President Trump Creates Major Uproar with Obscenity

Vince Coakley Podcast
Friday, January 12th

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Hey just the putting the spotlight on the evils of socialism as progressive as Bernie Sanders is peddling socialism. To our children. It's a dangerous and it's got a solidly pro claiming conservatism for a new generation got. Roman is not the author or source of our rights and you don't make America great again by giving more power to one guy in Washington DC mobilizing the east of people. To reclaim our republic you make America great again by recovering a constitutional republic where Washington has populated by people. Poor service leaders who want to return power of the people into the communities. This isn't much you can visit my kids this is my grandkids and this is my country dammit my country. Fight score it take gather pace he's a fiscal weekly radio program. Good Friday morning to thank god for this Friday. I don't know about you but I am not very much ready for this week to be over. I'm sure many of you feel the same way. For a variety of reasons is always if you like to join the conversation. Being disadvantaged talk like number 809 to 1110. Common sense retirement planning text line 71307. And we began and where the conversation is gone the last what's twelve hours or so may be more sixteen. Over some alleged comments made by the president yesterday during a meeting. Where there is discussion about immigration. Now we will have somewhat of a panoramic discussion about this and as I mentioned I would love to hear what you have to say about this. But I want to see something they outset. What are the concerns I've expressed. Even back during the Republican. Campaign. This country. Was built on the foundation of character. There's something distinct about the character of the people that helped to form this country. I was just talking with someone about this this morning I believe that is eroding especially in the past few decades. And I think even many of us who are concerned about the erosion of our culture. We are products of the erosion of our culture. And we're seeing it in front of her face is every single day. And sadly I think many of us have become desensitized to it. Especially when it is on quote our site. I'm very concerned about this. Because one of the things that I ate very much believes during the campaign. Listen we need leadership not just to provide some sort of economic direction for the country this country is not about. Its economy the economy is not 100% of the United States of America. There are other facets of our national character that are vital to this country's survival. The stock market is wonderful. Economic growth is wonderful. But if the very heart and soul of this country is rotting. None of those things that I mentioned about money will save us none of them will. We desperately need moral leadership in this country what is moral leadership it is a growing around preaching at people know. It's the kind of character. That is able to. Engage and relate to every human being even people you do not disagree with. And provide leadership you. That has been terribly act absent in this country. For decades. I don't know. Really the last time we fed this kind of leadership well probably Reagan. We certainly don't have it now. We didn't have an over under Obama we did not have a gender George W. Bush. Certainly not under Clinton. And certainly not over bush senior under bush senior. We've lacked this for some time. And what's sad is. You can reach a point where you don't even know what it looks like. This is where we are. So yesterday. The president raised a question right the US. Is accepting people from blink whole country's. When lawmakers suggested bringing back legal protections for immigrants from Haiti El Salvador and African nations as a part of a broader immigration deal. Where are we having all these people from Boeing co countries come here. We should bring in more people from places like Norway. Norway's prime minister visited the white house on Wednesday. The drug administration recently decided to end. Temporary protected status for citizens of countries like Katie and El Salvador who came to the US. To escape the natural disasters. Camilo up. Out of Utah. To a did not realize she's actually Haitian. She called on the president to apologize. First reported comments criticizing immigrants coming to US. From these countries. Presence comments are unkind divisive elitist and fly in the face or nation's values. The president must apologize to both the American people in the nation he so once in Lima lines. Instead we have this. Two day. It's a new day. And we have a version. Other Vince it's very different coming out of the president himself. President Donald Trump is now refuting reports that he called Haiti and African nations blink coal. Countries. The language used by me if the doctor meeting was tough but this was not the language used. 3 tweet out this morning it was really tough was the outlandish proposal made a big setback for doc. So this is kind of a setting the stage for our discussion this morning and I meant very eager to hear from you. So what you're. Impressions are these comments. I'm reminded of one that I want to share from a friend of mine. From yesterday evening. And it's actually my reaction when I saw the story Intel was breaking over social media. When Osama friends pro study. Actually reached out to him to. Try to talk to him. This will really sad is I saw a distinct. Defensiveness. There really shouldn't. Should not be there at all. You're supposed to. From Khalifa. I don't care what anyone says trump story jury comments about Blanco countries Haiti and some African nations as far as. The open door policy immigration is concerned it's totally inappropriate it's also ironic in light affect America's often supported the dictatorship regimes. But said countries throughout history. But he'd need to noting knowledge our history to prevent him from making such insensitive. Racially charged remarks. Set that's smarter tactful though. Or can say is we should all remember this. In November 20/20. By the way this person is not a liberal. Remember that not a liberal. Here's my friend Pablo postage yesterday evening. One of the first post. That's brought my attention to these remarks. Fact I came to this country this month Tony one years ago I came here at the age of ten. How would you measure predict my merit. I'm proud that I come from a blink coal country. And thus. I'm a blink coal immigrant currently serving in the military who's much more American than our draft dodging president. Pretty sad isn't it. This is the kind of discourse. One way or the other that is now been stimulated. Mr. President I hope you're proud of yourself. Are coming up you'll hear. One perspective on this that I think is most important. That's straight ahead of 890 Ritalin intend to our checks line 71307. