights force Bob. Maybe some day Tom walked over and the last two nights which you may have heard. Has brought up the subject of the appointments also constitution. Being superior or inferior officers. It's superior officer must be appointed by the president. An important and confirm a commerce. Mueller basically been given a rubber stamp approval everything. Rose sustain. And in essence all that is done especially pointing out racially force cystic district attorney's. Acts as superior officer and up and walk event and several people have commented. Community that this could be huge I think it invalidate everything McMorris dumb because he was not supported or approved. So why is acting now. So on this subject though. Of alleged collusion and why isn't going forward this would this this trial against the Russians. Well because what people. Mop upright because of discovery and because. Thank get through his team for a bloop that they've never expected someone to actually show up. And that's another part of it that is his problem is expanded so much. Then I really I really really thank the appointment scrawl is gonna devastating. And is going to be brought up and I think market actually be dismissed Lily didn't. Can we interest to see if this really does happen appreciate your call their bobbled squad to marked in rocky hill. Good morning that yes there. I don't sort of act those the two previous caller that was caught talking about prudent them into them as expertise and the drug crime or. It simply met in the fact that their attorneys showed up. And challenge lower for the discovery. Another worker then okay we're here to send our caller yeah and at that point Mueller are to turn over what yes. That's exactly the only reason why are you not feeling better because you're not ready. There was never a vote after. Completely with a patent. This is this is a ridiculous spectacle isn't it now do you agree with me that it. Isn't this cause. You know for somebody to come along and say look this is an incompetent boob and should be fired. I'll probably writer I mean but it should help political if you remember whenever these cadaver in their own. It was when you're first you're not tremendous lot of heat for not getting anything done. And then magically he has certain Russian government by. Like OK so the first thing that got OK here we go we're we're actually doing something and remember the perpetrators of them are. It discovery show us what god. Let's go. And it doesn't. And they got NASA has put it and stay out here or are up thanks club Fehr called their mark. Steve. Go and take your bite out of the apple. He may be stupid I mean that's quite possible but I think he's probably stalling in order to use this in the mid terms to his advantage because fondling. Do you think sell you tickets it's purely political. What I mean come on there's any. I know that that's a well they shot right yep I hear you Steve thanks very much for your call. I want it ends. No. A very different note here I want him to see if I can tracked this down because I. Actually since this yesterday. I'll post this so you can chickened out. Months ago Roy. Bring you back in ICU a video yesterday do you remember taking a look at that video. I do what what was going your mind by the way I'm a paint a picture here. This video is pretty amazing it's a fox I believe it was. Then they grabbed a rabbit. But the fox ends up becoming the hunted what happens in this wonderful video once. You know deep poor little foxes is going along to want to pour little Q fox does he likes to eat rabbits and then now this guy that mean. Eagle comes down that sweeps up. The poor little cute fox. The fifth book this is extraordinary video it's just. It's amazing I mean I let you know already I love watching these nature shows. And you know Animal Planet on these other channels I can watch these things for hours. And that's the kind of thing you would that's the money shot you get out of one of those shows it's cool stuff faster more cheer right now there's a little fracture running with the ran it. And then. You know he looks fine all of a sudden I think he sees rove. And I think just picks him up but then there's a strange twisted happens I'm not gonna tell you. You gonna have secured the 1063 WRD FaceBook page. Or WVT FaceBook page to see this video it is extraordinary. In the meantime. Themselves a great day and god bless you. This is still Vince Coakley radio program.