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 90 minutes after 10 o'clock it's Coakley radio program starting out talking about the alleged comments from the presidents. Which is another interesting aspect of this. At this point. As I understand it there are. A number of sources who verified these comments were made the president and is now denying these comments were made. And I go back again. To the earlier conversation in the week we were having which was about the state of the president's mental health do you think this helps. I mean seriously folks. First off making the comments. And then second off denying the comments. Let's go to David in Greenville. Welcomes her. Did slip up about the important part for our you do it. They joined well did you hear from you again David. I quit helping you to look at wanted to tell you that and premier favorites are you've got to be sure and put your number up there below the lip of the upstate. A couple of number we used to call you on the 232967. Korea obviously a lot or up. Meg sure you get all the obstacles in promo stuff. Are we are still getting that we still get the. Good good good luck up like. The low level not openly lighter oil wonders sites but well or well liked chuck Carlton bit less idol is surely he's dead rise. Let's talk about what the president but it is prettier good visual. I El Salvador. And maybe nobody will we go there nobody's leaving here to go there everybody that lair role the come here. Why should we accepted American citizen and not ask the question why do we want to say quote unquote Leslie folks like that. Who are likely illegal. Well. Illegal I'm not talking about league level right. Illegal who won't let people like that. When we have a chance maybe to change our mix it's like people that bill puts up to load on you and me are taxpayers. For fuel and everybody else that we're playing more on these illegals. Obviously it's quite obvious that people like chuck Carlton says that come from country that are more established. What better economic opportunities are gonna come into America if they pop it so that there is sentiment guys. We absolutely dead or economic. We will be retaken the people sitting maybe a couple I would I don't know what could be bigger. PLO and threw it could be used less more like. Favorite coming out so who he's gonna have to deal with parsley but as far as the overall statement he would absolutely breaking bet on it. Okay David let's divide this a moment because on on the subject of illegal immigration being a drain on the system. Absolutely. I eight I do not believe I mean we've talked we've talked about this plenty of times in this program. That we need to enforce our borders we we're fully agreed on that. Where I have a problem and and this is where communication gets very messy David. You know how how how do you deal with the immigrant who has come to this country who is now received an offense from this president's. And so. The legitimately or it legitimately. Here is yet another person who as a reason not to listen to or support this president and his ideas. A grip slipped so much fear real. Number one may be broke. Seen David I disagree with you David I I don't want to talk about the city morgue you because I -- I I'd love you to death let's talk again. Another time but I'm I'm furious with this. I've got to tell you folks in and let me just let me just say this very emphatically. You wanna talk about growing up. Growing up means having empathy for human beings. And if you can't have empathy for human beings number one you did not belong in public office. Never. Never. This man has zero empathy for people. But David David and I normally agree on just about everything but I but I've got to tell you something this. This can teach yen. Of cult worship. Revolving around Donald Trump and the need to defend every stupid asinine thing this man dies. It's poisonous. And it will destroy this country just as much as eight years of Barack Obama and his place in destroyed this country. It's the same thing folks. Can't you see that why are we defending and decency. I go back to the post that I put out that I share with you just few minutes go from my friend Pablo why in the world. Why in this world. When a man like my friend Pablo feel unwelcome. In this atmosphere and it's not just from Donald Trump it's from Donald Trump's supporters. I read the social media posts. As you put on a message that is welcoming to immigrants are you distinctly. Making. The delineation between illegal and legal immigrants. Many of you arts. And the message that comes across. It's very hostile it's ugly. I'm serious folks I. I am deeply grieved about this deeply grieves. I wanna share a couple of posts here before we go back to more of your calls a new a lot of you have a lot to say. There a couple of bitch really grab my attention. One from sand. Let me tell you about Sam Sam is a friend of mine he is black and I would call him profoundly conservative in his views and his perspectives. But I think he's seen some of the same things I have over the last eighteen months during the political campaign. And there's an ugly underside. No I'm not I'm let me be very clear before I even read this I'm not agreeing with everything my friend Sam says but I agree with the current of what he's communicated. So against one of the ways president trouble make America great again despite calling countries like Katie El Salvador and Africa. Boy call countries. This is what happens when you vote for the lesser of two evils you still gets evil and yes trump claims to be Christian. Many white evangelicals claim he's a Christian and they downplayed the arrogance and white supremacist views. This is why the gospel must be properly preached so that people can have a proper understanding of what true christianity looks like. Because the one promoted by many white evangelicals. Is a disgrace to the name of Christ. Now I don't embrace this idea of white supremacy. And I hope at some point we'll probably have a conversation with my friend Sam I'd love to understand your perspective here. But I do think. And things like this in what has been communicated. And the fact that you have so called Christian leader fall Christian leaders falling all over themselves to suck up to this guy. It is nauseating. But they ought to be calling out things like this. Where is Paula white's. Other than counting her money. Yes I said she's a charlatan. She's a false prophet. And it's no wonder she loves hanging out with Donald Trump. And we have this Scott's. Quoting and the statue of liberty which I know. This is not in the constitution and our wanna be very clear about that position no similar view immediately be defensive and you'll dismiss this. Give me your tired your poor your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. The wretched refuse of your teeming shore send these the homeless tempest tossed to me I lift my lamp. Beside the golden door. By the way. I mentioned my friend Pablo. Who comes from a background with nothing. Who's worked his rear end off serving in the military right now. We don't know. And we had no way of knowing what he would become in this country. I rejoice in knowing this guy. And I'm glad. He was that kept out because of where he came from. But I went in with this in this segment. Mr. President I love you I pray for you I appreciate all the good you've done in the last year but I plead with you to be more careful with your words assuming the report about your statement on. Certain member countries is true surely serve you can do better. That's from my friend doctor Michael Brown. That's. It's most important thing I share. In the context of this conversation let's get your thoughts. We'll continue this conversation 8921110. 713 through seven. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 1036 events go to ready for bed as I expected beat. These text line this is absolutely scrolling way school broccoli away. Which your comments about this first segment I wanna share something. And I appreciate Scott. Who's written to me yet. During the break on social media sir I love you to death. You just said it's inhuman to treat people like this or that wells are askew. Last twenty years you didn't lose your job to illegal immigration I ended up homeless four times because of its once with my family. So sir we don't care. I care about another problem and some other country we need to stop and take care of America Scott can I just appeal to you. We can taken care of America. Without. Turning into ass holes. That I CNET. That's what I'm saying. That's my appealed to us. Now I ate I get concerned about illegal immigration a man I empathize with what you have shared. It's a horrible thing that is happened let's address that much slammed the door and illegal immigration let's get this under control. Let's do our jobs situation our economic situation under control but the same time we do not have to. Dehumanize ourselves. Empty ourselves of all humanity and virtue. And become ugly people over this. Because that will be self destructive. Gym in Charlotte good morning and welcome. I'd love you go and this is a passionate discussion we're having your fired up. And I am. Well there's couple of things are awarded the sense for our respect that you particularly if they handle and I appreciate your comments that came in. Not right at the beginning of this year pretty quick in Turkey began about in the current leadership. The need for. You know moral leadership and I agree completely with you. And we don't have and I hope we can get it back here I am on this particular. It is. I'm not sure if the president said what the crowd grew and I don't think we know that yet. The during the break her in urban car the calling or at least learn anonymous claimed milk bone. Multiple witnesses by the way. So that again multiple people in the room by the way Jim Wright right so I don't think there's any harm. There's no real this is to be offer four or bad that kind of language or that thought there wanting had been ordered then they're workers. What I've seen a lot of the same. Kind of language. Can be here in Langley oh. That the president often gay cruising in people are using in that Mel even call them racists you know that's. Somehow big is he says this is the bit because there. That he's a racist which I've never really heard any of those accusations. Until he starter whether president. Well and so I don't know bit. I don't know that is right to make that leap. Yeah I agree with you this is what's so sad about this Jim. I'm still giving this guy the benefit of the doubt he's not racist and I've defended this guy over and over and over again on this race issue. But it's you this the other thing that really ticks me off as a black man. Here I am defending this guy on racial issues. And what is he to he keeps opening up this stupid mouth saying stupid stuff. He's making this difficult for all of us especially his black conservatives come on where's Allen west. Where easy. Where's David Clark where all day to come out and say. Mr. President if you want to reach out to black people in this country you've got to control your language. Does not make sense Jim. But it does I agree with you. I would say this does not condone it we don't trust many celebrity you know before he went into politics and I was concerned because there was some accusations about him in the primary areas and certainly in the general election. In a wait and sounding. C band are cad. Two different occasions Jesse Jackson. Gave Donald Trump the celebrity and and awards. Were business enterprise. And physically poor or no organic entrepreneur Newark and into. He's got cooler had to commute or. That I don't know if he can do it this I go Hokies are racist shuttle so construction of this comet. But you leave until a little to let Islam and I agree with you I can't seem to be sticking it to be clear. Within the language is certainly a piece had been not use this cattle. Appreciated Jim can I just add here this wedding is important. And this is and I'm speaking of myself here. You know there's there's got to be a level of self awareness we you recognized in these areas were I am just not good at all I'm week. Aunts. And I can tell you a number of various. Where I'm addressing these kinds of things right now and I can't you. You know. People I consider consider elders' message hey here's an area where I'm struggling would you what your input in this area would you pray for me about this particular area. Now what we're talking about not talking about being perfect because I often hear this criticism what do you expect everybody to be perfect no. My hope is that people are aspiring to virtue that's all. And they get a step away and say you know what me and I really screwed that up I'm sorry. I'm gonna do a better job in this area. So far I don't see or hear that that's what concerns me. Run out of Taylor's good morning and welcome. Bring Rick Perry can not understand what their saying and believe me I would not for a. That fact that they've been disparaging remarks. Toward anybody individual. State nation doesn't make any difference. It violate the general principle of the sixth commandment which had to do was such cannot murder what you do not detract from anybody's life in any way. And it and it can also be part of it general principal vehicle and paired with a video robbing the integrity from the people. He what he doesn't understand what most Americans do not understand. That this country got to a predict that it's been according to divine profit. Yeah god brought it about easily adopt and he can take it down anytime he wants and I like the other day talking about how we hadn't. Oh great starter didn't stop there were still the greatest nation on a base here are our corporate buckle your mind. You have no clue who rules the universe and neither of outcrop. Cougars know where those statements should have been married. Not an inept because that said well he did something similar would Puerto Rico. That would be intimating that he gave when he spoke about Puerto Rico has been helping inferior. What he does understand it what he may understand elect he repent. And the lead on a lower tier crisis when he is days are done and he had no more Brett we will find out that god took his life and he will be accountable. Anyone have no excuse. And we will suffer. Under them are the most excruciating pain of an infinite multitude where eternity in. Help fire which include a whole lot of different things. Well I certainly hope not run I appreciate your call hot of Taylor's this morning let me just dovetail on what what he's just communicated because I have this very conversation this morning in an interview. Someone was interviewed me about this subject you know why we are. As we are here in the United States of America I'm thankful for every man every woman who contributed to our freedom but I'll tell you what's. Remember that song what does it say in the sun. America America god shed his grace on the that's why we have what we have. It is God's grace. And the moment we start boasting and think we did it without our hands or we sustain it with our hands alone. We are profoundly deceived and yes. We risk losing it. That's my concern for the future more of your calls straight ahead. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 1049 Vince Coakley radio program and the phone lines jammed up right now we're gonna get to your calls very quickly here. I haven't social media message in fact category and share this. Dave writes insists he walked the walk with your solution rather then watched the match be lit in the house burned down rich edge of self destruction wake up. I'm not sure what specifically is concerned about I agree with them we are at the edge of self destruction. You know the solution is first and foremost. It's just returning to the lord. That's really what idiots. Ends as much as I eight want the economy to improve and things like that that's great. But if morally spiritually we continue on the path we're on it is a indeed a path of self destruction. In simply fixing Wall Street and main street economically alone will not fix this. Threats of Bob and Albemarle good morning. They've been so our rights here. Thank god and that's just my opinion everybody should kind of slowed down and look at what was set I don't think transcending a whole people. He says they all countries like you've got to remember. Trop as a businessman. And based country support of people like it or not have really pooped all American interest well there's gold mining. Exxon situations. He has dealt in the business sense I really believe people come out later on site. Basically. This had nothing to do with the people on the concrete effects it would. The so let's stop a moment Bob. Is that what he said. For what I hear it from militia forsee didn't say. The hateful people he says the people from the I Hulk. See but here's here's the point I'm making Bob. One of the things I learned about in communication people Bryant and certainly reinforced on this broadcast every single day yesterday every single day. People hear what I do not say. And when you talk about somebody's country. You know. They're not hearing you clarify all I'm talking about you know these tin foil dictators or the idiot. They hear that you worst gear basically slamming and maligning my country where I came from. You are you're blowing up my heritage and when you talk about our continent and it's important to clarify it's not a country continent like Africa. You're talking about a whole bunch of countries and you're talking about. How black Americans who come from that continent and you're basically saying the whole thing it's out crap show. That. I totally I totally agree with you Vince but and try I mean we get a bite out truck thanks. Well no it's not our responsibility he's a leader he needs to figure out how to think like we think. And he needs to figure out how to identify with the people he claims to be leading that's the point that's what good leadership does. Ride a massive outpouring against but what I try and I'm I'm not defending troubling that the bank side of the strike inside people should slowdown in. Not the stand in Rome or not criticize him but Travis will obvious. He is not the best communicate or eight probably in the lower 20% of communicators I've ever met but it's. Like his whole rationale was not looking at and he should have but he was not looking at the people. He was looking at the Billings of the concrete and the leaders. Outpost com. I don't doubt that I don't up that are all Bob and I've I appreciate your perspective thanks for your call and providing some perspective on what he was probably saying and on based on his dealings by the way. I mineral Fred mentioned I've been to 83 times first time was three weeks after the earthquake and you wanna say something else this. This is another thing that really frosts me about the whole situation. Think of all the money that's been raised for Haiti. Ends you know that. The money that's been raised for Haiti is enough to lift that country to at least second world status. And it didn't happen. You wanna say something else let's talk about the United States' involvement in Haiti. And how we have screwed that country over the years and there's a rich history there at some point we should talk about this. How much of what we've experienced in our freedom is a direct result. Of patience. And what they did. Hundreds of years ago. You don't know that to you. It would give you a healthy respect for that country even if you were disgusted by what you're watching now which I am too. I'm profoundly disgusted by what I see but I'm more disgusted to be honest with you with the United States of America and that Jack gases that have led this country and participated in the UN crushing of this country let me give me an example it was Bill Clinton won the people raising money. For Haiti. Who. Acknowledged and apologized to Haiti to you what they did. Your Haiti used to get most of their rice. They grew it. Do you know where they get most of their rice now the United States of America because the world community driven by none other than the United Nations told them. Oh you should be doing something else. So guess where they get most of their rice from. The United States they're no longer self sufficient why because of the country no because the United States was complicit in screwing that country. We've bear responsibility. For that country being what it is now. Do we want to take that do we want to acknowledge that to be honest. What do we just want to throw stones and insult them. Tim you get about 45 seconds year. Jim there I'm here. I don't doubt that particular I want to hear your opinion it's a very good I'm glad we've got a president now to actually. Danger our country is not a big Kessel. It is concerned. More about what's coming into our house. What type that people are coming to our analysts are simply don't know the doors or break it down order would there was gore beat other country. OK I greet him I get your point we've talked about this over and over nobody disagrees that here's my question for you. Is it necessary to insult their country and assume that every person from those countries is unworthy of coming to America. Well I would say if you're gonna come this country show me your work shortly you're going to be cats that this country you can help this. This country. Okay and everybody needs to prove that even if they come from Norway. And spend a lot lower income people who already bit. So you think is let me just ask you Tim do you assume you're gonna get a better quality person from Norway than Haiti is that an assumption for you. I'll bet like you'd say there's more club black I'm black I'm sort of backers. No you didn't answer my questions here. This is really scary folks who are number to a faith focus Friday straight ahead. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. That's right do like fix things what the straight day. Okay I'm good. Empowerment self governance and straw. Character you've. You radio program. And I still haven't touched the text line yet. Which has been strolling away for the last hour we will try to get some your takes the bit also. And item. They focus Friday night I believe there's a strong ties. Between what I share from faith focus Friday ends what we've been talking about the last hour north the current entice these things together is. Horror worship our idolatry. Of that relates to leaders. We become so attached to certain personalities. And you know you don't people talked about where this country needs to go spiritually. Without. Giving too mature way. One of the reasons I understand why this country's in the shape it's in is I look at the church and I see the same crap going on in the church. Hero worship pastor worship. It is sickening folks. How were we can leave. People allegedly to Christ. Into the love of god. When we're battling down we may as well built altars in generation of these pastors. We do it. We have no moral authority ourselves. Because we're doing the same thing. We'll deal with this ends meet their pro gonna share with you it's gonna blow your mind. You'll be shocked. Billion maybe not want to get to a few quick calls your first starting with Glenn in Charlotte good morning. So yes sir. Yet you used the term aspect of world countries alike have a definition of a Third World country there. Like 200 countries in the world. What is the definition of a Third World country into does that term Third World country have of those code words of dog whistle. More you know what. I thought I should you mean for what Charles preferred soon. Similarly. I won't say exactly but I can't execute great Third World country what do you what do you think it'll what. Actually that still don't freeze is is basically. Is she used her for it I don't think it had much to do originally with anything economic. It was stiff fine from the context of countries that were outside. All of NATO and the Communist bloc Q everything. Back then signed that I was Korea probably during the time you're court growing up Glenn. The whole focus was on the United States and the Soviet Union and we were the big big guys on the block. Well I don't think I don't I don't think it was but yeah. I. What sort of sense I think the Perot wouldn't it. Economic well what I'm saying tonight we us military what I'm saying she is I think that's the phrase is that's where that originated. Now over time. I think this is come to take on an economic meeting. And it made basically your first to countries that are in in many cases. Any free industrial states they are economically. Profoundly depressed. Fans don't have many of the things that we take for granted right here in a place like the United States of America so it. Eight which would SharePoint abouts the state of these countries are you are huge is that your point you're just saying this was an. This was kind of a crude way of referring to a Third World countries. Well look whenever people talked about Third World countries. My mental. I understand is that they're not what other people were implying was that many countries are not economically. In the forefront but when did. All of that together underdeveloped countries not hide. Right and it's set or Federer. Instead of calling in derogatory terms of what took you used to turned second world country. Where does that come from. I just got to threw that out with the idea that you would hope they would graduate from where they are. To a better states that's what I was saying that that they should not be what they are. With all the money this gun and there's every reason to believe that they can be much better off than they are. That's for sure. I've never heard the term fourth world country she. If I don't think there's. I don't think there's a wrinkle like that Glynn fortunately. Week we can't get any lower than third I'd appreciate your call they're glint let's go to Jeff in Greenville good morning. Are they doing well sir. A couple things knuckle or disperse this I think we better be careful as far as the immediate portrayal. Of why trunks said I'm I know there were quote multiple win it but. Seemed to feel like it's Dick Durbin who is leading the. I don't care Jeff Jeff can we just forget about people and what people said. In and who the personalities are. You know let's take that off the table but go ahead. All right I'm I think part of our that is did the issue because. I mean the media that would love nothing more than you trash trump like we. And I know they do it over and over Jeff but here's part of the problem. If you are a person who is not wise in your communications. And you make unwise statements over and over again is that the media's fault. It. Okay that's that's where I'd like here. I had ice futures and I don't know how. I know and let me let me reiterate lest anybody get the wrong idea here I'm not a fan of the media either and I said this plenty of times on this broadcast. But unfortunately. Out in terms of trustworthiness. I don't trust trump and I don't trust the media either. So. That's the point I want to make here so I'm not say looking here and say OK I'm gonna choose this group over that. I'm saying trust but verify with both that's solved. Yeah the other point oil is 88 you can make in the corner about it. You know copied back to god not that I I agree with the country to come back picked up a bit. The expectation that trumpet going to say maybe lead that charge or ordeal that. I mean the Bible says the natural man could not understand that being the god it's foolishness they have yet so all week I can't expect trump. Who not a believer too. Beatrice sitting in the kingdom of god I preach and I do Regis Oprah Paula bring you mentioned Paula white Eddie. The Apollo light tipper who what do you what it would do you expect. What I would expect Paula white to do is to renounce these comments because here here's the problem Jeff when we as Christians this is where we get into trouble. When we go out and we start endorsing people. And in bracing people publicly ends we become associated with them when we then bringing the reputation of who we are and what we're about into question that's all I'm saying so I'm saying if you're gonna go out there and endorse. You darn well better here's my question. And and let's just pick a mayor if I go out endorsed the mayor and tomorrow we find out the mayor's a member of the clan. Don't you think I is a Christian should come out and say that I renounce that. Sure okay that's what I'm talking about we need to be very clear of the line between good and evil. That's all I'm saying. I voted for Donald Trump and so did not. Do I agree with everything that guy dead in this way he did come back on my reputation of course he's not your Phillies. If it here's where does Jeff if you go out today and you're defending what he said yes it does. You agree with that. That's absolutely correct if he'd said those things I would say that. I'm I would not I would not say that I would agree with that I'd like good. So but because of that but doesn't mean that everything that he believes it is all come back on easy. Like no one idea I would never say that I would never say that. So I've you know you and I we we voted a certain way we're not responsible for how he behaves. But I think we need to make it clear what we stand for that's what I'm appealing for. I would love for some supporters to stand up to this man and say shape up serve. This. Is still Vince Coakley radio program. 19 minutes after 11 o'clock Vince Coakley radio program. Devoted to and spinning tires broadcast talking about this let's try to breezed through some of these calls are Herbie in guest and Kenny first good morning welcome. That. Morning. I hope millions. General election now. Lumpy program. Will love her portable in enlarge it and appreciate statements you make this more. So. Well you made me realize that your statement that. I am. Sort of long suffering mounts some the other people who knows. Both. But you're right or shouldn't defeat them. Somebody that there's poster represented than most both genders and most powerful nation in the world. Well then mannered he represented a Sufi didn't make as statement so. Just org calling you view a little bit loot the rush she has little bit those urge that you look list and they're. Her before you go I mean you will. Are you saying that it's you who. Might it be embraced this kind of and this kind of discourse before. Yeah. So yes. Can be blunt and honest with you yep. Last night when first. Solid starting about oh oil. That's just trying to open but he is doing to use it. You know. I am who I you know then I have my faults just secede doesn't everybody else then but by the grace of god. I'm sorry and he's worked in Wilmington. Your statement just sort of Fallujah what I learned in the Bible and a few places so. Thank you sir. What your saying basically acerbic you're a different person this is that you. Beazer is yet you and I I'm. Ma am totally different minorities. They are here your I hear I do appreciate your call there herb and thanks all for Carlin in. And that's what all of which you know what I'm trying to do my tried to talk acumen is something no I'm trying to awaken the conscience is of people. Because I think many of the consciences of people in this country have been put to sleep. For political expediency. And a number of people were doing this for money they'll go on and on and on fact we had a studio discussion here. About what's likely to happen uncertain talk radio shows today across the country whether it's on fox or wherever. What they're likely to do how they're likely to spend this. Too because I would characterize it defend the deep indefensible. And what I do is I'd frankly I turn it off. I'm done with this. Because honestly. I'm in the midst of a situation now where I believe there's a disagreement. This happened with someone that I know. My hope is this person won't talk to reinstate hate this this offended me let's have a talk would sit down and get this thing. Squared away that's how you deal with things like this I want people to speak and in my life and say hey are you are off here. I want that I value fat. I don't want people pandering to me oh views on the radio so why go to you know he must be okay in everything he does is okay. Boy that's that's a pathway to meet self destructing. Stanley in Charlotte good morning. Has been argued to ulcer. Well I don't have a at a podium but LeBron dunk and then I think if you love about bout of providing rice. KK. Sand. Well at and here is. I'm oil from promoting the book and I'm a lot of researching my book is all about creating a more out national oil sources political alliteration up well. Meaning that that they that the king basically did it when your outfit politically it's up or vote and that. And so you go to countries around the world and we're eager for more Welker out head politically. The last prosperous but further empower yep like Al allocating rice. Hate what is the role in the country yet they don't rather open anymore and the same thing when you allocate. Well politically here in this country in the form of social welfare programs. You pick up what people don't about the themselves and mark and the whole importantly if you want person something. You're taking it from someone out and you have over all went well to go around. Senator become less prosperous yes you bet that that that you end though they're wherever they goes. And we can talk about all of all the people that are benefiting the net nefarious purposes behind that abetted the problem. Yeah I hear you man and that's exactly what's going on in Haiti thanks slug your calls daily to keep me posted on your book censor information on this Kazaa. That sounds like a really good thing to write on. Because I mean what what what makes this country so valuable. Is the fact that we've got freedom. And these are not choices that are made by a central authority this is why can't really concerned when I hear people talk about their 20/20 plan for a CD. Or any state or region nor for the country. You know it sounds like central planning to me it scares the daylights and meet. I mean let the market do its sting. Over on the text line. Haven't shared many here I love this campaign can. It's discrete events not to worry Oprah will be president sued new cars and illegals for a report that it. Up at this for chip up up up. You're not even sure he said this year taking the word of Democrats spend a media. Against trump and lot of hurt him politically but a spread the lies anything for ratings right. Really. Really really really. What happens is those declared. Disables don't get the benefits benefits they earned yet that's one of the problems that happens but certainly these people. Dear sir any set of self criticism or reflection will be seen as it minutes of being wrong as I've said many times trumpet his view admit followers cannot ever allow an admission of error in his part. That's from all blunder. Must accept it is being intruded into it judging prior to proof of validity I don't really. Thank out of Atlanta says they events that we keep letting all these people come here will cause the United States to tip over likely hook hook up. You guys are funny absolutely hilarious good stuff year. Let's see here so please what are you gonna get it they don't see you as a brother in Christ you have no clue. OK well that's their problem. Chip up really he only wants the cream to come into the US the populations of the countries mentioned aren't educated and bring nothing we need to this country. Frankly his description isn't far off. Really so we're gonna dismiss entire countries of people. Based on the condition the economic condition of the country. Based on how much money they have wonderful. Bob. Insurer to good morning share. But not. All right Sarah. The call they are going to look all I'm glad it you. Taking that position to put it out here quote I'll think we see but. Childress but I just wanted to make two point. Com. Lion. I gonna have to paint a broad picture about Africa. There really really disappointing because. Well as you know what I'm sure you do a lot of countries in Africa. Do not control and after recent speech or they are all have to sell them way under today. And so we know what you control and after recent. You can go from a Third World country. To. Moderate you know. The other thing about. Eighty. I think a lot of Americans. Misunderstand. So a lot of money was even Haiti after the earthquake. A lot of money was given to. Explicit Blu-ray cross. And old organizations and today they'll have to give an account on how to. And and goodness you're right Bob. You're absolutely right and partially recovered against our break here and again what's happened you know we really hope to put money in the pockets of a lot of corporations. And well connected political people. That's what happened there. Nice job folks. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 1136 have been scoping radio program. Let's see here right we have to bring more did waits to go on the federal (%expletive) to distribute wealth thicker. And free housing. I ask why. Didn't she do and some of you are so. You were so. Let's just say. Laser focused. On your issue. You can't move beyond. To the nuances. For instance when I was saying before but you can be concerned about illegal immigration. And protecting jobs. Without insulting people's countries. Don't have to go together. They only have to go together. If you are worshipping. Donald Trump. And you believe he's gonna deliver what you want from him and therefore you're willing to embrace and defend everything he says and does. Oh boy oh boy this question. On the text line venture Donald Trump Joseph Biden related or are there too many impurities in the water in the northeast. Another person say I have lived in two Blaine calls I've worked in some have visited some and driven by committee they are with they are. God bless the United Nations the UN just condemn what trump said nine note he's spot on oh my goodness really. When is the last time you cited with the UN so therefore because the UN agrees. That this is a bad thing therefore you're gonna side with truck oh my goodness. Do you see what's happening to us folks. We're throwing our. Are we throwing our brains out is what we're doing. We're during our brains out. Close so and so agrees with so and so therefore we can't side with member memory yesterday. Who is undecided defending the Fourth Amendment. Would it I tell you if you listen to this broadcast during the time this vote was taking place. On site so. On the amendments to rein in phys to conform to the constitution. Who. Who was more on the side of what should have been done yesterday Democrats work. More Democrats voted with this amendment by Justin a mosh them Republicans. So we therefore now to dismiss Democrats. Come on people. We're deeper than this at least I think so at least I hope so. My goodness. Wow. Ramos these countries in the shape there and corrupt regimes eating up the wealth yep that's exactly what's happening. I've been to Mombasa Kenya outside the tourist area it is a blink Colby live in my heart's what's the problem. Okay that's nice that's wonderful. You know what. I get it I get it even better idea. Oh here you wanna talk about courage and bravery. Here's a great idea. Why don't you go into one of these countries. Which by the way don't allow free speech. And hold a news conference. And get a megaphone out you don't even have to have a news conference why don't you get a megaphone and walk the streets of that country and say your country is a blank hole. 'cause that. You wanna show me courage you wanna show me telling it like it is good you vet go do that in those countries. And see how long and see if you come back in one piece. She didn't take our courage to say stuff like that over here go over there and say yet you you think you're a big man saying stuff like that. You know that's all good willing good. In the privacy in the comfort of your own home. You go over there into that. All right we're gonna breezed through some calls here Jeanne you're gonna get about thirty seconds here you get get straight to your point here. Can I able to actually Putin certainly Chinese. There is no worse. Out of this among people. And among Brothers and try to agree. Yes I thank you know on the Tokyo actually could or should I want to hear various fields. I'm like supposedly can't I love that man a number of great but talk about the US and China I've worked with many people around the world. And undoubtedly the most gracious people of the world are we trying to. You know uninhabited but their heart can ask a few people they pick about that and they have no regard for Africa by the way China the Muslims control Africa. Yep that'd there's a lot of influence there for sure we're gonna I stepped away in listened to that prison Donald Trump it was making some remarks about said Darden Dr. Martin Luther King on the state let's listen in. His dream of equality. Freedom. Justice and peace. I will now signed the proclamation. Making and January 15. 2018. The Martin Luther King Jr. Federal holiday. And encourage all Americans to observe this day would accept civic work. And community service in honor of doctor king's extraordinary life and it was extraordinary indeed. Of his great legacy. Thank you. God bless you all. And god bless America. Now that I'd like to ask a great friend of mine secretary cars and four. Remarks. Then we're going to be signing. The very important proclamation thank you very much then. Thank you Mr. President I'm so honored to be here today celebrating this solemn occasion. And I thank you for signing legislation. Is designate to birthplace. Church and tomb. Of Dr. Martin Luther King. As a national historic park. This monumental struggle for civil rights earned these places in his life faith and doubt. The same honor as Mount Vernon. And that famous humble log cabin in Illinois. This April. We will observe the fiftieth. Anniversary of doctor king's assassination. I remember so vividly. That day and the high school student in Detroit. Far from silencing. His dream. Death brought him immortal. In the American heart. This message of equality. Justice. And the common dignity. Me and resounds today. Urgently. Need it to heal the divisions. Of our age. Today we honor the legacy of the man who marched on Washington. For jobs. And freedom achieving both for millions of Americans. Of all races and backgrounds. But his legacy also cause us to remember where these ideas. Equality. Freedom. And they're really. Get their power. Our good efforts alone are not enough to lend them meaning. Four by what shall I be called equal to another man. They cannot be defined well. For there'll always be one richer than me. It cannot be about strength for there'll always be one stronger than me they cannot be but I success or happiness or beauty. Or any other pieces of the human condition which are distributed. Through Providence. So perhaps Providence alone is the answer. We hold these truths to be self evident. That. All men are created equal. That they are endowed by their Cree eighth tour. With certain unalienable rights. That among these are life. Liberty and the pursuit of happens. To be in Carson speaking this is say an event honoring. He. Martin Luther King holiday ends as you know president trump has already signed. They feel that upgrades the birthplace of civil rights icon Dr. Martin Luther King to a national historic park that took place a couple of days ago. And Stevens continued now. Live in Washington DC more of your calls straight ahead. 49 been through the radio program. I've just been inundated with calls with text in the past. Couple of hours here I wanna get to this story because I think it's important I covered this in rural and try to get more calls and text. As we're able to it's just. There's just so much of its command. I'm gonna tell you about the story. The story that was posted just a few days ago. Responding to recent reports one of their pastors but can we make sure I have the right version of this story I prefer to share this. Com. I like this when drives me up the Walt. What their pastors had allegedly. Sexually assaulted a seventeen year old girl white shirt while serving youth minister his previous church. Clears have a mega church in Memphis Tennessee said they've long known about the incident. The lead pastor of high point church said in the statement Friday and this information not new to me you were true our leadership. Earlier that day that the word bird watcher Christian blog publish they can out of a woman who accused Indy savage teaching pastor at high point of sexually abusing her. In the late 1990s when she was a teenager. It goes on talks about the confidence that they have in this person in the incident that occurred has been addressed blah blah blah blah. You may be intrigued to know. One version of the story is just absolutely scary. Absolutely scary. And here's why this story concerns me. Because win. This announcement was made in the church. The church pastor actually got a standing ovation. For admitting this. I'm not exaggerating folks. A Tennessee pastor this is another version in the New York Daily News admitting to an apology and apologizing for previous sexual incident with a high school student was met with raucous applause. And they standing ovation from his Memphis congregation. Hundreds. There are hundreds of members of the high point church. When their for this. Pay him a standing ovation for admitting to. Folks. If you wanna know why this countries where it is. This is why because this is what we're doing in church were applauding people. I'm not saying we should be throwing stones at the guy I'm glad he made a confession year. How about morning. How much solid. Putt going opening great increasing demand. Saying we forgive you we love you. This is scary folks. This is part of the colts worship that takes place. In the average mega church. And it's not just mega churches. Everything is built around the pastor. So was it a surprise that this is very familiar to people in the political world know. I guess this is what people were familiar with. Can those of us who say we're Christian. Do some self examination here. That's as we look at the world and we see it's broken this. Can we look at the mirror first and recognize our owned and our own desire and our own need to aspire to something much better. Just give in. To the spirit of the age in the culture doesn't mean you have to reject people. Let's love people Douglas reject certain behaviors and attitudes. Joseph and Charlie good morning. Good portable player you don't just do what a great apple get thirty seconds so I'll just you know a few points. The present. Of the there too cute aren't as. It's Cold War the countries that have been the crowd and we we know he called a whale and I did not know to get outraged about wanna get I really wanted to complete so. Blood cool natural resources. The African continent. Oil gas coal copper diamonds. And number uranium. Disobey and you resources. It's amazing to me how you can't cook a continent like Africa and got a great but away. Probably probably called in the seventeen hundreds. We have the cooking Leopold go to. And you European countries and on mayor cook all ten down in Africa and lately the resource. They released crypt no hope resource is almost put me to be the African elephant. I don't think this is Ford cut. And the other resources. Go pick up prostitutes whom the continent of Africa and now they want to call it or and that's a shame that. While. Joseph thank you for Karl. We need to think about the story. He raises a very valid point here do we need to ask the question what role. But those of us in the western world previously. Played maybe not now. But what role has our country played. Ian. The economic condition of some these countries now. Something to think about Roberts good morning. Take away. Totally totally. Off topic but maybe not I was gonna say. I was born and raised your Poindexter my parents never have much money but I love golf and I went to revolution. And that's well learn about black people black man and they took me again what else nothing different or not you go home. You know until that James slam all those cast. And now. You know stick to beat that spirit among people not necessarily your record playing golf although we short drill program on the history of revolution golf course is an amazing history. And LA and figure out there wasn't quite subtle. But up playing with James black and I wasn't good but those guys were amazing mayhem and never treated me a bit difference. That's awesome thank you for sharing that Robert we have bug net Mary Joseph this wouldn't. In New York you gonna get fifteen seconds that so we got man. Theater proper paperwork Trump's bid. It's been good fit. As far as the comfort Africa first of all these oil cut these. Are yet they've done a lot of the dumb luck there are good and bad no question about it we're out of time sorry. Hendrick got worse. This is still this Coakley radio program.